UK MUSLIM THUG cuts off his puppy’s ear after a fight with his girlfriend

Shamrez Ali Wasim, 27, used a knife or scissors to attack the three-week-old Staffordshire bull-terrier cross in Newsome. The animal was left “screaming” in agony as its right ear hung by a thread.

UK Examiner(H/T Robin S) Wasim, of Kirkstone Avenue in Dalton, was jailed for 20 weeks after he was found guilty by Huddersfield magistrates yesterday after a trial. (ONLY 20 weeks?)

He had pleaded not guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. Sentencing him, chairman of the bench John Scott branded Wasim’s actions “despicable”.

“This was a very serious offence and could easily have resulted in the death of the dog,” he said. “You caused it extreme pain and suffering. It was a deliberate act and we find it despicable. “No right-thinking person would have done this.”

The court heard police were called by Wasim’s partner, Charlene Marshall, to White Hart Drive in Newsome on the evening of June 24 last year. Pc Susan Knowles told the magistrates Miss Marshall, who has a five-year-old child with Wasim, was visibly upset when she arrived, saying Wasim had injured the puppy.

Pc Knowles said: “She was very distressed, crying and visibly shaking. “She was obviously very upset and didn’t want to go back in the house because the sight of the puppy was far too upsetting for her. (And the sight of her Muslim boyfriend wasn’t?)

“I could hear the sound of the dog screaming and yelping inside.” Officers went in and found a dog basket covered in blood, with the puppy lying inside it. Pc Knowles added: “It looked to me as though its ear had been cut off entirely.”

At a previous hearing, the court had heard Wasim had given his Staffordshire bitch and her eight puppies to Miss Marshall to look after. The couple argued over his alleged drinking and Wasim threatened to cut off a puppy’s ear. Miss Marshall was out when Wasim attacked the dog.

The vet’s bill for treating the injured animal came to more than £400. It has now been given to new owners, along with the other eight dogs.

Miss Marshall had been due to give evidence as a witness in Wasim’s trial, but failed to turn up at an initial hearing. She was brought into court under a warrant at a later date, but claimed she did not remember the incident and could have been drunk at the time.

His solicitor, Marnat Ali, told magistrates there was not enough evidence to convict him. But the bench took less than half-an-hour to deliver their verdict and found Wasim guilty. As well as the prison sentence, they banned him from keeping a dog for five years. (They should have cut off his dick)


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  1. [Satan said:] “I will lead them astray and fill them with false hopes. I will command them and they will cut off ears of the animals. I will command them and they will change Allah’s creation.” Anyone who takes satan as his protector in place of Allah has clearly lost everything.” (Surat an-Nisa’, 119)

    • We are always hearing about how “true Islam” is the most tolerant of all religions, embracing Christians, Jews and all others. Islam supposedly does not preach hate, violence, etc. Apparently, it does preach an absurd hatred for dogs. Apparently Allah got bit too many times…

      I have yet to see any one instance where in the news or as witnessed by me personally when stationed in Bahrain/Dubai. Nearly any time you hear anything that has to do with a person or organization that is Islam it seems hatred, violence and outright deadly attacks on innocent victims (human and animal) ensue.

      I have never had a true hatred for any one person or any one religion for that matter. My outlook has definitely changed in light of the happenings of recent times. There is in fact many, even the majority of Islam/Muslims that are truly nice people, however the radical fanatics that are waging war on innocent victims in cowardly terrorist attacks or through guerrilla warfare tactics are giving the rest a bad name.

      This particular story absolutely sickens me. I am very much an animal lover, especially where dogs are concerned. If my Rottweiler and Dobermans were still alive, I would happily let them rip the throats out of these sick fucks. People like this do not deserve to live, especially when the mutilation and killing of puppies is concerned. To me this is just as murderous as maiming and killing children. Weeks ago in Jerusalem I believe, Islamic extremists were throwing puppies in plastic bags at soldiers as a method of protest. The puppies were thrown from extreme heights and were dead or soon died after being recovered.

      What kind of caring, loving and tolerant religion would do such a sickening act? If way back when, Allah had a problem with dogs these aspects of this religion needs to change with the times. I mean cab drivers refusing service to people with seeing eye dogs? How reckless and inhumane! These sick bastards need to have their ears cut off, wrapped in a plastic bags and thrown into the streets from a dizzying height. I can only hope that these people are judged properly in the next life, and my hope for the martyrs is that the 72 virgins they get are boys.

      Sickening, cowardly fuckers!!!

    • Allah is satan. The only God is the Christain and Jewish God. So that makes mohammad a jin. All muslims are evil satanic devils that will be destroyed. The koran is nothing but a book of lies, who ever reads it will burn in hell. You are a very stupid mohammadan.

  2. Made me cry. This poor poor puppy didn’t by all means deserve this. Like a few people have said he should have his dick cut off with a rusty knife and no stitches. I really hate people who do this to innocent animals they have feelings like the rest of us the only thing is that they can’t talk. He should be banned for life from having any sort of animals. And he should of got longer and her obviously she was sticking up for him he intimidated her so she didn’t testify against her so called boyfriend. I really want to swear so all I’m going to say is what a low life he is. Glad that this poor animal didn’t die and he could of done poor thing.

  3. this poor little puppy didnt do nothink rong and they done this to it they are sick in the head every single one of them this is a puppy not a fucking rag doll u love it and make it familey u dont do things like this to it u dont deserve KIDS OR ANIMALS!!!!!

  4. I thought proper Muslims found dogs dirty animals and against their so called believes. And what sentence he got wss a mockery. They should of cut the slimy freaks throat and watched him die slowly. And as for that whore of a girlfriend she wants her face and head banging against a wall for lying.

  5. poor british peasants. youve got a nerve..were a proud people..WE dont lose wars..unlike you lot..and we will never be beaten by muslims or anyone else for that matter…i think you have a rotten turnip on your shoulders..i hope they send the dirty sheepshagger to franklin prison..

  6. It looks more like the savage tried to decapitate the puppy. In one pic, the neck is open all the way from ear to ear. In the next pic, there are stitches right across the back of the dog’s neck. Either way, I would apply the law of “eye for an eye” in this case, except do the job properly on the savage: Remove his head completely, and feed it to the pigs.

  7. Everyone! IS! of the human race! We have a right old mix! But! NO ONE! in this World! should be such a Coward! to think they can hurt a defenceless animal! THAT! is Just The Bottom of the Pile! Now! We know Where We Stand!!!!!!!
    Fight for An End to Any cruelty to Animals! And Hope That This person can claw his way back up to being normal! But? Once done! it will be with them for the rest of their life! SHAME!!!!!! I couldnt bear it!

  8. & how many more cases like this do we not hear about. Any domestic cruelty must be accompanied by a LIFETIME ban on keeping any living thing & this thug should certainly not live in a household with children. The puppy took the violence instead of the family. Study some notorious violent criminal cases & look at the perpetrator’s background, most start off with acts of cruelty upon animals. This bloke needs 20 years for what he did then released into a life of emplyment cleaning up shit at the local cats & dogs home!


  10. T Forsythe above it says he got 20 weeks aint you read it??? 20 poxy weeks the animal scumbag, evil ISLAM IS EVIL!!! and i aint racist but since ISLAM is a religion not a race that dont matter PAKI stani SCUM#

  11. i know this CUNT is a muslim but it does not need to be a race crime. if it was a british white guy, should we say A WHITE CHRISTIAN .. no so hes a cunt but lets not bring race into it, we have enough to deal with

    • Steve. ” I know this CUNT is amuslim but it does not need to be a race crime ” It is not a race crime, but it has to do with his religion, As far as islam is concerned muslims are NOT suppose to keep a dog , in other words muslims are forbidden to keep a dog. Any way this follower of Islam did what Mo-ham-mad expected of him.

    • Totally agree!!! I don’t care what race, religion he is this is about a beautiful puppy being tortured!!!!! He is nothing be an evil bastard the world would be better off without…… To not his dick that needs cutting off…it’s both his hands……or go on throw his dick in as well!!!!

  12. Staffies are so affectionate and loyal – the sicko needs his cut off – and I don’t mean his ears either – call themselves Human – may he rot in hell – that poor puppy….and how long in jail has he got…and is he banned for life from having or being with a dog – I think I would have instantly hurt him.

    • Muslims have a religious hatred of dogs. They believe they are unclean. I believe it is part of their lack of humanity and any sort of empathy for living things. A dog in a Muslim state might just as well be dead as most animals living there.

  13. Evil f…ing Bastard, hope he got a long sentence, and why has he only been banned for 5 years, he should be banned for life. Would like to come fast to face with the twat, would cut off his dick, ears tongue and shove them up his arse

    • A puppy was assaulted horrifically ,the woman in charge (Mom ) has a 5 yr. old child apparently with this man, this happen in her home , where is child services ? this woman said she was to drunk to remember if she saw something this horrific ,she has a child and I wonder why this child is still in her care ,they took all puppy’s and the Mother dog , why is the child still there and how much of this did the child witness ?

  14. actually it is a real story, it’s taken from the guardian (uk) hopefully those poor british peasants will be able to fight off the muslim hordes before it’s too late. these people are fucking monsters, they need to be wiped from the face of the earth. they treat women worse than they treat animals. Fuck haji’s, they are human waste.

    • Yeah – I’d love to come to UK to make doctorate. They have so many cool Universities, but I am afraid of one, and just one thing make me not really sure to come – so many Muslims. America should leave alone their countries, allow them to come back, and European people should not give right to them – I hope EU will wake up before it is too late.

      • Most muslims only live in certain built up areas, not usually where University campuses are located, you won’t even see any of these radicals studying at University so you’ll be pretty safe and even if there are any muslims at your Uni they’re more likely to be concentratng on studying rather than killing considering how much University fees are

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    • Let me know when they cut off your head has a atheist the maybe you might beleive what this site is saying,

  16. Ali baba was just acting like a “hotshot” here … and could’ve been just teasing you. I strongly believe good muslims would not do such things, but these have to do with Particular model of some tough living arabs rather than the good o’l teachings of the religion that most of them tend to speak in the name of

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      • I suggest you do your research before opening your mouth to insult the religion. People like you are no different to the guy . Your ignorant so maybe take your time to do research about what it was like thousands of years back. How different people were in size and what age they would reach maturity. Thats what most non muslims refer to when trying to insult the religion so how about you stop being a follower ! Why are there so many muslims when it started from one humble man SAW… Let me guess your answer brainwashed people Ha! Ali baba please refrain from such comments as people will get a bad impression of mus

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  19. Can’t remember the incident? Could have been drunk? Well then, time to take your kid away, whore! Next time, he’ll cut the baby. What is wrong with these stupid women? He’s not married her and won’t, neither she nor their kid together mean fuck all to him, other than sex & maid slave.

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