BILL MAHER: "Muslims say, look, Islam is a religion of peace and if you disagree we'll fricken cut your head off."

I rarely agree with Bill Maher, but on the topic of Islam, he ALWAYS gets it right.






2 comments on “BILL MAHER: "Muslims say, look, Islam is a religion of peace and if you disagree we'll fricken cut your head off."

  1. Also, you cannot blame a whole religion or a whole group of people for the actions of a few psychotic people. Otherwise, I would be blaming the whole christian religion for the actions of the Neo-Nazi Christian extremist, Wade Michael Page. But because I’m intelligent, I won’t condemn all Christians for his ridiculousness. And there are so many other christian people who have committed whole massacres but I honestly don’t care to waste that much of my time to look it all up. This is pure hypocracy, and I suggest that if you would really like to prove a point, get educated about ALL the religions besides your own. All religions condone enlightenment and knowledge… So follow your religion and get enlightened. The terrorists are basically the KKK or red neck hill billies of the Muslim religion. And it’s disgusting that y’all are so ignorant. My best friend is a hard core Christian and even evangelizes, but even she and I are on the same page of understanding each other. And if you deny any of this and keep on arguing with me, you’ll just prove how ignorant and arrogant yall are being. Just sayin’ get smart, fellas :)

  2. Hey y’all! It’s nice to have come across this site and see everyone’s views, and while it does hurt to see that people actually think this way, I appreciate the chance to correct your misunderstandings. You see, I’m Muslim, and I was born a Muslim. But I chose to stay Muslim because this religion actually makes sense to me. As an intelligent person, I can ask questions about God and religion, and luckily I was able to find that Islam made the most sense to me as a religion. And I can say, that I believe in the Christian religion and the Jewish religion. I think they all make sense. The Muslim religion is merely the most updated religion of the Jewish and Christian religious message, and any intelligent individual would agree with that. And it saddens me to see, that those who have made this site are unable to be smart enough to make sure their theories actually make sense. It saddens me to see y’all waste y’alls time making this site and constantly updating it instead of furthering your education and learning new things. Hopefully, you all can enlighten yourself and get away from yall’s blindness to see that there’s more out there than you understand right now. I wish for you all to understand more clearly all of these religions and see that they all make sense. Thank you.

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