EUROPE: Muslims declare ‘jihad’ on all dogs

A Dutch Muslim politician has called for a ban on dogs in The Hague, the third-largest city in the Netherlands. Islamic legal tradition holds that dogs are ‘unclean’ animals, and some say the call to ban them in Holland and elsewhere represents an attempted encroachment of Islamic Sharia law in Europe.

Stonegate Institute  This latest canine controversy — which the Dutch public has greeted with a mix of amusement and outrage — follows dozens of other Muslim-vs-dog-related incidents in Europe. Critics say it reflects the growing assertiveness of Muslims in Europe as they attempt to impose Islamic legal and religious norms on European society.

images-11The Dutch dustup erupted after Hasan Küçük, a Turkish-Dutch representative on The Hague city council for the Islam Democrats, vehemently opposed a proposal by the Party for the Animals (Partij voor de Dieren) to make the city more dog friendly.

 According to a January 28 report in the Amsterdam-based newspaper De Telegraaf, Küçük counter-argued that keeping dogs as pets is tantamount to animal abuse and he then called for the possession of dogs in The Hague to be criminalized.

According to its website, the Islam Democrats [ID] party is “founded on the Islamic principles of justice, equality and solidarity. ID is a bottom-up response to the large gap between the Muslim and immigrant communities and local politics…ID focuses on the political awareness within the Muslim and immigrant communities. Awareness about the need to organize, but also the need for mutual support.” 

images20Paul ter Linden, who represents the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) on The Hague city council, responded to Küçük by saying: “In this country pet ownership is legal. Whoever disagrees with this should move to another country.”

 Dutch political commentators believe Küçük’s declarations are a provocation designed to stir up the Muslim population in The Hague. Muslims — who now make up more than 12% of the city’s population of 500,000 — view dogs as ritually unclean animals and Küçük’s call for a ban on them is a sure vote-getter, they say.

The incident in Holland follows dog-related controversies in other European countries.

dog_kavala2-300x233IN SPAIN, two Islamic groups based in Lérida — a city in the northeastern region of Catalonia where 29,000 Muslims now make up around 20% of the city’s total population — asked local officials to regulate the presence of dogs in public spaces so they do not “offend Muslims.”

Muslims demanded that dogs be banned from all forms of public transportation including all city buses as well as from all areas frequented by Muslim immigrants. Muslims said the presence of dogs in Lérida violates their religious freedom and their right to live according to Islamic principles.

After the municipality refused to acquiesce to Muslim demands, the city experienced a wave of dog poisonings. More than a dozen dogs were poisoned in September 2011 (local media reports herehere, herehere and here) in Lérida’s working class neighborhoods of Cappont and La Bordeta, districts that are heavily populated by Muslim immigrants and where many dogs have been killed over the past several years.


Local residents taking their dogs for walks say they have been harassed by Muslim immigrants who are opposed to seeing the animals in public. Muslims have also launched a number of anti-dog campaigns on Islamic websites and blogs based in Spain.

IN BRITAIN, which has become “ground zero” for Europe’s canine controversies, blind passengers are being ordered off buses or refused taxi rides because Muslim drivers or passengers object to their “unclean” guide dogs.

In Reading, for example, one pensioner, a cancer sufferer, was repeatedly confronted by drivers and asked to get off the bus because of his guide dog. He also faced hostility at a hospital and in a supermarket over the animal.

In Nottingham, a Muslim taxi driver refused to carry a blind man because he was accompanied by his guide dog. The taxi driver was later fined £300 ($470).

In Stafford, a Muslim taxi driver refused to carry an elderly blind couple from a grocery store because they were accompanied by their seeing-eye dog.

In Tunbridge Wells, Kent, a blind man was turned away from an Indian restaurant because the owner said it was against his Muslim beliefs to allow dogs into his establishment.

In London, a bus driver prevented a woman from boarding a bus with her dog because there was a Muslim lady on the bus who “might be upset by the dog.” As the woman attempted to complain, the doors closed and the bus drove away. When a second bus arrived, she again tried to embark, but was stopped again, this time because the driver said he was Muslim.

img7cc6d763zikazj1-231x300Also in Britain, police sniffer dogs trained to spot terrorists at train stations may no longer come into contact with Muslim passengers, following complaints that it was offensive to their religion.

A report for the Transport Department advised that the animals should only touch passengers’ luggage because it is considered “more acceptable.” British Transport Police still use sniffer dogs — which are trained to detect explosives — with any passengers regardless of faith, but handlers are now more aware of “cultural sensitivities.”

Sniffer dogs used by police to search mosques and Muslim homes are now being fitted with leather bootees to cover their paws so that they do not cause offense.

Critics say the complaints are just another example of Muslims trying to force their rules and morals on British society. Tory MP Philip Davies said: “As far as I am concerned, everyone should be treated equally in the face of the law and we cannot have people of different religious groups laying the law down. I hope the police will go about their business as they would do normally.”

Meanwhile, Muslim prisoners in Britain are being given fresh clothes and bedding after sniffer dogs search their cells. The inmates say their bedclothes and prison uniforms must be changed according to Islamic law if they have come anywhere near dog saliva. Government rules mean prison wardens must hand out replacement sets after random drug searches to avoid religious discrimination claims.

The dogs have also been banned from touching copies of the Islamic holy book the Koran and other religious items. Prisoners are handed special bags to protect the articles.

IN SCOTLAND, the Tayside Police Department apologized for featuring a German shepherd puppy as part of a campaign to publicize its new non-emergency telephone number. The postcards are potentially offensive to the city’s 3,000-strong Muslim community.

IN NORWAY, Gry Berg, a blind woman, was denied entry into four taxis in the center of Oslo because she was accompanied by her guide dog.

IN FRANCE, Marie Laforêt, one of the country’s most well-known singers and actresses, appeared in a Paris courtroom in December to defend herself against charges that a job advertisement she placed discriminated against Muslims.

The 72-year-old Laforêt had placed an ad on an Internet website looking for someone to do some work on her terrace in 2009. She specified in the ad that “people with allergies or orthodox Muslims” should not apply “due to a small Chihuahua.” Laforêt claimed that she made the stipulation because she believed the Muslim faith saw dogs as unclean.


The case was taken up by an anti-discrimination group called the Movement against Racism and for Friendship between Peoples (MRAP), which lodged a complaint against Laforêt.

Laforêt’s lawyer said his client “knew that the presence of a dog could conflict with the religious convictions of orthodox Muslims. It was a sign of respect.” But Muslims rejected her defense.

Muslim woman with horse is allowed on a bus. Blind man with dog is not.





























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  1. kick a Muslim off he buss let the Blind man with dog on…. put Muslims down get the Muslim catcher out put them down …..all of them

  2. Look at the smirk on that smart-ass little hijabi bitch’s face. Probably thinks she’s making a very good point about the inconveniences of animals on the bus so we understand that people shouldn’t see dogs any differently. That’s how dumb these people are. If that horse shits on the bus, the driver should wipe it with her hijab. What is the point exactly? That dogs are inconvenient because muslims are superstitious unthinking barbarians? Maybe this arogant little nut should gouge her eyes out so she can see how inconvenient it is to be blind and not able to take the bus. I got a solution: more dogs, no muslims.

  3. Dogs are lovable, intelligent creatures and a joy to be around. For most people, the reaction when being around dogs is a pleasant one. On the other hand, Muslims have the opposite effect.

  4. Last year I saw comments on other websites stating that some Spaniards are beaten up by gangs of Muslims just for walking their dogs. The Muslim gangs scream that the plazas are theirs and dogs are banned.
    Muslims claim everything is ‘theirs’, that is except the bills for the upkeep of whatever they claim!

    • What needs to happen is for some of that poisoning to make its way into the halal food. Muslims are a cancer in every nation they infiltrate and that cancer needs to be eradicated.

  5. Muslims respect the OT prophets therefore should observe Proverbs 12v10: A righteous man takes care of his animals. If Allah is holy he cannot create anything unholy. The earth was cursed because of man’s disobedience to God. {Mosquitoes, flies and the rest.) Dogs are devoted friends of mankind. Why despise a friend? Muslims need to be rescued from a creed which first of all is so destructive to them. Jesus showed wonderful respect to the lowly, the downtrodden and the outcast whilst condemning the proud, the cruel and the arrogant.

    • Allah is just another name for Satan!!!!!! He cannot create or love anything!!! Just like ALL muslim scum that whorship the devil!!!!

      Muslims come to kill and destroy everything good!!!! Allah is the devil and mohammed was possesed by demons when he wrote the quaran!!! Mohammad is NOT a prophet , but satan’s puppet!!! Pedophile, rapist, murderer, psycho, abuser and destroyer of humanity and everything on planet earth!!!

      Mohammad, allah and ALL muslims will burn in HELL for all eternity!!!!!

      • You said it ! I’m behind you on how you feel. If these guys are poisoning other people’s property “their dogs’ ” that is breaking the law if you break the law we will not surrender to your needs ! If you want a dog free zone then move back to fucking wherever the fuck you came from and eat shit and die ! Please share what I just said to everyone I cannot post on this page for some reason Thank you my friend .

  6. Double standard bullshit, how dumb are people not
    to see this because of pc? If they get to force halal
    to the general public then people get to force ’em to eat
    pork or nothing in the lecal butcher.

  7. If the muslims cant adapt in the life of holland then get the f@#k out they came from the out side and trying to force their way on to us to hell with them dog is mans best friend get use to it


    • those muslim who banned dogs are ignorant of their religion, when ask them if theres anything that says in the saying and practice of prophet Mohammad that dogs are forbidden, they are not going to open their mouth because they do not know anything about their religion, shame on them, I am a muslim too.

  8. Time to declare jihad on muslims. Have a dogs, special dogs , such as a German sheppards, Caucasian sheppards, etc. Teach them attached muslims, and that will be another way to kick them out of western world.

    • Lie. Muhammed despised dogs which is why Muslims, who are emulating him. are so adamantly against them. Muhammed didn’t respect human life, so his mistreatment of dogs was an opportunity to exercise his sadistic drive to cause pain. The evil of Islam cannot be overstated.

    • Arnis – is that arabic for anus? You are a typical taqiyya BLOODY LIAR:

      “Hadith 3:551

      Narrated Abu Huraira:

      Allah’s Apostle said, “While A MAN [no pbuh!] was walking he felt thirsty and went down a well and drank water from it. On coming out of it, he saw a dog panting and eating mud because of excessive thirst. The man said, ‘This (dog) is suffering from the same problem as that of mine. So he (went down the well), filled his shoe with water, caught hold of it with his teeth and climbed up and watered the dog. Allah thanked him for his (good) deed [how?] and forgave him.” [for what?] The people asked, “O Allah’s Apostle! Is there a reward for us in serving (the) animals?” He replied, “Yes, there is a reward for serving any animate.”

      So, A MAN, NOT dipshit mo!

  9. It’s the fools -the idiots that go along with this dribble -putting bootee’s on a dog to enter a muslim house -banning sniffer dogs that come into contact with muslims that are trained to sniff out explosives -allowing a blind woman on a bus with a small horse and banning a blind man with his dog -what if the horse kicked someone from being frightened ?or pooed in the bus ?who is responsible -horses aren’t trained like a guide dog -I believe Obama ok’d this -sheer stupidity- every gain by moslems is a gain for islam and sharia law-these poor dogs died in agony -that would be the last straw for me -I would avenge my dog’s death -some how -because these dog hating ideology gets offended -too bad -has there been an outcry about this ?I get offended whenever I see a moslem .

  10. If you want to believe in an religion you better practice this at home of in an country far far away from Europe. Every place outside each home should be religionfree area. If you like to believe in an fake story do this at home!!!! (Islam, catholic, ……..)

    • Fully endorse your views. Faith or religion is and should be declared as absolutely personal affair of a person or family; our social life including marriage, birth etc should be completely regulated by the secular laws of the Country we live in.
      Adding to it; may I propose that we should ban religious congregations at public and open places unless we buy any place for religious affairs and maintain it accordingly. Churches and Mosques should be regulated by religious associations and State should have nothing to do with such places of worship; No funding to any church or Mosque, no paid holiday/s on religious grounds too.
      I beleive I convey your mind.

  11. I actually hate dogs,theyre gross!!!!! filthy
    but i dont think a jihad is being brought upon with dogs! i do think though there is a radical storm in our midsts! we need to report on that!

    • Yes, I agree BUT the State and Government generally MUST be able to overview that these “religious establishments/meeting places/bookshops” abide by the democratic LAWS of the country they live in (egAustralia) and if these organisations do not abide by / or contravene these laws, then serious penalties/jail sentences/deportation and confiscation of property should be meted out to protect the country’s population (in Australia it is approxately 98% who are of Christian or religions other than islam (which in my opinion and belief is similar to Nazism and not really a religion at all) . Governments and bureaucrats who pander to the demands of the muslims are acting against the best interests of the public they are employed to serve and protect. This is building up a huge and justiable anger in the community at large.
      As to the jihad on dogs, that is absolutely pathetic and disgusting. Perhaps the muslims are afraid the dogs will warn their owners of immediate attack and are afraid that the dogs will loyally defend their owners to the death. I think people should be able to choose what sort of pet (regarding the safety of the community of course) whether it be cats or dogs or not. Personally, although cats are a beautiful creature, they do cause a great deal of damage to the native animals in Australia and for that reason I do not and would not have a cat as a pet, but I do love dogs (most of them – but that is personal preference) and circs permitting I would have two to three dogs (from the RSPCA of course).
      It shows a very low standard of ethics (if any at all) to be cruel to animals and to butcher/poison them. So far I have seen very little, actually nothing at all to recommend muslims or islam to me. It is all hatred, violence, aggression, threats, assassinations and cowardly killings of mostly defenceless innocent people; nothing at all to promote health, happiness and well-being anywhere in the World.

    • Most dogs are actually physiologically cleaner than humans. Many dogs are smarter than many humans, especially those stupid enough to venerate Mohammad and his sick cult. He was one disgusting weirdo.

  12. In my mind this shows just how vacant (or totally absent) the muslim heart and soul really is.


    The most loveable, loyal and courageous (sometimes to the point of stupidity) animals on the planet.

    Just says it all about the vile muzzies. They basically HATE every single thing that lives and breathes that is not muslim.

    They are truly ANTI-LIFE.

    Listen you vile loathsome muzrats – every single Dog on this planet has a bigger Heart, a bigger Soul, and an infinitely higher status in the eyes of the real God, than any one of you worthless vermin.

    • PERFECTLY SAID, Thomas!!!

      Islam is a DEATH cult-ideology that worships not “allah” (Mohammed’s sock-puppet) but Mohammed, the true Antichrist genocide, murderer, torturer, rapist, misogynist, pædophile, caninophobe, porcinophobe, simianophobe, necrophiliac and bestialist!!!!

      How on earth can ANY decent human being with anything like a heart give his allegiance to such an absolute SATANIC MONSTER is utterly beyond me!!! No question that Mohammed was the “Messenger” of SATAN himself!!!!

      The time when we Westerners REBEL against our own “leaders” plus other élitists (all bought by the Moslems and/or their Commie allies) and start cleansing our countries of the Moslems and thence the Marxists CAN’T COME SOON ENOUGH!!!!

      • provide me with proofs that Mohammad was the messenger of satan and what did he do to deserve such hate you don’t even know the man to talk about him and those bearded monsters are not even muslims eg:ISIS,alquada

      • @ a peacefull mustard
        1. Funny – you can’t even spell peaceful – probably because your death cult doesn’t teach the word.
        2. Do you know the man yourself do you? (Mohammed)
        3. BNI is not a forum for ragheads, incase you were wondering!
        4. We don’t answer to you.
        5. Those bearded monsters are muslims, you know.. Your religion. You are all the same!

      • Jesus told us that you would know a prophet or a religion by it’s fruits, so we do not need to know Mohammed. You see, we know the demon by his fruits! Some mighty disgusting and strange fruits, too, I might add. My dog and my four cats are way above Muslims, who are definitely bottom feeders.

      • I completely agree. But what gets me is the amount of “peaceful, peaceloving” followers of Mohammad try to say that it’s a peaceful religion and that Mohammad was the ultimate example of a human being and peaceloving. I have actually read out of curiosity the Qu’ran, Haddith and Suras and sure there are some peaceful statements in them but so much horrible hate speech, requirements to murder, maim, enslave, torture, rape, molest, steal, etc., that I just don’t understand how peace loving people think they can paint it and him as peaceful. Do they not read their own stuff?
        Most Muslim nations did not even outlaw slavery until the last 20 or so years. Muslims have carried on most of the slave trade for millinia and still do. They have slave ships still in and out of ports in Africa and Asia on a regular basis, now under the radar so to speak, but still major perpetrators. They say one thing while they are doing the complete opposite. Are they are liars or just duped because it’s their culture or are they ignorant, What is it with over a billion people being that sick? I just don’t get it.

  13. Stone some damn innocent animal, ignorant dog killing Muslims! Stone their stupid ass…there’s your tornado bitches! IDIOTS!!!

  14. This is yet another example of their stupidity. Islam really is an unevolved religion held by unevolved humans.
    In hebrew, dog is spelled “kelev” which can be divided –
    “ke-lev” (כלב). The first word (“ke”) stands for “as” and the latter (“lev”) for the word “heart”. That means (in crude translation to english) “as heart”.
    This is spot on because dogs truly are sweet”lev”s ;).
    But their hatred twords dogs doesn’t surprise me that much for one main reason:
    how can you expect something as beautiful to be loved by something so ugly and vile? They contradict eachother.

  15. It’s the -fool’s that are pandering to this culture of cruelty -I never thought the British would allow any cruelty to their dogs-for the police dogs to be muzzled and booties put on them is -disgraceful-this is happening because sharia law exists -legally in Britain -no country can survive under two different legal systems -immigrants are supposed to abide under the laws of the land -muslims only answer to sharia and islam -if they refuse to allow service animals on transport for the blind etc -sack them -what a cruel death these dogs suffer -if that happened to my animals -it would be war -and I would retaliate and blame any and all – muslim’s for their death -I would never forgive them -I’m not a vengeful person -but where my animals are concerned -part of my family -it would be pay back.That fool of a woman with a little horse -what if it kicked someone -Obama sanctioned that what if were more than one horse on the bus -it is absolute -insanity.-how could a horse tell her there is a crossiing -an overhead branch etc.-I forgot -he is a muslim.

  16. When there are no more dogs, I will put a leash on a Muslim and I will take IT around the city. IT will run in the green fields.

  17. they dont like it they can get the hell out!! they keep trying to turn the places
    they invaded into the crap hole they left!!
    time to say screw you get out if you dont like things the way they are

  18. Have we learned nothing from history? This is the new fascism…first they intimidate, start to harass and then finally come to dominate everyone with a totalitarian form of government. History repeats itself…Western civilization is more at risk now than ever.

  19. Surely this is discriminating against the disabled by not letting blind people into places with their working dogs. I find it sickening that someone thinks their religion trumps the rights of someones freedom, and yes taking away a blind persons dog is taking away their freedom.

    • I totally agree with you. Well said. But it all boils down to the goverment coming down hard on these fanatics who think that the whole world must live according to their terms. It is sad that everyone is afraid of offending the Muslims when they commit so many atrocities against everyone else. But when someone comes downs hard on these fanatics then all the so called human rights organizations will start condemming them. Where are all these so called human rights organizations now when non muslims are being unfairly treated. Or do they think that only muslims have rights?

  20. Bonni, sorry I haven’t been making many comments. I have a spinal stenosis which has paralysed my right arm, right leg and is now spreading to my left leg. I’m going into hospital on May 13th 2014 for a 4 hour op on my spine. This may not fix the paralysis completely but will stop the pain. I’ll start writing more comments when I recover. Keep up the great work mate, I keep my small donations coming.

  21. Quote: ” Hasan Küçük, a Turkish-Dutch representative on The Hague city council for the Islam Democrats”

    ISLAM DEMOCRATS??? That’s an oxymoron, a TOTAL contradiction of words!!

    There is NO PLACE for Muslim Politicians in our Western Society.

  22. Several times, attempts by Muslims have been made to kill my dogs. At one point, police told me it was not safe to let my dogs out into my private, fully-fenced back yard without a leash on them – that was after a man threw a hunk of meat into my yard and screamed “we are going to kill you and your f***ing dogs”. Another time, a veterinarian who had just taken over from my old vet gave me a large cookie and insisted I feed it to the dog I’d taken in for shots and to make sure she ate it all at once. I thought that odd and instead, broke it in half and fed it to both my dogs. Within two hours, both dogs vomited grey slimy stuff and then for three days, excreted red explosive blood in their feces. I just fed them lots of water and a little salt because what was I going to do – take them to the vet?

    • Here’s also hoping that your dogs made a complete recovery from what was obviously an attempted poisoning!!!

      If you can, please try moving to a REALLY-RURAL area where very few Moslems currently are present. A village out of the easy reach of Moslem urbanites (minimum 100 km. from any town greater than 20,000, I’d suggest), and where people know each other – and who’ll know to be wary of strangers (and to whom you can witness against Moslems)!!! It’s in such an area where you’ll be the safest of all – and the same applies to your pets, as Moslems hate ALL LIFE-forms, even if women, dogs, pigs and apes are particularly targeted!!!

      Naturally, you’ll do well to SHUN any and all Moslem-owned businesses or who feature Moslems as their employees – and spread the word against them!!! No patronising of ANY Moslem doctors, dentists, lawyers, ANYBODY of their ilk under positively ANY circumstances whatsoever!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

    • Also, make sure you find a non-Moslem veterinarian and stay faithful with him (or her) – and warn him and all his staff about the Moslem danger (including a very specific alert against employing ANY Moslems whatsoever, in any capacity or for any reason!!!!!!

      No less important: find and circulate information on poisons commonly used and proper antidotes against them. Finally, anything a Moslem gives anybody should instead be sent to a toxicology laboratory!

      Hopefully this will help a little bit – we have to be careful about whom to trust, but make sure that those who we DO trust get the word!!! Like it or not, we are at WAR and MUST FIGHT BACK!!!!


      DEATH TO ISLAM, COMMUNISM, NAZISM and ALL other tyranny and totalitarianism, PERIOD!!!!!

  23. I’m all for just having radical Muslims as pets if they feel dogs are unclean they may be one notch up … Only cuz they wipe their own ass tho…. Think about it they will live better, eat better, and get to see the vet on a normal basis and get all their shots!!! Win win …… Here haji haji !!!

    • This is a risky pet that can end up raping you and your entire family at least 3 times a day in a basement.
      KIll it with fire.

      • Go set yourself on fire. We won’t p**s on you to put it out. Raped by a dog – so uneducated it makes my 3 year old look like Einstein!

  24. Western people should aware about Muslim invaders. Why you people becoming so liberal each day ? When you become more liberal you are losing your culture. Your culture is based on Christianity. So keep it first. Then you should become fathers and mothers of more children. Look your neighboring Muslims and think how many children are there in a Muslim family and in an Infidel family. If a war arise in your countries on or after 2023 you will never succeed over the Muslims. Your weapons can’t help you then, because you will be microscopic minority in your country. I am from India and a few of people like me are aware of the strength of Muslims in our country. They are saying they are minority but 33 percent of India’s population is Muslims. Politicians can’t even say a word against Muslims. Because they need Vote in Elections. Infidels can’t raise sound against Muslims, because they are minority where Muslims lives. So you western people please meditate Luke 23:28 – ” Jesus turning to them said, “Daughters of Jerusalem, stop weeping for Me, but weep for yourselves and for your children.”

    • Kunjaprechan, thank you for your message, but please do not call us “INFIDELS” as it is a Muslim word that really has no meaning to us, other than the knowing it is used to describe non-muslims as inferior! So, it is offensive! As for becoming more liberal, that is not what is happening to the majority of Americans. It only appears that way because our Government Offices and Media Centers were quietly taken over by Liberals who now promote their propaganda for all to see, and they try to make it appear that they are the majority, when if fact, they are not. There is an awakening that is occurring here, and I am watching more and more people seeing that their nation is being taken away from them, and they are starting to speak up. It is difficult for others to see this when the media is controlled by those who don’t want it to be seen, and so there is a war growing within our own borders. You mentioned that this country, our culture, was based on Christian ways. Let me first say that I am not a “Bible Thumper” and I do not go around preaching the Bible…….but I am able to see what is happening around me, and what is happening needs to be recognized by everyone, Christian, Muslim, or other. In the prophecies of the Bible, in Revelations… talks about a coming time when we would see exactly what we are seeing now. It talks about an Anti-Christ (anti-christian) leader would would emerge, and that we would be called a Savior. This is happening now. The Bible also mentions that in these times, the Christians would be persecuted, and even prosecuted. This too, is happening now. These would be the warning signs, these events would be seen and known just before the whole world goes to war, and if you look out across the globe, the stage is being set. so, the Prophecies of The Bible seem to be coming true, and what is even more interesting to see, is that the people who have and are currently attacking The Bible, and Christianity…..are the very ones who are making the Prophecies come true. Curious, isn’t it?

  25. I’d rather have a dog by me than some stinkin mussie. I’d say they are worse than dogs but that is an insult to dogs. Dogs treat people better than the mussies treat people. The mussies treat their women worse than dogs. This cult must go and it will. They are violent filthy beasts and must be eliminated. Crusade on baby!!!!!!

  26. This is not a muslim problem. It is an Infidel problem. We infidels tolerate such behavior by allowing these cockroaches to enter our countries.

    Let us adopt a zero tolerance policy on Islam. And it they don’t like it. Go Home!!

  27. This little Prayer REALLY needs to work Faster ! ….
    (More people AND Animals need to use it)

    • Or just show them the toilet papar trick.
      The dirty bastards are usually floored when it is shown to them they need not WIPE THEIR SHITTY ARSE with a square of clean tissue, and not their own hand.
      Dirty animals, really.
      I bet that alone has made more than a few apostate.

  28. a shame and a slap in the face of all that welcomed diversity into their countries!!! Read about many cases of unbelievable actions and murder based on “muslim” religion before, 2009-2012 saw 90 honour murders in Germany only with 39 murder attempts (family killing their daughters for being “westernised”), seen some recent comments from Lybian asylum seekers on TV saying that how dare the Germans love their dogs more than “them”. Every dog, even the dirt beneath our feet is better than a neandertal idiot no matter what his religion, colour or race is!!! If you don’t like it in Europe – GO HOME!!!!!!!!!

  29. It’s time for all countries to wake up and kick out all muslims,or stop them from demanding things!they can go back to their unclean countries and leave the rest of the world alone!!

  30. Over my dead body wil I ever surcome too this. I have been asked on several occasions not to let my dog pee on the pavement, lamposts etc. Its plain to see this will be another of their demands . we all need to start a petition before this goes any further. If they dare to touch my dog or anyone else,s dog there will bloody war enough is enough in my opinion this really is final straw!!!

  31. Dogs are pretty much as Godly a creature as companion animals get. They are the best friends to man, the world over. This seriously makes my blood boil. I walk past muslims on the street sometimes with my dog, and I see the muslim person move as far away, or move their hand away. It makes me feel like the person has no faith at all. These people make me so sick. This belief needs to be BURNED!!! Dogs deserve praise, as our little Gods, , and that is why their name is God, spelled backwards. Dumb ass muslim beliefs.

  32. Before anymore of such bullshit is spread, these people must be brought under control, or slowly whole of Europe too will become a garbage dump!

    • Oh Suren, Europe was already a garbage dump.
      That is why the snack bar floods into Europe – Europe reminds them of the shit hole they left behind, only soon, Europe will be more of a shit hole than that which the snackbar fled for a better life, but there will be nowhere to to go to.
      And that’s fair enough, if Europe is going to allow that to become of it.


  34. I am soooo fucking sick and tired of these cockroach muzzies! I personally would NEVER EVER give in to any of their stupid demands and I just can’t understand why left wing nutters and other politically correct assholes would give in to the demands of this barbaric ideology. Are they really too blind to see what’s coming? ALL muzzies should be hanged, drawn and qaurtered. RIGHT NOW! Otherwise Western civilization is utterly DOOMED and will be as barbaric as the deserts the sand niggers come from.

  35. Choosing between a dog and a muslim I’d choose the dog anytime even if it was rabid! get them out of your countries before they toss you out.

  36. This is just insane. You cannot pattern the laws of a country after the religious beliefs of ANY group. My religion says Muslims are unclean. Therefore, we should eradicate them from the planet.

  37. Next thing is, they’ll start telling Germans they can’t eat Wurst, and Europeans that they can’t eat pork generally. There HAS to be an intentional plan to bring Muslims into the West to weaken and eliminate Judeo/Christianity and basically water down our Western culture. No sensible politician, if there is such a thing, would allow what’s happening, if it were NOT the case. Check out the Hegelian Dialectic – problem > reaction > solution = Control.

    • I know this is EXTREMELY LATE, but “Innperlenburg” is COMPLETELY RIGHT!!!

      There IS a deliberate plan to dilute our Judæo-Christian Western civilisation by bringing in the Moslems – and it has been AND IS BEING foisted upon us by the crypto-Communists, who have allied themselves with the Moslems in their mutual goal of destroying our Western civilisation!!! They hate each other and will gladly fight each other once we Christians and believing Jews have been ruined (German verdorben) – but not before then if they can help it.

      These Marxists, ever faithful to that DELUSIONAL, SICK vision of the unattainable Utopia, have infiltrated themselves all too severely into our society: first via academe (we can be sure that as many as a third or more of the teachers, scholars and professors of our schools, colleges and universities are committed to the vision of Marx, Engels, Ljéñin, Stáljin, Mao, Pol Pot and the rest of those MONSTERS!!!!), thence into industry, big-business, governmental civil-service, the unions (leftist-oriented to begin with!!!) and finally the politicians in addition to banking and law. Now they’re using “political correctness” to suppress anything that goes against them, even past the point of downright PERSECUTING people like Pamela Geller, Geert Wilders, Rev. Mark Harding, Ms. BNI herself and MANY, MANY OTHERS!!!!

      As part of that treasonous process of subversion of all we Westerners cherish as individuals and as a society, these Marxists (who control and influence MANY groups like ‘environmentalists’, ‘feminists’, homosexual-‘activists’, &c.) are MORE THAN HAPPY to accept and use Mohammedan money – something the Moslems, both rich and poor, are all too happy to do in order to further THEIR agenda…

      [Of course, so many of the muzturds are rather simple, even stupid, past the point of bragging about their plans in addition to carrying them out so as to betray themselves THAT the result is we sleepy Westerners are waking up!!! Of course, the Marxists in the governments (e.g., Sweden) are trying to force us into going back to sleep by criminalising ANY talk about Moslem immigration; however, the people in other countries will all the more wake up and eventually rebel – which will lead to a civil war in many nations with the Moslems and élitists on one side vs. at least a sizeable minority, eventually a majority of the PEOPLE.]

      If you look at your politicians’ life history and see who they favoured in the past, you could get an indication of who they may really be.

      If you see this, may it help in your being able to understand more of the evils happening throughout the West and thus in your alerting those you know to the same things. God Bless!!!

  38. You can make rule in Islamic country’s, but not others.You copy western style,imported cars and most of things are imported.

    Anyway the mosque in other countrys is damn lousy.Showing off their religon 🙁

  39. why the hell is ANYONE apologizing to muslims begin with? If they dont’ like our rules, then go home and live in they hellholes they created.

  40. Dogs are much more useful, far more intelligent and certainly more compassionate than muslims. I say “Keep the dogs and poison the musims”. If dogs were as inbred as muslims, their owners would be facing legal action.

    • I live with two Chihuahuas that would love to tear up any scum bag animal abuser! They would sense their presence a block away!!! Islam has failed to move beyond the 7th century and evolve like virtually all other religions/belief systems.

  41. My pretty pretty puppy Susie once left a full-grown man near crippled for attempting to attack her. A matter of great pride for me. She was just three years old and she bit right fucking through his arm and leg! Anyone touches my dog without her consent, and they die, because if my dog don’t kill ’em, I will. Oh, and Susie really really hates muslims. They smell evil. They sound evil.

  42. Stop the muslim invasion of Europe! the muslims there already should be tested for their loyalty to western culture. If they have complaints about our way of life, they should be given a one way ticket back to the place they came from. We’ve all had enough of their nonsense and their dreams of taking over.

  43. I believe that the muslims being offended can be cured with one XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Mess with my dogs and that is exactly what they will get with a smile.

  44. Hire a hearse and pick out a plot. That goes for anyone that would maim or kill an animal, especially beloved pets. I’ll step on your NECK before you got near a dog to kill it, throwing my life in front of a defenseless animal, showing that YOU are the monster, not the dog.

  45. Why Islam hate dog because their Islam founder Muhammad terrorist hate dog. Why he hate dog because during child he been bited by dog because disturb dog and also during war he alway intent to assassinate enemy always disturb by dog. If Allah create dog why he hate dog ? So Muslim don’t be cheated by Muhammad terrorist. You too much believe Islam you become stupid and fanatic !

  46. Несколько часов назад у моего друга из Болтона убили кошку. Убили мусульманские подростки. Я в шоке ! Я очень любила это милое животное ! Я живу в России .Я не могу понять что происходит !! Я не могу помочь своему другу !!Почему такая жестокость ??? Кто будет следующим ? Животные или люди ? Неужели сценарий разрушения Древнего Рима проигрывается в наше время ??

    A few hours ago the cat my friend from Bolton was killed. Muslim teenagers killed. I’m shocked! I loved this sweet animal! I live in Russia. I can not understand what’s going on! I can not help his friend why such cruelty?? Who will be next? Animals or people? Is the scenario of destruction of ancient Rome played again in our time??

    • HA, I am sorry to hear that. I thought Muslim only killed dogs. What has happened to Russia? Why are the Muslims allowed to do so much damage to your country? Is the KGB gone?

      • Dear Ms. BNI: the poster’s name, transliterated is “Nadjézhda” – which, translated into English, means “hope”!!!

        Uvazhjénnaja Nadjézhda, khorosho-prishljí zdjésj!!! Izvinjítje, pozháluysta, mojevó plókhoje znánje rússkiy, no nadjéjusj chto vï búdjet udavóljnï znatj chto sámovo mjénjshje odjín pozdravljájet Vam po váshjevo jazïká!!

        • Back to English:

          Dear Nadjézhda, welcome here!!! Please excuse my poor knowledge of Russian, but hopefully you’ll be pleased to know that at least one person can greet you in your language!!

          • Ms. BNI, you’re more than welcome – and to God Almighty be the glory!!! [По-русски: Слава Богу Всемогущию!!!]

            Dear Nadjézhda, please let me share my deep condolences over the SENSELESS killing of your friend’s sweet little cat. Unfortunately (and this is also for you to realise, dear Ms. BNI!), Moslems have absolutely NO – repeat, NO!! – RESPECT for ANY life (excluding fellow Moslem-MEN at best!!), PERIOD!!!!! In fact, killing for killing’s sake – as strongly implied by Geert Wilders in the video-clip Ms. BNI recently posted on this Website – is Moslems’ favourite SPORT!!!!

            It’s NOT merely the decadence of Ancient Rome, I’m POSITIVE that it’s the end-times already as prophesied in the last book of the Bible, Revelation (the Apocalypse), Nadjézhda. Furthermore, I have to warn you that even your country’s president is under the thumb of no less than Satan: he’s trying to APPEASE the Moslems of his country and of the world. I here must repeat the warning which I posted earlier in BOTH English AND Russian elsewhere on this Website for your country:

            Внымане, Россия: Путин хочет тоже и сам Вас муслиманима изменить!!!

            Also, if too much more of this correspondence continues, I’ll have to try to find a way to use Windows’ devices to be able to write in Russian as well as British-English on this computer without having to all the time go through “CharacterMap”!!! This could be a real learning experience – again, to God Be the Glory!!!!

          • Always making the effort to communicate in others’ native tongue, ADHD, are a gem.

          • Thank you very much – in fact, you’re being too kind!! 🙂

            [I simply like to practise what little I know, especially if it will help others; particularly here, given how enough others are discouraged into thinking that those who have anything like a grudge against Islam are “racists”, “lunatics”, “nuts”, &c. Alas, that includes my thérapiste (a typical “liberal” totally indoctrinated by her being an ex-clergywoman/priestess as well as in close touch with academic circles and their {and the mainstream “media”} STINKING “political-correctness”!!!!) – it’s a real fight to wear her into realising that there’s SERIOUS TRUTH about these most horrible twin-spectres of Communism and Islam… It doesn’t help that I’m an arch-conservative thanks to those twin EVILS…]

            It just happens, Monsieur Alain, that I know some Russian. If I exclude the VERY few phrases that have crossed into my brain for Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish, I really know but six languages in total (English the best {though with a Slavic accent!}; French, Serbian in the middle; worst being German, Italian and Russian).

            [Of course, don’t ask me, please, to attempt to write at all properly in Arabic (I used to know the alphabet once upon a time, VERY long ago!!!), Japanese or Chinese… On the other hand, yours truly was able quite some time ago to decipher a Spanish-language chess book (itself originally written in Magyár {Hungarian}) using my knowledge of French and Italian…]

          • Ah, Ms. BNI, if you could insert the “boldface” code “” after “twin EVILS…] at the end of the FIRST paragraph, I’d be DEARLY grateful…

  47. We’ve brought it on ourselves for being blindly tolerant to this sick and twisted ideology. What will they declare jihad on next?

  48. you are very happy but i tell you are wrong ,you open the way for Islam to enter in your own bed room soon or later Islam will control the all Europe if you like that or dislike

    the way to stop that, do not care for Islam, many people after elven of September become Muslim cause of big Propaganda against Islam

  49. We are being diktated (sic) to by wogs. If we don’t find the balls to tear down and shred this pc bs there will be civil war. Kick these islamic curs aside. Get off your knees and take back our country back. Look at the animals we ate being craven to. Where is the backlash?

  50. I think this shows us that in the name of political correctness we are loosing our States and Countries to these filthy,backwards,less than Human figures that walk on two feet. They should be forced to live by the Laws of the Host Country with out exception,if not put them on a camel and ship this filth out.

    • If we went to their country we would have to abide by their restrictive laws, so why do they get to bring their laws to our countries? They worm their way into politics like a cancer, and change the laws bit by bit until we are living under Sharia law.
      I have no doubt there will be civil wars in the not too distant future.

  51. Europeans must unite their defences against
    the forceful advancement of the Moslem minorit-y BEFORE it becomes a majority and then – impose their Sharia law through democratic elections. The media should NOT BE PASSIVE OBSERVER of events – like the ones described above, and the society at large must object their publicly imposing behavior and lack of tolerance.


  53. Muslims are responsible for killing innocent people all over the world. The whole world needs to come together to fight these insane monsters. Those killing dogs, those who are anti dogs, & those who support them, should be handed over to scientists for experiments & innocent animals should be spared. As for what i would like to do, i won’t write, as otherwise, my post will not see the light of day!

    • Who started the1st world war ? Muslims ? Who started rhe 2nd world war ?
      Muslims ? Who killed about 20 millions of Aborigines in Australia ? Muslims ?? Who sent the nuclear bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ? Muslims ?? Who killed more then 100 millions of
      in North America ? Muslims ?? Who killed more then 50 millions of Indians in south America ? Muslims ?? Who took about 180 millions of African people as slaves ans 88% of them
      died and then were 
      thrown in to the Atlantic ocean ? Muslims ?? No , They weren’t Muslims!!!

      • Always the same justification as demagogic and manipulative and stupid as well.

        The fact is that Muslims, from the very moment that criminal pederast ideology that began to make war with neighboring peoples and have been doing all along. It also appears that those black slaves who this guy was in a demagogic speech captured by most Muslims who for centuries were the only ones to make inroads in Africa and sold them to European slave and also a huge profit, have been since then massacring and enslaving, so made ​​…. but take account not only the past but to this very present.

        And besides all that, is the unquestionable fact that pamphlet which sends foul called Koran that denies free will, discriminates against women and calls for the subjugation of anyone who does not believe.

        So do not come with stories.

        Islam should be outlawed, persecuted and eradicated from the face of the earth.

        Stop Islam.

        Muhammad a pedophile.

        Allah, stupid superstition to brainless fools.

        • On the topic of the enslavement of Africans in the West vis-a-vis Mohammedan lands: One reason Western civilization is better than Mohammedanism is that, whereas most of the Africans taken to the Americas by the Europeans survived and brought what they knew to mostly enrich the cultures and places they came to (about 1/3 of the Africans being brought over died en route, which is about the same as the general percentage of deaths on ships passing across the Atlantic during that time), a little less than half of the Africans brought to the Islamic world made it there alive (due, in large part, to the habit of castration of men on the spot, repeated rape of the women while in transit, and otherwise brutal treatment of their captive by the Arabs), and then most were worked to death, raped repeatedly and constantly as ‘sex slaves’, and/or castrated to serve as eunuchs in Mohammedans’ “woman collections.”

          This is why the Americas has many more black folks (fewer were brought to the Americas than to the Middle East, yet the number of African-descended citizens of the various “New World” nations is greater) than the Islamic world does.

          It’s also why in the non-Muslim lands, many more technical inventions, agricultural innovations, and other positives of civilization were brought about (and/or assisted in their birthing) by Africans and their descendants in the West than in the Mohammedan world.

          ONE MORE THING: Unlike in the Mohammedan world, almost from the start of the West’s involvement in Slavery, there were people in the West who were opposed to the idea. Also, anti-black Racism in the West was not a cause of Slavery, but rather a result stemming from a need to justify what was seen by a goodly number of Westerners as an evil. (not to say that all Westerners, or even most, saw it that way, but enough did to begin even a nascent anti-Slavery movement)

          *will blog on this at some point in the near future* 🙂

          Mohammedanism must be destroyed.

  54. what did dogs ever do to deserve this terrible poisoning? the don’t deserve the neglect. so why do it? why do Muslim people poison and hate dogs? you tell me. i do not understand what dogs did to deserve to be killed. please reply if you have an answer to any of my questions.

  55. I am not one to attack any religious group….NOR am I a racist!! But it is high time we all spoke out about these rediculous radicals!! I can honestly say…if ANYBODY dared to carry out this insanity in my part of the world…there would be rioting in the streets. These so-called ‘people’ should stop mistaking our tolerance for weakness! STOP THE MADNESS NOW!!!!!

  56. When is the game going to kick of with these insane inbred bastards, there is not much time left! Once more unto the breach dear friends!

      • ALL dogs AND pigs are cleaner than any Muslim can ever hope to be until such time as he (or she) renounces and blasphemes Islam and its monster Mohammed!!!!

        We proud infidels will NEVERMORE welcome Muslims even into our neighbourhoods – even one Muslim anywhere is one too many!!!! Blessed be those who drive them out by any and all means from the community, then from the district, then the whole country and then finally THE ENTIRE WEST!!!!

    • i totally agree with what you are saying. what did dogs ever do to deserve this? most dogs are innocent and don’t deserve to be neglected. so i definetly agree with you!

  57. It boils down to these countries granting these barbarians their wishes. Put your foot down, tell them to assimilate or they are not welcome. Their ridiculous way of life does not matter there. If you don’t like dogs, don’t have one but quit dictating how countries must change for you. Try that crap in America and ytou will LOSE. We adore our pets and consider them part of the family. They all make me sick!

    • GOD (YHWH – Yahweh) HIMSELF created dogs AND pigs, just like absolutely everything else about and on this earth and the surrounding universe!!!! [Your “Allah” (real name Shaytan) has created positively NOTHING!!!!]

      As it says in the Gospel of St. John (speaking of Jesus Christ, God’s Only-Begotten Son), “All things were made by Him, and without Him was not any thing made that was made.” (St. John, 1, 3)

      As to your “Allah” moon-god being greater: not only is that poor Arabic, it’s a PURE LIE of ALL LIES!!!!! You, Melsi, are committing idolatry in worshipping both that “Allah”, who really is SATAN HIMSELF (Shaytan) – as well as that Antichrist Mohammed!!! How can any decent human being worship or seek to emulate the murderer, genocide, rapist, thief and LIAR that Mohammed truly was?? I would feel utterly ashamed of having anything to do with such an absolute MONSTER!!!!!

      Renounce that utterly-totalitarian CULT-ideology that calls itself Islam which doesn’t even allow you to think ANYTHING for yourself, which has been beaten into you no doubt from babyhood!!! Start thinking for yourself, and you’ll soon find that it’s CHRIST and Christianity that’s INFINITELY SUPERIOR to this anti-“religion” of Islam!!!!

      • Not to forget that Mohammed to boot was a PÆDOPHILE!!!! That’s the crime of sexually assaulting CHILDREN, which surely is one of the vilest crimes imaginable for Mankind!!!! ANYBODY who can perpetuate that either with boys (à la “Bacha Bazi”) or girls (like with your forced child-“marriages”) is both hated and feared in Western society!!!! If that’s who you, Melsi, are or want to be, it truly would have been better that you had never been born!!!!!

        Just in itself, being a “good Muslim” means you are an EVIL wretch!!!!!

        • Ah, dear Ms. BNI: yours truly belatedly sees that he misspelled Malsi’s name as Melsi!!! Can you please correct that as you post my entries? Many thanks in advance!!!!

  58. And so they keep taking matters into their own hands (why the hell can’t we then!) and make it their mission to ‘clean-up’ themselves!

    Translated from Danish article

    Dog kidnappings in Muslim ghetto Gellerup Park – They’re either killed or tied-up and left to die in freezing cold. Which is what nearly happened to this poor dog:

    “The 14-month-old Shepherd Aico, who yesterday was abducted from a dog hook in front of a 7-Eleven store in Aarhus, has been found. It was a 13-year-old boy named Khaled who found Aico whimpering and freezing in an upturn in Gellerup Park west of Aarhus, says the dog’s owner, Michael Green.

    “Residents in the hallway heard the dog whimpering all night, and fortunately a boy who took action,” he said.

    “That was actually what we had feared — that someone had kidnapped the dog to Gellerup, this happens sometimes Aarhus. I’m just incredibly happy that he is back and doing well, although he has frozen much overnight,” Green says.

    Aico was abducted while Michael Green was in a 7-Eleven for a few minutes. When he came out, somebody had run away with the big puppy.”

      • AMEN, Ms. BNI!!!!

        At least that Khaled – if he was that “boy who took action” – had a shred of decency in him; probably it will be beaten out of him very soon, alas. [Let’s hope that instead he’ll find his way out of Islam to the Glory of God Himself!!!]

        God Bless Aico the German Shepherd and his owner, and may those psychopathic Muslims that harm dogs be especially-harshly judged at the Last Judgement!!!

        • That is part of the problem. Wimpy pc responses to danger. Muslims are brainwashed and incapable of relating to the language of the heart. We with all our enlightenment, are in real danger of doing some really serious damage to ourselves. By fair means or foul this fifth column must be recognized as such and denied access to anywhere they can do further damage. Our children will spit on our graves?

  59. I am a dog lover and anti-terrorists. I do not believe in the cowards behavior by killing innocent people by the Hajid. Sad is that this world there is such a “religion” and “people” exist that make this world upside down. Touch any dog we will kill you – move out of the country if you do not like a country full of lovely dogs.

    Go to hell ! All the Bins !

  60. This is the most stupidest thing to appear on the planet. A Blind person can’t bring a dog with him but it is okay for Muslims to poison them and bring horses on public transportation. I’ll say it: ISLAM and all of its members are going to burn in hell. Mohammad was a pedifyler; he married two girls both under the age of 12. Islam is the modern plague of the world, which must be eradicated. Why are we so bent on catering to them when they want to take over the world? Feed them all to the hogs!

  61. Come on Muslims- get over it. A dog`s saliva is scientifically proven to be cleaner than a human being`s. I live in Jakarta with a 90% Muslim population.The general filth of living environments and lack of respect thereof is what I call unclean.

  62. Damn, these photos made me cry..i had a dobbie and he got killed 2 years ago by my mussie neighbors..My parents didn’t do shit because they’re also mussies.

  63. Ask them to leave before it’s too late!!! They should not have been allowed to migrate to these western countries in the first place! Everywhere they go, they cause problems for society..

  64. The Muslims do not like dogs that are cleverer than they are. See how smart the dog is in the picture at the top – he knows just where to cock his leg.
    As for the bastards that poisoned these dogs – what I would like to say to them would not get past the censor.

    • AMEN!!! Especially as far as animal-souls are concerned: dogs don’t have deceitful hearts, unlike we most-unfortunate human beings!!!!

      Wow, what a TERRIBLE super-tragedy Adam and Eve perpetrated upon us all born and conceived ever-since!!!!

  65. God bless, muzzies are so fucked up, they don’t know what they want. The dog offends, than they are offended when they aren’t invited to work for the lady. These goons are bi-polar, they don’t know what the hell they want. Except a non-muzzie is better dead with no head than alive. Fuck em forever.

  66. I think that for each dog poisoned, 10 muslims should be. Lets sprinkle bacon and pig blood and walk our dogs everywhere!

  67. “Muslims said the presence of dogs in Lérida violates their religious freedom and their right to live according to Islamic principles.”

    Obtain a clue, for Chrissake! List of najis:
    Dead body
    Alcoholic liquors
    The sweat of an animal who persistently eats najasat.
    If they object to dogs, they object to you, too. Yer next, Idiots!!!

    Get rid of the G’d’d Muslims, keep yer dogs.

    • It should be made clear to Muslims that they can’t and MUST NEVER aspire to live in the West according to “Islâmic principles”!!!! If they insist in the slightest on that, it’s an immediate ground for disenfranchisement and deportation back to where they came from (converts go to Irân or Saudi Arabia)!!!!

      In fact, the whole notion of “human rights” has been carried way too far, distorted and magnified out of all proportion by the Commies and their Muslim allies of convenience – Muslims don’t believe in ANY such “human rights” and destroy them the moment they win power anywhere!!!! Thus, they should be THE LAST ONES to so much as peep about the entire concept!!!!

  68. On a sad note… The photos of the poisoned dogs are very disturbing. They could be your dogs. Shame on those ass-lifting ragheads who poisoned them!

    • Muslims are beyond all real feelings of true shame (aside from their twisted sense of “honour”), repentance and anything good whatsoever as long as they remain Muslim!!!!

      We can’t trust Muslims under positively ANY circumstances, period – that’s why I believe they must ALL be disenfranchised and expelled from the West!!!! [Of course, any amongst them who’ve committed any crimes should instead be promptly tried and executed instead!!]

  69. For every dog the Ummah kills in the West, a thousand of its members should be deported to Saudi Arabia.
    The punishment for killing dogs or for hindering their work should be stiff, swift and unforgettable.
    And as for the blind guide-horse. Do you think that a Muslim community would EVER permit a non-Muslim blind person to use a guide horse?
    Of course they wouldn’t.
    Wherever Muslims dominate, non-Muslims are forbidden the use of horses and dogs.

      • Ok, to more easily tell who sent the morning of day 3 about 2:45 a.m. and, perhaps therefore, went with a link to the original Spanish-language news on the subject of the city of Lleida.

        Good night.

  70. I am real fed up with Muslims come to our countries and DEMAND that and demand this OR being OFFENDED by that and offended by this.
    If WE ignore them completely and entirely, they will stop this nonsense.
    Besides, many stray dogs and cats are roaming the streets of Egypt, an islamic country. The offended Muslims do not do anything about it. Yet they come here and demand. PREPOSTEROUS.

  71. The only good moslem is one that has had themselves expidiated swiftly to “allah”. This said, one can always know that if islam, or moslems as a whole take a stance on one subject or another, you can be relatively assured that if you take the opposite stance, you shall be on the side of liberty, decency and basicly justice.

    They say dogs are bad. We all know they are great. They say Alcohol is bad, it’s been proven medically it’s good for the body (and it has facilitated dating amongst more “homely” folks for centuries). They said child marriage is good.. sure like a child understand such concepts. But then again, what can one expect from an ideology that teaches to kill those that leave it in it’s own “holy”books.

  72. I have to wonder how that “guide pony” is doing. It has been awhile since I read that story. I share BNI love for horse (except BNI most likely loves them more then I do). I had a Welsh pony as a child (I was raised on a farm0. Horses are smart but I can not seen how one can use a pony as a guide. It is funny how the dog haters will say things like dogs will poop anywhere. Well, when a pony has to poop, it has to poop. I would not want to be in that bus when that pony has to use the bathroom. It also seems more cruel to keep that pony in a big city enviroment then it is to keep a dog as a pet. When I have the chance I plan on getting a big guard dog. No one is going to tell me if I can keep a dog or not. I can understand the feeling expressed that if you touch my dog you will feel my wrath.

    • Arwen, I think they put diapers on those horses, so besides having to drag around the baghead all day, they have to walk around with a diaper full of manure under their tail.

  73. re the situation in the UK; i can’t see the problem, after all, we allow sihks to wear their turbines when riding motor cycles.
    so a precedent has been set.

  74. Like in India Sir, you have not eradicated Rabies either. Or polio, and still have the caste system on your own living people. Shame man shame. Is society to blame or your leaders?

    And, I agree with the last part of your argument except you blame our society for the problem. Like your country you have politicians, mostly bad like ours, they move the society into what it is.

    Now your have dreadful poverty, extreme poverty and no real big projects. The people who are still forced to live in Bopal from the effects of Union Carbides dreadful leaks many many years ago. Now these victims are still suffering and not compensated. They are a part of society who can do nothing for themselves. The new rich in India dont seem to support these causes and the West in their kinder society (not Governmental) try to help your country with programs to get “Untouchables” an education, and for women to begin their own businesses.

    Our society is only good because we have worked at it. It is not perfect by any means. We are still evolving in our society. Yours has been going for 5 thousand years according to your wonderful history. The medical operations that were done, way back then, like rhinoplasty was so remarkable. And so much more. What happened Man?

    I know the task is almost insurmountable for you but as you can see on this site we are trying to do something about our problems in constructive ways. Like Teddy Roosevelt said, “Speak quietly and carry a big stick” is probably a better beginning than what you must suffer from your neighbours on a daily basis. The ones just left of you. Or west.

    The very best thing you have I think in India is the beautiful spritually, a sereneness, and strong family ties. arranged marriages that mostly work. Children who are cared for, never left alone and loved.

    And good luck to you Sir, and your country.

    • Therese, not to contradict you really, but in regards to India still having problems with polio, smallpox and rabies: my suspicion is that the nation’s Muslims (around 20% of India’s total population) are in very large measure to blame for that state of affairs. This is especially the case as they – or at least their clerics – deliberately discourage and even FORBID vaccinating both people and animals against these diseases, preferring to “leave everything to the will of Allah”!!!

      Pakistan and Nigeria also has the same problems with the above-mentioned diseases; and the reason for the latter still being hit by those diseases is – you got it! – Boko Haram, a MUSLIM terrorist group with links to the Talibs, Al-Shabaab and Al-Qaeda, ALL of which want to drag the world back to the Stone Age or even further back (while no doubt secretly preserving themselves, the hypocrites)!!! They circulate stories about even drugs made in India or Malaysia (let alone from the West) as being spiked with “infertility agents” so that Muslims won’t be as readily able to take over the world by flooding it with their bastard kids, thus inducing the people in their ignorance to remain vulnerable to these scourges!!!!! [If that’s how paranoid those good-for-nothings really are, perhaps that’s what we SHOULD do to a few of our drugs being shipped to those sub-humans…]

      [No wonder that “pure Islâm” means pure DEATH to ANY nation that gets taken over by Muslims – apparently when Christ Comes Back, the world will have been taken over – or be on the brink of being taken over – by Islâm and/or Communism…]

      • ADHD…a thought just popped into my little blonde head…..Muslims DON’T believe in immunizing, so could be carrying all sorts of nasties….right?

        So when they get on these damn boats and head to Australia, they are bringing those nasties with them…right?

        Then I HOPE LIKE HELL, all those brain dead do gooders, who SUPPORT the boat people, open their eyes, and understand WHY we cannot just let these boat people loose into our country, without proper quarantine, and health checks! By releasing them straight into the public, is not only a dangerous risk, not knowing their criminal past, but they could potentially harbour viruses, that we have not seen in decades!

        I was not aware of their refusal to immunize…my god- when are these trolls going to wake up and smell the 21st century, and realise there is no allah, and if there was, why hasn’t he saved them all…

        These idiots are more dangerous than one thinks………

        • Wendy, if that were true, wouldn’t there be large outbreaks of every disease they won’t be immunated for? They can’t go to school here in the US without those shots.

          • They didn’t use to be as much like that as they’re nowadays becoming!!!

            A lot of it has to do with the Wahhabbi influence from Saudi Arabia and their quest for an evermore “pure Islâm”. Before its coming on the scene (powered by Saudi oil-money), they used to be a little more reasonable.

            However, yes, now, the diseases ARE mounting up in terms of incidences of outbreaks – and it’s going to get a great deal WORSE!!!

            Wendy, you’re completely right in terms of insisting (together with your fellow-Australians) on those wretches being well quarantined (is it Christmas Island?) – for goodness’ sake, KEEP IT UP!!!

  75. any muslim that touches our dogs will find him or herself in the local park swinging from a tree. i cant believe that your government officials are so spineless when it comes to these bottom feeders. i think its time to organise community groups to go out at night and give these lowlifes something to whinge about. take no prisoners,,,,

  76. Don’t other countries have anti-discrimination laws to protect the disabled and elderly ?
    Talk about violating human rights.

    And where the hell is PETA about that poor abused horse ? Dogs belong in the wild but horses can be abused for those filthy freaks?

    I bet the dirty,smelly muslims are all over the Dutch Prostitutes.

    Public transportation is for the PUBLIC.The elderly and disabled should have 1st choice of seats.Start suing like the muslims do.

    In this story the author seems more upset that dogs munched on BBQ people,not the fact that the humans were brutally murdered.

    F@#*+$% goat f@^$%*#* barbarians .
    Sorry,i’m fuming over this story.

  77. Wanted to add..Her pony has to be a female, muslim women are not allow to have anything that is male. They can’t even buy bananas or cucumbers and I never seen men that are so insecure as muslim men..And if dogs are mans best friend to a Christian, I wonder what a muslim mans best friend would be besides another terrorist? Nothing I guess, since they even kill their own family members over hurt feelings..Peace to all non-muslims.

    • the horse has to be a female as well?
      i have a service k9 that is male so iguess iam tripple damed as iam an athiest
      the more i read the more pissed i get .
      if they hated thire country enugh to leave it
      then why the hell are they trying so hard to turn the rest of the world into what they ran from then complain we infringe on there religious rights
      its actualy the other way around

    • You are absolutely right about the monstrous insecurity.

      Check out this article about one of the most revolutionary soaps in the Arab world. The Turkish serial Gümüş, translated into Arabic as Noor, caused a major sensation all over the region, but especially in Saudi Arabia.
      this tale “featuring an independent fashion designer and her amazingly supportive and attractive husband is emptying the streets whenever it’s on.” Saudi men railed against it, and the country’s chief cleric even issued a fatwa denouncing it.

      What really struck Saudi women in a society where they can be treated almost as chattel, and even in the best of homes can’t drive or travel without a male escort, was the husband in the series. Blond, blue-eyed Muhannad is “tall, handsome, romantic, respectful and treats his wife, Noor—the title character—as both a love object and an equal,” says Ambah. According to several Saudi newspapers, some Saudi men divorced their wives when they found photos of Muhannad on the women’s cell phones.

  78. I have a better idea..Why don’t we BAN muslims, you know, those unclean animals that make us sick.

    I don’t know the laws in Holland but in America if it is a service animal it is allowed on a bus. Even ponies. Those that are not allowed to take dogs on buses should sue the bus company if they have the same as our ADA laws..Peace to all non-muslim who can’t wait till this crying from muslims ends.

  79. Im sick and tired of all the crapy nonsense out of these baby acting muslims.The world has allowed these people to throw constant temper tantrums like spoilt children. Its about time the world give the Muslims a good spanking or two

  80. Hating dogs because of some deluded paranoid desert savage’s tall tale about dog-phobic “angels” isn’t a conviction. It’s a primitive superstition and deserves no respect from anyone, let alone be considered a rationale for restrictive legislation.

      • Actually, Liz, Muslims are in bondage to the god of hate – in other words, SATAN masquerading as Allah (other guises of Allah are Baal, Moloch and Belial)!!!!

        Muslims’ first reaction to something they don’t know is one of hatred!! They hate everybody and everything “un-Islâmic”!! Even if they’ll use something of the sort, they’ll NEVER in their hearts truly love or accept it. The only things they truly love are those that their Satan Allah and his “Messenger” declared “halal” – everything else is “haram” (also spelled as “harim”)!!!!

        Even Communists and Nazis aren’t always quite as totally POSSESSED by hatred of virtually everything and everybody not of their side as Muslims!!!!

        It’s precisely because of this TOTAL HATE that all Muslims have got to be expelled from the West, even at all costs!!!! Only when they’re all completely segregated in the Middle East (and Israel by rights, in spite of its geographical location, is European!) the same way as a mortal bacterium or virus can the rest of the world breathe!!!!

  81. I have two Kelpie’s and three horses on my farm. To have that law of banning dogs thrust upon us would be unimaginable. As for using that poor Shetland and a guide for that inbred Muslama is simply horrendous. A horse needs land to graze, frolic, run etc. WTF is the RSPCA doing about this? That is a totally horrific situation for a horse to be house bound. Never seen anything so ridiculous.

    • Hass, I was outraged when I first saw that story about the “guide horse.” I have the video of it somewhere. She should be locked up for animal cruelty. What kind of horses do you have?

  82. The next thing we know, all female dogs on the Police Force, will be made to wear a burka … don’t laugh….it could happen!!! scary thought…

  83. Muslims can wipe their butts with their hand, but dogs are unclean. A dog’s saliva is far cleaner than a humans, and their saliva is recommended if you suffer a wound and aren’t able to clean it properly. Muslims are so dense.

      • The BEST thing to do in that regard is: DON’T patronise ANY Muslim eateries!!!! Also, don’t eat ANY meals which you’re not sure were prepared by non-Muslim hands!!!

        Shun ALL Muslim restaurants, bars, supermarkets and every other such resource frequented by Muslims – any food that originally stems from Muslim areas of the world must be prepared by NON-Muslim hands at all times!!!!

        Muslims are more than happy to serve polluted stuff to “infidels” – it’s part of their war methodology and a way of showing us their CONTEMPT!!!!

        To counter that, NO Muslims should be employed in ANY part of the food chain, with “halal” slaughtering being made extra-ANATHEMA!!!

        Of course, the REAL cure for this entire state of affairs is to run ALL Muslims out of the West!!!! Hard or not, “impossible” or not, it MUST be done if Western civilisation is to survive – if Judaism and Christianity are to live onwards – if the whole world isn’t to be divested of all life!!!

        Islâm as an ideology – just as much as Communism and Nazism – MUST be destroyed from the earth’s surface (at the very least aside from the Middle East) just as much as Carthage was annihilated by Rome in 149-146 BC.!!!! Delenda esse Islâminem!!!! Islâmo deleatur!!!!

        • You have got it dead right – dont support any muzzi slop shops or businesses.

          In supermarkets and stores read the box or labels and check if its muzzie manufactured and dont buy – Rose of England Thou Shalt Not Fade Nor Die!

    • Let’s not forget the name of that EVIL “Dutch-“Muslim ‘councillor’: Hasan Küçük most certainly is NOT a “Dutchman” by any means whatsoever, even if he has Dutch citizenship!!! He’s a TURK, plain and simple!!!!

      Küçük, like all Turks, is who’s trying to trick us Westerners by excessive “Turkish hospitality” into welcoming him and his kind!!!! Just wait however until he and his kind get enough of a “critical mass” in ANY area of Europe (and 12% in Den Haag {to give the Hague one of its two proper Dutch names, ‘s Gravenhaage being the other} is very substantial!!!) – and THEN you’ll see the Turks’ REAL faces!!!!

      Have we forgotten the evil the Ottoman-Turkish Empire did throughout its existence (ca. 1290 to 1918), or its successor Turkish Republic from 1918 through this very day?!??? [Up to 3,000,000 Armenians slaughtered in cold blood by Turkish soldiers in 1915; over 1,000,000 Greeks expelled from Smyrna in a war Turkey forced the Greeks into declaring in 1923 via guerilla-war tactics!!!! And the tale can go on, and on, and on (including the current occupation of almost half of Cyprus!!)…]

      If there’s a particular people that should NEVER be forgotten for the VILENESS they’re guilty of, it’s ALL MUSLIMS, with the Turks being at the very TOP of the list thereof in addition to Pakistanis, Somalis and Saudi-Arabs!!!! Turks in principle as Muslims should NEVER be welcome ANYWHERE in the entire West – that Küçük should be IMMEDIATELY disenfranchised together with ALL his fellow-Muslims and deported back to his real homeland of Turkey!!! He and his kind can NEVER be fit to even kiss the soles of the feet of us Westerners as long as they remain Muslim (let alone become part of the West in any way whatsoever) – they should be FORBIDDEN ALL access to ANYTHING Western!!!

      Let ALL Muslims be sent back to their Middle East and isolated there like the Ebola-like virus they ALL ARE!!!!

      • The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.

        A quote from Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan November 2011. From the Turkish Poem The Soldiers Prayer…………

        They are fighting words indeed. Well for us to remember them. They have murdered most of their neighbours and swept along and around the Mediterranean doing the same thing. Strangely though, the military are so beloved by the Turkish people in this era and the military really try to put their people first against any errant politicians or Omam. But…………. Erdogan has had coup after coup against the Turkish army in recent years and most of the generals are now in gaol.

        I lived with a Turkish family from the Military in Turkey and they were not Muslims as such. They did not go to the mosque. They believed women were their equal and should be educated. There girls all were. This is why they are such a threat to Erdogan. More of the military heads will roll until he is in control of them. It is a pity for Turkey because they were really making headway. Women wear the bikini, dye their hair, go to Uni, go to the disco and drink lots of Raki and have premarital sex.

        The army adores Ataturk to this day. He actually began to pay them wages. Several of my friends whose fathers had been in the military are living comfortably on the pension which is not available to other Turks. Formerly the army were forced to kill under the Pasha rulers. The army stopped the practice of castration for the Janissary forces in the military. So Ataturk brought in great change from a country of surfs and the minority elite, to the modern democracy it became. Sadly……………….they now have Recep.

        Ataturk was actually from Macedonia. Just like Alexander the 111 of Macedon. (the Great).

        He loved his Raki too and is said he died of liver disease. However, he changed the face of much of Europe by his example. good and Bad.

        One of his most touching speeches was delivered to the mothers of Australia about our Anzacs. He said something like, “Mothers of Australia, your sons blood lies in our soil, and we will care for them in our arms forever”. It is written at different places around Anzac Cove and the area. It always makes me cry.

    • Compared to what dogs do, going “to the Muslims” is a heck of a WHOLE LOT WORSE!!!!

      The REAL “dogs” here are Muslims and Commies!!! Whoever adulates either one of Mohammed or Marx can as well love the other too!!!!

      • Interesting, this article is very interesting. I use an assistance dog, and while I was visiting someone in hospital, I had a lady come and pat my dog (who was off duty as she was visiting too… She said “thank you for allowing me to pat the dog… I am muslim, but I do not believe that dogs are unclean… people who do think this are just stupid” and then proceeded to ask could I visit her again,which I did,I was so taken a-back by this lady and her kindness towards us considering her faith… My point is, thankfully we do have some muslims who aren’t freaks!

  84. STOP THIS NONSENSE! Every citizen of the world is to have a guard dog by the year 2013, Ask BO and HAJI HILLARY to see if they can promote this in the UN, EU, and the rest of the mohommedist states.

    • Last count by the Gun Owners Assoc. of America, put that number at 800-million, in total, in the hands of about 80-million out of the 300+,mil in this country. Is it any wonder, even our own grubmint, seems to understand that taking on this type of issue, even in the out years of an election cycle, they won’t touch it with a ten foot pole. It seems to be that about 30% of us are WELL ARMED. My collection of antique weapons are in, in most peoples minds, an excess, but then again who’s counting?

  85. That is if it’s something that I’m living very closely. Absolutely true, I spoke last well in a comment in another post.

    Comes from afar, from the month of January last, 2011, the mayor, a Socialist, vowed to study the subject, ie, did not say what he had to say a resounding NO is the only thing to do before all, absolutely all claims of these infectious lousy desert, followers of a mad visionary illiterate and pederast.

    This is the news in one of the few publications that say these things openly (it’s in Spanish, obviously) as the mainstream media silence gives these things or secondary spaces:

    It is outrageous and I am among those who insist, even at the risk that entails, when it’s time to fight them on the street, ignoring the politicians and authorities.

    At the end of the day, in a true democracy are not the citizens who must fear the politicians but the politicians to citizens.

    Good night

  86. I just hate these muslims. I wait for the moderates to step up but no one ever steps up. I wait for a liberal to step up but they never step up. You konow years ago if anyone had suggested this people would have justed laughed and assumed they were mad. Now we accept mad as normal. Fucking muslims and the liberal scum. And I don’t even have a dog!

    • hktony just so you know there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim, when Muslims are few they claim it’s a Religion of peace, when they grow in numbers enough to almost equal the population that was there, they then begin demanding, marching, and demanding more and more, when they out number the original population like what’s happening now in the UK, and those countries, it’s Islam and nothing else will do, too bad Britain, England, France, and the rest of those countries live under the yolk of political correctness, oh wait I forgot, America lives under the yolk of P.C. too, but then not every American enjoys being spoon fed lies from the Government and has the balls to say no you can’t have my weapon, I think that’s the only thing holding the Muslims back now from getting out of hand as it is in the UK and those countries

      read my blog, many posts on it with info about what’s going on in America

  87. Mo didn’t want dogs, because they alerted people to his jihadists murdering people at night. Mo like to sneek around at night undetected.

  88. Touch my dog, I hope you’ve ordered your flowers~! He won’t give you the time to do so~! And I sure as G-D created the Universal Cosmos won’t try to hinder his response to you~!

  89. This is so sad. I love dogs for their protective nature, cuteness, loyalty, companionship, playfulness, and intelligence. It takes a cold heart to poison and kill one, Muslims must get theirs from the Koran?

    BNI – more stories of pig hearts being sold as halal meat would perk me up. Love those! Pretty please 🙂

  90. Dear Sir

    This is about Jihad on dogs, In India though we have 18 percent muslim we do not bend backwards to them . The fault is with your society. You give an inch they will take a yard . High time you stop this nonsense and tell them to leave instead of you people giving in . It will be too late if you dont take corrective steps now
    all the best

    • JP, we agree completely. It is the leftist governments that let them get away with this crap. Fortunately, they have not tried that here (USA) yet. Maybe because they know at least half the country is armed.

      • Perhaps that’s why Obama is trying to be on good terms with Chávez and the others: my suspicion is that he’ll try to have Cuba, Venezuela, Irân and other enemy countries invade the USA so as to drain Americans’ arms before declaring his “perfect Communist” experiment to enslave whoever survives that civil-war… [That is if he finds that his own troops of the National Guard and Armed Forces decide not to be traitors the way he obviously is…]

      • Sorry if my above comment is excessively paranoid or inflammatory: I just know that yours truly would NEVER put positively anything past Barack Hussein Obama!!! Although I’m not quite convinced – yet – that he’s the Antichrist of the end-times, the possibility is by no means ruled out!!! [Other candidates include Vladímir Vladimírovich Pútjin and his alter-ego Dmítriy Mjedvjédjev as well as both the Clintons (and also their daughter), not a few members of the Chinese Politburo and God Knows who else…]

        • ADHD, no need to apologize for your comments, it’s what a LOT of us are thinking here and you’ve just had the cajones to put it in print!

  91. I swear, one day im gonna go behind bars. One day i will plot my own terror campaign against muslims. It deeply disturbs me how these fascists are even allowed in Europe, how they’re allowed to build those ugly islamist radical barracks dedicated to the false idol in the clouds, whose presence was made clear of by a warmongering, pilliging, misogynistic, pedophilic, barbaric, rapist Arab who got too much sun to his head and tripped out in a cave, and rode a magic donkey. In Ethiopia, he actually admitted the messanger of god was the devil. And more and more people convert to islam in Britain, we’re supposed to be in the 21st century ffs, we are the western civilization, we are better than this.

    • Agree with you whole-heartedly, Crusader! I was shocked, appalled and deeply offended by this news about Muslims and their ‘anti-canine’ campaign! WTF is wrong with countries that are allowing this shite to take root in their societies? Praying this does not take hold here in the United States because if they try … it’s gonna get REAL UGLY here! We love our pets and this will not go down with out a bloody fight!

  92. So let me see if I’ve got this straight…if you’re a muzzie, it’s all right to discriminate against the disabled, and if you’re not a muzzie, it’s okay to discriminate against the disabled. As long as you’re doing it on behalf of a muzzie.

    The West is going to Hell in a hand basket, and our libtard politicians seem hellbent on allowing it.

  93. I am a dog owner and in Calgary – where the muslim population is growing – dogs are still allowed on our transit system and public places. If I am ever asked by a muslim immigrant to leave the bus or LRT… he/she will wish they have never asked me.

    • Here’s cheering both you and Crusader on, whoever you be (what an extreme range between the two characters Vladímir Iljích Uljanóv Ljéñin and Joseph McCarthy!!!!): I hope that if some Muslim tries to boss you around, that you’ll indeed make mincemeat out of him mentally as well as physically!!! [How high is the throat-slitter percentage of the overall Calgary population?]

      I honestly hope that this will ignite such openly-hostile anti-muzzie feeling as to finally force many tens of thousands of those PARASITES into boarding planes back to their Islâmic world!!!! And so what if they try to stop the West from purchasing any more of their oil?? Russia and the USA still have more than plenty of it to keep all the West going until we can turn the tables upon “dar al-Islâm” (after we nuke their native populations to Hell!!!) and colonise their territory with Westerners the way they’ve been trying to colonise us with their arse-lifters!!!!

      • I agree. Put Vladimir Lenin and Joseph McCarthy in the ring and you have a Cuban cock-fight! Also an acronym for Lennon-McCartney if you are a Beatles fan.

        • I also live in Calgary. I am an immigrant, not muslim, but when you move to a country,or were born there, you live by the rules and laws of that country. If you dont like the rules and laws, LEAVE. It’s that simple.

          • Dora, muslims think they are above our laws which is why they should be banned from our countries.

          • Muslims think we ought to abide their laws wherever they live. They keep coming to our western countries and figure they can take advantage of our welfare system while changing our traditions and imposing their religious rules. I would rather see a million dogs invading the streets of Amsterdam than bowing to these intolerant immigrants. Go back to your countries, if you don’t like it here.

  94. Of all the disgusting stunts muslimes pull the rejection of dogs as unclean is unbelievable, rather, it is the dogs that are offended by the muslime filth !
    muslimes talk about animal abuse ? what do they consider abuse when they not only use women and little girls for their perverted sexual pleasure, they also use little boys, goats, donkeys and whatever else they can put their penis in.
    Where in all these Countries are laws protecting the rights of the blind and/or elderly who must use dogs to get around ??
    People, get your heads out of your anus so you can see what is happeing to your freedoms? Same thing goes for Americans !!
    Instead of giving muslime prisoners fresh bedding and clothing, the dogs should be protected with a sanitizer and delouser !! Anyway, the muslimes must love the jails since so many of them do whatever it takes to get in for clean rooms, decent food, free medical and dental care so what right do they have to complain.
    As for the muslime female with the pony – I bet her husband is extremely happy, he has both her and the pony for his deviated sexual pleasure and does not even have to leave the house as he does first one then the other.

    • its getting to the point where you throw up your hands and say FFS,,what is happening,,all I see and read about is MUSLIM bully boys moan moan moan,,,There is an international meeting in Denmark,,already the mussies have threatend to kill people that attend,,,booking my ticketd tomorrow,,hope everyone brings a pig or dog,,!!!

      • We all need to start smartening up and buying land next to mosques and putting in pig farms or Dog kennels. What weinies Great Britain et al are for ‘caving in’ to their ridiculous demands. Let the sniffers sniff away and just too bad if they don’t like it. Cab and bus drivers who do not allow riders with dogs should be sued and fired. Mohammed was a vile sexual deviant and had many fears. What a weirdo.

  95. anyone comes near my doggers there WILL be a problem! AMERICA!!!! Wake up!!!! Is this what you want because it’s coming!

  96. Are the freakin’ kidding? I was so pissed off that I couldn’t even finish reading the article. I am getting a large dog for a personal body guard, and I’d like to see ANY muslim think he can tell me to get rid of it. I have never encountered such hypocrisy and blind self righteousness in all my life. Just sick, and this shit is gonna come to the North American continent with all it’s problems caused by muslims already, what the hell are our politicians thinking when they let in a bunch of religious zealots with no real sane view of reality?

  97. BAN the UNCLEAN moslems.

    Enough of their nonsensical demands.

    They don’t deserve to get ANYTHING they demand in Western countries. Just get the hell out!

      • All this fuss about dogs is because Mohammed had severe OCD.

        Moslems lose out on the joy of canine companionship. These animals have been shown to increase the health and happiness of humans.

        Therefore, Mohammed was wrong…sick in more ways than one.

      • “WE” are dead wrong, in giving them one single thing!
        Take the booties off the dogs, take the gloves off and throw them out. Enough already!
        That’s it, now they’ve made me mad. They’re “in for it!”

    • Dont just ban or deport them…. they will just come back more determined and in larger numbers!!!


      Its the only way to get rid of such evil and to stop islam!!!! And we MUST do so before muslims KILL our planet!!!!!