SWEDEN: ‘Another’ violent attack by Muslims on Muhammad cartoonist, Lars Vilk

Once again, so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims shut down free speech for Swedish artist, Lars Vilk (best known for his Muhammad the Dog cartoons) during his lecture on ‘free speech’ at  Karlstad University on Feb. 21 2012.

This follows a similar attack on Vilks by Muslims in November 2011: sweden-savage-muslim-art-students-attack-police-and-totally-disrupt-lecture-on-freedom-of-speech-with-artist-lars-vilks

At the beginning of the video, you can see Lars Vilks being pulled out by bodyguards, next you can hear the jihadists making death threats. The background noise is the slideshow continuing showing  muhammad dog cartoons etc.  The speech continued after the violent Muslims were expelled from the building. 

Vilka has been attacked before during public meetings and Muslims have on several occasions tried to kill him and burn down his home. The Swedish legal system has no trouble handling cases of attempted murder, assaults and threats…..EXCEPT when Muslims are the perpetrators.