Iran is locking up people’s pet dogs because they were walking them in public

Under Islam, dogs are considered filthy. The Iranian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals (SPCA) says that 20 pet dogs were  being walked by their owners in a public park last week when security forces took the canines away and transferred them to what appears to be a detention center.

MOHABAT NEWS (H/T John)  The SPCA has posted on its website a video of the arrested dogs inside a cage. The group warns that the dogs are being kept in “unhygienic and difficult conditions” and that their owners have not been yet able to secure their release.

Reza Javalchi, the spokesman of the SPCA, said, “Unfortunately, because these dogs are being kept together, they often become sick and they’re not being given enough food. There have been some cases where some of the dogs have died during their detention.”

The dogs will likely be kept in the detention center for a while and then released if their owners sign a written document promising not to walk their dogs in public. But every day in confinement is dangerous for the animals, Javalchi says.

This isn’t the first time that security forces have cracked down on dogs and their owners in the Islamic republic, where dog ownership has always been a sensitive issue. In 2007, a number of dogs in the Iranian capital ended up in a “dog prison” after police forces took them away from their owners who were walking them in the streets.

Dogs are considered dirty by Iranian clerics, who have denounced dog ownership as morally corrupt. In recent years, police officials have issued warnings against dog owners. Dog owners and their pets have been harassed, detained, and forced to pay fines. That hasn’t stopped Iranians in Tehran and other big cities from keeping dogs as pets, however.

Javalchi says there are no legal prohibitions in Iranian law against it.

One woman who owns a small terrier told RFE/RL that dog ownership is becoming increasingly difficult in Iran. “It’s ridiculous,” she said. “Instead of solving people’s economic problems, the [authorities] harass us for having dogs.”


















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  1. Don’t have to go to Iran to witness the genocide of dogs, they’ve been doing it in Denver for seven years. A personal friend witnessed a dog forcibly taken from her owner in a Denver public park. The dog stood an excellent chance of being euthanized. At least the Iranians are releasing back to the owners. Yes fascism is alive and well in Denver, and now a similar ordinance has been proposed in Chicago. I have a mixed Amstaff and English Bull. His name is Waylon Jennings. Fuck with Waylon, and I will chop your hands off. Not sure if the Denver ord is still in force. I propose a ban and roundup of progressive liberal fascists, and I know just where I’ll put them.

  2. what does PETA or the Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals or any of the other animal rights groups have to say about this? they are in favor of bring islam to the united states.

  3. WTF is wrong with these demented SOB’s that they don’t recognize their canine companions as their friends?!…They, are the ones who are REALLY “unclean”!!

  4. Muslims are the Filthy Ones!!,(dogs are not filthy,they are loving and totally loyal to there masters and those in there household..I always question in my mind a person that hates dogs..I know not everyone can own one or not in a position too..some people don’t care for them but they don’t want them being treated unkindly..That I can take but this just makes me very angry and hateful toward these kind of people and the gov;t….Nina

  5. Love the pic of the dog with the appropriate sign “Beware of Muslims!” Right on pup! Shame enough voters didn’t consider that in 2008!
    Sad we now have a President who admits he finds dogs tasty? Civilized cultures recognized the special bond between humans and pets especially dogs who love their owners so unconditionally!
    Ancient Egyptians would bury their pets with them as they wanted to take them to the afterlife which meant they killed the pet which wasn’t exactly nice! Now the Sharia Muslims have made them mistreat their women and arrested their dogs! Wow!
    No wonder the Hungarians make the Muslim, illegal aliens wear leashes!

    • Actually, the Ancient Egyptians didn’t kill beloved pets all that often. Considering that the average person, even then, tended to live longer than dogs or cats, it was often that the animal would be embalmbed to await its owner’s passing.

      Also, at times, Egyptians who passed before their pets had already arranged for the animal’s embamling and burial when said animal passed on its own.

  6. Another spine of the sand burrs in the hide, which is the islam ideology,,, When the hide festers ( When the oppressed have had enough of the stupidity ), SOMETHING will be done about it,,, just as would be done with a festered boil~!

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  9. People who hate dogs are people who have no values or character. We call these people savages. In this case they are muslim savages of islam and as usual their warped values make no sense to normal people.

  10. Dogs imprisoned for going on a walk? Just imagine if we couldn’t walk our dogs. We might not be allowed to even have them.

    It could come to that if Muslims continue to come and we don’t fight those already here.

  11. There is no greater example of islame being evil and stupid as its treatment of animals. If anyone needed a clue this is it.
    Man’s relationship to dogs is the same as man’s relationship to horses. We were meant to live closely with each other as friends.
    Dogs are much cleaner than muslims and smell better too.
    If I saw anyone hurting a dog it would be the last thing they ever do.

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  14. Poor little guys. At least they haven’t decapitated them.

    Owners will have to give them a litter box and teach them how to use it. It can be done because all my dogs were house-littered trained.

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