BELGIUM: Right Wing Vlaams Belang members crash school barbecue where non-Muslim students were forced to eat halal meat

A school in Flanders Belgium organized a barbecue for students as part of their final year project where ONLY halal meat was served. The school wanted the 12 and 13-year-olds to ‘get in touch with their multicultural side’ and served halal meat because of a minority of Muslim students in that school.

A Muslim-sympathizer by the name of Jacques Gits, deputy principal of a BSO school in Schoten, organized a halal bar-be-cue for the class, the majority of whom are non-Muslim, so that 12 and 13-year olds can get familiar with Islamic religion, culture and customs.

The Belgian press has reported that three Vlaams Belang politicians staged a protest at a school in Schoten, where only some of the students are Muslims, because it had organized a barbecue that used ONLY halal meat.

The protestors climbed over the wall into the school grounds and, according to deputy head Jacques Gits, “intimidated the children and pushed pork sausages down their throats.” (see below)  One of the students, who were aged between 12 and 14, added: “They said that halal meat is not real food and that our stomachs needed filling (without inhumanely slaughtered animals).”

Vlaams Belang denies students obliged to eat pork Vlaams Belang that three of these members have intimidated students from the Ateneo de Schoten and have forced Tuesday to eat non-halal sausages, as reported in Flemish newspapers. Vlaams Belang claim that they were responding to objections by parents to the halal barbecue.


“At no time did the physical integrity of students and teachers have been threatened,” said the local branch of the party in a statement.

Statements by Deputy Director, Jacques Gits, that accused members of the Vlaams Belang, including a municipal councilor, Tim Willekens, of forcing students to eat sausages, are “totally false” and form a “lie”, said the President of the Section of VB, Piet Bouciqué and Willekens itself. The party also denied that its three members have climbed the wall of the Athenaeum, ensuring that they had entered by crossing the doors open.

In reply to criticisms, VB leader Filip Dewinter said that the protest “was meant to be funny”. He added: “It would be better if schools stopped exposing children to such multicultural activities” and “stopped inculcating children with the habits of Islamists.”