GERMANY: Anti-Islamization rally in Nurenberg shouted down by Muslim savages and Left Wing Fascists

On Saturday, June 16th, a rally called ‘Freedom or Islamization?’ was supposed to educate the public about the growing threat of Islam. Instead the Muslims and Leftists totally disrupted the rally, shouting and even resorting to physical violence. Police did virtually nothing, apparently under orders not to enrage the Muslims and their allies.

Politically Incorrect (H/T Islam in Europe)  The Muslims and Lefties started screaming at and drowning out the speakers so they could not be heard. The noise level was at times unbearable. The counter demonstrators tossed eggs, spat and kicked people attending the rally, yet the police chief refused to remove the troublemakers from the site, even when they became increasingly aggressive. They were told by police to move away but they ignored them and the police did not push them back.


In the course of verbal confrontations there were repeated insults, such as the usual “Nazi” slander.

We pointed to the citizens that parallel societies, honor killings, forced marriages and violence have to do very well to do with Islam. Many people encouraged us and said that once someone finally speaking out these facts. A teacher from southern part of Nuremberg’s told us that he was going only with pepper spray in the school because he was threatened regularly.

The passive attitude of the police virtually paralyzed the rally for over an hour.


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  1. Nazis? Please, I’m Jewish, I would of been at that rally! They call them nazis, but you know who openly supported Islam and was against Israel? Hitler! Hitler disliked Christianity (the teachings of a Jew) and was fond of Islam! And the leftists dare to call them nazis

    • This is sad. Leftist will use Nazi in Germany just like they do here in the states by calling anyone who does not love Obama is a racist when it is all far from the truth. It boils down to this. Leftist hate whites and christians. That is why they are souless in their unification against what has worked for 100’s of years, because it is the “great white way”. Well, it works. Their societies are garbage and they are on track to make every other place garbage. I don’t mean by the color of their skin. I mean by their actions. I judge by your actions and if you are thug and support violence, rape, slavery and I judge that in 2014 those types need to be eradicated from the face of the earth.

  2. Civilization-destroying Fascist Leftists believe the only people who should have freedom are themselves and Muslims. The haters should all move to Iran or Saudi Arabia.

  3. Those far left German traitors (socialists/communists) are bringing shame to their nation. Germany has for many years tried to shake off the ‘Nazi’ stick, yet these betraying idiots are re-inventing themselves as the modern day nazis, why? Their intense hatred for Israel and the Jews as well as their undying passion for islamic support.

    Part of my job; working for a German company; requires me to work in Germany 2 months of every year, let me assure everybody reading this that the ‘average’ German is NOT a radical lefty, nor do they praise that idiot named hitler, nor do they support mass immigration of radical islam.

    The guys who I work alongside know exactly where I’m from and what I stand for, I couldn’t meet such educated and freedom loving people without any ‘hate’ from them what-so-ever; though when it comes to ‘footy’ talk.. different matter, albeit in friendly rivalship 😀 I can’t say that about some of my own people. These far left traitors are bringing shame upon their nation just like the far left idiots in my own.

    Nuff said.

  4. All I can say to the Europeans, arm yourselves, why because the mohommedists will have arms when all comes down around your ears. Don’t be naive about who is supporting this clandestine behavior not Mr. Average but the politicians of your countries the same as in our country. So arm yourselves and get ready for the world to implode on itself. This going to make the Armageddon movies look tame.

  5. When the shit hits the fan, I will take no pity on the leftist scum of any nation. Seems that at every pro-Freedom rally, there are only a handful of Freedom fighters. The parents of the young leftist scum should be ashamed.

  6. Eery time pne of these ragheds sticks out his nether regions to the public, whether he is near a mosque or he is a cabbie blocking traffic, he is NOT praying. He is demonstrating. He should be interrupted or arrested. Cabbies should be towed.
    They are preying, not praying ! Preying on the good manners and the mores of the society they are trying to destroy.
    We need to stop them.

  7. Well.. if the male leftist Germans don’t mind the possibility of their mothers, wives and daughters being gang raped, converted and/or murdered by those they are supporting then that’s up to them.

    If the female leftist Germans don’t mind the possibility of being gang raped, converted and/or murdered by those they are supporting then that’s up to them too.

    I’m actually at the conclusion where I’m beginning to believe these leftists aren’t protesting against islamophobes.. more like protesting against right-wing groups who oppose their socialist/communist beliefs, but using the false anti-racist and false anti-fascist rhetoric to oppose the right-wing, who they see as a threat politically.

  8. Just watched part of that. Are there any Men in Europe? You have a couple of gay looking wimps making a bunch of noise and everyone is intimidated by these fembots? I would have knocked those two out just to humor myself.

  9. I feel there is not much hope until the youth join the anti-jihadist movement. Everyone who speaks out is old and the protesters are young. Perhaps it’s the liberal education. God help us!

  10. Germans are modern, egalitarian, democratic and pluralist.

    Moslems are 7th-century-prerational, segregationist, supremacist, and discriminatory.

    What do modern Germans have in common with Moslems?

    Not much.


    …can the Germans forget that Moslems put on the Nazi uniform and fought AS MOSLEMS…not as Germans?

    Islam is a fascist ideology with a draconian legal system.

  12. Disgusting. It is sick displays of leftie treachery like this that enraged Anders Breivik. Are they trying to trigger the German cell of the Knights Templar (if it exists)? Sometimes I wonder if they do these things just to get a reaction so that they can play victim. That ugly kid in the cap deserves a punch in the face.

    • But that’s the thing Nobama, they constantly pass themselves off as victims because they know left wingers fall for it! And they sure will come after you when you expose them for who they truly are!

      And all these m*****s in media and politics are alarmed at the rising of, as they call it, *extreme right, populism, nationalism* which, to them, all equates to being Nazis?!

      Are you kidding me! How the hell to you expect Patriots not to growl and bare teeth?! They should count themselves lucky because so far, we’ve shown incredible restraint, but this won’t hold for much longer, it’s impossible!

      • Amen to that, my friend. I am seeing more violence in our future. You can only rob individuals of their birthright for so long. It may begin in Greece. Once the dominoes begin to fall, the notion of ‘Eurabia’ will be looking at its final days. Meanwhile we’ll have taken back this country from commies like Nancy Polosi.

  13. so your govt won’t do anything to protect you, your life, your property, your children, your culture, your country. all you can do is sing the jihad blues.

    • Checked this out, subscribed to the channel, and told Alan that perhaps, me being a blues harp player,writing a few tunes about muslimes myself, we might do some collaboration!! Thanks!!

  14. Most Germans are intelligent, educated and well informed, so when they see the rucus, it is not hared to reach conclusions about what is really happening.

    • Amen! Good “security”is key in dealing with —-ing jackals like that, knowing the filthy vermin are bound to show up, probably sooner rather than later; be ready when they do show!!

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