GERMANY: Anti-Islamization rally in Nurenberg shouted down by Muslim savages and Left Wing Fascists

On Saturday, June 16th, a rally called ‘Freedom or Islamization?’ was supposed to educate the public about the growing threat of Islam. Instead the Muslims and Leftists totally disrupted the rally, shouting and even resorting to physical violence. Police did virtually nothing, apparently under orders not to enrage the Muslims and their allies.

Politically Incorrect (H/T Islam in Europe)  The Muslims and Lefties started screaming at and drowning out the speakers so they could not be heard. The noise level was at times unbearable. The counter demonstrators tossed eggs, spat and kicked people attending the rally, yet the police chief refused to remove the troublemakers from the site, even when they became increasingly aggressive. They were told by police to move away but they ignored them and the police did not push them back.


In the course of verbal confrontations there were repeated insults, such as the usual “Nazi” slander.

We pointed to the citizens that parallel societies, honor killings, forced marriages and violence have to do very well to do with Islam. Many people encouraged us and said that once someone finally speaking out these facts. A teacher from southern part of Nuremberg’s told us that he was going only with pepper spray in the school because he was threatened regularly.

The passive attitude of the police virtually paralyzed the rally for over an hour.