Apparently, poisoning dogs in Spain isn’t enough, now Muslims are attacking people walking their dogs

BNI has reported on the shocking rise in pet dog poisonings near Muslim areas of Europe and in Muslim-majority countries. Now, Muslim hatred of dogs has become violent, with several attacks on people walking their dogs in the park. When police arrive to help, they are attacked by Muslims, too.

(Photos below are of dogs allegedly poisoned/killed by Muslims)

AlertaDigital (H/T Susan K) reports that incidents of Muslim attacks on Spaniards is increasing, particularly in Catalonia and other parts of northeast Spain, where illegal Islamist immigration is reaching alarming levels. The Muslims are taking over previously tolerant and Westernized areas of Spain, even imposing their morality on the indigenous Spanish population.

Islam vs Europe The name Tarrasa should be familiar to those tracking the re-Mohammedanisation of Spain. It was there that parents recently wrote a public letter complaining their children were not allowed to eat ham sandwiches by their Muslim classmates. An imam in a local mosque famously told his flock to beat their disobedient wives. Now the Islamic sickness is spreading further. Spaniards are being harassed and beaten up for walking their dogs.

In a recent incident a 27-year-old man taking three dogs for a walk along with his 49-year-old mother was attacked by a mob of 25-30 Muslims from North Africa. “We were there with the dogs and suddenly loads of Muslims appeared. They hit my son a lot and they shook me”. The police were called but the Muslims attacked them too and reinforcements had to be called in. Eventually, the police managed to get the family into a doorway and were able to protect them there.

“On Saturday night two Muslims [female] hit my niece. They attacked her because they want this plaza for themselves”. “They said daughter of a whore, bitch to her,” she adds because she was walking with an “impure animal”. 

“There was a Muslim with a djellaba taking photos of the dogs and one of those who hit my niece”. “In an instant they touched us with the elbow and started ‘I’m going to kill this dog, it and the whole family, this plaza is ours'”.

“Then they appeared from all sides, the square filled with Muslims. They say the dog attacked them but the dogs didn’t attack anyone”, she insisted. “If they want – she added- let them show a jaw mark”.

“I’ll kill your dog, I’ll kill your dog, the dog and the whole family”, they were shouting. “All of them were punching and kicking us”, she adds. “They were choking my son, all of this is scratched, the arms, legs”. “And they were shaking me from all sides. On Monday it was if my skin was burnt”. 

The outcome of this brawl resulted in two officers injured and four (Muslims) detained. The attacked family turned to Alerta Digital to express their fear of reprisals from the Muslims. Even during the brawl, the Muslims threatened them with cutting their necks, all this in the presence of the officers, who were just looking numbly.




















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  1. In the USA and we’re beginning to get flooded with muzzies here too. Difference is, there are more guns than people here. I own a pump-action 12-gauge shotgun and any muzzie even looks crossways at my beloved dog is going to be swiftly dispatched to his 72 virgins. If it’s an entire mob of them, then good. That many less muzzie filth overbreeding. My advice to Europeans: trash all the overbearring gun restrictions and lock & load!

  2. I live in Catalonia and I have an Islamic Center down there.The thing appeared to be tolerant and condemning antisemitism/antizionism.Got to their page and to a declaration they did, all OK, enter in its Russian quarter website on facebook and the first thing I see is a photo of Gaza (maybe) saying that Israel are killers and blah blah blah.Well, that’s the way how one knows if a muslim is civilized or not.Ask them about Israel or the Jews ( as I did with an Algerian telling me “as muslims we hate jews” God, how much I hate them! They treat women like slaves, forbid almost everything, hate everyone, kill people because they believe a fucking pedophile told god (because ours is the same of them but we do not invent his teachings or do anything what muslims do) Try to force their shitty rules onto us and we are still the bad,evil,colonialist westerners?

    PS: Alerta Digital is a digital newspaper which is based in Catalonia but which is anticatalan, homophobic, antijewish, and nazi. There are many other newspapers here that say that kind of things and who stand up for western civilization.

    PS2: Could you write the Catalan names in Catalan?

    • Yes read Qur’an i dare you to find what they mention hating people except who fight Muslims, Islam urges us to treat people well if you want to know about Islam really then go to an Islamic site you will discover the truth by yourself every story have two sides …in Islam we have to respect animals just as humans because they have souls just like us prophet Muhammad told us that a woman in hell because she locked up a cat also that a man in heaven because he gave water to a dog so how come Islam tolerate these killings of animals


    • To blabla… Shut up, no one cares. We love dogs, freedom, and equality. Islam offends us. Go back to the shithole you came from. And STOP YELLING…you are annoying the civilized people in this world. PS…learn English you savage.

      • Honestly, if I were the person who heads the Islam Hates Me account, i would totally agree with you. Many Muslims these days are horrible horrible people. They need to realize that these are modern times- these Muslims take old informations and practices and turn them into extremist views. I myself am a teenage Muslim girl in America, and I think these Muslims are horrible people. Just letting you know it doesnt say this in the Quran, these Muslims have gone extreme. There are a handful of good Muslims who like to live in peace with the rest of the world and not bother anyone, and it angers me and the rest of the peaceful Muslims that these horrible Muslims are making such a bad image of Islam and Muslims. Islam is supposed to be a peaceful religion. These Muslims make it seem like Islam is horrible- just know those horrible Muslims dont even deserve to call themselves Muslims.

      • To peace921: You sound like a very nice girl, not at all like the bad Muslims being discussed at such length on this website. I’m glad for this, because it means that you’ll be spared from the awful fate that awaits those naughty Muslims who find themselves killed by American weapons, which since September 12, 2001, have all been laced with porcine DNA. This includes not only our bullets, but all kinds of weapons, including (but not limited to) swords, knives, baseball bats… really, every type. This is being done so that the jihadists who attack us will have the disappointing surprise of non-admittance to Paradise by Allah, having died before purging himself/herself of every trace of the aforementioned pigfilth. I’m very happy that your lovely soul will not suffer from this tremendous peril. :)

    • lol. Typical Muslim. Turn it around so that you appear to be the victim. The Jihad of deception. We are all aware of those tricks you know and we are not deceived. You are the culprit and muslims need to integrate into the land they have been given the privilege to be a part of , adjust to living as the people there live – or leave.

  4. If any Muslims in Spain would dare to attack my dog or me, they would have a very hard time, My dog weighs almost 100kg and stands to his shoulders around 90c/m he is also military trained. If we would be attacked by any Muslims because of their hatred towards dogs, and I am Jewish originally from the Middle-East, we both wouldn’t hesitate in retaliating back, if we both kill those Jew-hating bastards so much the better for everyone. Who the hell do they think they are? Isn’t it now about time the non-muslim world wakes up to those slime.

  5. So,dogs have been seen as impure in Islamic legal tradition ?!!! but shiting and washing your ass with your hands and eating your food with them fingers with out spoon is an clean act?

  6. All we as people with Brains, have to continue to pray for them, Our God is a great God
    And his Son Jesus did not die in vain. Shame on the ones who go around killing innocent people and Animals. Us Christians and Jews have to stick together, . And pray for them .

  7. I’m puzzled why Spaniards can’t form ‘defense leagues’ similar to the English Defense League in England.

    I do not understand why people don’t fight back by forming groups that scout out these
    threatening Muslims and neutralize them?

    I’m absolutely baffled?

    Is defending your life with ferocity equal to the threat to your own life no longer an adequate defense in Europe?

    See what a courageous American Woman has done to the Koran.
    Learn from her and repeat what she is doing and put it on

    Fight back with all your Soul, all your Heart, and all you Might.

  8. ‘Muslims-are-poisoning-dogs-because-they-consider-them-to-be-filth’

    No! No! No! they have got this all back to front, its not the dogs that are the trouble, nor is it the dogs that should be poisoned. Good God is the world going mad?

    • Going? Going?

      The world has been mad from time immemmorial. It got worse around 630 when Mohammedanism broke out, enslaving first the Arabs, and then the Persians, Syrians, Berbers, and then attempting to enslave everyone else it has ever come in contact with.

      The hatred of dogs is simply one more sign of the depravity of the followers of Mohammed ibn Abdallah (“slave to Allah” *a moon god rock idol, and a stupid rock, at that, judging from the qur’an*) ad-Mutalib; also why non-Mohammedans must stand together to fight this heinous scourge.

  9. This is already in parts of North America. In 2001, when I was living and working out of Montreal, Canada, I had been on a business trip to Paris, France, and was returning back to Montreal. I had my toy Poodle with me at the time. A Muslim taxi driver went off on me and told me I could not ride in his taxi and that I needed to throw the filthy animal out. Needless to say – I gave that taxi to the people behind me and stood there on the taxi landing in front of the Muslim taxi driver and yelled out that any taxi driver willing to take me and my Poodle in their taxi please pull forward and I would be happy to tip an extra $20 for the trouble. Yes I got a taxi and a lovely ride home.

    I have also had other problems with Muslim taxi drivers in Montreal and Paris. Some will refuse to take you if you are a female alone, blonde, fat, or American. I have also had one spit on me once.

    Beware – they extreme ones do not fit in with other cultures.

    • bb, here’s what I do when I have no choice but to get in a cab with a muslim driver (In NYC, you have at least a 50/50 chance of getting a muslim). I pay the fare but don’t tip him. When I get out of the cab, I leave the door open which means he has to get out and close it himself. One time the guy drove away with the door open and smashed the door into a street sign. Boy was he mad!

    • Well done!!!! I also hope that you reported (and still DO report!!!) ALL those Moslem drivers who abuse you for having a dog, or being a single female, blonde, American and/or overweight!!!! Those good-for-nothings MUST be made to face that they’ll NOT be welcome to be colonisers/settlers – and that they’d be better off returning to their “dar al-Islam”!!!

  10. If You Are Touched And Are Fearful Of Your Life Or Well Being You Must Defend Yourself, walk with a stick or Cane, If Surrounded Scream Your Loudest And Just Start Swinging, If My Dogs Don’t Like You, Chances Are I Won’t Either. What I Will Do Is Protect, Defend, And Stand Strong To Stop The Islamic Takeover By ANY Mean Necessary.

    • I don’t know where you live, but in America you can have a concealed carry. I’d pull my gun out on some filthy haji. I will not be attacked by someone who moved to MY country, I was here my whole life, I will not change my customs because you showed up. Muslims are fucking uneducated pieces of shit, if they don’t like us they can leave

  11. I just read this, missed it ! OH NO I hope these barbarians don’t start this savagery here, I have two of the sweetest dogs ! I swear, if they ever dare to harm them………..
    I am absolutely now going to self-defence classes and advise my hubby, kids and all family and friends to do the same.

  12. Carry a knife, club or gun. Carry a squirt bottle filled with pigs blood. When they touch you, cut their throats. Do not let them hurt you. If one is on the ground, hurt, squirt the pigs blood down their throat. They won’t enter their false heaven because of that. They won’t get to heaven, the real heaven, anyway so what does it matter? Never be the victim.

    ‘The country is being lost’ to illegals
    Thousands detained, await deportation in Greece
    (AP) Authorities in Greece are rounding up thousands of suspected illegal immigrants in a large-scale deportation drive to combat what a government official compared to a prehistoric invasion.

    For our survival, ALL Western countries must emulate Greece! The Muslim invasion must be stopped!


    Bonnie, can you post the article?

  14. My dogs are trained to scare off religious nuts of all flavors. The Jehovah’s Witnesses won’t be knocking on my door again any time soon.

    • When is the last time you heard of a Jehovah’s Witness CUTTING OFF A HEAD? They may be annoying, but they don’t murder everything in SIGHT.

  15. The Muslims do not burn cars, beat up Jews, or kill dogs in the U.S.A. Why is this? Could it be that they would be shot dead by an armed citizenry if they try? Remember this if they try to take your guns from you.

    • But look at this Kevin from
      “Mosque Arson Shocks Missouri Faith Leaders”

      -4 #1 Irony 2012-08-07 10:00

      First they behead pigs, spill the pig blood on Mosque grounds, then they burn mosques, I wonder is it going to take a person to be hurt or killed before Muslims wake up. Muslims in America have SAME rights as everyone else, that INCLUDES right to bear ARMS! Trust me brothers and sisters, armed men are much less likely to become victims vs. those who are not! Just something to think about!!!

      Something to think about!

    • Probably the number of dog-killings hasn’t reached such levels as to be really noticed; however, you can be sure they’re doing it – or at least they are about to start!!

      They’re likely also waiting to get enough of their smuggled arms and people from the Third World so that THEN they’ll start the actual guerilla war (killing dogs, pigs, Jews, Christians and everybody else, burning “infidel” property, &c.) – which could well be intended to coincide with your elections so Obama has an excuse to invoke martial law and throw his people together with those scum to wage real war upon the USA – and likely also Canada, while we’re at it…

  16. Here in England muslim taxi-drivers refuse to let blind
    people and their guide dogs in their cars, although it
    is against the law to do this.

  17. This is beyond disgusting. And yet we’re told we are not in war against radical Islam. It’s time we stopped kidding ourselves and playing PC nonsense. We should never again go to war defending another Muslim country b/c it is never appreciated and they hate us after we help them…

  18. i had a confrontation with a muslim family in a public place where dogs were allowed to be off their leash. He asked me to put my dog back on the leash while I needed my both hands to climb a steep hill. I told him a resounding “no”. i also told him if he doesn’t like to live in a country that loves and tolerates dogs that he should go back where he came from. He saw my anti-muslim heart and backed off quickly. Everyone else loved my dog. There was even a tourist that wanted to take a photo of my dog and email it to her grand daughter. A lot of others wanted to pet him. Muslims are nothing more than partypoopers in a crowd. They do not belong here.

    A heart melter…

    • WOW, what a photo archive!!! One could truly end up spending quite some time in there!!!!

      Beautiful railway, nature and other shots!!! [I certainly was pleased to see how much of the time the Russians have electrified their rail-lines and well-maintain the tracks – something we North Americans have half-abandoned!!!]

      As to your “General”, there would be a worthy playmate for my pet bitchlet…

      Finally, I’m SO EXTREMELY GLAD that you stood up to that Moslem who was DARING to try to order you around in a place which was public and where dogs are allowed to be off-leash!!!! WELL-DONE!!!…

  19. Indigenous people assaulted by zombies need to send them back to Hell. Arm yourselves and defend yourselves, obtain the largest possible magazine for your pistol.

  20. Maybe the Spanish need to organize and force these invaders out of their country with violient force. I believe dogs and cats are a gift from God so how dare they try and force their morality on us. Islam is truly a hateful religion but this does not mean all Muslims are hateful.

  21. As Americans, love our pets. Let this evil dog hatred take place here, and watch the liberal wackos wake up, and get up off their asses and fight back. Love for our pets will unify liberals and conservatives, against the muzzies. The line in the sand will be drawn.

  22. ‘I’m going to kill this dog, it and the whole family, this plaza is ours’”. End of quote by infidel-hater, dog-hater.

    Whatever country Muslims go to, they then claim that the land belongs to Islam. Muslims have done this in Israel. Vile Jew-hater elites support Muslims in their wicked lie.

    • They really are claiming the ENTIRE world as already theirs – in fact, Mohammed is quoted as saying that at the outset, the world was one great big mosque!!!! Thus, they’ll NEVER willingly set aside absolutely ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, ANYBODY for us “infidels”!!!!

      It’s therefore OURS TO FIGHT and DESTROY this absolutely-SATANIC, ultra-totalitarian, totally-HATING IDEOLOGICAL SYSTEM of total oppression, misery, deliberate-ignorance inspired by the DEVIL himself!!!!!

      And yes, ALL Moslem immigration to the West (whether as “refugees”, immigrants, &c. is IMMATERIAL!!!!) MUST STOP!!!!! Then, ALL Moslems currently here – with VERY FEW exceptions!! – MUST be rounded up, disenfranchised as applicable and deported – even by force!!! – back to their “dar al-Islam”. [Those who’re converts or whose ancestry can’t be identified must go to Iran if Shi’a, Saudi Arabia otherwise!!!]

  23. “Illegal Islamist immigration is reaching alarming levels.” What is wrong with Spain and Europe? This is a ruthless, violent invading Muslim army and Spain and Europe have not called out the military against this Muslim invasion? Why are they ALLOWING the Muslim army to attack innocent non-Muslims and kill innocent dogs? It is IMMORAL and EVIL to ALLOW the invading Muslim army to attack non-Muslims and their dogs.

    Spain and Europe, you have a moral responsibility to act in an ethical manner and protect your people! Call out the military and deport every illegal Muslim, criminal and terrorist immediately! Stop ALLOWING the Muslim conquest of our countries, you horrible traitors!

    End the jihad! End Muslim immigration!

  24. This sounds too good to be true. It fits perfectly into a “westerner hate the muslim” narrative, a little too perfectly. If its too good to be true its probably isn’t. I hope someone can post a confirmation news article by an unaffiliated news source otherwise I’ll think this is more reactionary propaganda designed to fuel racist hatred than evidence of muslim extremism. If the story is true thats horrible, I agree, but what f the story is false and you all are being lied to? What no outrage there? Right.

      • Grace, the question U ask is a good one, and i am glad you did. Sometimes the things that muslims do are so horrific that an intelligent , kind and civilized person like you who observe the golden rule be you christian, hindu, buddhist ,or even secular humanist will find it hard to understand as to how a human being can transform into a demon and slice the throat of another innocent person just because he is not a muslim….or how he could throw poisoned meat and watch a beautiful animal like a dog ( who practises unconditional love — so is better than Allah and Mohammad who tells his followers to kill even their parents if they are disbelievers ) .die a slow and excruciating death. I can assure you devout muslims do all this things…they are willing to even slice the throat of their own daughters ( in Texas last yr a muslim father shot dead his 2 daughters cos they had become too americanized and a muslim T.V. executive beheaded his wife because she was asking for a divorce from an abusive marriage. So yes please go to and check for yourself . God bless. Rajan Subramaniam ( muslims killed 90- million hindus, 20 million buddhists, 15 million sikhs and many more millions of others including indian christians from the churches of St. Thomas /doubting Thomas )

        • You know what, this kind of violent Muslim aren’t practicing Islam at all. They are practicing their primitive culture. They are primitive people from part of the Arab, African, Middle East culture. If this story is true, well it is shame on those violent primitive people. I myself have dogs in my farm. Really lovely, good and obedient dogs, watching and guarding my property. So really, generalization that saying Islam is demon is not fair at all. If you really want to demonize someone for doing this, demonize the evil doers. Not all the Muslims.

    • “Grace”, your next destinations should be AtlasShrugs, Answering-Islam and The Religion of Peace Websites – respectively,,, I particularly favour the last as drawing upon LOTS of Arab, Indian and other Third-World Websites for its proofs – in addition to buttressing its arguments from the Qu’rân and the Hadiths.

      There are MANY, MANY others – and one thing I MUST warn you, don’t trust the “mainstream newsmedia”: they’ve ALL been bought up by the Moslems and their Communist allies, who BOTH hate our Western Judæo-Christian civilisation. Yes, they also both hate each other, but they’re happy to work together on their common goal: the destruction and subjugation of our civilisation. They’ll fight it out amongst each other afterwards, once they’ve won – but not before!!!

      Also, please look up Eric Allen Bell, a Hollywood film-maker who initially thought just like you – until he stumbled across personal information that caused him to start doing such serious research as to realise the error of his ways!!! Yes, he has been ostracised by the Left (of whom he used to be a “darling”), but he has now truly become a force for good!!!!

      Once you’ve done your homework, THEN you’ll be far more ready to profit from your visits here, promise!!!

  25. seems like man’s best friend is under attack from mankind’s worst enemy. how unfortunate they will never experience the unconditional love these pets have to offer.

  26. This is the rise of Nazism in our times. Islam is a demonic cult with the worship of death, blood lust, submission and power at its core. They seek nothing less than the domination of the entire world. Now we know what the Jews felt like in Germany however, with the new islamonazis, they require the death of all peoples not submitting to islam on a global scale.
    People had better wake up now and end this muslim insanity.

    • Agree we should wake up!! Why did so many vote a Muslim for President ot the USA?? It is obvious where hhis allegience lies. It is not the Bible that teaches us that we have a loveing God, but one that basically says to the Muslims to covert all of we Infidels, and if they are unable to convert us, eliminate us!! Far cry from Christian/Buddist theology!!

      • So true, Sam. How can thinking people think those that worship a murderer, torturer, rapist, slave keeper, have any positive agenda?
        The whole thing is radical! How about other religions… Buddhists, Jews,
        Christians, Hindus, Any of these led by the likes of Muhammad? They have to be stopped!

  27. The Islamic fascists make me sick and the tolerance of their hateful ways must stop. These savages are a bunch of “throw-backs” to the dark ages. Islam was INVENTED 1200 years ago to rally Arabs to war and it is a “religion” of hate and war. It is a “religion” of peace just like the Nazies were a “religion” of peace.

    The sane people of the world need to stand fast against these fascist Islamic throwbacks. If you doubt me then read the quaran. These fascist Islamic throwbacks are using the same methods as the Nazies to spread hate and fear. This is terrorism. Islamic extremists attack anything that does not fit in their twisted world of hate. The love of a dogs, the equality of women & homosexuals, freedom, knowledge, peace and brotherly love all receive violent and hateful reactions from these Neanderthals. It is all they know. Killing animals is also a “stepping stone” to the psychopathic behavior to come.

    Our ancestors fought and died so we can be free. Do not give this away to a bunch of dark-age, sexist, hate mongering terrorists. DEFEND YOUR HARD EARNED FREEDOM. Defend your dog. Shout out your feelings in public. Be free. Be armed. We are under attack.

  28. Get larger dogs, and instruct the dog to explain the error of their ways. Let him off the leash, and let the counseling begin!

    • Maybe something in the WP admin profile. I haven’t checked my own WP install for a while but I think there is a from line in there. I’m still confused. Weren’t you kicked off WP? :mrgreen:

      • That’s a great idea. And carry a spray bottle of bacon drippings to squirt on the swine. That way if they escape your dogs they won’t any others for a mile around. 😆

      • Ms. BNI’s Weblog indeed is NOT under the direct control of WordPress; however, it uses WordPress software to run it.

        That’s why you still see it referring back to them, if I recall correctly.

  29. If I catch a Mohammedan swine doing this I’ll show him a little canine payback, beating him within an inch of his miserable parasite life. I love dogs infinitely more than I love Muslims.

    BTW, BNI, I get new post notification with the from line I’m confused. ❓

    • SW, I have no idea. It is WP software that automatically send out the emails. I’ll see if there is something I need to change here.

      • Yes Sir! BNI, I was wondering the same thing! About the “WordPress” tag. Other than that, I have no complaints. Thanks for a Great Kick-Ass web site! :)
        Hard Tymes ~~

        • In all honesty, we need to spread CHRISTianity. We need to raise our children to know the Holy Bible. If they have friends that come over, we need to warn our kids & their friends about islam (I won’t capitalize their religions name just as a way to disrespect it) & teach their friends about the Holy Bible also. I don’t want them coming back converted to that satanic religion & trying to convert me. We need to infect the muslims with Jesus Christ. Then it can spread from within. We, as CHRISTians aren’t doing our jobs if we’re not trying to reach the “Lost”. These people are truly lost. They can make great CHRISTian brothers & sister. We can use all the CHRISTian “family” we can get.

  30. My contempt for these inferior subhuman parasitic sons of darkness deepens every day.
    The more bestiality they commit. The more we are going to up rise against them.
    They can’t control their barbaric behavior, it’s in their blood, to be what they are.
    Even Lawrence of Arabia when interviewed said, “They are a cruel and barbarous people.

  31. So, as it is in England, and America, so in Spain: the police WILL NOT protect you; they are too cowardly to fight, and only have the balls to harm peaceful and unresisting people. IF you want to be safe then YOU are responsible for your defense, YOU and YOU alone! Rise up, grow spines, use hands, bricks, knives, bats, whatever, but defend yourselves and your loved ones.
    And btw – my dog pack IS family; many were rescued by my own old wrinkled hands and if anyone dared to even try to harm one of them then I can swear that the person would regret ever being born – just before I decided to finally send them to hell to meet their true father.

    • Add Rottweilers and pit bulls – and, if possible, have them trained to work together against Moslems!!!! [Oh yes, I love both Doberman-Pinschers AND German Sheep Dogs (German-Shepherds) VERY MUCH – and in fact ALL dogs, period!!!!]

      Dogs can apparently sense who those DEMONS are by body-odour, facial expression, posture, &c. I only wish my pet bitchlet was younger so I could more effectively get her trained for this eventuality. Likely this kind of training requires professionals to do it right and properly, so they will sense who are the EVIL PEOPLE to beware of, to flee from – or threaten appropriately, &c. I’ve no doubt that ANY dog can be properly trained – the shrill barking of a Chihuahua can surely be no less a deterrent too. I trust that ALL sheep dogs like Collies could play that rôle well!!!]

      LONG LIVE ALL DOGS!!!! Likewise, the same for pigs, women AND US “PROUD” INFIDELS!!!!! DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

      Ceterum censeo delendam esse Islaminem!!! [Paraphrasing Cato Censor: “Besides, I think that Islam must be destroyed!!!]

  32. OT – TuNiSiA – Ennahdha Founder Attacked at “Tolerance in Islam” Conference

    Abdelfatah Mourou, a prominent Tunisian Islamist figure, was hospitalized after he was attacked by an attendee of a conference entitled, Tolerance in Islam, which he was heading in Kairouan.

    The assailant struck Mourou in the head with what appeared to be a water glass following a dispute. Mourou passed out and was taken to the hospital, where he was given five stitches in the forehead.

    In response to the attack, Morou said, “I am fine now, the damage is moral… We are here to speak about tolerance, but those people are ignorant of true Islam. I don’t know what his [the attacker’s] political orientation is, and regardless, this is not part of Islam.”

    shorter version – ( 3 seconds )

    • I agree, and make them big mean pitt bulls like the ones Mike Vick was using for dog fights. Muslims are the scum of this earth. This is just one more reason to carry a weapon with you when out walking your dog. Too bad most European countries don’t have a second amendment. Let some Muslim bastards try to start poisoning dogs in this country and they will end getting their heads blown off. Here’s two that I’d like to see take a bite out of a few Muslims.

      • They look so cute in spite of being apparently ready to bite somebody!!!

        Yes, it’s ours as real human beings to defend and love our canine friends – and not merely as guard-dogs kept outside. They’re better being near you in the house so not only can the lick you awake in case of a disaster or break-in, they can also be even better as co-deterrents to such super-MONSTERS as the Moslem people most truly ARE!!!!!

  33. Dogs now, people next. Oh, right, they already do that. What can I say but concealed carry. You must protect yourself. The police were there and looked on numbly?

  34. Soon, coming to all European countries, Australia and North America … the Great Islamic CULTURAL ENRICHMENT… less freedom, women insulted and attacked in public, your dog is killed in front of you by barbarians, no-go zones…ISN’T ISLAM PERFECT???

  35. Bury the bastards up to their necks, cover their heads in pigs blood and let the coyotes and wolves finish the job. Probably more entertaining than a stoning. If you need any more good ideas, let me know!

    • haha not only dogs now they will kill spainards too.
      they follow the rule if u give me shelter i will rape ur wife

    • That would make us as bad as them. We really need to preach sin to them, then once they’re good & lost, point them to the Cross. Basically, Infect them with CHRISTianity.

    • sorry I do not speak good English, and I am using a translator.
      I was born in Spain, my parents are Spanish, my ancestors are Spanish, and I am racist against Muslims but this news is false.

      I do not like to lie to make false propaganda, and lies to create more hate that we have towards the Muslim.

      I would like to explain as it is the Muslims in Spain, at least where I live (Catalonia).

      Generally they are misfits, do not want to adapt to our customs, they relate only to Muslims, Muslim girls is very strange to have husbands or boyfriends Spanish, Muslims have a peculiar way of dressing their women do (there are exceptions, but few) . but instead they look like Spanish girls with short clothes, and sexy.

      The problem is that they in Spain is like living in your world, they think their world is right, and ours did not. Aid is used in our country and of the european union to benefit, have had support for renting houses or flats, grants for school meals, free health care even if they were illegally living in Spain, large family economic aid, even in the City in my town have come and the first Muslim women who have said they want information of all aid that our government gives to them and apply for them.

      I if I have seen Arabs usually school age children relate to each other and create clans, my son has personally received threats from these clans since being several guys become more courageous.

      In general we are false with Spanish, seem sympathetic, but do not turn your back, here’s a saying …. Muslims are like cats, sympathetic but careful with your nails.

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