COLORADO: RAPE JIHAD – Not just a symbol of Muslim immigration to Britain and Europe anymore

“I can tell you this is one of the most horrific sexual assaults I’ve seen in my career as a police officer,” said Lt. Howard Black with the Colorado Springs Police.

We’ve already seen gangs of Somali Muslim paedophile sex traffickers arrested in Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee. Other states are also reeling from rising crime rates directly related to the  flood of Muslim invaders,  facilitated by Barack Hussein Obama and U.S. taxpayer dollars.

KKTV  The victim of the vicious sexual assault said that the Iraqi MUSLIM attackers were unhappy with the way they were treated in the United States. Five Iraqi nationals were arrested in connection with the case. Two are charged with the crime while all five are charged as accessories with the crime. Some of the victim’s injuries were described by police as being “rarely seen.”

According to police, the victim reported overhearing a scuffle involving several people at about 1:30 a.m. at the Wildridge Apartments on July 21. She works the night shift and was out checking her mailbox at the time. She decided to stand between the two groups of men in an attempt to calm them down. Following the fight, the victim told police she was invited inside an apartment by one of the men. There, she met three other men who were about 20 years old.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, the victim described a conversation with the men that centered on how unhappy they were with the treatment they received in the United States. The men also spoke about “the Untied States oppressing them and calling them terrorists.”

The victim told police the men reminded her of her own son and she wanted to help calm them down. She also sympathized because she had been in the military and previously lived in foreign countries. During their conversation, the victim was given what she believed was lemonade. Police say she has no recollection of what happened after that.

On July 22, officers found a significant amount of blood throughout the apartment where the alleged attack occurred and also in the victim’s apartment. One officer also spoke to a neighbor who lives directly below the victim’s apartment. According to the affidavit, the neighbor described speaking to the victim and described her as “out of it.” The neighbor also saw her bleeding.

As the investigation continued, the affidavit says the victim was able to identify Sarmad Fadhil Mohammed in a photographic lineup. Looking at the photo, the victim identified him as the male who held a knife during the original disturbance. She also remembered that he had exposed himself to her before she lost consciousness.

When a search warrant was executed at the apartment where the assault occurred, tactical officers found Iraqi Muslims, Ali Mohammed Hasan Al Juboori, Yasir Jabbar Jasim, Sarmad Fadhi Mohammed and Mustafa Sataar Al Feraji, inside.

The affidavit details Sarmad Fadhil Mohammed’s interview first. It says he admitted to carrying a kitchen knife during the fight, but said he was trying to assist a friend named “J.” When they all returned to the apartment, Mohammed said he offered the woman a drink of rum asked her if she was there to have sex. He says she refused, said she twice stopped “J” from performing oral sex on her.

Mohammed also told police that he was falling asleep on the couch when he awoke to hear the woman groan. He asked her to leave, he said, because he did not want the blood stains in his apartment.

The next two interviews detailed in the documents involved of Yasir Jabaar Jasim. During the second interview, he admitted having lied previously about what he witnessed in the apartment. According to the papers, Jasim said he saw “J” force oral sex on the victim and violently assault her. Jasim also told police there was blood everywhere and that “J” told him, “Man, she’s going to die.”

Jasim, Mohammed and Mustafa Sataar Al Feraji all told officers that the man they knew as “J” was probably named Jaseen Ramadan. Officers investigated and found a photo of Jasim Mohammed Hassin Ramadon that each man identified as the being the same person.

A warrant was issued for Ramadon on July 26, and he was arrested the next day. According to the affidavit, he admitted the victim was in the apartment but denied having any sexual contact with her. He claimed it was Al Feraji who sexually assaulted her and caused the injury. The detective also wrote in the affidavit that Ramadon claimed he was the one who helped the victim home after she was injured and bleeding.

In the following days, several of the suspects were re-interviewed. In the end, Sarmad Fadhi Mohammed and Jasim Mohammed Hassin Ramadon were arrested for both the sexual assault and being accessories to the crime. Mustafa Sataar Al Feraji, Ali Mohammed Hasan Al Juboori and Yasir Jabbar Jasim were also arrested and charged as accessories. All of the suspects obtained a lawful permanent resident status within the past five years.

A spokesperson from the District Attorney’s office told 11 News Tuesday if the men are convicted they will serve their time here and then be deported. If they’re found not guilty they will likely still be sent back to Iraq.













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  1. I am now feeling quite powerless. Everyone around me (non muslims) are muslim apologists. I am fed up trying to convey the truth to such people. Govertment would not change its policies for votes, nothing good is happening.

    In India also, there is Halal everywhere, from restaurants to the catering in our national Airlines. Right! we non muslims eat halal meat in India.

  2. And I learned everything I needed to know about Christianity just by reading the history of crusades war that results in the death of more than 120000 of women children and elder people so guess who invented terrorism. ….

  3. @ ulharper: The Christian Bible does NOT permit rape, if indeed it ever did. The ownership of slaves, for EVERY purpose, is still valid in the islamic ideology today. in fact, it is almost demanded of non-muslim women.

  4. This is some interesting stuff. I’ll tell you what though. I’m not religious at all, so I’m going to go ahead and say it. If there is a Jihad of rape from Muslims anywhere where I live I’m going raise serious junk. It will not be okay. At the same time, the Christian bible gives permission to rape women, kill wives and children. One might say I’m not religious so what do I know. Well, I’m not religious for that exact reason. Christianity, Muslim, violent as anything ever.

    • islam is the only “religion” propagating, violence in modern times. Other religions have evolved. Islam still wishes to conquer, behead and or stone the infidels! What other faith advocates slaughtering the unbelievers! Not fair to lump all in the same category as this blood loving, hate filled cult!

    • The New Testament NEVER gives ANY permission whatsoever to rape or kill!!! To the contrary, please read the first 11 verses of John 8 and see how Our Lord Spared a woman supposedly taken in adultery!!!

      As to the Old Testament: the killing was only relative to certain peoples AT CERTAIN TIMES!!! These elimination edicts were – and are – NEVER “open-ended”, which is the total ANTIPODE of Islam!!!! Furthermore, neither Testament endorses rape in the slightest – again, in direct contrast to the Qu’rân and Hadiths!!!

      You really need to read more of both the Bible and the Qu’rân…

  5. What a stupid bitch. They reminded her of her son? She entered into an apartment with strange foreign men that were carrying knives and in a fight that she was witness to? She then decides to go into their apartment and drinks with them? Unless she is literally mentally retarded then she got exactly what she should have expected to have happen to her. I have NO sympathy for her. As for the men…shoot em.

  6. These lowlifes are just the tip of the iceberg. Here in the central part of the U.S. it is already well known that islam is a pox. Obama and Hillary are just as guilty of these crimes committed as the perpetrators. They are as guilty for the simple fact that they suck up to these animals and let them have their way with our country, as far as letting them etc.

  7. There will be no great reaction from the authorities until the daughter or wife of someone in high places is gang raped. The females of the general populace are “Just Fair Game”
    The adverts on the Muni say it very well muslims are savages.
    Lets not forget, muhammad their teacher. He was a really nasty piece of work.

    Hey Bonni, good to see you back, they must really hate you.

  8. Americans won’t wake up until these animals attack the heartland with multiple terror attacks. It’s gonna happen! And people buy gas, beer and cigarettes from these people all the time! Sadly, the muslim friends I have who are peaceful are, according to the Qu’ran, apostate and deserving the same deathj as an infadel mdog!
    OHMS! Join the resistance!

  9. They should deport all immigrants who get involved in violent crimes but not this treasonness administration. The commie progressive libs would have a cow if we did the right thing and deported these creeps after a long sentence in prison.

  10. In my book it is the duty of the relatives of the victim to take care of the rapists. A shotgun blast from less than 5 feet away aimed directly at the crotch will do it.

  11. Anybody who finds any blame in what the woman did and even for a second thinks that she deserved or caused herself to be the victim of rape, is wrong. Because you try to assist or go into an apartment does not give anybody a reason or a right to rape you. Nothing you or anybody does, gives a savage the right to rape you if you say ‘NO’. No means no and everyone, who gang rape a woman or a man, is wrong, no matter what. Yes, they will say that the woman deserved to be raped because she was a woman and she did not cover her hair. What savages these monsters are as they follow the mysoginistic and pedophile teachings of their evil cult leader mohamad.Get ready for more of these types of rape atrocities as we allow muslims, who treat women as property and sluts because they are not muslim, to come into our country. We must stop all muslim immigration and deport all muslims convicted of any crimes.

      • This type of crime by Muslims is rife in the UK,it’s been covered up for over twenty years by the authorities.Get out on the streets and tell your people what is happening in your country because sure as shit the media won’t tell them!

    • I’m sorry, but the woman is still responsible for making a very dumb choice. I do not go into certain parts of Baton Rouge, LA because I know I would be eaten alive if caught there. What kind of adult interferes in a fight that does not concern them? If she cares so much, she could have gone into her own apartment and called the police. Do-gooder busybodies usually get into trouble. This in now way excuses the Mudslimes of rape, but she did walk into the situation with eyes wide open. Adults should have some common sense.

      • Mr Stroup, things like this have NOT happened in this town, befoe,,,
        There is little or no precedent for this crap in Colorado Springs,,, Baton Rouge is a whole nother story~!
        No matter WHAT you think she should or should NOT have done HAS NO FRIGGIN” BEARING on the a$$hole actions of these mozlem P’s O S ~!
        I would say that same thing if they were Anglo, Black, Hindu, or purple with pink polka dots~! There is a MORALITY issue here, and the mozlem HAS no moral base, by any civilized standard ~!
        DO NOT place blame on the peacemakers who have grown up in a trustworthy and trusting society~!
        PLACE THE BLAME where it belongs, and that, TOTALLY~!

    • a lady doesnt interfere w/a fight between young men @ 1:30am. not her business. she saw they were aggressive, had a knife. sorry, she has mental problems. not capable of thinking like a rational adult.

    • @cat,

      You are correct, No means No. But you and this woman are naively subscribing your cultural expectations on to, as you’ve stated, “savages”.

      They don’t respect you or our laws. So saying “NO” means nothing.

      As woman, we are all means of opportunity as they sully and force their way into our world.

  12. We are so gladyou are back Bonnie!!!! You wont’ see much of this on the national news, if at all. And we all have to be proactive in protecting ourselves. Ladies, do not go out unarmed. Take pepper spray, or something else, but please be careful. As for me, I am gratefult he state of Texas allows licensed conceal and carry.

      • I was not able to open BNI website directly. The link brings me to a blank page, even upon refreshing – as opposed to the countdown clock in previous days. To get here, I check the twitter feed and use the link to individual posts identified on the twitter feed. Not sure if BNI is aware of this . . .nor am I certain if the problem is on my end.

        • P.S. Now that I’ve posted this comment, I notice the site accepted my comment but only after going through the process of linking back through twitter to check . After hitting the enter key to post the last comment, the page went blank again.

      • I knew of Pakistan from earlier and was more than suspicious of Saudi Arabia. Kazakhstan I could see (Moslem-majority country), but Ukraine and China??

        Either way, I can’t say how truly happy yours truly is to see you back on-line!!!!

        • Of course, there still are problems with linkages to things like “top posts” and “recent comments”.

          Once those problems are solved, I think this Website will have been fully restored.

        • Oops, not to forget that when one posts a comment, one currently needs to go back and refresh the screen of the previous image to see the update with the new comment or reply.

          Please add that to the above list of needed improvements. I realise you’ve already come a LONG way in restoring this Website – well done!! However, when it’s fully restored, then we’ll know that those muztards have suffered their complete defeat…

      • is that all? anybody else? since so many are trying to bring you down againand again you must be doing some good

        • SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Don’t ever say that! I am so happy you are back on the job! BNI, more than donations, please ask your readers to say the Lords prayer for you every single day. More than donations you need spiritual protection. You bring into the light the truth from out of the darkness. I know you are under duress from these evil animals, but when you are prayed over, it forms a shield of protection for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

      • Damn: all of those peaceful” friends?” Maybe the UN can get involved. no, on second thought, BNI would be gone, if the united nations had its way. Glad you are back and tough enough not to back down. thank you

  13. I’m not one to blame the victim, either, but we must admit that she engaged in very, very risky behavior. She observes a group of men in a violent fight in the wee hours of the morning, and then voluntarily goes into the apartment of one of the men involved right after that?? That is just crazy. No sane woman should do that with any kind of man, least of all a Muslim man. But, the fault still lies with the perpetrators of the horrible crime. They are responsible for what they did to her. I hope they get the book thrown at them by the jury and the judge, and then have a very rough ride in prison! Disgusting!

  14. Take a good look at these “superior men (?)” of the peaceful muslim faith. They all should rot in solitatary where they can holler “Alley Snackbar” and veneratae their baby raping, halucinatory madman they are stupid enough to call a prophet.
    There isn’t enough breath in the world to go around to filthy swine like this.

    Gee ! It sounds like I don’t care for them, doesen’t it.

  15. Swedish rape-jihad: “police reported an average of five rapes a day in Stockholm”

    Jihad Watch 17 August 2012
    Translated by Nicolai Sennels

    The capital of Sweden is probably also the European capital of rape. Since Swedish police, politicians and media do their best to cover the Muhammad-factor, we have to look at neighbouring Scandinavian countries for a reasonable explanation:

    Rape jihad in Denmark: More than half of all convicted rapists have immigrant backgrounds. Iraqis, Iranians, Turks and Somalis dramatically overrepresented…

    Oslo, Norway: 69 percent increase in rapes (76 rapes in 91 days). Share of non-Westerners among ‘attack-rapists’: 100 percent.

    Stavanger, Norway: Nine out of ten rapists are ‘men from minority groups’

    Norway: Muslim rapist tells victim that in Islam, women have no rights

    Translated by Nicolai Sennels,, August 14: “Increase in rapes in Stockholm”:

    In July, police reported an average of five rapes a day in Stockholm. It is the highest figure in five years, Metro writes.

    A total of 149 rapes was reported to the police in Stockholm in July. …

    It is unclear whether there is an actual increase in rapes or if it is because more victims go to the police.

    “I hope that the reason for the increase is that we manage to uncover some of the rapes that are normally not reported. We work very actively on securing women’s rights and we work effectively against hate crime,” says Kjell Lindgren, chief information officer of the Stockholm police, to Metro.

    The newspaper said that rapes of children under 15 account for the largest increase. These notifications have more than doubled compared to July 2011.

  16. Why in the hell would she go into their apt. I don’t want to sound like im not sympathetic but she walked into that situation. I wish the good people of Colorado would take care of business.

  17. Ms BNI,,, Thank You for posting this~!
    It’s not just Great Britain, Europe and Pakistan any more,,, NOR Dearbornistan, Minnesotastan any more,,,
    Jihad has hit the heartland of America,,, From sea to shining sea~!

    • I agree with you on his one Jerry! 9/11 was a definite wakeup call for me and many people I know, but unfortunately there are STILL a large number of dhimmi dip imbeciles with their heads so firmly planted up thir arses that they STILL buy the lies like “Allah is just another name for God”and “Islam is a religion of peace”! As an individual who worked around these lowlifes, and actually believed most of that horse shit before, after years of being around muslimes, delivering their daily mail, AND finding out for myself how they REALLY think, I do not buy the illusion or LIE of “peaceful muslim majority” anymore!! It would however be fair to say that I generally despise muslimes!!…..But then I’m one of those “rightwing extremists” who doesn’t believe same sex couples make marriages either!!

  18. So, prior to the rape she had felt some empathy toward them because she had lived in foreign countries? Well idiot, I have NO empathy for you!!!

  19. thise rape campains by muslims gangs are organized by imãs and support by all mosques… it’s their aways to war and destroy our culture,…their jiahd…

    • Correct.
      Mohammed encouraged rape of captive women to demonstrate political superiority and to demoralize the kafirs. It is also a reward for jihadists.

      The Islamic veil says: ‘Kafirs may be raped, but Mozwomen who are veiled may not.’

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