Did you know you can now be arrested for walking your dog in the Islamic Republic of Canada?

Yes, CANADA! This man was arrested for ‘offending Islam’ by walking his dog in a public park where Muslims were holding an anti-Israel rally. 

Blazing Cat Fur (H/T Susan K) Apparently, Muslims do not like dogs. I was warned by a few Muslim demonstrators not to go near them. Of course I ignored them and reminded them this is Canada, not Pakistan. Well, I was assaulted and returned the favor in kind.

At that point I was jumped by four COPS, dragged off and hand cuffed. Oh my, the police were so angry! They said I was, “insensitive” and “inciting a riot”. Thirty minutes later they cut me a big deal. No charges if I left. So I left.

Unbelievable that this could be happening in Canada. Walking a licensed dog on a leash in the park in front of our Provincial Legislature and being arrested for that simple act!”

NOTE: This is a therapy dog. Works at hospitals.

Apparently, you can also be arrested for waving an Israeli flag on your bike, when Mooselims are around.




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  1. @Dan: You are an apologist and I am ashamed to see that anyone truly believes this way.

    @Russel: I THINK I agree with you on most of your points. Q. is, W.T.F happened that the cops had to arrest him?! Didn’t they see these pigs assault HIM?!

  2. Nice bit of spin doctoring you did there. This man was not arrested for taking his dog for a nice walk in the park. He decided to go to this protest, tie the Israeli flag to his dog, and march up to the radical Muslim protesters.

    Yes, he did get punched in the chest for it. He shoved the man back. His dog got kicked.

    The police dropped the ball. They were right for telling him to leave and take his dog with him. He WAS trying to be an instigator. However the police should have arrested the Muslim man for punching him in the chest and kicking his dog.

    Basically everyone there was acting like an idiot.

      • Why don’t I “do” there?

        No, hundreds of dogs and their owners will not be showing up. Have you looked at the people who have said that they are, or maybe going on the events page?

        Go look, I’ll wait.

        You back? Good. Did you happen to notice most are not from Toronto? Or from Ontario? Or even Canada for that matter?

        A good chunk also hit yes or maybe so that they could voice their opinion on the page.

        Ask any promoter about how many people will say they are going to go somewhere or do something on Facebook and don’t actually bother.

        Toronto is a city of millions. This walk will be lucky to get 30 people. you and I both know it.

    • KYLE….

      I see you didn’t watch the video did you? Typical stupid Libbie! The man with the dog did not have an Israeli flag tied to his dog! He did not March up to them to incite anything! Matter of factly a couple of Islamic women asked the man nicely just before the incident what type of dog he was walking…..
      He didn’t shove the man back that hit him from behind!!

      The only idiots I saw….the folks at the Al Qud rally and the Police….

      The only idiots I see here….you and the other who thought a man walking a dog in a public park during this abomination of a rally were in the wrong!

      If you love the Islamics so much as to defend them….I suggest you move to the ME! Lots of them there for you to love!

    • Kyle you are an appeaser, an apologist for scummy muslims,Canada the last time I heard was a democracy,, this guy had every right to counter protest, his dog had every right to accompany him into the place. the police didd not have the right to tell him to leave, HE WAS THE ONE WHO WAS ASSAULTED..these scummy islamic muslims should have also been arrested, but the police had no balls..scared of scummy muslims,, sent a great message to other muslims,,yeah we can do as we like…The likes of you, a muslim sympathiser encourage these vermin to do what they like in a democratic country…get real, face the truth, you need to!!!

  3. It is becoming more and more obvious that not all cultures are equal. And that is the weakness of our multicultural policy in Canada.
    It was one thing to give equal time to all of the modern European cultures but when you try and pretend that cultures that sanction killing of girls for not dressing a certain way, or even female genital mutilation among other atrocities, then it shows that Canada needs to reexamine our policies,,especially our immigration policies..
    To arrest a man for walking his dog because it offends muslims shows very clearly that Canadians must demand that our values must be respected above all else.
    Anyone who cannot accept this should be encouraged to leave.
    Enough of this idiotic political correctness.

  4. Russel…

    On your side note….In Canada one is not allowed to defend oneself…even if you believe your life is in danger. One must call the cops to come to your rescue! If you hurt your assailant here…he can turn around and sue you and the police will charge you with assault to do bodily harm. The assailant will get off scot free!…..In Canada….victims have no rights…only the criminals do.

    Case in point…..a woman in her late seventies was awoken in the middle of the night by an intruder into her home….she grabbed a rolling pin and struck him….incapacitated him and called the police. She was charged…went to court and had to do some time in jail…..cuz she defended herself. She thought her life was in danger!

    Moral of the story….in Canada, if you incapacitate an assailant….finish him off! Dead men tell no lies.

      • Yep….one that needs to be changed for sure! Soon I hope…cuz I’m running out of places to dispose of the bodies!! LOL!
        No..just kidding! It’s easier to carry a gun than a cop under your arm! There is a victims group in Canada that has been making lots of noise lately about such things….I’m hoping that Harper will open up and change some of the nonsense in our constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the next three years, while he has a majority Gov’t.

        We really need to have individual rights to protect our family’s, ourselves and our property.

      • Indeed, dear Ms. BNI!!!!

        The BIG trouble is that the big cities like Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver, and also medium-size cities like Edmonton, Winnipeg, London, the Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge conurbation, Ottawa et al have SO HUGE a concentration of people (notably including the Mosscum!!) that those of us living in the country have our vote counting for very little indeed!!!!

        I suspect that rural people in the States like in Ohio, New York, California &c. likely feel the same kind of alienation and disenchantment with city politics dominating our country…

        Of course, the “Liberals” and NDP are particularly guilty in this regard – as well as phony Conservatives like Brian Mulroney; but it’s the “Liberals” like Jean Chrétien, Paul Martin Jr. and the late UNLAMENTED (for me!!) Pierre Elliott Trudeau (he really started it!!!)really bear the lion’s share of the burden of all this “multiculturalism” and other such shibboleths!!!

        By the way, I’ve now noticed that a few of your links to “Recent Comments” – provided they DON’T link to page 1!!! – work. Those linking to “page 1”, as well as those in “Top Posts” are still on the blink!!! PLEASE keep working on them… :-)

  5. This is what was thought about twenty years ago when a Mosque and Islamic Study centre was built in Rome. That you should have stopped there and then. Now it is too late for the west to ignore the influx of Islam into their countries. Congratulations the Canadian government for the new name “Islamic Republic of Canada” you will LOOSE YOUR COUNTRY BEING LIBERALS AND HUMANITY LOVERS to Jihadis, you will not find any free place to re-settle once again.

    • F.D……

      Canada is being run by Conservatives and has been for the past five years….the past year the Harper Conservative Government has had a majority gov’t……perhpas you should research exactly what is being done by the Harper Gov’t…..

      NO to Sharia Law.
      Immigration of Islamics is being slowed down due to the new pre-requisite that all must be able to speak French fluently. They then go directly to Quebec and Quebec having their French Language law….they aren’t being taught English and they aren’t allowed to transfer to any other Province unless they know English fluently!
      All new immigrants are given a booklet which states right in the beginning that Barbaric actions such as clitorectomies, child marriages, pedophilia, Polygamy, honor killings will not be tolerated in Canada. The Liberals tried fighting that being on the booklet but it stood!
      Canada has gotten rid of the right to be offended by anyone’s speech. No longer can muslims sue someone through the Human Rights courts for this.
      Muslim women can not wear a burka or face covering during the New Canadian Ceremonies. Burka’s and face covering could also be made illegal for them to wear period at any time!
      Mosques are being asked to open their books by the Canada Revenue to see how much monies are donated and where it is going. If they refuse they will be stripped of their Religious non-profit status….then they’ll be ordered to open their books anyways so they can be taxed on their revenues. If they still refuse then they will be shut down and possibly jailed.
      Anyone found to have terrorist ties, to have lied on their immigration papers, will be deported. We no longer will be a safe haven for criminals. Many have already been deported. Any immigrant doing criminal activities in Canada…will do jail time and then be deported.

      So….I think you are not as informed as you think you are….Not all Canadians are Liberals nor do we love Jihadis. It is not too late for Canada to turn things around and with PM Harper at the helm….I can safely say….we won’t become like England or France. PM Harper’s approval rating is in the 80’s% and he keeps going up everytime he shows that he’s not some patsy muslim lover with no Gonads! He fully understands as does his cabinet about Islam. Even our Intelligence Agency ( CSIS) has stated that Islamists are our greatest threat to Canada.

  6. Sept 14th WALK YOUR DOG IN front of MOSQUE day:

    FB Event page


    Defending his dog after Al-Quds nightmare

    August 20, 2012 16:41

    Albert Eintoss joins to discuss his ordeal at the Al-Quds protest in Toronto, where he was given more than a hard time because of his pet dog.


    Crossing the line at Al-Quds protest

    August 20, 2012 16:46

    Noa Mendelsohn Aviv from the Canadian CIvil Liberties Association discusses if police crossed the line by roughing up Allan Eintoss and his dog at the Al-Quds protest in Toronto.


  7. DISGUSTING! And what charges could they lay? Those police make me sick, and should be sacked. I wish he had taken it to the highest level and sued the throwback Muslims and the dhimmi police. Bastards!

  8. Hey i got a Catahoula and he’s big and he can be very nasty if i give him the word.
    No Muslimes here in Thurmont MD, (they know better than to come live here) but there are some in Frederick and lots in Virginia , he’s gonna be going with me next time i go to Va.
    One of the reasons i left Canada is because of crap like this, i can tell this occured in Torontostan by the patches the police are wearing. Pathetic !

    • I recognised the porch of the “Ontario Legislature”: that’s how yours truly recognised that this was taking place in Toronto.

      Add Labs (especially Black-Labs), Doberman and Giant-Pinschers to the list proposed including Rottweilers and German Shepherds.

      One thing, dear Ms. BNI: Canada isn’t as of yet a republic. The same House of Windsor that reigns over the UK is still – via the Governor-General (who could be considered a sort of “president” the way such a figure serves in Germany or Israel, as opposed to France or the USA.) – Canada’s ruling family. A more appropriate title might have been “Islamic Kingdom of Canada”. [Of course, what’s in a name? An “Islamic Republic” is most certainly NEVER a republic in its proper sense where the people are supposed to rule, any more than the Communist republics were. In fact, North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un is as much a “President-For-Life” or a king as his father Kim Jong-Il and grandfather Kim Il-Sung. Certainly Stáljin at the end öf his life was a virtual “Prime-Minister For Life”, and so was Mao…

      Either way, Ceterum censeo delendam esse Islaminem (Islam)!!!! [Paraphrasing Cato Censor: “Besides, I believe that Islam must be destroyed!!!!]

    • Paladin….

      Ontario is run by a Liberal Provincial Gov’t…..the Liberals and the NDP( New Democrat Party or AKA….National Disater Party or New Dhimmi Party) will bend over backwards for muslims…it is one of the reasons that the Conservatives got their majority gov’t last year! Harper had shown Canadians that he meant business with Muslims. Guess that is what happens when one has had a fatwa put on his head and was threatened by them to have his head chopped off!

  9. Dear All,

    I hail from India and I am a Hindu…I am happy the way people around the world making a consensus against Islamic ways of sustaining…….We here in India facing same kind of issues..Unable to understand why governements are very keen on keeping Islamic radicals happy on the cost of blood of innocents…Its the right time to get up and fight by ourselves against this terrorism

    • Welcome, Girish. We have a lot of Hindu readers from India. Considering the problems that Muslims cause wherever they are, I have often wondered why, when Pakistan was created, all the Muslims from India didn’t go there and all the Hindus in Pakistan didn’t come back to India?

  10. This kowtowwing to Islam is going on all over the world there are reports that dogs are being posioned in Spain -England etc guide dogs are not being allowed in taxis by their muslim drivers ,yet we have this -stupid -ridiculous situation where this blind muslim woman is allowed to take a minature horse -with nappy- on board a plane -bus etc.I love horses-but how could a horse reason like a dog as to preventing their owner being hurt from an overhanging branch -to stop at traffic lights -what if it kicks out with fright ?they-are offended by our dogs -I would be very offended sitting next to a horse -this is discrimination -she says she -loves her horse -we love -our dogs ,and to think -the -president of the United states condoned this? -God help America. -the world is going -mad.

    • The president of america condoned this cause barack HUSSEIN obama IS a muslim!!! EVERY public place where they could hold a rally SHOULD be sprayed with pigs blood and pigs urine and notices posted about said actions!!!!. In the Saxon era, pork was the staple meat so every household was encouraged to keep pigs, what these infestatious people don’t realise is that Porcine DNA remains in the soil and water, so they have been ingesting for decades the thing they most hate, apart from infidels that is!!

  11. Make NO mistake that governments are AFRAID to oppose the demands of islam because they don’t want to appear ‘insensitive’ and politically incorrect. Muslims are extreme opportunists and obviously know how to leverage a balance of threats & victimization.

    Unless the MAJORITY in this world take action to literally put ‘islam back into the box’, so it is like any other religion, it is only a matter of time before those who believe in freedom will have to fight to destroy this evil of the 21st Century.

    Be Prepared to fight….NOW or you’ll be forced to do so later.

  12. Canada is not that much different then the US. In California people who abuse dogs or cats see prison time in some cases with double digits. There needs to be a push back by animal rights people on this combined with the halal torture issue. muslims should be made to realize that dogs and cats come before there their cult in Noth America.

  13. I hav eot wonder what they would do here in America as much as we love dogs, would they just let this happen? Jersey just let in a muslim to its courts, Christie said anyone who didn’t like it is a racist, I didn’t know being a muslim was a race, I think more people are afraid of being called a racist than fighting for their rights, first everyone should know what a racist is, its someone who doesn’t like anyone because of their race, being black or yellow or red, not for their politics or religion, then they are just opinionated and everyone has a right to their opinion. Glad I don’t live in Canada.

    • Madhatter….

      Why are you glad you don’t live in Canada? At least our Government is actually doing something to stop the influx of muslims and making it uncomfortable for them to live here and not assimilate. I don’t see that happening in America under the leadership of Obama. You have cities like Dearborn, Michigan that are full of muslims. You have muslims in all States pushing for Sharia law and getting away with it. We already said NO to Sharia a few years back!

  14. This is called the path of least resistance. Lazy trade craft on part of the police. Make the problem go away by submitting to illegal demands by the muslims.

  15. Perhaps one of the cops thought you had his mother on a leash- they are, after all, gutless sons of bitches, all.
    I hear that the cops there have a contest once a week at a local mosque to see how far up the imam’s arse each cop can get his tongue.

  16. Who incites the riot? a guy minding his own business walking his dog, or the Intolerant, 6 century morons that take offense. NO MORE PANDERING.

  17. Deadly CANCER cells are rapidly spreading to kill the Free World…it’s the genus: Islamus Ignoramus. If extreme preventive care and drastic surgery are not performed immediately… this cancer will metastisize to kill the modern rational body and only apes and neanderthals will survive. This is not the time for the good cells to shrink and slink into obedience…but life saving surgery is needed to save this planet.

  18. Hi Bonni great to have you back.

    Pakistan disabled girl arrested for blasphemy

    Pakistani police have arrested a mentally disabled 11-year-old girl after a mob accused her of desecrating pages of the Koran.

    The mob demanded the Christian girl’s arrest and threatened to burn down Christian homes outside the capital Islamabad, local media say.


  19. Ban the muzzturds from the park NOT dogs. ANY dog that takes a walk through that park is bound to be cleaner than ANY muslime there demonstrating their hatred for Jews and us infidels!! To hell with them!! It is a public park for REAL people AND their dogs and should be posted: “NO ASSLIFTERS ALLOWED HERE”!!

  20. The idiot muslims want women in all countries to wear head bags so that they do not offend the muslim savages. Real women will wear what they want to wear and not what the muslim savages want them to wear. They do not want any dogs because that too would offend muslims. The answer is simple, please walk your dogs, pet pigs and so on in and around every muslim sponsored event everywhere on public property. Levant and Coren will hopefully report on this information to get justice. All people in Canada can contact their political representatives to get justice. Please keep us posted on the outcome of this injustice to the dog owner.

  21. The kicker is the Muslims want Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper hanged because he is not following the actions of Iran et al in its condemnation of Israel!

    The man with the dog should lay charges against the police.

    • Yes, with a lot of ‘black’ Rottweilers, Presa Canarios and German Shepherds. Do pit bulls (larger size over 100 pounds) come in black? A little hair dye will do (only if it doesn’t hurt them).

  22. As far as I know, anyone can walk their dog in public lands. Time for dog walk squads!!! Sounds like fun to me. My 6 pound Yorkie poops small, but her poops have a mighty stink to them!

    • You beat me to the idea punch. Right on! Whenever the towelheads gather, everybody brings your dogs, preferably unfriendly and very big dogs – and don’t feed them for a few days before you bring them.

      • Let’s be civilized. We want to demonstrate not attack. In the West, we promote civilization. I have been the target of assaults, threats and attacks on my dogs since the 9/11 attacks but it is not only Muslims who do this; it is also representatives of the left. I was saddened when a fellow member of a board I worked for turned to me during the middle of a private deliberation of an appeal and said: “We are going to kill your dog”. (They always use the pronoun “we” when they deliver threats.) He ought not to have even known I had a dog because I had told no one at the board. A month or so later, my dog was poisoned to death. So, for one, I do not want to attack Muslims; I want to exercise my freedom and rights as a civilized citizen of the wonderful West. And defend myself if need be.

        • Joan, if someone poisoned my dog, it would likely have been a muslim, and I would like nothing better than to kill him myself.

          But what does the Left have against dogs?

  23. There is something about this story that makes me feel very uneasy. I think it’s the drip drip drip, the sly erosion of the rights and freedoms of the Majority and how (because the institutions that have always protected us are actually protecting our enemy) we feel powerless and afraid, that no one cares what we feel any more.

    But every time we accept something like this is it one baby step towards the end of our Civilization and one baby step towards the Hell that is sharia. If not for us then for our children.

    This comment was posted yesterday on facebook by Geert Wilders Supporters Group (not his official facebook group) and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. It has resonance with this story.

    ‘I get the feeling that we all know there is a massive storm coming. Its been building for 1400 years but now in our lifetime, the moment is very near.

    Are you watching the clouds on the horizon and waiting for the first rain spots to fall before putting on your rain coat? Maybe it wont be this year, maybe not next. Maybe the storm wont actually break in a thunderclap and downpour.

    What if it the clouds just get darker and darker and the air is humid? This is how Im sure the storm will over take us. Not in the all out soaking that we can protect ourselves against with a coat and umbrella, but one which just slowly drips and drips untill we are all wet through.

    Stop this constant drip drip drip of islam and get out there with your coat and brolly, make this storm happen and face this shit head on before its too late.


    • You’re right- drip drip. If you want to poison someone slowly, so they do not notice it, give them just a drip, drip, drip.

    • Very good point. But we will only stand in the rain waiting for the storm if the governments we elect won’t fight islam with all its might, meaning it is up to us to get the right people into office. Unfortunately, most Americans are too passive and rather watch Glee instead of getting their fat lazy asses out of the couch.
      I repeatedly contacted various blogs, asking them to release a list with all 2012 senate/congress candidates who oppose sharia, muslim immigration, islam etc. I compiled an extensive excel list with references, links etc myself and even offered them to give it to them, but NONE of them said they would definitely do something of that, even though this is the most efficient way to fight the growing influence of CAIR and the other terrorist groups. For example ActforAmerica which would have the means to send out mass-e-mails said they are looking into it bla bla bla but even they didn’t sound too excited.
      If things go on like this, people will eventually take matters into their own hands to defend the constitution.

      • Well…there’s Bachmann, West and the other four who also signed Bachmann’s letter about Islamic infiltration in Government……There’s a start anyways. We might have to do a list of our own….

      • The thing is that, at least in Canada where I live, our institutions have been heavily infiltrated by Islamists and pro-Islamist leftists. It is this unholy alliance between Islam and the left that is most worrying. I went to a Muslim internist, very well connected, who, the first time I saw him, said “There is nothing wrong with your heart; you don’t need an internist to follow you”. My family doc had sent him my medical records. I was shocked and asked, “You mean, the permanent damage to my heart the other internist discovered has disappeared?” He responded, “Oh, you saw another internist?” and when I said “yes,” he said, “Oh, well, yes, there is permanent damage to your heart … but you’re a woman!”

        At the General Hospital in St. Catharines, the front lobby has a mosaic of bricks with names of donors on them. There are many single bricks of the same size with the names of private donors but in the middle of them all is a big brick with “the Islamic Society of Niagara” on it. So, think about who is making policy for health care in Canada. And it isn’t just health care, it’s our justice system, our police, our government…so it’s not as easy as getting some politician on our side. We are up against extremely wealthy Islamic influence that has been quietly infiltrating our institutions and professional associations and business organizations for decades, maybe generations. Have we been doing the same in Islamic countries? Do we even have enough means to do so? We need to organize, get strong enough to influence our leaders it is in their best interests to defend us.

        • Joan, that is depressing. And you don’t even have a Muslim PM as we do.

          You must never use a Muslim doctor or dentist, even in the ER. If you are conscious, you can ask and tell them your religion doesn’t allow you to be touched my Muslims.

          Also, you must avoid patronizing businesses owned by Muslims. When in doubt, ask. Smile when you ask the store owner/manager if they are a Muslim so they won’t know what you really think. If they are Hindu, they will get offended so quickly tell them, you are trying to avoid doing business with Muslims which is why you asked. That will make them smile. If they answer that they are Muslim, leave the store quickly even if you have to leave the unpaid for merchandise on the counter.

    • Regarding the last sentence: yes, what you said is true until Christ returns! Then, under Him, it will VERY MUCH BE a different story.

      However, until then we DO have some MONSTROUS choices to make and live by…

  24. Prophet Muhammad is a violent criminal. And muslim always try to defend that criminal. What can we non muslim can expect from muslm.

    • I’ve had several email messages from Muslims I’ve met casually at events. The email is always the same. It says Mohammed is better than Jesus because Mohammed said women are worth half the value of men whereas Jesus said women were worth nothing. They claim Jesus as an Islamic prophet. But it isn’t true Jesus said women are worth nothing; so far as I know, he didn’t comment on the monetary value of anything. He said only “give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s”. And Jesus is NOT an Islamic prophet. He is NOT like Mohammed at all. Jesus and Mohammed are completely different. Jesus preached the Kingdom of God whereas Mohammed preached the Kingdom of Islam. Jesus preached turning the other cheek whereas Mohammed preached kill your enemies. Jesus preached peaceful means of protest whereas Mohammed preached war-mongering. Jesus died instead of physically opposing his opponents whereas Mohammed fought his opponents tooth and nail. Perhaps Mohammed could be called a great General like Napoleon but he cannot be compared to Jesus.

  25. No its believable . Seems Obama friends in Egypt the brotherhood made headlines again. Before it was that the brotherhood offended Palestinians for not acting according to their belief and attacking Israel right away. So they came over the border and killed some EGYPTIANS .

    But the new president didn’t control the Army so here comes Satan’s sons demon Hilary Clinton to take care of those generals for the brotherhood. Well after talking to them 2 top generals stepped down. The president of Egypt moved fast to put fellow brotherhood members in key jobs.

    So over the weekend the son of Satan got his wish. After thousands of years Christians were crucified on crosses in front of the presidential palace. Only news company report it was B.C.C news early this morning and took it off soon after. Seems the American people is not suppose to know what the Billion and a half tax dollars given to the Brotherhood got them.

    Also the weapons given to Egypt by the U.S to fight against terrorist that will now be used to fight Israel. God will now have to intervene to save Israel from Lebanon down to Egypt on one side is terrorist the other side is the Mediterranean sea. Willing to bet if Israel people need to leave there will be turkey ships along with Russian ships to sink them.

    Because Arabs say they are running like rats to other country’s that’s OK. But not for Jews. Only piece of information on it now is http://www.theblaze.com/stories/report-muslim-brotherhood-crucifies-opponents-clamps-down-on-secular-media/ May god help those people now. Thanks Hilary you got blood on your hands now like your husband . May you both rot in hell with your terrorist friends.

  26. This is really a dangerous development that is sweeping the whole Western World. Appeasement by governments failed with the Nazis, and will definitely fail again with Islam, which is a supremacist ideology masquerading as a religion and sharing many common ideologies with Nazism. Perhaps people who love freedom will have to act in place of government.

    • Sherif….

      Actually the Canadian Government is doing something about Islam in Canada. PM Harper knows about the Islamists…he had a fatwa on his head before. He’s doing lots of little things that no one really is taking a notice to…except us supporters of Harper.
      He is wanting the Mosques to open their books for Canada Revenue so that the government can see how much they are bringing in and where it’s going….the mosques don’t want to do this but if they wish to keep their non-profit status they must….if not…they will lose their status and will be required to show their books anyways and be taxed on the monies they’ve received!
      It’s little things like this …..that will eventually get the Islamists to not want to be in Canada…

  27. Oh, and these Muslims aren’t insensitive to Israelis! This just shows how violent Muslims are. A dog could cause a riot. How sick! Jewish Canadians wouldn’t riot, but Muslims would.

  28. Insensitive!!? Inciting a riot!!? What these police don’t get is that Muslim attitudes are insensitive towards dogs and Canadians, and could incite a riot by both, not only in Canada, but here, as well.

  29. according to a story child rapist mo was praying and when a black dog wandered by and he was interrupted the angel diappeared. smart dog. muslims consider ddr dogs dirty dogs are actually cleanter than people. a human bire has more bacteria in it than a dogs.
    frakking police quit pandering to these fools

  30. The cops have a job to do, and they did their job. Sure, in an ideal world the members of the mob who assaulted the dog walker should have been charged with assault. But it seems likely that the dog walker was being intentionally provocative, by asserting his “rights” in the way that he did. I’d bet that he knew exactly what he was doing – orchestrating some political theatre. He was in effect waving a lit torch near a puddle of gasoline. The police whose job it was to keep things from getting out of hand could hardly be expected to bring in 500 riot cops to ensure that the mob leaves the dog walker alone. They can, and did, grab the dog walker and threaten to charge him with inciting a riot.

    • Dan, either you are making a very bad joke or you are a deranged leftie POS troll who is not fit to breathe the same air as this man.

      I hope all BNI readers who have a dog will make it their business to walk it wherever there are muslim slime. In the US, walk your dog in Muslim neighborhoods but be sure you are armed.

      • Walking a dog near Muslims? Hell, I want to take my service dog (black of course) into a halal restaurant and then sue the utter sh*t out of them when they kick me out. I am 60% disabled vet with PTSD… so why not??? They have PTSD dogs! and then I could get them shut down or OWN the restaurant!! I think we should all do this!

    • And just where do you suggest we draw the line in pussy footing around “being provocative” and “inciting”?

      Those same fundamentalist muslim supremacists who are offended by dogs are also offended by women and infidels.

      Are you suggesting that women and infidels should stay at home so as to not offend, provoke, or be insensitve to the muslim supremacists?

      Due to loony leftists like you muslim supremacists are allowed free reign to intimidate rather than being compelled to be “sensitive” and also allow the kuffar their right to freely express themselves.

      Of course, that’s a two way street of respect, and something repuslive and “raciiiiiiiist” to you liberal, progressive, whacked out left loons.

    • you’re muslim, right? ok here’s the deal. if your rights infringe on MY rights your rights aren’t any good. got it?

      that is what you are proposing. that these muslims can sit and incite riots, make death threats, assault people, kill dogs, rape children and it is oka because Islam says so and it is ‘their religion of peace’. BS. what next? you get puched out because you look at their women?

      or your girlfriend wife gets beaten and raped cause she didn’t wear a head bag in “their” neighborhood? or christians get ‘stoned’ garbage bricks etc thrown at em for being ‘christians’ and they incited the muslims?

      guess what buckwheat? you want to live in this country (or Canada) or any other country you live by that countries LAWS. and the wussified police who refuse to do squat for fear of “offending” these pieces of camel dung should be fired.

    • The “cops” took the path of least resistance ………………………………… as the dog walker said, he’s in CANADA, NOT PAKISTAN …………………………………. so, I’m guessing you’re OK, when Sharia is imposed, for your wife/daughter/sister/mother to be subjected to female genital mutilation & headbagging, or for any gay friends to be slowly strangled {it’s the preferred method in such garden spots as Iran} ………………………………. Bonni, soon as possible, I’m getting the tattoo I told you about – will provide a picture …………………………….. I will NOT submit!

      Semper Fi’

    • Dan, have you been so indoctrinated by the medieval mayhem called Islam? The only reason I wouldn’t walk my 5 rescue dogs near these savages, is I would be afraid a horny old bearded freak, would find them attractive!

    • Dan, stupid little slave in training, this man has a right to walk in his park with his dog in his country. If the muslims do not like this, they can feck off back to their own shitholes. These asswipes should have been charged, period. Stop defending these barbaric, backwards, barbarians! He was not bein intentionally provocative. What a stupid bloody thing to say. It is his park and he has a right to walk his dog. PERIOD. These scumbags have no right to stop people going into the park and walking their dogs.

    • In other words, you only have the rights the thugs will allow you to have.

      May your chains rest lightly on you and your masters be kind.

    • Sharia enforcing Pennsylania Judge Mark Martin would be pleased with an illogical, unconstitutional, dhimmi argument like this. What is surreal about this is that law enforcement and courts will progressively refuse to protect non-Muslims from Muslim attacks and will vigorously pursue any complaint made by Muslims against non-Muslims.

      It is like a witch has cast a spell on our society. People are spinelessly and stupidly bending over backward to bow to Islam’s outrageous demands.

    • You belong at the huffington web site dhimmi. It’s wimps like you, willing to give freedoms and rights away to invaders like the muzzies that are ruining the western world.

    • Dan….

      That Park is public property! Those muslims should not have even been allowed to hold that Al Quds Rally there as it violates the Queen’s Park rules! The Dhimmi who allowed the rally should be fired! It was video’d last year also where the muslims were holding flags that had been declared illegal by the Canadian Gov’t. Yet the police did nothing!

      This man and his dog shouldn’t have been arrested period….but, some muslims don’t think Canadians should have any rights.

      I’m sending this out to some others…perhaps we can get some news coverage on Sun News Network about this!

    • You must be a liberal right?. I saw the video and he was just walking his pet, what you saw , I cannot even want to venture a guess

  31. It’s okay for the Islamists to yell out all the hate-filled messages like “Death to Israel” and “Allah is the Answer” and “Boycott Israel” and “Islam Will Rule the World”, “Jews are Nazis”, and that is not considered incitement for violence but walking your dog past these assholes is? What is happening in the world? What is being put into the atmosphere or the water or both? It’s like a Lewis Caroll nightmare.

    • ……and all we see is a man and his dog. No pro-Israel, or anti-islam groups shouting them down, like we normally see of the “rabid” Left, attacking a peaceful (non-Left), “awareness campaign”.

      The man and his dog look pretty “chuffed” at what happened, though!

      • Pig_dog….

        This was an “Al Quds” rally in Queen’s Park….almost right across the street from the Parliament buildings. They had there hate filled signs and waving there islamic flags! Most Canadian’s knew about the rally and were wanting it cancelled but the stupid little Dhimmi in control of such things happening at the park, went against their own rules and allowed it!
        “Al Quds” Rally is not an awareness campaign…it is a hate-filled, Anti-semetic , muslim Brotherhood gathering.You wouldn’t see any Pro-Israel or anti -Islam groups there in Canada. Those groups had to do there own rallies elsewhere!
        It shouldn’t have been allowed period! Anywhere!

  32. These cops are just plain idiots and I just cannot understand why they placate the Muslims so much. They are not even Muslims so why do they hate dogs? Maybe we should flood their precinct with letters telling them what idiots these cops are but I am not sure what city in Canada it is in. I hope this never happens here and I am sure such an arrest would end up with the police being sued. I am glad there are no Muslims in my small town in AZ but I do remember seeing a few people owning dogs when I was in Turkiye.

    • Anestis,

      The city where this took place is Toronto, Ontario, Canada If you feel like writing, address your letter to William Blair, Chief Constable of the Metropolitan Police Dept, Toronto Ontario.

      It may make you feel better but I think you are wasting ink & paper.
      I am e-mailing Michael Coren at Sun News I think we will get better coverage. E-mail
      http://www.thearena@sunmedia.ca and express your views. Best Wishes from a fellow Kaffir.

        • Michael interviewed the head of the J.D.L. during this week, they were speaking about the then upcoming Al-Cuds demo. I am sure they will be aware of the actions taken by the Metropolitan Toronto Police to help the poor muslims who were traumatized by the big, big, dog.
          It’s just a pity there were not more BIG DOGS at the scene, say like a couple of hundred.

        • Mapleleaf…

          I’m glad you sent it to Michael! Think I’ll send it to Ezra and perhaps Brian Lilly also!!

  33. Yep, Muslim hate dogs, particularly black ones which they consider to be the devil. So folks, when the coming war arrives, be sure to have at least one large black dog to scare the shit out of these evil people, and have it well trained!

  34. UnFreaking believable!!! Sooooo sick of these assLifters!!! They just keeeeeep creeping on in at every turn – Well seeing them lift their asses on the streets, of my city, OFFENDS ME!!! When are people going to WAKE UP!! Isn’t that what their PsOS mosques are for – oh that’s right, they’d rather shove their asses in your faces and “show you” who has the power!!!

    • Yes, that’s EXACTLY who and what they are: out to “show us” who is “superior” (just because Mohammed and his SATAN “Allah” says so, with ZERO proof – in fact, the facts go AGAINST THEM!!!!) and to rub our noses in their excrement!!!!

      I sure hope they stay in the big cities’ and don’t try to come anywhere near my rural neighbourhood (a full couple of hours away from Toronto)!!!! [I hate the thought of my having to find a way to get physically armed, but there may be no choice in the end…]

      • The problem I see is that it was it was ONE man and ONE dog. Remember these Islamo shit bags are cowards. 10 or 15 people with dogs would have changed the situation completely. One or two things would have happened….the cowards would have acted cowardly and backed off, or the police would have had to bring in the riot squad costing money and manpower. If a police department is impacted in their pocketbook, for these types of situations, they may make it more difficult for an islamic organization to get a demonstration permit.
        On a side note…..If a person comes up to you and hits you in the face for walking a dog, this could be considered a life threatening act against you. If you TRULY BELIEVE that your life was in danger, you can defend yourself with deadly force!!!

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