THEY CAME. THEY SAW. THEY PLAGIARIZED. 1001 so-called Muslim inventions, virtually none of which were actually invented by Muslims

Working its way around the country is a short film entitled “1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets” which claims that much of the science we take for granted was drawn from Islamic discoveries.

This is the Muslim BS propaganda film that the above video tore to shreds.

MUSLIM URBAN LEGENDS: These past few years have seen many inventions falsely claimed and attributed to Islamic inventors, which in fact either existed in pre-Islamic eras, were invented by other cultures, or both.

LINK Such FALSE claims have even been forced upon the unsuspecting public in a worldwide tour which opened with an exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, England, then went to New York City, at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan funded by taxpayers to the tune of a $40,000 grant from the National Endowment of the Humanities. It was accompanied by a shameless piece of propaganda titled “How Islamic inventors changed the world” written by Paul Vallely and  has received much praise from Muslims and is still being widely circulated on Islamic websites, forums, blogs, and is even used as a source (to validate false claims of Islamic inventions)

This article boldly opened with the following statement: “From coffee to cheques and the three-course meal, the Muslim world has given us many innovations that we take for granted in daily life, 20 of which Vallely nominates as the most influential.

When you click on any of these 20 inventions listed below, you will see how very little, if anything, Muslims had to do with them.



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  1. Let us be fair. Yes, most of the claims of scientific advances during the Golden Age of Islam are pure hogwash. They were ancient innovations that Muslim conquerors stole and claimed as their own. Other advances were the work of Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians or Muslim apostates who happened to live under Islamic jurisdiction. Still, their were a FEW accomplishments that really were the work of Muslims. Islamic proto-scientists did some fine work in optics and astronomy, for example. And although Muslims certainly did NOT invent algebra, the Arab Al-Khwarizmi is called “the father of (modern) algebra for good reason. Granted, these three fields will not yield 1001 Muslim scientific inventions, or any number near 1000, but we must admit that Muslims made SOME contributions. probably not BECAUSE of Islam, but DESPITE the restrictions that the religion imposed upon thought and innovation.

    How about today? Well, you won’t find much in the way of innovative science in the modern Islamic world. One area in which Muslim researchers DO excel is camel- breeding. Not as impressive as computers, nuclear power or cell phones, but I’m sure desert dwellers find these breeding techniques useful.

  2. The Politically Correct attitude toward Islam and label “Islamophopia” reminds me of the revisionist attitude toward the “Red Scare”. As you must know, we all grew up with the legend of innocent civil rights advocates and liberals mistaken for Communists and hounded out of their jobs over heresay. The last thing many people can accept is that scores of Americans belonged to a group that took orders from a genocidal regime, and even the relatively “innocent” belonged to “Front Groups” that said genocidal regime hid behind. Even many who admit this plead extenuating circumstances like “America was evil, so you have to understand”.

  3. My Dear Mr BareNakedIslam,

    Please do not ignore the very important inventions of rape, sodomy, taharrush and the bumfingering of young girls which we introduced to Cologne and Stockholm in recent months to bring your European culture closer to the teachings of the Koran.

    Your good friend,
    Sheikh Abdullah al-Taharrush ( @Analfinga )

  4. It concerns me greatly that one of the most useful items invented by Muslims is not mentioned on this web site. This item is the CONDOM, which was invented by Abu Babu go-at fukur in 649.
    Of course, not to be out-done, the French improved the CONDOM in 1789 by killing the goat first and removing the intestines, cleaning it and making it more user-friendly. Since then it has been improved many-a-times but it is undoubtedly an Islamic invention and they should have the credit.

  5. Good day, my comment or advice is that we should consolidated and substantiate information posted with concrete evidences and fact which will be free of antagonistic and blasphemous expressions so as to reduce or totally eliminate hatred between religious sects and promote love and unity. 10Q.

    • Abu, “Blasphemous expressions?” You mean the kind that would get my head cut off? Not to worry, you have earned the wrath of the world by your actions. Islam is not a religious sect, it’s a death cult.

  6. Lol if you actually believe this asshole then you’re either a redneck from Virginia or just plain stupid…

    • Even the dumbest Redneck is at least a 1000x times smarter and more civilized than the most educated and cosmopolitan muslim. Islam sucks donkey ass! It seriously needs to be not just eradicated which it will, but also eliminated from the world. Good on the Buddhists, Hindus and Shintos KICKING islam in the butt and NOT ALLOWING themselves to be overwhelmed by them in their nations. Now us Jewish and Christian folk need to follow the same.

      Oh and “Joseph Goldstein”, you are NOT a Jew. You are a typical butt ugly low IQ cowardly muslim loser pretending to be Jewish with such a silly name. Heck, you are so dumb, you could not even come up with a more convincing Jewish name. At least you could have tried a handle like “David Meir” or “Guy Sella” or something.

      Jeez, what a dumb ass! Better luck next time. ONLY a low IQ muslim would suck at trolling! Leave trolling for the real smart ones in humanity. Jews like Sacha Baron Cohen are great trolls. You can NEVER be Jewish because you are a dumb muslim. F-k allah!

      • Steps to make a Muslim Contribution to the world:
        1: See something that is useful from another culture.
        2: Steal that concept from them.
        3: Show it to people, and claim it’s your own.
        Optional: Kill the original inventors.

        • Steps to make a Muslim Contribution to the world:
          1: See something that is useful from another culture.
          2: Steal that concept from them.
          3: Show it to people, and claim it’s your own.
          Optional: Kill the original inventors.

          Have you studied history or are you just recycling the same garbage you read on websites like this? Muslim scientist cited numerous Greek scientist who came before them and translated their works into Arabic which is how some ancient texts survived while lost to Europe during the Dark Ages. The Greeks and Indians themselves learned a lot from the ancient Egyptians but they generally goes without citation.

    • Your articles just proves that the Serbian race was indeed conceived from the Turkish Muslim race, as the Serbs indeed think on the same brain wave.

      The traditional Serbian sayings are, where ever there is a Serb, Serbian grave and a Serbian church then that’s all Serbia.

      In short what ever a Serb eats, says, pisses on and looks at is Serbia. So many people have unfortunately died and violently because of this deranged Serbian delusional thinking.

      The latest I have read also states that Serbia is 10,000 years old and that Noahs son is the father of Serbia, they also claim else that Serbia and Serbians are the new children of God bumping the Jews off the number one spot. Apparently as said by the Serbians, an Archangel came down from heaven and offered this to the Serbians, lol,

      The Serbs also claim to be the first and oldest people on this planet, lol.

      Now I see why the Serbs bullshit a lot, they want to out bullshits their Turkish Muslim Grandparents.

      The Muslims and their off spring Serbians need to be told and forcibly that they are wrong, until then there will never be peace as the Muslims and Serbs will keep thinking in their little minds that the whole world is against them and that it is up to them to save the world.

      May God have mercy on us, a lot more life will be lost before the Muslims and Serbs are stopped.

      Yeah sure, not all Muslims are terrorists but all the terrorists were Muslims.

      Yeah, not all Serbians are killers, but all the mass killers were Serbians.

  7. Just saying the video lied about so many things that Muslims do. I can’t say about the inventions but guessing from their claims about Muslims those are most likely also lies

  8. Dear BareNakedIslam:
    I compiled this list and put it in my youtube channel discussion. Unfortunately, some intolerant followers from a certain religion (you know!) who do not know what is free speech, marked it as spam. I’m sure some overactive youtube mod will delete it to appease them. I want to preserve this. Everyone: Please feel free to add/delete/change and share this everywhere!
    Thanks in advance!

    Butt bomb, hand amputation machine, verses for defecation, cartoonophobia,
    penis-rub pedophilia, religious genocide, Jewish badge, beheading snuff film,
    computer virus, passenger plane-guided missile, burqini, djinn power, female
    co-worker breastfeeding, sugaring pubic & arse hair removal, Islamic tampon,
    suicide attack, car bomb, genocide denial, assassination, term ‘Islamophobia’.
    1. BUTT BOMB
    Al Qaeda’s magazine Inspire gives step-by-step instructions on how to build a bomb designed to be hidden inside the anus to beat airport security. It was conceived by by the brilliant Muslim inventor, Umar Farouq Abdulmutallab, who earlier had also invented the underpants bomb.
    Iran has rolled out a machine with which to mete out the gruesome punishment of hand amputation, according to one of the country’s official news outlets. France 24: “Resembling scenes from the Medieval period, the blindfolded sentenced man is held in place by three men in black hoods, one of whom guides the man’s fingers into the large metal contraption, which presumably includes a rotary saw-like function.”
    Prescriptions to use three fingers to wipe one’s arse after defecating, to use an odd number of stones to wipe the arse after you defecate, etc… After all Allah knows best.
    Death threats for cartoons were received on the following dates. December 1999: Der Spiegel; July 4, 2001: South Park, “Super Best Friends” episode; September 2005: Jyllands-Posten; August 2007: Lars Vilks; September 2007: Bangladeshi cartoonist Arifur Rahman; April 2010: South Park episode “200”, “201”; January 2015: Charlie Hebdo. The Islamic phobia of cartoons extends to “soldier of Satan” Mickey Mouse, who was issued a fatwa by Islamic thinker, Muhammad Al-Munajid, a former Saudi diplomat.
    The term Mufaakhathah means to have foreplay with one’s prepubescent ‘wives’ in between her thighs. The great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself practiced it on Aisha (RA) when she was 7 and 8 years old.
    The first ever instance of religious warfare was on Hijra year 5 when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ordered almost nine hundred Jews of the Banu Qurayza tribe be massacred by Muslims. The killing began early in the day, ending in torchlight. Those who escaped death were taken captive and sold at slave markets (Sura 33 of the Holy Koran). Coincidentally, the very term ‘genocide’ was coined after the Armenian massacre in the early 20th century.
    The Jewish badge, was a cloth patch that Jews were ordered to sew on their outer garments as a mark of shame during the Holocaust. It was first introduced by a Muslim caliph in Baghdad in the 9th century as a variant of the Zunnār belt.
    Nick Berg (1978–2004) was an American freelance freelance radio-tower repairman who was stationed in Iraq. He was abducted and beheaded in May 2004 by Islamist militants and the first ever beheading video released. Such videos was popularized by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, one of the greatest Islamic minds of the 21st century.
    The world’s first PC computer virus was created in September, 1986, by two brothers from Lahore, Pakistan, Amjad Farooq Alvi and Basit Farooq Alvi. The two geniuses actually included their names, phone number and address in the code (lol!) that guaranteed them their special place in the Islamic hall of infamy.
    The World Trade Center buildings were destroyed on September 11 2001 by a bunch of devout Muslims using hijacked passenger planes. Allah has surely granted the hijackers a special place in Islamic heaven, with 72 virgins each.
    11. BURQINI
    Since Allah has forbidden women from ‘tempting’ men, Lebanese-Australian Aheda Zanetti designed the head-to-toe cover for women in the pool. It has been banned in many places as it is supposed to harbor bacteria and is considered unhygienic. Even more Islamic than the burqini is the ‘veilkini’.
    Djinns (genies, i.e. supernatural beings of fire) can be harnessed to solve the world’s energy needs. This brilliant idea was proposed by Muslim genius, Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood. Mahmood is a prominent nuclear scientist at the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, and recipient of the prestigious Gold Medal of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences.
    Since Allah will be very angry if men and women mix, it is sheer Islamic genius that came up with the solution to tackle the problem of intermingling of male and female co-workers. Female employees must breastfeed their male colleagues. The brilliant mind who came up with this idea was Dr. Attya, a noted scholar at the prestigious Al-Azhar University. He borrowed the idea from none other than Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself, who ordered that Sahla breastfeed Salim so that (due to some convoluted reason) the Prophet could marry his own daughter-in-law, Zainab.
    Allah has forbidden the shaving of hair below the chin. But he also insists of personal hygiene (that is, by Arab standards). Since the arse and the genitals are below the chin, this poses a big problem for devout Muslims! Islamic inventive genius comes to the rescue – Muslims invented a method called ‘sugaring’, which is basically do-it-at-home bikini waxing using a concoction of caramelized sugar, water and lemon juice.
    Well before the Kamikazes of WW-II, were the Juramentado, the world’s first suicide attackers. A fanatical bunch of Moro Muslim Jihadists, they would shave their eyebrows to resemble the Islamic moon, and then put their hand upon the Koran, and take a solemn oath to prepare themselves to die and take as many lives as possible, as Jihad. They would rush towards crowds decapitating as many as possible with their swords, screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’!
    17. CAR BOMB
    The first car bomb in history was used in Istanbul, Turkey in 1905 as an assassination attempt on Sultan Abdul Hamid II.
    Turkey is the only government that criminalizes the use of the word ‘genocide’ when referring to the massacre of up to 1.5 million Armenians in the Ottoman empire in World War I. The term ‘genocide’ itself was coined by Raphael Lemkin in 1943 to describe the mass extermination of Armenians.
    The Nizari Ismaili cult was formed in 11th century. One devout Nizari, Hassan-i Sabbah founded the Assassins, for his own political benefit and for revenge against his enemies. He would drug his followers – the Fidayeen – with hashish. The word ‘Assassin’ itself is derived from the Arabic word “Hashishin” (hashish addict).
    The first use of the word ‘Islamophobia’ (Fr: Islamophobie) was by Nasr’Eddine Dinet, a French Muslim and Algerian Muslim Sliman ben Ibrahim in their biography of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in 1918. Nowadays Islamophobia is a catch-all term for many phobias such as misogyny-phobia, intolerance-phobia or violence-phobia, as well as many phobia of phobias, e.g. homophobia-phobia (hating haters of homosexuals) or cartoonophobia-phobia (hating haters of harmless cartoons).
    Subhan’Allah Alhamdulillah Allahu Akbar. Insha’Allah!

  9. .
    Nice. A good analysis of Islam, for a change. Yes, there never was a Golden Age of islam, and neither were there any Muslim inventions.

    What happened is that islam conquered vibrant Christian and Jewish nations, enslaved their people with the unbeliever Jizya tax system and the unbeliever Covenant of Dhimmitude, and sucked these regions dry. And then they claimed any inventions, past or present, to be Muslim inventions, when they were nothing of the sort.

    See this paper on


  10. Muslims not only stole discoveries they also burned books, during khilji conquest of India khilji burned Nalanda university (oldest university) library which went on burning for 3 months because of number of books

  11. After readings some of the comments, I was surprised by how much hate you guys have towards Islam and Muslims, you just lie and lie…some claim that Muslims didn’t contribute to science or medicine or Algebra…I think you are just bluffing…It’s really Sarcastic that one Muslim scholar called Khwarizmi is called the father of the Algebra, Jaber bin Hayyan was called the father of Chemistry! There are hundreds of Muslim scholars who changed the world, here are some of them go learn some history! and stop this madness, or at least be objective and stop spreading hate….and you know what, I’ll assume that some of these inventions are not attributed to Muslim scholars, at least they preserved the knowledge and spread it all over the world in the time your ancestors in Europe were decapitating and burning scholars and thinkers, stop spreading hate, and at least be objective when you point out mistakes….Go and read about Alzahrawi! Ibn Sina! Ibn Zuhr… There is no enough space and time to mention them all…

    • hazem, you don’t have to keep changing names to post your ignorant statements here. muslims did not invent Algebra. All they did was name the number zero. Algebra came from Hindus in India. muslims steal just about everything they claim to have invented. Lying is part of your phony religion.

      And yes, EVERYONE who reads this blog HATES islam and most muslims.

    • You punk…Muslims stole Indian numerals and mathematics.They devised nothing in that mathematics.Get serious.

    • You’re obviously an idiot. All the Muslims have contributed to society is blood shed, hatred, and legal pedophilia. They are a bunch of backwards thinking cavemen who serve no purpose

    • You read history well
      All these scholars and thinkers were atheists and were beheaded .
      They helped Islam . Islam built nothing but on the contrary destroyed everything .
      And to appreciate their rule in the Islamic civilization they were all burnt to death or beheaded just because the denied and criticized Islam .
      Most of what Muslims preserved was by the aramiec thinkers

    • You talked about all these men . You said go learn history. I think you’re ignorant about these things and you Should learn it first. Please know that stars of golden age of muslims were men that did not believe in islam and were Branded as apostates by Islamic scholars. Ar Razi called prophets(those Abbasid rulers, that belonged to the same tribe Muhammad did.) billy goat Bearded charlatans. And Bu Ali Sina was condemned as heretic by Al Kazali. Khayyam the mathematician mocked all the concepts of Islam such as predestination, paradise. The fact that these men could do such things is they were not under the power of mosques. Well before you quote history please know that fake claims of arabs that invention of surgery, coffee, alzebra, blah blah blah were not of Arab’s actually. World’s first surgeon was Shusurta(600 BC) a Hindu or better an Indian. And Islam came into existence after 1000 years(almost) in 7 tb century. And alzebra was named after an arab Al-Jabr, it doesn’t mean he invented it. It was firstly introduced in Aryabattiya book, By Aryabhata, an Indian who is also considered inventer of Zero. And Arabian Jalali calendar was based on works of Indian mathematicians. Arab claims of inventing coffee, please know coffee was first recognized by Ethiopians not arabs. Muslims claim of inventing University. Please know world’s first university was Taxila University in India(In 700 BC , Nalanda university was also contemporary of it). Arabs stole all their inventions from Greeks, Indians and Ancient Egyptians. So many things have to say but you people are persistent and would stick with your centuries back thoughts and refuse to believe these things. All muslims taught is lie. All they did, and in fact they are still doing, is massacres of Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians and Hindus. Of course no religion is 100% clean but yours is ocean of dirt, based on lies and superstitions. You people destroyed this planet.

  12. Do´nt forget Charles Martel, Poitiers 732 A.D. For more information look at the Wikipedia or your encyclopedia.
    Was Charles Martel the first islamofob?

  13. I thought the koran said the earth is flat? A muslim would have been killed saying different, Thus another lie by muslims.

    • Where in the Quran did you read that…give me the number of the verse, how stupid….and one more thing, you Christians used to decapitate and burn scholars and thinkers in the middle ages…go grab a book and learn history idiot

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    • Guronimo, I don’t know how to download other than to upload them from LiveLeak and onto my Youtube account. I use a MAC and not all Download apps work with it. But I am a Computer Dummy, especially about videos, and am unable to download the really graphic ones now.

      I use WordPress software which has an app called VideoPress which I have activated but I can’t get it to work on anything other than Vimeo videos. Any advice?

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        You may recall a recent street riot in a tourist town in Spain – incredulously enough, by the following day, YouTube deleted the video for violating its ‘hate speech’ policy! It’s the 2nd video from the very bottom on my channel –

        So please do open a LiveLeak account, I wish I did so ages ago, it’s great to see Pat Condell there and the party can’t start without you… 🙂

        … I’ll contact you via your gmail account in the next day or two- presently swamped somewhat – and as always, my best to you & yours,


        • I tried the LiveLeak embed code but it doesn’t load the video creen, just the link. I have no idea how to use the VideoPress feature and I don’t think it works with LiveLeak anyway. I used to use Vodpod which was sold to Lockerz and I they don’t accept embed codes from LiveLeak. They could handle the old embed codes but not the ones they use now (iframe)

          My problem is not being able to load from LiveLeak to here.

  15. Even legitimate discoveries made by Arabs and Persians during the Middle Ages were made by very liberal scholars within the Muslim world who weren’t afraid of free inquiry. And in the Middle Ages, it was Europe that was backward and dominated by strict authoritarian religion. And the Middle East, a couple of centuries after Muhammad, began to have a much more liberal view of the world. If they had continued on the path of a liberal view, they might have advanced much further.

    While the Arabs did not invent algebra and geometry, they did make some contributions to it. They did not invent astronomy, but preserved much of the knowledge that was made in the Western world, and made a few contributions to that as well. They did make some contributions to medicine as well reading classical texts in Greek and translating them into Arabic and learning from them.

    To be fair to Muslims, they, under a far more liberal culture did preserve much of the knowledge of the ancient world that would have been lost forever.

    It was around the 1400’s that the pendulum began to swing the other way. The Arab and Muslim world began to follow a much more rigid interpretation and literal interpretation of the Quran and forsook much of the knowledge they had gained from the West. And the West began to break the yoke of strict authoritarian religion and began to think for themselves. This was the foundation of the artistic and cultural Rennaisance, the Protestant Reformation, Humanism, which are many of the building blocks of modern Western civilization. The roles are now reversed. Islam, under a literal interpretation of the Quran and Hadiths, now enjoys no liberty, culture, or science, and is now stagnated. And the West, forsaking a literal interpretation of religion, and restricting its power in politics, began to enjoy a growth in intellect, the arts, and sciences.

    • “To be fair to Muslims, they, under a far more liberal culture did PRESERVE much of the knowledge of the ancient world that would have been lost forever.”

      How-so? If mohammed had never been invented, apart from there being about 270 million more civilians, maybe one billion with natural growth, why wouldn’t that knowledge have made its way throughout the world?

      • Around the same time filthy mohammed was abusing Aiesha and raping and pillaging around Arabia with the god that created the UNIVERSE giving his personal thumbs up, this Idol Worshiper in India the Mathematician and Philosopher Brahmagupta did this.

        It really shows how much the world regressed when mohammeds prostitute mother was raped by the town rapists resulting in the spawning of islam the retard cult of death.

        Their golden age was the rape and pillage of Non Muslims and claiming it as theirs from the beginning and as we see nothing changes, they have added nothing to humanity and never will. I honestly believe that without islam we humans would have advanced further then we are today maybe even war would have been a thing of the past.

    • It’s unfair, the Muslims made great innovations and discoveries that we should credit for them.

      Some of the greatest cultural and technological achievements made by the Muslims are hijab, goat sex, innovative suicide bombing techniques such as rectal suicide bombing, skyscraper demolition techniques using aircraft, contributions to medicine such as female genital mutilation and innovative military tactics such as hiding behind civilians in war.

    • Hi Mr.Liar …. Rape: go read some statistics about the rates of rape in the USA and Europe, and compare the numbers in the Arab world…our rates compared to your are almost (ZERO), the number you don’t like…kill: the number of Iraqis killed by your country exceeded one million victims! not mentioning hundreds of thousands killed in Afghanistan under the name of freedom and liberty…lie: I think you know about this much more than me…It’s your name after all….


  16. i guess paul vallely is muslim and i liked for the record. even though coffee is Ethopian and not arab. it was a christian monk who burned the berries

  17. That video has been taken down due to ‘copyright claims.’ Wish I could have seen it. Wonder who made that claim? hmm, let me guess, the owner of the 1001 inventions propaganda ?

  18. The first video “Science and Islam: A Reply …” is no longer working. The following error message is given:

    This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by a third party.-Sorry about that.”

    Given the image on the screen shot features “Answering Islam”‘s David Wood, one wonders which third party objection is involved./

  19. Most of the are illiterate, so how they can say they have invented writing, or anything else for that matter, is rather puzzling. How they have time to invent anything when they are busy raping women and children, killilng in various ways, destroying cultural treasures, lifting their asses five times a day, I have no idea.

  20. I have a special message to all the Islamic Jihad warriors out there. A message that just might save your lives if you are smart enough to read this. DON’T MESS WITH THE UNITED STATES!!!

    This nation is different than any other that you have targeted in the past. Americans don’t tolerate animalistic behavior and we will defeat you because we are different from anyone you’ve faced before.

    If you don’t believe me take a look at those f-15 fire jets screaming over your heads. Some of those are piloted be American women. That’s right! We don’t put our women in berkas, we put them in F-15s and send them after you guys. The mighty Mujahideen are being killed by American women, and the survivors are running and hiding from those American women. You might want to think about that before you bring your Jihad to America. We have the same kind of women living here in the states. I know because I’ve had to run and hide a couple of times myself. Lol

    Now Oshma Bin Laden was in a fortress surrounded by security in the middle of a Pakistani military center and our guys swooped in, killed him and stole his body without losing a single American.

    You might want to think about that because if you think our fighters are good in your land, wait until you try to fight them in the streets of America. If you bring Jihad to America you will not only have to fight our women and our military, you’ll also have to fight our National Guard, law enforcement officers, local militias, and border patrol.

    And here’s the real kicker. 8 out of 10 American homes are well armed with shotguns, rifles, and handguns. That’s because we live in freedom! Not what you’re used to. It doesn’t matter how much money you donate to Democrats, they’re never gonna succeed in taking guns away from the American people. Jihad in America doesn’t have a chance!

    So do yourselves a favor…. Don’t mess with the United States! Keep your Jihad right there in the Middle East where it belongs. Hey, every culture has it’s national sport. Ours is football… yours is Jihad.

  21. muslim population of the world approx 20% NOBEL PRIZE winners 7

    Jewish population of the world approx 0.02% NOBEL PRIZE winners 129 up to 1996


    From a Christian

    • @Mapleleaf,

      Add to your statement.

      The amount of technology/science/medicine developments and patents that comes out of tiny Israel vs. the entire ME-just a few patents in as many years.

      ….and that ladies and gentlemen is the difference between us and them.

    • And most of the Muslim Nobel prizes are for “peace”. I think ONE for mathematics, one for literature , not sure about the other one, literature also? None for science or medicine or physics etc.

  22. The moslems are only first class liars, citing reports I wrote working in Saudi Arabia where I later observed six different signatures on the same report. Then there was the certificate of failure that was proudly displayed and touted as his english certificate from his university days….

  23. Those 2 comments summarized the lies of the islamists, which Muslims are perfect in. The inventions Islam achieved is very obvious by now, jihad, the viel for women and some men (the cowards are covering their heads like women).
    But, let us be fair, if we the westerners treat them as criminals according to OUR laws they will stop. So, yes, it is OUR fault that we allow them to block our streets to pray, to force their ugly habits on us like ‘halal’ food. Mosques (the dens of terrorists) are all over. Voting for Muslim leaders is catastrophic to say the least.

    Wake up America

  24. Well you have to give them one thing, they’ve got that lieing thing down pat. The questions still remains, who are you going to believe, them or the history. It’s a no brainer for those who utilize the brain pan group for something other then a hat rack.

    They are good at deceit, fraud, lies, subversion, cruelty, intolerance, wickedness, pediphilia, woman hating and killing for all most always something small, such as a disagreement of their purposes in this life, and a host of other items one does not aspire to accomplish, nor teach to a well founded youth, but, inventons, yeah, I don’t think so. In the famous words of one of our trusted leaders of this past half century, RR, “yeah they claim to take credit for so much that it just isn’t so” (words mixed on purpose to illistrate their fraud).

    Has anyone else noticed, not a single one of these so called inventions was backed by a refutable scholar, scientist, or a person of anyother religious persausion, yeah I though so too, did I mention they have that lieing thing down pat?

    Semper Fi.

  25. Cat:
    What a shame it is that we can no longer use the peace prize as the hallmark of distinction. Since its gross misuse by politically inclined liberals to award it to people who have either done nothing, or have deliberately reversed the “peace” of the world or their region. Of course, I refer to the august personages of Barack Obama and Yasser Arafat. Both were given the coveted prize and neither deserved even honorable mention because neither was or is honorable.

  26. Some say the Muslims are the “great bull shit artists” of the world, and I must agree. Many on the list came from Ancient China many thousands of years earlier and some were reintroduced by Muslim traders going along the silk route. Perhaps they invented Silk too!

    One thing is true, I am sure there has only ever been one or two Nobel prizes awarded to Muslims – ever. However the Jewish people have been awarded this paramount award many, many times. For Medicine, Literature, Music, Chemistry Math & Science and so many other disciplines And THE PEACE PRIZE. The Muslims have one for Literature. But this is very good for a cult that mostly has an Oral tradition, and when their multitude can neither read or write.

  27. Total lies as the muslims practise their taqiyya lies of BS. What a filthy bunch of low life savages to steal the inventions of honourable inventors for their own sick desires to try to feel important even if it means to lie and cheat. I will let the low percentage of noble peace prizes awarded to muslims tell the tale of the tape as the very small percentage of Jews in the world, are honoured with the vast majority of peace prize awards while the large number of muslims are awarded virtually zero peace prizes. There is no shame in their lies to try to make the savages feel good about themselves because they have no morals or any normal feelings of consciencious.

  28. Islam destroys everything in it’s path it does not contribute anything to society but warfare, genocide, murder, rape and the destruction of cultures.

    “…..a culture that creates nothing, invents nothing, produces nothing, and aspires to nothing except genocide.”

    “Islam has no culture to speak of, unless one includes its reputation for barbarity, cruelty, intolerance, slavery, nihilism, and an unquenched malice for any culture that is measurably superior to it, for any culture that is pro-living on earth, pro-freedom, pro-reason. That culture happens to be Western culture. “-Edward Cline