MYANMAR (Burma) First Muslims intentionally burn down their village, then they beg the world for help

The reason they burned down all their houses? They wanted to make a fire big enough to spread and burn down the entire neighboring Buddhist community.

(The links below the video provide background about this self-imposed Muslim problem in Myanmar)










10 comments on “MYANMAR (Burma) First Muslims intentionally burn down their village, then they beg the world for help

  1. These mohammadans must have a LOT of Jewish culture behind them. Chutzpah, classic definition, a man who murders his parents, then begs mercy because he’s an orphan. Who is STUPID enough to buy a home for someone who burns his previous home down? Other than Australians, who give mansions to illegal immigrants while forcing loyal, so far, veterans to live homeless, on the streets.

  2. I am so enraged about this cult, it’s hard to contain. Reading the section of Fjordman’s ‘Deafeating Eurabia’ where he outlines the destruction of Sweden, and what Albanian Muslims have said of Sweden’s native population and done to them, is enough to make me vomit. I have no ethnic ties to Sweden, but my God, this entire thing is like some sick nightmare and it hurts me to even be aware of it. How the hell have we allowed these savages into Europe and now North America as well? How did we fall asleep while seditious neo-Marxist elements in our own governments allowed them access?

    Reading about Sweden has confirmed my fear. The people there are not being turned into Dhimmis. They already are. The police must wear less threatening uniforms so as not to offend Muslims, the people have been told they have no greater right to the country than the immigrants arriving every week, firemen are mocked and humiliated when they respond to a fire in one of the Sharia districts, women are raped DAILY by Muslims who will not rest until (direct quote) “the Swedes see me, fall down to the floor and kiss my feet”

    To the Burmese people. Don’t stop. These scumbags will destroy your country. It is all they have EVER been taught to do. Now that the military dictatorship is gone, they will hijack your democracy. That’s what they did in places like Sweden. Drive them out before they have a chance. Use any means necessary to rid yourselves of this curse and NEVER let them back into the nation if any are left to even return. I have no sympathy for them. Nobody should have any sympathy for them.
    I don’t often describe things as ‘evil’. That word is tossed around too much in today’s world, but I will say this.

    Islam is EVIL. Plain and simple, and those who practice the words of Muhammad are EVIL.

  3. Certainly not one penny will be forthcoming from s.arabia and other oil rich muslim nations to help their fellow muslims relocate back to bengladesh. A few million dollars(pocket change to them) could grease the wheels of the bengladesh govt to accept their countrymen’s return.

  4. Bustling community gone said the reporter. Good is what I say. Even if the muslims did not do it to themselves (and i guess they did) I still think the community should be deported to a muslim hell hole.
    One said we want to go to banglahell but they don’t want them- who would these miserable people.
    These muslims cannot support themselves said the report – but I ask if the mulsim countries cared they would send help, but they don’t. It takes western ngos there to help them. These ngo do not help the budhists.
    The rahingha should be ignored and left alone. The muslims over the centuries have made life for buddhists hell- compassion for someone who will turn round and kill you is not compassion but stupidity. Get these people out of buddhist countries. get them out of every country that wants to live in peace. Send them back to a muslim country. Negotiation surely has passed. These pieces of crap will just take and take until you are dead or converted.

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