SWEDEN: Muslim savages brutally beat 87-year-old woman trying to stop them from abusing a puppy

The 87-year-old confronted a (Muslim) immigrant gang of five that was assaulting a helpless puppy outside a grocery store. The gang then turned their attention to her, beating her to the ground, where they brutally kicked and punched her until she started bleeding from her private parts.

hd.se (h/T Maritha B)  The sadistic attack is now sending chock-waves through the once-idyllic small town of Helsingborg, southern Sweden.

The woman, who was discovered in her home several days after the attack with heavy bleedings from her genitals, says in an interview with Swedish Radio that she ‘couldn’t help but ask them to stop – maybe it was stupid of me but I just couldn’t stand watching them torture a small animal’.

On November 12, she was just on her way to the local grocery store in central Helsingborg to buy coffee when she was confronted with the horrific scene. ‘When I went outside I heard something howling just like a small child crying. I continued a few steps and saw a few men standing in front of me. I realized that they were beating a small dog, a black one with a white chest.’

As the 87-year-old grandmother asked the men, who were ‘speaking a language that she couldn’t understand’, to stop what they were doing and told them that ‘they should be ashamed of themselves’, they immediately responded by knocking her down to the ground.

‘One of them came up to me and hit me on the right side of of my head and I fell to the ground. One of the others forced my legs down and then they started kicking me while I was lying down.’ The gang focused most of their kicks on the 87-year-old’s lower abdomen and private parts. ‘I thought they were going to break my legs because they were bending them apart while kicking straight ahead.’

In an eerily similar case in Gothenburg in March this year, a 61-year-old pensioner was beaten so savagely that he fell into a coma. His crime? Trying to protect his dog from being harassed by an immigrant gang outside a supermarket in Kortedala.

DOG JIHAD? Multiple dog poisonings like this one in Spain are on the rise in communities throughout Europe wherever there is a large Muslim immigrant population























97 comments on “SWEDEN: Muslim savages brutally beat 87-year-old woman trying to stop them from abusing a puppy

  1. They would not take on some big, well built swedes, heh? Those cowards.
    Just like serial killers who pray on the weak, they are sociopaths, hardwired by years of inbreeding and horrific experiences (such as witnessing your sister being stoned to death). This is the only explanation for a “human being”to be able to act this way.
    One of the main characteristics in a young sociopath in the making, is the joy of torturing and killing animals, let alone, beating a helpless old woman severely.
    I am sure you will find abnormalities in most of the muslim population’s brain, if you only scan them. With much attention to the amygdalae.

    These types of events simply boil my blood.
    Why would anyone invite those child molestors, women opressors, sadists into their country? That baffles me.

    • Swedes need to kick ass striking the fear of a torturous death in their minds. If I saw Muslims harming anyone or any animal, I could kill them and as one man in here said, go have ice cream afterwards. Citizens of every Country need to rise up and put an end to their pschopathic behaviors. Make them so scared that they wouldn’t dream of evil behavior. Stupid Muslims believe in an eye for an eye, then give them what for big time. Courts haven’t grown a pair.

  2. Someone needs to splice the genes of a dog to a pig and call the creature a pog. Every kaffir should have one. My mother has two Chihuahuas that would fight back, injured or no. Chihuahuas don’t take any crap and they can smell evil… the poor little dog crucified in the photo looks
    like it may be a chi-I am profoundly disturbed to The core. Also my mother is sixty, if if someone assaulted her or her dogs I would deliver them some unforgettable retribution.. oh yes my friends there would be pain…

    • And the gene splicing joke was meant tongue in cheekly! There’s nothing funny about this article…; I may not sleep tonight without nightmares! Only sociopaths do things like this.Why do towelheads hate canines anyway?

  3. I wish that all sick muslims will go directly to hell where is theirs place !!!
    World !!! Wake up !!! This people are psychos !!!

  4. The government needs to crack down on all violence against animals, women, children and men. And I hope the police are looking for the criminals who did this to the puppy and the older lady. The police need to increase, be armed and crack down!

    • Hi Eddy, I am from New Zealand, you probably read about my conviction in the New Zealand court because I told a Muslim woman to take off her burqa. ABout those poor dogs, I have no words to describe that barbaric savagery. We have in New Zealand also people who commit heneious crimes against animals,but at least they get arrested and in the Court. Eddy, one answer: STOP MUSLIM IMMIGRATION TO OUR WESTERN COUNTRIES!!! I do not want those barbarians either in New Zealand! I read now so much about Islam and that they find dogs and animals in general “dirty”. It is no wonder that they are so cruel, like Halal, and no compassion what so ever.

  5. I wonder if anyone else saw this. If these sorry-ass sons of bitches are caught – they need to have the same thing done to them. I love all animals, that poor puppy did nothing to receive what those mother-fuckers did to it. I am sorry for my candid speech, but I cannot stand to read nor hear of things that cowards do towards animals or older people. If there were other witnesses to this, please come forward and turn them in to the authorities. They cannot get away with this!!!!

  6. By the way, too bad for her that that woman weren’t one of the elderly ladies who are my relatives or aquintances. I and a few of my friends and family (including but not restricted to my and other’s dogs) would probably try to track the attackers down, and, if possible, make sure they never again would be able to kick anyone.

  7. “Muslim savages brutally beat 87-year-old woman trying to stop them from abusing a puppy”

    How do we know for sure that the attackers were mud-slimes?

    Don’t get me wrong; I’m absolutely not anti-racist, humanist or any of that crap. But neither am I fond of misleading or untrue statements.

  8. Sweden has brought this upon themselves in two ways. First they let their government disarm themselves and then they let their fine government let the immigration of Muslims into their country. Muslims breed 5 to 1 over any other race of people since they are sexually deviant and perverted with sex. Sweden is on its way to hell.

  9. @Robin,
    The report says,( As the 87-year-old grandmother asked the men, who were ‘speaking a language that she couldn’t understand’, ) If she was danish then she would understand what they were saying ,but like the report says ,ABOVE.

  10. I say it is time to get some powerful attack dogs and let them declare jihad on mu-slimes. Bite the crap out of them (though that wouldn’t be hard since they are so full of it.

  11. Anders Brevik


    Who is he? Some would know him as the Norwegian terrorist who killed 77 people (8 in a bombing, 69 more in a mass shooting). His religion? Church of Norway (Christian).

    The headline should read “Savages beat 87-year old woman…”. Their religion is irrelevant, except as a means to incite hatred and bigotry, and posting it only fans the flames, which is clearly your goal here.

    Timothy McVeigh? Republican and Christian. Adolf Hitler? raised roman Catholic, developed other Christian outlook later in life. Ted Bundy? Methodist (Christian). Evil people will be evil no matter what their religion.

    I make it no secret I view ALL religions as a scourge on society. I will concede that Islam is worse than Christianity in many regards — attitudes towards women and tendency to theocracy and ‘tribal law’ being among the worst aspects. Just as not all Christians are fundamentalists who handle snakes, take the bible literally (King James version no less), and commit acts of hatred and violence toward other religions, neither are all Muslims. It’s just FEWER of them are.

      • And the Taliban were financed and trained by the USA as the Mujahedin during Afghanistan’s war with the USSR in the 1980s. We trained and Financed the Iraqis then too in their fight vs Iran. Does that make the CIA terrorists?

        I just find it amusing that you think Islam is any different from Christianity. Both have had their fanatics and evildoers. As I said I’ll grant you that Islam seems to have MORE OF THEM at the moment. But in this instance I don’t think that the religion of the offenders makes any difference. For every article about a bunch of idiot Muslim thugs, I can find one about idiot likely Christian ones. Only the media doesn’t usually see fit to bother to mention the offenders’ religion unless it can incite some idiots.

        @Randy below:

        Ad hominem attacks are the last bastion of fools with no valid argument.

        So anyone who is not a racist bigot is a “pink-assed socialist type”? I’m not saying there aren’t a lot of bad Muslims (there are). I’m not saying that Islam does not have more backwards fundamentalist thinking than Christianity (it does). What I am saying is a) Christians suck too, just not to the same extreme (right now), and b) evil people will be evil no matter what their religion.

        • @Pedo Bear:

          No valid argument you say? And you expect us to think you have one? To those lacking in common sense, situational awareness, and devoid of the ability to get past their own blind, ideologically narrow subjectivity, the ad hominem is well earned.

          Regarding your snarky “racist bigot” comment, why don’t you enlighten us as to how you construe islam to be a race.

          Furthermore, i’m calling you out here. I want to see those examples of Christian thuggery and terrorism you speak of here, and we will weigh them against islamo-thuggery for all to see, and believe me, this blogsite has thousands of examples of islamo-thuggery as well as thousands of hits daily. Then we will see where your point registers on the moral equivallence scale.

          You are nothing but another obsfucating, P/C poisoned idiot out there among thousands who cannot be bothered to find out what is really going on in the world, a dime a dozen, and if that isn’t the epitomy of “narrow mindedness,” I don’t know what else is.

          Now, put out or STFU!

        • David, this sight lets people know what is happening. Since media , governments, and people like you , try to keep the truth hidden. Nor does this sight create hatred toward Muslims, They have done that all by them selves! And calling people a racist or bigot ect cause they don’t like the truth is ending. call me a bigot, a racist , I don’t care!!!!!! I don’t want Muslims here or around me or my loved ones. If you do, go join them, take some into your home. After all, they are contributing soooo much to society.

    • David, you ignorant slut! Oh wait, that was Jane. So be it you ignorant Judenratt! What a crock of unkosher, convoluted moral equivallency. That was downright straight outta Berkely and obviously meant to obsfucate and distract.

      Just so you’ll know, the one thing we hate more than Islam here is pink-assed, lefty socialist types who contrive to cheat at the pols and thwart the sovereign will of the majority, then enable their muslim masters, egotistically thinking they will be the last to get their yellow throats slit.

  12. Karate is quite a stiff formand requires a lot of flexibility, while Kung Fu is a bit flamboyant. Find somewhere that teaches Tae Kwon Do or Krav Maga

  13. You do not need a ten page long list of crime of Muslims against pets / dogs. You need to get rid of the trash called Muslims. And have these guys been arrested and their balls cut off yet? They do not deserve to live after what they did to the lady. It was not for trying to kill her that she is not dead. This was an attack to kill.

    They attack an innocent puppy and an elderly lady. And you Swedes sit and do nothing? How long before it is one of you or you daughters?

    There is a reason Americans have the 2nd Amendment. And it is not going to be bartered to the UN.

  14. This is too much. If this doesn’t scream for the deportation of muslim swine everywhere, I don’t know what else does. I never thought I would hear myself utter such words, but this is too much to take! A dog and an 87 year old woman! What kind of monsters? Islamo-monsters, thats what! God, I hate them so much!

  15. I will kill all Muslims who stand in my way. I will beat them to death with my bare hands. I will feed their dead bodies to wild dogs.

    • You have sequence wrong. They should be chased by Dobermans and/or Rotweillers until they drop. Then a round through the head.


    This infuriates me beyond belief. These scumbags should be burned alive. The Swedes better start voting for the Sweden Democrats soon, or they will all be serving Muslims as dhimmi slaves.

    On an unrelated note – IDF, please get rid of as many as you can in Gaza. Thanks.

  17. I really don’t give a shit what these fucking rag head Allah shit eating bastards do to humans, but this just really stirred my hate.

  18. I am shocked by this report. The cowardly cruelty to the puppy is bad enough but to attack an 87 year old woman in such a brutal way just beggars belief! Surely to God the Swedish government will now do something about the Muslim scum that is ruining their country (and indeed every country in the civilised world). If not, just how bad will it have to get – or maybe it’s already too late for them. I hope and pray that it is not.

  19. The elderly lady heard one of the savages speak a few words in danish. So one theory is that they are actually “danes”. We are not sure yet. What I know however, since this is in my neck of the woods, I live about 10-12 minutes away from the town by coomuting train. Helsingborg is located at the narrowest part of the Öresund strait. Helsingör/Elsinore is just nomore than 15 minutes away by ferry. Haven’t been over in 10-11 years though but back then Helsingör was okay. But rumour has it that there are now similar muzrat enclaves like anywhere else. So these five scumbags could have went over to visit relatives or for selling drugs, weapons or whatever. But MSM media also covers up the fact that four of the animals spoke an unknown language to the old lady. could have been arabpig but we don’t know yet. The MO is typical for koranimals though.

    • So you people can’t tell the difference between middle eastern muslums and Danes ? Sounds like even you conservative Swedes are appologists, yea maybe it was Danes.

      • Whoa, John, you are missing the point. I know Robin and she is as anti-Islam as I am and no apologist. All she was saying is that they are probably reporting that at least one of them spoke Danish and is probably a Dane. But that doesn’t mean he is also not a Muslim. The media over there is worse than ours and they try to avoid calling perps muslims whenever possible.

  20. When Yeshua came upon a town, a little boy came up upon them with his sick dog in his arms, and ask “Sir, my dog is sick. Can you please heal him?”
    Yeshua bent down and lay his hand on the dog and said to the boy, “Go home and when you are there and have laid him down. He shall be whole.”
    The next day, when walking by the boy’s home. They saw him playing with this dog and the boy’s mother came up upon them and said to Yeshua, “Are you not him that healed by son’s dog? You don’t know how happy you have made him. Thank you!”
    The disciples ask him, “Why did you heal that boy’s dog?” Yeshua reply, saying” Are we not all dogs before God’s eyes? Assuredly, I say to you, are you not all precious to me as that dog was to him? And if you was to ask from me that which he asked, would I not grant to you that thing also?” He taught this that they should know of intercession and of love of God.

    This is why Christianity is so much better than Islam

    • WONDERFUL!!!! Beautifully written and completely in accord with what Our Lord would do!!! Let’s remember how He Said: “Not even a sparrow shall fall to the ground without The Father knowing about it!” – not to mention how He Made everything and saw that it was VERY GOOD!!!!

    • Raiddan……….Bravo and Amen to that.What sort of “religion” does not have compassion for all of God’s creation? You disrespect God if you ill treat His creations.

    • Well said. They are trying to force their jihad on us Americans..did you hear about the muslims in my country that wanted to have A MILLION MUSLIM MARCH. Our government gave them a petition to have it and my own American born people were denied to have a bike march to Washington. WELL, MY FELLOW AMERICANS got over 1 million bikers to ride to Washington anyway. Some CANADIANS JOINED also. The defiant muzzies who showed up were about 20 total.

  21. Frankly, if this was my mother, I would hunt them down myself and put them out of our misery one way or another – no holds barred.

    This sounds just like muslims – attacking the elderly, attacking a woman, and targeting her private parts, let alone all the other reason BNI gives. They are heathen Satan b*tches who believe what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right. We cannot have them live amongst us; people need to wake-up and kick them all out.

    • Not only guns (though that’s important): flame-throwers, “mace”, pepper-spray and knives (if you’re strong and agile enough both physically and mentally) are also important. Not just in Europe but world-wide, to boot…

      Perhaps I’ll have to seriously consider taking a martial-arts course – what would those who’re in the know recommend to somebody who’s out of shape and not always “with it” due to mental disorders? Karate? Kung-fu? Some advice would be welcome – thanks in advance!!!

      • ADHD: It depends on how much time you have. I have studied 4 different martial arts (Kung Fu, T’ai Chi, Judo, and Tae Kwon Do) for a total of a bit over 17 years. I currently hold a 4th degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. ANY of these will serve IF you study and practice for many years. None of them will help you much in the first 3 or so years, and you need an instructor who teaches about “street situations”, not just sparring with rules. For a “quick fix” for self-defense I would suggest CDT (http://www.cdt-training.com/). This will give you the best chance of survival in a short amount of training. Next best might be Krav Maga, brutal but best of all effective and fairly condensed training, still takes much more than a couple of weekends to get any kind of proficiency.

      • ONe for beating the sh*t out of muslims, I would recommend Krav Maga, it was developed by the Israelis, check it out on Youtube, its simple, effective and brutal!

  22. What did she think she was doing, doesn’t she realize that Sweden is ruled by muslums now? And what were all the Swedish “men” doing while this was going on, hiding? Fuking wimps, deserve all they get.

  23. And yet the politically correct administration will not say anything that would offend their Muslim population. I can’t believe the savagery of these people, who beats up old people and kills dogs??? Crazy people do, that’s why the press doesn’t say anything, they don’t want to start any riots by these savages.. I say bomb their ghettos and let it be end… SMFH
    I am so sick of this shit happening and nothing being done to stop it.. We are doomed to repeat our past because the idiots in charge want to ignore it!!! Well not Barry, his agenda is being fulfilled as I write this, amazing I still have the freedom of speech, for now!

    • I know that this is off-topic and apologise in advance; however, I’d like to ask you if you ever spent any significant amount of time with them, especially in terms of caring for them. Perhaps a puppy has yet to find his or her way to you and to open your heart to their love, loyalty and kindness – just as was the case for me 15 years ago!

      [I was nervous around them until meeting who became my pet; however, on meeting my bitchlet and falling in love as much as one can properly do so, I have NEVER looked back. It also affected my late father: he, who also disliked them initially at least indoors, came to love her no less…]

    • Hey…it’s not about what you don’t like. You don’t do that. There is something seriously wrong with someone who does that…
      They value nothing good. Nothing at all. If they don’t like dogs, then they don’t have to live in the civilized countries who have them as pets. They are family to me. And if anyone even tried anything with one of my dogs (would be difficult, they are always monitored, always with me) they would find themselves in the hospital or worse.

  24. The Swedish allowed the Arabs to come into their country in droves. Now they are scared to death of these terrorists. Can anyone honestly tell me that no one was around to see this woman getting beat? Give me a break! If I ever saw anyone getting beaten by these ragheads, they would be beaten beyond recognition….Looks to me like they shouldn’t of despised the Jewish people so much. Antisemitism leads to the destruction of your country and your people. We saw that with the Pharohs,Romans,Nazis, and soon the Middle East in the hands of G_Ds people. I suggest everyone clean up their act about hating Jews. It’s tine to open your, eyes and remove the real enemy, Islam!

  25. Oh my gosh! Who wouldn’t defend a dog screaming in pain from evil attackers? This little sweet old lady did exactly what I or anyone who is not possessed by the devil would do!

    Besides children, my sensitive spot is the elderly. Omgoodness, I adore them. Respect them so much!

    Our society has done a huge disservice to our youth. Young people (not young Islamic Muslims) do not value and do not appreciate the elders of our society.
    It’s too bad, because one day they too will be elderly and what comes around goes around. This needs to stop and it screams out for addressing!

    I imagine if we had a more sensitive home grown youth support network who rallied around old people, this group of Muslim boys would have their flaming asses kicked
    upon the news of this womans plight at their evil hands.

    What matters to me is that vigilanty justice seeks these evil and gross possessed animals and teaches them the hard way who they can F with and who they can’t.

    Beating a helpless puppy and an elderly woman must make these inbred males so emboldened and tough. This angers me so much!

    • The same here – in fact, I actually in my worst moments wouldn’t mind seeing them get hurt ‘en masse’ wherever they are in our Western countries, as that’s EXACTLY what Islam deserves!!!! For example, I’d rejoice if Israel would do to all of Arabia what I’ve suggested in previous postings…

      As far as these EVIL, GOOD-FOR-NOTHING MOSLEMS beating both the angel in the dog’s body and the old woman, I wish that they would be forced prior to their deportation to undergo the same kind of punishment in the morning, followed by their being compelled to hear lots of Western music (classical, jazz, rock et al), with anti-Moslem themes at least a little bit of the day whenever possible in addition to being made to view Western and Indian art, to learn just how EVIL Islam happens to be from actual verifiable historical resources!!! Then, when they FINALLY have suffered through a good while thereof, DEPORT them back to “dar al-Islam” without absolutely ANYTHING other than the minimum possible clothes on their backs!!!

      I hope that if I ever behold such a scene I’ll be armed and able to harm them in such a way that they’d never be able to forget or truly recover (emasculation would be good for them) – and rescue the victims!!!

      • Ah, even emasculation is too kind for them: they by rights deserve FAR WORSE!!!

        By the way, what a beautiful photo of a German-Shepherd puppy you have there, Ms. BNI!!! Makes me remember how my bitchlet came into my life – and I actually happened to save her from some abuse to boot (though not from a Moslem).

        [While we’re at it, Ms. Istanbul_Chick (if you see this): I wish I had remembered to make it very plain that much as I loathe those atheist and anti-theist totalitarians who want to destroy those of us who believe, I not only value your contribution here but am amply prepared to be as kind to any non-Moslem as anybody else!]

  26. Individual pledges reward.
    Mistreatment of the defenseless 87-year-old woman has aroused strong feelings. Now offering an anonymous helsingborger SEK 25 000 ($ 3660) to anyone who can come up with tips that can conduct the investigation forward.


  27. Thanks Bonni for reporting this, This happened not too far away from my place.
    I walk my dog many times every day and I expect to be attacked in the near future myself, This type of violence has left me no choice to arm myself and possibly face murder charges in case I need to defend myself against these savages.
    I rather go to jail then become a victim of government sponsored and promoted muslim terrorism.

    • luang, I am sure there are many more stories about dog abuse by muslims, but few ever get reported. The article never referred to them as Muslims, but I did. There are no other immigrant gangs in Sweden who don’t speak the language and hate dogs. I will apologize if I am wrong.

    • Luang: I’d go crazy living in Norway, Denmark or Sweden. I would have been jailed a long time ago. And life is getting worse… why don’t you apply for immigration to U.S. or Canada? Canada is looking for skilled non-islamic manpower, especially for the Edmonton Alberta area (oil).

  28. Total incompatibility with local racially homogeneous people. It’s beyond bizarre, not that the political-media class inflict this wave of immigration on peaceful civilised societies- it’s becoming quite clear why they do it- but why the populations tolerate it to such a suicidal degree.

  29. Is there just one positive aspect to muslim immigration? I’m sick to death of politicians gobbing off about the “enormous contribution” muslims make.
    The only things they contribute to is our welfare bill, crime stats and our downfall.
    Not forgetting delivering us left-wing politicians.

    • Exactly. Citizens must push for them to return to Sand Land and stop the invasion before it is too late. They are violent and you people are unarmed.

    • This is a religion, No way would any religion abuse a 87 year old woman or a little puppy. this is NOT the way to live. These savages need to go to jail or back wherever they came from.

    • you need a shotgun and stat chasing them like in a zombie movie , they are everywhere, and they are making lots of mess. (Day dreaming)

    • Paris, You are so correct! I too am sick of this “progressive” ideology of political correctness. It is nothing more than another tool to take away people’s right to speak up. We are producing generations of lazy, uninformed people who have learned to accept the insidious crawl of government takeover. And, as an educator, I am shocked at the educators who are doing the bidding of this ideology, teaching half truths because they don’t even know their history. The younger the educator, the more likely they are to support the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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