GERMANY: Bonn bomb plot now linked to Muslim terrorism

64217-viFederal prosecutors in Germany have taken over the investigation into a failed bomb plot at the Bonn central station. They say the incident was likely an attempt by an Islamic organization to commit an act of terror.

DW  Monday’s bomb scare is being treated as an attempted terror attack, bringing the investigation under federal jurisdiction. A statement released by the prosecutor’s office on Friday said that there were “plenty of leads indicating the events were an attempt at a bomb attack by a terrorist organization with radical Islamic influences.”


In a recap of the facts in the case so far, the prosecutor’s office said that a man left a sports bag on one of the platforms at the main train station in Bonn that contained a prepared explosive device. An initial investigation of the device revealed it consisted of a metal pipe approximately 40 cm (15.7 inches) long that contained ammonium nitrate. Compressed gas cartridges were wrapped around the pipe, as were a timer and batteries meant to serve as an ignition device.

Bonn Police inspect a bag that is thought to have contained explosive materials.

Bonn Police inspect a bag that is thought to have contained explosive materials.

Regarding the suspect, prosecutors said there were “credible indications that the suspect was connected to radical Islamic groups” and was therefore being sought for “attempting to carry out an explosive attack as a member of a terrorist organization.”

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Earlier this week, police released a computer-generated composite picture of a suspect based on the description by a 14-year-old eyewitness. The picture – which was on display in public places all over Bonn – shows a tall, thin, dark-skinned man between the ages of 30 and 35.









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  1. The Germans think thay will be able to keep this under control long enough to bring in the new Caliphate and the New World Order. That is definitly ambitious on their part.

  2. Although salfists have been active for several years in Bonn, no video recording of the dark-skinned man leaving the blue bag in the train station exists. He was identified as Omar D., 28, born in Somalia, but the police let him go a few days ago for lack of proof. The above video of the white man carrying the bag was recorded by McDonald’s :-)

  3. Ahhhh, Somalis. The same welfare sucks that our own little president is importing by the herds and forcing on States and Cities welfare rolls. Who then desmand special considerations from everyone. And, of course, more money, cars, and free housing.
    Thanks Obama!

    • ALL Moslems OUT OF THE ENTIRE WEST – and until that happens (and even afterwards), it’s VITAL that all public places ensure that their camera systems NEVER fail!!!!

      If necessary, let them have TWO, even THREE, different camera systems so that should one fail, the other (two) will pick matters up – and if they’re done right, they can even corroborate matters in more than one or two ways…

      [Granted that I feel nervous about “Big Brother” watching us: the trouble is that there ARE bad people (especially Moslems and Communists) everywhere, so it’s better to have things on record in order to have more leads to catch such criminals…]

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