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  1. I love these girls ! what more can ya ask for? brains, beauty, toughness…they are the total package !
    When i was in the Golan Heights in 86 with the Peacekeeping force , i got to know a few of these Gingeets (probably spelling it wrong ) and they were just like these girls.
    There was one in particular who had her black belt in Hapkido , and she would come visit our camp on her free time.
    She insisted on practicing with me, and i’m glad she never kicked my ass.
    She was a red headed girl and she was from Estonia originally.
    She had been in the IDF for 2 years when i met her.
    I often wonder what ever happened to her and if she is still active duty.

  2. Is it true that previously undiscovered pages of the Queeran have been discovered near Mecca that direct all true followers of the crazy Poppet who are defeated by a Jew woman are commanded to emasculate themselves in shame ? Wow! How about that ladies ? Practice! Practice!

  3. KM is a pretty good combination of karate, ju jitsu, aikido, wrestling and judo. It takes a minimum of two years of steady training in any martial art to become a self-correcting mechanism, then another 1-5 years to the knowing. Start today. The Muslims are.

  4. Yes good job they will neeed it all in the future now surrounded by Islamist ruled countries and Islamists in their country it is a matter of time before they all conbine and attack Israel the only thing stopping them will be food sanctions from the west, having said thet they care nothing for the soldier ants of the Allah world.Will the Us step in not if Obamo can help it!!!! World war 111 is going to happen Notradamus says so.