MALAYSIA: Three Buddhist workers were savagely tortured, raped, and had their throats cut by a Muslim mob of at least 15 Bengali men, all, apparently illegal aliens from Burma (Myanmar)

Man-KilledThree Buddhist-Yakhine men working as tappers in a rubber plantation near the town of Alor Setar in Malaysia were brutally killed during the night of December 28. The fourth man managed to flee from the Muslim attackers while they were trying to tie him down with ropes.

 Hlaoo1980 “Yesterday at about 11 in the night of December 28 about 15 Bengali Muslims – we know they are illegals from Burma and working here in Malaysia – took three Yakhines onto the nearby hill and raped them. And later they murdered them by cutting their throats. Today December 29, at about 9:30 we discovered their bodies on the top of that hill. These three faced most ugly deaths,” said Maung Than Hlaing to the Narinjara.


Tundra Tabloids  Oh, and we have to remember that Malaysia is the country that the apologists  label as the showcase Muslim state of moderation and of tolerance. It’s anything but, and any tolerance and normalcy it once exhibited, it gained from outside non-Islamic sources. Now it’s in the Islamization process and the true nature begins to shine through.

The demand for buildings to resemble Islamic structures, will make it that much more easier to take them over, once they’ve finished driving the Buddhists completely out of course.

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31 comments on “MALAYSIA: Three Buddhist workers were savagely tortured, raped, and had their throats cut by a Muslim mob of at least 15 Bengali men, all, apparently illegal aliens from Burma (Myanmar)

  1. Please save buddhist myanmar people from the danger of those rapists, illiterate, terrorists Bengali people along the Myanmar-Bengladesh border. Now many of them migrated into myanmar. They killing the myanmar citizens. Please UN. Save your nation. Bengladesh is in the burst of population. 160 million in small country. Government is very bad. Doesn’t control population. Must practice single marriage rule. Our country is now practicing. Buddhist never kill people, not even the animal. Buddhist never harm others, Never attack other religion. They live peacefully under the Dhamma, that’s what Buddha said thousands of year ago. We have 5 precepts; Panarti-partr (not to kill life, not even an ant), Ar dain na dar nar(not to take others properties), kar may thu mate sar sar ya (not to have sex with others wife, ie extramarrital sex is banned by Buddha), Mu thar wa ya (not to tell lie), Thu Rar May ra ya(not to drink alcohol). That’s 5 precepts must be practiced by every buddhist people. For monk, there’re 10 precepts. So very restrictions. I’ll describe later. Thanks. Let’s be a peaceful world. Don’t attack each other, don’t attack other religions.

  2. It’s happening what it does happened to jewish people
    MUSLIMS MUST EVOLVE go and search for safe heaven to live
    Study your past history but it seems obsolete for most muslims to know their past struggle
    Educate yourself out of 1.45 billion only 10 % are literate muslims look at jews
    Your cousin Israelis are 100% literate
    Go to some other country hide your religion work hard EDUCATE your children
    Make a lot of money then you can control everything
    Don’t tell anybody who you are

  3. It will just take time more media exposure – people all over the world are getting sick of muslims and their atrocities.

    We can only hope that once the world has woken up we will do something about it and not just sit on the fence and let the minorioty of pc liberal wankers keep us from saying what we really feel and from stopping us deporting these animals.

  4. Why so bother about Islam? Even you hate it so much, that means you care about it at the same time. Keep tracking the bad things revealing the good side.I’m sure one day you will realize.

  5. You’re so right, “No one gives a damn!” – Especially, Americans! Who just elected, for a second term, Obama, who holds the WORST record on human rights of any American president!

    We just didn’t care, didn’t give a damn – and God is watching, and we will reap what we have sown!

  6. Indian mother jailed in Britain for killing son who ‘failed to memorise Quran’

    London: An Indian-origin mother, who beat her 7-year-old son to death ‘like a dog’ for failing to memorise the Quran, was on Monday sentenced to life for killing him and setting his body afire to hide evidence after applying barbeque gel.

  7. That’s what islam does to people. It transforms, slowly but surely, peaceful and tolerant individuals into barbarian savages.

  8. When the Buddhist millitary murdered Muslims and burnt down Muslim villages in Burma recently, you “kafirs” said nothing about it. Why are you making so much noise when an opportunity arises for the Muslim Burmese (the Ronghiyas) to pay back a small amount to what the kafir Buddhists have done to their Muslim brothers and sisters in Burma.

    • HJ, that’s because we were happy when the Buddhists started fighting back against the Muslims in Myamnar who were raping and murdering their people. The payback you see is coming from the Buddhists, not the Muslims as evidenced by this story.

      Don’t you get it? Nobody wants muslims in their country. When the Bangladeshi muslims from Myanmar tried to go back to Bangladesh, even the Bangladeshis wouldn’t take them.

      That’s why the world media is silent on the so-called ‘plight’ of the Muslims in Myanmar. NOBODY GIVES A DAMN! Muslims deserve what they get.

    • I thought Islam outlawed homosexuality. The Imans, the Ayatollah, the President of Iran, as well as other recognized religious and political Muslims have declared that there are no homosexuals in their countries. But these Muslims rape the men, men raping men (that is NOT an action of a heterosexual, in case you Islamists don’t know) and that is supposed to result in death according to the Koran. Good Muslims, sure.

      • AP, their idea of outlaw is not like normal people’s. First of all, they freely have sex with male minors because they only consider it homosexual behavior when both of the participants are over 18 years old. Also, they consider the male recipient of homosexual anal intercourse to be a homosexual, but not the donor. Not sure how they view oral sex. Sex with children of either gender is generally condoned. Marriage with one year old girls is even permitted.

    • Sham, they’re not called Rohghinyas. They’re actually Bengali. Their language, religion, appearance, skin colour all are the same with those from Bengladesh people. So they’re actually Bengali. They’re not myanmar citizen. They’re not burmese. They’re illegally migrated from the Bengladesh across the Myanmar-Bengladesh border. They’re very bad people. They ever rape and kill Rakhine women. Rakhine is our nationality. They’re buddhish, burmese. One thing is myanmar army never killed those Bengali and never burnt their villages. They’re just aliens of myanmar. I don’t know why Bengladesh Government doesn’t accept their people. I don’t understand that matter. I think because there is a burst of population, you know. Bengladesh is just a small and poor country with millions of population (156.6 million (2013)). They’re like dogs. Even much worse than dogs. I don’t hate islamic and muslim. Every religion has it’s beauty. Evey person can believe what he wants. But shouldn’t attack or harm other people or other religion, you know. Taking many wifes. Raping every females, letting them deliver the babies… I hate those Bengali…. Muslim from Malaysia are nice, they respect democracy. Don’t attack other religion. They can live peacefully with christian and buddhist also. Malaysian muslims are very educated. I respect them. Because I have met with them frequently in job.

      • bm, you are from Myanmar and you respect muslims? I find it hard to believe you are Buddhist. I have posted a lot about “Myanmar” here. And Buddhists there hate muslims and rightfully so. Malaysian muslims are no better.

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