UK: Gang of 9 MUSLIM men who pimped out girls as young as 11 for sex threatened to cut the head off a 14-year-old if she didn’t please them

sex_trafficking_child_victims1In what has become a sick twisted epidemic among Muslim paeophiles in the UK, girls as young as 11 were groomed and raped by a child sex ring before being sold to abusers across Britain, a court heard yesterday. Nine men of Muslim heritage befriended vulnerable girls with gifts of perfume, alcohol and drugs before subjecting them to a ‘living hell’ for eight years. The six girls were subjected to ‘extreme physical and sexual violence’ while they were repeatedly raped by numerous abusers.

UK Daily Mail (h/t bains) The gang, from the Oxford area, ‘actively targeted’ girls from ‘troubled upbringings’ and those who lived in care homes, the Old Bailey heard. One victim became pregnant by one of her attackers when she was 11 or 12. When gang member Mohammed Karrar discovered she was pregnant he used an instrument to perform an abortion on her, it was alleged.


The attackers used knives, meat cleavers and baseball bats to inflict severe pain on the girls for their twisted pleasure. On other occasions the girls were bitten, scratched, suffocated, tied up, beaten and burnt with cigarettes. The men are said to have fed the girls copious amounts of drugs so that they became more complicit to their depraved demands.

images-1‘At first they made her feel special by paying her the attention she did not receive at home… it was an act of grooming, the men having realised she was a vulnerable girl, were targeting her for their own sexual purposes.’ At times the girls were so ‘wasted’ they ‘were barely aware of what was going on’ during the abuse.

Men would travel to Oxford ‘often by appointment’ from as far afield as Bradford, Leeds, London and Slough ‘specifically to abuse young girls’ in hotels and private houses. Sometimes the girls were taken to towns and cities such as London and Bournemouth where they were sold for sex. These men also subjected them to ‘humiliating and degrading’ levels of abuse, leaving the girls with severe internal injuries.

protect-children-fight-sex-grooming-gangsThe gang often stood guard outside a room while girls were being abused and threatened to kill them and their families if they tried to escape, the court heard. One girl, who was just 12 when she was groomed, became so enslaved to the gang that she even forgot it was her 15th birthday when she was with the men. Later she started to self-harm to ‘take away the hurt’ and told her mother: ‘I may as well be dead.’

Opening the case yesterday Noel Lucas, QC, prosecuting, said: ‘Much of what the girls were forced to endure was perverted in the extreme. ‘These defendants, and the others with whom they operated, showed the complainants little or no human decency or consideration. ‘Their conduct towards these very young and vulnerable girls was with total disregard to any moral inhibitions as to their own conduct. The depravity of what the girls were forced to endure was extreme.’


The men did this ‘for their own sexual gratification and for the sexual gratification of other men,‘ he added. Kamar Jamil, 27, Akhtar Dogar, 32, Anjum Dogar, 30, Assad Hussain, 32, Mohammed Karrar, 38, Bassam Karrar, 26, Mohammed Hussain, 24, Zeeshan Ahmed, 27, and Bilal Ahmed, 26, face a total of 79 charges against them.

These include allegations of child rape, trafficking for sexual exploitation, arranging or facilitating child prostitution and using an instrument with intent to procure a miscarriage. It took almost half an hour for all the charges to be read to the jury. The trial heard how there were many more alleged abusers in addition to those in the dock.



46 comments on “UK: Gang of 9 MUSLIM men who pimped out girls as young as 11 for sex threatened to cut the head off a 14-year-old if she didn’t please them

  1. I almost threw up when i read the article at the bottom. Brand them and burn them in sulfuric acid as an example to their kind. And by kind, I mean anyone who forces such abhorrent sexual acts upon other humans.

  2. Although I DO agree that these men are animals and deserve to be treated the same way they treated those girls , reading the comments made me a bit sad . You can’t judge a religion based on the actions of some men . Religion , Islam does not make you a bad person . You can’t put everyone in the same boat , you have the look at the person individually.

      • So you’re saying that it doesn’t matter if it’s a child or a woman ? If he or she follows Islam you kill them ? Or do what exactly ? I believe you can defeat violence with violence . If this is your belief , you might aswell shake hands with those criminals mentioned above .

        • bb, We want them out of all our countries. There are 56 Muslim countries where they belong. Sadly, we haven’t killed as many as we should have. You need to stop commenting here. Leftist Loons are considered as bad as muslims here.

  3. This is a muslim culture of evil problem where the savages are taught by the coran that white infidel women are worthless sluts. This is going on in all of the European countries where muslims are targeting and grooming young girls because they have no value. Stop using the term asians. They are muslims from pakistan and other muslim countries where they follow the model of the monster mohamad. Call it what it is. muslim savages doing what muslim savages do such as raping women. Why after their prision would the monsters not be deported back to the hell holes they came from? Deport after jail time. They are not worthy to be given citizenship in any country so deport them.

  4. The POS are pedophiles, the lowest of the low, and they should be hung high for all to see. Rapists used to get the death penalty – time to bring it back.

  5. The reason these animals target children from care homes, single parents homes, etc. is because they think that no one is going to care, support, and believe them. If these filthy heathens targeted the children of politicians or high profile people, then the police would be forced to do something about them. It is really rather vile that the police do not bother these beautiful young girls, because they will be called racist or islamophobic. The establishment finds these girls expendable and probably blame them for causing problems for the cohesion of diversity….yuk! The breakdown of the family is in large part to blame for fathers not going after these pieces of crap and the fact that the British people have been disarmed, while the muslims stockpile arms in their satanic dens called mosques. Maybe it is time for the common man and woman in Britain to rise up.

  6. First the UK needs to return to the death penalty.
    Second the laws allowing this behavior need to be changed or nulled.
    Third the authorities that have turned a blind eye or have implemented bad law assisting the crimes against the British people, need themselves to be charge and tried with rape and death of the citizens that became the pray, to the illegal’s that were allowed to stay in the UK. This needs to be done as though they committed the chimes personally.
    Fourth; deport all mohommedists to their national county or origin.
    Fifth the Brits need a 2nd Amendment to force their government into capitulation in this matter.

  7. Luckily for the islamic trash, they are in england and therefore the girls will probably go to prison for defaming a religion and possibly inciting hatred.
    Just a thought after seeing what the UK justice system has devolved into.

  8. I rail at England and the destruction the British people have allowed, but …. We the People, “just” re-elected the MOST corrupt, criminal president who has ever sat in the White House, Barack Hussain Obama. Obama led a campaign of lies and deception. The American people ignored Fast & Furious, His speach at the UN and Benghazi …. May be America has flown off to Las Vegas!

  9. These Muslims are just doing what Islam tells them is their right, the fault is with the British! Yes, these Muslims are wrong, but “IF” the British will not hold them accountable, to what is right, who ultimately is to blame. This is the fault of the good people of England, who have allowed “evil” – “Islam” to flourish; and they are reaping what they have sown!

    I feel for these girls and yound women, I really do, their country and their countrymen have abandonded them to the evil of Islam. But there is nothing I can do, England, as it stands now is hoplessly lost! And, the land of Winston Churchill, is gone!

    What is happening in England is what happenes when a nation deserts God and looses respect for its heritage and own beliefs. America is doing the same thing and “IF” we the people, don’t wake up, start fighting back this will be our fate too.

  10. these things are not men they are child rapists and deserve the harshest punishment and deportation to the hellholes they came from even if they were born in the UK

  11. Mohammed’s favorite sex slave was a Christian. Mozzies must imitate Mohammed. Mozzies think they are humiliating the blaspheming infidels. That is ‘good’ because it is what Mohammed did. This is jihad. They will not stop. The Pakis are the most perverted men according to google.

  12. What does this say about British society? We already know the koranimals are slime, but what kind of a society invites in more and more koranimals into its midst?
    Why are so many girls not being taken care of by their birth parents? Why are the authorities who presumably watch over these girls not doing a better job? Why are these koranimals not being beaten to death in the streets by lynch mobs if the government will not do its job?

  13. Fuk the brits, let them fester in thier own self made hell of muslum dominance, they are wimps. Look at the picture with 4 people standing there with politically correct signs calling these muzzie shit bags “grooming gangs”, what a bunch of shit. And the cops let it all happen because they are frikin girlie men. They would rather arrest old ladies calling muslums names than muzzie murderers. And like Spain they would deport a muslum convert to Chritianity peacfully speaking the truth than illegal muslum pedophiles. Typical of brits they like to tell us we are violent because we want to hold onto our guns, like piers morgan, but are silent on thier muslum bootlicking.

    • Your insults of Brits are shameful! The British government is to blame for the hell on earth they have created for innocent Brits! UK ruling elites persecute all people who protest against Islamization and protest the cruel gang-rapes of British children by Muslim monsters.

      Let’s see you go to Britain and see what you can do in protesting these terrible crimes against humanity!

      • Why would I want to go to Britain and fight for the brits? Fight your own battles if you have the guts, and if not then get used to being ruled by muzzies. Walking around with silly signs “protesting” is ridiculous and will accomplish nothing. Too bad you people allowed your government to take your guns and rights away, like you brits want us Americans to do. What is your solution? Praying and wishing?Good luck with that.

        • Western countries leaders are deliberately colonizing ther nations with many millions of Muslims in order for Muslims to OBEY the Quran and wage jihad against us and conquer our countries. Against the will of the people! You can do your part in the country that YOU live in!


  14. Sexual Jihad – Demoralising and Humiliating the Infidels by Sexual Degradation

    There is only one moral and ethical thing to do: PROTECT CHILDREN! End the terrible suffering. Permanently end ALL Muslim immigration IMMEDIATELY. Deport all Muslim criminals, illegals, phony refugees, phony asylum seekers and terrorists. End free housing, money and benefits to Muslims males, their multiple wives and huge numbers of children. They are raising up huge Muslim armies inside Britain and Europe financed by taxpayers.

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.”

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    Winston Churchill: We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.

    British Schoolgirl’s Testimony – Muslims Threaten Children With Violence & Rape Outside School Daily

    Muslim Gangs Drug & Rape Children All Over The UK – Britain Finally Starts To Wake Up

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

  15. Sexual Jihad – Demoralising and Humiliating the Infidels by Sexual Degradation

    Sons of the devil. The spawn of satan. They live their entire lives dedicated to inflicting maximum harm on innocent human beings. These beautiful and innocent children that God sent to their parents as special gifts to be cherished and highly valued have been defiled and radically harmed by these filth. But the children are beautiful and precious in the sight of God. That is the one thing the God haters could NOT take away from the children – God’s love.

    The child victims who manged to survive have been harmed – physically and sexually violently attacked. The Muslim monster God haters stole their childhood; stole their youth. Stole their innocence. For the rest of their lives, the children who have been severely emotionally damaged will struggle with making decisions; struggle with relationships. And terrible emotional pain. The children see the world as a very terrifying place where the police and the authorities do not protect.

    South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council Are Complicit in Child-Rape
    …thousands of predominately Pakistani Muslim gang rapes of white English girls in the Rotherham area…

  16. Immediately upon conviction line them up against a wall and shoot them with bullets dipped in pigs blood! These monsters in human clothing don’t deserve to be counted among the living any longer than necessary!

  17. Time to kill, time to dye!!!!
    One more time the peace and freedom lovers, will must fight, against the invaders, and again against fascism…the islamofascists and their leftists allies!!!!
    Buy guns and amunitions and hide them, start moving to organize resistence and fighters groups, because if we will not do it right now, will be to late!!!!!!!!
    Hitler wasn´t so well organized!!!…and in the end of freedom war we had more then 100 millions death’s, and a intire continent complety destroyed.
    The islamofascists have support and money all muslims, from Bruxelles………to Washington DC!!!!
    They are building army facilities ” Mosques “, they are organizing armed groups, they already have around europe, their territories ” Ghettos “, they already are in street fight agains us!!!!…they rape, they beat, they impose sharia law, they order that our laws, costums and culture must submit to them!!!!
    Look around and see what is real happen to the world!!!

    • At last! Someone is talking my kind of strategy. I totally agree Francisco. What we need is a very large network of people who would be willing to now take the fight to the muzrats. These cockraoches are becoming beyond irritating that we must now hit back………and hit back hard. I am not just talking about giving a few of them slaps here and there, I am talking destroying their mosques, setting up traps. if they like to call 50 of their friends on their mobiles, we could have 100 angry folk waiting for them, tooled up to the nines. We can not and must not wait any longer, the time to strike is NOW!

  18. Normative islam, unfortunately.

    But a huge measure of blame goes to the socialist fascist BASTARDS who foisted multiculturalism and political correctness on the world.

    You know who you are. You are the ‘feminists’ who only speak up against western WASP men, and for the rest you see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. Why would you? The rest ARE you. YOU are evil. You cannot speak ill about yourselves. NOTHING that degenerate moslem brutes do, merits any comment from you, unless it’s “My god, what ever did you bigoted racists do to those poor innocent mohammedans; how you must have brutalized them, to make them do such despicable acts against their heartfelt principles, against their love (sic) of children, against the principles of their ‘holy’ book and the exemplary character of their ‘prophet’.

    You know who you are. You are the politicians and academics who drank the kool-aid of supremacism: “We know what’s best for you. Why waste money on referenda about your ultimate future. We know socialism is best for you. If you really think it’s important we’ll hold a referendum on mohammedan immigration in 2050 say. Besides, moslems are “The BEST of peoples.”, doesn’t their book say so? Doesn’t it say also that it’s written by god almighty himself (apart from some minor editing by one Uthman, not apparently on Gabriel’s Facebook list)?

    You know who you are. You are the teachers who accepted the kool-aid from the socialist profs, and now poison the next generation of school children, teaching from books edited in part by moslem criminals, even ‘inviting’ them to ‘try out’ moslem prayers.

    You know who you are. UK ‘Judge’ Bathurst-Norman — antisemite — brought out of retirement to ‘hear’ a case which stood one thousand years of English justice on its head. Socialist thugs backed by Green MPs and others, vandalized a factory ‘for the public good’. I hope that happens to you and yours one day.

    You know who you are. The ‘police chiefs’ who do nothing when Christians are attacked by moslem ‘security’ thugs in plain sight, or illegally order a senior officer to attend a mosque gathering, then stab him in the back when he rightfully refuses. And the ACLU does NOTHING about that. Of course.

    You know who you are. You are the media who bowdlerize anything negative about islam and magnify anything unfortunate, done by those opposing mohammedan hegemony of the whole globe. Collateral damage is an excuse for you to fulminate against the west in general, and against Israel and the US in particular, while islam’s head-on attack on civilians, and use of human shields, get’s a free pass.

    You know who you are Buraq Soetero. But we don’t know who you are. Why so many secrets, if you are ‘God’s gift to man.’, why can’t we see proof of your college days? Why are you selecting men for vital posts who don’t even know terrorism when they see it. Why do you allow black men to intimidate voters, with political impunity? Why do you call a mass-murder hate crime ‘workplace violence’? Because you can? Because the eunuch’s of the Fifth Estate are in awe of Emperor Barry’s newest duds? [His clothes, not his appointees.]

    Over at the sick blog, one commenter cheerfully blamed the rape victims for ‘asking for it’ or volunteering their services. The comment remained, while other pertinent and relevant questions were censored without comment.

  19. Muslim vermin are the same everywhere.

    ”Vermin n.1.noxious, troublesome, or objectionable animals collect-ively, especially troublesome or disgusting insects …3. obnoxious persons collectively.’

    Several years ago I wrote a book about vermin, the kind defined by the third meaning in the Macquarie Concise Dictionary. Researching the book required me to sit in courts for months and go out and interview dozens of people. The heroine of the book was a teenager named Tegan Wagner who had been gang-raped by a group of young Muslim men. She came from the Shire and as her case was nearing an end, and I was nearing completion of Girls Like You, the notorious Cronulla riot took place.

    It was December 11, 2005. Wagner was there. ”When I heard about it, I wanted to go,” she told me at the time.

    ”I’m a Shire girl. I’ve been going to Cronulla for years. I’d seen first-hand how people get treated, not by the local Lebanese, but by the Lebanese Muslims that come in from places like Bankstown and Riverwood. They treat our beaches like a sleazy nightclub. They treat young women like garbage. And as soon as you say anything, they are on their mobile phones, to 50 of their closest friends, and their mates come down and outnumber people. If it’s guys, they will beat them up. If it’s girls, they will terrorise them.”

    After the riot, and the following violent rampage by Muslim men in convoys of cars, I interviewed dozens of people from the Shire and they all gave me variations of what a teacher at Cronulla High School told me: ”It’s so disturbing that the images [of the riot] distributed around Australia and the world never mentioned the beatings, the provocations, the filth. They were not even discussed.

    ”Every girl I know has either been harassed or knows someone who’s been harassed. It’s not just young girls. I’ve been followed on numerous occasions. It’s just constant harassment. The word ‘slut’ gets used all the time.”’

    • you are so right – I for my self simply cannot stand these horrid people that have been allowed to reside in the West and have made our country a place not fit to live in

    • it is with regret that I feel the police were pushed into taking action against these men as for years the British police have ignored coutless claims of muslim rape gangs and even now the word muslim is NEVER mentioned in any reporting of this case and the names of the men is never mentioned either as that would give the game away. – The British police are scared of muslims and spend more time arresting members of the EDL

      • British police are not scared of Muslims! The police obey higher authorities. Orders clearly come from the very top of the government how Muslims are to be treated and obviously that is to ALLOW Muslims to get away with crimes against non-Muslim Brits including ignoring the desperate pleas to police of terrorized Muslim gang-rape child victims.

        The police and all the authorities who ignored the children’s desperate pleas for help have EVIL hearts. They are paid to protect, but instead PROTECTED Muslim child rapist MONSTERS.

        There are two reasons why the EDL and their leadership, Tommy and Kevin have been ruthlessly persecuted and in Tommy’s case jailed:

        1. The EDL protest against Islamization of Britain.

        2. The EDL protest against the many THOUSANDS of gang rapes of children by Muslim monsters.

        Tommy may have been jailed for violation of passport rules, but his long ten month sentence is to PUNISH Tommy for the above reasons. Violent criminals are given much less time.

        The persecution continues. Kevin was just arrested for making a statement protesting the terrible cruelty of halal killing by Muslims. In Britanistan it is NOT allowed to say ANYTHING negative about Muslims. Brits are expected by the government to ACCEPT the savage cruelty perpetrated on defenseless animals by Muslims. Britain used to be a country that severely condemned and prosecuted animal abuse.

        Every Western country that Muslims have immigrated to, are in great danger.

        • There is nothing that you have said that I do not disagree with – I am a member of the EDL and have been writing about the evil and danger of islam for over a decade – it is a subject that dominates my whole life (with regret) but I have to just point out that I have many friends in the police force and there is more going on behind the scene than we know about

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