Did you know that John Brennan, nominee for CIA Director, is a Muslim convert who was turned to Islam by the Muslim Brotherhood?

On Tom Trento’s radio show yesterday, former FBI agent, John Guandolo, who wrote the first Muslim Brotherhood training manual for the FBI, outs John Brennan, Obama’s nominee for CIA Director, as having converted to Islam while working in Saudi Arabia.


Imagine having a CIA Director who thinks like this

The President’s strategy is absolutely clear about the threat we face. Our enemy is not “terrorism” because terrorism is but a tactic. Our enemy is not “terror” because terror is a state of mind, and as Americans we refuse to live in fear. Nor do we describe our enemy as “jihadists” or “Islamists” because jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenet of Islam.

Listen to the excerpt with John Guandolo here: 

Listen to John Brennan wax on about the “peace and tolerance” of Islam, even speaking some Arabic and calling Jerusalem “al-Quds,” like his Hamas buddies:


27 comments on “Did you know that John Brennan, nominee for CIA Director, is a Muslim convert who was turned to Islam by the Muslim Brotherhood?

  1. Hi Bonnie,
    I contacted you last August regards Muslim Dawa at a library outside of Chicago.
    You ran a brief clip someone made and I was interviewed by the Chicago Tribune.
    The Sharia compliant librarians eventually called the police to quell the criticism of
    Islam. Of course my letters (a couple) to the editor were never printed at the Tribune. Well, they’re at it again in Frankfort, Ill. this time. Last week a professor
    from the Univ. of Chi. discussed a book written about Mahomet. He almost flew out
    of his seat when I called Momo a pervert. His rationale for the whole Aisha marriage
    was she was menstruating at the age of 9 so it was a-okay. Next time my tactic must be to put all the feminists, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, fathers, grandfathers, etc., on the spot and ask them if they are fine with this pedophilia, menstruating notwithstanding. Next meeting is March 13th and we aill discuss a book written by a
    Muslim convert named Ingrid Mattson titled the story of the Qur’an. Little Miss Mattson was vice president for two 2- year terms and president for two consecutive 2-year terms from 2001-2009 in a gentle charity known as The Islamic Society of North America. Yes, that same group (along with 2 of their subsidiary groups) were
    named unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation Trial. I will have to
    let the group know of these shadowy connections to terror our gentle author has no
    problem being connected with. By the way, this was the only thread i grabbed to write to you. Will let you know how the March 13th book club gathering goes.

  2. Well, surprise, surprise surprise, Really well who would have thought, maybe the first clue should have been when in front of CONgress, he stated: “it is my belief the brothers from their hood, islam, are moderates in my mind” man oh man someone but this dhimmi bitch a freakn’ brain, please. Talk about the clueless leading the careless without a clue, don’t get any dumber than this now does it? And this is the person being considered “defense secetary” wow, are we in a world of muslim shiot-throwers or what? This is getting deeper and deeper by the day with no relief in sight, makes this man want to kick more than a few cans down the road, they best be careful or there will be more than cans being kicked and soon.

  3. If it is true that a Muslim could be in charge of the CIA of the United STates of America. That could mean the end of the civilized man. The Mulims Brother Hoods main goal is to pull down the rotten Amercan government from within. That I believe was extracted from the Home Land secuirity trials. God truly help us all!.

  4. I wonder how many liberal jews would still vote for obama for a third term. That is, if americans will still be allowed to vote.

  5. We must do everything we can to ‘out’ j brennan as a muslim who by their evil creed must support sharia law over democratically formed laws. Tell everyone pass on this message that we do not want brennan as the head of the CIA. Tom Trento ‘outed brennan the muslim’ when he had John Guandolo as his guest. With our efforts we can side line brennan as the head of our CIA and hagel before they become the heads of parts of our government.

  6. Please stop with this video. So what if I reverted to Islam while the station chief in Saudi Arabia – that won’t have any impact on my job heading up the CIA.

    You see I can compartmentalize and put my Islam in one box and fighting Islamist aggression against the United States in the other box. I learned how to compartmentalize from Bill Clinton.

    What’s the big deal – can’t we all get along?

    Thank you,

    John Breeenan

    • TOTAL LIES!!!!

      Bill Clinton is one of the worst liars who existed – he not only should have been impeached, he should have been convicted, dispossessed of the presidency and executed as a traitor!!!! [The same applies to Obama. Other traitors that deserve death as such (regardless be it by rope, bullet, axe or whatever) are Pelosi, Biden, Reid, Hillary Clinton-Rodham, Sebelius, Frank on one side, BOTH Bushes plus Romney on the other!!! At least JFK got what he deserved, it would seem: he bungled the “Bay of Pigs”, allowed Khrushchjóv to erect the Berlin Wall – and betrayed his branch of Christianity by similarly “compartmentalising” his faith!!! A true Christian should not have ANYTHING to hide or “compartmentalise”, regardless of his being a Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant!!!!!]

      Either way, the LAST people that should EVER be tolerated in the West, given their ABOMINABLE history, are Moslems!!!! They ALL need to be expelled from the West – and all Westerners need to GET OUT OF dar al-Islam AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!! After that, ALL links between the two worlds need to be cut off and the Moslems treated as the warlords and supreme – and MORTAL – E N E M I E S of all life that they really are!!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

    • Dear Johan:
      Bullsh*t ! more taqiyya form liars just like the muslim brotherhood and the lying, posturing cair. SLI*.
      Just what America needs ! A stupid jerk that bangs his head on the floor and follows the religion (?) that agrees with female mutilation,forced marriges of minors, sex with animals, lying to further their filthy worship of a pedophile, so called prophet, and the revering of a dirty book that espouses death or enslavement of any who do not worship their god SLI* Alley. Another of Obamas unAmerican nominations !
      *Small Letters Intentional.

  7. In this post-modern, pre-apocalyptic theatre of the absurd we know as today’s reality, it would appear the skulk is truly in charge of the brood. So long as our troops lead the brood of their spy agency, all could be fair if we assume nothing is more fun than securing the trust of and sleeping with one’s prey.

    While one may hope for lions to lie down with lambs, experience shows us the only way lions can get close enough to the domesticated lamb to lie down with it is to dress like lambs and act like lambs so that by the time little Lamb Chop is close enough to see beneath the lion’s clothing, it is too late and lamb is for dinner.

  8. CIA,,Communist Infiltrating America. Knew that many years ago…Communision is well and alive in the world today. Can he be trusted?????I think not.

  9. Converting to Islam for work purposes or as political schmoozing shows a certain lack of principles. How can anyone trust someone who will say or do anything for his career?

    Does Brennan have any principles? How would we know?

    In the picture above, Obama is no doubt explaining that the swords on the crest are the swords of ‘peaceful Islam’, the swords of ‘inner spiritual development’, rather than the swords of terrorism.


  10. how can we let this go on a government inside our elected government a coup that many fail to see. did we want a potential dictator. we our set to disturb the most briallant minds of our forefathers. obama is not the solution, he reminds me of the anti-christ

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