Oh, CANADA! Follow-up on the man who was arrested in Toronto for peacefully protesting Islam

Eric Brazau, one of the organizers of an anti-jihad protest in Toronto, was dressed like an imam and accompanied by a woman in a black Muslim burqa.


(h/t Ron B) Using a microphone, Eric gave a mock Muslim sermon, assisted by the veiled woman, “praising” Canada as a place, where you can beat your wife with impunity. He also read a list of all the free handouts and benefits you would get there if you are a Muslim religious fanatic. It was a satirical performance, which  focused the attention on the evils of Islam.

IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH THIS STORY, CLICK HERE: oh-canada-when-did-you-abandon-your-right-of-free-expression-to-the-muslim-infiltrators

According to Eric Brazau’s lawyer, his charges are uttering death threats and assault. In Canada when you yell at someone it can be called assault so I was told the yelling was the ‘verbal assault’. Both charges are related to the back and forth shouting match with a woman across the street.

His bigger problem is that he was out on bail already for another incident involving alleged harassment of a burqa clad woman. The lawyer has not asked for a bail hearing because Eric does not have anyone left to post ‘surety’. His main problem was he was out on bail.

The person who posted his first surety is not allowed to post again. But it WILL make a difference if dozens of people contact the lawyer with offers of support and also offers to post surety. They do not HAVE to necessarily post surety, but the offers themselves are important.

Jail is a horrible place and even if some sympathetic Toronto area residents offer to just VISIT the guy (they can send an email to Marco and ask exactly where and how they could visit him) to keep his spirits up, that would help.



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