Chubby Muslim Convert Girl, Lauren Booth, had to advertise on Facebook for a Muslim husband

What’s the matter, none of her good pals in Hamas were rushing to snap her up? After all, the leader of Hamas gave this British traitor and sister-in-law of Tony Blair, an honorary passport for Gaza.


UK Daily Mail (h/t Linda R) She is known for writing about  her colourful private life, her dramatic conversion to Islam and a spectacular falling-out with her half-sister, Cherie Blair. So perhaps it’s no surprise that when Lauren Booth decided she wanted a new husband, she advertised on Facebook. (Gee, will she be telling up about her female genital mutilation experience?)


And after announcing her quest for a partner to her 7,000 Facebook ‘friends’ last year, Ms Booth, 45, has now announced she is wed. The Mail on Sunday can reveal her husband is Sohale Ahmed, a devout Muslim and divorced father of three from Stockport, Manchester.

Mr Ahmed must have survived a stern examination of his credentials to earn Ms Booth’s affections. For in her Facebook announcement, she promised a ‘series of rigorous tests of din [religion], finances and personality’.

Lauren Booth is pictured with her husband Sohale Ahmed
Lauren Booth is pictured with her husband Sohale Ahmed

He would have to have his own teeth and be able to ‘pray’ and to ‘pay’, she added. Secret drinkers, CIA stooges and anyone who  fancied Sunday roast at her brother-in-law Tony Blair’s house were told they need not apply.

The journalist and broadcaster – a vocal opponent of the Iraq War, Israel and America-hater, who now works for Iran’s state-owned news channel Press TV – said anyone who wished to have lunch with Mr Blair was discounted because it meant they liked eating with ‘Muslim-murdering former leaders’.

‘Still interested?’ Ms Booth asked at the end of the advert. ‘Well, you’d better be brave and funny.’ Despite issuing such a daunting challenge, Ms Booth has now reported her marriage on Facebook. Mr Ahmed is listed as the managing director of Ms Booth’s pro-Palestinian charity, Peace 2012. Her 49-year-old new husband has also posted Facebook pictures of Ms Booth.