EGYPT plans to attack Gaza if Hamas continues to back Sinai terrorist insurgents

If Hamas terrorists from Gaza continue to strike Egyptian security officials in the Sinai, Egypt’s army will attack. Egyptian Army General Ahmed Waasfi said that his patience with jihadists in the Gaza Strip has worn thin and if there is any escalation of violence against Egyptian forces by Hamas, Egypt will retaliate.

Sounds like Egypt is becoming a better ally of Israel than America is.

In other good news from Egypt, 3 million people have already signed a petition to convince General Sisi to run for the presidency in upcoming elections.


A campaign launched to convince Minister of Defence, General Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi, to run for presidency in the upcoming presidential elections announced on Monday that it gathered 3 million signatures in 20 days in support of Al-Sisi, according to the campaign’s general coordinator, Khaled Al-Adawy.

The “Kammel Gemilak” campaign head, Refa’i Nasrallah, said in a press conference that the campaign merged with four other campaigns for the same goal. Nasrallah added that the campaign will call for demonstrations on 6 October in Tahrir Square and in front of the Presidential Palace under the slogan “Returning the favour [to the Armed Forces] and supporting Al-Sisi for presidency”.

Nasrallah added that during the upcoming six weeks, the campaign plans to gather 30 million signatures “as a preliminary phase”, and the final goal of the campaign is to gather 50 million signatures in support of Al-Sisi. He also deemed the campaign an “extension to the 30 June Revolution and Tamarod (Rebellion) campaign” and thanked the Tamarod campaign for “enlightening the campaign’s way.”