WOO HOO! African state of Angola bans Islam and will destroy all the mosques

UnknownBy popular demand, Angolan authorities have taken pre-emptive action and decided to ban the Muslim religion, which they consider a cult, NOT a religion. They see what Muslims are doing to Christians, especially in Africa, and are taking steps to prevent the same from happening in Angola.

Xibaaru  In early October 2013, the Muslims living in Luanda in the municipality of Viana Zango were shocked to see the minaret of their mosque dismantled into pieces on the ground without permission. On Thursday 03 October in the morning, the Angolan authorities decided to destroy the mosque Zango located in the urban district of Viana 17 km. The governor of Luanda Bento announced in a radio spot that radical Muslims are not welcome in Angola and the Angolan government is not ready for the legalization of mosques in Angola.


And on Tuesday, November 19, the Minister of Culture, Rosa Cruz e Silva said. “Regarding Islam, the legalization process has not been approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. Therefore all mosques would be closed until further notice. ” It should be noted that the Angolan government has made closing of all mosques a priority. The only two mosques located in Luanda have already received a warning document  signed by the mayor of the municipality of Viana José Moreno.

Poste reveille  (h/t Susan K) The provincial governor of Luanda, Bento Bento, said on the airwaves of local radio that “radical Muslims are not welcome in Angola and the Angolan government is not ready for the legalization of mosques.” Minister of Culture, Rosa Cruz e Silva explained that the law on freedom of religion will be reviewed given the current national context , noting that the Government will redouble its efforts to fight relentlessly against religious cults like Islam which are contrary to the customs of Angolan culture.

After Angola banned Islam, one of the country’s few mosques had its minaret was taken down in October. The city of Zango had its only mosque completely destroyed after the ban as well.

After Angola banned Islam, one of the country’s few mosques had its minaret was taken down in October. The city of Zango had its only mosque completely destroyed after the ban as well.

95% of Angola’s population is Christian. A quarter belongs to Protestant churches founded during the colonial period, including congregational evangelical church.

This decisive action taken by the Angolan head of state is based on a desire to guard against the rise of the Wahhabi ideology that has created havoc, death and destruction in Africa and elsewhere. And as rightly explained Tunisian philosopher Mezri Haddad: “Islamism and Islamophobia feed each other. Worse, long-term Islamism as an ideology destroy Islam as religion. “

Africalap  According to the International Religious Freedom Report 2008, Islam in Angola is a minority religion with 80,000 – 90,000 adherents, composed largely of migrants from West Africa and families of Lebanese origin. The Muslims comprise between 2.5 to 3 percent of Angola’s overall population of 17 million people, most of them Christians.


in the last decade, but especially during the last few years the Muslim community in Angola has grown appreciably and Islamic activities have become more common in major cities. Mosques have sprung up in a number of places and Qur’anic schools have been built to provide Islamic instructions and teach Arabic language to adherents.

Public attitudes toward Islam have been generally negative. Cultural differences between Angolan and Muslim West African immigrants have been the basis for negative views toward Islam, as was the perceived link between Islam and illegal immigration. Since the September 11 attacks, there has been a deliberate attempt to link Muslims with terrorism. It has become a matter of routine at Luanda airport for security officers to detain Muslims arriving from Sahelian countries.

On September 1, 2008, a Muslim mob attacked the Christian community in the town of Andulo. The school-age daughter of a deacon at one of the churches was decapitated. Forty Christians were assaulted or tortured. The mob burned three church buildings. They also went to Christians’ houses to intimidate them or destroyed items of property. Stones were thrown at the headquarters of a local Christian project, causing some damage. An Angolan Christian leader said that the local police were unable to stop the attack and fled the scene.

wpml_yahooUPDATE! BNI has received several messages from people in Angola confirming that the ban on Islam is definitely true. 

Islam in Angola is not considered a religion anymore, but a SECT!

Let me explain, Angola has a consitution no unlike any western constitution, in that constitution religious freedom is guaranteed. That religious freedom does not include questionalbe sects, only proper world religions enjoy religious freedom in Angola!

Now, islam is no longer considered a legal religion, I quote Cultural Minister of Angola Rosa Cruz;

“The process of legalization of Islam has not been approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, their mosques would be closed until further notice.” That means that Islam is now considered nothing, at best a sect and with that is looses all privileges of a recognized religion!

This is a good as banning islam, because as a sect, islam has no constitutional right of building mosques, islamic schools, or even teach Islam.

Islam is practically socialy dead in Angola and that is more than enough reson to celebrate, unless you want to ignore the few good things coming our way.


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  1. Islam was once a perfectly good religion.
    But now it is not.
    There is a cancer in the soul of Islam.
    Until those who practice Islam cut out the cancer, Islam will continue to be a bad religion.
    But true.

  2. As an angolan im proud of my country forbid that religion but the war is far from over, we still have too much of then living here and they still have illegal mosques and they are also seducing poor girls to their cause, i’ve to admit that islam is a very dangerous cult and every muslim is an enemy, i hope in your countrys u press your government to close all the mosques and to stop this people get inside your country, they want to dominate u, destroy your culture, your way of life, dont let then do that.

    • Kimbo, we are big fans of Angola for having the guts to ban Islam. I wish every non-muslim country would do that, but they won’t, at least not yet. What has been the effect of the ban on Islam in Angola? Are a lot of Muslims leaving the country?

  3. What hinduism n Christianity teaches us is to change according to time.. Believe in god pray for god is not a crime but fucking muslims all they talk is religion , religion n religion in 21st century of science..Mr. Gay Mohammed prophet was using religion for spread of his territory n ugly retarded Muslims still following that .. Believe in science n culture of different nation ..Muslim go to other country n rather than following other country’s law n culture ; they demand islamic rules n culture

    Muslim men hide their women behind black long dress called burqa / hijab n marry christian girls n convert them to islam including their kids ..All girls beaware of Love jihaad ..its Islamic strategy to spread religion by marrying girls from other religion ..

    PLEASE ALL GIRLS READ N STAY SAFE FROM LOVE JIHAAD.. Where Muslim men target girls from other religion n make them fall in love.. So her kids will be Muslims


      There are two types of jihaad by islam ..jihaad means strategy to spread religion ..
      1st type -> terror jihaad where they kill people n fear them to convert to islam ..now this is famous in name of terrorism

      2nd type -> love jihaad where they target girls from other religion n make them fall in love n marry them so her kids will be Muslims ..

      You must have heard many thousands Muslim men marrying Christian girls but you will hardly see any Muslim girl marrying Christian guy ..

      These Muslim men will not make you realize that you are a victim of love jihaad.. You will feel like he truly loves you but when the day will come if you marry him ..ur kids will be reading quran in mosque rather than freely living their life as human n exploring the beautiful world ..

      Muslim men don’t mind marrying girls from other religion but i have read about stories where Muslim father killed their daughters for marrying or loving guy from other religion (non Muslim guy) ..


      Save ur sister save ur daughter save ur friends

  4. Good on ya Angola, may your country flourish and become a great example for others to follow and a great nation in and of itself. If I ever hear of a natural disaster or war there I will be more than willing to accept refugees from there into Australia and even donate money to help. Be proud, be strong and dont let the dhimmi controlled nations bully you for making the RIGHT decision. May God bless you all. Also funny to see that on the anniversary of 9.11 that a crane fell onto the grand islam shit factory, maybe take a hint muzzie scum even God is getting sick of your shit, fingers crossed he decides that a mini apocalypse in that region is needed, I say some rain of blood and death of firstborn males will be a nice start.

  5. My favourite photo.
    My favourite story.
    Angola must qualify as the most sensible and intelligent country in the world.
    If only the rest could follow their lead instead of leading us to disaster.
    If only

  6. Yes, banning religions has worked so well in the past, lol. In comparison the modern equivalent would be like banning Christianity because Hitler was a devout Christian, as was Mussolini & the Italians that joined the Germans. As much as i dislike religions over 3000 years of history has overwhelmingly shown that banning them does not work. All religions have the right to exist even devil worshipers as we live in a free world and it’s the Christians that spilt the most blood in fighting for that freedom, usually aginst Lions, lol.

    Both of these religions were born from the same book, the Old Testament and 99% of people that follow Islam and Christianity are nice normal loving people that just want to have a nice family and life and these are the true facts. Since then Islam and Christianity have been as war… almost 2000 years of war, hate and killing and much of that was based around destroying churches, mosques and religious icons. When will we stop? When will the insanity stop on our planet and we grow up? Another 2000 years?

    What do we do will terrorists? WE need get out of the Middle East, WE need to stop supplying them weapons and stop killing them. Then we get the U.N. in with 500,000 troops to disarm the entire region. Not to kill but to disarm even though many would die in that process. Or we could just stay in the mud hole for another 100 years as this latest ‘religious’ war all started with the British and the remaking of the Middle East map but like ALL ‘religious’ wars it was for one reason, MONEY and PROFIT.

    That’s why we are there still today and it has nothing to do with religion. We the people of the world are spending $$$billions killing each other as it’s profitable for the corporations to do that. Oil, weapons, currency, strategic positioning and $$$Trillions in profits using our tax money to fund it all by keeping us angry, confused and in fear and religion is the PERFECT vehicle. These are the cold hard facts and the lessons of history. How many times does humanity need to learn these simple lessons so we can move forward? Are we going to continue to use those $$$ billions for war and killing so our children inherit a war soaked world in turmoil or are we going to use that money to build a future for our children?

    • Your sauve, lassez-faire urbane sophistication says more about you than the subject you write of.This egotism has decimated the western world throughout the past fifty years, where the problems we face now are probably unwinnable thanks to a lack of youth on our side, and overwhealming numbers of young people belonging to the foe, namely Islam. I know it, and they know it. The opinions you are so proud to voice make no impact with our adversaries, who are well aware of the benefit of numbers. So while our culture has burned our religeous beliefs, why would the muzlim world even listen to your arrogant views? They know your smug observations have no attraction to them in leaving their religeon behind. So, while you may well be correct that God is dead, the reality of God giving the faith to resist these “people”,is not one of our advantages or comforts we can enjoy.
      Furthermore, youre beliefs completely undermine the obvious benefits of “United we stand, divided we fall” found in pan-european solidarity. Your statement that “Hitler was a Catholic” further insult millions of people who find comfort in God, regardless of wether you are right or wrong about Gods existence. I must conclude that your sedition and nauseating opinions are redolent of historical traitors that were executed for their treachery. With luck you will face the same judgement and be punished, very slowly.

    • What you’ve said here is utter rubbish, and I’m not going to go into full analysis. The comment that “Hitler was a Christian” just goes to show that you’re completely ignorant. Hitler was not a Christian at all. He never set foot inside a church to worship. If you claim he was a “Christian” name the congregation he was a member of. You can’t. Enough said.

    • Mike Mike Mike. Hitler was not devout, he only used religion as a means to deceive the German people to get his agenda through. The Nazi bigwigs were atheist, occultist Christianity haters.
      Islam is not now,nor has it ever been a peaceful religion, it is the biggest mass murder movement in history. Man, read a book.

  7. GREAT. The only way to solve the Islam issue is to change its designation. And we all know that Islam is not a religion, too brutal to be a religion. It’s either a cult or a sect, both words being synonymous.

    A lot of money in Angola and cost of living is very high. So sad, I would have loved to move there.

  8. Why steal, kill, and destroy lives, because people do not believe in Muslim religion. It is definitely Satan religion, because as long as I have been alive, Christians, Catholics, and more, have not been hunted down and killed, because they didn’t want anything to do with Muslim religion. It’s a disgusting situation, that we, here in the USA should not have to give this bull crap a second thought.

  9. Let’s hope these victims of Angolan religious intolerance can find freedom in America in nice homes close to Pam Geller and the editors of Bare Naked Islam.

    • How about they all go live with you since you like Islamist’s that murder and rape children and worship a man that was a pedophile.

    • Victims? Oh yes, muslims like to play the victim card ad nauseum even nothing has happened. The only victims are those who have suffered and continue to suffer under islam. Angola has the right idea and I hope other countries will follow. All muslims should be kicked out of non-muslim countries and made to return to Islamic countries where they can live under barbaric sharia law. And whilst we are at it Mr. Wilkins, how about you fuck off to a muslim country and stay there. Stupid, ignorant twat. Or should I say filthy muslim apologist.

    • You are an idiot. If any camel humpers come over there I hope it is right next to your house and one night they creep over and cut your stupid lefty head off. You are an oxygen thief and a waste of space.

    • Did you blink, or ignore the part about the elementary-aged girl getting decatitated by a Muslim mob? Another proof that reincarnation is valid, ’cause I can’t accept that we come back more stupid than when we left.

    • Most foolish bit of drivel that I’ve read, today.

      Islam is only about submission – by their own people, especially, women and children; and by all non-believers.

      Now run, along, I believe the adults are trying to have a discussion.

  10. God bless Angola to have known that an average Islam is a terrorist. There supposed to be freedom of religion, but since they want to kill everybody for not worshiping their god they should banned. Other countries should emulate angola.

  11. Well said. I believe most of black african (in Africa) have good sense, and this anti islam law will get a domino effect

  12. Meanwhile in popular demand by employers Churches are going out of business due to people working on Sundays in Texas.

    Note: This is a fake story. But who knows mine is partially a joke and serious. This is story is a 100 percent joke. Now return to your bar and sip that vodka and drop dead and wife beater values. Thank you for your quick attention

  13. We know that from the mid 600 AD till today that this cult of death is responsible for at least 270 million murders … humans killed simply because they refused to bow to Satan (Islam). The pure evil this cult has unleashed on the planet is unmatched in human history… and The Muslem in Chief of America is destroying this country from within… while watching his fellow muslems murder Christians and those who wont bow to this cult … want to see what Satan will act like when he takes control………. LOOK AT OBAMA……… Demon Possessed , pure evil… pure reprobate…….. we may not survive this evil that has taken over America

    • Wonderful idea , classify it as a sect, outlaw it and live happily ever after. Takes the “racist” issue out of the equation. Angola you are the most intelligent country in the world.

      • Since when is Islam a race? How ignorant can one person be? In its 1,400-year existence, this scourge on mankind is responsible for the MURDER of 270-920 million people of every religion on the planet for the simple reason that its scriptures are full of hate and permisssability to lie, ambush, kill, rape( even crawling babies) and take anything they want from nonmuslims. Its savagery must be treated by the world, even worse than naziism before it will stop its evil ways.

    • Very very bad thought you have about muslims. atl the religion have right to live freedomly. you all are very narrow minded and foolish and extrmist.

      • Are you bloody stupid… Islam has caused the most problems across the world in the last 20 years! Hah the irony, Islam is the most extreme religion out there idiot… If your so offended go to Syria and see how pleasant they are when the rape and behead! Clearly your the narrow minded one!!!

      • Yes Ali we are extremely anti Muslim,I am anti Islam,not anti human….Jesus loves all men,and offfers His unconditional love to all sinners who are willing to repent…..We humans want to iradicate Islam from America.

      • What about muslims? Are they broad minded? Muslims are like wound to each and every country and to the whole world. Islam must be wiped out completly

      • you muslims are a curse upon this world…..you should be banned from everywer ……..infact you shouldnt be allowed to survive

      • freedom of religious BELIEFS but not freedom to practice when the practice impairs other people’s freedom. That is the problem with Islam, it does not allow freedom of thought or action. And that is just the surface.

      • ali muslims only have themselves to blame for the bad thought on muslims. islam is vile and cruel. It is nothing more than a cult that kills, maimes, rapes children and women, causes trouble, only knows violence, lies, cheats, steals…. It is the worst thing ever perpetrated onto mankind. You ought to learn to spell and punctuate properly before you criticise others. Moron.

      • What a load of rot Markx. They are just silent about what other muslims do in their name. I bet if you polled them, you would find they want all of us to live under sharia law and bow down to islam. They did a survey in England and 40% of the percentage of muslims we have, want sharia law, so that is nearly all of them. Stop talking crap.

      • Most Muslims are peaceful, moderate, and closed-mouth about what their holy book teaches on beheading non-believers of Islam! Sure sure, we let you live as a Christian and do not try to behead you, in spite of what our so-called holy book reads! We are this way even though our silence spells approval in the eyes of Muslim terrorist!

        They’re silent because they don’t want to die (Yet, Christians are dying daily at the hands of “Muslims” for our faith) at the hands of their fellow Muslims!!! They (moderate Muslims) are so afraid of Muslim terrorist, they’d rather innocent people die than to stand up to them and denounce their religion of terror (with their bold ‘Kill the infidels’ attitudes).

      • When briton come on street make hunger strik , It is a country for Briton not of Muslim then UK will ban the cult.Frnce should ban it immediately.

      • This also needs to happen here in the USA. I have said all along that Islam is a cult based on hatred, NOT “a religion of peace”. The term “religion of peace” is a smokescreen to hide the REAL reason behind the Islamic threat to kill all infidels (meaning non-believers).

      • Let’s hope it happens to all countries with decency soon, why is it every country that has the most artistic beautiful people, the most romance and love and freedoms suddenly have assholes for leaders?

        There is a sameness in all of this I see going all over, I wish that I really believed it was a individual country thing, but it seems too much of a ‘coincidence’ that all of these countries suddenly have lame no back bone leaders, and all of this is ending up to be the citizens who need to fight?

        What a crock of shit, we need to over take our Governments and rebuild them from the ground up, and then close our borders completely to MOST off to the Middle East period, and let them kill each other off.

        All of this this blame game crap is so OLD there is no reasons or excuses for this any longer, NO revenge could satisfy these monsters only death and even death of their own families, they live and breath to see blood and agony, that is their idea of a good time people wake the hell up and do not try and reason with them.

  14. Islam is a cult of control and mind manipulation. The mentally deranged pedophile Mohammed crested Islam, it has nothing to do with God… Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews and atheists should fight islam like the plague….

    • We will never see that occurr here, as long as Obamanation is sitting in the WH. He is a top advocate of the muslimization of America, not to mention member of isis.

      • So maybe we will beginning in 2017? One can only hope.
        If you love freedom you hate Islam.
        If you hate slavery you hate Islam.
        If you refuse conquest you refuse Islam.

    • A very rare instance and I’m so happy. More nations should follow Angola’s move and annihilate the entire muslim world if the rest of humans are to live happily. Islam is Satanic and these terrorists are the off springs of Satan.

    • Well done Angola, Please advise Indian Prime Minister too to follow the same. So that India can get rid of Islamic population increasing day by day. Increasing population of muslims are a great threat to India. SO indian Govt must be cautious and take a positive step as soon as possible. They must demolish Madarsha which are the centre for Islamic terrorism activities.

  15. Muslims choose to follow this cult of death. I say live by the sword die by the sword. A call to all REAL Religions to sharpen their swords! !
    Jesus be Praised!

    • When I go to my Christian church, we sit together as a family men & women, side by side. Some of our pastors are women, some are men, some are even gay. Christianity truly is about peace and acceptance.

      Down the street is a muslim mosque. I often watch the flow of people. I never see women go into the mosque. It is obvious that is not a place for families, only for men.

      The outside and inside of my Christian church is clean, well-tended, something to be proud of. The outside of the mosque is looks like a run-down building, nobody ever takes care of the property, there is obviously no pride, no evidence of self-respect.

      I deal with many religions in my area. Christians, Jews, Bhudists and Hindus are friendly and hard-working, so are the . They all contribute to a proud community.

      The muslims are angry, unfriendly, disrespectful to everyone including their own people, they make no effort to contribute to our community.

      I get on public transit with all these people, and again the muslims show no respect for anyone else.

      They are never happy, even among their own. Their women treat their children with anger, there is no tenderness or compassion. Muslim women show their hatred of everyone else.

      In the community it is easy to tell what type of people live in which house. Most homes are well-tended, the families work to make their homes beautiful… Except for the obvious muslim houses. They do not take care of their own property, they do not show any respect for the boundaries of their neighbours. Their houses are just shelter from the weather, they are obviously not “homes”.

      And these are the so called “moderate muslims” … This is the “love, beauty and pride” of Islam.

      • hahaha. you should thank secularism and atheism for bring sense into some Christians. not too long ago and some still in Christianity restrict women and absolutely anti-gay. so stop living in la la land. I think the right approach is to put restrictions on some religious practices rather than ban entire religion. otherwise you are all missing the point, probably deliberately because you are on another drug called Christianity.

      • @gdfghjdfghjasdf, it is you that havedmissed the point.

        I am an atheist and what LT says is true , i notice it to, Muslims are unhappy , dishonest to the core.

        Are you a muslim by any chance?

      • Thank ATHEISM??? What a crock of shit you soak in…..Atheist and Secularist’s should get their minds straight and face reality.You should thank God for all the blessings he has given to this Nation…..Why don’t you go to China,or any other Communist country,and see how Atheistic governments operate….The Bible says”THE FOOL SAYS THERE IS NO GOD”….Atheists are fools.Muslims are unhappy,and have no peace,Does this sound familar Athiest?

  16. First off all, please stop making fun of Islam. Islam is a beautiful religion. Islam is all about peace. Please keep your negative thoughts to yourself. We haven’t made fun of your religion so please do not make fun of Islam. Please keep your negative thoughts to yourself buddy, it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Unknown idiot, no we won’t. Islam is not a religion, it is an evil, sadistic death cult and we will mock it and make fun of it as much as we want. More than 51 million people have visited here and the more we mock Islam, the more popular BNI becomes. Get lost.

      • I would just like to say that just because you have had 51 million people visit your site doesn’t mean a single thing. I for instance am now included in that total count and as a non-Muslim couldn’t disagree any more with this website and it’s followers in its entirety.

        Also, I would like to address the amount of professionalism found in your vocabulary good sir and/or madam, as calling someone an idiot is definitely a well versed way to prove that you are indeed the one who is correct. (This is an important lesson we have all learned back in Elementary school.) (Heavy sarcasm.)

      • Hi Rachael
        My family and I are coming to live at your house, anything I like that you own will become mine, I’ll allow to continue living your current lifestyle as long as it doesn’t contravene any of my beliefs, you’re welcome to join my family if you wish if not you have to pay me rent.
        Oh by the way if you don’t agree that’s fine I’ll just behead you, no biggy to me either way.
        Rachael you must take some time to understand how Islam works, the above is just brief example.

      • You may aswell join them Racheal, being a trator (which is what you are) only gives them more power in the UK. Pray and if your lucky maybe they will spare your life and make you a sex slave… you were aware thats what they do to females right? (of ANY age!).

    • yeah muslim is full of peace and love. must be when they are sleeping. they rape behead and murder every where they go. The world hates them

    • Unknown,
      First of all, you must be one of those ‘moderate’ muslims…well, that does NOT excuse you from having as much blood on your hands as do your extremists. People, like you, who deny what’s right in front of your eyes enable those who commit atrocities to continue to do so..all in the name of Allah. Islam is NOT a religion, nor a cult…it IS a political ideology disguised as a religion, it uses religion as a shield against actions a civilized society would take against the murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and goat lovers that make up your guttural cave dwelling group. It is an embarrassment to even occupy the same planet as you and your bearded demons. Islam should be banned in ALL civilized countries…you can still have the sewers you currently control…do the world a favor, kill each other, leave Christians, jews, gays, women, etc, etc alone…..Islam is NOT about love…it’s ALL about hatred of all that is NOT muslim. I thank GOD that you are a dying breed…good riddance.

    • So many, many LIES!!!!!

      I’ll NEVER forget “Jameela”‘s avatar showing a dog urinating upon a crucifix – and she (real name Jacqueline Barnette) boldly announced how she HATED everything and everybody “un-Islamic”!!! [Apparently it was she who finally got shot by a policeman when she tried to knife him – good riddance as now she’s burning in Hell and will do so all the way to the Last Judgement…]

      Also, if Moslems weren’t making fun of other religions, why did they DESTROY the Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan??? Threaten to destroy the Basilica of San Petronio in Bologna, Italy MERELY BECAUSE a fresco therein supposedly shows Mohammed burning in Hell (as Dante Alighieri describes in his Commedia Divina??? Aim to wipe off every last single Jewish man, woman and child off the face of this entire globe merely because they’re Jews???

      Don’t you see your BLOODY HYPOCRISY, LIES, DISTORTIONS and everything else for what it is????

      Take ALL your taqiyya and kitman ELSEWHERE!!!!! We don’t want it and it doesn’t do ANY GOOD HERE!!!!!

      Long live Ms. BNI and her GLORIOUS Website – and Long live us PROUD, CLEAN, WORTHY “infidels”!!!!! Long live women, dogs, pigs, apes and EVERYBODY AND EVERYTHING “un-Islamic” – as Islam is of the Devil himself!!!!! “allah” is merely Mohammed’s sock-puppet – not for nothing that Satan even confused that MONSTER with the “Satanic Verses”!!!

      Truly, Islam is EVIL INCARNATE!!!!! You FILTHY MOSLEMS will NEVER, EVER, EVER change THAT, like it or not!!!!!

      • What many Muslims mean when they say they respect all other religions. They mean Christianity and Judiasm but only according to Quran. so it is not current Christians, it is the non-existent Christians who believe in Jesus as just a prophet. and even those hypothetical people have to become Muslims. Religion is the opium of the masses. and you all people should get a rehab.

    • ISLAM, bloody bastards, Islam is nothing but monsters religion, which was wiped out by RAM, I pray god that soon INDIA will become free of ISLAM too. these bastards are filled with hater and sin.

      • No man Kalki , Islam was not that religion. The lineage of Daityas and Danavas [ Asuras] was different and much ancient and liberal than the fucky Islam. Islam is a new bastardous and whore full religion . But I appreciate your words that Islam will be destroyed by LORD KALKI in future[ Future KALIYUGA] as has been described in Ramayana by Valmiki. He used the words MLECCHA for describing Islamites which means the uncivilised , savage ,tribal kind , cannibal people [ which are indeed Muslims and no other]. God BLESS U !
        JAI SHREE RAM!

    • You can take your lies and fool some innocent but the world is waking up…Islma is not a religion but a political party to take over the world…Mohd was smart to close all loop holes like anyone leaving Islam will be penalized with death…cannot marry non-muslim, can have 4 wives so can breed like rats…ilsma is supreme, Jews and christians are corrupted and Hindusim and Budhism are devaited to be bought on path of enlightment…They make u read that peace book 5 times a day so as to make ur brain dead and u cannot differentiate between wrong and right…

      • well said, kaffir,…respect….you understood Islam and their “fuck” koran…keep spreading the good word. Muslims are the devils themselves,inhuman bastards,raving bloodthirsty psychotics led by the evil guide-book they call koran.

      • Absolutely correct. Islam is not a religion its a way 2 brain wash and convert a child into a cruel man, whose purpose of life becomes 2 produce babies and brainwash them. simply increase numbers. Islam is all about quantity without quality of life.

    • I use to respect islam, there were some great Islamic philosophers and sufi poets. But this has gone too far now. Islam has degenerated. Islam must be destroyed, if humanity is to be saved. There is no other way. ISLAM MUST BE DESTROYED AND ANNIAHLATED FROM THE PLANET FOREVER!!!

    • @Unknown. Mohammad invented Islam to make money. Mohammad, Allah and Lucifer are one and the same thing. One has to be a moron to a Muslim. There is nothing good about islam. So wake up use whatever little brain you have

    • Unknown, we will not stop. Islam is evil and must be destroyed. It must be routed out of all places. It cannot coexist. Adherents should not be given the chance to live by disavowing their religion as they cannot be trusted. The world will cheer the death of islam and all muslims. Apologists politicians will be voted out of office and real change can take place. I dream of this day. Until this day, muslims should be made to feel uncomfortable and unsafe. The religion should be mocked and ridiculed, including the prophet and the followers. The children of followers should be ostracized at schools and parks. If you want to lead an islamic lifestyle there are places for you. If you want to live your life under the delusion that islam is a religion of peace, you can join the believers in those places. Islam is evil and must be destroyed.

    • Unknown…. PLEASE islam murders anyone who gets in their way and all the so called peaceful muslims do NOTHING about so if you know it is going on and do not take a stand you are just as guilty as the ones committing the act. islam is a joke it is a cult of nothing other than sick pedophiles who rape and murder… I wish the would would see them for what they are and destroy them immediately. All the other religions live side by side peacefully

    • Islam is a cult that was started by a damn child molester, pervert, murderer, thief and rapist. There are 79 verses is that piece of crap Koran that tell Muzzies to go out and kill anyone that isn’t a Muzzie, and if you try to leave the cult, they say you are to kill the Muzzie. This crappy cult is all about SEX. Men can have 4 wives, and if a woman says she was raped, she has to go to court with 4 witnesses that are men, otherwise she is the bad person. Real nice cult buddy. The only cult in the world that cuts the heads off of people every single day. The sooner this shitty cult is wiped off this planet the better off the world will be.

    • Unknown,
      You are right. Muslims do not make fun of other peoples religions. That would require a sense of humor. Instead the bomb, burn and decapitate!

    • Excellent, have not laughed so hard for a while…..Religion of Peace, nothing short of being a paradox, an irony if you will…..it scares me people like you exist in a free society.

      Please sign up for the Mars mission sunshine and take your religion of peace elsewhere!

  17. “I am the way…. the truth…. and the Life, I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and The Last, The Beginning and The End, There will be no more death, or crying or mourning, or pain, or suffering, Yes I am Coming Soon”. – Our Lord and Savior

    “You have only ONE God and he is in heaven, You have only ONE King and he is The Christ”.

  18. I would repent from Islam and turn to our lord Jesus Christ, because he is coming back sooner than I thought. I don’t know when, but I do know how and where he will return. When he does return, he will destroy the countries that want to destroy Israel and Christianity. Jesus is not finished with Hitler and Egypt, he will destroy Germany, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran and Russia, including Egypt. He WILL destroy Islam, Al-Qaeda and the AntiChrist. Fellow Christians, Jesus is coming back soon be prepared for his coming.


  19. I say all the Muslim are not terrorist, but all the terrorists are Muslim,
    Now a days the Muslims are big threat to world peace, every peace loving
    Country do the SAME. It is the dire need of India. Muslim are always Muslim

    • right said Agarwal….all muslims are born criminals….all deserve to die, if not by themselves we shall ensure it…at least in India. Now go out and spread the word.

    • We need a prime minister like Bal Thakarey who suppressed and take oath to eradicate muslims atleast form Maharastra. We need such a bold leader in India who can eradicate muslim power completely and force them all to stay like Hindus or any other religion other than basted Islam

  20. Now it’s confirmed about who this website serves. Any news against Islam whether factual or not is considered good. Since you lot care for the illegals, criminals and drug peddlars undermining Islamic society in Arabia, why not go on and invite em to live in your “lovely” countries. At least the other 600,000 legal Ethiopians there can continue striving in peace.

  21. Super summation from you there Aaron! Soon the actual children of Israel will emerge and take care of this beast that’s scamming the world with the help of Zionists. And all the mockery will fade like the morning mist. I’m thrilled that you notice the cowardice that has always been the signature of these illegitimate claimants.

  22. Well said Trisha. The zionist menace to this era is simply the cause of the worlds unrest. The only way they can get to corrupt minds is through the cowardly way that you witness on your screen. Otherwise, they are the worlds most gutless nation.

  23. ALLAH (god) will help those who are on right path. no one can do anything accept ALLAH. islam is peace full religion but politics show something differ. i request all of you to read about islam not about muslims :) don’t listen what people said media said go search your self the truth then you will know.

      • EXACTLY, “Had enough already”!!!

        We have read enough of the Qu’rân (especially knowing how much of it – 40% – is ABROGATED in favour of more and more violence, HATE, destruction and MISERY!!!!!), the Hadith, Sira and all of that other Moslem EXCREMENT, URINE, VOMIT, SPITTLE and tainted BLOOD that Islam truly is!!!!

        Take your taqiyya and your kitman ELSEWHERE, “Maz”!!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

    • I did search for the truth and read the queer-on. What a pile of shit that makes no sense. It is quite book for destruction and evil. I will not submit and I sure as shit ain’t going to die. It’s a riot that you say don’t listen to people or the media, you are full of shit! God bless the christians, jews, queers, hindus, atheists and all non muzzies. It seems like its time for reverse jihad! God bless Angola!! The rest of the world should follow suite.

    • Islam is a shitty cult started by a child molester and murderer. I want you to name me one verse in the Koran that says, to love your neighbor? Burn all Korans, bulldoze every Mosque.

    • I think you do not know how did your fore fathers were forced to accept Islam. Islam is not religion of peace but a religion of terrorism. Your forefathers were forced to accept it on the tip of sword. You try to find it out and you will be disappointed completely by Islam.

  24. If Saudi Arabie can ban christianity, Angola can ban islam. If Muslims are angry about that, they should be angry at Saudi Arabie as well. law of reciprocity.

    • Christianity or any other religion in the world teaches peace and not terrorism. Peace is always eternal an cant be banned.

  25. Angola. Heroes. A moral government. If I possibly can I am going there for a vacation. Sounds like a great place to live or retire in peace. You’ve got my dollars guys.

  26. If you do you trust in your religion and your opinion, why do you prevent others the right to speak and debate
    Alchristier misrepresented and you piece of crafts to book the Koran came to the worlds

  27. Why Christians brothers try to distort the religion of Islam, a religion of God did not bring him down on the Muslims only, but it was a home for all people around the world. This religion is a religion of moderation .. Tried that you read from the teachings of this religion
    Actually that a lot of Amusliman did not abide by the teachings of Islam as true to God is not there from Séda of him because he wants everyone who reads about this religion will find it far exactly what was

    • It’s NOT “religion” that’s the Creator of the universe!!! It’s God Almighty, whose proper name is Yahweh (YHWH), who created EVERYTHING including dogs, pigs, apes – and women too!!!! – and THEN saw that it all was VERY GOOD!!!!!

      MARK: His Name is Yahweh (YHWH), NOT “allah” (Mohammed’s sock-puppet in addition to being Satan)!!!!

      As to your Islam: we hate it PRECISELY BECAUSE we know it, likely far better than you ever have!!! Enough of us have read the Qu’rân in addition to the Sira and even the Hadith – and they all make us recoil with uttermost DISGUST, LOATHING, and a burning hatred to destroy it for the good of everything and everybody!!!! There is NOTHING good whatsoever in Islam. Period. Say what you like: you won’t trick us – we’re immune to your taqiyya and kitman. Our eyes are open to your HATE, LYING, DISTORTIONS and everything else you can throw at us.

      Therefore, you’d do as well to take it all elsewhere – OR, infinitely better, START THINKING by and of yourself!!! Think about why is Christ BELOVED by those who know Him – or Buddha, or Moses, King David and so many other non-Moslem heroes. [And don’t think even for one INSTANT that Islam existed before that MONSTER Mohammed – for it didn’t…] Do you have the courage to try something different???

      In any case, for our part, given what we know and understand:

      DEATH TO ISLAM, COMMUNISM and ALL other tyranny and totalitarianism, PERIOD!!!!!

      • A few things to consider:

        If God Almighty Made dogs, pigs and apes: WHY ON EARTH would Mohammed be right to call for their subjugation and even destruction??? Why would God then Make them if they were not VERY GOOD for many reasons??

        Why must women be despised when they were made with the same body-parts as men, able to think the same way and every bit as profoundly as any man??

        Why must Moslems mutilate their children’s genitals – isn’t that trespassing upon His (God’s) Prerogative as He Made EVERYTHING PERFECTLY???

        Was Mohammed not an ordinary man like you and me (just like Moses, King-David, Elijah) – yet you IDOLISE him as if he is God Almighty Himself???

        If your “allah” is so powerful, why does he require human hands to do everything he says – the Judæo-Christian God Can and amply DOES things BY HIMSELF?? Why are there NO miracles truly recorded to either Mohammed or “allah”???

        Let that be a start…

      • I suppose you have also read the Bible? In its entirety?

        Islam is not a cult. There are certain criteria according to multiple psychological journals that defines a cult.

        Religion: (according to dictionary.com)
        a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.

        Islam is defined a religion, like it or not. However that is not to say that there may be branches where it may be cult-like, just as there are in Christianity.

        Also a fun tidbit you may not know, but Muslims follow the Qur’an, the Torah, Hadith, and the Bible. They even follow the teachings of Jesus. What separates them from Christians are that they do not believe he was the son of God. (Because that would be blasphemy, just as many Jewish people also believe.) But in no way did they disregard him or even look down upon him to the best of my understanding.

        The prophet Muhammad (PBUH), was an ordinary man and not to be worshiped as a god or an idol. Ever notice how there are little to no symbols in Islam? Where as even Christianity has the Shroud of Turin, crusifixes, holy water, crosses, crowns of thorns etc.?

        Yahweh= God (Hebrew)
        Elohim = God (Ancient Hebrew aka pre-Judaism)
        Allah = The God (Arabic)
        God = God
        Christ = Jesus = God/God’s Son

        They’re different languages, different cultures, not different gods. Why do you think they’re known as the “Abrahamic Traditions”? Because they all follow from the same original place. Islam, Christianity, Judaism.

        FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) is not a widely practiced Islamic belief. It has more cultural grounding in specific places than anything else.
        And also would you consider circumcision genital mutilation? Because technically by what your describing that should be included too. (Which is another Abrahamic led tradition by the way.)

        Lastly, there are miracles recorded in Islam provided by Allah. (Aka the same God you worship if you’re Christian or Jewish.) You (and anyone else on this site) just wouldn’t consider any of them “real” because you’re all ignorant bigots who are full of vile hateful pus. When was the last time a Christian miracle was important enough (such as healing lepers or raising someone from the dead) officially added to our “Holy” book? When was the last time the supposed Christian community gathered as one whole group and recognized something great our God has done?

        All I’m saying is that if you’re going to attack something, you’d better at least understand something about it’s core beliefs. And keep a dictionary handy.

      • Ah, “Rachael”: I wish I had seen your taqiyya and kitman MUCH EARLIER!!!!

        OF COURSE I have read the Bible, and I regularly think about it and reread not a little bit of it!!! Yes, I’ve read the overwhelming bulk if not quite the entirety thereof and will shortly finish the last little bits off (if it hasn’t been done already)!!!

        On the other hand: if Moslems really follow the Bible, WHY is it BANNED in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Maldive Islands and enough other places????

        We don’t NEED your lies, distortions, half-truths and everything else!!!! Neither do we need your HATE (against everybody and everything “un-Islamic”, applied particularly against DOGS {Mankind’s BEST FRIEND EVER!!!!}, PIGS {Also a very important friend of Man!!}, APES {not much less important too!!}, WOMEN {half of the entire human race!!!} and non-Moslems, like that poor Meriam Wani-Ibrahim who’s facing torture and death at the hands of YOUR FELLOW-MOSLEMS!!!!!

        You DISGUST ME, “Rachael”, and I honestly hope and pray that God Will Take Pity upon your hypocritical, lying, EVIL heart!!!!

        God Bless Ms. Meriam Wani-Ibrahim and her children, deliver them and her husband out of the mouth of the MONSTER-BEAST of Islam and its captives and bring them to testify in the West!!!! If she ends up martyred and her children are taken away and made to be Moslems (may they become Christians instead!!) and even her husband be martyred, May God Grant them Wonderful Crowns to wear in reward in the life of the world to come!!!!!

  28. This strange thing.
    I want you to be a Muslim.
    But you hate Islam.
    And I’m sure you did not sit down with any Muslim before to talk about Islam.
    And you do not know what it means to be a Muslim.

    (The religion with Allah is Islam)
    Do not waste your time away from Islam
    And warn that turn out to be the enemies of Islam
    Muslim people wish death and hate life
    They live with their eyes on the afterlife

    • Yes! Islam is wonderful. it’s full of beheadings, rape and crime against everything Jahovah created. So, by all means, please keep as much of it to yourself and I pray you join your beloved moon-god soon and in as much agony anyone can perpetrate against/for you.
      I bid you a wonderful and Blessed Chanukkah and please, don’t forget to molest your neighbors child.

    • Dear Blind follower

      “I want you to be a Muslim”
      This depicts you want others to convert, but did you ever consider their freedom of choice? If you really want others to convert, show how great your religion is by your behaviour, your language, your actions and your principles. Impress them. Forcing someone is no way to convert. This is exactly how people start hating your religion.

      “but you hate Islam”
      Did you ever try to find out why?

      “And you do not know what it means to be a Muslim”
      People precisely know what it means to be a Muslim. cutting a new-born child’s foreskin off (no matter how loud he cries), throwing women in cupboards, telling them to wear veil no matter even if all your family lives in 42’C desert (hijab, you call it), telling women not to drive by saying it will affect their reproductive system, come on mate, do you even know what a doctor is?
      no freedom of speech, no acceptance of anything new, polygamy, cowardly killing innocents of a country you can’t beat, financing terrorist organisations, encouraging Muslims to define themselves solely in terms of their religion ( and not by country), that’s why Muslims of completely different race, speaking different language, living in different part of world gave asylum to another muslim solely because he was a muslim, I’m talking about Osama bin laden. They gave asylum to the enemy of their ally, I’m not an American but the way I see it, it is back-stabbing. Are these the principles of an Islamic republic? Is this how they follow their god?
      killing people of your own religion just because they happen to follow a slightly different ideology, killing Shia muslims, duh
      killing non-muslims in India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Egypt, Angola, Somalia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and the list is never-ending
      Killing own daughters to elope with non-muslims, obviously elope, no other option ’cause you’re never going to permit them,
      killing and harassing homosexuals even if he/she happens to be your own child
      Did you notice the the repetition of word ‘killing’..?
      If this is how muslims represent their religion, why would anybody accept Islam?

      “Muslim people wish death and hate life”
      and you’ve started gaining it, just keep on being a Muslim. that’s enough

      “They live with their eyes on the afterlife”
      yeah, Afterlife.
      ‘attack that embassy and Allah will provide you 12 virgin girls in heaven’
      ‘attack Taj Hotel and songs in your name will be sung in heaven’
      ‘attack CST Station and you’ll bathe in rivers of milk in heaven’
      this is not my imagination. This is what Ajmal Kasab said in an interview, and damn he got that too. I feel so envy now
      When you talk about earning virgins in heaven from Allah for dying in a ‘holy war’, you make Allah sound like a pimp, LOL

    • I have sat down and discussed the bullshit religion of Islam with many Muslims. The conversations always go the same…
      Science is a lie because this old book says so, the West lives wrong but we like to drive Mercedes but it’s ok because Muslims are hypocrites, Allah is great and forgiving but you will go to hell non believer, Islam has turned the east to nothing but deserted hell holes where a few kings control all and horde the majority of the countries wealth so we’ve come to the west to tell you how to do it all wrong like we have!!!
      Fuck off you retards!!!!!!

    • Right on ADHD, Rachael, Piss off. Allah Akber etc. etc. You piss off too!! I can plainly see what it means to be a muzzie so here is something even stranger than you wanting me to be one, and that would be, me becoming one! I do have much hate for islam and muslims and I will remain steadfast in this mission. Now go out to dinner with satan and get a taste of what you afterlife will be like. ESAD

    • Your discussion is false. I am from hindu back ground. I love hinduism. I have been given Koran in English & Bible in English. After thorough study. I accepted Bible (The book of God of peace). What do you say about this?

    • We are not even of the same race as muslims because we can’t decapitate people and enjoy it. We can’t rape children. muslim men are women haters and pedophiles.

    • Exactly, you worship death! You love death more than life. And you misguided justification is you focus on afterlife. But God placed us here first for a purpose, to have life not pursuit of death, for that would negate the reason for being here.

  29. Rumors abound whether Angola banned Islam! Meanwhile it is not RUMOR that Saudi Arabia BANNED CHRISTIANITY! Muslims think turnabout is “UNFAIR PLAY”!

  30. Ha Ha Ha! So tell me again? Where do you lot get your “news” from? This site is among the first to spread the lie since the usual type of false flag lies that website’s been carrying for your money grubbing atheist masters. You guys are genuine infidels since you don’t verify anything completely before publishing it. I think that this article alone is suitable to ensure that this website be removed from the internet due to inciting hate and extreme prejudice on the internet.

  31. In the name of God the Merciful
    I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God
    Dear people should know that Islam is a religion of peace
    Per the world
    It must be learned
    Islam is the religion of truth
    It must be learned
    You will not be able to hide the sunlight
    It must be learned
    The light of Islam will spread all over the world
    You live life once make with the right and follow the liars Do not be an idiot
    Islam must learn before they talk attic

    I bear witness that there is no god but Allah
    And that Muhammad is the messenger of God and the mercy to the worlds

      • Thanks again, Ms. BNI!!!! Well done – these muzturds can’t accept that their taqiyya and kitman simply WON’T WORK with us!!! They think that by merely exterminating us “infidels” and spreading their excrement of LIES all over the world they’ll infallibly win…

        We PROUD “infidels” are nowhere nearly as stupid, gullible, ignorant and “filthy” as those Moslem Untermenschen insist that we are MERELY BECAUSE Mohammed their IDOL said so 1,400 years ago!!!! We KNOW who he and his adherents really were and are (evil beyond all measure!!!) – and so we’re properly inoculated!!!! The disease is therefore well controlled by the antibodies of knowledge and REAL truth that we know can be used to defeat and finally eliminate Islam from the face of the earth!!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM, COMMUNISM and ALL other tyranny, oppression and totalitarianism, PERIOD!!!!!

      • Your all a bunch of lunatics. How can you say the word peace about islam when all the over the world is nothing but violence and hatred. Your mohamad is a snake, filthy and vile vomit DEATh to mahomad

    • Sorry, your mind has been trained like this. This is not you say. But the voice of some one who trained your mind. You need self realization.

  32. Robert Spencer is a part of an Israeli-American funded consortium of Zionists, and they recieve millions to promote lies and attempt to create hatred between fellow humans. This isn’t a very Christian or human thing to do. U call others bad but then promote hatred. This can only lead to suffering of others. Think!

    • Trish: You write: This can only lead to suffering of others… Do you mean more suffering for Christians at the hands of Muslims? Is this what you mean? If so, it will be difficult to achieve since the situation is currently non-stop persecution, torture, mutilations, burnings, rapes, kidnappings etc.

    • Trisha’ blow it out your hole, you little goody Libtard! If you were being raped by some of these animals, I’d rush right down to Police Headquarters and tell them that you are nothing but a big slut that needs a bag over her face and that you taunted all four of them! Then I’d tell those cops to smack you around and rape you some more because Muslims get you all hot! Of course I would warn the Police to put on condoms first, (as you’d say in your classroom, “practice safe sex, everyone”) or risk catching Camel Clap or Sheep Syphilis!

      Btw you are an anti-Semitic Whore for all of Western Civilization to spit upon, (except you know you’d love it). As for your “Think!”, I am thinking really hard. . . Are you out in the Cornfield yet, you rampant Moh-tard-ette?

  33. Props to Angola for doing the smart thing.

    Supremacist Muslims ban other religions all the time so they can forget whining about this.

  34. Subhaanallah! Some shall perish eternally by the uncontrollable hateful anger, jealousy and envy for the only true righteous faith preferred by God. Just imagine that! People willing to give up the rest of their eternal existence due to pride and arrogance! What shallow, short sighted people are sent to this world! But, it’s every persons choice to trust in the message of God or not.

    “People just taste the top of the pudding and judge it for it’s entire content, which is a mistake and an injustice to themselves”.

    “When we want to purify metals, we subject it to radical elements(heat) in order to extract the scum from within, but when we want to reform ourselves from our weaknesses, we expect that a small payment in cash(tithing) alone will do it.”

    • It’s so SADDENING and APPALLING that Moslems are so quick to pledge their allegiance to a deity that so obviously has NO love, NO real mercy, NO true compassion and positively NOTHING POSITIVE about him whatsoever!!!!!

      Only SATAN can be like that – in addition to exulting in acts of evil that go against God Almighty’s Creation, which – we’re told in Genesis 1 – He Beheld and Saw that it was VERY GOOD!!!! And that includes dogs (Mankind’s BEST FRIEND), pigs (also a good friend of Man – and beyond simply meat), apes (monkeys have been teaching us not a little bit too in terms of society) and women – half of ALL of Mankind!!!!!

      Naturally, Satan HATES Everything God Made, because he has chosen to be God’s enemy – and he so has extended his enmity to go against everything that God Loves. Moslems like you, “Andy”, have never allowed yourselves to think about how could ANY God be so truly evil and downright sadistic as to make things and lives to only be hated when they have SO MUCH LOVE (women and dogs!!!!).

      Truly, Moslems are to be pitied as well as hated, just like their master Satan (one of whose MANY names and disguises is as Mohammed’s sock-puppet “allah”). Either way:

      DEATH TO ISLAM, COMMUNISM, NAZISM and ALL other forms of totalitarianism and tyranny, PERIOD!!!!!

  35. Boo Hoo! All your hateful extremist wishes have been cancelled by the president of Angola. Dmaned Liars and fake activists!!!!!!!!!!! God has allocated your seats in the appropriate section of where you deserve to be for eternity,unless you are repentant off course but not in the last moments of your life when it’s becomes worthless.

    • Another Moslem shill, no doubt…

      It’s an absolute DELIGHT for me and enough others to have found out that:

      YES, Islam has indeed been BANNED in Angola, thanks be to God Almighty!!!!! Deo gratias, Sláva tjebjé Bózhje!!!!!

      Take your taqiyya and your kitman ELSEWHERE!!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM, COMMUNISM and ALL other tyranny and totalitarianism, PERIOD!!!!!

  36. All those “Quranic” quotes by Sagebrusg6 are fake. I pray that God softens all your hearts and opens your minds to the truth. Remember that the hatred you all portray here is not of God but of bitter people looking for someone to blame for their miserable lives.

    • As if only you and your fellow-Moslems tell the truth – when we KNOW the Qu’rân and its ABSOLUTE EVIL!!!!!

      [One good place to check it for us is http://www.cmje.org/religious-texts/quran/, where we get to read it in 3 parallel authoritative translations – and don’t you EVER try to tell us that it can only be understood in Arabic!!! We Christians have LOTS of good Biblical translations and they harmonise far better than you can imagine!!!!]

      Take your taqiyya and your kitman ELSEWHERE!!!!! It’s YOUR heart that needs to be opened, given how you in fact HATE God and His Creation!!!!

      Examples: mutilating women’s genitals; not allowing real education outside of memorising your Qu’rân; hating dogs, pigs, apes, women and non-Moslems (don’t forget God Created Everybody and everything – and Saw that it all was VERY GOOD!!!!); hating art, music, science, Western medicine!!!!

      God Didn’t Make our brains and ourselves to merely waste our talents!!!! He Made dogs to be Mankind’s BEST FRIEND!!!! He Made pigs to also be a great friend to Man – aside from mere meat!!!! He Made Women to be the PERFECT complement to Men – and Gave them brains to think every bit as much as Men!!!!!

      And ALL these things you want to deny merely because you adulate and IDOLISE a MONSTER and ANTICHRIST of an ordinary man who was spectacularly EVIL!!!!!

      Christ NEVER Lied, Robbed, Raped or ANYTHING ELSE!!!! Whereas Mohammed was a murderer, genocide, rapist, thief, liar, caninophobe, porcinophobe, racist, necrophiliac and so much else of EVIL AND ABNORMALITY!!!!! How can ANY sane human being have any respect for him, let alone IDOLISE him????

      As to your “allah”: his HATE of everything truly good is enough to disgust us no less than Mohammed!!!!!

      We “proud infidels” REJOICE in what we are given and reject your “prophet” of EVIL just as we reject your “allah” (Mohammed’s sock-puppet) as Satan himself!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM, COMMUNISM and ALL other tyranny and totalitarianism!!!!!

    • Sorry nuri, I have a great life and I want to keep it that way. Do you want god to soften my heart the same way he has softened your brain?

    • Even Satan (“allah”) can appear as an angel of light, as the Bible tells us…

      DEATH TO ISLAM, the Devil’s “religion” and cult-ideology #1a, with Communism being #1b!!!!!

    • Yes !!! Is sign of world end for Islam only !!! Why Islam is hate most religion compare other religion? Because Islam involve terrorist, politic, law, food, dress, animal, work, business, entertainment, etc. That’s way infidel fill problem together with Muslim. So Islam should be religion of Stupid, Crazy and Fanatic !!!

  37. A tooth for a tooth an eye for an eye… fight you morons till the whole world is blind… a couple of powerful idiots lead you and you are shepherded to comment, compliment and celebrate,,, make you 60/70 years fun because in the end everyone dies!

  38. none can destroy Islam.It will dominate all over the world on day(Inasha Allah). It is only the acceptable religion.Almighty Allah save this religion from all devils.

    • ANY ideology that so HATES life and good achievements (art, music, science, medicine; love of ALL of God’s Creation) is EVIL!!!!!

      You, “Ahmad Soheil”, by hating dogs, pigs and apes (God LOVED and LOVES ALL His Creation) in addition to women and non-Moslems: you have chosen to be EVIL!!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM, the EVIL ideology right alongside Communism!!!!!

    • to hamad shitheel……..allah fubar to you and the rest of you muslim scumbuckets of your fucked up prophet. everything about islam has now been declared haram,your intolerance, your TAQIYYA, KITNA your imams, your piece o shit arabic mein kampf,your killing innocents woman children, your bending over five times a day,your blowing people up(but please keep blowing your fellow muslims up) THE WORLD IS SICK OF ISLAM,ALLAH AND ALL THE MURDER AND TREACHERY YOUR RELIGION IS YOU ASSHOLES OF MOHAMED

    • to Ahmad Sohail:
      – ‘none can destroy Islam.It will dominate all over the world on day’
      – Exactly! And Moo-HAM-mad will raise from the dead to marry more children and to show us again how beautiful pislam is.

    • Acceptable only to barbarians.
      Why do you think we hate you, but don’t hate any other religion. islam is a pox on humanity.

  39. Islam is the complete code of life.I am Bangladeshi.If angolian govt. Ban Islam,we,the Bangladeshis wll burn all churches in Bangladesh.

    • And you muslim rats wonder why the the Burmese Buddhist hate the muslim royhinga cockroaches? you’ll burn their stupas/temples too just like you promise to destroy christian churches – plus kill their women and children.

    • And there you go there lies the true face of these bastards : threats, threats again ! Violence, destruction, murder is all that you lot of useless parasites are good and known for ! You can bet your asslifter’s asses you lot’s days are numbered.

      Only a matter of time !

    • to Ahmad Sohail:
      – ‘If angolian govt. Ban Islam,we,the Bangladeshis wll burn all churches in Bangladesh.’
      – You Bangladeshis are very valiant persons. Plus, you seem to very gifted in intelligence. Will you choose the Angolan Christian Churches first in your country, or all Christian Churches randomly?
      Please don’t answer this question, I know Moo-HAM-mad will give you strength and inspiration at the right moment.

  40. Well Bonni, you’ve got nothing to envy us : that thread here too, as I -and no doubt you- suspected, has drown out more asslifters than an open day of orgy with camels!

    Guess uncle “Doggie” and his minions must be having a fit too ! :mrgreen:

  41. You can’t destory Islam……. Islam will grow, will grow ,will grow till the world ends….. You people will see Islam is the true religion in the Judgement day…..

    • Islam is a deadly bacillus that, if untreated, will destroy humanity. You death-cult faithful cannot even agree upon who are REAL faithful Muslims, so until that is sorted out, why don’t you Sunnis and Shiites kill each other off? By the way, on the Judgement day, every person who died with unwavering faith in a pedophile and a mass-murderer will find themselves in a lake of fire, not with 72 virgins and rivers of honey.

    • Yes !!! Islam is true religion because their founder is Terrorist Muhammad and their god is Satan Allah !!! That’s no peace as long Islam exist !!!

    • You’re right. WE can’t destroy islam, only G-d can. But, WE can make sure you shitbags are no longer around to worship your Great Dajjal, either.
      And you’re right again. At the Day of Judgment, you, too, will find out that you were WRONG.
      Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to rape your favorite goat….

    • to Muslim:
      – ‘Islam will grow, will grow ,will grow’…
      – Will grow, will grow until it will explode to release the infection.
      Too bad moo-HAM-mad won’t be there to watch the growth.

    • I was reading this old post and I just cant believe that islamic anus (or islamic crap)came here to write something and defend there total lies. And by the way, I saw the angel Gabriel last night and he told me that you are all (the muslims) a bunch of psycho retarded fails.

  42. Islam is the religion of peace – right ? WRONG !
    I have said it before & I will say it again – Islam Does Not Mean Peace. Islam is a Vicious CULT & a way of life.
    This is the 21st century, not the 1200’s.
    Islam only means peace to Muslims who blindly submit. To Christians Islam means war, persecution and death.

    The Qur’an says: “Fight and slay the pagans [Christians] wherever ye find them and seize them, confine them, and lie in wait for them in every place of ambush” (Surah 9:5)
    Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them. Koran 2:191
    Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood. Koran 9:123
    When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them. Koran 9:5
    Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable. Koran 3:85
    The Jews & Christians are perverts, fight them. Koran 9:30
    Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam. Koran 5:33
    Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water
    & melt their skin & bellies. Koran 22:19
    The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Muslims to fight them. Koran 8:65
    Muslims must not take the infidels as friends. Koran 3:28
    Terrorize & behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an. Koran 8:12
    Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels. Koran 8:60
    Women contaminate and defile – Koran: Sura 2:222, 4:43, 5:6
    Women are inferior to men – Koran: Sura 2:228, 4:11, 4:176, 53:27
    Men are the maintainers of women …. if a woman does not obey their husband, they are commanded to beat them – Koran: Sura 4:34

    “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers,”

    Move in the arteries of the system without anyone noticing your existence until you reach all the power centers. Until the conditions are ripe, they (the followers) must continue like this. If they do something prematurely, the world will crush our heads, and Muslims will suffer everywhere.

    A 1991 U.S. Muslim Brotherhood memo lists ICNA as one of “our organizations and the organizations of our friends.” The memo says its “work” in America is “a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.”

  43. BareNakedIslam, you simply ban everyone who doesn’t have the same oppinion as yourself. It is as if you can’t defend your views of the world, so you shut off anyone who does not agree. Do i have to tell you that this is not the way of winning a debate, sympathy OR anything else for that matter.
    That being said, I share some of your thoughts, but i just think they way you’re going about it is wrong. Have a good day.

  44. Thank God Angola is making a difference. The US should too, by first getting rid of the Regime that allows Muslims to run loose in our free America. Obama says:
    I quote: “The sweetest sound on earth at sunset is the Muslim call to prayer.”
    Google it, now need I say more.

  45. Some African (ex/still Communist) dump banning Islam means as much for European people as some Arab dump banning Christianity or Jews regularly spitting on Christian priests in Israel. Not a lot.

    Europeans need to take back their nations and ban all alien elements, be it Islam, Africans, Arabs, Jews.

  46. Muslim Brotherhood is not the Islam ,Terrorism is not Islam ,You have Islamophobia , all of those actions don’t express Islam, you have a sick in your mind

    • In one word: LIAR!!!!!

      We know what Islam is: we’ve read enough of the Qu’rân and the Hadith and Sira; we know what a thoroughly-EVIL MONSTER Mohammed happened to be!!!! [How can you say ANY good of a murderer, genocide, thief, rapist, liar, caninophobe, porcinophobe, bestialist and necrophiliac??? Let alone IDOLISING him the way you do?!???]

      It’s not “Islamophobia”: it’s Islamo-NAUSEA, as Islam most thoroughly DISGUSTS us in every possible way!!!!

      LONG LIVE dogs, pigs, apes, women and non-Moslems!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM, COMMUNISM and ALL other tyranny and totalitarianism!!!!!

    • You’re right, Mohammad. MB isn’t islam, rather islam is represented by the MB. And terrorism isn’t islam, rather, islam is terrorism. You’re ALMOST right.
      Have a great day and don’t forget to behead you favorite neighbor…ok?

  47. This website was definitely put up by haters of Islam, You hate the fact that islam is the number one growing religion in the world, you hate the fact that Islam prohibits satanism that you love most, you thought you will destroy islam after 9/11 but you got a shock of your life, Islam is growing in U.S & U.K. wait and see what happens to Angola. You plan but God also plans and God
    is the best of planners.

    • Listen and listen well you muslim inbred cockroach:
      We hate you, your demon allah, & your mass murderer fake-prophet mohammad (camel piss be upon him) because:

      1) you have killed our people (9/11, 7/7 london, 3/11 madrid, beslan, ittamar, india, and countless million other places you muslims kill for fun)

      2) you rape our women (sweden/norway, egypt, india, australia and wherever muslims like to have a good time aka gang-rape)

      3) you groom our children with pedophilia with your disgusting muslim men (england, india, and i’m sure countless other places)

      4) you impose your crappy stupid inbred sharia rules upon us (no christmas greetings or trees, muslims throwing rocks at christians attending church, killing people just for going to christmas mass, burning churches and synagouges, no-go zones in european cities)

      these are the reasons (and many more) why you fucktard muslims are hated. We are very fed-up, very armed, and very angry.

      There will be a time when our governments cannot throw us all in jail any longer and we will rise up. You’ll be begging for deportation. That time is coming.

    • Yes !!! Satan Allah and Muhammad have plan that’s why allow Muslims have 4 wives so can produce more Muslims. You all have brainwashed every day need to pray 5 times a day to Satan Allah that’s way even Islam is worst religion but you still like it same like cigarette is bad for health but smoker still like it. Good luck to be slave of Satan Allah and Terrorist Muhammad !!!

  48. This is great. Angola should serve as an example to all countries, who are being heavily islamized, especially the UK and India. All for one, one for all.


    Declare Islam as a cult and treat it as a terror cult …then take action as we need to against a cult.

    As long as Islam gets to pretend to be a religion — it automatically gets the same immunity as other religions and they will win.



  51. The dreaded Illuminati that dared the world peace and killed the Catholics in rome, are they Muslims or can we say their Christians? Remember the emerged from the Christian catholism. The earlier we are able to seggregate sects from religion, the better for all of us. Angola is just a jocker! They cannot ban Islam nor Muslims. They can only ban Terrorists sects that have emanated from them, not Muslims, not Islam! When Hittler decided to wipe off the Jews of the surface of earth, was he an Islamic millitant or a muslim? He remained who he was till his death! Just that many of you are not aware of many things. If angola dares that, that marks the beggining of its end!


    • STOP UR silly religious mumbo jumbo.

      If you want to stop islam – join and respect all other communities, only then this
      battle can be won – not by believing religious mumbo jumbo .Not by waiting for Jesus to come and help you.

      Even in his lifetime he could not get rid of the Roman tyranny on christians , how can he come and save you Now ?

  53. IT IS MIND BOGGLING that zionist criminals are barking here to divide humanity for their dirty agenda. We the human race must know that the criminals zionists are enemy of humanity, they are trying very hard to turn humanity against each other. Israel is illegal entity settlers land The zionists have no right to be there. The zionist criminals control 98% of the world’s illegal diamond trading from Africa in return they are fanning civil wars in Africa and other parts of the world. The zionists are enemy of Christianity number one, they corrupt Christianity already then trying to do to Islam, The zionist must know they will never win. All humanity must unite to defend it’s existence from those evil zionist. What is the deffrent between Nazizm and Zionizm, Nazizm has ambution to control vast territory of the world by fighting and paying the price of war themselves, but the zionists use others to die for them for their evil goal.

    • LMAO !!! Alors là, I’ve been -till am- being called all sort of things, but a Zionist criminal? Now that’s a new one ! So basically, anybody wanting to get rid of destructive vermin on their soil is one on that huh ? Sure makes sense, not !

      Time to put that jacket back on and take your meds the AAron

    • Aaron, you listen too much David Duke and Stormfront and the likes. You are a brainless parrot. Israel is the only country in which every religion can live in peace. But thanks God for the Zionists, they helped to r e c o n q u e r our homeland.

    • I guess we know who has the right priorities, and it’s not Downing Street and 1600 Pennyslvania Ave.

      The muzzies coming to comment here don’t understand why Angola (and quite frankly the rest of humanity) wants muzzrats out of our lands.

      Hey followers of the serial killer muhammad aka muzzies, before you post, read this and know why we hate your muslim cockroach asses:
      since you want to kill us, rape us, groom our kids, turn us to sharia following zombies without any thought or criticism of your ass backward religion, & imposing your stupid islamic rules on our public squares… and somehow you would think we would accept this as OK?

      wake the f*ck up!

  54. Lol you asstards don’t make any sense. “I’m a Republitard but I support Commies!” Yeah, Angola is a socialist country. I guess the US should be socialist too :)

  55. This is the first open shot against the Radical Islami Terrorist who are infesting
    the world. At last one leader has the courage to stand up and make an open
    declaration. The problem is the U.N., US and many other cowards
    will turn and run away. The resident of the whut house will speak out
    against them and send money and weapons to support the muslim terrorist
    and encourage them to strike back with open violence, murder and acts
    of terrorism. There will be radical islamic death squads prowling and seeking
    a way to kill him and all who support him. GOD bless and keep them safe
    from the spawn of Satan and his minions.

    • Goat: There are no human rights in islam. It is the only cult on the planet without a golden rule.

      As to the Inquisition or the Crusades for that matter, compare the number of deaths caused by either or both of these actions to the number of deaths since the inception of islam. Nothing compares to the death toll of islam.

    • Getting really pissed of with that equal human right crap ! Get this into your skull if you’re so wise, BlackGoat :

      As far as this trash is concerned, where in their minority, they demand rights as a minority. Where in their majority, minorities have NO rights. Get it ?

  56. This is total madness for. Angola goverment. Because no one on this earth will ban. Islam or kill all muslum. Because islam is the only religion for GOD. The one and only GOD. (ALLAHU AKBAR)

      • BRAVISSIMA, Ms. BNI!!!!

        The way this posting has brought out the Moslems and their Communist allies to attack us here is truly something to be seen!!!! The tyrant-wannabes have really crawled out of their lairs – thank you for putting them into their places!!!!

    • Muslima, You will never know peace until you submit to the Prince of peace, Jesus, and turn away from the moon god allah.
      Can you not see the evil in the death cult you are involved in ?

      I pray the Holly Spirit draws you, and leads you into all truth as promised in the Holly Bible.

    • pedophile rock bottom feeder scum bags GOD will give you eternal hell fire damnation Muslims are satans abortion off spring s all are inbreed vomit scum!!

    • Oh look at them all foaming at the mouth crawling out of their asses ! Oh boohoo, oh and of course we’re going to threaten you all and blah blag crap. Religion that thing ? Ha, our infidel asses it is ! Angola’s gonna be only one of the many that will follow suit -it takes one or two you know- and back to oblivion you’ll all be sent back, just were you belong. Now keep opening your foul mouths and experiencing what moles’ habitats are like will what you’ll get too.

  57. This is not the first country to ban Islam/Muslims. But due to the fact stories like this get very little to no attention from mainstream media they get quickly forgot about. We can not longer follow the Muslim president we have in the WH. He is doing everything he can to bring them all here. Just like he did with the Syrian (al-queada) rebels under guise of them being refugees. So now we have well trained al-queada terrorists in this country to do as they please. And that is what Obama wants. He wants them to create as much chaos as possible and then blame it on us the American citizens for their actions against us. Obama sure is transparent, you can see right through his lies and intentions.

  58. Just passing and I found this which i most comment.
    Indeed Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world with God’s will because its his own which and nobody will stop that. A true Muslim never promote violence but tries to solve them rather fake Muslims do. We are Muslims but not terrorist. Islam is the only true faith that teaches people about peace(which says that we should never force anybody to joinn and we most be kind to even none Muslim and it also teaches people all about their live, health, judgement, human right, good behavior, and many more. So Islam never teach violence I gues is better for you guys to know what is Islam and who is a Muslim before criticizing them. We are Muslims and we are not terrorist. The word Islam it selfs is peace if translated to English.

  59. You are wise and brave people. To enable a multicultural society to exist, all its parts have to respect the others. The part who does not know to respect others should find himself outside the multicultural society. And you do what all the Western world should do.
    With all respect to you!
    See what the Arabs did to the Jews in their homeland because of excessive liberalism.
    I would like to send to you some historical facts about Palestine the land of Israel which had been distorted and that these distortions provide insights in the political discourse.
    Do you know that the largest mosque in Gaza was a synagogue less than a hundred years ago? Did you know that a hundred and fifty years ago, most of Gaza’s population was Jews and Christians? The Jewish population in Gaza ended with the pogrom of 1928. The last Christian murdered three years ago after Hamas came to power.
    To understand the present we need to learn about the past. That is why this information is for people who think and are not afraid to ask hard questions.
    I made a short presentation on two UN organizations dealing with refugees. UNHCR organization caring for refugees from around the world.
    And UNRWA organization who cares for Arab refugees who fought against the Jewish state – Israel.
    Here is also a page of the changes made to UNRWA’s refugee definition in recent years
    Please read this short article and visit all the links to get more information..

    And this article.
    And also the Interior Minister of Hamas indicates that the historical facts which I present are true.
    If so, what are the real causes of the Arab war against Israel?
    Here’s a real explanation from the mouths of imams in mosques.
    It is very important to know that Branding the Jews and their state Israel as “occupiers”, gives Arab the legitimacy to remove the occupier in any way they choose, including terrorism against civilians. Therefore they insist to preserve and to leverage this branding. But anyone who is interested in reaching a peace must be recruited for switching it off.
    And here you have a person who explains it the best way.
    And also Sheikh Palazzi

  60. I know a city in Ethiopia where building mosque is not allowed. once muslims living there were complaining for the late prime minister about it. Fortunately, the answer from the inhabitants were “If you allow us to build st. Mary church in Mecca of Saudi Arabia, we might consider your application”


  62. Oh and I was born and raised in Canada so if u want to send us to Muslim countries and forgive whatever debt we have to u, please do so don’t threaten us with a good time. I want to leave as much as you want me gone buddy

  63. HUGH MISTAKE! This looks like the start of what hitler did to the Jews, but realize that Islam has more people than Angola has bullets Allah is the greatest

    • NO it isn’t. The Jews weren’t killing, raping, robbing people in Germany as the Muslims are wherever they go in the West. The Jews weren’t threatening to impose Judaic law on the country either, so Hitler didn’t have any reason to ban Judaism the way everyone in the West should be banning Islam. This is the start, Abu, and never forget, there are a lot more non-muslims in the world than muslims. The next Crusades will finish what the last one didn’t.

  64. Initially, the bank wanted to use “woo hoo” (without the “h” in the first word) as the slogan, but they were concerned because of the existing use of the phrase by Homer Simpson , a character in The Simpsons .

  65. I very much doubt that the American “news” media will even mention this in their reporting. I mean, if they did, then there’d be discussion about WHY the Angolan government has arrived at the conclusion they have, and the media here cannot afford to bring ANYTHING to light about how diabolically EVIL Islam is.

  66. The chinese and russians know the threat of Islam and the UN can shove their muslim crap. We in the west need to get rid of our liberal idiots in our governments who are aiding them. These are the same liberals who didn’t think Hitler and imperial japan was a threat. Obama needs to be overthrown in the U.S. and his liberal forces because he is an evil muslim plotted by the saudis to dismantle the west!

  67. The problem is not Islam but righteous extremism . Throughout history righteous religious extremists have done terrible horror . We have moderate Muslim friends who are kind and gentle people who hate this craziness too. Love and tolerance not banning religions is the answer .

      • If you say so barepus*y. You are nothing but a crying helpless little pus*y. Your Muslim master must have been harsh with you, you fag*ot.

      • Just BEGONE, “hepinizi-sikerim”, you TRAITOR to your supposed Jewish people!!!!

        We know you leftist Commies and how you’re using Moslems in your desperate desire to implement your “perfect Marxism” – as if Marx were “god”!!!!!

        It’s you Commies who are the good-for-nothing tools of SATAN (aka. Mohammed, aka. “allah”, aka. Marx, aka. Ljéñin, Stáljin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hoxha and so many other EVIL people!!!) – we proudly DEFY and DESPISE you!!!!!


    • Randy, And while your muslim friends’s relatives danced and cheered as the towers fell. You’ll be high on the kill list if they get control.

  68. Yay, now go the rest of the way and ban ALL religion, it a scurge upon humanity. However I believe the old Soviet Union, and China have tried to ban religion unsuccessfully. I don’t see this will work out any better. Until people stop clinging to supernatural, imaginary entities voluntarily.

  69. This is just what Russia, China, and every nation should do that does not want to be forced or subverted into Islam have to suffer the horrors of its ignorance and tyranny. Who’d have thought that Angola would set an example for the rest of the world? Way to go Angola!

  70. Yes, Muslims, Islams they are terrorists…They believe that they need to kill all Christians because they said it is written in their Quran… In my country Philippines, there’s a never ending chaos and fright in Mindanao, all because there are Muslims living there…

    • Amen my fellow kababayan. These muslim rats keep demanding more even though the MNLF & the MILF agreed to disarm (pure taqqiya right there). God bless the Philippine Army so they can keep up the good fight against the muslim rats.

    • Islam never teaches violence Christians are our brothers because we all believe in the same faith that’s only one God. I advice you to get a copy of Quran and read to know what it teaches because it teaches peace all the violence you might think about Islam is not from the true Muslims they are fake Muslims who are trying to destroy the image of Islam for your information if you don’t know the word Islam means peace. So Islam is peace please I will advice you to get a copy of Qur’an and just brows trough index and read what interest you about it before arguing about Islam. Thanks

      • Oh look, another lying sack of shit trying to pass that cult of his to mean peace ! Hey dumass, check the roots of that pisslam of yours : al-silm (submission) and NOT al-Salaam (peace).

        Can never stop themselves from testing us, especially our patience !

      • As an Arabic speaking non Muslim I concur with Alain……Islam in Arabic is not the same as al-Salem (peace). And most would know that, as its a very common greeting between (arabic speaking) Muslims, al-Salem el laykum (peace be with you). Perhaps with a large portion of Muslims whose language is not Arabic that could be an assumption like the word Allah, which again is simply God. All Arabic speaking people of all faiths use the word Allah to express God.

  71. If all countries can take this drastic action against Islam ,all their sponsors in the middle east will get the message very loud and clear .Unfortunately the west in their greed prefer the petro-dollar that will soon engulf and choke their breath forever.

  72. BRAVO to: those Blackkkkkk Angolans! (the ones with BRAINS, BALLS, & enough Fortitude) >>> to do what the rest of this world should be doing!!! Leading the way!!!

  73. rather every nation must stand up to RELIGIOUS TERRORISM and so called RELIGIOUS RITUALS of KILLINGs ….
    When the Religion goes in to the hands of BAD people the stage comes to OUTCAST it from the human society.. and give the society a pleasure of SECURITY and even protection o against the MALL WORKINGS of any RELIGION..

  74. BAN islam in Canada….
    stand strong together against the foreign islam jhad law thru out the qur’an
    close down mosques, national muslim organizations , close borders to islam law countries, deport all muslims to Only islam law countries

    stand strong together FOR OUR PEACE in Canada that Loyal Canadians have carried forward for decades now. . our spiritual strength, knowledge and power
    Canada IS Confident Aware Knowing of the evil, viciousness, lies of islam jihad law
    there is no fear

    enough is enough of islam jihad war / terrorism law against Canada

  75. Fuck all the monotheistic religions. I hate every single damn one of them. They would tear this world apart between the three of them and have their blind followers bury the ones who just want to mind their business in order to steamroll over the truly horrendous ones.

  76. Islam is not a religion, it is a military force that hides behind religion. If Islam ever was a true religion, those who use it as a religion of peace need to split off of the the church. There are too many radicals to say that it is a religion of peace.

  77. Now do the same with christianity. Both religions are the same evil. The same prophets (except one or two..,), the same made up bearded evil sky daddy, the same crazy followers. Maybe christians do not cut other people´s heads, but that is one of few differences.

      • What exactly is not true of what I have written? When I studied history,of Middle ages in Europe I certainly couldn´t miss all those crusades, burning of witches and heretics, suffocation of most of the science. Unbelievers killed, their possessions confiscated by church – like I said Christianity=Islam. They have the same roots, but I hope you know that. Nowadays religion still does harm in every way it can. Ban of contraception in Africa (=AIDS and other diseases), Stem cell research, abortion, gene therapies and many many others.
        Yahwe was jewish god of war, not the only god until one of fanatic jewish rulers (can´t remember his name now) forbid all other gods, made up part of bible (not that it isn´t whole made up), and proclaimed him only god in whom you believe still. It has been counted that biblical god killed 371.186 people and had killed 2 million more (so called flood, Sodoma and Gomora, egyptian first born, etc. NOT included). Peaceful religion my ass.

      • No, it is typical christian reaction I encounter personally but also when I watch Wendy Wright, Ken Ham interviews with sir Dawkins, also other nameless christians on TV etc, etc, you know what I mean. It really is Typical.


      • What really bothers me about christians is their false feeling of superior morality. No, Jesus really can´t teach me how to love people, because he is dead, if he ever existed at all. I love people because I am human evolved for love. I read bible as I read quran, it is part of history, interesting stories and whatnot, but nothing special. Personally, I like old greek legends more.

    • Likely another Communist stool-pigeon who secretly may well be on the side of Islam – and who in all events proves his totalitarian streak!!!

      You’d do better to go to North Korea and there enjoy your ultra-atheistic “workers’ paradise” – as far as I’m concerned, Communists, Nazis and ALL other tyrants and tyrant-wannabes deserve to ALL be purged from the West and its Judæo-Christian civilisation!!!

      • You are deluded, I live in Switzerland, we are almost all atheists here (sweet, sweet Europe). It simply means that we weren´t brainwashed as children. It matters not whether you´re muslim or christian or hindu or voodooo worshipper, you still believe in crap without a shred of evidence. Your forefatheres must be restless in their graves bacause of what happened to USA. They wanted state saparated from church, but now, you´d be nothing but disappointment.
        From the way you come to conclusions, I guess you neglected your education, am I correct?
        By the way, fear of communists in 21st century is as irracional as your religion, but as much can be expected from the likes of you (I bet you´re also republican).

      • Listen, “proud antitheist”:

        I DESPISE the likes of you and laugh in your face!!!!! You think that all you Europeans are atheists – and that’s EXACTLY WHY you’re facing problems with both Islam AND secularism – which all too often is Communism in disguise – how many, many, MANY of those pushing for secularism and “humanism” are secretly Communists!!!! [That’s why they’re called crypto-Communists; however, their wish to implement “perfect Marxism” and its totalitarian TYRANNY is still as strong in their hearts as ever – and no surprise, the urge to totalitarianism is a very powerful and EVIL thing in Mankind…]

        The very essence of faith is hope and trust in things unseen, otherwise it wouldn’t be faith, PERIOD!!! Furthermore, God Gave us free will and DELIBERATELY Allowed us to make the choice to believe in somebody and even something else – because He Does NOT WANT us to be marionettes!!! Thus, He Has Left us to do as we wish in this evil age where Satan, though deposed officially, still reigns over this world – and will until Christ’s Second Coming!!!!

        Have you forgotten the example of Ancient Israel and Judah, when He Had ALL of them taken captive by the Assyrians and Babylonians respectively?? Remember why? Because they turned their backs upon Him (YHWH)!!! The same thing happened in 1453, when Constantinople fell: the Byzantines didn’t care about their Christian faith enough to fight for it, in complete contrast to Vienna in 1529 and 1683 (and the Byzantines also in 717-18)!!! [So much for you and your believing that education should kill faith and religion – your sanctimoniousness against anything that isn’t scientific couldn’t possibly DISGUST ME MORE!!!!]

        You wretched Western Europeans are ripe to fall into the maw of Communism or Islam because you abandoned God Almighty (YHWH) and His Only-Begotten Son, where you disdain your rich and beautiful churches (ah, were I able to make even a couple of them suddenly lift off from your continent – even the humbler ones like Zürich’s Fraumünster or the Bern Nicolaidom would be MOST WELCOME here!!! – you in truth wouldn’t miss them!!!!) and the belief that inspired many generations of your forefathers to build them unstintingly!!! Now, those two groups are allies in the common quest to destroy our Judæo-Christian Western civilisation that brought Europe and North America to the greatness from which they’re now precipitately declining – of course, they’ll fight it out as to who wins, but not until Western civilisation is prostrate upon the ground!!!

        TWO of the 150 Psalms in the Bible start by saying “The fool in his heart says ‘There is no God'”. So be it you FOOL, you useful idiot of Communism and its corollary of anti-theism – you don’t realise that by turning your back upon Christianity and putting “science” and God Knows what in its place, you’re cutting the branch upon which you’re sitting!!! If you were content to not hate those of us who believe, I could gladly have stayed silent; however, your tyrannical contempt and loathing of us has got me past the point of having to respond!!!!

        Were Saints Thomas Aquinas and Thomas à Kempis uneducated for being believers?? Albert Schweitzer? Johann Sebastian Bach? Ludwig van Beethoven? Michelangelo Buonarrotti? I wouldn’t think so. Also, while we’re at it: four months ago I found myself having to throw out two people – former friends!!! – who were just like you: hating Christianity and attacking it at every opportunity while being happy to befriend Moslems, neither knowing nor caring that it’s THEY who’re the REAL ENEMY!!! [Do you know that the Spanish Inquisition, according to Wikipedia, didn’t kill more than 3,000 people in its 400+-year period of existence?? How’s that for your disparagement of me as a “redneck”, you pompous wretch who despises not only God but those who believe in Him???]

        How right my late mother was in her feeling that she HAD TO LEAVE Europe, realising that it was going to be torn by war as surely as World Wars I and II had already occurred – so she got her husband and son (my brother) over here to Canada… However, yes, it’s you “leftists” who think you’re the lords of the world and that to be a leftist means “progress” (to what other than the entire destruction of ALL LIFE???) that need to be humbled just as much as Hitler (and National-Socialism was SOCIALIST – i.e., left-wing!!!) was – and which you Marxists and others require just as much!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM, COMMUNISM and ALL other tyranny and totalitarianism, PERIOD – now and forever and unto ages of ALL ages!!!!!

      • I couldn´t reply to other comment for some reason. Your answer is too long and says nothing, you only use quotations from a book and provide no evidence (there is none for anything in it AT ALL).
        I confess, I don´t have any faith, because there is no reason for it in my life. I rather use logic, I love science, because it makes our lifes easier and richer. I really have no intention to explain to you history of your religion, it would be futile, but you really should do some research for it is intriguing.
        Finally, labeling me as communist is not fair, you have no idea how much I despise communism, although living in Switzerland now I come from Czech republic, so I have historical and personal reasons for that. I cherish freedom, that´s why I have no love for religions of all kinds among other things. But it is my personal opinion, you can believe what you want, on the other hand, you want to take it away from muslims, whose faith is as strong and irracional as yours (although maybe little more dangerous).

        • Just a little “heads-up” for you, Proud antitheist. Let’s be clear; when Christian missions go to evangelize, they don’t do so under the pains of death. They ASK.
          Islam, on the other hand, DOES so under the pains of death and HAS BEEN PROVEN TO DO SO.

          Personally, I think all religions are now dogma. And I understand your skepticism. However, to ignore “faith” is to deny your very own sciences. Science CANNOT create life without an outside source yet life exists throughout the universe. WHY? It’s called FAITH in something that we CANNOT TANGIBLY ASCERTAIN.

          Suffice it to say, your homework is incomplete. Please go to a muslim country, of your choice, and SEE FOR YOURSELF what they do. Then get back to us with a realistic opinion. Till then, I suggest you remain silent.

      • “Proud Antitheist”:

        You say my admittedly-long reply says nothing. What about those great people I mentioned (Bach, Michelangelo et al) who were believers – you didn’t even try to answer my questions about that facet of them!?!!

        Also, maybe you might hate the concept of Communism being anti-private-property; however, your desire to DE-LEGALISE religions dovetails PERFECTLY with what both Communism and Nazism were after!!!! If you want to prove that you really cherish and love freedom, you must renounce ANY such dictatorial desire and intentions!!!! This all the more relates to Christianity (and Judaism) – which, like it or not, IS THE BEDROCK of our Western civilisation!!!

        As you yourself wrote, believe what you want. [While we’re at it, there’s enough evidence in favour of the Bible as per Ancient Israel’s history (think of the excavations taking place in Israel and other parts of the Middle East, which have been proving statement after statement in both the Old and New Testaments!!!).]

        Also, you’ve forgotten that humans are NOT always and infallibly “logical” beings!!! So many, many EVILS in history are thanks to that – and even the Ancient Greeks recognised what the Bible bluntly states: that ALL Mankind is intrinsically EVIL (which in itself is a proof of Mankind being very fallible and all pretensions to logic being very liable to self-deceit)… As to Christianity being “morally superior”: why don’t you go through the New Testament of the Bible and show me where Christian morality is supposedly inferior – that’s my challenge to you!!!!

      • Finally, your daring to equate Christianity and Islam (compare the NEW Testament to the Qu’rân – and bear that there’s NO “abrogation” in the Bible compared to the Qu’rân!!!) simply STINKS!!!

        I’m strongly suspicious that you’ve not really read the Qu’rân (especially chapters 2-9), if at all. Get reading BOTH the Qu’rân (and the Hadith) – and then contrast it with the Bible (especially the New Testament). When you’ve read them through CAREFULLY, THEN perhaps we may have something to talk about, “Proud Antitheist”!!!!

      • ADHD, my mistake, I really wanted to answer that, but as I said it was too long and I forgot. I think that these great people didn´t really have a choice, did they? I mean, living in time without knowledge of evolution by natural selection, knowing almost nothing about physics and Universe, raised as christians…I think I would believe in some higher order myself (I am actually agnostic, but antitheist regarding to god of Abraham). I don´t really want to de-legalize anything for I am libertarian, I just want people to try to be reasonable.
        You have false feeling that atheistic countries are somehow inferior, well that´s not true. Look at countries such as Sweden, Norway and many others. Look at their economies, look at crime rates – you might be suprised (yes, these countries have problems with Islam now and I admit it scares me). Then check how many criminals in US prisons believe in Jesus. I think this implies there is no correlation between faith and morality.
        Bedrock of our western civilization is not Judeo-christianity but science – started in Great Britain by sir Isaac Newton. Last thing – there is no evil or good, there is no morality in universe. It is our creation as much as any god is. It simply served well during our social evolution. It feels good to be good.

      • Regarding the people I mentioned: Albert Schweitzer knew well about evolution – which still remains a theory and NOT a proven theorem. He all the same did NOT let that kill his faith.

        Note the distinction between theory (unproven and thus still capable of being FALSE) and theorem (when something is fully proven beyond the shadow of a doubt). This is one thing I’ve remembered from my mathematical training at university. Too many people ignore that distinction and thus act as if evolution is absolute fact – and see how it and all science were abused by both Nazism and Communism!!!

        At least, thanks for admitting to that you actually hate the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (not to mention Moses, Elijah, Christ and so many, many others). You would do well to think about WHY you hate Him so bitterly – and then examine your own heart…

        Other people who kept their Christian faith even after Darwin came on the scene and then left it (and Charles Darwin was uneasy about publishing his theory because he saw the potential for its abuse and worse!!!), even past the point of martyrdom for their faith (or at least exceedingly-harsh persecution), include Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Maximilian Kolbe, Haralan Popov and Richard Wurmbrand. [It’s worth noting that both Wurmbrand and Popov started out as atheists who found themselves won over to Christ.]

        I’ve no wish to go further with this conversation until you’ve read carefully both the Qu’rân AND the New Testament – you have to study these two books before we can fruitfully exchange ideas. I’ll grant you that there ARE some decent, even good atheists (my late father was one such, another is a neighbour of mine who shares a strong interest in the music he and I both love); however, it’s important to note that while the correlation between faith and morality isn’t ironclad, it still tends towards being there (as opposed to being non-existent). [As to “inferior” or non-inferior countries (e.g., Sweden, Norway): let’s face it, Mankind does NOT feel comfortable with any sort of vacuum. Consequently, if He Hates or Ignores one thing, another is likely to take its place… With the abandonment of Christianity, it’s Marxism and Islam that are taking its place!!!]

        Finally: regarding your statement that ‘it can feel good to be “good”‘: that’s exactly the point where one ALL THE MORE MUST BEWARE!!!! This is all the more so given My Lord’s MANY Warnings about how all our righteousness is NOTHING compared to His, appearing as “filthy rags.”

      • Postscript: Sir Isaac Newton was a definite believer in (the Christian) God, regardless of how profound his scientific knowledge and his thinking happened to be. Einstein and enough others have acknowledged at least the presence of a Deity of some sort or other.

        Consequently, your idea that Western civilisation is founded upon “science” is a fallacy at best… [The morality of Judæo-Christianity is far too deeply ingrained in Western civilisation to be readily separable from it…]

      • Post-postscript: You now say, “proud antitheist”, that you’ve no wish to de-legalise anything because you are “a libertarian”. Well, given what you wrote on November 24 (“now do the same [thing] with Christianity” – i.e., de-legalise it): I’m sorry but I don’t believe you!!!

        There. Now, Ms. BNI, I’ll be more than happy to fall silent on this subject – arguing with Marxists is truly draining… Thank you so very much for your patience!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM, COMMUNISM and ALL other tyranny and totalitarianism, PERIOD!!!!!

      • I was expecting that you were gonna remind me what I wrote on November 24th, really. It was exaggeration. I don´t really want to forbid islam either, though I despise it, for I still have hope it is unnecessary. People get wiser and more educated over time, so christianity and islam will both die out naturally.
        Again, Isaac Newton lived in time before Darwin, Einstein and others who explained workings of the Universe. Newton only described motion of planets (among other things ofc) without knowing why it is so, I mentioned him because we can trace beggining of scientific method to him. Einstein in any way didn´t believe in your god, it was his designation for nature or universe.
        Your god is simply most horrible, evil, jealous, made up being in whole human culture, why would anyone want to worship something this hidious is beyond me, but, whatever.
        You should check on what theory in science stands for because I have a feeling you confuse it with hypothesis (basicly it is explanation of phenomenon based on repeated observation and experimentation). So saying that evolution is just a theory is ridiculous and this is major problem I have with christians (american especially). Evolution will never, ever be disproven, there may be some slight changes in minor details, that´s it. I love biology, I know whole fields stands firmly on shoulders of natural selection (genetics e.g.) and now I´m pissed. You can say today´s biology = evolutionary biology, you don´t believe me, ask biologist. Good day to you, conversation over.

    • Someone who writes Christianity=islam, just proves to me he has no idea what is going on in the current world. It is typical libtard comment blaming the PAST of Christianity to sugarcoat and appease CURRENT DAY islam.

      BTW: I am atheist!

      • BRAVO, Mr. van Keer – you answered her the short way!!! Well done – and you see, I’m not anti-atheists as long as they – or anybody else (including some “Christians”) – don’t try to stamp themselves upon my beliefs and freedoms!!!

      • Past of Christianity is horrible. But so is the present. Its bad influence on politics, science and education (intelligent design-seriously??) is evil enough. And when I see little brainwashed child, never given chance to decide for her/himself what to believe – it makes me really sad. I also worry that christians, especially in US are getting more and more fundamental (not all of them ofc).

  78. Congratulations to Angola for having the courage to stand up to these filthy extremist pigs and say no. They are a cancer, a pestilence upon the earth. Bulldoze their mosques and bury a pig carcass on the empty lot. Let them know you mean business.

  79. The leader of Angola and the government of this country have more guts than our so called leader Cameron and our government could ever have. Well done Angola, total respect for you.

  80. Obama will not tolerate this insubordination, and defamation of islam. There must be ‘no future’ for these Angolan Infidels, these foul descendants of apes and pigs, these abeed…smite them on their necks…off with their heads.

    • Obama wont do shit all about this. Soon all of Islam will be back where it came from…. in the sands of time. Fuck Islam. Most of its followers are black apes themselves. Go eat another banana.!!

  81. I’m in the process of penning a letter of support to the Angolan government.. Just think if everyone else took 5 minutes too do the same..
    If they got 10 million emails of support from around the world…
    Then other governments might not be afraid too tackle the Issue of Islam..

  82. I think I’ll wait, to see the end result, before raising a glass to Angola. We’ve heard these promises and initial resistances before, Greece, per se, and yet they wound up caving or capitulating in the end. I’ll wait….and bid Good Luck and G-d Bless.

    • Yeah…. not enough money, but still goverment funded enormous mosque in Athens…
      I was pleasantly impressed when I saw Athenians shouting at street terrorizing mozlims…. what happened to those ones?

  83. I Salute the Government in Angola that Loves their Constituents.. The Government that Is Protecting Their Christian Citizens… Protecting Their Women & Children from Being Slaughtered by Terrorists who Come as Thief’s in the Night.. The World turns Seems To Be Turning It’s Head to the Christians, Women, Children & American’s .. Yes Remember Benghazi & the Crimes Against Americans Overseas By these Terrorists Who Are Members of the Cult. It Is Not a Religion..

  84. Unfortunately radical islamists will use this as an “excuse” to up their game and escalate their demonic overthrow of Christianity to the next level.

    Watch out Angola

    Watch out world

    This is definitely end times IMHO and it’s going to be tough even though good will prevail over evil in the end…

    • Even tough you could be right Dell, this cannot get in the way of getting rid of the vermin. Comes a time when one has to make a stand against that despicable murderous obscurantist vermin, no matter what may come. No backing off, surrender or retreat, being intimidated by threats and/and or live in fear.

      Best to fight and die free than live under anyone or anything’s diktat.

  85. Yahoooooooooooo WELL DONE ANGOLA !!!! Western should learn from it !!! Islam founder is Terrorist Muhammad and their god is Satan Allah. Allahufuckbar!!!!!

  86. Thank you BNI, excellent report- the best news I have viewed since I read the insidious Qur’an in 1984. I hope courage rules in successive Governments and locks out Islam permanently.

    The best move a country can make is resign from the now corrupt Islamized United Nations.

  87. Islamists use religious freedom laws to build their cult until they can take over and destroy all freedom , especially of religion. They demand toletance , then accommodation , then punishment and opression of their opponents and then..they kill or drive out not only non-Islamists but also the very fools who forced everyone to tolerate them. Both Bush and Obama as well as most US state governments have happily followed along with this plan to promote radical Islam disguised as religious tolerance and have made extraordinary efforts to crush all opposition to these plans to ramp up their own oppression of anti radical Islam groups and individuals. They invite radical Muslims to prayer breakfasts while using government power to harrass , intimidate and demonize Jews and mainly Christians whether anti radical Islam or not. Obama supported radical Muslims in Libya , Egypt , Syria and right here in America. They claim him as one of their own because he was born and raised a Muslim. He lost the war in Iraq and will hand over Afghanistan to radical Muslims soon. Right now he is negotiating eith the terrorist state of Iran to give them nuclear weapon capability. Maybe Angola would trade their President for ours so we could be rid of him and they could have a prisoner of war. Maybe the Somali pirates he has “tolerated” for years would pay a ransom for him…

  88. Well this is certainly an amazing surprise! I must confess I had only ever heard of Angola, never knew much about it or whatever its Muslim problem may have been. Yet, it makes my heart soar to hear of any country’s government unafraid to tackle Islam and protect its citizens, and Angola is no exception. It’s good they’re getting a hold of the problem now, with the population being so minuscule. And, how wonderful is it to hear someone rightfully label Islam a “cult”, which it indisputably is.

    I fear that Angola may be in for a rough ride in their road to shut down Islam. They are smack in the middle of an increasingly dangerous continent, and I doubt the existing Muslims there are going to leave quietly. As T above said, they must be prepared to invest heavily in military and defense. I would suggest also the civilian population taking steps to ensure protection.

    But, bravo Angola!! Thank you for not repeating our mistakes in the West! You are a bright light in an increasingly dark world. Keep going, and don’t be intimidated into stopping.

    • It’ll be interesting to see if Angola follows through on this, because talking about it and actually doing it are going to be two very different things.


  89. I never thought I would see this. Prior to 1975, Angola had for centuries been a Portuguese colony and then an overseas Portuguese province. Over a half-a-million white Europeans (mostly Portuguese) , Asians (Indian Hindus & Buddhists, & Chinese from Portuguese Macau), mixed-racial persons and the indigenous Khoi-San (Bushmen) lived among several different tribal affiliations of black Africans.

    The “Europeans” for the most part- never had seen Europe. The Portuguese had been there for generations and the substantial Afrikaner minority population had being Afrikaner came into existence and evolved in Southern Africa from origins in the 1600s.

    As this article stated- Roman Catholicism and Protestant Christianity were the faiths of the majority of blacks. The Asians brought Hindu Temples and Buddhist Shrines. There were also traditional animist/pagan beliefs. As there were no “mandatory religion” laws… some Angolans were agnostic or atheist without any worry of persecution. And yes, there were Angolan Jews- small, but growing in number and a very vibrant part of this province’s landscape.

    Whether for business or tourism (Angola’s beaches & safari parks were AMAZING); there were people from all over Central & Southern Africa who visited Angola. Belgians & Greeks from the Congo, Jews & Zulu from the RSA, English & Ndeble from Rhodesia, Germans & Ovambo from South-West Africa (Namibia); and even more Portuguese-Mestizo (Bi-racial Mulatto) and Macau Chinese from the sister province of Mocambique. Then of course there were visitors from mainland Portugal.

    A very diverse landscape of humanity- and hardly any muzzies whatsoever.

    Then in the early 1960s the Marxist/Communist onslaught began. It began with an incursion into Angola with black Marxists outside of Angola and in terrorist actions killed over 3,000 people of all races (many women and children) in a couple of days. The communist terrorists were now targeting all of southern Africa.

    When American leftists in the early 1970s protested Angola that the “blacks should be freed”; the Portuguese-Angolan Air Force flew over a Luanda Sports Stadium and dropped leaflets for the thousands of sports fans inside. The leaflets read (in Portuguese of course)… “Free The Red Indians”, in response to busy-body American leftist meddlers. The stadium crowd cheered- including the blacks inside. Many of the Angolan Blacks considered themselves Portuguese residing in a Portuguese overseas province.

    Then in 1975, a hard-left communists came to power in mainland Portugal and immediately jettisoned Angola, Mocambique and Portuguese Guinea. A half million non-blacks in Angola and 200,000 non-blacks in Mocambique were displaced and expelled from the only home many had known for generations. Many black tribes had been closely allied with the Portuguese and had rejected the black Marxists. These blacks along with a handful of remaining whites faced re-education camps- as Communist Cubans and North Koreans poured into the country.

    After the Portugal “pull out” the dominoes began falling in southern Africa. Rhodesia was the next to go.

    And now? Portugal has realized the abandonment of Portuguese Africa was not the most humane or wisest thing to do. Angola, has been going through transformations as well.

    IT IS MIND BOGGLING… that a former hard-core Marxist black supremacist state is now at the forefront in stopping the islamization of Africa… and standing up for its Christian population.

    IT IS MIND BOGGLING… that Russia is taking a stronger stance against muslim terror and stating point blank that illegal muzzies DO NOT help European civilization and ADMITS that Russia DOES NOT NEED THE MUZZ.

    IT IS MIND BOGGLING… that China is doing more to protect its citizens from muzz terror than the USA or Great Britain does to protect their citizens from Jihad infiltration.

    IT IS MIND BOGGLING… that blonde, blue eyed Swedes are raped and brutalized as they become minorities in their own nation.

    IT IS MIND BOGGLING… that British children…. whether they or English or Sikh, Welsh or Hindu… are abandoned by their government to a life of sex slavery and abuse… while that same government places muzz sex-pervert murderers in luxurious mansions and pays for every desire the muzz has.

    IT IS MIND BOGGLING… that Jews in Belgium, Norway and France have to flee nations that they have contributed so much towards… as the governments of these countries bring in hundreds of thousands of inbred uneducated muzz.

    IT IS MIND BOGGLING… that the Netherlands prides itself on being the first nation to legalize gay marriage, to promote women’s equality and having been a haven for religious minorities- such as French Protestants, English Puritans and Central European Jews… as well as allowing for “Free-Thinkers” and atheists to prosper… IS NOW a place where gays are brutalized and beaten in the streets, women are second class citizens in sharia zones… and any religion that is NOT muslim is considered to be beneath contempt, and atheists are threatened with death. The same Netherlands that was a HAVEN for artists- painters, sculptors and theater since the RENAISSANCE… now LOOKS THE OTHER WAY… when Theo Van Gogh, a member of the famous Dutch artist Van Gogh’s family; who himself was an artist (film maker) is murdered in the street! The topic of his film… “women’s rights”… and the black woman interviewed in that film has to leave the Netherlands.

    IT IS MIND BOGGLING… the only nation in the Middle East where Arab muslims have human rights is in innovative, dynamic, successful and humanitarian Israel… and it IS ISRAEL THAT is always condemned on the international stage.

    What kind of world is this?

    Well, it is a world where Angola is not being fooled by political correctness or a submissive dhimmi-hood. I say this very loudly… GOOD FOR YOU ANGOLA. Now, how do we get the rest of the world to follow Angola’s lead?

  90. Bonnie are you pulling my leg this news is just too good to be true? Am I dreaming or not?????? I just love this. Thanks Bonnie for this great news.

      • Seems to be the real deal Viking. Indeed as Bonni said it’s pretty much well covered on our end and though looking, found nothing in the way to dismiss as a hoax or false rumor, yet. And sure hope it stays that way !

  91. Now if the rest of the world’s countries would just follow suit and drive the savages back to their cesspool of origin, maybe we could get on with our lives.

  92. If Lebanon had done this when they were a majority Christian nation there would have not been a war there. Angola is smart to take this proactive step. Every nation that has an Islamic majority is at perpetual war and destruction.

  93. Wow, now we have Russia, Angola, Japan and many other countries that see that islam is pure evil and have abolished it, run you muslim fucking inferior pigs run, there will come a time you retards will have nowhere to hide, islam is doomed, let us give thanks.

  94. Brave move Angola, but I hope you are ready to devote a lot of resources to your military. Don’t be surprised if Boko Haram or other African islamic groups start stirring up trouble in your country real soon. There’s no way muslims are going to take having their religion being banned lying down.

    • It wasn’t all that long ago that Angola was victimised by a brutal civil war (70s, 80s) waged by Communists (MPLA), so hopefully they’ll have enough arms to fight the Moslems like Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, Boko Haram, &c.

      I’m particularly impressed that here is a poor country where the politicians, instead of taking Moslem bribes, instead listened to their people (95% of which are Christian!!) and did the RIGHT thing!!!!

      Now, let’s see them stand up to Moslem pressure (including from the UN and the bribed “First World”) – if that happens, it would be absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!


      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

      • The Angolan Civil War was a major civil conflict in the African state of Angola, beginning in 1975 and continuing, with some interludes, until 2002. The war began immediately after Angola became independent from Portugal in November 1975. Prior to this, a decolonisation conflict, the Angolan War of Independence (1961–74), had taken place. The following civil war was essentially a power struggle between two former liberation movements, the People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) and the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA). At the same time, the war served as a surrogate battleground for the Cold War and large-scale direct and indirect international involvement by opposing powers such as the Soviet Union, Cuba, South Africa and the United States was a major feature of the conflict.[16]

      • “David Lewis”:

        You strike me as a typical crypto-Communist “hippie” who hates Christianity and wants it to be banned – and probably that its adherents get killed!!! We know your sanctimonious hypocrisy – and in this way you’re proving that people simply CAN’T “get along with” everybody else!!!! The totalitarian streak that’s so present with so many, many people is surfacing in you the moment you attack Christianity – as it’s upon that faith and its Jewish predecessor that our ENTIRE Western civilisation is founded!!! ALL its mores, values and everything else CAN’T be separated from Judaism and Christianity – to attempt to do so while atheist or at least anti-Christian is to cut the branch upon which you’re sitting!!!

        Islam deserves banning and death (as a cult-ideology) because of what it preaches and has written in its “scriptures” (Qu’rân, Hadith, Sira) – quite contrary to Christianity (especially when you read the New Testament, where Christians are admonished not to take revenge though they’re allowed to defend themselves).

        Take your taqiyya and kitman (especially if you indeed be a Moslem or Communist shill – both ideologies believe in using the same means to conquer the world!!!) ELSEWHERE!!!!


        DEATH TO ISLAM, COMMUNISM and ALL other forms of tyranny and totalitarianism, PERIOD!!!!!

    • Angola will trash and dump any of islams cesspool worms that cross any lines. They kicked the Portuguese out and then fought a long civil war. They wiped out vetern white mercenaries in short order. Like freedom everwhere it wasn’t free. Brain dead muslim savages would rather stay with soft targets like innocents. Muslims may one day become the hunted in Africa. Love and peace – no muslims.

  95. Halleluiah! This is the first official government to move against the bastards. Bless the Angolans. Let’s hope this move will give other states inspiration and we’ll get some monkey-see-monkey-do action right around the world.

    • Don’t you mean “…move against the HEATHEN bastards…” But never forget, Islam disgraces itself almost every day somewhere in the World, but all evil deeds done in its name are only done by Mohammedans who are following their filthy rotten book. See Surah 2 verse 191 “AND KILL THEM WHEREVER YOU FIND THEM…….FOR SUCH IS THE RECOMPENSE OF THE UNBELIEVER”. The seeds of the end of Islam lie in their book and we, as Christians we must rescue all Mohammedans from that cult of death. The Qurán is about the same price pound-for pound as toilet paper. Buy a copy, read it thoroughly as I did, and then put it to its most fitting purpose.

    • Sorry to have to pour cold water upon some of this euphoria (with which I’m also extremely sympathetic – BRAVA ANGOLA {as a nation}!!!), but I’ve no doubt that Al-Qaeda and its other organizations will try to invade and wage war upon that country, especially if Angola doesn’t do the next logical step!!! [That is to round up and expel every last single Moslem man, woman and child, irrespective of age, ethnic-origin, &c.]

      We must remember that Moslems never truly forget or forgive, alas!!!!

      Otherwise, I’m positively DELIGHTED that Angola and its president Dos-Santos DID THE RIGHT THING!!!! Here’s hoping that other countries, both African and others, will follow suit – and quickly!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM, COMMUNISM and ALL other totalitarianism and tyranny, PERIOD!!!!!

      • So you are saying that no matter what one does the Islamists are going to take over. If that is the case we might as well not fight them and just invite them in. I can tell you that history has shown that when evil is fought against by the good the latter always wins. Your’s is a subservient approach which Islam demands. You are giving in to them. If Angola is threatened they will fight back and they will win.

      • Ms. Joy Moss-Rendell:

        BY NO MEANS am I suggesting that we Westerners surrender to Islam!!!! I’m merely warning that they’ll wage war on Angola and the rest of us non-Moslems REGARDLESS – and that we have to be prepared to fight them off!!! [And the more merciless we do so (fight them off), with showing them absolutely ZERO pity or mercy, the better!!!!]

        I’m EXTREMELY disappointed that you DARED infer something into my postings which most certainly is NEVER intended to be there – shame on you!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

      • To “David Lewis”:

        WOE’S YOU if you want to ban Christianity – or any religion other than Islam!!!!!

        I’m a Christian, and if you want to ban it, you’re no better than a Communist – and believe me, I HATE Communism and Nazism / Fascism just as much as Islam!!!!! In fact, I hate ALL totalitarianism, period!!!!

        You anti-theist tyrants deserve the same treatment as Moslems: if I’d send the muzzies to Saudi Arabia and Iran (depending on if they be Sunni or Shi’a), you Commies need to go to North Korea so you can enjoy your “workers’ paradise”!!!!! [And if you think that because of your being an “intellectual” and “one of the élite” you can look down upon the rest of us, remember Ljéñin’s saying (in a letter to his friend Maksjím Górjkiy) “The intelligentsia are not the brains of the nation but the shit!”]

        Truly, when I remember that Islam has murdered 275,000,000 people over 1,400 years and atheism (via Communism and Nazism) 170,000,000 over 96 years, you can see why I HATE ANY totalitarianism, period!!!!!

        As to the Moslem shill “Tijjani M. M.”:

        By banning Islam and favouring Christianity, Angola has not banned light but DARKNESS!! Angola, by dint of its majority Christian faith in fact is walking in the light – take that and swallow it, alleluia!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM, COMMUNISM and ALL other tyranny and totalitarianism, period!!!!!

    • I checked Angola. This is how desperate I am becoming. Weather excellent: tropical. Cost of living: forget it… only for the wealthy. The capital, Luanda, is the most expensive city in the world. They import all their food.

  96. NOW, if only some of our so-called leaders in the U’S’A would get the message from Angola…….Pislam IS not only NOT a race, but NOT a religion, but a demented demonic political system and —-ing CULT!

  97. Well done Angola. Angola gets it. The cult of islam is the problem. Stopping all muslim immigration is part of the answer. The rest of the answer is to ban islam and deport all muslims.

    • Islam is a pure MAN religion. The woman doesn’t count other then for breed and cooking. Islam gives man power , be it only over their spouse. And which man does not like power ? It wil be very, very hard for the sane majority of people to get that into the heads of the muslims to accept. But we MUST prevail or else we will be thrown back into the dark ages !

      • Well said, “Had enough already!!!” BRAVO!!!!

        I’m SO DISGUSTED with those anti-theist TOTALITARIANS (really, Communists!!!) and others who try to attack Christianity at every possible opportunity – I would not grieve if those philosophers’-stoolies could get back some of the punishment they’ve been visiting upon us…

  98. EXCELLENT! This is GREAT news!

    Western countries should be ASHAMED that an AFRICAN country is able to see what they can’t (or don’t WANT to see) – that Islam is a CULT and an **ideology of hate**.

    **Every country in the world** should follow Angola’s lead and that INCLUDES Islamic countries.

    • Western politicians know exactly what they are dealing with, the Saudis just pay them off with the petro-dollars. What they fail to understand is their new found wealth will not protect them forever, they to will go the way of the Jews of Europe during WWII, unless they change course and protect their countries and cultures.

      Interesting how these western elites have no sense of love or protection for even their own children and grandchildren.

    • Americans know Islam is an evil cult! The media does not do the real stories on their terror. They down play and sympathize with the animals. And the Government turned in their balls for a skirt! Plus the President is Muslim. And portrays them as peaceful! PFFFTTT!

      • Used to be foreigners couldn’t own anything to do with the media in the USA but don’t think that is the case anymore. The owners of the media shape public opinion as always.

      • BanShariaWorldwide! wrote: “Americans know Islam is an evil cult!”. It may be a cult, but I do not think most Americans believe that be the truth. They see it at a religion as legitimate as any other. I see it as more dangerous than a cult.

        • This boils down to 1 of 3 things:
          1 They illiterate and too lazy to learn or
          2 They’re willfully blind or
          3 They’re “liberals” and choose to side with evil rather than stand for what’s right.

  99. Great news! Angola did what none other country in the world dared to do…Ban Islam. Now they must kick out every muslim from the country.
    Izslum and its parasitic muslims never contribute towards any progress of any country, instead they drag it backwards towards the 7th century by following their terrorist manual cum time machine the curan, the oh so perfect word of a delusional warlord allah and his creator muhamad. Yes muhamad the pedo created allah for his lust of women, riches, power and murders

  100. BIG GUYS!!! Simple great that the first country taske the actions agains the evil cancer of the humanity!!!

    • Would it be too much to hope that this is the beginning of the end for Islam? It must be wonderful to be a citizen of a country which is not bogged down by our PC lefty liberal do gooders who are destroying everything the west has attained. Hope also it gives the MB in America, UK etc. the sh*ts as they must know we will be gunning for them next! Hopefully!

      Wonder if this will reach the Western MSM?

      • Here is something to consider Kiwi and Bonnie. Will the Western mainstream media report what is going on in Angola? Initially, I agree with 100% Bonnie, of “don’t count on it”… and YES if it had been Israel declaring izslime a cult… networks from CBC (Canada), ABC (Australia), BBC (UK) and CNN (USA) would be wringing their hands in sympathy for the diseased mucous known as the moHAMmed spawn.

        Another perfect example that you pointed out Bonnie… was that now that Egypt has a blockade of Gaza to prevent terror acts against Egyptian civilians… where are the flotillas manned by American and European leftists & their Jihadi friends? Probably are not going to be any,

        The media doesn’t want it to be wide spread knowledge that there are genuine movements who are successful in fighting back against muzzslimes.

        However, there is the exception. And that is when, the “push back” by non-muslims begins to be successful. Such as the situation in Myanmar. The unhappiness with the Buddhists over the atrocities committed by muzzies in their midst I am sure was known by the Western media.

        It wasn’t until the Buddhists began to be successful in putting up a physical protest and fighting back AND WINNING to a degree… that all of a sudden the Western media… “remembers” that yes, Myanmar has taken a stand against muzzies.

        However, only “remembering” as far as to portray Buddhists in the role of evil monsters instead placing the blame where it belongs- right on the shit-stain heads of korHAM followers.

        So, yes… the media knows what is going on in Angola and that izlime being called a cult and a moratorium on any new mosques have the reporters I am sure “fuming.” Will, they report it? I agree, don’t count on it. HOWEVER, if things progress with any deportations, bulldozing of dismantling of MORE mosques other than the ones already reported… and of COURSE any physical confrontation against ILLEGAL MUZ COMMITTING ACTS OF VIOLENCE…

        look to see the media “remembering this story” and then plastering it all over with a spin to get sympathy for the literal muz-devils.

        Yes, the media will indeed not report stances against islam on a regional or national level for fear it may give other places the “same idea” to go against muzzies. Yet, as soon as this stance starts to be more and more successful…. then watch out. The anti-muzzies will be crucified in the press.

      • “I am very surprised that the UN has not condemned Angola for that”

        Tell you what Bonni, at this stage frankly, it’s F***K the UN because it’s sure has got a lot to answer for as well. So about time that thing got rid of ASAP too as its downfalls and dictatorship way outweighs any usefulness it may have had, way back.

      • Bonni it never entered my mind you’d be sorry the UN haven’t “moved” yet for I sure who who’s side you’re on :mrgreen:

        Was just saying what should reactions be if they did….

      • Lets pray that it would be the beginning of the end of Islam. All countries, especially the U.S.A. should regard Islam as a cult and not a religion. But we have obama, a muslim, as our president he won’t do anything against Islam that sorry ass POTUS.

    • Glad to see there is a place like Angola who see muslims/islaam for what it is a cult. I wish we did not have a illegal muslim for president who is turning this country over to the muslim and a congress without the balls to stop him.

    • I am proud of Angola’s Government. It’s just too bad the USA doesn’t have a Christian Leader, Right now. Hell with Angola stepping up. Maybe Israel can find an Ally, to make up for the Obama Admin. Throwing them under the Bus.

    • Wow, the US needs to follow Angola’s lead and get rid of all radical muslims in America. There will be plenty of backing from the US citizens.

    • The difficulty is that these actions of violence go COUNTER to the teachings of the Qur’an. For someone to claim they are Muslim when they do the opposite of what they are taught is much like someone claiming they are Christian when they burn crosses on a person of color’s lawn, rape and lynch them and then drag them behind a pickup truck. And yet, this is what some members of the KKK do, claiming it is for God they do this, that they are Christians.

      If they have evidence that the mosques are carrying on illegal and immoral acts, fine! Close them down. But to condemn the entire religion for the acts of a few is ludicrous to say the least.

      • atatkai, The queer’on tells you to be violent, to do what ever small deed you can to vanquish all non-muzzies. Also claiming to be a religion does not a religion make. It is a cult that teaches world domination by any and all means. All mosques are carrying on illegal and immoral acts, mainly planning your demise, atatkai. You are being fooled by the biggest bunch of fools on the planet. Why don’t you go join them? If you are female remember that you will only count as one half of a human. Also you say the “acts of a few”? How many are a few? It is all of them. Muzzies never speak out against the “few” because if they did the many would kill them. You are going to find out the hard way that there is no degree of muslim. If you are one then you embrace the mandate to take over the world by hook or crook. They are like rust, mold, and cancer, always slowly but surely eating away at the world. Go read the fuckin queer’on from start to finish and then use your brain to make a decision, unless it’s already too late for you. Now go in peace, sucker!

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