MYANMAR (Burma) denies Buddhist mob killed Muslims, but villagers and rights group fear dozens dead


336453_Buddhist MyanmarJust the latest backlash from the natives (Buddhists) against the ongoing violence, rape, and chaos caused by the minority Muslim population, who are doing what they have done in so many non-Muslim countries before. NOT THIS TIME! Buddhists have learned their lesson from places like Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh, about what happens when you don’t stop Muslims before it’s too late.

FOX  Myanmar, a predominantly Buddhist nation of 60 million people, has been grappling with sectarian violence for nearly two years. More than 240 people have been killed and another 250,000 forced to flee their homes, most of them Rohinga Muslims from the western state of Rakhine.


The northern tip of the state, where Tuesday’s violence occurred, is home to 80 percent of Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims. The region is also one of the most isolated in the country, with access to foreign journalists and humanitarian aid workers almost always either denied or heavily restricted.

Chris Lewa of the Thailand-based Arakan Project, said details about the violence in Du Char Yar Tan village were still emerging, with many conflicting reports. The death toll could be anywhere from 10 to 60, said Lewa, whose sources range from a village administrator to witnesses. One described the slashed-up bodies of three acquaintances — two women and a 14-year-old boy — found in their homes.


Tensions have been building in the region since last month, when monks from a Buddhist extremist movement known as 969 arrived and started giving sermons by loudspeaker advocating the expulsion of all Rohingya.

Buddhist killed by Muslims

Buddhist killed by Muslims

One resident said by phone that an initial flare-up followed the discovery of three bodies in a ditch near Du Char Yar Tan village by several firewood collectors. Believing they were among several Rohingya who went missing after being detained by authorities, they alerted friends and neighbors, who returned with their cellphones to take pictures, said the man, who works as a volunteer English teacher. 

Buddhist killed by Muslims

Buddhist killed by Muslims

That night, five police officers went to the village to confiscate the phones and check family lists, but the crowd turned on the officers, beating and chasing them off, said the man. The police returned at 2 a.m., saying one of the officers had gone missing, accusing villagers of either abducting or killing him.

That triggered a security crackdown.

Buddhist killed by Muslims

Buddhist killed by Muslims

Lewa said her sources reported that Rohingya women and children had been hacked to death, but the numbers varied widely. That some of the victims appeared to have been stabbed with knives, not shot or beaten, “would clearly indicate the massacre was committed by (Buddhist) Rakhine villagers, rather than the police or army,” the Arakan Project wrote in a briefing Thursday.

The English teacher said 17 women and five children were killed. Another resident put the toll at 11.































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  1. Q: What is the difference between what is going on in Myanmar and the CAE (Central African Republic) vs. The Crusade Wars?

    A: One is a group of nations attacking and targeting Muslims in an organized anti-jihad thus giving Muslims a taste of their own medicine yet are unfortunately being vilified by the press. And the other are The Crusade Wars.

  2. They’re fighting back in the central african republic too. the muslims there (only 10 percent of the population mind you), invited their muslim friends from chad and niger republic to massacre innocent christians and animists (the remaining 90 percent) and even installed a muslim president. The christians have decided to kill them all, now the E.U wants to stop this claiming genocide. Of course they did nothing when it was muslims killing christians.

  3. Great, you Buddhist must kick out the rohingya muslim filth straight into bangladesh or the sea. Dont ever let them give them a break.
    The OIC is another terrorist pedophilia organisation in support of sharia.
    islam is a cult of hate, destruction and death

    • Yep! The stupid dhimmis of the U.S, UK and the entire CIVILIZED world where there are STILL a few signs of civilized society left, would do well to learn from the Chinese Buddhists of Burma (Myanmar)……..for some time now I have been predicting that it will be the Chinese who wipe out all but a remnant of the aggressive moslem PsOS; the rest will be finished at Armageddon…..Pull your heads out, members of the Manure Stream Media and other stupid dhimmis; maybe then you’ll see the Light while there is still time!!

  4. Great news!!
    Here’s some more too. The CAR Christians are really going all out to totally remove ALL Muslims from their lands! Here’s a 3 minute video, so good to see this happening. Christians administering JUSTICE to the Muslim savages!!

    We in the West must follow the EXCELLENT examples of these brave Buddhists and Anti-Balaka!
    Total REMOVAL of Muslims is the ONLY solution.

  5. It’s interesting that it doesn’t take Buddhists too long to realize how Islam can destroy from within, and Act accordingly-but Westerners are so slow to comprehend what this infiltration means- when our own history already saw the effects and (should) know the story! The Western world fought the Ottomans already, up til and less than a hundred years ago. Our Founders fought them from the beginning, before the nation was even created and the First Foreign Wars we actually had to build a Navy and fight over-seas, against Jeffersons own utopian ideals of ‘only self defense’. He broke with his values for THIS, the fight against Islam .
    Perhaps that is what Obama means when he says ‘Islam has a long history in America’.

    • what a bunch of BS..have you forgot about crusades? have you forgot how many innocent people died because of christianity?? did u forget all the burned innocent women in the name of christ? did you not learn that in the history christians have slaughtered people in centuries and centuries from north to south? Islam is great religion, just like all the others, and you should read about it instead of spiting on just may learn something and understand that people use (like they always did) religion as it suits them, not as they is the same in all religions! look at jews, arent they a bunch of lunatics killing protestants, muslims and catholics since 1946 and no one gives a shit…

      • I’ve read your Quran FULLY. Not hadith of Sunna (there’re dozens of books, I’ve only read a couple from Sakhih Bukhari and Sakhih Muslim). Still, I’ve read the Quran fully (so that no ‘out of context’ excuses would work on me). It IS the most violent stuff ever, Nazism and Stalinism pale in comprasion. The Crusades started AFTER muslims invaded Christian lands and conquered its sacred places (like the Empty Tomb in Palestine), the Crusades were a response, not the aggression of Christians. The Crusades killed THOUSANDS. Islam killed MILLIONS. Why do you they call Afghan mountains Hindukush (‘genocide of Hinduists’)? The name was given by ancient Islamic invaders upon Hindu lands to commerate their invasion and cleansing all Hindus who didn’t accept the Islamic rule. You, lefties, together with your old overused trope arguments will always be at the disadvantage and inferior position 😀 Come on, you pathetic muslim apologist fool, bring WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Korean War, Gulf War or else into the argument to show ‘Christian atrocities’, or mention the violence in the Bible, or mention European colonists, I dare you, I challenge you. It seems like all of you guys, who say ‘read about it’ haven’t read a shit from their scriptures yourself. Stop acting like an expert in islam already. And stop use your overused clichés like ‘islamophobe/Zionist/racist’ because islam is NOT a race. You will NOT shut up and silence our critism by . And btw, what the heck you are talking about? Jews killing Catholics and Protestants? Where? When? Names of perpetrators, exact dates, places? P.S. Mr. BNI, please ban this PATHETIC FUCKING IDIOT.

        • By ” shut up and silence our critism by” I meant to suppress critism by using old shit and hysterical yeilding all over and over again. Sorry for a typo, but stupid lefties cause my raw emotions to go insane. I’m outraged by ‘only a tiny minority of extremists and fundamentalists’, ‘don’t trust media on muslims’ (I never did in first place, I’m from USSR, so that crap like ‘Buddhist mob attack poor rohingya’ or ‘evil Juice opress Hamas children’ won’t work on me, no way), ‘no compulsion’ (Meccan/Medinean suras thing), ‘Christians did bad thing too’, ‘there’re peaceful muslims’, ‘islam means peace’, ‘Terrorists distort Quran teachings, there’s no calls for violence’ (yep, apparently Camoron, the Britanistan PM, who didn’t even read one sura from Quran (let alone the whole book) and who doesn’t speak Arabic, knows about Islam more than Saudis where they still speak ancient Mohammed-era Arabic my ass). Muslims do bad stuff, someone ALWAYS comes up with stupid excuses, no exceptions 😐 Terrorists attack -> we praise religion of peace, bow down to them, lick their asses, kiss their feet and say that they misunderstand islam. VERY SICK AND TIRED OF IT. Every leftist expert, who didn’t even bother to study Islam, all of a sudden becomes an expert on islam and says Islam doesn’t call for this barbarity (as if Obama Bin Laden, the USA caliph, is a theologist to make stupid claims like that).

        • I don’t know either you read the Al-Quran dan the hadith with right translation of their meanings or you just read it because you want to prove ISLAM is wrong. just give me one verse from Quran that show to you, Islam is violent stuff. don’t interpret Quran with your little knowledge about Quran. Even muslims who do not learn Arabic language also have trouble to understand the actual meaning of Quran’s verses. I admit there are some muslims who did not act like a real muslim but it’s not the right evidence to show either Islam’s teachings are violent stuffs or not. Every verse in Quran is related with the events happen during the time Quran is recorded. We ( muslim student ) called the reasons as Asbabul Nuzul. It takes years to understand the most accurate meanings of Quranic verses. Don’t blame on Islam if some of the believers don’t acted like a real believer because it’s depends on them to practice the Islamic teachings or leave it. Even Christians also do the same thing, right? they (Christians) said love is the most important element in Christian but I have heard so many cases involved Father/Pope molest young boys. Because of too much love, I believe. Yet I still believe it’s not because of Christian teachings but it’s the believers’ attitude make the image of the religions bad. same goes to Buddha. I don’t believe Buddha teach his believers to slaughter people like some of them do right now. As I know Gautama Buddha is one of peace lover icon in world. He also inspired people by his word “Not by hatred does hatred cease; By Love Hatred ceases”. and also in Islam, in surat Al-Mumtahinah, what can be translated as, “Allah does not forbid you (Muslims) to deal justly and kindly with those who have not fought against you in accounts of your religion and who do not drive you out from your homes. Verily, Allah loves those who deal with equity.” [Verse 8]. This shows we can’t blame on religions, we should blame on the believers’ ignorance to understand the core of the religions’ teachings. I still don’t understand why you said Quran is a violent stuff. Perhaps you misinterpreted the verses in Quran.

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  6. Do understand people being pissed off with these invaders. Recently more Muslims have moved into my area, and girlfriends have started describing them in terms of beasts. A local dance spot has been turned into a creepy hole with the men sizing up women in the way animals do for prey. They don’t even make an effort to hide what they are doing. It was so bad my friends had to leave after ten minutes, the vibes were that bad. Am glad the Buddhists are pushing back, I wish them well and when they are done, please come this way.

    • maybe they are sizing you cause you dress like whores hungry for men looks…and now when you finaly got some ppl sizing you, you complain…and y\eah, you blame it on muslims…fantastic

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  7. Good news. I look forward to the time when the 6 billion d’himmis, Christians, Jews, Buddhist, and so on stand up to the 1 billion muslum savages and ‘say, No More’. All support for the Buddhist to save their culture.

    • Wouldnt hold my breath on the Dhimmis. The only time these useless idiots will wake up is when they or their loved ones are about to get their throats slit by the savages they so strongly defend.

  8. It’s the only way to survive when muslims try to take over a country that isn’t theirs. You must be fearless and more barbaric than them. It’s the only language they understand.

  9. good job. The muzzrats are so keen to kill but not so keen to be killed despite what they claim. I remember in one of the gulf wars hundreds of captured iraqi solders shaking like leaves in the presence of American troops.

  10. Who ever thought Buddhists would be forced to take up arms? I would have never imagined such a thing, but I am so thankful they are. Not many people will speak out against the gentle, kind Buddhists so you know for them to go to these ends, they have really been pushed to the limit of their tolerance.

    Wake up, world…the savage islam pigs are coming for you and they want your head for a soccer ball.

      • Besides Muzbums when have we heard about Buddhists being violent and murdering people? I have never ever in my lifetime heard of this until now. If the Buddhists had prior murdered the dumb ass media would have jumped on to it like now. I believe the Buddhists have been pushed to the brink and enough is enough. They have a hell of a lot more smarts that many of our dumb ass governments who are too busy becoming bloated fat cats entinced by the Saudi $$$ poured into their personal coffers.

        • Look at what the Afghan Taliban did when they blew up those huge Buddhist Monuments and Temples carved into the Mountains of Afghanistan! I thought the worthless bastards at the U.N. would have raised Holy Hell! They didn’t do squat! I think the Buddhists should go burn some Mosques just for fun. Rid the World of a few more Mosquitos!

    • No doubt!
      Buddhists are among the most gentile and life respecting sects on the planet; they wouldn’t kill a pestering fly. Yet, they’ve totally had it with these mongrel muzzies and I, for one, would never hold it against them. They must be PISSED!

  11. As gruesome as all of this is, it is simply what Muslims have been doing to all non-Muslims for 1400 years. Is is GREAT to see the Islamic FILTH pay the ultimate price that they so want to foist upon others.

    The WHOLE WORLD is sick of Islamic FILTH. Many are beginning to DO something about it.

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