[UPDATED] FEEL GOOD STORY! Code Pinko Hamas-supporter, Medea Benjamin, jailed and roughed up in Egypt, begs U.S. Embassy for help, gets zip

codepinko4-viTrying to make her way into Gaza from Cairo, notorious Jew-hating Judenrat, Medea Benjamin of Code Pink, claims she suffered a dislocated left arm and severe trauma after being detained on arrival in Egypt. According to Benjamin, 

“They dragged me and they threw me on the floor. They pulled my arm out of its socket, then dragged me across the tarmac.” “My arm is traumatized and swollen and torn, and I am in excruciating pain from the nape of my neck down to my waist.”


Yahoo News  (h/t Subramanian K) Benjamin tweeted her ordeal, including photos of the airport prison cell she said she shared with four other women, one of whom lent her a power cord for her telephone when the battery ran down.

Benjamin is a well-known American troublemaker famous for wearing her group’s signature color and disrupting events in Washington and around the nation. She has protested inside congressional hearings and political conventions. She rose to prominence protesting the Iraq War, but in recent years has widened her group’s campaign to include opposition to America’s use of drones.

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Benjamin's jail cell in Cairo
Benjamin’s jail cell in Cairo

Benjamin said she traveled to Cairo to begin a journey to Gaza, which shares a border with Egypt, for an international women’s day event. She never left the airport, where she was detained shortly after stepping off her flight at 8:30 p.m. local time Monday.

After hours spent in the cell, “five very scary-looking men came for me,” she said. Through contacts with friends in the United States and Egypt she had learned that American diplomats were just 10 minutes away, so she resisted going with the men, who removed her by force, she told Yahoo News.

They grabbed her, threw her to the floor, and put two sets of handcuffs on her, she recounted. In the scuffle, “I heard the ‘pop’ of my shoulder, and I started screaming. They wouldn’t stop.” “They stomped on me,” she said.


The men dragged her to a Turkish Airlines flight bound for Istanbul. The airline initially argued that she was in no shape for a flight. An Egyptian doctor agreed, but in the end she boarded the plane and ended up in a middle seat with an Egyptian security officer on either side. “I was between two of the same guys who beat me up,” she said.

She said she was speaking from the clinic at the Istanbul airport, waiting for staff there to fix their MRI machine, having just received her third shot of painkiller for what doctors have described as a torn ligament. “I’m shaking like a leaf here, I’m in extreme trauma and I can’t get my embassy to come and help me,” she said. “I’m in no shape to travel, but I’ve got to go home.”


A State Department official, who requested anonymity to discuss the situation, said in a statement that U.S. “consular officers in Egypt were in contact with the U.S. citizen and provided all appropriate consular assistance.”

“In regards to the allegations that the Cairo police broke her arm, we would refer you to the Egyptian police for further information,” the official said. “Questions regarding Ms. Benjamin’s deportation or Egyptian visa should be referred to the government of Egypt.

My favorite counter Code Pink sign
My favorite counter Code Pink sign

“That’s such a lie,” Benjamin upon hearing the statement. “They never made contact with me. Never, ever. My friends were calling them from the U.S. and from Cairo. They told my friends they were on the way over. They constantly lied. I was on the tarmac for an hour. They never showed up. That’s just a bald-faced lie.” (Could this story get any better? LOL)

“I don’t know what I did and can’t get an explanation,” Benjamin said.

UPDATE: Now for the Egyptian side of the story:

Via Gateway Pundit (h/t Jim D)

The New York Times reported: A spokesman for the Egyptian foreign ministry said that Ms. Benjamin had been stopped at the airport because the Gaza border crossing was closed, and that she had then physically resisted the airport security agents. “She arrived in Cairo and insisted on going to Gaza,” said the spokesman, Badr Abdelatty. “She was prevented because the border crossing is closed.”

…”Mr. Abdelatty said Ms. Benjamin had refused to board a flight back to the United States and had struggled as she was forcibly escorted to another flight, to Istanbul.”

Reuters reported:

“An Egyptian airport official denied any abuse and said she had been deported after 20 hours. The official told Reuters that Benjamin was on a watch list for “involvement in acts harmful to Egyptian national security”.”




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