[UPDATED] FEEL GOOD STORY! Code Pinko Hamas-supporter, Medea Benjamin, jailed and roughed up in Egypt, begs U.S. Embassy for help, gets zip

codepinko4-viTrying to make her way into Gaza from Cairo, notorious Jew-hating Judenrat, Medea Benjamin of Code Pink, claims she suffered a dislocated left arm and severe trauma after being detained on arrival in Egypt. According to Benjamin, 

“They dragged me and they threw me on the floor. They pulled my arm out of its socket, then dragged me across the tarmac.” “My arm is traumatized and swollen and torn, and I am in excruciating pain from the nape of my neck down to my waist.”


Yahoo News  (h/t Subramanian K) Benjamin tweeted her ordeal, including photos of the airport prison cell she said she shared with four other women, one of whom lent her a power cord for her telephone when the battery ran down.

Benjamin is a well-known American troublemaker famous for wearing her group’s signature color and disrupting events in Washington and around the nation. She has protested inside congressional hearings and political conventions. She rose to prominence protesting the Iraq War, but in recent years has widened her group’s campaign to include opposition to America’s use of drones.

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Benjamin's jail cell in Cairo

Benjamin’s jail cell in Cairo

Benjamin said she traveled to Cairo to begin a journey to Gaza, which shares a border with Egypt, for an international women’s day event. She never left the airport, where she was detained shortly after stepping off her flight at 8:30 p.m. local time Monday.

After hours spent in the cell, “five very scary-looking men came for me,” she said. Through contacts with friends in the United States and Egypt she had learned that American diplomats were just 10 minutes away, so she resisted going with the men, who removed her by force, she told Yahoo News.

They grabbed her, threw her to the floor, and put two sets of handcuffs on her, she recounted. In the scuffle, “I heard the ‘pop’ of my shoulder, and I started screaming. They wouldn’t stop.” “They stomped on me,” she said.


The men dragged her to a Turkish Airlines flight bound for Istanbul. The airline initially argued that she was in no shape for a flight. An Egyptian doctor agreed, but in the end she boarded the plane and ended up in a middle seat with an Egyptian security officer on either side. “I was between two of the same guys who beat me up,” she said.

She said she was speaking from the clinic at the Istanbul airport, waiting for staff there to fix their MRI machine, having just received her third shot of painkiller for what doctors have described as a torn ligament. “I’m shaking like a leaf here, I’m in extreme trauma and I can’t get my embassy to come and help me,” she said. “I’m in no shape to travel, but I’ve got to go home.”


A State Department official, who requested anonymity to discuss the situation, said in a statement that U.S. “consular officers in Egypt were in contact with the U.S. citizen and provided all appropriate consular assistance.”

“In regards to the allegations that the Cairo police broke her arm, we would refer you to the Egyptian police for further information,” the official said. “Questions regarding Ms. Benjamin’s deportation or Egyptian visa should be referred to the government of Egypt.

My favorite counter Code Pink sign

My favorite counter Code Pink sign

“That’s such a lie,” Benjamin upon hearing the statement. “They never made contact with me. Never, ever. My friends were calling them from the U.S. and from Cairo. They told my friends they were on the way over. They constantly lied. I was on the tarmac for an hour. They never showed up. That’s just a bald-faced lie.” (Could this story get any better? LOL)

“I don’t know what I did and can’t get an explanation,” Benjamin said.

UPDATE: Now for the Egyptian side of the story:

Via Gateway Pundit (h/t Jim D)

The New York Times reported: A spokesman for the Egyptian foreign ministry said that Ms. Benjamin had been stopped at the airport because the Gaza border crossing was closed, and that she had then physically resisted the airport security agents. “She arrived in Cairo and insisted on going to Gaza,” said the spokesman, Badr Abdelatty. “She was prevented because the border crossing is closed.”

…”Mr. Abdelatty said Ms. Benjamin had refused to board a flight back to the United States and had struggled as she was forcibly escorted to another flight, to Istanbul.”

Reuters reported:

“An Egyptian airport official denied any abuse and said she had been deported after 20 hours. The official told Reuters that Benjamin was on a watch list for “involvement in acts harmful to Egyptian national security”.”




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  1. Really too bad she was not given to the Isis people. Would be nice to see her end her miserable existence as a sex slave to the people she has supported at the expense of Israel and America. Wonder how she would look in a burkha. Could only be an improvement. LOL!

  2. Maybe she should try for Mosul now and join the sex jihad,im sure one of them big hairy muslims might give her one,because im sure no one else would,come to think of it lads she looks as though she’s probably a carpet muncher

  3. Judenrat is continuously misused these days. The word means Jewish Council. What Medea Benjamin is, is a communist. she went to live in Cuba for a time and came back gushing that it was heaven on earth. She’s an out and out idiot is what she is. Only thing I think she and I have ever agreed on is the anti-drone issue. But that’s it. I detest her. I find this news on her rather funny, because she is a twisted trouble maker, and I can never forgive her for calling our troops murderers. When she did that she was calling some of my own murderers.

    • TECHNICALLY it means/meant Jewish Council – however the meaning has become synonymous with Jewish Traitors to their own kind & therefore is NOT overused.
      ANY Jew who is left wing/Socialist/Communist or suck up to Moslems is a Judenrat – no exception!
      Here in Oz most Jews are Conservative & we shake our heads in disbelief at the Jewry in US who are so left wing and anti-Israel. They must have been deprived of oxygen at birth – especially Feinstein.

  4. At least this fuggly pink lady will not get sexually assaulted. She is as nasty as they come, and even muslims know their peter will fall off with this hag.

  5. since they think communism is great then move to Russia , Cuba , and China, Looks like Egypt did the correct action so now she knows how it feels…..No tears here only kudos to Egypt,,…. She has told numerous lies that she just got what she deserved.

  6. You got to admit the new Egyptian government has a sense of color. Pink alone don’t work well on a stupid blond . Adding black and blue to the mix brings the pink out better. Bet our troops had a laugh when they found out she needed help.

  7. It has long been my contention that liberals, whether they be communists, JudenRats, or muzzscum, got that way because of their physical ugliness. You can’t look like that deformed hag and be a happy adjusted human. If a naked MoleRat became human, that’s what it would look like.

  8. ““They dragged me and they threw me on the floor. They pulled my arm out of its socket, then dragged me across the tarmac.” “My arm is traumatized and swollen and torn, and I am in excruciating pain from the nape of my neck down to my waist.”

    Aw, boo hoo! Waahh! Waaahh!

    I hope the state department said “F**k You”.

  9. Looks like the bitches at Berkeley could use some enlightening experiences as those received by Ms. Benjamin in Cairo!….Ah, but not likely it would take, as in my 63+ years on this Earth I have learned that you CANNOT beat the fool out of a fool! You can beat the stupid sonofabitch/or bitch as in this case, to death, and all you will have is just another damn dead fool!….And kudos to the Cairo police and the U.S Embassy at Cairo for not pampering the —-ing dhimmi dip asshat (Ms Benjamin)!

  10. On her shirt it’s written “women for peace”. I’m wondering what is her definition of peace.

    Stupid bitch gets paid to spread hate for Israel. I’m glad that Egypt shows no mercy to dumb women.

  11. My big question would have been “what the hell are you doing in a country that is about to explode”….. my statement to her would have been “we are not sacrificing one young boys life to rescue you”. Stupid woman.

  12. Shé doesn’t know the WWII history?????….Seems that she would like have free ticket for muslims paradises!!!!
    She is a free woman, please go to work and liove in saudi Arabia!!

  13. I do not condone institutionalized violence, but, this ugly bitch is one of those people who well and truly deserves a serious ass kicking.

    Too bad the Egyptians sent her to Istanbul instead of back to her beloved communist Cuba.

    Mccarthy was a damn prophet!

  14. I’ve noticed how these “peace activists” are becoming quieter since Obama was elected? Code pink in generL and Ms Benjamin in particular make me sick to my stomach. I hope that this incident- if it is even true- will knock a little sense into her about Islamic societies but I seriously doubt that she is capable of rational thought.

  15. For those not so well acquainted with Medea* (nee Susan) Benjamin, mostly from:


    “She spent four years in Cuba, and has authored three books on that country.
    Has said that living in Castro’s Cuba made her feel “like [she] died and went to heaven.”

    “Benjamin was one of the principal architects of the 1999 protests in Seattle where rampaging anti-globalization activists burned cars, smashed windows and generally sowed disorder in a failed bid to shut down a conference of the World Trade Organization. Benjamin hailed the riots, which caused millions of dollars in property damage, as “a battle cry.””

    In 2000, Benjamin ran for the United States Senate on the Green Party ticket from California, basing her campaign on such issues as a living wage, education, and universal healthcare; she garnered 3 percent [!] of the vote. Since then she has remained active in the Green Party and has also supported efforts by the Progressive Democrats of America. She is a member of the Liberty Tree Board of Advisers.”

    “In 2004 Benjamin co-founded — along with Leslie Cagan, the longtime pro-Castro communist who established United for Peace and Justice — the organization Iraq Occupation Watch, whose express mission is to encourage widespread desertion by “conscientious objectors” in the U.S. military.”

    “In November 2006, Benjamin and Cindy Sheehan together traveled to South Korea on a mission designed to publicly condemn a U.S. government plan for expanding an American military base near Seoul. The Benjamin/Sheehan visit was strongly supported by pro-North Korean groups, hard-Left student movements and labor organizations, and Communist sympathizers.”

    “Benjamin subsequently penned an article in the Huffington Post PRAISING HAMAS for what she called its commitment to “mutual respect and adherence to international law.” [God, you just cannot make this stuff up!]

    “After several interruptions, she was removed from the hall. Throughout the interruptions, Obama responded variously to Benjamin: “Why don’t you sit down? And I will tell you exactly what I’m going to do”, “Thank you … You should let me finish my sentence”, and “This is part of free speech, is you being able to speak, but also you listening and me being able to speak.” After Benjamin was removed from the room, Obama stated that “the voice of that woman is worth paying attention to.” [God, what a PRICK, and her, a bigot and entitlement whore.]

    One of the ‘things’ she said was:

    “Can you tell the Muslim people their lives are as precious as our lives?”

    Well my dear Medea, what if you reverse that? What is the opinion of the worshipers of mohammed regarding THEIR victims, whether Christians – anywhere that mohammedans have power, Jews – like the Fogel family, or indeed other mohammedans as in Syria and Iraq. Turns out your statement is pretty dumb.

    “The Capital Research Center reports that Benjamin, who is president of both the Benjamin Fund and Global Exchange, is a woman who inherited great wealth — “a trust fund baby, that is to say, a one-percenter who uses a family endowment to foment hatred, division, and revolution.””

    * What can one conclude, narcissist, egoist?
    “During her first year at Tufts University, she renamed herself after the Greek mythological character Medea.”
    “Medea is known in most stories as an enchantress and is often depicted as being a priestess of the goddess Hecate or a witch.”
    Well maybe that is an apposite choice, whether Freudian or subliminal.
    “In Euripides’s play Medea, Jason leaves Medea when Creon, King of Corinth, offers him his daughter, Glauce. The play tells of Medea avenging her husband’s betrayal by slaying their [two] children.”
    Her equally extremist leftard husband had better watch out, THEY have two children. If he finds someone more attractive (not difficult!) or less strident (not difficult!), and does a Bill Clinton, he might find himself childless!

    If you had a vague feeling of nausea about this witch, now you know why.

    • You know Huck, the one point about her that I really liked was, the Cuban “Heaven” that ‘Susie’ loved, but was kicked out of because of an article she wrote that was not in agreement with the government. I don’t think her “Heaven” was as wonderful as she thought it was and tried to sway everyone else’s opinion to be.

    • Quote:
      “During her first year at Tufts University, she renamed herself after the Greek mythological character Medea.”

      One of the ugliest, most evil characters in literature.
      If you sympathize with evil and embrace it, how far can you be from it? There is something demonic in her choices.

  16. These “activists” are the scourge of the west. This idiot Jew hates Jews, hates Israel, hates America, loves Muslim terrorists, and supports their crimes against humanity … and then has the nerve to expect her country – the one she despises – to come to the rescue when her idiocy finally lands her in trouble. Insufferable hypocrite.

  17. I bet Egyptians hate Judenrats more than they hate Jews.
    She’s also butt ugly with a foul mouth – isn’t that enough?
    Obviously the Egyptians don’t want Communist troublemakers going to Gaza – they’ve got enough trouble their with the regular loonies!

    • A Judenrat who supports Hamas? Just like when the British had contempt for Benedict Arnold, “Once a traitor, always a traitor!”

      • Not to forget Lord Haw Haw of WW 11 or Quisling – they however were invited to a necktie party & they were the only candidates dancing.
        I extend a similar invitation to this fugly Judenrat.

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