CHINA deports Uighur Muslims from Yunnan province back to the Islamic ghetto of Xinjiang following deadly knife jihad attacks at the Kunming station


Nothing like having all the Muslims in one place before you plan to deal with the problem.

RFA   (h/t Mike F) The government put them on buses and drove them to Kunming [Yunnan’s capital], and each person was given a subsidy of 1,000 yuan [U.S. $163],” a resident of Yunnan’s Shadian township told RFA’s Cantonese Service.”They made them take the train back to their hometowns.” “I heard that Uyghur Muslims from Honghe prefecture and other places were all sent back to Xinjiang as well,” said the resident.

The move followed warnings last week from an official in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region that China’s Muslim Uyghur minority could face a further backlash of discrimination in the wake of the Kunming railway station killings as the authorities tighten security restrictions based on ethnic profiling.

Memorial for all the victims slaughtered by Uighur Muslims in front of Kymming station
Memorial for all the Chinese victims slaughtered by Uighur Muslims in front of Kunming station

Mutalif Obul, commissioner of Xinjiang’s Kashgar prefecture, told state media that Chinese cities had stepped up measures targeting Uyghurs on the basis of their ethnicity following the March 1 stabbings that left 33 dead in what authorities have labeled a “terror attack” carried out by Uyghur separatists.

An employee who answered the phone at a guesthouse in Honghe’s Shiping county said that other people from outside Yunnan were being subjected to police interviews since the deadly attacks. “It’s not just people from Xinjiang,” the employee said. “If you are from another province, the police will basically come and visit you to check you out.”

Uighur unrest graphic AFP

Hong Kong’s Ming Pao newspaper reported on Wednesday that nearly 900 Uyghur Muslims have been subjected to internal deportation since the Kunming attacks.Uyghurs in Shadian had more economic opportunities and were able to practice Islam with fewer restrictions than in tightly controlled Xinjiang, the paper said, quoting local sources.

07_04_pg1aIlshat Hassan, vice-president of the Uyghur American Association, said similar moves were afoot to “repatriate” Uyghurs from other major Chinese cities. Authorities have taken similar steps in Beijing, Henan, and Shaanxi, according to sources who spoke to the U.S.-based group. “They are all sending Uyghurs back.”

“Previously, they just wouldn’t allow them to stay in guesthouses; now they are openly demanding that they go back [to Xinjiang],” he said.

Chinese women attacked in the streets by Uighur Muslims a few years ago, when Uighurs were committing needle attacks on innocent civilians
Chinese women attacked in the streets by Uighur Muslims a few years ago, when Uighurs were committing needle attacks on innocent civilians

Meanwhile, U.S.-based rights activist Liu Qing, former head of Human Rights in China (HRIC), said the move to send Uyghurs away from Yunnan is a “serious violation” of their rights. (Too bad) “The Uyghur Muslims who are sent back to Xinjiang may share their outrage with their compatriots, and that will fan the flames of hatred, which is an ingredient of terrorism,” he said. (Exactly)

Uighur Muslim women clash with police
Uighur Muslims clash with police