Worker killed by emaciated tiger inside a Saudi Zoo

Not surprising, considering the deplorable conditions in which animals in some Saudi zoos are forced to live.


Emirates  An Asian worker at a private zoo in Saudi Arabia died after he was attacked by a tiger inside the zoo while he was cleaning the place. Colleagues managed to drag the worker out of the zoo to prevent the tiger from devouring him but he died before he was taken to hospital.

Police said they were investigating the incident at the small zoo near a housing complex in the eastern town of Khobar. Sabq newspaper said the unidentified worker, in his 40s, died of severe wounds in the head, shoulders and other parts of his body.

Emaciated tigers
Emaciated tigers in one of the richest countries on earth

Blueabaya  At the Fantasy Land amusement park zoo in Riyadh,  life for the wild animals takes place in small metal cages placed next to each other. The animals have absolutely nothing in the cages, which are outside in a hall with no air-conditioning or heating.

Most shockingly they had large animals such as a grizzly bear and adult lions in tiny cages. The animals are never let out of the cages and there is only one zoo keeper taking care of them all.

The big animals eat, sleep and eliminate in the same space
The big cats eat, sleep and eliminate in the same tiny cage

A few fans were placed here and there around the hall. During Saudi winters the night time temperatures drop near 0 Celcius(32F) and in the summer temperatures soar to the high 40s daily reaching even 53C(127C). This places the animals in great risk of hypothermia or heat stroke and dehydration.

Placing a huge wild animal such as a tiger in a 3x3m cage is utterly disgusting, especially in Saudi-Arabia, one of the richest countries in the world. Having them regularly transported in those cages all over the country is even more disturbing.

A sickly, emaciated lion doesn’t have energy to move
A sickly, emaciated lion doesn’t have the energy to move