MUSLIM ‘LOVE JIHAD’ – Kidnapping and/or coercing Hindu, Sikh, and Christian girls to convert to Islam

They call it ‘Love Jihad’ but it is actually ‘Rape Jihad.’ These posters are being publicly displayed all over India and Pakistan. What they say is: 

In the name of Allah…..most merciful, most beneficiary. We the students of Muslim Youth Forum give a call to you….To indulge yourself in Love Jihad Mission for Universal and Global Islam. Love is not a Crime and Jihad is allah’s Work.You are ordered and requested to bring more and more non-Muslim girls to our great faith Islam. Hindu, Sikh, and Christian girls are most wanted.


Your efforts will be greatly rewarded as well. Here is the cash reward list:

Hindu Brahmin girl (5 Lakh rupees)
Hindu Kshatriya girl (4.5 Lakh rupees)
Hindu Obe.Se.St.Nt girl (2 Lakh rupees)
Jain girl (6 Lakh rupees)
Gujrati Brahmin girl (6 Lakh rupees)
Gujrati katchi girl (3 Lakh rupees)
Sihk Punjabi girl (7 Lakh rupees)
Punjabi Hindu girl (6 Lakh rupees)
Christian Roman Catholic girl (4 Lakh rupees)
Christian Protestant girl (3 Lakh rupees)
Buddhist girl (1.5 Lakh rupees)

It ends with….”Any info please feel free to contact us”….There are addresses and phone numbers from places in India and Pakistan.

h/t North American Infidels