KENYA: Al-Shabaab Muslim savages massacre at least 28 ‘infidel’ passengers from a bus


Somalia’s notorious Islamic jihadists, Al-Shabaab, attacked a bus in northern Kenya, singling out and shooting at close range 28 non-Muslim passengers who could not recite an Islamic creed, the Shahada, a tenet of the Muslim faith.

UK Daily Mail  The attackers first tried to wave the bus down but it didn’t stop so the gunmen sprayed it with bullets, said the police. When that didn’t work they shot a rocket propelled grenade at it. The gunmen took control of the vehicle and forced it off the road where they ordered all the passengers out of the vehicle and separated those who appeared to be non-Muslims – mostly non-Somalis – from the rest.

One survivor, Douglas Ochwodho, a non-Muslim head teacher of a private primary school in Mandera, who was traveling home for the Christmas vacation, told AP that the passengers who did not look Somali were separated from the others. The non-Somali passengers who couldn’t recite the creed were ordered to lie down. Ochwodho was among those who had to lie on the ground, but somehow, they missed shooting him. Seventeen of the 28 dead were teachers.

FYI: The majority population in Kenya is Christian. Only about 11% of Kenyans are Muslim.