Once again, FBI statistics discredit CAIR’s claims of rampant anti-Muslim hate crimes in America

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CAIR and other radical Islamist groups thrive on convincing Muslims that they are under constant assault from roving bigots and an oppressive state. For CAIR, which was recently designated a terrorist group by the United Arab Emirates, playing the “Islamophobia card” is a weapon to be used to enhance their own prestige and pursue their political agenda. It is certainly not born out by facts.

Clarion Project  The FBI’s newly released hate crime statistics for 2013 shows that, as in previous years, most hate crimes in America were not religiously motivated. Moreover, in hate crimes that were religiously motivated, Muslims suffered the least amount of hate crimes of all religions.


One significant point these statistics speak to is that the narrative continually reinforced by Islamist organizations in America like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)  that Muslims – and hence, by proxy, Islam — are under constant attack is false.

Despite Islamic attacks on American soil – from 9/11 to Fort Hood to the Boston bombing – the statistics show that (unfortunately) Islamophobia” has not become a part of American culture.


The groups that suffered the most hate crimes, in order, were  blacks (1,856 incidences), gay men (750), whites (653), Jews (625), Hispanics (331), people of other ethnicities (324), LGBTs in general (277) and lesbians (160).

Asians and Muslims each suffered 135 incidences of hate crimes, accounting for 2.3 percent of all hate crimes.

Ever the perpetual victims, Muslims have their own Islamophobia help line in the UK
Ever the perpetual self-proclaimed victims, Muslims have their own ‘Islamophobia’ hotline in the UK

Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, a former member of the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood front, recalls being at a group meeting in the early 1990s where the idea was proposed to use “Islamophobia” as a political weapon. Of the use of the word, Muhammad later said, “This loathsome term is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliche conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics.”

The FBI’s data shows the truth of this tactic. Of the 5, 928 hate crimes reported in 2013, only 17.4 percent were religiously motivated.

Religious bias

Of the 1,223 victims of anti-religious hate crimes:

  • 60.3 percent were victims of crimes motivated by their offenders’ anti-Jewish bias.

  • 13.7 percent were victims of anti-Islamic (Muslim) bias.

  • 6.1 percent were victims of anti-Catholic bias.

  • 4.3 percent were victims of bias against groups of individuals of varying religions (anti-multiple religions, group).

  • 3.8 percent were victims of anti-Protestant bias.

  • 0.6 percent were victims of anti-Atheist/Agnostic bias.

  • 11.2 percent were victims of bias against other religions (anti-other religion). (Based on Table 1.)

Although five more hate crimes against Muslims were recorded in 2012 (for a total of 140 incidences) than in 2013, this year’s numbers were lower than the average number of hate crimes committed against Muslims between the years of 2002 to 2011, which numbered 139 per year.

Jews suffered the highest percentage of religiously motivated hate crimes, accounting for 60.6 percent of the total number of religiously motivated hate crimes. Muslims suffered the lowest at 13.1 percent of those crimes.


Calculating the numbers as a percentage of population, Jews suffered the greatest amount of hate crimes at 9.6 hate crimes per 100,000 Jews; Muslims suffered the least amount at 4.6 anti-Islamic incidents per 100,000 Muslims).