The disaster that Bill Clinton created in Bosnia by backing Muslims against the Serbs has now become next front for the Islamic State (ISIS) Caliphate

Two decades later Bosnia is still suffering the consequences. ISIS has declared the Balkans the next front for the Islamic Caliphate, and in remote mountain villages, Muslims are already flying the ISIS flag.


Russia Insider (h/t Maksim)  The Balkans is the latest arena where the West is trying to circumcise any attempt of Russia to regainits influence. This anti-Serbian resolution and initiative is the part of the broader strategy and the latest Western attempt to demonize Serbs and delegitimize pro-Russian Republic of Srpska (Serbian part of Bosnia) in an effort to forcefully centralize Bosnia and give the driving seat to Bosnian Muslims.

So, the West is working to portray the Bosnian Serb republic in Bosnia as a “genocidal entity/creation”, further weakening the already weak Serbian position in the Balkans and by proxy strengthening the Albanian regime in Kosovo and pushing Montenegro towards NATO membership.


Going back to the Srebrenica case, this is a Srebrenica fact sheet one can rarely see in biased western MSM reports: It has been recorded that more that 3,200 Serbian women, children, elderly, men and prisoners of war were massacred in Serbian villages around Srebrenica between 1992 and 1995 by soldiers on the Bosnian Muslim side based in Srebrenica. Muslim forces under Naser Oric “engaged in attacks during Orthodox (Christian) holidays and destroyed villages, massacring all the inhabitants. This created a degree of hatred that was quite extraordinary in the region.”

This was the first of many Srebrenica massacres by Muslims that are ignored by the West up to this day. 

Before the Srebrenica Massacre: Genocide Jihad In the Balkans!

The number of 8,000 Muslim victims in Srebrenica is inflated. Most of “7,000 Muslim men and boys” allegedly murdered were soldiers of the localy-formed 28th division of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina under Naser Oric. They died both as soldiers and as war prisoners, they were killed in combat and others as revenge for Bosnian Serb victims. In all 5,500 Muslim soldiers fought under Naser Oric.

Most of them were killed when after the fall of the Muslim-controlled Srebrenica enclave they refused to surrender, but instead performed a desperate fighting withdrawal over Serbian controlled territories. Along the way they were shelled and ambushed by Serb foces in what was uneven combat but was not a massacre of civilians.

Edward S. Herman, a Professor Emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania and the author of “The Srebrenica Massacre: Evidence, Context and Politics” characterized Srebrenica genocide” as a gigantic political fraud and a myth built by West. Thanks to anti-Serbian propaganda one can only hear stories about genocide, the “biggest massacre after Holocaust”, “8,000 innocent muslim men and boys” etc. Fortunately, many western citizens no longer take Western mainstream media propaganda for granted as they did in 90’s and they are new alternative media which are breaking the monopoly of the western mainstream media.

Former chief NSA analyst: “Most of the Muslims killed in Srebrenica were soldiers who refused to surrender.”

Unlike the Bosnian Muslim forces, the Bosnian Serb forces didn’t kill any of Srebrenica women, children and older people but instead bused them out to the main territory controlled by the Bosnian Muslim forces. During the debate in the UN Security council neo-con and US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power whined: ‘What’s next? Holocaust denial?’ In this way, Mrs. Power insulted the victims of Holocaust comparing a hoax civilian massacre in Srebrenica with the Nazi genocide against Jews and Slavs in WW2.

The crimes committed by Bosnian Muslim forces were “extraordinary” and made the Serbs’ desire for revenge to be“inevitable.”

The media neglect of the massacres against Orthodox Christians in and around Srebrenica – and such leniency taken against Bosnian Muslim individuals who committed such crimes – not only leaves a sour taste – it is a falsification of history and covers up many untold stories which helps to dehumanize the Serbians. It also negates to share responsibility where it belongs – this applies to all parties who committed massacres. This also includes the United States and CIA which conveniently “overlooked” 8,000 of the most brutal and fanatical Islamists to enter Bosnia on false passports in order to slit the throats of Orthodox Christians.


The Bosnian Serbs might have had the heaviest weapons, but the Bosnian Muslims matched them in infantry skills that were much in demand in the rugged terrain around Srebrenica. As the snow cleared in the spring of 1995, it became obvious to Nasar Oric, the man who led the Bosnian Muslim fighters that the Bosnian Serb army was going to attack Srebrenica to stop him from attacking Serb villages. So he and a large number of his fighters slipped out of town. Srebrenica was left undefended with the strategic thought that, if the Serbs attacked an undefended town, surely that would cause NATO and the UN to agree that NATO air strikes against the Serbs were justified. And so the Bosnian Serb army strolled into Srebrenica without opposition.

The brutal civil wars throughout the former Yugoslavia led to the ethnic cleansing of Serbians in Krajina. However, not only was nothing done about this, the Croatian forces who did this had been backed by America and other nations during the conflict.


Also, the ghosts of past Muslim SS Units who supported Nazi Germany alongside Croatian fascists, was still etched into the memory because the events of World War Two were never reconciled under communist rule after the war. Therefore, with this, and the Ottoman Muslim past of enslaving young Orthodox Christian boys and then converting them to Islam – then the fear was not based on myths or on distant memories. 

By glossing over the massacres of 3,500 Orthodox Christians in and around Srebrenica; the role of the United States in turning a blind eye to 8,000 international Islamists (some members who did September 11 had learnt much in Bosnia); the actions of the Bosnian Muslim leader, Alija Izetbegovic, in abandoning the Muslim enclave; and other important factors. It entails that Srebrenica is being manipulated for all the wrong reasons and that the dehumanization of the Serbians is a convenient way for Western powers to gloss over the reality on the ground. It also suits the Bosnian Muslim leadership which abandoned the enclave despite fighting against fellow Muslims in the west.

Bosnian Muslim military forces from Srebrenica killed Bosnian Serbs mutilated their bodies, then roasted the corpses

Bosnian Muslim military forces from Srebrenica killed Bosnian Serbs mutilated their bodies, then roasted the corpses

It also should be remembered that Bosnian Muslim forces had slaughtered thousands of Christians first in the surrounding region of Srebrenica and that the “safe haven” was abused. Military generals from the international community who were in Bosnia state this clearly, and Morillon testified in court.”

The over simplification of major media outlets shames the mass media in general because the same cover up and lack of basic facts, are still being told by major international media agencies. Indeed, the coverage and headlines in some media outlets is bordering on anti-Serbian racism. Also, to gloss over the events of what happened prior to the Bosnian Serbs entering Srebrenica is not merely shoddy journalism, it is open manipulation and propaganda.

Even the biased BBC is posing serious questions about the price the west is paying for turning the blind eye on jihadists in Bosnia:

The Al-Qaeda-linked ‘El-Mujahedeen’ brigade of the Bosnian Muslim Army parading in downtown Zenica in central Bosnia in 1995, carrying the black flag of Islamic jihad

The Al-Qaeda-linked ‘El-Mujahedeen’ brigade of the Bosnian Muslim Army parading in downtown Zenica in central Bosnia in 1995, carrying the black flag of Islamic jihad

This means that the open manipulation of events suits both the Bosnian Muslim government and Western powers which played “a dirty game” during a brutal civil war.

Bosnia: Cradle of modern jihadism

“20 years ago in the civil war in Bosnia, hundreds of Arab jihadists came to join Bosnian Muslims fighting against their neighbours the Serbs and Croats. Grouped into secret fighting units in Central Bosnia, this was the first time in centuries Jihad had been fought against a Western, Christian enemy. Two decades later Bosnia is still reaping the consequences. In the past month ISIS declared the Balkans the next front of Jihad – and in remote mountain villages extremists are flying the ISIS flag.”

  • Influential Srebrenica police chief Hakija Meholjic is on record that the muslim leader Alija Izetbegovic told him: “Clinton has made the proposal, if Serbs enter Srebrenica and slaughter 5,000 muslims, there will be military intervention by NATO forces on Serb positions”. Thereafter, the U.S. used the Srebrenica hoax and staged Sarajevo’s Markale market bombing by Bosnian Muslim forces as a pretext to initiate military campaign against Bosnian Serb forces and bomb their positions across Bosnian front.






Another reason why Bill Clinton should NOT have defended the Muslim Albanians in Kosovo.




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  1. War’s are the stupidest of people killing for stupidest of reasons stupid worthless people killing other people are the stupidest act of stupidity there is in the planet earth it says to everyone stupid lives here. The human species will never progress if people don’t stop their bickering and fighting among themselves and create a collective consciousness and do away with the aggressors permanently would make a better world for all it’s time to eliminate these sick individual’s permanently from the earth and this means the sick leaders also kings queens and president’s eliminate these sick individual’s permanently and the world would be a better world.

  2. looking at the link hilary’s revenge for jan 19. it is just like oher long winded videos that never seem to get to the point and keep you waiting for a long time so i stopped watching it not woth my time,,

  3. Izetbegovic, Muslimovic, Islamovic, Osmanovic … ect. Always this ic at the end!
    Each of these Muslims must be able to explain his name to us. Ask his great-great-grandfather what his real origin is. This is distorted and concealed today as it was then. The Europeans do not know what it is like to have such fellow citizens. But the time will come when everything will be too late. We were lied to all the time! Thanks for this page!

    • I don’t know who is running this site but he is doing a good job in attracting the filthiest people in the world to share their views.

      • All the people of the earth will tolerate you, but no one will like to memorialize you. You had a long time sect leader from the USA who have brought fear and horrors in the world. In the name of human rights. And you will teach us human rights?
        This is a joke about which no one can laugh. What do you want in the Western world?
        You are Bosnians since the most courageous people in the world, not because you are not afraid, but because you are ashamed of nothing.
        Handjar Division was one of the Nazi brothers, who then showed the right face. Now they want to push it into the shoes of the Serbs.
        Who were the Janicars? Proper research and the historical survivors’ notes is thanks, you can see that there were no Muslims! Had a Turk’s blood to the elbows, so we had to call them the newly created nation, Banjak blood to the shoulders! Today these are the ones who are fighting for the ISIS!
        Write what you want. I can understand you, the truth hurts, but the truth will prevail!

    • There is so much to the whole story of Armenia and Serbia and how Russia was protecting them that Russian Japanese War took allot out of Russia

      One has to look at what was happening with Serbia with Austria
      War of Pigs
      Serbian War 1912
      Annexing of Bosnia and Serbia by Austria
      we must not forget most of Europe is Catholic, and Vatican putting pressure on countries, that we ignore. Austria had pressure by Pope Pius X
      Formation of Young Bosnians and Black Hand – Dragutin Dimitrijević (Apis)
      Formation of the Muslim Bosnian Army with help of Austria
      Killing of Sebian King and Queen by Black Hand
      Archduke Ferdinhand marries slav
      Archduke hated by his own country, his children refused accession
      Gavrilo Princip who shot Archduke and his wife was part of a group to kill them. Luck only came Princips way when the first attack failed and motorcade turned his way

      There were two forces against Serbia, with Turkey and Austria. Muslims already in Europe, Austria used ones they had to form the Austrian Bosnian Army. The Serbian Orthodox Christian in Bosnia caught in a wedge of extermination.

      Orthodox Christians, Jews and others have been the victims of Islam and Catholicism. One reason there are more Catholics and Muslims than Orthodox Christians and Jews

      First inquisitions I see it began against the Donatist (Caucasion thanks to Alexander the Great), who were in North Africa, was spreading and moving into Europe and the Papal States did not like. First split (Schism) in Catholicism happened and the we found we had Traditors who betrayed Donatist, destroyed Bibles etc and the Traditor came into the Catholic clergy

      Learning about the early church

    • I don’t think so….Although the turks have had a past of brutalizing christians most fighter were alkita fiters from Saudi Arabia, packistan, libia, Seria and special advisors from Iran, smuggled in by the cia…..these tribal groups would have been turkeys most bitter enimies

  4. Great article. Crazy concept that people would stage or fake genocide to gain political power. Makes ya scratch your head and think about WW2.

  5. About Srebrenica, Serbian expert who debunked it have a site:

    it is sometimes down, that happens regularly (wonder why?), but if you have a patience, in a few days it will be back. The whole site is available in English. It is just hard facts, no PR, no fairy tales, no lies, credible evidence only, and, of course, the truth.

  6. Western politicians and media lied about events and the reasons to intervene in Iraq, Libya and Syria, so it’s hardly a stretch to conclude they lied about events and reasons to intervene in Yugoslav conflicts from fronts in Croatia through to Kosovo. This was pre-internet really, so we were stuck with single corporate media and paid public relations firm’s versions of events in print media at time. But is hardly surprising that western interests would want to minimize the pro Russian and, then socialist Yugoslav Federation state, and thus politically, economically and militarily support all the breakaway nationalist groups in Yugoslav republics. Incidentally the major 1995 Croatian offensive against the Krajina ethnic Serbs in Croatia, was called Operation Storm, as it was planned by same US generals who had planned Operation Desert Storm in first Iraq war.

  7. Those mohamedans are nothing, damn those murderers… Long live Serbia and its brave people, death to allah, islam and their followers piece of sheeets.

    • Everyone should look at this german documentary, how they blamed Serbs and find excuse to Invade in Kosovo. Same was in Bosnia, same was in Libya and every other place.

    • Well said.
      There will be no forgiveness only the same courtesy they afforded the innocent.
      How long will we stand by and be lied too and slaughtered.
      Clinton is a demon from hell. Many fine American soldiers risked their lives for his “policies”. None of these SOBs can be trusted.
      It was the same with the Jews. Innocent and passive.
      Not anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Stand strong, and know that there are those who you are not even aware of who share your feelings toward the garbage of Islam, my sworn enemy.

  8. Fucking mindless twats, the lot of you. Serbia was truly barbaric in the Bosnian war and was as guilty as Nazi Germany for extreme murder and war crimes.

      • According to a report compiled by the UN, and chaired by M. Cherif Bassiouni, while all sides committed war crimes during the conflict, Serbian forces were responsible for ninety percent of them, whereas Croatian forces were responsible for six percent, and Bosniak forces four percent.[21] The report echoed conclusions published by a Central Intelligence Agency estimate in 1995.[22][23] .
        Do we have to believe a dimwit like you or the United Nation report.

        • Don’t overrate the 56 Moslem countries because they are powerless compared to any country that has a veto right in the Security Council.
          America intervened because they wanted to have a foot hold in the Balkans to counter act Russia . America was never in love with Islam and they are looking only for their own interests.

          I don’t how you would defend your case in front of any neutral person.
          you are eager to see 4 million European Moslems liquidated at the hands of your Serb brothers while you don’t want few hundreds Arabs coming to save their brothers in religion from liquidation.
          I thought people like you were instinct and I tell you are not appealing to any body except back ward people like your good self.

      • Hey bare naked liar, the only barbarians in the Bosnian war were the Christian Serbs. Almost 200,000 were murdered and 20,000 women were raped, and 90% of the victims were Muslims.

        • @Atahar Malik: YOU are a liar. there was 100k victims, 30k were serb victims, rest muslims and croats (70k). it is disgusting how much you muslims lie! you have inflated number by factor of 2, and you have actually counted serb victims as muslims!!! that is nothing new, I listen to that garbage for 25 years…did you mentioned that croats and muslims commited genocide twice in 20th century – 1 million serbs murdered by muslim and croat soldiers of KundK during WW1, and 1,5 million Serbs murdered by Ustasha Nazi Regime in Croatia and Bosnia (bosnian muslim members of Ustasha were called “croat flowers”) during WW2! third time would have been too much, 1990ties attempt to finish the job started in 1914. did not succeed.

      • bare naked liar, UN is run by 100+ Christian nations, idiot. Do you know how many times US has vetoed in favor of isra-hell? Again idiot.

    • Firstly, the only mental midget here is the one you see when you look in a mirror. Secondly, do yourself a favor and get some grammar lessons you illiterate fuck!

  9. I remember reading about the slaughter of Hindus by Muslims in India in 1971. And I remember thinking, what in the heck is going on here? I was shocked. But I never really studied the issue at all. I’m sure many people simply thought, oh, those Hindus must have been oppressing the Moslems, and forgot about it. I don’t remember anything but confusion and puzzlement over it.
    Now, 45 years later, as history has developed, I am gradually realizing, oh, the Koran *requires* Muslims to act like beasts, to persecute and attack all non Muslims—, that’s one reason these things happen! But no one is really required to think about these issues unless intensively studying religion, or international politics, etc. In my “comparative religion” studies, on my own, I never felt drawn to read the Koran. It just didn’t seem interesting to me. But I should have read it way back then!!!
    So most people remain well insulated from this particular form of insanity in their daily lives, until someone blows up somewhere and splatters a few dozen people to bloody bits, then gradually we wake up and maybe look into the problem a bit, before getting back to our SNL and sports or what have you. Just remember, it is unlikely an Islamofascist regime or worldwide caliphate would allow you to even watch television, much less watch SNL or even much sports. Or watch music. Or do any artwork except geometrical patterns. Think of something you enjoy doing, then consider the fact that Moslems will most likely behead you for it. That’s just how stupid and moronic Moslems are and always will be, unless they are resoundingly defeated and sent packing back to Hell.

  10. All I can say is big thank you … Thank you on behalf more than half of my family I lost . Thank you on behalf of my late mother , three of my uncles, two of my grandparends and three of my cousins , just a nearest family ,not to mention others. I don’t have more words , I lost them long time ago , but you will understand how much this means to me and to all of us .Finally someone brave enough to tell truth ! God bless you !

    • The Clinton’s, NATO members, and U.N. members need to be tortured and killed the way the filthy muslims tortured Serbs and others. Islam is a 3rd Century barbaric savage ideaology thinly disguised as a religion.

      Minya, so so very sorry for what the imbecile Clinton did to your family, using the United States to protect his filthy mudslime buddies. If I had the money Clinton along with others would cease what they are doing. First they would get a taste of what they have done to innocent people because of their protection of filthy Islam.

      • Tick Tock .Europe and America gave you sufficient time to get rid of all the Bosnian Moslems but in the end you couldn’t do it and they had to step in after you slaughtered 10,000 Civilans in Sibrinitca let alone the 250,000 you killed already and the two million displaced by your peaceful nation..
        You have nothing but yourself to blame because the world would not not tolerate another Nazi state committing atrocities in Europe and the only thing you can do is just cry baby Cry .

        • Ibrahim, you are very sure you know what happened there still you don’t know how to spell Srebrenica!?!?!?

          • Instead of correcting my spelling I was expecting you to tell me that “No the Serbs were innocent of the murder of 250,000 people in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the civil war”

          • That’s bull crap Ibrahim, there hasn’t been that many killed in the Syrian civil war which has been going on years longer then the conflict in Bosnia had.
            The KLA initiated the war and the Serbs would have finished it but sympathetic morons in the West rescued your dirty asses. Wasnt it just great that other Muslim countries didn’t help your worthless cause at all?
            I can only wish that 250,000 of you were destroyed.

          • It was a genocide and ethnic cleansing according to U.N. The casualty figure was not less than 200,000 killed and 20,000 women raped. This raping figure is unprecedented in any of the World history and it was committed by Christians against Moslem women.And you get people in the West complaining about ISIS who did nothing compared to this .
            i am glad you have exposed your self to the public by supporting these crimes and now there is nothing more that we can discuss .

  11. Because Clinton had helped saving Muslims at Serbs cost, his wife is now cash rich from the money poured into her trust from middle East Arab world!! That and the continuing funding into her coffers are the reason there is a soft law for muslim immigration and entry and also the letting off Muslim criminals lightly in the USA

    • I totally agree Raj. Turkey and Saudi’s sent money to the Clintons back then and now.
      Many of our “conservative” politicians are also suckling the Saudi tit. There are only a handful of US Congressman and Senators who are trying to slow down the influx of muslim, soon to be, terriorists. You’d think the brain dead US voter could figure that one out and hold their elected idiots feet to the fire. I’ve said this earlier, a few millions of dollars in bribes brings billions back in special favors for the House of Saud.

      • You are exactly right! They are invading the USA not immigrating. Just as they did Kosovo-they come in set up their mosque and their Sharia Law, convince people they are a peaceful religion, all the time setting the stage to invade. And those of us who read history, see their pattern and recognize what they are!

  12. First of all, THANK YOU so much for this website! Yes, it is showing terrible things for every normal human being to accept, but unfortunately this is the bare naked truth around us all, no matter where on earth do you live!

    Yes, I’m a 33y old Serbian and more than anything in the world I want to have a normal peaceful life in my country amongst my family and friends, have my own children and live without fear! But it seams much more difficult that you friends can even imagine!

    The problem for us leaving in this part of the world started in 14th century when Ottoman (Turkish) empire attacked Europe, after Muslims tried to contoured from the Spain side.. Us Serbians, Greeks, Bulgarians and Romanians tried to confront them through the ages. On Kosovo battle, which is the cradle of our people, we’ve stopped them for 50 years but we’ve lost almost every living soul. For 5 centuries we were under the seige, trying to won our freedom. Since then our people knows only for pain and suffering, while we are trying to live in peace.

    During this time the rest of the Europe was moving on with the Renesanse, democracy and industrial revolution. During Balkan Wars, First and Second World Wars, there was still a tiny border between Muslim wast and European west, but with the modern age and freedom in traveling everything has changed and the western borders were open. Bosnia and Albania were and are the place where leftovers of the Ottoman Turkey and Muslim people were more concerned then anywhere else in Europe. USA government used this to decentralise ex Yugoslavia and to destabilize southern eastern Europe at first and the rest of it later. Afghanistan, Lybia, Syria, etc. are the other examples. Interests: divide and conquer, “buy” oil for paper $, establish world supremacy.

    After college, was living and working in States as well as well in developed middle eastern countries. Have met lots of people of different religions, Christians like myself, Hindus, Bhudist, Muslims, and have many friends amongst all of them. Yes it is true that Muslims are more stubborn when it comes to their faith and their system of belief, but if it’s a peaceful one it will always deserve respect! For many their moral principles, when it comes to respecting family, no stealing and frauds, keeping their promises, etc, can be stronger than others. And I know for sure that there are so many good Muslim people in the world.

    The problem are those who were taught to see evil as good and acceptable since there were kids by false profets!

    There is and there will be no war that will correct bad things and violence will make it worse!

    Good, reasonable and peaceful Muslim people will only make a difference by showing the real truth to their friends in faith, leading them to the rightness path, convincing them that evil is not the answer and there is still hope for humanity in this world.

    I still decided to move back to Serbia, accept 6 times lower salary, but this is who I am! I will stay here, have my kids and teach them to be good, to love their country and to respect Croatians, Muslims and every other living being on this beautiful earth.

      • Thank you! Yes it wasn’t very “nice” from the US government side to promote Serbians as villains during ’90s, bombarding our entire country in ’99,, creating the court in Hague only to go on with humiliations and still after all this time not doing anything better but seeking interest in money rather than humanity! Putting all the massacres of Serbian victims in Bosnia and in Kosovo under the rug to cover up and justify their filthy deeds. 9/11 for you was just a blink of an eye, compared to what has and is happening to us. We are sorry about that, although that moment created a wave of awareness amongst your people as well.

        We hope that one day the large part of of the good world’s population and good people in US will come to know the truth and unite towards the common goal, to “just” live in peace.

        • There are millions of us Marko doing all that we can here in the US to stop the clinton machine. They are a vile and despicable family.
          I left the US Army before Clinton began his destruction and ignorance.
          We can only pray that Europe and the rest of us in the West will get our act together and stop these muslim savages to continue their genocidal actions.

        • Most the people commenting here have all their info from the internet and no personal experience at all.

          Marko, I’m old enough to remember when we all lived together. Brat, there was only nationalism among the seljaks. All of this crap is invented by people trying to keep us apart to keep power.

          Serbs Croats Albanian Muslim all did horrible things. This is war. Only a person who has never seen war can suggest one side had clean hands.

          I’m muslim and I hate that my serb friends are painted as monsters and I find it almost worse that the Croats are never called out for what they did in Lasva.

          I’m sorry yes, history is unfair to the serbs but none of us who lived through the 90s are guilty of ww2 or ww1 cmon guys. i was into punk rock and skateboards not fundamentalism so be honest.

          this website is just cruel and racist. serbs deserve to move forward but this website wont help them its just gross the way you wish for women and children to be raped and murdered cmon man.

      • No, they will believe nameless and faceless group of mods of this wretched place, pushing all the right buttons of this mindless irrational flock, playing at their reflexes and senseless expression of negative feelings. What is barbarism, again ?

    • Thanks for your very informative post. The world needs more people such as yourself. All the best to you & yours.
      Fellow victim/survivor of Islam.

    • The filthy barbaric Turk mudslimes tortured and killed my ancestors and other relatives.
      Still are. As the mudslimes do every where they exist.
      I am American Armenian / European. My ancestors fled the filthy Muzzies and came to America. I will fight Islam. May Allah pizz on Islam. Aloha Fubar. Thank you Bare Naked Islam!

      • tt, I wasn’t aware of the truth back in the ’90’s and like everyone, believed whatever the media dished out. It wasn’t until I started this blog that I learned of the disastrous decision and actions taken by Clinton and company.

        • By your own standards the yellow race should fight all the Christians because a christian people called the Americans dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.
          You would agree with me that these acts are much more horrible than the plight your ancestors went through.
          So grow up child and don’t judge 1.5 billion people because of actions of small minority.

          • IB, Japan started the war, we finished it. And I would approve doing it again, under the same circumstances. Japan would have done the same if they had had the bomb.

            But the big difference is that we were fighting a militaristic state in Japan, not a treacherous, violent, hate-filled ideology/political tyranny as found in the quran and followed by 1.5 billion. So what is your idea of a small minority – 10%? 1%? Let’s say it’s just 1% – that means there are 15 million muslims who need to be wiped off the face of the earth.

            You know nothing about my ancestors. And I will judge you however I please.

      • same here, I am from Serbia. During ww2 30 members of my family were burnt in small Orthodox Church near Sjenica, Serbia, by muslim filth, without any apparent reason, just for being Christians! Several women more were hung on trees outside the Church.

  13. I have repeated posted on FB and blogs what the real truth of Srebrinica and Naser Oric was. The Clinton government and the UN covered up the crimes of Oric and refused to put him on trial for war crimes . Instead all there was was a sham trial , with the ultimate goal of releasing Oric all because he collaborated with the USA and the UN . The former chief prosecutor of the war crimes tribunal Carla Del Ponte was outraged that Naser Oric was never made to stand trial for what he did . She accused the UN and the USA of political interference in the cases, of several high profile muslim war criminals

  14. Let’s remember Saudi Arabia to purchase nuclear arms from Pakistan: US Official last year and I have a hunch about Egypt about nuclear systems and nuclear bunkers ready for something!

  15. FDR got the ball rolling by making alliance with Saudi Arabia. That alliance was tantamount to endorsing the “Islam is a religion of peace” lie. Carter gave Iran to Islamist. Reagan gave Afghanistan to Islamist. Clinton gave much of Balkans to Islamist and neoUSTASHI Roman Catholicism, Bushs destabalized Iraq for Islamist. Now Obama finishing up the treacherous work of the previous POTUSs.

  16. Thank you for bringing this up. I am glad for once about an article which doesn’t demonize Serbs.

    The war in Bosnia was brutal for its Christian, Serbian population too, but the public displayed no sympathy for them, because of the one-sided propaganda going on against the Serbs at the time. Slaughtered Serbian civilians were wrong kind to feel sorry for. And the muslim victim-propaganda still continues, as we see it every day.

    Many atrocities on Serbian civilians, including the beheadings in the pictures, were committed by the professional mujahideen, the holy muslim warriors, who were invited by the muslim Bosnian army to fight against the Serbs. They came, they won and after the war – remained in Bosnia. Married local muslim women, got granted Bosnian citizenship… They live there now, only in the muslim part of Bosnia, of course… in the houses left by fled Serbs…quietly organizing IS train camps, training new muslims warriors for future terrorist attacks. That is why we can see IS flag flying in the muslim parts of Bosnia.

    Needless to say, currently they pose a threat for the entire European continent, since all Bosnian citizens, including naturalized mujahedeen, can move visa-free through Europe.

    Does anyone know Osama bin Laden was a Bosnian citizen? His Bosnian passport was issued at the Bosnian Consulate in Vienna, Austria 1993. Google it.

    • Belle, I was ignorant about what was really happening over there when the war was going on, no doubt because of the way the media covered it. Not until 2008, when I started this blog did I learn the real story of how America made a huge mistake by backing the wrong side. It was a shameful period in our history. If you type “Bosnia” into the Search Box at the top, you’ll find a lot of posts I did on this.

      • None of you still have even any modest idea of what was going on in Bosnia & Herzegovina. I am Bosnian Croat born of Muslim mother (specific Ilirian origin now commonly known as Albanians ) my father Bosnian Croat .People of Bosnia & Herzegovina have suffered the most ,irelavent to what religion we belong to. I was just a teenager when war started & I grew up during it as many other children did. Things we seen & experienced on our own skin just because we had different names & practiced different ways of worship. Our own friends/family of yesterday literally overnight turned into enemies . This was for all Serbs, Croats & Muslims (Boshñaks) alike. We all suffered equal pains & those of us unfortunate enough to be product’s of mixed religion marriages didn’t belong anywhere & still don’t …today I live in US & I’m married to Serb from Croatia specifically Krajina. I’m tiered of people still giving them selves right to judge & point fingers & ask how come you married your enemy? You see I’m all. l belong to all 3 sides & yet I don’t belong nowhere. Forever refuge just because I was born. People of any other country or former republics of Yugoslavia have no right to speak on this subject only us Bosnians know the real horrors, terror & truth. Muslims need to stop pretending to be the only victims because some of us know real truth & I was personally running from your mujahadins while they were killing & burning everything in their sights that didn’t bow to Allah. I was 13 years old. But I as well remember atrocities Croats did to Muslims & Serbs & Serbs did to Croats & Muslims. Every one are equally guilty & equally innocent on all sides & as well stupid because till this day all are still manipulated on behalf of biggest tragedy of 20 century literally brother was killing brother & that in itself is act against God however you’re praying to him. One thing I am grateful for is that I learned how evil & kind humans can really be. I am who & what I am, but I’m not 13 anymore. I don’t hate anyone & I still have compassion for those whom suffer. At the end all of that suffering made me personally to want to be better human being. I still light candles for so many of my family & friends & they are Croats, Muslims & Serbs aging from 3 years old to well into their 70ties now go figure that out. I get upset that many speak of it whose families we’re somewhere safe & just watched it on TV screens or better yet haven’t even been born at the time are louder in hate speech than any of us who lived during that evil times & whom survived to tell the truth. We who know the truth don’t want any more blood spilling because we know the true pain of it. Everyone just need to Shut Up! Shame on a whole lot.

  17. I too fell for the anti-Serb propaganda back then. In part because I had a Croatian friend who didn’t like Serbs, but he was actually indifferent to Bosnian Muslims. Today however, I’m seeing the mistakes and seeds that were planted back during the 90s Balkan Wars. I think that back then, as is the case today it’s because of Russia. Since after WW2 Russia has been the main enemy of the US. Russia is a traditional ally of the Serbs because of their shared Orthodox Christian heritage. So any friend of Russia, would be an enemy of NATO. Russia has been the only nation to effectively battle ISIS, in spite of NATO propaganda. And Russia is the only nation that’s defending Christians in the Middle East. Whatever perverse plan the US and it’s allies have in helping ISIS and other Islamists, it has something to do keeping Russia in check. However, the Russia of today is not the bankrupt nation of 20 years ago. Putin has said enough is enough and he’s fighting back.

    • The Serbs flatly rejected offers of membership in NATO. The US and Western Europe weren’t happy enough with the collapse of the Soviet Union they also wanted Russia isolated economically and militarily. Russians have more right to own the Crimea then the USA has with annexing Hawaii as a State.
      F–k NATO, Clinton, McCain and tough guy Lindsey Graham (total wuss).

    • The recent Ukrainian conflict was orchestrated by Ovomit’s butt buddy the evil, vile Georgy Schwartz aka George Soros. Soros hates Russia so Ovomit hates Russia.
      Clinton said she will bomb Russia if elected president. Soros is funding Clinton also. Along with the barbaric Muslim countries.

  18. Always thought this to be true. Milosjevic was defending his people and was made out to be the monster and, he may well have been one, but the Bosnian Islamists were just as monstrous. No one speaks of their atrocities. Everything was covered up and Clinton was victim of taqyyia. It will happen again, watch and see.

  19. It’s all true. But the propaganda in the US was so bad that nothing showing the Serb suffering at the hands of the jihadis could get through the propaganda veil. The Serbs in the area killed prior to Srebrenica by Naser Oric’s forces, were actually recorded. One reporter gave a copy of the video he called “Naser Oric’s Greatest Hits” to the War Crimes Tribunal, but somehow the video disappeared into a black hole, and Oric got off with a slap on the wrist. The video has resurfaced on Veoh 20 yrs later.

    To understand how the propaganda succeeded, see French journalist Jacques Merlino’s 1993 interview with James Harff, then head of the PR Firm Ruder Finn, who represented Croatia, Bosnia and the Kosovo Albanians at the time.

  20. I hope now the world can see what is going on, to all the Americans who read this please open your eyes and see that the man who leads your country is a muslim and has a plan to make your country a islamic country. You may think to yourself na that cant happen, but its already started to happen, Obama has backed the muslims ever step of the way look at the evidence, America is taking 100,000 refugees from Syria but is not taking not 1 Christian Syrian refugee. We all need to rise and put a end to this, i personally dont wanna see my mother or sister or daughter being raped by these muslim muts, and touching on the serbian conflict everyone who watched the news and hated on serbian people you should now understand what is going on, if the serbs were left alone in the war you and i would be leaving in a better world with peace and no fear. Much love from Australia god bless Serbia and god bless us all.

  21. tillzen…you are a traitor to our nation.that is if you are a citizen of the USA..It is the party of slavery you defend,as well as wishing for a traitor and criminal to become president.Be careful what you wish for ,because you as well as the rest of us will suffer the same fate..Do you really believe that you will be able to keep your freedoms while the rest of us can not.These criminal politicians will turn on you in a new York minute.Good by fool

  22. First Bill Clinton and then your bizarre ideas about Muslims.

    Truth is, Bill Clinton saved a million PEOPLE from being murdered and used our military (for once) as it should be used; in conjunction with other nations to stop GENOCIDE through genuine shock and awe. This is not debatable, it happened. Both General Wesley Clark and Christopher Bennett wrote books on the topic.

    Sadly, your Islamaphobia hides your hypocrisy. Had you the courage of your convictions you might own your secret hope that we murder all Muslims and let Allah sort it out. This is the problem with broad and simple war mongers … You want other people’s kids to do your dirty work, you are not courageous enough to state your final solution and once you have eliminated Muslims from the planet you no doubt have a laundry list for who’s next to be eliminated. In the end, the argument comes down to this … If you can’t or won’t kill them ALL, you must negotiate and find a way to live with them. Your hatred (like your ideas) vary between infantile and subhuman.

    • Truth is Bill Clinton saved the wrong people and he should burn in hell for it.

      But before I ban you, tillzen, I will say that our hope that we could murder all muslims and let allah can sort it out is not a secret.

      Say goodbye, asswipe.

      • Bravo, Bonnie…You have tons more patience than I have . You also are much better at not cussing this ignorant fool than I am..Fuck islam and all who believe in that pedophile bastard, mohammad.islam is from the devil

      • “Shock and awe”? LOL, Serbs suffered more casualties from the muzzies than US air force, especially in Kosovo, Serbian army retreated fully combat ready and with intact equipment.

    • With all due respect, you don’t know what you are talking about — I think the events in Paris a few days ago, as the events in London, Madrid and 9/11 years ago give us a good idea about militant Islam, not to mention the will-publicized torture murders by al Qaeda, and especially by ISIS — unless you consider normal decapitation, burning people alive, dropping them from multi-story building etc. I will admit to “Islamphobia” given this evidence.
      When Muslim mass murderers found corrupt US presidents and administrations they went to town in the Balkans and now the Mid East (check the Clinton Foundation donors list for the millions received, in consideration for Bill Clinton’s accommodation in Bosnia and elsewhere…)

    • First, “Islamophobia ” is a made up word, made up by the communists in the U.S government. It came from Boko Haram Hussein Ovomit.

      A phobia is an irrational fear of something.
      There is no irrational fear of Islam. There is common sense and rational thought about Islam, and learning the truth about Islam, then sharing the truth.

      Communists like you do not know what common sense, rational thought and rational discourse is. Communists only spew the propaganda they learned. No thinking involved.

  23. What is it with muslims and beheadings?? I thought this was quite recent and that only sick ISIS maniacs behead people, but apparently it’s a ‘beautiful’ islamic tradition everywhere…

    Sick evil bastards.

    • In my hometown there is a tower made from 952 serbian heafs,made by muslims-ottomans…somethings necer change. They always enjoyed it.

  24. If ISIS moves into Republika Srpska they will be met by myself and the rest of the Serbian people. Milos will ride with us into battle and once more liberate the fatherland from the vanquished. ISIS has no chance against a modern military. As long as the United States stops helping them.

  25. Many Republicans were squarely up Bill Clintons ass with the bombing campaign against Serbia. John McCain advocated more lethal bombing of Serbian cities and again wanted US ground troops involved. The Bushes were also entirely behind the crippling of Serbia.
    Madeline Albright, the darling of the Lesbian-Gay alliance, negotiated with Al Queda on how they would occupy and control Kosovo after Serbia’s capitulation.

    How I truly wish that the North Vietcong would have shot and killed both McCain and Kerry while they were in Vietnam. They are both traitors in my eyes and servants for the House of Saud.

  26. Serb Christians are our brothers and sisters as they are for Russians. Russians were outraged by the 1999 vicious NATO war led by the U.S. against Christian Serb innocents.

    Cruel US/NATO won their savage war against Christians for the KLA Muslim terrorist organisation and achieved their wicked goal: A Muslim TERROR STATE in the heart of Europe.

    ‘The United States and CIA which conveniently “overlooked” 8,000 of the most brutal and fanatical Islamists to enter Bosnia on false passports in order to slit the throats of Orthodox Christians.’

    It’s vital to understand that the U.S. and other Western leader rabid God-haters work closely with, and are united as one with Muslim terrorists in making WAR against Christians in country after country.

    Devout Muslim Obama blocked the Kurds from receiving the heavy weapons urgently needed by Kurd fighters to defeat ISIS. Kurds fight in defense of Kurds, Yazidis and Christians.

    The U.S., Turkey, ISIS and other Muslim terrorists are fighting to carry out a huge genocide of Christians, Yazidis and other innocents in Syria. U.S. leaders and Turkey make Syria’s Assad who protects Christians and other minorities, look like a saint.

    Turkey perpetrated an extremely barbaric genocide of millions of Christians not that long ago and is consumed with demonic blood lust for another massive genocide of Christians helped by the American Obama regime.


  27. Will the MSM ever tell the true story of the, who, what, where, when and why of what really happened in Srebrenica or will they stick with what Clinton said happened?

    • One area that still bugs me allot is Dragutin Dimitrijevic the leader of the Black Hand that had the Young Bosnians attack Arch Duke Ferdinhand and and Slav wife Sophie.

      I still feel he was acting more for the Muslims. The world blames Serbia for WW1, but could never see it. Muslims were showing their hands with Armenia, wanting Serbia and Black Sea as a buffer to Russia. Russia was supporting Serbia and Armenia. Kaiser had his fingers in training Serbian troops also like the Muslim way. Austria-Hungary had it’s ties with Germany and with Muslims. The annexing of Bosnia from Serbia left many Serbian Christians stuck in Bosnia under Austria’s Muslim troops, and what horrors we do not know.War of the Pigs, Serbian War 1912. The Pasha’s wanted to stop the decline of the Ottoman Empire and have a world Jihad. So much to wade though.

      I always like this that over 150,000 Muslim troops froze attacking Russia. Battle of Sarikamish.. Turkey wanting to retake Kars and Butan

  28. Soooo, boys and girls, we see more of the fruits of the PC muzzy appeasing dhimmicrats in action……NWO=IS; thanks to dhimmicrap libtards with heads still firmly planted up their arses believing PsOS like the Clinton’s and Obama’s are going to be their deliverance!….

    Revealed: The Muslim Brotherhood’s British Property Portfolio Bankrolling Global Islamism

    A registered charity with an £8.5million property portfolio in the UK, whose leaders have alleged links to al-Qaeda, Hamas and even the terrorists behind 9/11, has been revealed to exist solely to fund international Islamist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood.

    The trust owns 47 student flats in Leeds and the student rents have been unwittingly bankrolling political Islam in Europe for years.

    The Leicestershire-based Europe Trust, which was created in 1996 with the backing of Gulf donors, claims to be “a non-political, non-profit making and independent, charitable organisation” on its website, which seeks to “contribute to a harmonious society where equal opportunity and quality of life are a reality for everyone” by supporting “the advancement of the Islamic religion.”

    However, it sends funds to the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE), identified as the Brotherhood’s unofficial representative network on the Continent by experts; the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), a member FIOE identified as “the Brotherhood’s representative in the UK” by a government minister in 2010, and a network of Arabic-language religious schools attended by one of Lee Rigby’s murders.

    The activities of the trust and the unofficial network of Brotherhood-linked organisations it funds were exposed in an investigation by Andrew Norfolk in The Times.

    The trustees of the registered charity listed by The Times have links to just about all of the most feared and violent terrorist organizations on the planet.

    Britain is central to the Brotherhood’s European activities and Europe Trust’s role is significant.”

  30. The Middle East Today

    Europe Tomorrow.

    Now that our beloved Euro leaders are letting every savage and barbarian under the name of Islam into the Euro zone, I feal we best prepare ourselves for more IS flags a flying and more Staes of Caliphate.

    It was sad enouth to witness the scum parading aroubd outside the house of commons with his IS flag on and no one did anything about it. Neither the authorities or bystanders who may have witness this.

    Are we even now too afraid to stand up for ourselves against this form of terrorism, even when its stuffed in our faces.

  31. A good read is ‘The Coming Balkan Caliphate’ by Christopher Deliso (free to download on the App Scribdt). Here a X NATO ground official basically states that they helped the wrong side (Muslim side) & the Muslims caused far worse atrocities such as digging up a pit & forcing two Serbians to slaughter each other with knives – that’s just one of the things. Military equipment was supplied to the Muslims by the US/Germans on route via Serbia in Red Cross vans (nice going the West) , oh & to top it off, 2 people on the 9/11 flights had Bosnian passports & so did Obama Bin Laden

    • @Infidel,

      Part of the problem is Bill Clinton and his mythos that surrounds him to this day.

      BC, was portrayed by the MSM as being the smartest president ever. Exactly, like what the MSM is doing with their protection of Hillary despite her treasonous behavior as Secretary of State with Benghazi and the email mularkey and it is the sane for Barry, the POTUS.

      The MSM and Leftist talking heads will never admit BC was wrong on this issue….ever.

  32. The Serbs were the indigenous people of that area. During the 90s local press demonized the Serbs but I had a friend who had detailed info about the situation from having lived there so he told me the truth. He was demonized at the university where he worked (York U., Toronto) as a nazi. Now, articles I’ve read online say the Balkans are ruled by apartheid law. You Can’t get a job unless you are Muslim.

  33. I remember a i book i read like 15 years ago it was about a English peacekeeper or reporter or something and he was writing about how the local Muslims were chill and relaxed compared to the Arabs who came over and were upsetting everyone with their strict interpretation of Islam and they would drink in the pub everyday and one day they decided they would go out on “patrol” the Englishmen offered to go. but they insisted he stay behind hours later they returned and claimed nothing much happened on patrol. and they went back to having drinks…

    In another book on the same war i remember very vaguely of the village the 1st author mentioned. well the 2nd author talked about how the local Muslims came to a christen village committed rapes, murders and the works. it was all along time ago i read this but i believe it was the same muzzrats the Englishmen knew. or thought he knew.

  34. The Muslims got their arses well and truly kicked last time in Bosnia and will again.

    had it not been for the UN the muslim would have been wiped.

    Also there was an huge amount of Dhimmies on the Muslim side and most of them were killed.
    The western Dhimmies were mostly city dwellers and i suspect when the shit hits the fan all over the west a lot of city dwelling westerners will be on the muslim side shouting” muslims deserve civil rights “to.

    Well i am afraid muslims have shown they do not deserve civil rights over and over again.

    You reap what you so.

    Question for you.

    referring to the top picture, what dumb person dresses an army all in white in an extremely green country?

    The same one that dresses an army in black in the desert.

    These people predominantly are thick as pig shit.

  35. Let me tell you.. No one fucks around in the balkans, if its war in the balkans its bloody, 10times more deaths than middle east.
    But you got to remember yugoslavia was a communist country so our ties with CHINA and RUSSIA are very strong..
    MUSLIMS WILL LOSE with or without the backing of the US if china n russia get involved

  36. This was a horrific nasty war , the truth of which was covered up as usual by the lying media.

    Also, at the time I was unaware of just how much of a Muslim ass-licker Bill Clinton was.

    ( On reading the report above, however, I raised at least one eyebrow when it stated that the West is trying to circumcise any attempt of Russia to regain its influence, and I thought ” What a novel strategy; converting all Russians to Judaism !”

    I think they meant ‘circumscribe.’ )

  37. One thing people don’t seem realize is that the Serbs are Eastern Orthodox and are traditionally aligned with Russia. The Croats are Catholic and traditionally aligned with western Europe, and the Bosnian/Albanians are muslims who generally hate everybody and everybody hates them (like typical muslims).

    Sticking it to the Serbs was a way to screw with Russia. It was exactly like the aid the US gave to the Afghani mujaheddin, or the Chenyian nationalists. Exactly like how we are helping Ukraine today (although the corrupt Ukraine President / Russian toady wasn’t exactly beloved in Ukraine, and stealing half of Ukraine’s gold when he fled to Moscow didn’t help either).

    EVERY time we support muslims against non-muslims we ALWAYS come to regret it.

    They are literally Frankenstein’s monster just waiting to run amok.

  38. Absolutely! And thanks, bni, for writing this great article and bringing up the travesty that the serbs suffered at the hands of these depraved muslims because of an ignorant, immoral and criminal American president. I know this whole story and am still enraged, but there’s nothing more I can add to your investigative journalism. You said it all. If it weren’t for ISIS, this story would not have come up again and I hope this hurts hillary as much as possible.

    • marlene , the “whole story” that you know must have been gleaned via anecdote and spoken word as EVERY book and scholarly writing on the subject defines Clinton’s actions as the highlight of an often ineffective Presidency. Clearly, your hatred of the Clintons’ has you willfully ignorant of the good amidst their bad. Luckily, we are sure to hear more from you during Hillary’s eight years as President.

      • Unfortunately the Clintons will never ever be seen at power again,thank god for that.Same with half breed muslim Obama.
        Same goes for Merkel and other naive politicians in Europe,they will go down soon,cause Europe is about to wake up to naive lefties and liberals politics,the one you adofe so much.

      • Thankfully fools such as yourself are being bred out of existence right along with that trash, hillary and her ugly yap.
        Thankfully we do not have to listen to you or her any longer. See ya butt hurt, evo-ape fantasy terrorist worshiper.