PARIS: Muslims celebrate Bastille Day by torching more than 130 cars in one night

city_of_light_the_heretik-300x300Bastille Day in Paris is always celebrated with great fireworks displays. Conversely, for many young Muslims in the vast immigrant population there, the idea of fireworks means setting other people’s cars on fire in the streets. Fortunately, not as many fires as every New Years Eve when there usually are more than 1,000 car burnings overnight.


Le Figaro via GalliaWatch In the Parisian region alone nearly 130 cars burned. A sad record for this eve of July 14 that has become, along with New Year’s Eve, a traditional rendezvous for Muslim thugs and police. These figures are especially disturbing because they are considerably higher than the national daily average: about 80 cars are burnt every day in France, half of them in the Parisian region.

About one hundred persons were held in custody in Paris. In the 16th arrondissement twenty-five cars were set on fire near the porte de Saint-Cloud when a motor-bike caught fire and gas poured onto the street.

g36_25572975In the 18th arrondissement, on the rue Marcadet, another car was torched while confrontations broke out on the rue Queneau and rue de la Chapelle. Even the 3rd arrondissement was not spared confrontations, and one policeman was wounded while chasing a group of “young people” ages 16 – 25 who were throwing stones at the security forces. 

manifestazione-pro-gazaNote: The 16th arrondissement, a well-to-do area, is usually spared these Muslim-initiated disruptions. This year has been different, with wealthy neighborhoods targeted as well. This simply reflects the increased confidence of the Muslim criminals who have less and less to fear. Their ultimate goal is to possess as much of the city as possible.  Certainly in Europe the city of Brussels has been transformed by crime by Muslim immigrants.

There was violence throughout the rest of France, too. Here is a synopsis:

– In Seine-Saint-Denis there were 109 arrests. In La Courneuve, a mediatheque, a school for young unskilled adults, and a grocery store were set on fire during the night.

– In Neuilly-Plaisance, a police car was also burnt. The city police headquarters was besieged by a hundred individuals. The police union Alliance declared: “Unfortunately it is not unusual in this department.”

getmedia.php_– In Val-de-Marne more than thirty vehicles were set on fire and fifty-two persons arrested. A police source spoke of “projectiles thrown”, notably firecrackers and mortars, at the police, but said the level of violence was stable when compared to previous years.

– In Yvelines about fifty persons were arrested during the night, thirty of them for urban violence. There was a great deal of criminal activity including projectiles thrown at firemen and police, three of whom suffered minor injuries.

07paris.large1_– In Seine-et-Marne, there were about fifty arrests, most of them minors, not well-known to the police.

– In l’Essonne twenty-six cars were set on fire and eight persons arrested. The police commissariat of les Ulis was attacked for the third time in two weeks by forty persons throwing stones, mortars and Molotov cocktails. No injuries were reported.

In addition to the above, over fifty vehicles were burnt in the  region of Lyon during the night of July 13 -14. 

According to François Desouche the police and firemen of Vaulx-en-Velin, Vénissieux, Meyzieu, Saint-Priest, Villeurbanne and Saint-Fons confronted groups of “young people” and put out fifty car fires. During the night of July 14 – 15, there were more car fires in Vaulx-en-Velin and more projectiles thrown at security forces.

Below, owners of cars destroyed by fire say the cars are damaged beyond repair. The man explains that the fire spread to twenty cars from the one motor bike that caught fire. 

And here we have some Algerian Muslims celebrating by trashing the Barbès district of Paris, an area that has become notorious for Muslim immigrant mayhem, and Friday street prayers.  



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  1. It’s such a shame. This is truly a destruction of the culture we expect when we travel abroad. I discovered this on my second trip to Australia. On my first visit, cab drivers were Australian…so friendly, and they went out of their way to made sure you thoroughly enjoyed your visit. One person always sat upfront with the driver, and they engaged in conversation. On that next trip, a few years later, the cab drivers were from the Middle East, and couldn’t care less about you, did not speak to you..and did not have that sense of pride in the Australia. I know this is a minor concern, when we are dealing with criminal elements of illegal immigrants, but it does have an affect on the economy of these countries. Who wants to spend their vacation dollars on culture that has been over-taken by criminal Muslims?

  2. Did I read that right…80 cars per DAY burned by MUSLIMS in France? Multiplying that by 365, I come up with 29,200 burned cars per YEAR. And, the government just puts up with this–they don’t immediately kick these vermin out? And, the people don’t demand it? You know, there’s finally a point where you deserve what you get…

  3. This is the inevitable consequence of allowing violent Muslim criminals to comprise a certain percentage of the population. France and Sweden are leading in the national suicide stakes, but demographics alone mean that the most of Europe is sure to follow within a few years.
    I reckon that London will be every bit as lawless as Paris in about 3-4 years.
    Good to see , though, that they are now attacking the more affluent areas in Paris where the hypocritical traitorous politicians live; perhaps we may yet see some policy changes.

    I’ve always maintained that if David Ca-Moron lived in my area of London, which is now a filthy over-run crime-ridden hellhole where it is now unusual to see a native Brit, then we would see some very speedy new legislation being enacted.

    It seems to me that virtually all Western politicians are doing their very best to destroy their countries and their inhabitants.

    Still, maybe it’s all a bad dream, and perhaps I’ll wake up soon.

    F***ing long nightmare, though.


  4. I keep hearing from the leftists in my neck of the woods about all the hate crimes committed against Muslims in France by the “evil” french citizens(the real heritage ones) and how it is not safe for them to walk the streets over there. And I look at the endless stories such as this and can only wonder what it is that these leftwing apologists are spiking their Kool Aid with, how can anybody possibly live in such ignorance? Mass deportation is the only way prevent the downfall of France which appears to be well underway, but it seems to be out of the question as they appear to have a strong compulsion of bringing more in. If the government wont evict them, then perhaps its time the french take matters into their own hands and drive them out, take a page out of the Muslim’s book, they torch the cars of the french, then the french can torch their no go zones and mosques in return, if this behavior is tolerated for one people, than shouldn’t it be tolerated for the other half? That is equality right? The left are all about equality so clearly this could not possibly be a problem for them right?

  5. When France began importing the Maghrebi, Charles Martel must have rolled over in his grave. Now he must be spinning!
    Hey France! How’s that Muslim ‘thing’ workin’ out for ya?!!
    ‘You want ’em? YOU GOT ‘EM!!

  6. Apparently “Blackened Peugiot” (sp?) and “Renauld flambeau” are considered halal by these Gallic islamopithecines.

  7. So tired of this. And really, who cares??? It is just getting boring. The Europeans obviously don’t care or they would have done something by now. Here in North America a couple of “good ol boys” would have gunned down those scummy muzz-phuques the minute they came near other people’s cars. High powered rifles with infra-red sights bring a whole new appeal to an “evening out”…………….. just sayin’

  8. I always heard that France had a tremendous rigidity to treat unemployed, and that the streets were safe day, and watched the night. But seeing these scenes in the video, I am forced to revise my concepts; where you have the politically correct, even though there commitment things seem to get out of control. No wonder that feminists routinely desecrate churches and nothing is done. The officer quoted in the article still has the courage to say that the situation is more controlled than before.

  9. When are the French going to get it. These muslim vermin will never have respect for the kaffir and will never ever become civilized. DEPORT!

  10. A great summary of the day’s fiery events.
    I was also reading a 12-yr girl was picked up by police for stabbing an unknown 57-yr old French guy in the chest while in the subway. It was a very sudden attack. The offenders or butchers are becoming younger and younger as weeks go by.

  11. If British and European leaders possessed any ethics whatsoever they would immediately begin massive deportations of Muslims back to their hell hole Muslim countries. Let the Muslims riot and torch cars in Muslim countries. The MUSLIMS WOULD ALL BE SHOT DEAD.

    Muslim nations NEVER allow Muslims to riot and torch cars like our spineless, despicable Western traitor leaders do.

    Muslim nations’ leaders rule Muslims with an IRON HAND. It’s an absolute necessity. The ONLY way a nation with Muslims can hope to survive. If not ruled with an iron hand, it’s the END of that nation.

  12. But how long do we have to wait until the froggie ordinary people take the law into their own hands??? Oh hang on, The Froggies are legendary COWARDS aren’t they??? get off your arses you weak cowardly French and attack them when they start. As someone has said start the war. Actually they have already started its just that the Frog cowards aren’t fighting back. So they deserve it. Storm the Government nerve centre on Bastille Day and do the right thing, as your ancestors did on that day in history. you are a disgrace to them. Time for the Froggies to do it AGAIN!!!! For God’s sake.

    • I do not know where you are from Ingid. In this war the ‘Froggies’ are at least moving the fifth column Muslim terrorists ‘along’ without loading them up with all those French citoyen tax paid benefits for life. The EU English speaking world has simply abandoned the scene like a defeated army with all its hardware dumped on the beach. Hadn’t you noticed? It’s pathetic all round.

  13. Marshall law and deadly force combined with immediate deportation for any muslums found guilty of crimes would stop the annual burning of cars. Unbelievable that any country would put up with this type of destruction.

  14. it is so obviously the fundamentaethos of islaqm at work here; seeking to start the BIG fire like Syria..they are agents of chaos .. I w3ould like to see them shot as they riot … but islami9sts are waiting for just such a “provocation” to bring their god into the streets ..the father of lies…….. this is the kaffirs dilemma.

  15. I did get to go to the UK and the Netherlands and fell in love with them both. I would hate to ruin all my good memories by going back to them. The whole world is going to shit thanks to the muzzturds.

  16. Interesting to note that the media covered the Greeks torching their country today but not a word or photo of these savages torching France. I guess the Politically correct media doesn’t want to upset their Moozlem friends. Afterall most of the media is leftwing and they support these savages just as they support that black Moozlem in the White Mosque.

    • Fox, there used to be tons of photos and videos of these events in France until the French government put a blackout on media coverage of it a few years ago. The only thing we get are first person accounts and videos posted by individuals on Youtube. In fact, Youtube has removed the library of car burning videos they used to have up from France.

      • BNI, I was just going to ask that – DOES ANY of this make the mainstream news media in France?

        I know our Obama “newsreader” media puppets are still in la la Hopey/Changey Coma’s….. I didnt know though how this was handled there.

        I hoped after Charlie Hebdo and the deli massacre people would care, is anyone awake at the switch there???

        Not One reporter asked Obama at one of his FEW press conferences yesterday about “Sanctuary Cities” here and the appalling murder of a young American girl killed by one. NOT ONE. I guess the Sanctuary Cities there are even worse. At least we have our guns rights….still anyway.

  17. If you didn’t tell us, I would think it was palestinians instead of Moozlems in Paris. Isn’t Frances till taking in more of these savages? I guess some folks never learn. Why not simply waste the fuckers when their torching the place?

  18. Wow, they put up with this illegal crap every year. And brush itvif, oh just Muslims having fun??!! And the know its goingbto happen but no one stops it. A perfect exsmple of SIA, Stupiduty In Action!!

  19. Is it possible to declare martial Law in certain areas ? It should be , as in Australia, I believe, in 1974 martial law was declared in Darwin, to stop looters in the big cyclone. After two people were shot dead, the looting stopped.

    The frogs should do the same . Just start shooting these baboons, after you shoot a couple, the rest get the message. It is far better to start this war , sooner rather than later .

    Has not Europe had the fight wars to get the baboons out of Europe? And while they are at it, shoot the EU ‘leaders’, they have so much blood on their hands that only death will start to wash it away.

  20. France, Italy and Greece…I’m glad I got to see them while they were still France, Italy and Greece.

    Uk and the Netherlands, sadly, I never got to visit. Shame since fhey’ve become fhe United Kingdon of Islam and Netherlandastan.