PARIS: Muslims celebrate Bastille Day by torching more than 130 cars in one night

city_of_light_the_heretik-300x300Bastille Day in Paris is always celebrated with great fireworks displays. Conversely, for many young Muslims in the vast immigrant population there, the idea of fireworks means setting other people’s cars on fire in the streets. Fortunately, not as many fires as every New Years Eve when there usually are more than 1,000 car burnings overnight.


Le Figaro via GalliaWatch In the Parisian region alone nearly 130 cars burned. A sad record for this eve of July 14 that has become, along with New Year’s Eve, a traditional rendezvous for Muslim thugs and police. These figures are especially disturbing because they are considerably higher than the national daily average: about 80 cars are burnt every day in France, half of them in the Parisian region.

About one hundred persons were held in custody in Paris. In the 16th arrondissement twenty-five cars were set on fire near the porte de Saint-Cloud when a motor-bike caught fire and gas poured onto the street.

g36_25572975In the 18th arrondissement, on the rue Marcadet, another car was torched while confrontations broke out on the rue Queneau and rue de la Chapelle. Even the 3rd arrondissement was not spared confrontations, and one policeman was wounded while chasing a group of “young people” ages 16 – 25 who were throwing stones at the security forces. 

manifestazione-pro-gazaNote: The 16th arrondissement, a well-to-do area, is usually spared these Muslim-initiated disruptions. This year has been different, with wealthy neighborhoods targeted as well. This simply reflects the increased confidence of the Muslim criminals who have less and less to fear. Their ultimate goal is to possess as much of the city as possible.  Certainly in Europe the city of Brussels has been transformed by crime by Muslim immigrants.

There was violence throughout the rest of France, too. Here is a synopsis:

– In Seine-Saint-Denis there were 109 arrests. In La Courneuve, a mediatheque, a school for young unskilled adults, and a grocery store were set on fire during the night.

– In Neuilly-Plaisance, a police car was also burnt. The city police headquarters was besieged by a hundred individuals. The police union Alliance declared: “Unfortunately it is not unusual in this department.”

getmedia.php_– In Val-de-Marne more than thirty vehicles were set on fire and fifty-two persons arrested. A police source spoke of “projectiles thrown”, notably firecrackers and mortars, at the police, but said the level of violence was stable when compared to previous years.

– In Yvelines about fifty persons were arrested during the night, thirty of them for urban violence. There was a great deal of criminal activity including projectiles thrown at firemen and police, three of whom suffered minor injuries.

07paris.large1_– In Seine-et-Marne, there were about fifty arrests, most of them minors, not well-known to the police.

– In l’Essonne twenty-six cars were set on fire and eight persons arrested. The police commissariat of les Ulis was attacked for the third time in two weeks by forty persons throwing stones, mortars and Molotov cocktails. No injuries were reported.

In addition to the above, over fifty vehicles were burnt in the  region of Lyon during the night of July 13 -14. 

According to François Desouche the police and firemen of Vaulx-en-Velin, Vénissieux, Meyzieu, Saint-Priest, Villeurbanne and Saint-Fons confronted groups of “young people” and put out fifty car fires. During the night of July 14 – 15, there were more car fires in Vaulx-en-Velin and more projectiles thrown at security forces.

Below, owners of cars destroyed by fire say the cars are damaged beyond repair. The man explains that the fire spread to twenty cars from the one motor bike that caught fire. 

And here we have some Algerian Muslims celebrating by trashing the Barbès district of Paris, an area that has become notorious for Muslim immigrant mayhem, and Friday street prayers.