Guess what else Muslim ‘refugees’ are bringing into Germany


A RAPE EPIDEMIC. Growing numbers of German women and very young girls across the country are being raped by Muslim immigrants. At this rate, Germany could by bypass Sweden as the Muslim rape capital of Europe. Not surprisingly, many of the rapes are being downplayed by German authorities and the national media, apparently to avoid fueling anti-Muslim immigrant sentiments. 

Gatestone (h/t Grant B)  Rapes of Muslim women and children in refugee centers is also rampant but who cares? Meanwhile, the raping of German women by asylum seekers is becoming commonplace. Following are a few select cases just from 2015:


On September 11, a 16-year-old girl was raped by an unidentified “dark-skinned man speaking broken German” close to a refugee shelter in the Bavarian town of Mering. The attack occurred while the girl was walking home from the train station.

On August 13, police arrested two Iraqi asylum seekers, aged 23 and 19, for raping an 18-year-old German woman behind a schoolyard in Hamm, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia.

On July 26, a 14-year-old boy was sexually assaulted inside the bathroom of a regional train in Heilbronn, a city in southwestern Germany. Police are looking for a “dark skinned” man between the ages of 30 and 40 who has an “Arab appearance.”

Also on July 26, a 21-year-old Tunisian asylum seeker raped a 20-year-old woman in the Dornwaldsiedlung district of Karlsruhe. Police kept the crime secret until August 14, when a local paper went public with the story.

On June 9, two Somali asylum seekers, aged 20 and 18, were sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in prison for raping a 21-year-old German woman in Bad Kreuznach, a town in Rhineland-Palatinate, on December 13, 2014.

On June 5, a 30-year-old Somali asylum seeker called “Ali S” was sentenced to four years and nine months in prison for attempting to rape a 20-year-old woman in Munich. Ali had previously served a seven-year sentence for rape, and had been out of prison for only five months before he attacked again. In an effort to protect the identity of Ali S, a Munich newspaper referred to him by the more politically correct “Joseph T.”

On May 22, a 30-year-old Moroccan man was sentenced to four years and nine months in prison for attempting to rape a 55-year-old woman in Dresden. On May 20, a 25-year-old Senegalese asylum seeker was arrested after he attempted to rape a 21-year-old German woman at the Stachus, a large square in central Munich.

On April 16, a 21-year-old asylum seeker from Iraq was sentenced to three years and ten months in prison for raping a 17-year-old girl at festival in the Bavarian town of Straubing in August 2014. On April 7, a 29-year-old asylum seeker was arrested for the attempted rape of a 14-year-old girl in the town of Alzenau.

On March 17, two Afghan asylum seekers aged 19 and 20 were sentenced to five years in prison for the “particularly abhorrent” rape of a 21-year-old German woman in Kirchheim, a town near Stuttgart, on August 17, 2014.

On February 11, a 28-year-old asylum seeker from Eritrea was sentenced to four years in prison for raping a 25-year-old German woman in Stralsund, along the Baltic Sea, in October 2014.

On February 1, a 27-year-old asylum seeker from Somalia was arrested after attempting to rape women in the Bavarian town of Reisbach.

On January 16, a 24-year-old Moroccan immigrant raped a 29-year-old woman in Dresden.

Dozens of other cases of rape and attempted rape — cases in which police are specifically looking for foreign perpetrators (German police often refer to them as Südländer, or “southerners”) — remain unresolved. Following is a partial list just for August 2015:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing falling popularity and angry rebellions from her own allies as her policy of welcoming all migrants continues to backfire. Amid reports of regular sexual abuse at migrant camps and local residents feeling intimidated into wearing ‘modest’ clothing, Merkel’s personal ratings are falling and her coalition partners in the Christian Social Union (CSU) are hardening their tone.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing falling popularity and angry rebellions from her own allies as her policy of welcoming all migrants continues to backfire. Amid reports of rape epidemics by Muslims and local residents feeling intimidated into wearing ‘modest’ clothing, Merkel’s personal ratings are falling and her coalition partners in the Christian Social Union (CSU) are hardening their tone.

On August 23, a “dark skinned” man attempted to rape a 35-year-old woman in Dortmund. On August 17, three male “southerners” attempted to rape a 42-year-old woman in Ansbach. On August 16, a male “southerner” raped a woman in Hanau.

On August 12, a male “southerner” attempted to rape a 17-year-old woman in Hannover. Also on August 12, a male “southerner” exposed himself to a 31-year-old woman in Kassel. Police say a similar incident occurred in the same area on August 11.

On August 10, five men of “Turkish origin” attempted to rape a girl in Mönchengladbach. Also on August 10, a male “southerner” raped a 15-year-old girl in Rinteln. On August 8, a male “southerner” attempted to rape a 20-year-old woman in Siegen.

On August 3, a “North African” raped a seven-year-old girl in broad daylight in a park in Chemnitz, a city in eastern Germany. On August 1, a male “southerner” attempted to rape a 27-year-old woman in downtown Stuttgart.


Meanwhile, parents are being warned to look after their daughters. Police in the Bavarian town of Mering, where a 16-year-old-girl was raped on September 11, have issued a warning to parents not to allow their children to go outside unaccompanied. They have also advised women not to walk to or from the train station alone because of its proximity to a refugee shelter.

Future victims of Muslim rapists?

Future victims of Muslim rapists?

The increase in sex crimes in Germany is being fueled by the preponderance of Muslim males among the mix of refugees/migrants entering the country.

A local politician quoted by Die Welt newspaper said:


In the Bavarian town of Pocking, administrators of the Wilhelm-Diess-Gymnasium have warned parents not to let their daughters wear revealing clothing in order to avoid “misunderstandings” with the 200 Muslim refugees housed in emergency accommodations in a building next to the school. The letter said:

“The Syrian citizens are mainly Muslim and speak Arabic. The refugees have their own culture. Because our school is directly next to where they are staying, modest clothing should be worn in order to avoid disagreements. Revealing tops or blouses, short shorts or miniskirts could lead to misunderstandings.”




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  1. This is what happens when you have brainwashed secular socialists running the country (actually, the continent).

    These Germans are being so idiotic. Their girls that are rape victims are FLIRTING with the “migrants”?

    “At a Pakistani restaurant I have noticed some young German girls working for the same, openly flirting with the young Pakistani attendants. This is how younger generation is lost.”

    No kidding!

    Allowing illegal immigration is always a problem and never a solution.

    Furthermore, the birthrates in Europe (including Germany) are extremely low, and beyond repair according to demographers. Here’s why:

    1. The lack of religion there. As the European continent has abandoned Christianity, they have lost any cares of preserving the family. Instead, they have attacked marriage and the family with their abortions, contraceptives, harmful drugs, out-of-wedlock pregnancies, and homosexuality. As a result of these, they are dying off. It just goes to show how the life of sin leads to self-destruction, and how faith in Christ truly leads to life.

    2. More with their liberalization, not only have they become more immoral with themselves, but they also have tolerated flooding their lands with people who commit immoral acts (in this case, rape) against them. That is another way they have proven to be masochists: by letting savaged “migrants” take over and do harm to the lawless (in another way) natives. They are reaping what they sow.

    3. The leaders of Europe are the ones implementing their drastically open borders agenda and letting in a ridiculous load of “refugees”. They are not refugees, and the leaders no that. The politicians are not stupid (they would not get in power), but such forces of evil are very cunning, knowledgeable, and malicious.

    For example, every time there is a terror attack (Paris, Brussels, etc.), the politicians respond with allowing more of these killers! It does not take a rocket scientist to know that is part of the problem, not the solution! Therefore, they must be surrounding their citizens with violent illegals on purpose. And considering their atrocious responses to the issue, it makes me question the western world’s true commitment to fighting terrorism (in fact, I am, convinced all the NATO countries have actually been SUPPORTING the terrorists for their own selfish purposes).

    I tell you, Christianity is the solution. Complain all you want about the Crusades and the Catholic-Protestant rivalry centuries ago, but this problem shows this New World Order run by anti-Christian Jews (though not all Jews) and seculars is failing right before our eyes. Also, atheists (i.e. Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot) have killed far more people than Christians (an even more than Muslims) all throughout history. Jesus is the only Way to life!

  2. Unfortunately those from the left side of politics have become champions of Islamic extremism. To them, Muslims cannot be faulted, whatever they might do. If Muslim asylum seekers rape girls, they say that it is because there are not enough Muslim women who came with them. (Obviously loneliness is justification for rape.) If Muslims commit a terrorist act, it is because they are unemployed, or because of the American invasion of Iraq, or because of the supposed war crimes which the Crusaders committed 1000 years ago.

    This has lead to a obvious hypocrisy. Here in Australia, the Greens Party champions women rights, gay rights, transgender rights, but cannot bring themselves to condemn the subjugation of women in Saudi Arabia, and the killing of gays in Bangladesh by Muslim extremists.

    And when Muslim extremists shot dead an innocent civilian working for the police in Sydney, Greens Party members were outside the mosque where the killer worshipped demonstrating their support for the killers.

  3. So I’m a Germanic woman, and I see everyone here is pretty much panicking on our behalf. Yes, that’s understandable and very kind of you all, but let me reassure you. Life is unpleasant for us right now, but we’re perfectly capable of defending ourselves. There have already been countless cases of women hitting Muslim rapists or pepper-spraying them…as far as I know, only one of these cases had negative consequences for the white woman involved. Meanwhile, there have been multiple arrests of muslims who assault their own women and children first, and are now off our streets for a good few years at least.

    The white men here in Europe are true gentlemen, and we feel safe if they are around, but so far we don’t really need to rely on their help, and muslims still make up less then 10% of the males here.

    I do fear for the next generation, but for now, we’re more than capable of beating the shit out of them, believe me.

    • Wiederstand, very glad to hear that, but 10% muslims is the breaking point.

      Daniel Greenfield, writing for Front Page Magazine, wrote a sobering piece that analyzed the current invasion of Muslims in Germany. Greenfield points out that although the 800,000 migrants Germany is taking in this year amount to 1% of Germany’s total population of 80 million, the implications are greater than the small percentage suggests. The key issue is the rapidly growing population of young Muslim males. Here are a few stats:

      27 million Germans are over the age of 55
      of the 5 million Muslims already living in Germany, 2 million are under the age of 30 (which is several years younger than the average age of non-Muslim Germans)
      the majority of Muslim migrants are young males between the ages of 15 and 24
      the number of non-Muslim Germans in the same demographic is just 4.3 million
      In other words, one-third of Germany’s population is over the age of 55 while 40% of German Muslims are under the age of 30. Meanwhile, most Muslims now coming to Germany are young males compared to non-Muslim Germans in the same demographic group comprising just 5% of Germany’s population.

      The result?

      According to Greenfield’s calculations, the (conservative) percentage of young Muslim males in Germany will soon reach 10%.

      Now let’s go back to Hammond’s research which shows that when the Muslim population of a country reaches 10% (and the significance will be higher in Germany because we’re focusing only on Muslim males), there are increased threats of violence and actual violence, including arson, riots, and murder. At 20% Hammond notes (based on real-world models) that rioting and murder become increasingly commonplace, jihad militias are formed, and churches and synagogues are burned.

      Now add into the mix that Muslim families tend to be larger than non-Muslim families in Europe (as well as in the United States) which means that the Muslim population grows at a faster rate than the non-Muslim population.

    • Look sweety Europe is our last great stand as we Americans see it . I can assume yalls news covers up for the Muslims like ours covers up for the blacks . My people are from German decent and we love y’all can’t help but to worry bout y’all

    • those “refugees” have no respect for the countries that welcome them. I say just send them out or wipe them out if they resist.
      Thousands of women have been violated by these monsters and to think that Germany is being infested with these people sickens me. I wish the country will one day be rid of all of them. I respect your people so much and I really want to go there one day. I find your language and culture so beautiful it fascinates me…I’m now worried about Germanic women like you, but knowing that you can defend yourselves brings relief to me. I don’t want them to ruin the Germany that I love and reduce it to ashes and whatever.

      They don’t deserve to live in such a great country among great people.

      • Perfect analysis of the demographics.I was in Germany recently on a tour.I was surprised that all the guides that we were assigned (both men and women) were very happy that these immigrants came.One guide was talking about the same one God etc to justify being kind to them.We didn’t argue with her but many from our group felt is strange about how people think romantically about developing multicultural society.In India we have all religions–all of us share the same DNA and yet their are communal riots.For Europeans and the migrants both this is a major cultural adjustment.Just look at the number of young British and American people are converting to Islam ( especially women).There are many marriages in the world and especially in the West breaking up. Divorced women or very young daughters of the feuding couples are very vulnerable.Some women work at Mosques where they fall in love with some ruggedly handsome Muslims( finding them exotic) and readily convert.They feel that love transcends everything.Who loves more?The woman seems to love the man more in these cases.Do the Muslim men convert at all? Germans today should not feel guilty about what Hitler did.They aren’t responsible but this argument-that Germans should prove to the world that they are good–is used probably to make them feel guilty and accept the migrants.No matter what legitimate issues–falling fertility rate among Germans,labour which is cheap,older generation consuming a lot of funds and the need for a hard working young generation( from outside the E.U.?) –this is certainly not the way.It’s also love jihad that Germany and other European nations should be concerned.At a Pakistani restaurant I have noticed some young German girls working for the same, openly flirting with the young Pakistani attendants.This is how younger generation is lost.There is strife all over the world.Do the nationals from these nations qualify to rush to Europe? Majority of Syrians are still in Syria facing bravely the problems.Why the romantics went ahead to welcome the migrants beats me since many of these were women.This gives these blokes ideas.Even if all women learn martial arts or use the pepper spray,it’s very difficult to defend against very aggressive rogues.And after 30 years or so,these people will be strongly represented in the national politics of European nations serving the interests of Muslim nations.What integration is that?Many of our people ( settled 30 years ago ) in England cheer for our cricketers and not the British one.Socially they adopt western mannerisms but at home they are the same as they could have been if they had stayed in India.More of peaceful coexistence than integration.It is much better to have a cohesive culture.

        • CI, they must be government-paid guides. Look, the Germans are more than capable of getting rid of their muslim problem. The fact that they aren’t means nobody there has any guts anymore.

          • Thanks,BNI for a prompt reply.
            You could be right about the guides being Govt.paid.I also feel that they were the typical Leftist types.One Guide even called the protesting( there was a protest procession and meeting planned exactly at that juncture in Munich)Nationalist group as silly.I was really happy about the Nationalist rising to the occasion since someone had to express concern,though not through violent speeches and actions.There was also a counter procession planned by the Leftists/supporters of migration.
            If the latter are being romantic then they are very wrong.As you and all writing here know that these refugees are in Germany for their selfish purpose–better survival in socioeconomically progressed West and to that end some have converted to Christianity( very questionable in terms of motive and if not questionable,at least selfish).At least Christianity can make them better human beings.
            Indian students or professionals have not faced much racial discrimination( though there are some instances) but they were never welcomed like this.They were in one University denied admission for the Professor considered Indians rapists.Looks like India’s daughter by Leslie Udwin influenced her opinion( a film where all who made some horrible statements were paid very well to make the film very provocative) and exaggerated reports by our own( paid) journalists,as if rapes don’t happen elsewhere–Sweden and South Africa are considered worse in this regard with Muslim refugees involved in rapes in Sweden .
            I am more worried about Love Jihad there though.Regards,

    • If you think this is all fake, you’re brainwashed! I say burn the motherfuckers and everything they believe in to the ground if that’s the way they’re going to treat a country who willingly lets them in. If you disagree then burn you too!

  4. I just can’t figure out why the European leaders are allowing entry & encroachment into their own lands of such great numbers of Muslim refugees. Obviously they don’t give a damn about they live or rot, so are they bowing to international humanitarian groups’ pressure? Slim chance. So the only reason left then is to swell their vote banks, but then they are so very grossly mistaken. These lot, the muslims are loyal only &only to that cursed book & the evil imams who brainwash them regularly at satanic mosques. A non muslim can only expect the knife from them. They did this to thousand years old peace loving religions of Buddhism and Hinduism, massacred so many Hindus of Afghanistan and Iraq that a mountain has been named in the region as Hindukush(meaning slaughter of Hindus). Then directed guns at Jews and Christians. It’s in their blood, violence ingrained in their twisted DNAs. And of course if not stopped history surely will repeat itself.

    • I agree with u. They enjoy Blood Game. In India they will also do the same once they will realize that they can have more hold. They r not patriotic at all. They r good at nothing and good for nothing. I wish Islam free world.

  5. Islam is just pure dark ages evil – Read their “Hadith” from cover to cover if you don’t believe me – also read what the Ayotollah Khomeini said about how sex with animals was quite alright – as long as you kill them straight afterwards – This in the last few years????? These are very mentally sick people. Must be all the inbreeding that they have done in the last 1400 years – everybody knows that inbreeding causes mental deficiency! And boy do they love inbreeding!!

    • Yes, absolutely. It’s primitive. Covering women with sheets and telling men not to touch them is as insane as writing 10 commandments on chunks of stone. Yes, it was a leap forward 2000 years ago, but it’s hopelessly outdated now.

      Peace. Charity. Compassion. The Enlightenment. Education. Science. Modernity…

      The muslims somehow managed to miss it all…seriously, how stupid can they be?

  6. muslim is most religion power full in this world the other people agiants they are envy cuz they are blame muslim people harassment and they are mis-understand that make in this world more problems but all that is not true its really religion in this world is Islam

    • As an American woman that stood beside he husband and her country being stationed in Germany during the 90s, our troops were attached to the UN and sent to Bosnia to save the asses of the Muslims as the Christians there fought back against them. America, we were lied to then when the Bosnians were brought to America. I know firsthand, as I was a military wife left at the base, forced by my Government to assist and feed these animals. They were animals back then, just as they are now, they were commiting these same crimes at the U.S. military bases in Germany back then, it wasn’t televised!
      Another smack in the face was when we came back stateside, they have moved to my town, a Mosque is right around the corner from my home. My response as a woman, an American woman. Arm yourselves immediately!!! I will stand up to them when this starts in my town, I will have an imaginary set of balls and stand beside my fellow American, male or female to eradicate this HATE filled group from America. Rapes, not me, not mine, NEVER. A bullet from one of my AK’s will send them right off to their beloved Muhammad/Satan. Go America, Go Jesus Christ. GOD BLESS AMERICA, LAND THAT I LOVE, STAND BESIDE HER, GUIDE HER from the barrel of my clip filled gun!

    • they are the vilest scum of the earth, muslims sooner they are gone the better a place the world will be, inbred sheep shagging, rapists, criminals, i could go on, send them all back to their own countries, they make no effort what so ever in any guest country the end up in, but rather try and turn it into what they have escaped from, backward people

  7. Interesting how the shiteous german press and media threw continuously tons of shit on Berlusconi as if he was a problem of any kind and shut up every muslim crime

  8. Hi.
    I live in a small town in the SW of England.
    Recently a notice went up on a nearby lamppost.
    “Rezoning street parking to private only”.
    Then a load of council workers out and about,
    clearing up a long time defunct building…
    Guess what it’s going to be… A mosque.
    “Private parking” for patrons of said building.
    Oh, and i have to pay to park my car in my own driveway now.
    What a wonderful thing …

  9. Read the Kuran, from google app: Advocates violence repeatedly. Tons

    of cruelty. Nowhere in the bible is this kind of cruelty. biblical

    violence is directed at evil doing nations, in the bible, and God

    carries out the violence. While, in Quran, THE PEOPLE are encouraged

    to do violence. Just read first 4 chapters. Reads like a mind control

    manual for idiots, while plagiarizing some of the bible. Do not mix up the muslims with the biblicicists, who look similar, physically. Bible advocates peace. Quran advocates violence. The agenda of satanist elites (psalm 2), is to remove the Godly. It is on the dollar bill: nuovo ordos Seclorum (A NEW SECULAR ORDER), that is why they are allowing these migrations of muslims, because they want to tire the earth of religion, so people will throw out the Non-violent , Godly people, with the violent religion of islam. To make things worse, once they get this global order under way: The horned Gods will return, offering technology. Turn to Yeshua while you can. Forget the diatribe of zionist Jews…thats all a psyops. Creator is standing back to see who will do evil: Psalm 37.

    • I hate to say it but when I read the Quran I find myself getting seriously pissed off at a lot of what I read.Have a convert boy friend that keeps telling me that I do not interpret it the ” right ” way ?? Seriously ? I dont care who prays to what and how they go about it for there is only one God for ALL of humanity and any God that advocates killing any other human will NEVER be the one I would pray to.I do agree that there seems to be a whole lot of killing in the ” HOLY QURAN ” and the more I read about Muhammad ?? I do not see him as a role model to follow either.If I were a man of course the picture would be different They damn sure have more rights and women seem to be worth LESS. I will Never Marry A Muslim but could care less about their way of practicing religion as long as they dont try to push their way of life on me and leave me alone with that Religion of Peace

      • The two replies that you have received are the perfect solution. Additionally,read Islamic Jihad by M.A.Khan,of course when your boyfriend is not around.We in India felt that we were the only ones hit hard for 800 years.As per this book more suffering was inflicted on others.This author gives perfect references so one can’t fault him on that count.
        Remember,one woman gone is one family gone.That’s how they are trying to win over women all over the world as this is their stated agenda-Spread Islam.It’s an expansionist religion.Wake up now and tell your friends( girls mainly) to not get carried away by propaganda or the rugged,swarthy looks of this tribe.Stick to your own.Save yourself and your nation.When Yezidi women fight those devils,why do these able-bodied men fight the border guards to enter Europe?Why are the European leaders calling them brave?Everything looks warped.All the time there is a talk about German and Swedish population dropping.No wonder one Imam retorted-we will breed with your women and produce white Muslims.We hear the same in India when any Muslim Indian talks about White girls.We can’t throw them out since they have the same DNA and are citizens.They didn’t go to Pakistan when that was created by them for themselves.See the design.

  10. Read the Kuran, from google app: Advocates violence repeatedly. Tons of cruelty. Nowhere in the bible is this kind of cruelty. biblical violence is directed and evil doing nations, in the bible, and God carries out the violence. While, in Quran, THE PEOPLE are encouraged to do violence. Just read first 4 chapters.

  11. When European leaders protect Muslim rapists, and not their own innocent citizens, just to cover their asses (figurative), there is NO leadership. People should not be afraid to walk freely in their own country, so they will unfortunately have to learn how to protect themselves – the police sure won’t or can’t.

  12. This is a excellent website! Muslims are going to destroy Europe, they can’t integrate in society. Muslims in the last 1500 years have killed over 280 million Christians. All muslims are terrorists ! I

  13. This morning when my wife and I were talking about the Cologne debacle, she asked me, “where were the German men when this was happening”. I told her there were no longer any German men.
    Imagine something like this happening in say, Dallas, or even Austin or San Francisco. You can’t.
    It is too bad there weren’t a couple of American tourists nearby to protect the German women like there was on the Belgium train last year.

    • There were hundreds of these Muslim savages in a group it is a bit much to expect a few men who may be present to take on those type of odds.

      Many German women will be raped in the future, that is a fact you can bet on.

  14. Showing a dark skinned man forcing a blonde girl is very racist! I dont care about Muslim stuff you guys are talking about. remember “who” sold the VX gases to Iraq to chem its own people? It was Germany! who sold the weaponry to Iraq to invade Iran? It was France (selling Super Étendard and Mirage fighters) and Germany (VX gases and tanks and other armaments)! who killed millions of Jews in WWII? who ignited and fueled the WWII? it was Germany again. Get a grip on yourself and do not spread hatred because there are “lots” of people being affected permanently by these wars and countries! hatred doesn’t help.

    • To the comment crying about the cartoon. It sounds to me like you are an infant needs to to go take your nap, your not making sense. Just being stupid and oversensitive. Or perhaps the act of white women being raped does not offend you as much as the thought of your being offended and thus skewing your reality and common sense.The article is referencing rapes upon white woman. Just to make sure…it’s ok the cartoon lady is white right. The perpetrators being talked about aren’t green moron. If a depiction was made of chemicals being sold by Germans would the cartoon not be of a white dude. I feel hate and pity for you, I’m fighting it. But you are displaying and spreading ignorance!!

    • We don’t care what you got to say with your Muslim loving crap.

      Islam is disease that has been around 1400 years and is far worse that the very brief Nazi period in contrast. It is a global disease that is everywhere….. where Hitler was restricted to a much smaller area.

      Islam is far worse than Hitler.

      Hitler is dead , Islam is alive and well consuming and destroying everything in its path. It has consumed North Africa and Muddle-East originally Christian and other faiths. It has consumed central Africa, it has consumed much of Asia and now it is spreading its evil fangs into Europe, America and Australia.

      We must make a stand or we will be consumed by this beast, this fascist repressive disease masquerading as religion

    • hmmm. so the guy was brown and the lady more white and the white of the woman offended you. well if the german woman was black, would that be more acceptable as rape then? OR is it, that you don’t care that woman of germany or russian decent or any other nationality woman visiting germany is rape. YOUR concern is not rape.. YOUR concern is that your living in the past. yes, I too know that german rich military contractors with backing from german govt, sold weapons in the middle east. I know france and russia did the same thing.
      THE thing is this.. YOU are saying since a rich man and his board members made alot of money selling military arms to the middle east, THAT gives middle east men to rape german, russian, french, swedish, Norwegian women.. AM I getting this correct.. so in other words.. its not about the weapons.. YOU just condone violence toward women.. which makes you what? not worth the spit coming from your sadistic mouth.

    • I can’t believe that Britian has put up with it so long.. THE people of britain have to wake up.. THEIR love for their queen and royalty is LOOKING the other way. THEY could care less for the daily problems of the muslims in your lives. GERMANS from what I understand is more down to earth people, they work hard and they fight hard.
      But west germany men, became very well liberal, and that liberality has spread to the east german man.. I am wondering if, THE german, french, swedish, norweigian, men are LOOKING for the govt to fix it? because after hearing about the cops not helping that 13 year old girl, I do not think that is going to happen.
      So the next question is. .are YOU ready to fight your own govt, to rid your self of this new muslim plague in your country? are YOU willing to die for it..
      IF not, then god help you, because its not going away, and it will ONLY get worse as their population grows.

    • I have said from the start of this IS warned last year that they would send at least 250.000 Fighters and would wreck Europe from within. UKIP told them they were mad they told Farage they were not interested in anything he had to say. He told them at least put them OFF SHORE not interested Mr Farage we do not care what those from United Kingdom Independence Party. think. UKIP got 4 MILLION VOTES IN THE UK. So MERKEL JUNKERs put two fingers up to 4 MILLION VOTERS. Arrogant and stupid are the people who thought they could control muslim invaders. Now with death’s in Paris . The Rapes of children by these Cowards who ran away from their lands too cowardly to fight for their freedom well who is 100% RIGHT? UKIP and Mr Farage. He tells them If you want to be blackmailed by Turkey it is mad If you want Turkey and 75 million more muslim’s IN THE EU YOU ARE MAD. What did they reply We are not interested in anything you and UKIP have to say Mr Farage.And so said ex East German Communist leader MERKEL. he who we must OBEY, Well the rapes will go on the deaths will go on the attack byJUNGLE residents will go on the terror of European women and children will go on. And SHE MERKEL ask’s us to believe she is sane?

    • There are over 7 Billion people crowded on Earth , most under stress from it, and no more are needed, especially not rapists! Send the biggest militaries into the rapist countries and forcibly sterilize all dick cutters, circ-addicts, paedohile rapists, and violent psychos, who brag about having 20 children when they enter Europe. Make male circ, one of the insignias of the violent invaders, illegal in Europe and the Americas. Show the baby-making psychos how to use contraception. And, if that doesn’t work to stop the rapes, then Germany should keep the snow plows on their trucks all year long to keep the highways clear.

    • Yes, YOU are very correct in your evaluation of needing Trump. He is the only candidate that is listening to the people and has a real vision for America that will definitely make it strong again. This Gay, Muslim, 1/2 breed in the White House now needs to be gone ASAP and a lot of sanitizer will be needed to clean up the White House that is for sure! I am sick of this trailer trash and his tranny being there. It is simply disgusting.

    • western europeans gonna crawling like whores to putin begging russia to save them. but i hope russia will tell you to go fuck yourself and ask uncle sam to save you because you all deserve it. you let them do this to your country and you dont want to stand up for your county. go ask uncle sam to save you with their gay and transsexual army who will bring liberals and muslims into your county soon all of you will be screaming allahu akbar eat hummus and wear hijabs eiffel tower is gonna turned to achemds mosque. you fuckin idiot tollerant morons go ahead keep letting them rape you and your country

    • If I were Muslim, I would quit the minute I ask myself how my ancestors were raped and killed and enslaved at the beginning.

    • right, all those terrorist, criminals and suicide bombers are fine, outstanding citizens right? let’s hear your opinion on the one decent, civilized country in the middle east: Israel?

    • Muslim men dont view women as human beings, they are property.
      Islam is the world leader in sex slave trade and violent rape of women and children

    • ‘Khan’ – you typify part of your problem. Denial.

      Yet you lie through your teeth to try to pretend that muslims are not the source of some very big problems. Just looking at one incident – were these Buddhists or Hindus or Jews attacking women at Cologne??

      The fact is that muslims ARE like this. Of course, not all muslims – but we don’t care about the ones who have 3 digit IQ’s who realise it is better to not treat infidels badly in their own societies.

  15. Good thing that here in America it’s legal to shoot someone to protect yourself or others from loss of life or limb. If I came across someone being raped , I would not hesitate to stop the threat to them by shooting the attacker. While it wouldn’t be my intent, but if the attacker dies as a result, they shouldn’t have gone out to rape anyone!

    • I doubt any would be offended by immigration that takes on the respect and laws
      Of their land they enter but when the attitude is that the west is corrupt and yet the immigrants steal and rape and destroy the society the go to the. The best path
      Is an express ticket to hell!

  16. Is it the Muslims , I live in Canada and it’s just started here in the last few years. If you like a nice read on how it is here,read (The rise of Islamic Extremism in Canada) good luck and keep your guns loaded ,because as sure as fuck the government is not going to help you.

  17. German women need to receive training in Krav Maga – that will be the most effective way for them to defend themselves. And Krav Maga can be learnt within a few days (if not hours).

  18. We in America are still armed. We have Muslim loving liberals that want to disarm us like the Brits tried before the American Revolution. Our president is one of those Muslim loving liberals. It is estimated that there are 300 million firearms in the US. There are at least 90 million gun owners. Come on Moo-slimes.

  19. I think this is blown out of proportion.. I do not think you will find more of these immigrants committing this crime than anyone else. I mean look at the rape epidemic in the USA.. in colleges, in the US military.. Rape is rampant here… I think this is being over sensationalized to get viewers, likes , shares.. and to get people riled up against Muslims. That’s all…

      • Katie, I would almost agree with you BUT….
        I live currently in a small town in Germany and last year the crime rate in Schoenaich was 0.05%,,,,,, wow that was a shop lifter and he was foreign as well. Now after the whole refugee debacle just this year we had armed robberies, car theft, rapes, everything short of the murder but this is about to change because last weekend a German man riding a bicycle was attacked and robbed, he is fighting for life in a Hospital with his face caved in…… so close to a murder if you ask me. This are just facts, all of you draw your own conclusions……

      • Katie. no one has even tried to explain why, so here it is. If a muslim girl in a muslim country gets raped, SHE goes to jail and the (usually) multi rapists go out and celebrate. Now millions of these low lifes are in Europe and no woman under 75 is safe. Still think it’s the same as USA colleges?

      • Finland got hordes of muslim refugees (men) a few months ago. Rapes have skyrocketed, everyday you read about young girls (10-14 yrs) who are “bushraped” by ‘refugees’. And the police tells us to rattle our keys if muslims try to rape… adult muslims lurk around schools taking pictures of young girls playing in the school yard, then they post them on facebook. Raped small girls are traumatized, their parents are furious and the men have started to patrol in the evening to keep the muslims away.

        No wonder that Finns burst out in laughter and joy after hearing rumours about a policeman being ass-raped in an asylum center, the social media gave lots of confirmations and details about the case. The police officer was surrounded by 70 iraqis, they locked the door and raped him after which the man was in pieces. Police units did not go to the asylum center for two weeks, nor has the police denounced the rumours which tells a lot. But Finns had fun for once, wondering if he didn’t have keys to rattle or if he gave his consent, lol. It didn’t take long for the refugees to post a video where they bragged about downing a police officer in the bathroom where they washed the pepperspray from their eyes and where one of them had pants down.

        We have every right to gloat, because kids are brainwashed in schools and forced to become familiar with the refugees. In Kempele two school classes were transported to an asylum center nearby, the teachers went home and left them alone. One girl was raped and the libtards blamed her for it and called her a small bitch who asked for it etc.

        So the news about the police officer being ass-raped in Hennala asylum center was comedy gold. Where was his keys? Why didn’t he rattle them?

        It is true about muslims raping girls. And also that the police does nothing about it.

        • So sad to hear that, Wolfie. For some reason, I didn’t think Finland was taking many of them in. Whatever happened to the anti-Islam True Finns
          party? PLease send me some stories/videos in English if you have any about this.

        • I can tell what happened to it. It was a scam from the beginning, on the level of the leadership of the party i mean. The party perussuomalaiset (could be translated into fundamental finns) got lot of votes and 2nd most places in the Finnish parliament.

          Before the election they we’re really against mass immigration and after it they have been a lot like any other party which holds power in our country. I think few key people in the party are bought out shills (one’s who became ministers at least) and the rest are more or less are still working for the people.

          I think most of them are quite ignorant about many things, but there’s still genuinely good people within them. Now Finnish people setting up a new political party called Suomidemokraatit (Democrats of Finland) which should a real alternative to all the political BS.

          Us Europeans should cooperate more on the grassroot level, especially now that when we are facing a common enemy, islam (and our leaders whom work in coalition against us and for the elite). I’m sure it is happening on many levels alreasy. I think i’ll try to set up something myself too. Just have to get my own life in order but it’s well underway.

    • Little Girl – Katie, This is NOT being blown out of proportion! Please educate yourself as to the culture and what is totally acceptable with in that culture! YOU little girl would have ZERO rights in that culture and YOU would be the property of your father to sell you off to the highest bidder! YOU would not be able to go out of the house unaccompanied unless a male relative was with you! YOU would not be allowed to wear a swim suit, drive a car, date etc… YOU DON’T HAVE A F’G CLUE!!!!!!!!!!

    • Katie, YOU are little girl who has NO clue what this culture is all about! YOU need to do some research and educate yourself! YOU will not enjoy the freedoms that you now do if a world wide caliphate that eliminates all other laws is implemented and THAT is what their goal is…. YOU are a uninformed little girl… I hope you don’t remain clueless! There is no greater threat to your freedom than this!

    • There is no “rape epidemic” in the US, that is a bunch of brainwashed collage liberals trying to do whatever ignorant liberals do. I hope you are raped by a muslim, it would serve you right.

      • Actually, the US does have a fairly high incidence of rape, according to the UCR compiled by the FBI, though it rises and falls.

        However, South Africa also has a disproportionately high incidence of rape, much higher than the US relative to the size of the country and population.

        What we’re really seeing is a clash of cultural “ideas” about social parity for women with men.

        The reported rates of assaults vary wildly from country to country, sometimes due to the way the crime is reported, legally defined in statutes, investigated, and prosecuted from a legal standpoint in Western(ized) nations.

        The US and South Africa are outliers, in a sense, because they tend to have higher rates than other Westernized countries.

        There are several possible explanation for why that might be the case, as much of it is tied to economic advances made by women.

        As for your comment that you “hope you (Katie) are raped by a Muslim,” I take issue with that kind of language, as a woman. You have no right to wish that kind of trauma on anyone – female or male – as clearly you have clue as to how it completely ruins a victim’s life, regardless of where that victim lives.

        For you say something that egregious and horrifying indicates to me that you have little or no real and genuine sympathy for a rape victim, so posting here about it is complete sham.

        Don’t ever do that again.

    • Katie shut up and stop insulting Europe’s rape victims. I’ll bite my tongue now before I really tear strips of you.

    • The muslim population in Sweden is under 5%. 65% of all the rapes in Sweden are perpetrated by muslim men. Still think this is “blown out of proportion”? After you read this, go out to your kitchen and make yourself a nice hot cup of reality, and then do yourself a favor…..drink it.

    • Let’s see, the Duke Lacrosse team was proven to have been innocent of the charges of the woman who has since been jailed for murder, A Rape on Campus” is an article by Sabrina Erdely published in the November 19, 2014 issue of Rolling Stone, which has since been debunked and retracted by the publisher. The article claimed that several members of a fraternity at the University of Virginia viciously raped a woman, identified only as Jackie, as part of an initiation rite during a chapter house party. Not only was every word a lie, the accuser is a known loon. The UVA fraternity is suing RS for $25 million. The students are all in a dither over the false “1 in 5” statistic of misinformation. However: The “1 in 5” statistic, cited by no less than President Barack Obama in his “It’s On Us” initiative against sexual violence, is meeting increased scrutiny, with even the person who authored the study from which the stat was drawn telling Slate last week that he and his co-authors “don’t think one in five is a nationally representative statistic.”

      The 2007 survey, known as the Campus Sexual Assault Study and funded by the Department of Justice, was conducted with samples from only two schools – both unnamed, public universities in the Midwest and the South – and based on a web survey that wooed respondents with $10 Amazon gift cards.

      Days after the Slate story came out, data compounded by the Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics from its National Crime Victimization Survey showed the rate of campus sexual assault to be much, much lower – with only 0.6 percent of female college students reporting rape or sexual assault, compared to the 20 percent suggested by “1 in 5.”

      But then, common sense would tell you that 1 out of every 5 women are not being raped on campus, that is just absurd. Besides, women outnumber men on American campuses almost 60-40, even though men in the 18-24 age group outnumber women 51-49. Given the emphasis on feminism on campuses today, virulent male-bashing condoned by the schools, expulsion for complaints not investigated and tried by the justice system, and lack of available partners for the women in their prime, intelligent young men wouldn’t date college girls – its too dangerous!

    • Let us test your theory. I will pay for a plane ticket for you to go to Germany. You must go to a city that has allowed in many Muslims and you must spend 8 hpurs daily out and about walking in the area where these Muslims are living. After 4 weeks you can fly home and report back to us reharding the number of times you were raped by Muslim males vs. white males.
      Anyone want to help me pay for the tickets and a place for this brain dead fool to reside for a month?
      You are a brain dead damnable apologist for these rapists. I say that after working in the field of sex offender treament for 30+ years.
      Get your head out of your ass you damn fool.

  20. Clearly, the worst epidemic since the plague. These subhuman parasites, are postured to annihilate the entire free world. Indeed, this will be the battle of all battles, and nothing short of total victory is required to preserve civilization. Good vs Evil, has never had a more profound significance. We must be steadfast and vigilant. We must DEFEAT this enemy, at all costs. I proudly wear my badge of Islamophobe! Death to Izlame!

  21. I don’t understand this much hate against refugees in general and muslems in special during all the history of muslems there were Christians living among muslems with peace and freedome to practice their religion even there were Christian ministers in history of muslem states there is no benefit from spreading suck fake news and increasing hate between religions Jesus Christ himself was an example of tolerance when he said if some one slapped your cheek give him the other cheek so I wonder what kind of Christians u r?

    • Jesus also said to sell your coat and buy a sword. Intersting how people like to twust what Jesus said to support their ideology. Izlam is the enemy of civilization. They have killed hundreds of millions for their ideology.

      Yet the brain dead learn nothing from history . . .

    • Zero Christian churches in Saudi and you get death if you bring a bible in. Christians only lived in peace with Muslims when they were in the majority. Most of the Middle East was Christian before Mohammed the pedophile and now they are all leaving or being killed. Jesus also took the time to fashion a whip from his belt and whipped the crab out of the dishonest money changers. Wake up.

  22. What a scandal. What has happened to Europe? Is all this God’s punishment for decades of homosexuality and rampant porn? We don’t have the backbone to kick out thesescum.

  23. The only countries willing to stand up to Muslims are Israel, Angola, Japan and China. When are the British and the Germans going to do something? I thought the British and Germans were good at fighting? If Germany and the U.K. decided to fight on the same side, then no one could stop them.

    • Why does it seem that the only way anything can be handled is to fight?

      I think, first of all, that Merkle somehow feels the need to pay for past sins by
      going overboard here with the immigration thing.

      Second, if I were in charge, I would not be allowing so many men into any
      European country. It is the men who are making their culture so much
      different from Western culture, but that isn’t the only reason. The men
      (all those especially with superiority complexes) should be back home, fighting
      against those people who supposedly are making them leave. There is no
      reason why these people should expect us to take care of their problems
      when they don’t seem to be willing to do it themselves. I am ALL for
      bringing in the women and children – and if the men were leaving because of
      something like starvation or other types of natural problems – that would be
      another thing. But young men should not be coming into Europe if they are
      so unhappy with the way things are back home. They should be correcting
      the things that are happening back home.

    • I think, the UK has a chance, the Germany will have to restore nazism to be enough brave to fight with muslims – another way, I think the germans can cry only with traitor like Merkel in government. We, polish people, NEVER let invade our country by muslims scums ! We just changed to government and kicked ass the traitors like DONALD TUSK and others, but we have to finish the cleaning now. Other slovenian countries also will be fight defended and fight against islam scum ! Hungary anc Czech are aware of situation and don’t let dictate the situation from Bruselss traitors of ethnic europian people.

    • Really? China is standing up to Muslims? I thought they’d get along, considering they have th and same backwards views on women.

      • China hates their muslim population and does everything it can to prevent them from practicing islam, including assigning government appointed imams to their mosque. During the Beijing Olympics, they surrounded all the Muslim areas with military troops so no muslim could come or go.
        They restrict muslims from fasting during Ramadan as much as they can.

  24. It really makes me sad to read this story.

    What makes me even more sad is that it never hits the main stream media, so most people will not know the truth. The present day is looking more and more like Nazi Germany. No media freedom, the truth is suppressed, opposition is silenced and vilified.

    As an American who has visited Europe many times, I can only say that it looks like the end of Europe is dawning upon us. They are trying like hell to do the same in America. I was long considering moving to Canada but with that libtard elected, Canada will be importing many more Muslims.

    My grandparents used to tell me about how the Arabs would kidnap Irish girls and bring them back with them to the Middle East. These days it seems they can come straight to us to perpetrate their takeover.

    • Do you think this sort of shit would be allowed in National Socilaist Germany? Open your eyes and your mind. The situation has been deliberately engineered in order to annihilate White European culture. Or do you think all these Arabs hung around in Turkey for two or three years because they couldn’t afford the bus fare?

  25. What kind of idiot asshole would put a bunch of sex crazed Muslim pedophile bastards in the shelter next to a school full of young girls? Only a libtard politician could come up with something that insanely stupid.

  26. I wouldn’t protect any rapist. His name should be known. Start up a firing squad for every rapist. Show them its YOUR country. Don’t take any more shit off them. If they didn’t bring their families with them, to bad. Can’t enter now. I’ve signed soo many petitions over Muslims. One state did pass a bill to keep Islam out of their schools. Now if the rest will follow. Tired of hearing PC and changing things they have no right to. One law, Our Country, United We Will Stand

  27. Germans and the rest of Europe don’t have to worry about the invasion. They are being and will be bread out of existence, They will rape your women and girls until they give birth to only muslims. The men of Europe better stand up or just put a gun in your mouths now and save us all the trouble of watching Europe die slowly. Its embarrassing and sad. Destroy your liberal leaders and throw out those that hate you but want to lead you.

  28. I have an idea. The German women need to be armed with knuckle dusters and they need to use them if some piece of filth comes near them. By this I mean that the woman should aim for what will hurt the most in between the legs. Go for the balls, with the knukle dusters and lets see those filthy rapists howling in pain!!

    • Spot on, mate! I’ve been living in Berlin, Germany, for fourteen years now. Jews here are afraid to wear stuff (kippah, star of david, etc) that identfies them as Jewish because of Muslim violence towards them. JEWS, OF ALL PEOPLE, OUGHT TO FEEL SAFE IN GERMANY!!! The “funny” thing is that anyone who criticizes Islam is immediately branded as a Nazi. WTF!? I would much rather live under the alleged Jewish World Conspiracy than f_cking Nazislam! Anyway, a big “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oy, oy, oy” to all other expats out there. Love everybody, but hate murderous ideologies.

    • Arabic men are good at lying and playing a facade this is why people belueve them. undertand this and dont give one an open invitation to isolate you. tell that to women give them no chance to be charming or nice this is how it begins.

    • Or else they’ll all be singing The Muslim National Anthem™:
      الجميع يمارس الجنس مع بعقب!
      بعقب! بعقب! بعقب اللعنة!

  29. Perhaps that will make women carry concealed knives, since they can’t have guns anyway, until Merkel decides to ban people from carrying knives as well like in the UK.

    That sudden wave of mass illegal immigrants from various hell holes rather than spreading it gradually over many years like it used to be until now, might be what seems to be finally waking up the population. Merkel will eventually get the exact opposite of what she was trying to do and sink the whole EU along with her and be tried to treason, but maybe I’m just dreaming here.

    • You don’t worry about bans. This is survival stuff and evil laws made by evil politicians are meant to be totally ignored. What can they do?? Take it off you, fine you blah blah blah. Then just get another. They leave us defenseless they are worse than the enemy. Get v go quality fold ups. I have a few. Sharp as. You have to stand up to this great evil. Your politicians are on the side of the invaders, they can stick their laws up…………………….

  30. When i was in Leipzig a 14 year old brother of a friend was robbed by 2 much older muslims at the trainstation!They sayed We Are Islamists…

    Also i saw many “Döner”(turkish fast food in germany)for only 1,50 Euro.What for meat must this be?5 year old dogfood?

  31. Soon, the bleeding heart proglodytes in Germany will be outraged that German prisons contain a huge amount of Muslims disproportionate to their numbers in the nation.

  32. Muslims in Germany and Britain are NOT required by ruling elites to work and financially support themselves and their children, but just Relax, Enjoy a Life of Leisure and Produce Huge Families with their Polygamous Baby Factory Wives.

    In Britain, many Muslim males have 20 children each with their Harems of Baby Factory Wives.

    Ruling elites FORCE our people to support Muslims with extremely high taxes making it impossible for many of our people to have any more than one child or no children at all.

    It’s all part of ruling elites’ Planned WAR Strategy Against NON-Muslims — REDUCE our People to a tiny, Terrified Minority and INCREASE the Muslim population to rapidly bring about a Muslim majority, Muslim rule and barbaric sharia law.

    Global Muslim Terrorist Savage, INHUMAN Arafat, who was Excessively Cruel and Barbaric to his many victims, declared, “The WOMBS of OUR WOMEN will GIVE us VICTORY.”

    Terrorist Monster Arafat was ADORED by Western ruling elites and media.

    British and European leaders are International Law Breakers. They colonised little Europe with 52 million Muslims and also invited mega millions of Muslims to invade…


    Where are the Human Rights Organisations for non-Muslims?

    Our Leaders Must NOT Be Allowed to Break International Law.

    • Hello from France,

      It’s not arafat, it’s an algerian called Houari Boumedienne, president of Algeria at the United Nations, in 1974, declared :

      ” One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory. ”

      The idea of parasitism was in most of these people…

  33. It looks like Germans ARE fighting back.

    “…German police warned on Thursday of a growing risk of racially motivated attacks on politicians by right-wing radicals angry about an influx of migrants and said crimes directed at refugee shelters were rising dramatically.

    The warning came five days after the stabbing of Henriette Reker, a mayoral candidate in the western city of Cologne. She was stabbed in the neck and seriously wounded on the eve of Sunday’s election, which she won. Media say she has been woken from an artificially induced coma and will make a full recovery….”

    (Excerpt from the globe and mail, Canada)

    • More from the Globe and Mail, Canada re “hate tirades against politicians”

      “…There has been a spate of hate tirades against politicians. Earlier this week, suspected right-wing radicals painted gallows on a container in Leipzig targeting Social Democrat mayor, Burkhard Jung, with the slogan: “We will get you, mayor Jung”.

      That followed an anti-Islam PEGIDA rally earlier this month in which a demonstrator held up a mock gallows with nooses marked for Merkel and her deputy, Gabriel.

      Gabriel told RTL there was a “huge” amount of hatred towards refugees and politicians at the moment.

      “In such tense times, people like me get threatening phone calls and death threats by post. I’m not scared even though they’re increasing,” he said…”

  34. you people will never cease to amaze me. you run around screaming your precious ideals of freedom and equality but you have not true understanding of what you speak. you do not realize that you are serving your own destruction, you live in a pathetic excuse of country’s which are corrupt to the core. but far more stupider than that is you do not realize the effect of the hate you spread. currently most Muslims are pacifists and have no desire to fight but when you continue to spread hate you are taunting a people that you have no idea of their capabilities. your hatred will bring fear and conflict and in time it will bring war between Islam and western civilization. and that is a war that you cannot win, your people have no sense of duty or honor. a true Muslim would sacrifice his parents and own children for the greater good of the muslim empire, a true muslim embraces death as an old friend. the only thing that matters is the greater good and muslims serve it anyway they can. there is no limit to acceptable casualty’s. in truth you are right to fear Islam. you love your familys more than anything, you have your precious conscience and morality and you think it makes you superior. all it does is makes you weak because there are limits to what you are willing to do to serve. the sahaabah, the first muslims. the first enemy they faced was made up of their own familys, they killed their own fathers, brothers and sons in servitude to the muslim empire. how many of your people would kill their own familys. you think you understand the danger you face but you have no idea, Islam will never stop fighting until all the world is under its control and all your people are slaves to the muslims. you will die and your women and children will be enslaved all because of the your own weakness, because you have limits to what you will do. morality, ethics, love they are shackles which stop you from doing whats necessary. your world is civilized and corrupt, the muslim world is primal and pure. the religion of blood and fire. western civilization must act soon or burn with the rest of the world.

    • Percy or should that be pussy or abdul, you are a disgusting fool.

      Muslims are pacifists, how many fairies did you see today? Were they dancing with unicorns and Elvis?

      Have you heard of paragraphs? They would make your dribble easier to read.

      You claim that the West could not win a war against islam, you really are a fool, if the West ever wakes up and if the West ever declares an all out war on islam, one thing I can guarantee is that islam would be wiped out.

      What do you think a bunch of inbred backward monkeys will do against global nuclear powers? Throw condom filled explosives like ISIS in Syria?

      A great job you savages are doing fleeing from Russia, just like your Perverted Satan Worshipping False Prophet did fleeing like a coward from Mecca after his uncle died.

      “Muslim would sacrifice his parents and own children” YES, BECAUSE muslims ARE NOT CIVILISED HUMANS, muslims ARE COCKROACHES.

      “you have your precious conscience and morality”, YES, BECAUSE WE ARE CIVILISED HUMANS AND WE ARE NOT COCKROACHES.


      “the muslim world is primal and pure”, THAT I AGREE WITH, THE muslim WORLD IS PRIMAL (SUB-HUMAN) AND PURE (PURE FILTH AND EVIL).

    • What a Moron the muslim percy is, 70% of the worlds refugees are muslims, the Middle-east is a perpetual hellhole of war. Yet this idiot comes up with crap the muslims are pacifists. Where ever these guys go war, terrorism and crime follow.

      If there was a REAL war of total destruction no quarter given the muslim would be destroyed. We have the nuclear weapons, missile systems, nerve gas and vastly superior air and sea power.

      The only Islamic nation to have nuclear weapons is Pakistan and their capability is third-rate. 1950’s technology on early 60’s missile technology. Their missile systems are incapable of reaching the USA or Europe and India are their chief target.

      India is a far more powerful country in gdp per capita and size. if there was a war of total extermination as you put it. India would be very damaged but the USA and Europe untouched. Pakistan however would be totally destroyed. first it will be creamed by India’s nuclear strikes and finished off by the USA’s massive capability.

      Once Pakistan is destroyed the USA could destroy the rest of the muslim world at leisure from the AIR. No ground troops are necessary for a war of total destruction. The Muslims air forces are joke and will be quickly destroyed. Then the USA and even RUSSIA, CHINA, could nuke the muslim world at leisure from 40,000 feet. Once that is don’t finish them off with nerve gas, poison their water supply and spray their crops with herbicides like agent orange.

      In a war of total destruction you muslims would be 90% totally destroyed within 5 years. And there would nothing you could do about it, no nuclear capability and zero REAL air force or naval capability.

      The troops the US would require would be small in number and USED only for securing the oil fields.

      The Muslims of Europe could quickly be rounded up at disposed of using the latest techniques, 20 million could be removed each year. The entire Muslim population of Europe could be evacuated in 5 to 6 years.

      So if things when real extreme, the Muslim would lose big-time.

      Oh I have to laugh at this guy when he say Islamic countries are pure, where they have the worse corruption indexes in the world.

      • Guyz , just for the people with invading Muslim countries .Pakistan has the similar missile technology which reaches to nearly all of Europe and stockpile of 150 nuclear bombs .So do the math almost every big city will be destroyed theirs and ours .so every one who is thinking about the war is just dumb

    • talk about lack of knowledge when it comes to those who are invading our countries.

      Take your rubbish elsewhere because you simply have no idea about the reality of the Muslim world.

    • Wow Percy, someone’s been pouring the koolaid down your throat. If I didn’t think that you were serious, your post would be laughable.

      The thing is : we’re not afraid of any mutant asslifter wannabe world conqueror. The only reason that you mutants haven’t been entirely wiped off the face of the earth is because our governments have constrained us. At the moment, you’re only a minor annoyance to us, equivalent to a gnat flying around the camel’s ass. We will not sacrifice our children as you would : however, we will sacrifice all to protect them. You’ve obviously never been confronted by an American Woman. Our troops kicked your asses in Iraq and Afghanistan and if not for a moslem panderer in the People’s House, you would still be under our control, kissing American Ass and doing our bidding.

      You are such brave warriors that you run from Kurdish Women and now have shaved off your beards and like the pussies that you are, dress in women’s clothes to run and hide from Russian Forces. Big strong men, running in the face of battle, dressed as women. Ohhhhh…you’re scaaaring me. Not! Fuckun loud mouthed pussies who cower in front of the opposition crying, “Please don’t hurt me. I follow the “religion of peace. ” You’ve played that card one too many times. Next time, you all die. A few strategic strikes and it’s buh -bye asslifters! VIVA CRISTO REY!

    • “Muslim would sacrifice his parents and own children”
      I agree – I saw a segment on terrorists in Afghanistan who were using young boys as suicide bombers. The interviewee stated that he would gladly martyr his own children. He got a little defensive however, when asked when it was his turn to martyr himself. That’s because he is a COWARD – just like anyone else who would use a child to fight their battles, either physically or as an instrument of propaganda, i.e. like the Palestinians.
      By the way – morality, ethics and love will not prevent Westerners from slaughtering Muslims if necessary. The difference is that we would only do such a thing out of necessity, not a dogma-inspired bloodlust.

    • Man… if you think islam can win against us – you know nothing. We still sleep with our guns on eastern europe n balkan. we never forget or forgive.

      muslim sacrifices his family = a idiot who dies dumb.
      we, who protect our family n land, using brain n tactics n not crying from one scratch. n we are not coward nations where only men go fighting. check some history.

      you think we have limits what we can do? come n try us!
      fear the wolfs howl

      • It CAN win…because our nations are forbidding us from protecting ourselves. Even if it came to open warfare in the street, the police will side with the muslims under orders from the government.

        • Don’t worry, the police will suffer soon from them too.

          They don’t choose victims, soon they will attack the police too, and the police will refuse to serve, for being scared for their lives.

          In Eastern Europe we’ve seen all the circle, all the variations. Nobody cannot escape the problem, not being in the police, not being a politician.

          Facing the Islamic problem, everybody will understand. Just most of the people still live in hypnosis and media works to keep that hypnosis working.

          Reveal the facts and the events, nobody anymore can have illusions.

          Very soon, sooner than you expect, police will be the first force to join common people, they first have to face the problem, or to quit their jobs.

    • Percy your are blind and you are part of the problem. Now is the time to take out islam. You speak of war. what the hell do you see going on now. it is people like you that need to be done away with. your failed thinking and failed policies are leading to the destruction of Western civilization. War with islam has been happening for 14oo years. We in the west are just to stupid to look at muslims and islam for what they really are, a cancer. We must act now while we still have the strength or we will surely fall. What is happening now in Europe is a muslim invasion. 80 percent of the people coming into europe are men. not families, not those looking for a better life. they are rioting and attempting to for the Europeans to accept islam. you and those that think like you are blind. Civil war in Europe is now unavoidable.

      • im single muslim man im 41 years my old my name is mahmoud abd elhay im from egypt i looking for marrieage old germany muslim woman any old im honest im simple man and lovly i like laugh and nature and travel i want to marrieage old germany parnter to share me my life and live happy life together contact me my mobile 00201270455282

        • Oh, lookie here, mahmoud thinks this is a dating site for moslems! Sorry mahmoud, no German woman in her right mind would marry a follower of the paedophile prophet mohammad.

    • Who is this propagandizing ass and why is he allowed to spread his paap (that’s baby poopie, if you don’t know) around here ?
      Excuse me for stating the question in common terms, but if the muslims are so primal and pure, how can they claim the right to forceably push their dicks into any woman they choose ?
      Do you think that a death penalty for rape would slow these happenings ? Or would it just reduce the number of muslims slightly?
      Seems like anything like that would be a help.

      • You don’t need to put them in prison. But they do need to be castrated and have their penises cut off. They would be totally put out of service.

    • Oh dear, dear Percy. How very Keyser Soze of you… Whilst your on the subject of higher purpose and divine will. How about the lake of fire? A place for deviant unrepentant souls, hell bent on depravity and wreaking havoc on earth. It’s awaits…

  35. The women must protect and arm themselves and it is up to the men in the households to ensure this happens. If one of these savages tries to rape or attack a woman/girl they must protect themselves and make sure that these savages see the end coming at the hands of a woman. His last thoughts will be that there are no virgins for him but straight to HELL. Like the Kurdish Women’s army say when isis realise they are fighting against them (women) they run for their lives because to be taken out by a woman means dishonour and therefore no virgins for him!

  36. All europeans who suffers damage from migrants should sue their leaders. There must be some organizations to help them with that.

  37. This is absolutely true! I live in Öhringen and we women live in constant fear, I was attacked by a muslim in june near a train station at night , thank God two men (rather two angels!) heard me and they made the demon run away, unfortunately he was not caught, I should consider myself lucky because that beast “only” drove his dirty nails into my neck but didn’t kill me or rape me (yes the Germany of Merkel one must feel lucky of being only hurt by a muslim). I work in a hospital as a nurse and many of my female workmates have similar stories, after that horrible episode I was so scared I didn’t want to leave my house, I had nightmares, I carried a wasp spray can in my handbang and a scalpel wraped in paper in my pocket, I was scared to death, now I don’t use the train anymore when I have my night shifts, my good sister now drives me to the hospital when I work at night, my daughters aren’t allowed to go out without their father and this is a common reality that many, many german families are facing today, this must stop!

    • OMG, Sylvienne, all these stories should be published by the media. I think I will make a special post of the ones like yours I am getting from people in Germany and other parts of Europe. Your voices need to be heard.

    • Sylvienne, please be careful with what you carry because if one of those savages attacked you, IT WOULD BE YOU that the police would prosecute for carrying a concealed prohibited bladed weapon.

      BNI, I don’t think you Americans REALISE how lucky you really are. You can carry guns and blades, you can even be licensed to carry CONCEALED GUNS, we in the UK and some European countries have no such protection.

      • We most certainly do which is why fight so hard against people who want to take it away. Despite all the bloviating by politicians for massive gun control, it has never gotten anywhere nearly enough votes in congress.

      • The biggest issue with gun laws (they’re pretty strict in Australia) is they only hurt the citizens that will stand up and fight for what is right and what is just. Criminals don’t obey laws. I have never been able to see the point in banning weapons.

      • Yes Americans, have lots of weapons, and will always have them legal or not, there are some things that are inherit and strong in many other cultures and religions other than the islam thing. I do not underestimate the people of Germany, USA, Poland, Austria,UK, France, Canada and all the non islamic nations. I think the frustrations are the politicians, however many people are less and less caring about them when they are personally threatened by this backward religion of nothingness. Mostly many people just haven’t realized what a muslim religious person is all about. Be patient, I had very little point of reference until I just came across this site. Many of us have never seen one, talked to one, noticed a mosque, nothing. Everyone is waking up, a little slower that wanted, and waking up just the same. :). Furthermore many of us love our country, culture, men, woman, animals, etc and will not be giving any of it up. The police are already getting behind the people, many politicians are wanting them out of their nations and others just have had enough and will take them out. It is too bad this has been taking so much time and energy, however at the end of the day there, is a greater appreciation for our countries, cities, towns, families, culture. This may never happen again due to the huge shift from apathy to saying. HEY! I LIKE MY COUNTRY, CULTURE. NEIGHBORS, AND WE GOT A REALLY GOOD THING GOING HERE, LETS KEEP IT GOING AND LOVE IT MORE EVERYDAY.

      • Set up a few cops to chase you and have your friends waiting in ambush. If that is what it takes to be armed ,so be it. If their is a will there is always a way.

    • Sylvienne, God bless and protect you and all of our German sisters who suffer greatly.

      I’m so extremely sorry that because of Evil Merkel and other Evil, Satanic EU elites you and other German females now live in great fear of being attacked and SAVAGELY RAPED by Dirty, Demonic, Inhuman, Savage, Violent, Evil Muslim Monsters — the SPAWN of SATAN.

      Along with the UN, the EU is the Most Evil Organisation that Ever Existed on Earth.

      The EU are Determined that the Fear, Terror and Horror — Violent Attacks and Mass Savage RAPES of NON-Muslim females will spread all over Europe and Britain.

      It’s Precisely what the EU want and it’s why European and British leaders already colonised little Europe with 52 million Muslims and why the EU now invited the entire Muslim world to invade.

      Almost All are young, strong Muslim Males of WAR Fighting Age. Never-ending Invading Muslim Armies — Exactly what the EU desires.

      The EU is Utterly EVIL and Completely SATANIC.

      Our people, Especially Our Females, are Being offered up by Our Our Evil, Wicked Leaders as Human Sacrifices to Muslim Savages.

      Every non-Muslim nations’ people in every country must take to the streets by the Hundreds of Millions.

      Muslims are very lucky. Muslims can Live in Safety in Their Countries, but We CANNOT Live in Safety with Muslims in Ours.

      If we are to Survive, Every Muslim Invader and Every Muslim Must be Driven Out of our countries…

      God will never leave us or forsake us. God will be with us to the very end.

    • Actually you have the RIGHT idea Sylvienne,, with the WASP Spray.

      Everyone should arm themselves with cans of this stuff.

      It sprays to up to 20 feet, and aim for the EYES!!! When the puke goes down, then you can kick his head in.

      I have seen many posts lately of woman buying cans to keep for a weapon. Is legal to buy, you can sit it right on your table and it’s highly effective.

      I went out and bought myself 4 cans, I keep them very handy at all times. You can even fire off 2 of them at once. Double the eye destroying spray.

      I figure this will be a good thing to have, on hand,, and then when things get INSANE here in Canada because of this total MORON libtard who now will islam pander us into oblivion, I will get myself a nice MR GLOCK and carry concealed.

      Between my wasp spray and a hand gun, I will then feel safe.

    • Sylvienne thank you for sharing your story. This is horrific and I want you to know that we women of Australia are there for you in this plight. Thank heavens you have a sister who is helping you.

    • I am so sorry this happened to you. I was too attacked by an arab migrant when I was 17 (i am now 25) going to school and he grabbed me by my waist and tried to push me in an alley but I screamed and a man who opened his shop in a street near by came running, the Paki got scared and run away.

      This is not the only incident, I have been verbaly insulted and attacked countless times by migrants, not only me, most of the girls I know and I had the courage to speak about my fears. There are many places in Athens that white people don’t dare to go. One of those places being near my university, when we had classes until late in the afternoon we always had male friends picking us up or walking us to the nearest train or metro station.

      Our media in greece are completely silenced, they don’t mention any crimes done by migrants unless those crimes have caused a big shock and it’s difficult to be kept a secret. The rape epidemic it’s not news to us, it’s been going on for a few years now and the police doesn’t do anything. A 15 year old greek girl was left almost a plant after an immigrant raped her in a greek island and then smashed her skull against the rocks, a couple was raped a few months ago in a square in western athens and there’s now a on-going war between the locals and the migrants, a man was robbed and killed while leaving his house to go to the hospital his wife was giving birth, a girl was kidnapped and gang raped by afghans, there’s videos showing migrants attacking women in central squares in athens on New Years Eve.. I can go on for pages.

      I wish I could help the real victims of those wars in middle east but it stunts me how 80% of the refugees are men. 4000 of them arrive everyday in Greece.. 4000. Every. Fucking. Day. This is a complete disaster.

      My advice is, like I read on a previous comment, to learn Krav Maga. Defend yourself, don’t let anyone walk away thinking they got away with touching you against your will.

      Happy new year and please take care.

  38. Australia is going to accept 12,000 of the scum. Approximately 70% will be male invaders, and I estimate at least half of them will be rapists so the Australian government is potentially exposing Australian females to 4,200 rapes. That doesn’t include rapes committed by their offspring. I just feel sick about this.

    • Ah Yes, Mr TURDbull (unelected PM) who out of spite towards Prime Minister Mr Abbott’s (our elected PM) announcement that Australia would take 12,000 Christian, Yazidi and other persecuted minority groups has decided that he will instead saddle Australia with these sub human islamderthal savages as part of his appeasement of the Islamic community and as a snub at Mr Abbott. TURDbull is under orders of his Masters the UN and islamics in OZ because he does not want to be called an islamophobe as he has been warned by the Islamics that if he went ahead with Mr Abbotts plan that is what he would be so instead he is willing to put the safety and lives of the Australian people at risk to appease and has become one of the main apologists for extreme islam in Australia. TURDbull the EVIL equivilant of Obuma told the Australian people that we had to be more understanding of extreme islam. He lives in a huge Sydney side mansion where there is certainly no poor residents nearby and definitely no islamic enclaves so why should he give a damn! Hopefully the newly formed Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) launched last week by Geert Wilders will do well at the next election and at least be able to provide some protections for the Oz public. IF the EVIL TURDbull does get back in and wants to get any bills through Parliament..he will have to negotiate and If I was there I would drive the hardest bargain and am sure that those representing ALA will do the same…first item of business for them is STOP the islamisation of Australia. The people of Australia are starting to wake from the Apathy that seems to permeate through Oz..but the eyes are starting to slowly open and they do not like what they are seeing/hearing from the Leaders of our Government/Opposition. Islam should be BANNED in every civilised society/country.

      • TURDbull is a very apt description. All he cares about it popularity. I don’t think he stands for anything of substance.

      • Malcom Turnbull was elected by a margin of 10 votes by his party, the Liberal/Nationals coalition so he is their elected leader.
        Australians vote for a single member of a party at elections in their electoral seat, not to pick the Prime Minister who is the parties choice.
        I suppose you could vote for one of Labors stooges captained & crewed by “man boobs” Bill Shorten and his band of merry muslim panderers & lovers who would fill Australia with human waste (again) or maybe vote for those buy in bulk muslim importers the GREENS.
        If Tony Abbott had gone to the next election as leader the Labor and the GREENS would have run an effective campaign as He couldn’t be trusted to keep his word, now they have Labor & GREENS voters flocking to the Libs under the leadership of Malcolm Turnbull.
        The Liberals under dhimmi Turnbull’s leadership is the best We can hope for….it could be worse, much worse.
        P.S Don’t write off Tony Abbotts leadership ambitions just yet.

      • While Australians do technically vote for a single member of a party at elections in their electoral seat, and don’t directly vote for the Prime Minister we all know in reality that elections are run by the major parities as almost presidential campaigns with the focus being on the Prime Minister.

        There is no excuse for what the Liberals did for throwing out Abbott. Don’t get me wrong, I would never vote for Labor as Shorten isn’t fit for any position in public life.

    • this is not quite right in regard to who will come. It is true that the Turdbull has changed what was announced by the majority will be Christian and other minorities who have been persecuted. I do not know about the rest of them.

    • Just wait till a jihadi shoots up a rich side of town. Wonder what the richb”unaffected” would say if one of their rich boys or gals gets killed raped or beheaded.

  39. this is unbelievable! today the argentine born conductor Daniel Baremboin said Argentina -my country- should receive at least one million muslims! I am jewish and argentine and this country has a long and sad story of anti semitism and jew hating and terrorist attacks against jews as to add muslims to the boiling cauldron, not to mention that this is not a rich country and almost half of the population live below the line of poverty. We must feed our countrymen not muslim scavangers! Mr Baremboin is a traitor and a egomaniac!

    • Alas, very sad to say, MANY of the artistic types tend to fall into the Marxist trap with its MANY SNARES… [Also, all too many such aren’t the most rational or reasonable of people.]

      I know this much from bitter experience as a classical musician (though on a far lower plane than Daniel Barenboim, who truly is one of the big élitists in that branch of music)

  40. I was in a legida anti muslimprotest here in Leipzig some weeks ago and a group of rabid pro muslim idiots began to accost us and spit venomous accusations of nazism, racism and Ignorance. I was shocked to see among the idiots some prominent gay activists from Liepzig! why would someone who stands for gay rights want gay hating muslims in his country? an idiot told us that “refugees” were more “cultured” and “educated” than us and most of them were “professionals, doctors, accademics” and “better people than us” .. ¿doctors? ¿accademics? my foot! the streets of liepzig are full of “cultured muslim proffesionals” lazying around drunk, robing, defecating in parks, poisoning dogs , accosting women, beating elderly people, usurping houses and other “cultural activities” which liberal idiots seem to find so endearing. As for the rape problem I don’t feel safe anymore, I carry a steel pipe when I go out and muslim men have laughed at me, insulted me and promise to rape me because of this (yes I reported this but police did nothing) I assure you that if one of those filthy apes tries to put a hand on me I will beat him to a pulp… I am half german half icelandic and I have a though viking mindset 🙂

    • Alexandra, indeed you are a viking and very courageous. I am saddened to hear that the left is still clueless, especially gays, about the danger that’s being welcomed in by your leaders and supported by taxpayers. PEGIDA/LEGIDA needs to grow rapidly.

      Perhaps you should move to Iceland where the muslim problem isn’t as bad.

      We pray for your safety. You have the right to be armed. It’s just a damn shame that you have to be.

    • Cultured, educated, what a joke, I feel sorry for you.

      Thankfully, at the moment I only have to deal with the LATEST lot at work and not yet on the streets in any number (although I am swamped by stinking muslims).

      I can state clearly through direct contact with these savages 14 hours a day THEY ARE NOT CULTURED OR CIVILISED.




      If you have an honest held belief that you or another are in imminent danger, you may use such force as is reasonable and necessary to avert that danger.

    • “Open war is upon you,whether you risk it or not”

      Alexandra, the time has come to stop playing defense! The fate of your children, nation, and Europe is at stake. Begin training physically: all men, women, and children also! Form community groups and plan for safety and security. Collect as much information about their activities (muslims) as you can. When the time comes, you will all be prepared and equipped with knowledge to strike back.

    • And the truth is that such people have no clue. Sure there are doctors, lawyers and others who have fled….. to Lebanon….but I doubt that they are a part of the invasion.

      The invaders are far from being cultured.

      Alexandra be proud of your Viking heritage. We are on your side.

    • Get a Malinois. Muslims hate dogs. Get a devil eating- woman protecting Malinois. Get two. Get three.

      • A Malinois (one of the 4 breeds of Belgian Shepherd – the others are Laekenois, Tervueren and Groenendael) is an extremely-DRIVEN dog that needs LOTS of exercise AND perpetual work. They definitely are not for those that aren’t truly STRONG and COMMANDING – and able to spend LOTS of time with them.

        For such cases, I could see the German Shepherd (or crosses between the Belgian and German Shepherds) being a little calmer, yet no less deadly in handling the muzturds…

        In ALL events, please remember that a dog is NOT meant to merely fulfil one or two rôles: he (she) should be above all your FRIEND and COMPANION!!! Also, if you get more than one canine, please do your best to ensure that they’ll get along: teamwork can be VITAL!!! Finally, MAKE VERY SURE that they don’t get poisoned or harmed otherwise, given the Moslem good-for-nothings’ PATHOLOGICAL – and IRRATIONAL – hatred!!!

  41. Even google is against us:

    Goggle is offering a “Crisis Info Hub” to refugees. It provides vital information via smartphones, and is presented in a “lightweight, battery-saving way.”

    This includes information on ports, transport links, medical info, and places to sleep, and is available in English, Arabic, and other languages. It’s built in collaboration with the International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps, two aid organisations, and is open source.

    On the ground, aid workers are using tech to target aid effectively, and to deal with refugees’ new high-tech needs. Kate Coyer is the director of the Civil Society and Technology Project at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. She’s also become a volunteer relief worker since the crisis escalated, when she and a number of tech-activist friends got together to see what they could do to help.


  42. In Australia our news is sanitised too. If only people could see what’s really happening in the mainstream news, because:

    In 2010 55% of Australians supported muslim immigration, but sadly…
    Their latest 2015 survey found 65% support muslim immigration,
    Only 28% oppose.

    Conservative Right-Wing voters: only 41% oppose muslim immigration,
    Center-Left voters: 20% oppose,
    Far Left / Green voters: %1 oppose,
    other / minor party voters: %55 oppose.


      • Hi BNI,you are 100% correct polls are a dime a dozen,just another tool for corrupt leftwing media to peddle their crap as it fits in with the cowardice of sellout politicians.You only have to look at the leftwing bias of the ABC broadcaster here in Australia (Taxpayer Funded) to peddle their left wing/green/gay crap.I have taken my own poll that the average Aussie I know hates fucking Muslims and their perverted Pedophile Islam and would like them very much to Fuck off out of Australia and go back to the shithole they crawled out of.

      • You are so right about polls. Statistics can be manipulated. A pollster will ask a “yes or no ” question that is ambiguous and skewered towards the results that they choose to promote. For instance : “Majority of Roman Catholics polled support same sex marriage, artificial birth control “. What they don’t mention is that poll was conducted on a Sunday Morning between the hours of 10:00 and 12:00 when the majority of practicing Catholics are in attendance at Mass. That’s one of their tricks. Polls are meaningless because they are prejudiced to begin with. An authentic study ALWAYS includes a control group!

      • Morgan poll is manipulated by rich industrialists, the more people according to their mind the more money they can make.

        I know from personal experience that such a poll is crap, secondly the PC have obviously got to Morgan research since this poll is in mark contrast to their 2013 poll. Where 38% of Australians said that Islamic immigration should be cut. Now that was before ISIS, do you really think such a proportion would drop with the rise of ISIS?

        Of course not, this is a case of a phony poll that has been manipulated, it seems that Morgan polls are no longer reliable the PC dictatorship is influencing its objectivity.

    • That’s total crap mate, I’m calling bullshit on that story & you should know better by now.
      Who’s poll was it? Fairfax, ABC? Already that scum media have mainly far left readers so what else results are they going to publish?
      As Lady Margaret Thatcher said “There are lies, damned lies & statistics”.
      You know every well that when the media was running their campaign against Tony Abbott their “surveys” were conducted in mainly safe Labor or Greens seats – so obviously the ex PM’s polling was going to be poor.

    • That survey would have been taken at a GREENS party meeting.
      The real stats are when Aussies are polled is that about 1% of Australians support muslim immigration…..just about the same number of islamists in OZ.
      I reckon when it comes to voting or surveys, 50% of those surveyed know what’s going on, about 40% couldn’t care less, and about 10% are genuinely brain dead, dyed in the wool morons….funnily enough in some seats about 10% of the population vote GREENS every election.. a coincidence?

      • I care about the environment, but never voted green. That 1% figure makes me even more certain I never will.

        The current Prime Minister, the Dhimmi? wants to have an expensive citizens vote on the strangely important global issue of gay marriage, says he “trusts” the people- hahahahahahaha. Why not a vote on Islam??? Hopefully banning Islam will be the next important global issue, and I hope Trump wins.

    • Mo 1, I’m from France, and we got the most “politically correctness” possible of Europe !!!

      French sites below : – about ISLAMIZATION & societal situation – about ISLAM & social problems – about ISLAM – the blogger, a christian born palestinian – articles in french, some in german, arabic, italian, spanish

      Please, could you give websites adress of patriots in your country ?

      We can exchange informations, and any person here to do the same exchange is welcome

      This one for example :

  43. I was a soldier during the cold war and our leaders convinced us that the USSR was the enemy and war was inevitable….but could it be that we westerners are so weak and so badly betrayed by our so called leaders (Traitors) that the truth is the Orthodox Christians and Israel will be the ones to destroy the Muslim Armies that will come and save civilisation…if somebody had said that to me 20 or 30 years ago I would have laughed,but the coming of a new Islamic Dark Age is on the horizon clearly to be seen if anyone cares to look.

    • The Soviet Union isn’t the same as Russia. The communists (and the national socialists) were/are very active in supporting Islamic supremacy; in fact, islamism has been wedded to socialism to help create this particularly toxic brew we see today. Many of our cold war leaders were quite correct to detest them and try to limit their expansion — a lot of them sadly were too history ignorant and philosophically errant to see the connection between the I and the S (if you’ll pardon the pun).
      The Orthodox churches have come back in spite of the oppression they labored under the Soviets — and they are still recovering and thus not as steady as they appear thanks to that. All orthodox Christians (by this I mean all Christians who hold to the true, basic principles of their faith, and these are not as common a group as one would think) and Jews (same for them) have been under steady attack from both without and within thanks to the twin devils of socialism and islamism…a less than ideal situation to have to be confronting this (as they are the only ones who can actually rally a push back imho). As it is they are not only under attack but still fractured and often quibbling…

  44. Germany commits cultural suicide by not stopping all muslum immigration. I would arm my wife and children with weapons and any ‘would be rapists’ would get death for the rest of their lives and not some 3 or 4 years in prison for attacking defenseless children and women.

  45. dear BNI,
    please post this same as Germany
    some news of Britain,
    mussies and their left sympathizers hurled smoke bombs on brit police during their protest

    LONDON: Projectiles including smoke bombs were thrown at police on Saturday outside a London train station where a protest to highlight the plight of migrants seeking refuge in Britain was taking place, transport police said.

  46. If Germans don’t do something quick they are doomed. Women need to carry weapons and these savages deserve to be killed. I used to be against the death penalty but I’m all for it being carried out on these savages . You could wipe them all out and you’d be doing humanity a huge favor – they are good for nothing but savagery and destruction.

  47. Obama gave his top favorites — Muslim Terrorist Savages, small arms, ammo and grenades to murder innocents. This should have been given to our females for protection against the Muslim invaders. October 12, 2015
    US military airdrops 50 tons of ammo for Syrian fighters, after training mission ends

    The U.S. military airdropped 50 tons of small arms ammo and grenades in northern Syria on Sunday, a senior defense official told Fox News, representing the Pentagon’s shift from training rebel fighters to equipping them.

  48. In Alaska I have heard if you are going for a walk bring a 45 for protection from Polar Bears. I am sure Polar Bears are more civilized, so much for PC.

  49. END THE MUSLIM INVASION with the Christian Orthodox Military.

    Published on Jun 8, 2015

    Thanks all the sources of the videos from Armenia , Serbia , Russia , Bulgaria
    Greece/Armenia/Russia/Serbian Forces

    Orthodox Army | Orthodox Union | By Nemesis HD

  50. EVIL ruling elites are sacrificing our females to Muslim Gang Raping Monsters.

    Dear Prime Minister Putin,

    Our leaders Betrayed us. PLEASE Send your Christian Soldiers to Rescue Europe.

    Published on Jul 2, 2012 christian army russia
    Orthodox Army Christian Army

    • Linda, these men exemplify the quote ‘courage is fear that has said its prayers’. They may not be perfect but they are perfectly brave and decent wanting to protect their country wo/men and the most vulnerable.

    • Why Russia, where are the Westerners to fight it and to protect their own land?

      Ask Western men to raise and to fight for your own land and families, don’t you have men to fight?

      Russia des a lot, Eastern Europe does a lot, what Western Europe does? nothing, and on top of it, just complains and hates Russia and Eastern Europeans!

      I am pissed off with Westerners being unable to handle their own problems and to create new ones, and then to blame Russia and Eastern Europeans for that!

    • Immediately organize a civil patrols, civil militia, civil organizations to protect Christians, also get the Church co-operation. Put men on the streets to prevent any unrests from Muslims. Push your MPs to provide a law against Islam and Islam ideology, which Is fascist.

      Get lawyers to back up the law side of such actions. I am sure many lawyers would do that for patriotic reasons.

      Join a party which understands the facts and the process. Or create your own. Don’t let a MILIMETRE OF YUOR LAND TO BE AVAILABLE FOR MUSLIMS!

      Immediately put them out of the law of the country, kick them out or kill them all!

      Full restrictions for Muslims and protection of your homeland, full protection for your own people – no compromising!

      You stupid westerners invited Islam in Europe, now properly deal with it, or die yourself.

      What Westerners refuse to understand is that Islam will never let them survive. Islam hates non-Muslims. It is your death itself to face Islam.

      Eastern Europe knows that very well. Because of our protection. No protection anymore for Westerners, you better understand the problem or die.

      Islam won’t let you survive, it is a genocide ideology. Invasive, predator ideology. If you don’t act now, you will die for sure.

  51. And instead of telling the population of the country to dress modest or whatever around refugee centers and pools, why not hire armed guards to make sure these rapers don’t try anything. If a man cannot control his desires then he needs to be in jail, a mental hospital, or a muslim country.

    • A wonderful comment. I especially love the last sentence, very humorously put but very true. It also means that they are primarily driven by their primal urges just like animals, their insanity (probably cause by their brainwashed upbringing) and their immorality (also the result of their brainwashed upbrining).

  52. i hope that someone creates a vaccine and says its against ebola/hiv/or other deseases and vaccinates all of those “refugees”

    Just to sterilize them and stop them from creating a new degenerated generation of vermin

  53. Let me see if I have this right….Merkel (Stasi Agent) Opens Germanys (Europes) borders and then encourages a Muslim Army to come on in and then German children are told to clean up after the filthy Muslims and then told to have an open heart and take Muslims into their homes.Then Germans lose their jobs and homes to make way for Muslim Shit,and in the meantime your women are being raped..covered up by the Police and left wing media.But theres more!You Germans are then told to forget about retirement because you will have to work well into old age to take care of the Muslims as they will never work.Then your Muslims will set about to install Sharia,destroy your Civil society,ballooning Muslim crime gangs turning your Fatherland into Mahoomedland Hellhole like Sweden.You Europeans are headed for destruction and slavery to an evil perverted death cult.

  54. this is very serious stuff and everything is obama’s fault. letting these refugees in is probably letting isis in and they will spread out all over the continent! obama and his administration are guilty of conspiracy against usa and other countries. their actions may very well have instigated the potential for ww3. women need to arm themselves and get strong against these evil muslim men who hate women and think it’s ok to rape the world and tear off faces of men who are not them!

  55. Merkel is a coward, and is too proud to apologise and turn it around, too proud to say to the people of europe, I was wrong, please forgive me, I will start deportation right away.

    Instead she will allow rapes and murders and chaos, what a trade off so she can retain her dignity, willing to sacrifice so many other peoples dignity for her own. She’s beyond a disgrace, and embarrassment.

    She is a fully fledged member of decline.

  56. Does the Wicked Witch of the West, the Most Evil Woman in the World, Angela Merkel, send a Bottle of Champagne and a Cash Reward to the Filth Muslim Rapists every time the Spawn of Satan Muslim Monsters Rape an Innocent Non-Muslim girl?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she does. Western leaders are fully aware that the Sons of the Devil Muslim Savages have been waging a Massive Rape Jihad on a WAR Time Scale on British and European non-Muslim females for decades.

    Our Evil, Satanic leaders ALLOW it.

    The world’s Muslims have been invited by the filthy, dirty, demonic EU to invade Europe in order to Increase the Muslim Rape WAR against our females, in addition to savagely physically attacking, robbing and murdering our people.

    It’s what the Blood Soaked Quran book of hate, mass murder and eternal war against infidels teaches. And has the full Approval of British and European ruling elites

    Why else would the elites have colonised our little nations with 52 million Muslims and invited the rest of the Muslim world to invade?

  57. These filthy pedophiles should be castrated and left to bleed a slow death. Where are the German men to protect them? And where are the adults to protect the children? And where are the sword-bearers castrating these bottom feeders – everywhere they find them?

  58. This is disgusting, disgusting and real, I live in ingolstadt and I see the malice and pervesity of muslims every day: they harrass women, even little girls, they yell obscenities at us, at schools our daughters are insulted and bullied by muslim boys and even girls! muslim little girls are very mean to german girls. But the most sickening aspect of this is the fact that nothing seems to wake germans from the sweet rotten unreality where many are living: many germans are so INTOXICATED with guilT and self hatred that feel we deserve pain and misery inflicted by muslims and other third world races just because we are white and german and “privileged” and because nazis were white and germans too …to many stupid germans irrational dislike for their own race, culture and ancestors has now become a mechanism for self-esteem and purity , to them being german or european is a crime for which one must spend their life kissing non white asses.

    • Marthe, Listen to me. I am Jewish and have accepted the apologies and remorse given by the German people to the Jews a long time ago. You will never
      be able to make up for what happened in WWII, by flooding your country with millions of people who are just like the Nazis, only worse. Muslims in Germany and the rest of the EU not only put Jewish lives there in danger, they endanger all the Christians who are there because once muslim kill off all the Jews, they are coming for the Christians.

      Your country will not survive this invasion, as you seem to know. In 30 years or less, at this rate, Germany will be an Islamic state as these million or more invaders breed like cockroaches while living off the largess of the hard working German people.

      You need to join the anti-Islam PEGIDA demonstrations, but not in the tens of thousands, in the hundreds of thousands and millions. Do not sit idly
      by a let the sell-out Merkel government destroy your culture and democracy forever. It’s been happening for several years, but now thanks to the phony muslim refugee flood, your demise has been accelerated by at least 10 years.

      Tell them your Jewish friend in America wants them to stop feeling guilty about something most had nothing to do with and open their eyes to the greater Holocaust that will result from the muslim invasion. PLEASE DO IT NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

      • Marthe & Bonnie,

        Bonnie is absolutely correct. You must forgive yourself and then get involved. And don’t forget, German women were raped repeatedly by Russian invaders after WWII. How much rape must German women endure before it’s okay to love your selves again?

        Do you think we all hate you? We don’t. Heck, if you are to be detested 80 years after some of your countrymen got involved with Hitler what will we Americans have to answer for after the Obama years come to an end and we still have millions of mindless Obama supporters driving around with those damned 2008 bumper stickers on their cars while marching in Black Lives Matter protests and celebrating the deaths of policeman? i will be blamed for this even though I do not support it and am totally against it. This cannot end peacefully and many people will die, and some of them will be among our families and friends and even ourselves. So let’s join together, you and me and Bonnie and the others who gather here to try to do something about the hordes and about what we have been willing to put up with. I am not willing to put up with one more ounce of it. I welcome your strength and good will as we fight this together.

        • Thanks Isabella, I keep hearing the same thing from a lot of Germans and I just wish I could meet them to shake some sense into them and stop with this guilt trip that will mean their own demise.

        • hey I am from texas, and they already dumped some muslim refugees in nacogdouches texas.. The first thing Obama did is make a deal with some manufacture companies and they get PAID to hire the muslims. Because of that, a pink slip was given to many texas workers, so they took their jobs.
          next, they got free housing, clothes (shoes and under garments they use), free food and free medical.. YES right now, they get EVERY THING free in usa, And the men work for a paycheck in these factories.
          THe women are dressed full black burqa. where you only see their eyes, which they circle in black pencil.. THE MEN stare at YOU when you walk in the store, its creepy.
          and the women look at you with hate, but I have only seen 7 women, and about 30 men. THEY are all black men, and speak some arabic dialect. they are tall and skinny. anyways, just so the world knows. they are here in usa now.. and alot more from what the news media says is coming.

      • We, in France, got the same problem, I explain :

        White & french people are “former” colonialists (with Algeria) !!

        1 – It’s false !!! France came on these lands, first to stop piratry, end Jewish dhimmi’s status, and, later, created the country called “Algeria” !!

        2 – We, therefore, “must” eternally apologize for a lie invented to culpabilize french white people…

        Add to this, that our leader BETRAYED and are STILL continue BETRAYIND us, french people, by putting these savages EVERYWHERE on the territory !!

        PM valls is replacing head in charge in any county (call “commune”) by the superior, in order to make APPLY this plan !!!

        PM valls declared years ago “to be eternally linked to ISRAËL”, but any decision he took, any position he took are VERSUS ISRAËL !!
        He also declared ” Muslim of France, are France !!

        Another asshooting, the minister of interior, casevide, declared this, a few day after ; ” Advocating jihad is not a crime ” !!

        But REALITIES is stuborn, and agressions, rapes, murders, gangs shoots, show its face more & more !!!

        France is a powder keg, awaiting for a light !!!

      • Islam on its lack of respect of woman and breeding like rats with
        20 children is a clear and precise evidence of a specified that will
        Overrun any other and should be feared

    • Tell/ask your German compatriots: “If you really want to make amends for what you did 70 years ago, then how is bringing in those who would kill Jews with far less angst than even your people did going to make that amend?” For how is Israel, or Russia, or any of the rest of us going to find the strength to stand if Europe allows itself to go under? Those places will find it all the more difficult (and then there is the problem of winning back lost ground to boot). Eventually, if one place falls the invaders will go to a new city, but if they are met at the gates now…
      Remind them of this little line: “go forth and sin no more…fyi: defense of self and the innocent is not sin; it is virtue”.

  59. As instructed in the mosques:
    “Their women are yours to take, legitimately. Allah made them yours. Why don’t you enslave their women?”
    Sheikh Saad al-Buraik
    “Any woman without a headscarf is asking to be raped”
    Imam Shahid Mehdi, Copenhagen.

      • Susan, I have also read about the high number carrying the Aids virus, TB, diphtheria, Whooping cough and Polio is absolutely RIFE in the ME. Now the most recent news that those treated for Ebola and their families in Africa being carriers of and are relapsing after approximately 8 months and there seems to be a lot of Africans amongst the invaders….they travel across many Euro countries spreading diseases that could wipe out whole populations. Spread of Aids via their lust for rape, their filthy habit of defecating and urinating where they stand and throwing faeces at people, urinating on people as they sit/stand. Could this be part of the UN plan…population control on a dual front, the savages and the damage they reap and the deadly diseases they carry? The UN are showing the whole world just how EVIL they truly are and the European people better start waking up soon before it is too late.

    • Probably ebola too, and then things will really ramp up. There will not be enough isolation rooms or drugs to go around and when the Germans are under that much pressure these thugs will be hunted down. Of course the Germans will need to wear hazmat suits supplied by Vladimir.

      The images will be a variation on the scenes from Terminator 2 I should imagine.

      Farewell German expertise, culture, civility, economy and tourism. No one in their right mind would visit Germany now.

  60. imagine being assaulted by a disease ridden, inbred savage musloid negroid invader.

    is truly a fate worse than death, esp if said savage has aids or a myriad of hard to cure diseases of the third world.

    All women will need to carry concealed handguns!!! I plan to do just that when the libtard GOOF trudeau opens up my sane, safe country to this islamic invasion.

    That bastard will ruin this country with this crap!

    When this insane crap starts in MY city, I will get me a nice Mr. Glock, who will become this girl’s BEST friend!!!

  61. Parents are urged not to allow their daughters to go out unaccompanied? Somehow that sounds familiar. Is that not how it goes in the middle east? It is amazing how sharia wins out every time.

    • It’s absolutely fucked up how people, especially young people, are LOSING their freedoms, all because some shitbag immigrants can’t handle others’ freedom of choice.

  62. Paedophiles along with rapists should be executed provided the evidence is watertight.

    Or for the faint hearted that think execution of these things is just as bad as the crime then i suggest the following.

    When convicted the criminal should be taken to a place of punishment, where his eyes and ears would be destroyed, his arms and legs would be removed and he would be place in a soundproof room. 3 nice men would be employed on a 3 shift basis each of 8 hours. Each “nice man” would be issued with a 4 inch pin and instructed to stick the pin into the criminal’s body at random intervals. The criminal would be released form the punishment upon death.

    One benefit of this punishment would be the employment of thousands of nice men.

    Oh there should also be a fine of £100 to really teach the bastar* a lesson just in case the physical punishment didn’t work.

  63. Please, Please, use another name other than “Southerners”
    to refer to these sub-humans, they are muslims. This is very similar
    to the islamitized UK. that refers to muslim scum as “Asians”. It’s all
    Political Correctness used by the Governments, that will not utter the
    TRUTH. In BO Land, the media simply will not state a criminal of color ,
    but if he is the rare White criminal, the media shout it loudly! In Germany,
    correct the PC Gov. & let them know that you are aware of the enemy.

  64. I don’t get these families of the victims, why do we never hear about anyone being disposed of.

    If any of those savages raped any member of my family the least I would do is cut his meat and two veg off before feeding them to him.

    • A C, I love your spirit and vehemence – I feel exactly the same.

      Recently when driving around I looked around the neighbourhood and thought this idyll may not last much longer and I’m committing it to memory.

      Our savage problem is not like Britain’s yet but 50,000 of them in a country of 4.5 million people is alarming especially for Jewish people who number around 8,000.

      If I recall correctly, Britain has limited the child tax credit to 3 children where as in NZ it seems there is no limit, this needs to be sorted out here immediately to discourage the exponential growth of savages.

      • Thank you.

        I am open, honest, and brash on some occasions, I do not tolerate bullies or fools and will stand my ground to defend myself and others.

        Because of my temperament I know many people don’t like me and to be honest I don’t care (guess I will never be a politician).

        I guess I am not your typical Englishman too frightened to complain or rock the boat, however, we Brits are changing, there are a lot of angry men on the streets today.

        Yep the new restrictions on child benefits have the savages claiming the government is racist. A recent report claimed that a typical muslim male will produce 20 children in the UK due to having 4 fives.

        Now you see the problem which the government cannot or refuses to accept.

        All of these young males invading our countries will be able to bring wives over after a year, so in no time, that 1 invader will be 25.

        So think, Germany allows 1.5 million male invaders into their country and potentially ends up with 37.5 million savages.

        Good luck with your fight in NZ and send some of that Māori spirit too us.

        • good point, most people don’t realize that. They think the men are just running away from war. They are going first while the families live comfortably in Turkey then in 2 years his 4 wives and 15 children will join him