[UPDATED] HERE IT COMES! More CAIR whining about Muslim baghead who was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight

All airlines have the right to remove a passenger whom they feel is a threat to public safety. For obvious reasons, this rule could apply to any Muslim.

UPDATE: But now we know why. This is one scary-looking Somali Muslim.


Al-Arabiya  A headbag-wearing Muslim woman was kicked off a Southwest Airlines plane heading to Chicago after the flight attended did “not feel comfortable” with the passenger, The Independent reported on Friday. The woman, Hakima Abdulle, had asked the person sitting next to her if he would switch seats, which is not allowed.

“She suffered acute distress and anxiety as a result of this experience. She was publicly humiliated before a plane full of passengers,” the Maryland Outreach Manager at designated terrorist group CAIR, Zainab Chaudry, was quoted as saying.

Southwest Airlines issued a statement that read: “Information available, collected at the time of the event, indicates that our employees followed proper procedures in response to this customer’s actions while onboard the aircraft. Chaudry expressed her disappointment by stating that this is becoming part of “an alarming trend.(One can only hope!)