LEBANON: Is there any animal that Muslims don’t enjoy torturing for fun and entertainment?

In Lebanon, apparently it’s fun to beat sea turtles. Sometimes, to death. At the Havana Beach, south of Beirut, footage surfaced of a man throwing a female sea turtle onto the sand, where it was beaten and stepped on, by him, a woman, and children– laughing and smiling while doing so.


GreenArea  The female sea turtle dragged out of the sea and beaten for fun by a group of people, including teaching young children to beat it, was so much fun that they had to take pictures of themselves torturing it.

One of the captured images shows a kid forced to stomp on the turtle, although he was crying. Other pictures revealed beach goers snapping pictures with the turtle.


Animals Lebanon, reported that the sea turtle had a cracked skull and sea water seeped into its sinus cavities. Without rehabilitation, she will likely die. Animals Lebanon rescued it and is currently providing it with medical care.

“GreenArea International” contacted the ministries of environment, agriculture and the animal welfare organization “Animals Lebanon”, to undertake the necessary veterinary measures to rescue the turtle, which is still in a critical condition.

Sea Turtle's bruised head
Sea Turtle’s bruised heag

Sea turtles contribute in maintaining balanced rates of jellyfish, knowing that the increase in the number of jellyfish means the decrease in the number of fish in general, since jellyfish mostly eat fish eggs and larvae. The increase in their number means the elimination of larger numbers of fish, which leads to a breach in the food chain, leading to a damage in the biological balance of the marine life. ”

But this turtle is not the only one to suffer from the hands of Lebanese beachgoers. GreenArea International, a local non-profit, reported several dead sea turtles over the past month.

And, the loggerhead turtle is an endangered species in Lebanon. It’s near extinction is due to loss of habitat and safe areas to lay eggs. Pollution, fishing, shrimp trawling, and now– recreational beating– have led to its near extinction.