GERMANY: Latest Muslim invader sexual assaults on young girls ages 10 to 14 at public swimming pool

sweden-submits-to-sharia-and-install-gender-segregation-in-public-swimming-poolsILLEGAL ALIEN MUSLIM INVADERS pretending to be asylum seekers have carried out another group sex attack in Germany, this time attacking at least five girls aged between 10 and 14 at a public swimming pool in Kirchheim.

MUSLIM refugees Mohsen and Ali (l) reading the pool rules written in German, Arabic and English in the swimming pool in Hermeskeil, Germany, 21 January 2016. Both own a swimming pass, which allows them to use the pool
MUSLIM refugees Mohsen and Ali (l) reading the pool rules written in German, Arabic and English in the swimming pool in Hermeskeil, Germany, 21 January 2016. Both own a swimming pass, which allows them to use the pool

NEW OBSERVER  Police identified all the attackers as “young men from asylum seeker circles” and of “Arab” appearance.

According to an article in the Stuttgarter Nachrichten, the police were called to the swimming pool in the Kirchheim/Teck (Esslingen district) on Wednesday afternoon after they received reports of “several sexual assaults, and injuries.”


Police spokesman Sven Heinz confirmed to the paper that the attackers were from “asylum seeker circles,” and he said, “to judge from their outside appearance,” of an “immigrant background.”


Five girls between the ages of ten and 14 have so far reported being attacked by the invaders, who are all aged between 20- to 30-years-old. All “asylum seekers” in the town had received free pool passes for the entire year as part of their benefits.


The police report said that all of the girls had had their bikini tops and pants ripped from their bodies, and their private parts groped.


One of the girls fled in tears when “a 25- to 30-year-old man rubbed his erect penis on her body,” Heinz added. “All of the girls were highly traumatized.”


Witnesses managed to identify one of the attackers, a 21-year-old “asylum seeker” from Iraq, who was promptly detained for attacking an eleven-year-old.


Another suspect, described as “in his early 20s,” was detained by lifeguards at the pool, but in the ensuing tumult, managed to slip away.


ll of the attackers were described as “speaking Arabic,” Heinz continued, adding that police had issued an appeal for other possible victims to come forward.


The police were first summoned to the pool on account of the behavior of an invader “asylum seeker” from Mali who, along with 30 others, had engaged in assaults and attacks on other bathers and lifeguards.


The Malian, who claimed to be 17-years-old—but who overpowered and injured two officers before reinforcements arrived—had got into a standoff with lifeguards who had called the police. It was while investigating this attack that the young girls’ parents came forward to report the sex attacks.


Green Party Kirchheimer mayor Angelika Matt-Heidecker—whose party’s policies are the cause of the assaults—said she was “appalled” by the attacks.


“We will have to crack down,” she told the Stuttgarter Nachrichten. “It is unacceptable that parents have to be afraid to let their children go to the swimming pool.” Her answer to the attacks is to make sure that there are “security guards” present at the pool in the future, she added.


She also said that the “asylum seekers” would be told that this was unacceptable behavior, and when the newspaper pointed out to her that the “rules of conduct” had already been issued to them several times, but had “apparently not produced the desired effect,” Matt-Heidecker said it had to be made clear to them “how we live together here.

And those who do not understand this, cannot stay here.”



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