Oh, NOES, showing their CAIR roots, Muslim group in Canada starts their own whine fest about “Islamophobia”

UnknownFormerly known as designated terrorist group CAIR, the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) ignores the real reasons for the rise in anti-Muslim backlash, which they incorrectly label “Islamophobia.” There’s nothing phobic about not liking people who want to kill you and take over your country.


NCCM  The recent rise in anti-Muslim incidents in Canada is disturbing and risks eroding the strength of our country’s rich social fabric. When Muslim women are attacked in the streets, when mosques are vandalized or when people face prejudice in their workplace or school, it is not only Canadian Muslims that suffer; Canadian society as a whole is weakened because our values of equality, respect, justice and dignity for all are threatened.

Hate crimes (mainly verbal assaults) against Muslims have risen dramatically in recent years both in Canada, and around the world.  Given the unfortunate climate of fear that seems to have entered some segments of public life, it appears that this trend is increasing.

Islamophobia is real (No it isn’t, it’s a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood to stop criticism of Islam) and it is wrong, despite what some may say to downplay it or dismiss it.  This type of hate and discrimination tells Canadian Muslims that they do not belong (You DON’T, because of your own supremacist way of thinking) by isolating them and their communities through stigmatization and casting them as outsiders and the ‘other’. (You create your own parallel societies because you are only loyal to Islam, not Canada)