SHOCKING STORY GERMANY: Muslim father & brother of patient attack the doctor with a knife, threaten to behead him, and police decide not put the Muslim attackers in jail

A 19-year-old Muslim patient came into the office of Dr. Attila Tan with a fractured fibula. As the doctor told him what he had to do for the leg, the patient got increasingly aggressive and soon stormed out of the office, only to shortly return with his brother and father, who was armed with a large knife.

Dr. Attila Tan
Dr. Attila Tan

Vlad Tepes Blog (h/t Susan K)  The doctor was in the middle of a surgical procedure when they charged into his office, screaming “Allahu Akbar” and saying they wanted to behead him.  The two sons had held down the surgeon as the father kept yelling: ‘Apologize to my son, get on your knees and kiss his hand.’” He also told him that he was Palestinian and had killed a lot of Jews.

The office broke out in panic, one 82 year old female patient even fled out of the window. Fortunately, when the trio stormed into the practice, two female employees immediately fled and called the police. And before anything worse could happen, the police arrived. As a result of this act of terrorism, the doctor’s wife who was working in the office had a heart attack and was hospitalized.

Police arrested the son, his girlfriend, and later the father and brother…but shockingly let all of them go the same day. The doctor’s assistants are terrified they will come back.

Police said “there were no incriminating aspects that would justify holding them.” And there was “no evidence that it was a religiously or politically motivated crime.”

Below is the video of the doctor telling his story.