GERMANY: Anti-rape tattoos, wristbands, and colorful posters aren’t stopping the rape epidemic by Muslim invaders

6-ban-running-shoes-for-womenSo, what do you do? No, of course you don’t stop Muslim rapists from flooding your country, you advise German women and young girls to wear sneakers so they’ll be able to run away faster from their attackers.


Gateway Pundit (h/t Larry A)  The past year, more than one million Muslim invaders from the third world, almost exclusively younger men, came to Germany, and the country is currently experiencing a historic rape wave without its equal, which many expected would happen. 

This has led the Germany’s Federal Criminal Police, BKA, to advise German women on how to best protect themselves against rape by Muslims.

No means NO? Guess not when it comes to Muslims
“No means NO?? Guess not, when your rapist is a Muslim supremacist

If a woman gets an unsafe feeling when she encounters a group of Muslim men, or perceives that a situation could pose a risk, she should always trust her intuition and avoid getting into such situations, says Markus Koth, spokesman for BKA, according to

'Don't tape little girls' signs don't do much either
‘Don’t molest little girls’ signs don’t do much either

Women must continue, if necessary, to be ready “to take detours.” In addition, women should see if there are “any policemen nearby that can be contacted,” according to Koth.


If, despite all precautions, she is attacked by Muslim asylum seekers, nevertheless, it is very important to be able to protect yourself by trying to run away.

“Here you have to behave as boldly and decisively as possible. Even shouting loudly, one could make passersby aware of what is going on,” (so they can run away too?) said the BKA spokesman.