Designated terrorist group CAIR is now concocting fake accusations of “Islamophobia” against the police

A Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) in Alabama has condemned local police chief Barry Pendergraft for posting what they call “anti-Muslim bigotry” on his Facebook page. Yet there is not a word about Muslims or Islam in his Facebook posts.

Complex  Pendergraft posted videos and images of himself in late September loading bullets into a box with the the caption, “100 more bacon grease covered bullets in the box! This relaxes me so!!” Another is captioned “Happiness is a couple thousand rounds in the ammo box! Bacon grease dipped of course!!” (below) the New York Daily News reports

The Daily News further reports:

“These complaints are not worth — they’re below comment,” he said.

He added that the posts had “nothing in there about religion.”

“It just baffles me,” he said about the anger over the posts.

But when asked what he intended, Pendergraft refused further comment and hung up.


The caption—and more specifically, the reference to “bacon grease”—seems to allude to a legendary story about a U.S. Army General Jack “Black Jack” Pershing killing Muslim extremists with bullets that had been dipped in pigs’ blood. Donald Trump repeated the story to thousands of supporters at a rally earlier this year, and it has become wildly popular among conservatives. 

The Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Alabama chapter reportedly said Pendergraft’s posts allegedly showed “evident anti-Muslim bigotry”; the Daily News reports that no action against the Burley, Alabama police chief has been announced.