MORE FAKE MUSLIM OUTRAGE over unsurprising but relatively small rise in anti-Islam hate crimes

Hate Crime In U.S. Survey Up 6%; But Anti-Muslim Rise 89%, NYC Up 24% So Far In 2016. Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes Soar to Post-2001 Record, But Jews Targeted More (Yet you don’t Jews see whining about it every time you pick up a newspaper, watch cable TV news, or check Twitter and Facebook as you do with Muslims)

HuffingtonPost  Overall small increases hid significant spikes in bias crimes against Muslims, Arabs and transgender people in 2015, with hate crimes against Muslims rising 89%, statistically breaking out of range of between 105 and 160 in the years since 9/11.  Jews, however, are still by far the most frequent target of religious hate crime, constituting 548 incidents or 12.6% of all hate crime in our sample.

NO, actually they don't, not to Americans
NO, actually they don’t, not to most Americans

What is behind the spike in anti-Muslim hate crimes? While the data is not as diagnostic or predictive as some would suggest, we can at least isolate certain relevant developments that took place during this period where attitudes were possibly impacted.

These include elevated levels of prejudice and fear directed against Muslims domestically, highly publicized Islamic terror attacks and bigoted pronouncements by violent Salafist Jihadist extremists directed at Americans and Europeans, and the coalescence of populist socio-political movements in the West that lean toward Euro-Nationalist identity and away from greater international engagement in such things as existing trade agreements to immigration.


As the election season commenced, immigration and national security often took center stage, with discourse frequently shifting towards Muslims collectively, and often, regrettably, with the invocation of incendiary negative stereotypes. These stereotypes help amplify where prejudice is directed communally within various subgroups, where certain out groups are negatively characterized.

NO, the Mainstream Media is the only place where Muslim lives matter
NO, the Mainstream Media is about the only place where Muslim lives matter

With respect to Muslims, however, prejudice has been elevated for the better part of a decade. Muslims have been either the most negatively viewed, or among the top few socially recognized groups that are negatively categorized, with the most recent study released in August’s Social Forces journal having them top that list. In 2014, before the current election season, Pew research also found that Muslims were the least positively viewed religious groups. (Gee, I wonder why?)


Ignorance about the Islamic faith and its heterogeneity, coupled with a lack of meaningful interaction with peaceful Muslim neighbors, allows publicity about real events and the significant threat posed by a minority of violent fanatical extremists to skew attitudes towards Muslim-Americans as a whole. (Actually, the greater the knowledge of the Islamic faith, the greater the hatred against Muslims)


Hate Crimes in the United States In 5 Day Intervals Following San Bernardino Muslim Terrorist Attack of December 2, 2015

12/2 No hate crimes
1. 12/3 Palm Beach, FL All windows smashed at Mosque Criminal Mischief
2. 12/3 Hawthorne, CA Islamic school threat to shoot everyone there, Threat
3. 12/3 Grand Forks, ND Somali restaurant vandalized with Nazi slogans, Crim. Mischief (firebombed on 12/8)*
4. 12/5 Astoria, NY Store owner beaten Assault, Threat
5. 12/5 Washington, DC Muslim Cong. Carson death threat, Threat
6. 12/6 Buena Park, CA Sikh Temple Vandalism, Crim. Mischief
7. 12/6 West Philadelphia, PA Pigs head, Crim. Mischief/Threat
8. 12/6 Alameda County., CA Hot coffee attack, slurs Assault

12/6 President Obama Address to the Nation, evening
12/7 Candidate Trump Tweets Announcement re: Muslim Ban/ Speaks at rally

1. 12/7 New York, NY Restaurant worker slapped Assault, Att. Crim. Mischief
2. 12/7 Washington, DC Indiana Cong. Andre Carson death threat Threat
3. 12/8 Jersey City, NJ Threat letter Threat
4. 12/8 Grand Forks, ND Arson, Nazi spray paint Arson, Criminal Mischief* (Arson occurred days after spray paint, so 2 incidents, but one before 12/7)
5. 12/8 Plano, TX New Muslim residents home struck by rocks, Criminal Mischief
6. 12/9 Plano, TX Muslim family home struck again with rocks, Criminal Mischief
7. 12/9 Seattle, WA Ride share driver attacked Assault
8. 12/9 Brooklyn, NY Woman kicked, slurs Assault
9. 12/9 Brooklyn, NY Train Graffiti “Burn Muslims/Heil Hitler,” Vandalism
10. 12/10 Queens, NY Sarker Haque attacker yells “I Kill Muslims” Assault
11. 12/10 Washington, DC CAIR gets letter w/powder Threat
12. 12/10 Santa Clara, CA CAIR gets letter w/powder Threat
13/14. 12/10 Tampa, FL Rocks/shots at 2 Muslim drivers Assault, Threat
leaving religious. service in hijab in separate locations
15. 12/11 Coachella, CA Mosque Firebomb Arson