TURKEY: This is what happens when Islamic hatred for dogs is passed on to Muslim children

Pascal the puppy was left for dead after cruel Muslim children covered him in industrial glue and dragged him through mud in Istanbul. Fortunately, there appear to be a few Muslims in Turkey who put compassion for dogs above the teachings of Islam. 


UK Daily Mail  (h/t David Y) A stray puppy was left for dead after being covered in industrial glue and dragged through mud by cruel children. The heartbreaking pictures of Pascal the puppy show him in horrible condition and looking terrified after his ordeal in Turkey.

The dog is believed to be only four months old and could hardly move through fear and ill health giving him similar symptoms to rigor mortis. He was found near an industrial estate in Istanbul, Turkey, and is being looked after by the charity He’Art of Rescue.


Children had put so much glue on him it acted like cement and one of his ears become necrotic because it was starved of blood. His skin also suffered extreme damage from the strong chemicals found in the glue and had to undergo a series of medical baths to help aid his recovery. 

Despite being tormented by children, he appears relatively calm when vets have been caring for him, removing the matted fur which had bonded with the thick glue. He was found to be suffering from the canine virus parvo, but has beaten the viral infection after several weeks of treatment.


Nur Rima Yola, founder of He’Art of Rescue, said: ‘Pascal was in a miserable state when I first saw him inside that box. He was not moving, he had frozen, very scared and very traumatised.

‘After the glue has been removed, he stood in shock for one day. He was even turning his back to hide when he saw people.


‘He is doing better, slowly getting used to the staff in the clinic where of course love is being poured towards him. ‘He especially bonded with one of the doctors who is in charge of him, Hasan Akin. They are best buddies.’

He’Art of Rescue, which specialises in rescuing cats and dogs found in awful conditions, is appealing for help as they rehabilitate Pascal and other animals.

But less than a month after being rescued Pascal is making an amazing recovery and is now unrecognizable and has even made friends with another puppy.