EVEN FAR-LEFT FACT CHECKER ‘SNOPES’ won’t confirm the CAIR-inspired allegations that Muslim women are being threatened and harassed all over the country

screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-7-36-04-amWe see stories about alleged anti-Muslim threats of violence and headbag (hijab)-grabbing all over the news since the election of Donald Trump. As most BNI readers already know, most of these stories are fabricated by Muslims to elicit sympathy from the media and the Left.

WZ  Here’s one example that’s even been debunked by George Soros-founded and funded fact-checkers at SNOPES.


You can take one look at this and know that it’s fake. But Reza Aslan, a big-mouth California based-Iranian American Islam apologist and author and many others spread this message without question.

As Snopes notes, this letter was supposedly independently sent to different people, in different states. Yet it was always the same picture, indicating that wasn’t the case. Further, no police report or media report was made as to any incident. 

Here’s what the letter says:

Dear Terrorist-Bitch,

We are writing to you as the newly organized Neighborhood Town Watch. We understand that you currently wear a scarf on your head and we would like to put you on notice that this will no longer be tolerated in our neighborhood.

Now that America is great again, we would like to offer you two opportunities to avoid any consequences on your poor previous decisions. First, you can take your radical attire of and live like all Americans. Or, your second option, you can go back to the God Forsaken land you came from.

America is Great Again,

Neighborhood Town Watch


But these things are thrown out there with the purpose of pumping up the angst on the left which is already at a fever pitch.


The photograph appeared with a wide range of different claims. When it was posted to Reddit on 20 November 2016, it was accompanied by a message claiming that the letter had been circulated to Muslims in Massachusetts. Facebook users shared the image claiming that the letter was sent to a “hijabi Muslim woman in Harrisburg, PA”. Others said that it had been taken in Michigan, while the earliest posting of this image we uncovered, which was shared on 11 November 2016, alleged that it was from somewhere in Delaware.

There is no evidence that it was widely circulated to Muslims around the United States. It either documents an isolated incident (which has not warranted media coverage or police reports), or the work of a hoaxster who typed the letter, printed out a copy, photographed it, then shared it online with a fictional story.


Frontpage  To gain power, totalitarian movements like Islam always portray themselves as victims. And while they are in the process of abusing, they cry in front of the world posing as the abused.

We are witnessing precisely this phenomenon at this very moment in regards to the myriad hoax “hate-crimes” that anti-Trump forces are manufacturing out of thin air and blaming on Trump supporters. The media are bolstering the entire hallucination process, with CNN leading the way.


Central to the whole narrative is the supposed “Islamophobic” anti-Muslim crime-wave sweeping the nation. The rumors spread and the media regurgitates the lies without any evidence to back them up. And then, after the hoaxes are debunked one by one, the media is, by that time, bored and no longer interested.


The latest “Islamophobia” counterfeit involves a Muslim student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL). The Muslima alleged that her hijab and wallet were stolen by two white Trump supporters who were shouting racial slurs. The woman’s accusation incensed leftists and Muslims across the nation and the world, prompting the ACLU of Louisiana to issue a statement denouncing both the incident and, of course, Donald Trump. The investigation into the incident involved several law enforcement agencies, including the FBI. The Washington Post, New York Times and CNN, meanwhile, ate the story up.


But what happened to this Muslima’s story under tough police questioning? Well, the ULL student eventually broke down and admitted to police that she had fabricated the entire thing. By that time, of course, the media wasn’t too interested in such an innocuous little detail.


Recently, The Huffington Post reported on an incident of “Islamophobia” under the headline Islamophobia Just Drove This Boy And His Family Out Of America.” It was all so heartbreaking and unjust. The one little problem with the story, however, was that it never happened.


Many other hoaxes of Trump-induced terror are being debunked as we speak. All of these “hate-crime” fabrications made up by the anti-Trump forces are nothing new. They are a completely natural ingredient of how totalitarians operate and, hence, how the Unholy Alliance of the Left and Islam operates. 


Now the Unholy Alliance maniacs feel “unsafe” because they didn’t get their way in the election, it becomes very clear why it’s crucial for them to play the victim – and, most importantly, to fabricate “hate-crimes” being perpetrated against themselves. Greenfield explains:

“If cry-bullies can’t safe-bait you, they will manufacture threats by faking hate crimes against themselves or phoning in bomb threats to validate their need for a safe space in which no one is allowed to disagree with them. Surviving their own fake crimes turns cry-bullies into social justice heroes.”

“The Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) wants and needs hate crimes against Muslims, because they’re the currency they use to buy power and influence in our victimhood-oriented society, and to deflect attention away from jihad terror and onto Muslims as putative victims.”


This is why the Muslima at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette fabricated the “hate-crime” against herself. And it is also why her lie is only the latest example in a long list of so many other Muslim counterfeit stories.


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  1. When Trump goes to Russia have him bring Soros in the Diplomatic pouch and deposit him on the front steps of the Kremlin.


  2. Well, I’m not buying any of it but, note to Muslims reading this thread…if you poke a dog in the face with a stick long enough, eventually it will bite you. But go ahead, keep on pokin’. : )

  3. The word “of’ is spelled wrong – it is ofF. So, someone who isn’t well versed in the English language wrote this. FAKE!!!!!

  4. WALMART is a big employer of Muslims. If you ask them for help, “No Speaka da Englais”
    Walmart- destroying America one town at a time.

  5. America …. even at the nadir (low point) of it’s greatness under the Obama yoke …. never ceased to be the greatest experiment in human freedom …. onward and upward …. Happy Thanksgiving !

  6. Off Topic but interesting

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    I went through a similar event, but I got myself of to hospital and not wait for ambulances Been a hard year for me, and guess many others with Asthma. Ventolin lost count how many used this year. Previous year practically a few.

    Just be aware of this, and probably best to get oneself to hospital fast as you can

  7. Any common sense person should realize that practically all hijab-grab stories are false: take Walmart lady for example. Really, someone pulled your hijab inside the store? Sorry, the cameras would have caught that.

    Plus, one thing people should realize about muslims is that they practically do everything in wolf-packs, including walking. Baghead with husband, baghead with children, baghead with other bagheads. They’re rarely out alone. Same for muzzie men. So why would any individual risk attacking a group? Especially one with a worldwide reputation of acting psychotic. Not to mention cameras.

    Then again, leftists have no common sense.

  8. Don’t the Palestinians do the same thing to the Israelis? Use their people as human shields then taquia that Israel is killing them to gain sympathy for their political agenda, which is to wipe Israel off the map.

  9. They overplayed their hand. It is a good thing there are cameras everywhere. It makes it much harder for them to make up credible stories.

  10. Yes,those “White males” are TOOC, ( totally out of control). “White males” you have had a target on your back since birth ,not going to stop with Donald Trump as President.
    You are the new wretched of the earth, from Van Jones to rev. Al sharpton and all moslems abroad….
    Hope you got some broad shoulders and hard bark on you…. you self loathing Bastards ,crawl in your holes and stay there…..

  11. I don’t know where I read this but I heard the technique of creating false charge after false charge described as a “swarm of lies”. And the trouble is, it’s impossible to swat away each and every lie, but if you don’t, they do start to do some damage. CAIR and its slimy ilk know exactly what they’re doing.

  12. I think a hate crime to the muslims is not pandering to them. We need to personally question each one of them in depth and detail from why they want to live here to if they believe our liberties supercede their sharia law. Let’s ask them what they would prefer out of curiosity. Let’s ask them some questions about where they are from. How many executions and public amputations in the name of islam they witnessed. You realize if we even visited their lands it would be highly advised we dress in their garments and try to blend in. Also to maybe memorize some prayers and quaran verses to avoid torture and a grizzly death in case the death cult of islam members that wish to spread peace and love kidnap you since you are a westerner. Actually yes, we do hate islam. We do not want to tolerate it due to its direct intolerance towards us freedom loving Americans. But since we are also civilized we only wish them to return to their part of the world to avoid future conflicts that their religion instigates against all who don’t bow to their death cult. Also I see these hypocrites (women) driving around town, going to the gym , market, etc un escorted by any man. They go solo, sometimes with another woman in their blankets. I know this is forbidden to do in their home land and they would be severley punished if not killed for doing this. And you also know their excuse for attacking, raping, and killing our women has been it’s the woman’s fault for either not staying home or being escorted by a man. So we need to respond to them the same in regards. And where are they tales of their men defending their honor since they are suppose to be escorting them? Unless they are pussies or cowards but I believe them to be muslims of convenience only applying their rules to others and non-believers to impose and ignoring the same rules when required to follow them so it doesn’t inconvenience them. Maybe B.N.I. can create a bad muslim website or page that us B.N.I. readers can submit photos we take with our cell phones of muslims breaking their own rules openly. Then we can also submit these photos to their mosques locally and overseas so they can represent islam to their peers. Their sympathy card has ran out and we haven’t even done anything to them.

    • That “Bad-muslim-website” allready exists.., it is called BNI 😉 Email your pics to him and he’ll post them with the provided story. BNI: opening eyes all over the Western world!