MUSLIM HATE CRIME HOAXES now being exposed by British police, too, but (unlike the New York City police), they won’t reveal the false accuser’s face or full name

A Muslim woman who claimed she was assaulted for wearing an Islamic headbag (hijab) days after the Paris attacks has been fined after CCTV footage proved she had made the whole thing up. 

UK Express  The 18-year-old student, known only as Miss Choudhury, said she was violently shoved from behind and punched in the face by a man in Birmingham city centre 10 days after the atrocities in the French capital on November 13.  The woman told detectives she thought she was targeted on Nov 23 because she was wearing Islamic headwear. 

But police, who treated it as a hate crime, found no evidence of the attack after spending hours trawling through CCTV footage in and around New Street where the assault allegedly took place. 

The woman was given a £90 fine for wasting police time after officers even accompanied her to the scene to retrace her steps. Choudhury said she was too scared to walk alone after the made-up attack and claimed Muslims were being targeted after the atrocities in the French capital

She said: “I feel shocked and really scared that someone could attack you for no reason. “I don’t feel safe at all now. “I was walking to the train station to meet some friends when someone shoved me from behind.”When I turned around he punched me in the face and then just went off,” Choudhury lied.

She added: ”I was really upset afterwards. “I can only think it was because he saw my hijab as he didn’t take my bag or anything.” Speaking of the Paris attacks, Miss Choudhury said: “It’s made life harder for innocent Muslims. (There are no “innocent” Muslims, only Muslims who have not yet engaged in violent jihad, but support it)

“We don’t want people to be killed, that’s not our religion. Our religion is all about peace, she lied again. “My parents are so scared that they’re telling me to take my hijab off.”

Superintendent Andy Parsons, from West Midlands Police, said: “Detectives spent countless hours looking through footage from the network of city centre CCTV cameras in a bid to piece together what happened.

“The footage shows her walking normally along New Street and at no stage does she appear in distress or seen reacting to anything. “There is no evidence she was physically assaulted and she was given a penalty notice for wasting police time.” (How about jail for six months?)



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  1. You know what is interesting here, the Muslima in question thought that she could get away with saying a man grabbed her and punched her in the face because that is how men behave where she comes from. Western men as a rule don’t do that. But the irony is that while that kind of behavior is normal in Muslim countries and she can expect no redress if she complains to the authorities there, she somehow believes that western men committing the same kind of intrusive behavior will be punished. In a twisted sort of way, doesn’t that kind of prove that our laws work and that it validates that the average western man doesn’t engage in that sort of thing?

    But she does understand lying and how it can be a useful tool for furthering the spread of Islam. I totally fault her for that.

  2. She should be fined the cost of all police salaries, time, and the use of all the equipment that was needed in the investigation (fair wear and tear, electricity, paper for notes and copy machines, etc.). WHY should the citizens share in the costs of HER crime?

  3. Another lying Muslime bitch. Protected by the British media. She should at least pay the value of police detective hours she wasted.

  4. And at the low price why wouldnt she do it again. Yet Christian would go to jail, and be murdered. Which has happened fyi.

  5. A whole 90 pounds…really? So at least next time she does it, she knows the price….sad. Thats crazy considering the havoc it created.

  6. LYING. Is what ALL MUZSLIME do best. They are taught trained and dedicated to their taqiyya. Stupid filth need to be removed, in any way necessary, far from ALL non muzslime.