CODE PINK FOUNDER MEDEA BENJAMIN: Sorry, cupcake, you are not a Muslim until you have your female genitalia mutilated

Medea Benjamin is a far left wing loon trust fund baby and Judenratte founder of Code Pink who often travels to Gaza to support Hamas terrorists. Benjamin, now divorced, married her first husband in Communist Cuba. Code Pink activists are virulently anti-Israel and anti-American and known for disrupting Congressional hearings.

Some photos and videos of Code Pink Muslim terrorist sympathizers

A31 NYC Actions

Code Pink in Washington DC to protest Israeli settlements

Code Pink protests against Israel inside Israel, too

Code Pink Butt-Ugly Broads in Bikinis protest against Israeli cosmetics company

Code Pink Jew-haters in bathrobes telling customers not to buy Israeli Ahava products at Lord & Taylor, Boston

Code Pink for Hamas asks customers at a Beth Bath & Beyond store in Los Angeles to boycott Israel products

Code Pink at AIPAC in Washington DC sponsors a “die-in” to support Palestinian terrorists who have killed innocent Israelis