CHINA: NO beards, NO burqas, NO Ramadan, NO kids in mosques…

When it comes to fighting Islamic terrorism from the Uighur Muslim population in China, the crackdown on Muslims is harsh and unrelenting.

China says Islamic separatists in Xinjiang are the greatest threat to national security. The far western region is home to a community of some 10 million Muslim Uighurs. Beijing is concerned that young Uighurs are vulnerable to radicalization. 

MWN Following the recent release of a video purportedly showing Chinese nationals training in Iraq for a major strike inside China, official government rhetoric regarding Islam is becoming increasingly hard-line. 

Recent comments by Li Jianguo, Ningxia Communist Party secretary, echoed the rhetoric of US President, Donald Trump; “What the Islamic State and extremists push is jihad, terror, violence.” “This is why we see Trump targeting Muslims in a travel ban.

It doesn’t matter whether anti-Muslim policy is in the interests of the U.S. or it promotes stability, it’s about preventing religious extremism from seeping into all of American culture.”


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  1. China and Russia indeed have a long memory,the slaughter they suffered from German/Italian/Japanese fascism in the 20th century alone is something that will not be forgotten,so they are quite entitled to protect their own citizens from organised violence from the likes of Muslim Vermin…while in the west we mostly have piss weak politicians and the media who pander to Muslim garbage and threaten their own citizens who dare to speak the truth.

  2. A brutal government like China’s has one advantage. They know that when their country — indeed, their whole ancient culture –is existentially threatened, brutality may be the only way to save themselves. This isn’t even approaching the sort of crackdown cultural jihadists deserve, but it is likely to be more effective than the namby-pamby approach of the West.

    A couple of days ago JihadWatch posted this excellent article by Hugh Fitzgerald on a comparable situation in neighboring Myanmar. It struck me as how ironic and unfair it is that decisions by pampered Leftist Islam-appeasers in the West can endanger the very lives of these Budhist people half a world away.

  3. Good for China, Hey send the muzslime to the filthy sand box countries and send your christians to America. I wish we could get all muzslime out of all non muzslime nations and get all christians out of ALL the Christian hating countries.

    • I do not hold with Chinese Communism. But with them I know my enemy. When I am confused I cal call the clintons or obama. They studied under Saul Alinsky the communist.

  4. Absolutely-f*ckingly wonderful! The ONE thing Islam understands is superior force- and China has it in spades!
    Next attack- they will begin closing/demolishing mosks & throwing out or executing imams. WOO-HOO!

  5. SOme years ago China wanted to send 50000 Muslims to Turkey to study as IMAMS.Perhaps they are smarter now…

    Terrorists(Shiit ones) in germany:

  6. Nice one China. I’m afraid there will still have to be U.S import tax increases from your nation. You understand 😉

  7. No matter what one may think of China, it is important to note that basic Chinese culture has lasted thousands of years and through many different disturbances and times when China was weak and times when it was not. Why? Because the Chinese protect it. Islam is such a threat and the Chinese will protect their culture from it.

    The Chinese are smart and have learned from history.

    Will the West do the same before the point of no return?

    Will Western culture last as long as China’s?

    If I was a bookie I’d give much less than even odds given all that has happened in the past 20+ years and the continuing culturally self destructive attitude of those that make the decisions in western nations regardless of ruling political party.

  8. “When it comes to fighting Islamic terrorism from the Uighur Muslim population in China, the crackdown on Muslims is harsh and unrelenting,”



  9. Targeting the illiterate, ‘common folk’ with promises of a better way and a better life, and throw in some threats and aggressive ‘punishments’, then converting them quickly, and you have the Islamic way, which is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for Muslims. Once Islam gets them, they are trapped and afraid.
    Bravo for China.

  10. i have been following your website for sometimes,and there are so many times, i was wondering that if your website is really fighting or criticizing radical moslems equally in every country.
    when it comes radical Islam coverage in china, your web sites seems less harsh ,or almost supporting the moslem cause than what is your coverage for western countries moslem problems it is not the first time that your coverage is biased almost supporting islamic terror in china.some times i have less trust in your website than newyork times whenit comes to moslems. you know the uighur are moslems and u know how hard is it to integrate moslems any where in the world, so their cause is nonsense. be harsh on them as you are to western moslems… the way china is not PC country they can fightback and win..

    • YA, not at all. Virtually every post on China I have is condemning Muslim behavior in China and praising the Chinese for not letting them get away with it. Just enter “China” in the search box and you’ll find dozens of stories.

  11. The Chinese get it! Hopefully this country will before it’s too late. The longer we wait to really deal with islam the harder it will get down the road to handle!

  12. Great news. The trend starts to shape up. DOWN WITH THE EVIL ISLAM. The Chinese are smarter than the Dutch. We’ll see what the French and Germans will do.

  13. Why aren’t they picketing and protesting outside the Chinese Embassy in Washington? Why is there no “Islamophobia” protests outside the Chinese Embassy? Hypocrites all.

    • china does not care, even if moslems come with drove from all over the world, they will not win against china. BS china does not follow political correctness adiology .ask turkey. turkey tried to intimidate china about two years ago….they failed..even more they asked china forgiveness.

  14. I’m not taking sides …. the Uighurs seem to be a healthy cross …. between Chinese and Central Asians …. too bad they’re Muslims …. as a race they seem pretty tough …. and not bad lookin’ …. here I go again ?

  15. We could learn a lesson from how the Chinese handle their Muslums.
    Aren’t they also restrictive to the Christians?

  16. China does it it is ok but when Trump Wilders LePenn or Hanson says or tries to fix the problem it is not OK strange freedom of speech can only be left sided not both sides.allowed to say ir do anything.Stand up time is getting closer select which side you want to be on.

    • they are WHITE, WESTERN and everything else half of the world hates, that’s why they can’t. Despicable.