The real story behind the surge in alleged anti-Muslim hate crimes in America…and the intentional under-reporting by the media of anti-Muslim hate crime hoaxes

To listen to designated terrorist group CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated groups, one would think Muslims are getting gunned down in the streets, beaten up, and harassed on a daily basis in America. However, actual statistics prove otherwise, with the majority of so-called “hate crimes’ being verbal assaults. In other words, childish name-calling.

Peninsula Press  Take California, where there is large Muslim population. Leaving out a spike in anti-Muslim ‘hate’ crimes following 9/11, the numbers are relatively low, with a slight spike in 2015-2106, due to homegrown Islamic terrorism in this country and widespread Islamic terrorist attacks around the world. (Stats below for 2016 are not yet available)

The vast majority of alleged hate crimes against Muslims are verbal assault, graffiti, annoying phone calls, threatening emails/letters, and other minor annoyances. Actual violence including explosions and arson, rock throwing, physical beatings, etc are less than a handful for the most part.

Anti-Muslim hate crime hoaxes, on the other hand, are vastly under-reported by the sharia-compliant left wing media.

Anti-Muslim hate crime hoaxes case studies – This page contains detailed case studies in which HuffPost perpetrated one or more of the following acts or omissions: Click each number below for full story:

  • It publicized allegations of anti-Muslim hate crimes when there was clearly grounds for suspicion that they were fake.  HuffPost gave detailed, front-page coverage to alleged hate crimes against Muslims in America, in cases when it knew there was no supporting evidence, and/or the victim(s) had not filed a police report, or school complaint.  And despite the proliferation of well-documented fake hate crimes against Muslims (and its other Favored Groups) in recent years, HuffPost ignored basic journalistic ethics that would dictate that it do a minimal amount of research to flush these out, before reporting on them.

  • It did not alert its readers that they’d been deceived.  Upon learning that a hate crime it promoted as being legitimate had never happened, was a hoax, or was perpetrated by the alleged victim, HuffPost posted no new headline on its front page that indicated this reality.  In doing so, HuffPost deliberately left its readers, and the publications around the world that ran its original story, with the false impression that the story was legitimate.

  • It attempted to conceal its deception.  It replaced the headline and copy on the original allegation page with new content, that reflected the reality – but made no effort to alert the public that this was the case.  In doing so, anyone who searches “Huffington Post” and the content of the story would only find that it appeared to report the story accurately, as a fake hate crime — when documentary evidence shows that it did not.

(1) March 2016, New York, NY: A Muslim female alleged an Islamophobe slashed her face on a Manhattan street; She later admitted she did it to herself

(2) October 2016, Cary, NC: A Muslim father claimed 7-year-old son endured extended physical assault on school bus, in front of witnesses; School, police investigations found zero evidence it ever took place

(3) November 2016, Ann Arbor, MI: A Muslim female alleged she was physically assaulted by Islamophobe at the University of Michigan; She later admitted she made it up. But HuffPost never updated its main story page about this matter.  This screencap was taken on January 17, 2017 — nearly a month after Ann Arbor police and the FBI determined this was a fake hate crime:

(4) November 2016, Lafayette, A LA: Muslim female alleged she was physically assaulted by Islamophobes at the University of Louisiana; She later admitted she made it up. But HuffPost never put up another headline to indicate this was a fake hate crime.

(5) November 2016, San Diego, CA: A Muslim female student at San Diego State University reported she was assaulted by two Trump supporters, who also stole her car; Later her story unraveled, and she stopped cooperating with police. The student’s report of a stolen vehicle was unfounded since the student forgot where she had parked, SDSU Police Lt. Greg Noll said. HuffPost never published a follow-up headline on its front page, to indicate that this was a fake hate crime.

(6) November 2016, Charlotte, NC: A North Carolina teacher was accused of “relentless bullying and harassing” a five-year-old Muslim boy; Investigation revealed it never happened. Teacher cleared of assault allegations A local elementary school teacher has been cleared of wrongdoing following allegations of religious-based mistreatment of a student.  ten days after the results of the investigation were announced — HuffPost has still not updated the item on its Islamophobia site:

(7) March 2017, Montreal, CA: A bomb threat against was made against Muslim students at a Canadian university; Within 24 hours, police arrested a Muslim immigrant for perpetrating the hoax. Huff Post used the headline Montreal University Buildings Evacuated After Bomb Threats Target Muslim Students; These threats are the latest in a string of anti-Muslim events in Canada But never updated it with the fact that it was a Muslim man who was  charged with terror hoax after bomb threat targeting Muslim university students


  • Has been, deliberately, maliciously smearing America on the world stage, as a rampantly Islamophobic, bigoted, violent culture, all the way down to first-graders.

  • Has continued feeding the false narrative that Muslims are at disproportionately high risk of being victims of hate crimes in America — when it knows, or should know, that in reality, Muslims are the least-likely victims of religiously-motivated hate crimes in America.  Further, as our documentation shows, HuffPost has ignored virtually all of the actual, documented hate crimes against Jews, against whom 4-6 times as many hate crimes are perpetrated than against Muslims, despite having similar population sizes in America.