WHAT designated terrorist group CAIR won’t tell you about the vast majority of alleged ‘anti-Muslim hate crimes’

What CAIR and the sharia-compliant leftist media don’t report is that most so-called “hate crimes” against Muslims are actually name-calling incidents, i.e. “terrorist,” “baghead,” “ISIS,” “Go back to your country,” etc. The next highest incident reports are for minor vandalism/graffiti on mosques or Islamic centers, many of which turn out to have been done by Muslims themselves.

And what they never want to tell you is that significant numbers of alleged anti-Muslim hate crimes are hoaxes, designed to get media and public sympathy. A majority of reported incidents have no eye-witnesses, no CCTV or cell phone video evidence. But you’d never know it to hear all these pathetic news reports, which also never report that actual anti-Jewish hate crimes are at least five times higher than anti-Muslim hate crimes, as reported by the FBI.