HAPPY RAMADAMADINGDONG! The Islamic fasting month of Ramadan, May 26th – June 24th, during which the Islamic State (ISIS) is calling for all out war against the West

Muslims are especially cranky during Ramadan because they starve themselves from sunrise to sunset, then gorge themselves all night long. But terror group ISIS has other plans for Ramadan, the month of conquest, and if suicide bombings in Manchester and Jakarta in the past few days are any indication, they will be very busy blowing up people…perhaps starting in Las Vegas?

Foreign Desk News  (h/t Ellen D) ISIS has issued a chilling new call for an “all out war” in the West during the holy month of Ramadan. The terror group released its latest propaganda message entitled “Where are the lions of war?” in an audio-accompanied slideshow, posting to encrypted Telegram channels as well as publishing it on YouTube. 

In 2016, there were several ISIS attacks during Ramadan, or as The Religion of Peace website calls it, Ramadan Bombathon.

I will save you the pain of having to listen to the sickening Islamic music that accompanies the Where are the Lions of War’ video by posting screen shots from it instead.

Of course, New York City is always the number 1 target for Islamic terrorists: