PAYPAL JIHAD: First Bare Naked Islam, then Jihad Watch, now Pamela Geller…all banned from Paypal for political reasons

They did it. PayPal has banned our organization, American Freedom Defense Initiative. It’s coming down fast, while hate groups like CAIR and the SPLC are getting millions from left-wing corporate managers. The SPLC received a two million dollar pledge from Apple and MGM Resorts International will match employees’ donations to terror tied group CAIR.

Pamela Geller  The left is awash in funding. And they mean to cut off everything from those working in defense of the free and the brave. I received notice from Ronita Murray in the Brand Risk Management department that Paypal has suspended my account, permanently.

On Saturday I published an exchange I had with a Lauren Kirchner, young Hitler-youth type of journalist from ProPublica, an uber-left non-profit, threatening advertisers and payment services that were found on my site. I was not the only target, other counter jihad sites received this vicious “interview request” as well. Jihad Watch, former Muslim Ali Sina, Bare Naked Islam were also targeted.

Here is part of the interview which, I might add, Kirchner did not run, not one word.

We would like to ask you a few questions:
1) Do you disagree with the designation of your website as hate or extremist? Why?

Of course I do. All my work is in defense of the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, the equality of rights of all people before the law, and individual rights. The claim that I operate a hate group is a vicious smear and eerily evokes the circumstances that preceded the rise of the Nazis in the 1930s

2) We identified several tech companies on your website: PayPal, Revcontent, Disqus, and Newsmax. Can you confirm that you receive funds from your relationship with those tech companies? How would the loss of those funds affect your operations, and how would you be able to replace them?

Once you start shutting down people on the claim that they operate “hate groups,” you have made the use of such platforms contingent upon holding certain political opinions. Beware, because in doing so you will be setting a dangerous precedent: one day your own opinions could be out of favor, and you will find yourself cut off.

3) Have you been shut down by other tech companies for being an alleged hate or extremist web site? Which companies?

No, because everyone recognizes that the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “hate group” designation is outrageously biased, and based on dissent from its hard-left stances. The SPLC makes a practice of lumping in groups with legitimately dissenting views with actual hate groups such as neo-Nazis, the Nation of Islam, etc. This is an attempt to delegitimize and silence all those with views that differ from its own.

4) Many people opposed to sites like yours are currently pressuring tech companies to cease their relationships with them – what is your view of this campaign? Why?

It’s a quintessentially fascist initiative. The fascists shut down all dissenting views. You are imitating them.

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PAYPAL JIHAD: First Bare Naked Islam, now Jihad Watch…who’s next?

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