Do not fear being labeled an ‘Islamophobe.’ Winston Churchill was once accused of being a ‘Naziphobe.’

winston churchill

Islam is NOT a religion of peace, nor does Islam mean peace. Islam means submission.

Most people are simply unaware that Islam is NOT  just another religion but a totalitarian political cult-like ideology, which compels its followers into blind obedience, teaches intolerance, brutality and locks all Muslims and non-Muslims in a struggle deriving directly from the 7th century  nomadic, predatory, Bedouin culture.

Islam means “submission” to the will of Allah and the teachings as depicted in the Qur’an which include jihad – the genocidal slaughter of infidels by the sword, killing by beheading, intolerance of other religions, as well as forcing submission to Islam. The ultimate goal of jihad is the domination of Islam over the entire world.

In Islam, one is considered “moderate” if one supports the goals of jihad, if not the tactics. Those who totally reject the violent teachings of Islam are considered apostates of Islam and as such, are condemned to death. Moderate Muslims are peaceful “in spite of Islam,” not because of it. The “religion of peace” is a concept the West is eager to embrace – all in the name of political correctness – refusing to believe that a major world religion poses such a devastating threat to humanity .

This blog is designed to show you the dark side of Islam that the West does not want you to see. The Islam that Western media refuse to show you. The Islam that is slowly but surely changing the West. You may feel uncomfortable looking at this blog. You should. You will feel anger and disgust that our leaders do not understand Islam when it comes to the motives that drive our enemies to commit suicide for their ideology.

Look at the photos, watch the videos, most of which come right out of the Muslim world. Understand that elements of Sharia law are creeping into our daily lives under shelter of religious freedom. Listen and learn about the real Islam, then tell your family and friends.





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  1. I will sleep better at night knowing at least one civilised, western government body has decided to take action against these animals. But looks like I won’t be sleeping for a while.

    • I get upset when Muslims are called animals and worse things. The enemy is the ideology, the religious doctrine, the teaching of the Koran. Muslims are brainwashed and enslaved and need to be enlightened and freed. The truth may do it, but branding them and calling them names will only drive then to more hate and violence. I am not advocating any kind of accommodation with their doctrine, but am asking for a distinction to be made between the people and their evil beliefs. “Our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” (Ephesians 6:12)

  2. According to the newspaper El Sur, published in Malaga (Spain), a 27-year-old identified as AB, of Moroccan origin, he attacked the glass that protects an image of the Virgen del Carmen with a large stone while shouting “God is great “. MADRID, 29 Sep. 15 / 3:37 pm (CNA) .- A young man of Moroccan origin was arrested in the town of Rincon de la Victoria in Malaga (Spain) after attacking a niche containing an image of Virgen del Carmen shouting “Allah is great”. According to the newspaper El Sur, published in Malaga (Spain), a 27-year-old identified as AB, of Moroccan origin, she attacked the glass that protects an image of the Virgen del Carmen with a large stone while shouting “God is great “. The young man, who had no criminal record, was arrested in the same scene after an off-duty police gave notice. Several patrols of the local police and Civil Guard traveled to the place. The alleged perpetrator hit a large rock and repeatedly the glass that protected the image, causing some damage ranging from 800 thousand euros. The arrest was made by a young criminal damage by religious motive and have no known address. https://www.aciprensa.com/noticias/atacan-imagen-de-la-virgen-maria-al-grito-de-ala-es-grande-95667/

    • Johnny, I hate IM. It is very annoying. Posting stories here is fine, if I like it I will repost it on the Main page. I don’t post many stories anymore about the UK justice system, too depressing.

  3. Why German people tolerate markel the witch who make the future of German people hell and give this pure land in the hands of islamic pigs. CHRISTIANITY IS GRATE and all other religion except islam is grate islam is a region of bastard

    • God bless Slovakia and their politics who are against islamic refugees, as well as 99% of Slovak population. Keep going that way Slovakia. This is what I call political correctness. That´s what the voters wanted.

  4. What an amazing web. First of all let me point out. Theistic satanism as a religion states that only the people who worship Satan will get to know his kindness. All of the others will suffer. Isn’t it the same with Allah? Only the Muslims who worship Allah will be able to be saved by him. The others must convert otherwise they will be killed by order of Allah. If we analyze this Allah is nothing but the devil. Islam is devil worship. If we analyze the Islamic Law it is concentrated on human sacrifice in the name of Allah. They murder people in the name of the merciful god. What kind of God is that? They prescribe the most insane and sadistic punishments in the name of Allah. What kind of god is that? When they carry out a public execution they do it at 4 am before sun rise, so after the execution rises the sun. What kind of symbolism is that? Allah is nothing but Satan and Islam is nothing but a form of theistic Satanism. The laws as prescribed by Islam allow homosexuality, pedophilia, polygamy, sex with animals…. Even though they state that homosexuality is a sin, the quran clearly describes homosexual acts. Being sexually submissive is described as sin only in Quran. So under the veil of a “religion of peace” true Satanism is covered. The quran is a manual for terrorism, and Islam openly asks for was against all non muslims. It is a dangerous religious cult and it should be made illegal. Not only illegal but practicing Islam should be punishable by death. I don’t think that democracy and the right wing politicians are our problem. Understanding that Islam is openly advising Muslims to kill everybody who is not Muslim as prescribed in Quran is enough to make practicing Islam a crime punishable by death. I am sorry for my long comment, I was just impressed by your web site. I live in Europe where everybody is ignorant of the problems we are having with Muslims and I am very happy to find people who have understood what really Islam is. Keep on running this web site. And you ignorant fool who think that not all muslims are terrorists read the quran, it clearly states that every muslim should kill all non muslim people.

    • The next time you see photographs of fleeing Syrian refugees, look closely at the large number of able bodied, young men in their midst. There is war in their country, and they are running as fast as they can.

      In the United States, we have a history of fighting for freedom. Like the unarmed young Americans who stormed a heavily armed terrorist on a French train, if there is injustice and oppression, Americans fight.
      America has already admitted 1500 Syrian refugees, and many highly placed Americans are at this very moment working feverishly to change this trickle into a torrent – hoping to admit as many as 600,000 Syrian refugees.

      Why is this wrong?

      There is a problem with Muslim Americans that is not present with other American immigrant groups. During World War II, the children of German, Italian, and Japanese immigrants, volunteered in droves to fight FOR America. None of these second generation American soldiers took a gun and killed their fellow soldiers while yelling “Heil Hitler” or “Long Live il Duce” or “Banzai”, but American born Major Nadal Hasan sprayed his fellow American soldiers with bullets while yelling “Allahu akbar!” Nadal murdered 13 and wounded many more.

      During WWII, there were no naturalized foreign born German, Italian, or Japanese American civilians committing acts of domestic terrorism like the Muslim Tsarnaev brothers did by bombing the Boston marathon, or Kuwaiti born, Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez, who shot 6 people in Tennessee (4 marines murdered). It’s been said that Major Nadal Hasan felt discriminated against and someone even keyed his car, but thousands of Japanese Americans soldiers fought and died for America while their families were imprisoned in American jails solely on the basis of national origin. No doubt most Muslim Americans are hard working, loyal citizens, but there is definitely a different dynamic with a small subset of Muslim Americans that was not present with other American immigrant populations. It would be prudent to take more time to examine the issues (and to allow Muslims already here to assimilate) before allowing more Muslim immigrants into the country.

      The next time you see photos of surging Syrian refugees, look at the large numbers of fit young men in their midst, and ask yourself is this a tragedy or the natural result when a people won’t stand and fight for their country. If admitted into America, you can be sure they won’t fight for America, just as they wouldn’t fight for their own country – Syria.

    • Yes, yes we ALL know the horrors of Islam today…but Christianity has a checkered history itself. But what is your answer to this bloody phenomena? My answer is to improve everyone’s economic situation….when people are well off and have a good life they are less likely to kill for ideologies. What is your answer: fight hatred with more hatred; fight violence with more violence.

      • Margaret, that’s crap, typical leftist BS. The 9/11 terrorists were all from middle-class to upper-class families. ISIS is no different, headed by a muslim with a PhD in Islamic studies.

        You sound just like bimbo in the US State Dept who said, “All we need to do to fight terrorism is to find jobs for the terrorists.”

  5. Hi BNI,

    May I offer a post to you for your main section of BNI? I believe you and other BNI’ers will be outraged by this. Incitement to violence racial hate speech in Australia’s largest state NSW (New South Wales) by a Muslim towards Jewish People is not prosecuted by our authorities.

    The incitement to violence comments are by Ismail al-Wahwah from Hizb ut-Tahrir. The Police, NSW Attorney General and the NSW Public Prosecutor are refusing to act.

    Please post this in your main section if you want to.

    Alan Jones is Australia’s leading conservative radio talk show host.

    “Thursday September 17, 2015 – Alan talks to the head of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies about the repeated failure of authorities to crack down on racial hatred”


  6. Shame on German chancellor and other European leaders who do not understand simple thing that even a layman like me can understand arab countries don want to take their islamic brothers (bastards) in their country because of the fear of terrorism but they think its a responsibility of Europe to settle them in their own land. What happen when syrian muslim pigs settle in Europe
    1 increase cases of rape, theft , voilance
    2 bomb blast , rapid increase in muslim population
    3 force full conversion of grate christian people into muslims
    How can these leaders betrayed their own people they should be hanged till death. i feel bad to do nothing but to watch how islamic germs enters into europe and American rune the life of innocent people. The grate European and American nations where the leaders gave their life to protect CHRISTIANITY and where these Islamic pigs were not allowed now because of some idiot leaders enter and live in peaceful land. if in my hand i sware i will kill and throw out every islamic pigs into their own land. just watch them and writing do nothing. Dear BNI CAN WE DO ANY THING REALLY TO STOP MUSLIM BASTASRD,PIGS TO ENTER IN EUROPE

    • In your dreams and nightmares, you Moslem or Marxist GOOD-FOR-NOTHING cut-throat!!!!

      Ms. BNI is a Jewess who has seen Islam for what it is, being abused by them all the way from childhood!!! She has read all your “holy” SCREEDS masquerading as “books” and knows them fluently to put you MONSTERS in your proper place!!! At least some of her fellow-Jews and not a few Christians plus some Hindus, Buddhists and others are PROUD to gather together with her here and watch how you totalitarian BACTERIA writhe as the “Raid” of TRUTH is sprayed upon you and your LIES!!!!!


      • A website that I read told me that. and btw i know for a fact that he did NOT read the quran. it is a religion of peace.. and DONT say it isn’t because these people you see in the vids are NOT whatsoever muslim. they are using it as a disguise to cover themselves!!! You just see with your eyes, and u dont see the truth

      • and what do u mean by ME? do u think its me that is doing this!? and what lies. there is not one single lie, just read the quran. i mean go sit down and read it. LITERALLY all we do is in the quran

      • and im sorry if she really was being abused by some people, but i too was abused by some jews (like a few years ago, being at the age 19) but i dont go writing a website about jews and tell people fake things about them

      • Islam is the only major “religion” with a developed doctrine of deception, which is articulated in Sharia Law. Specifically, “This is an explicit statement that lying is sometimes permissible for a given interest, scholars having established criteria defining what types of it are lawful. One should compare the bad consequences entailed by lying to those entailed by telling the truth, and if the consequences of telling the truth are more damaging, one is entitled to lie.” — Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri (d. 1368), RELIANCE OF THE TRAVELER, The Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred [Sharia] Law, r8.2. The bottom line is that Muslims are encouraged to lie in order to advance Islam.

  7. Dear BNI I just wanted to say thanks for the infidel shirt. I chose to practice my second amendment right to open carry and wear my shirt today. I was given alot of support from other patriots. And thoroughly enjoyed waiting in line at the store behind three women in head bags. As they hustled out and returned with their muzzy men I stood a little taller reminded them that this was America and stood my ground till they backed away. It feels good to let the world know wear you stand. Thanks for the knowledge to be an educated patriot.

  8. What an idiot I am.

    I have been posting for a little while and wondered why you could not register, however, I just noticed it right at the bottom.

    I know I was the idiot who did not notice it, but maybe you could place it in a more prominent position?

  9. By the way I hope to see if someday someone can explain why Russia was blocked (thanks to that PM with a rare British name and surname along his French counterpart) to regain constanstinopla and other territories of the Anatolian which could have prevented genocides and it could have changed the whole area of Syria Iraq etc … or that Russia was downgraded through communism or the continued arms sales to Turkey and the invaluable help to capture the Kurdish leader ocallan by you know who. Etc… I just dont understand anything.

  10. Dear Bare Naked Islam why you stop your comments its provide encouragement and relief to me. i see a light of hope that one day world get free from Islams. the muslims bastard forgot thet they had been the slaves of the grate Christian and Hindu rulers . The arab as we see today all because of the grate British Officer LAWRENCE we can also see movie LAWRENCE OF ARABIA. If that Christian officer do not contribute and help that arabian prince to joined diffROOTE OUT erent groups arab can not be united and muslims pigs eat and drink camel shit. I CALLED IT HOLY WAR WHEN THE CHRISTIAN AND OTHER RELIGION JOIN HANDS TO ROOT OUT ISLAM FROM THEIR COUNTRY AND PUNISH THOSE VAMPIRE LEADERS WHO DRINK BLOOD OF THEIR OWN PEOPLE BY ENCOURAGING ISLAM

  11. Dear Bare Naked Islam i really feel good while sharing my opinions about the islam with you. the anger and hatred inside me for these islamic bastard when I share with you i feel good. I am very happy to read this news that the German citizens awake and try to stops islamic germs to enter into Germany. i am surprise the comment of the chancellor of Germany is she is muslim how a person can go against their own people. The leader is for the protection of the people and he or she represent their people They have no right to play with the life of their own people.Its a right of GERMAN PEOPLE TO DESTROY ISLAM AND THROW OUT MUSLIM PIGS FROM THEIR OWN LAND. she said the German people who are anti- islam extremists and muslims pigs who killed people for their allah they are angel. All over world if the other religion like Christian, Hinduism and Buddhism doing something against Islam then we are called extremists. we will be extremists if the islamic bastard not stop .

  12. Dear Bare naked Islam thank you very much for your reply. i understand that corrupt politicians and their stupid ideology make their own people in danger. i burn with anger and fire inside me when i saw the videos of islamic states terrorist how these muslims pigs killed an innocent people. If God give me chance i will like to join the army to protect the Christian ,Hindus and other Religion and KILL THE MUSLIMS PIGS TOTALLY UNTIL THEIR LAST BREED. Why we just look them do this slaughter ?why can not we do anything to destroyed these islamics bastarad?. I THINK THAT WE ALSO ADOPT NAZI SYSTEM TO DESTROYED ISLAM . iOur ancestor save us from the islamic bastard by sacrificing their life in lot of bloody war. Those who are cowards make a friendly relationship with the islamic bastard. Christianity is the greatest of all religion, and same with Hinduism and Buddhism.Our nature is like that we are peace loving people and this encourage these islamic bastard to take advantage of us. i WILL DO WHATEVER IN MY HAND TO CONTINUE YOUR GRATE WORK. We have to do something to make as much as possible aware about the danger.mission and objectives of islamic germs

    • Mack, no need to go all Nazi on them. Just keep them out of our countries and send back the ones who are already here. They contribute nothing of value to any society. Once they are gone, we can destroy their war-making capabilities and money-making cash cow (oil) by making enough of our own (via fracking/off shore/Alaska drilling) to replace the Middle East as oil supplier to the world.

  13. You will immediately remove these pictures , and I will not let my religious holy book an insult to either remove or account you ‘re paying a very heavy …

  14. Dear Bare naked islam why not the chancellor of Germany understand that if the islamic pigs enter into their country they will destroy the whole German society why western countries welcome these dangerous islamic germs. Let these insects die in their own land. You show and even in news we see how the islamic terrorist group in syria and egypt killed christian brutally. In my opinion the anti muslims organisation like PEGDA and other anti muslim organisation to work at international level and having branches in Europe, America, Australia, Asia and Africa. All other religion like (Christian, Hindu, Buddhist) join hand against islamic bastard and teach a big lesson to them try to free that zone from muslims and safe the future of next generation. i JUST WANT THAT THE PROBLEMS WE FACE BECAUSE OF THESE ISLAMIC GERMS OUR FUTURE GENERATION NOT FACE THEY LIVE IN MUSLIM FREE ENVIRONMENT. We have to do something to restore our peace and show the islamic bastard we are not coward.

    • Mack, it appeared a few years ago that Merkel DID understand this when she declared that “Multiculturalism has been a failure.” Perhaps Arab/Iranian money convinced her to go against her country’s best interests by allowing millions of muslims in to bring it down. It would not surprise me to hear that all these EU leaders have big fat bank accounts in Switzerland with dirty money in them.

      But that said, there is growing pushback by the German people against massive muslim immigration which hopefully will turn the tide. Time will tell. Germany needs their own Marine Le Pen.

  15. I don’t agree with absolutely everything she says because she’s just a bit of a Christian fundie & at times starts to rant fanatically but I believe she’s just very passionate in her hatred of the disgusting tenets & practices of Islamic Culture. She burned the Qu’ran after book-marking it with strips of raw bacon lol then she proceeded to give out her home address & dared Muslims to come & get a piece of her if they had a problem with it, warning them that she’s armed to the teeth.
    I know she’s kind of a zealot but I think she’s brilliant & fearless so… I like her! In addition, she is very well researched & she fires back at liberals & Muslims alike

    Vid of Ann Barnhardt giving a lecture on the evils of Islamic/Sharia Law, Jihadist Beliefs & Perverted Sexual Practices; backed up by verses straight from the Qu’ran to prove that it’s really part of their so-called religion. Great lecture!

    • Ann Barnhardt burning the Koran she had book-marked with BACON!
      LMAO! Too funny…I’m not saying the bible is much better in comparison but clearly, the Koran IS, as Barnhardt says, “…the ravings of a madman.”

      • I LOVE this video!! It apparently made the muzzrats completely MAD with RAGE!!! Ann Barnhardt is very courageous indeed!! With moslem terrorist attacks happening right and left with exponential momentum all over the World, it took quite a lot of guts to do this publicly… Brave Woman!!

    • PEDOPHILIA and SEX SLAVERY: the two most DISGUSTING features of islamic sexuality!! Bravo for Ann Barnhardt for denouncing this SATANIC FILTH so forcefully!

  16. Since ‘Roe vs Wade’ in 1973, there have been 53 million abortions in America. ISIS gives you a choice: ‘Convert or die.’ These little fetuses, pure souls, lives are taken without choice … they want to live also. We ignore these beautiful little souls because they are poor and small,with no voice…no advocacy. (There should be a world-wide class action lawsuit on their behalf.) According to ‘The 7 Noahide Laws’ abortion over 40 days is murder. 40 days is when the brain waves start and there’s an existing form. So, who’s more brutal, ISIS who kills their enemy in a gory way or America who ‘snuffs out little lives?’ What about the American Indians? President FDR could have bombed the railroad lines to Auschwitz, saving hundreds or thousands of Jewish lives, but he didn’t. The American prison system separates families (Of the non-violent) causing pain and suffering to children. How about ‘Kids for Cash?’ A judge, unafraid of our weak laws (heartless laws) causes pain and suffering to good Americans. Yes, the truth hurts.(‘We see the fault in others & not in ourselves.’) Thanks bhoffinger@aol.com

  17. @BareNakedIslam

    Re: 9/11

    I forgot to address my last comment to you about CAIR hacking your site & trying to get it taken down, but yeah, you are obviously making a real significant difference & they are bound to hate that. Wow, I’m so sorry you had to witness 9/11 from ground zero, that is so gnarly! That’s some heavy shit to have to carry, & many Americans in your situation couldn’t take it mentally/emotionally and folded beneath the weight. I can’t believe conservatives kicked you off for stating your opinion! Why would the so-called conservatives attempt to protect those Muslim swine? Very hypocritical!!
    It kind of proves my theory though because I have always suspected compliance and prior knowledge on the part of the U.S. government, the C.I.A, F.B.I & N.S.A as well as the media in the orchestration and subsequent cover-up of 9/11. Bin-Laden was trained by the C.I.A. for years, and his family has been super tight & friendly with the Bush family for decades. In fact, their cooperation & co-conspiratorially clandestine partnership with each other over the past half a century has created huge dynasties for both of them built off the blood money of the oil & opium trade. That’s what really pisses me off is the fact that our GOV’T just looks the other way when it comes to all the atrocities Islamic cultures commit, just because it’s more profitable than intervening. Like ok, keep abusing your women & children just as long as you keep selling us that cheap oil & opium so we can get rich off of getting our citizens strung out on heroin and opioid pharmaceuticals & keep cars running. We only intervene when it’s profitable. Plus, if our GOV’T really made a genuine & solid attempt to destroy the Islamic way of life, we wouldn’t be able to bribe their sheiks & imams & military officials anymore. Why? Well, because without Islam, their people would REVOLT against their totalitarian dictatorship, especially the women. Why does our government allow those towel heads to oppress their women & kids? Because our GOV’T is diabolical and they know that a revolution can NEVER EVER happen without the active participation of women & youths. So we would rather just co-sponsor terrorist training & sickening religious zealotry to breed women & kids who are willing to pick up guns against the U.S. army & blow themselves up to try to take us out. In the case of the dysfunctional marriage between the U.S. GOV’T, our agenda for globalization and Islamic terror, it’s cheaper (& more lucrative) to keep em. It takes both brains & balls (u know what I mean) to triumph over the trauma of the 9/11 tragedy and not let it rob you of your voice or dis-empower you, but to take it a step further & become even more empowered in the face of terror is very brave. Kudos

    • Ari: Re: conservatives banning me, it’s all about political correctness, something that has sadly infected the right, too, though not on the level it has the left.

      I don’t disagree with most of what you say. However, the Arab dictators that Obama has been busy deposing were necessary in their countries and were semi-allies with us.

      You cannot have a real democracy in Arab muslim nations because the Islamofascists would get too much control. People like Mubarak and Assad keep the Islamofacists under control. Fortunately Obama’s overthrow of Mubarak and choice of Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood to succeed him was quickly crushed by the people of Egypt and Morsi was replaced by el-Sisi, a far superior leader who has all but destroyed the Muslim Brotherhood there and is fighting ISIS. Obama’s little action in Libya has now turned into a big mess. Tunisia could go either way, when it once was the most liberal modern Muslim state in the Middle East.

      That is why Obama is trying so hard to get rid of Assad. He thought Egypt would be the center of the Muslim Brotherhood reign over the Middle East. Now that it isn’t, he is trying to make Syria his little vassal state. All the current conflicts in the Middle East have been supported and financed in part by Obama. He has even armed, trained and funded the so-called Syrian rebels before they were called ISIS and continues to do so.

      It will take a powerful person to clean up the huge international mess Obama has created and this was even before he sold us and Israel out to Iran. Not sure we will ever recover.

    • Hello! Im commenting here for the first time. Can somebody help me to find a link to a video on YT that was posted here that showed british girl being filmed while britain is falling to martial law because of islam growing. It ended with girl crying while looking at her birthday cake in refugee camp probably. Anyone? plz :(

  18. Wow that’s crazy. At least you know you must be doing something right! It’s when the haters really start getting pissed off at you that you know what you’re doing to subvert their agenda is working! You must really be getting their goat, sheep and camel sex-slaves. They’re actually more afraid of you than we all are of them. lol

  19. @Marc

    Re: Evil Islamic Empire

    Exactly! I didn’t used to think there was a religion on earth that provided an even bigger rest-haven for empowering, hiding and harboring sick perverts more than Catholicism does, but Islam has Catholics beat by a large margin; not only in sheer numbers, but as pertains to what their direct teachings and doctrines will actually preach and condone. Thank u for seconding my comment, also. It’s refreshing and reassuring to know there are men in the world who won’t accept their filthy ways!

  20. @BareNakedIslam

    Re: Leftist/Fascist YouTube policies that SUCK DIRTY MUSLIM BUTTHOLE

    Oh ok, gotcha. That’s crap. They shouldn’t take down the videos just because the filthy, brainwashed Muslims get offended. Who gives a shit what they think? If they even THINK at all, that is, which isn’t likely. It just proves that people who are under mind control can’t handle the TRUTH about themselves and what’s going on in the world, or they start to short-circuit & act out in cooperation with their programming. & yeah you’re right about the fact that women have a lot more to lose under Islam than men do. Their voices, their freedoms, their power, their individuality, their kids, their sexuality, their survival, their self-expression, their genitalia, their status, their families, their MINDS, & ultimately even their LIVES. As a matter of fact, I bet that if MEN stood to lose even a fraction as much as women do by being a part of Islam (especially if MEN were getting castrated or getting their penises mutilated under Sharia law) THERE WOULD NOT BE ONE SINGLE SOLITARY MUSLIM LEFT ON THE FACE OF THE ENTIRE EARTH!!! If only…lol… well, a girl can dare to dream…

  21. @BareNakedIslam –

    Re: Typos
    Thank you cuz I know I’ve made more than a few typos in this forum (I just not too long ago responded to some Muslim douche wad’s stupid comment about this site being full of hate & told him to ‘real (read) his Koran’ so he can see for himself that his so- called prophet was a child molester and rapist, lol). Honestly it feels so weird for me for the first time in ages to be so very passionate about hating something, (I haven’t even been active as an activist since my late teens lol) but when it comes to Islam, there is just so much to hate and be passionately opposed to, take your pick: Jihad, Terrorism, Child Molestation and Rape, Bestiality (animal rape), homophobia, witch-hunting, child marriage, repression of women, FGM, slavery, suicide terrorist missions, the practice of dowry, ‘honor’ killings’, slut-shaming, closet homosexuality, and the list just doesn’t stop. I really appreciate what you’re doing here because it is seriously eye-opening to those who haven’t figured it out yet. Please keep up the great work. You’re a modern-day heroine for taking a stand against Islamic culture.

    • Ari, my catalyst was 9/11, having been downtown NYC when the planes hit and watched them though the window of one of my client’s offices. But it took me 7 years to study about the Islamic threat and get up the nerve to create a blog about it. Of course, that move was a necessity after I started getting kicked off conservative discussion forums for telling the ugly truth about Islam.

      Please share your increasing knowledge with friends and acquaintances who otherwise never would be caught dead at a blog like this one.

  22. I don’t give a damn how I might be labeled and certainly fearing Islam is not my stance. I am disgusted by Islam, as I bear strong ISLAMODISGUSTIC feelings, which means shitheads can label me as an ISLAMODISGUST

  23. Thank you for helping to keep us informed about these weak minded psychopaths. would like a dedicated video section. and can you post about the Syrian rebel group released a video Wednesday claiming to show 18 ISIS fighters executed in Damascus

      • @ BareNakedIslam –

        Why does YouTube take down your videos?! That effin’ sux! Your website rules! I was both surprised and proud to read on here that you’re actually a woman! I feel that as women, we should be the main ones taking a stand against these psycho ass Muslim perverts because of what they do to women and children it just breaks my heart. I used to think Muslims were peaceful & I was one of those ppl who would watch the terrorism fear-mongering on CNN & FOX News & think to myself, “Oh, such propaganda…why do they have to generalize a whole race/religion of people, they can’t ALL be terrorists…” etc, etc but then I saw a video on YouTube about FGM & I looked at a map of countries in which FGM is rampant & I realized they are ALL the MUSLIM countries which are controlled by ISLAMIC governments & SHIA LAW & so I started looking up other stats out of curiosity like googling, ‘Bestiality in Islamic Culture,’ (I’m a vegan as well) and, ‘Child Marriage,’ and ‘Reproductive Slavery,’ and, ‘Honor Killings,’ and guess what the thread of continuity was between all these sickening human rights violations? ISLAM!!! & I realized OMG these people are effing INHUMAN MONSTERS! & thru my research I found out that not only does their religion permit all this sick shit but some of it is actually IN THE KORAN!!! It blew my mind. I feel like I have been so unaware for so long & now the ‘veil’ has been lifted off my eyes & all of a sudden it has dawned on me that the RELIGION is the root of this evil. For a religion that’s soooo repressive, it sure is real permissive. Like, “NO, women can’t have sex before marriage, but boys can practice having sex by screwing Sheeps, goats & Camels before they get married.” Or shit like, “No, you can’t let your daughter show her face, but you can let her get her clit chopped off in front of the entire family and have to wear it tied around her wrist for a week.” WTF is WRONG with these people’s minds??? I have never heard of any other religion that permits so much sickness. Their holy book has passages that condone child rape and their so-called prophet whom they blindly follow as a shining example of heroism is a child molester and rapist and their Koran PROVES IT IN PLAIN PRINT! UN-believable. & I hate how the U.N. sits on their asses around a table just doing NOTHING about this insanity because we want all their oil & opium, so our GOV’T lets these atrocities go on in exchange for their natural resources. So upsetting!!! I thought Christianity was historically the most violent religion, what with all the gross ‘Manifest Destiny’ doctrine which allowed them to enslave and slaughter a bunch of Africans & Native Americans, burn suspected witches at the stake, abuse children while hiding behind the cloth & cross etc., but no ISLAM wins that contest, hands down! At least in Christianity, all that sick shit they do is PUBLICLY frowned upon! I think organized religion as a whole is BAD NEWS! All they ever do is spread hatred! Back to Islam, though; the fact is: If your religion in and of itself supports terrorist acts, murder, genocide, bestiality, child molestation, genital mutilation and rape then YES YOU ARE A TERRORIST JUST FOR BEING AN ADHERENT OF THAT FAITH!! I understand now that by association alone, if not participation in these injustices, ALL MUSLIMS ARE IN FACT TERRORISTS! Whether they suicide bomb or just pray to Allah 5 times a day and praise the prophet Mohammed, it’s STILL TERRORISM! Feminists, vegans, pagans and humanitarians need to unite and FIGHT against the ignorance which is ISLAM. We cannot condone the existence of Muslims on our planet. They are the plague!

      • Thanks Ari, Youtube is part of Google which is run by far leftists who try to stifle the truth about Islam. If enough people flag a video as being “offensive” (even if there is nothing violent, disgusting, or pornographic in it) Youtube takes it down. There is no first amendment on YT.

        Women have a lot more to lose under Islam which is probably why there are so many of us in the anti-Islam movement.

      • OOPSIES, CORRECTION: I MEANT SHARIA LAW. I just get so UPSET when I think about the sickness that is Islamic culture, that I get a little mixed up & my fingers just FLY across the keyboard! When I think of what those ay-wholes do to little girls it’s just so effing atrocious I literally have to hold back my tears smh…I JUST GET SO DAMNED ANGRY!!! I think in the case of Islam, we have a right to get pissed off at what they’re doing. We should ALL be angry. Anger can be constructive if it initiates positive change in society. The anger I feel towards Islamic ppl, I swear it could fuel a friggin jumbo jet or propel a rocket! I know it sounds extreme but I really feel like those Muslims over there seriously deserve to DIE for what they do to little girls & women. & also what they do to animals. Halal means it’s ok to sell the butchered meat of animals you slaughter to people in the next village over, after having just had SEXUAL INTERCOURSE with them!! The shit is reprehensible & I’m mad as hell!

  24. Where is our George Washington? Where is our Sam Houston? We cannot talk our Country out of the mess our Politicians have “negotiated” us into. Our Founding Fathers recognized that Our rights are endowed by GOD. Thomas Jefferson warned us of Muslims in the 1780’s. John Story (the man who defined the Constitution) warned us that when our Politicians allow non-Christians to immigrate, serve as Jurors or hold office, then the Country would surly be lost. To be a Christian Nation doesn’t necessarily mean being made of good Christians, just a respect of Christianity, but our Politicians and Judges have corrupted the true meanings of our Founding Fathers for Political gain and their God of greed and money. They have created this NEW BABYLON that we call America today. We
    allow devil worshippers and Pagan religions to flourish under the guise of Freedom of Religion, we allow sexual deviants and pornographers to tempt our children under the guise of freedom. We allow our News media to lie and our Politicians to rob and rape and lie. We have been scared into whatever they want us to be or believe under the persecution of being referred to as haters or racist. After the scare tactics will come the physical persecution and oppression of everything we as a Country originally believed and held dear. The threat of Islam on our Nation began with our first war following the Revolutionary War…The War with the Pirates of the Barbary Coast….Islam gained a strong foothold in America with Brother Louie Farrakan and his New(not really) Black Muslim Party. All over the world racial cleansing, Hutus vs Tutsi’s, Serbs vs Croats, Russians vs Ukranians(yes most Russians identify as Muslim, they were conquered and “cleansed” long ago. Muslims killing Christians ALL OVER THE WORLD. Holy Christian Crusaders were in the Holy land to protect Christian Pilgrims who Muslims were killing simply because they believed in and wanted to see the lands that Jesus Christ walked in.
    Why would any true American shop at a Muslim store? See a Muslim Doctor?(My wife knows that if I’m in an accident and wind up at the ER, I will divorce her if I am treated by Muslim filth, I’d rather die! Why would any true American buy Heinz products or shop at any retailer that promotes anything that is not 100% American Patriot.
    I am a Minuteman and I pledge Allegiance to the Flag of my Fathers…we need a great leader… The time of talk is behind us or all of our heads will roll.

    • I totally agree with you Mike and the same thing applies to what you say for Canada and the UK and any other country that allows its core population of white Christians to be decimated and overrun. I have lived in several countries and it is tragic what has happened to the UK; but you need to understand it is all planned obsolescence and ‘repurposing’ the ‘human capital’ for profit. What is not liquidated through abortion is chemically poisoned through Government-approved chemtrailing, water flouridation, vaccines, amalgams (cause chronic heart problems and probably cancer through slow mercury absorption) and the lies of the media. The chronic depression seen amongst so many people (mainly the core white Christians), and the childhood scourges of ‘ADHD,’ cancer, ‘autism’ and even depression and suicide in children and teens is the clearest sign that the majority human population in the West has been targeted for population reduction and elimination, in particular those who are Christians. As this genocide has been happening for decades and is constant, we have not noticed and believe the Government lies and propaganda that ‘they have the cure’ when in fact they are our killers. In addition, to increase the sickness, death, suicides and murders in society, our lying fascist Governments have passed legislation (often without full reading or any reading in the House in order that any Christians in the Government cannot resist or reject the law because they never saw it or it was signed in secret) that has allowed massive immigration of non Christians — and especially violent criminals and deviants into our formerly Christian and peaceful nations –in order to exacerbate the sickness and spread the plague amongst the core Christian white majority. Christians if they do not care about others are not Christians and deserve the penalty that comes from ignoring our neighbors; but in this case I believe there are many Christians in Canada and the US and the UK who detest what the Government is doing; but they are being forced by the lying rulers to “go along to get along.” In Canada it is still lawful to own firearms unlike in the UK but, be sure of this, this privilege is being abrogated and stolen from the people and it needs to be reversed. Protecting yourself from a tyrannical regime or criminal thugs in body armor with your firearms is NOT a privilege it is a GOD GIVEN RIGHT. We need to do something to reverse the tide of immigration, before our countries become unmanageable hellholes (which is exactly what the Government wants). The main issue is the fact that the Zionists (false Jews) own the financial powers in every country (are you aware that Rothschild banks own and/or control all reserve banks in every major country in the world except (Iraq) Iran, Cuba, North Korea, and Syria? Iraq has already been taken down; the other countries are not on the ‘axis of evil’ because they are ‘evil’ but because their money supply is not yet totally controlled by the Synagogue of Satan/Zionists. This is the main problem that needs to change; it is the financing behind the immigration overload that has to be cut off.

      • Will you please GET THE F**K OUT, you STINKING “CONSPIRATIONNIST” MUZZRAT TROLL??!! GET LOST!!! The REAL “Synagogue of Satan”is ISLAM!!!! ISLAM is COMPLETE MORAL and ETHICAL REVERSAL!! For ISLAM=PISSLAM, GOOD is EVIL, and EVIL is GOOD!!…. Period! This evil DEATH-CULT is the ONE, SINGLE, BIGGEST GLOBAL THREAT towards ALL other Cultures and Civilisations!! Believe me, you all Satanic Muzzrats: THE ENTIRE PLANET is now UTTERLY FED UP WITH ALL OF YOU!!!

      • Yeah sure, “Sam”! All moslems are good guys, Islam is a “religion of Peace”…and the Earth is flat!! Next time, you will lecture all of us about the “evil Illuminatis”, and wicked “Draco Reptilian Aliens”!!…. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!

  25. Why do people ignore these atrocities. These people are taught this in the Quran by their god. Their peaceful attitudes are a front in countries where they have no power.

  26. I can’t believe this website exist. What’s with all the hate? Not all muslims are terrorist. A lot of them are nice, and they also appreciate other people’s beliefs, not like you guys. I don’t understand your purpose by making their religion look bad. You guys are just being pure hateful and idiotic. Can’t y’all just have respect for people?

    I am a Christian.

      • LO, what an Islamophobe site. It’s good that you mentioned it too, as if it would be hard to tell. Which religious scholars have given you this info? have you ever even seen a Quran? what a useless waste of time for a career that you have. Try reading man, try reading the translation of Quran. the original copy, not your twisted demented elaborations. Slow down on the intolerance buddy :) you’re ignorance does not bother muslims at all. stop imposing your fake beliefs on us, you don’t even have the slightest idea about Jihad lol. I hope america pays you well

      • Which religious scholars gave me this information? For starters, the people who wrote the quran. You have some gaul to talk about “tolerance” considering you have been spawned by the most intolerant group of religious whackjobs on earth. If my “ignorance doesn’t bother muzscum at all,” why do they keep trying to get this site taken off the internet? Unsuccessfully I might add.

        Do yourself a favor and don’t reply. Nobody believes a word that comes out of the mouths of you death cultists.

    • Open your eye’s sunshine. This is happening right here and right now. Our school kids are being educated to believe everything about ISLAM is good. Which part of mass child rape across the UK, once tolerant countries like the Netherlands and Sweden regretting letting the filth in, or Migrant Muzzers in Aust happily taking the Westerners benefits system then leaving to fight against Austs Allies do you not get. It’s your blinkered view of our rose tinted country that’s going to cause the greatest threat to the nation I fear.

    • So i take it you respect halal slaughter,killing of dogs,female genital mutilation,mufa khathat,child marriage,paedophilia,necrophilia,bestiality.
      I take it you respect all that,maybe you should read the quran that promotes violence and death to christians,will you forgive the muslim paedophile gangs that ruin childrens lives,would you allow this to happen to your children?

    • @ “A Sane Human Being”…..”PS “I am a Christian”….. Please Start reading News and improve your general knowledge…..Who told you are a real Christian??? Do you even read or follow the Bible???

      Did you sell all your riches and give to the needy??
      Did you visit people in Hospital ( not your rich friends but poor strangers)?
      Did you spread the gospel in other countries???

      Well think once more “Are you really a Christian or a fake Christian…..”

      PS : I am also a Christian….and I was a victim of Muslim Violence….and I used to be like you…”Not all are terrorists” …..and now I repent….
      Believe it or Not they are all Terrorists….They don’t think Like you …DUMBO

    • It is neither hateful or idiotic to speak the truth about a religion that calls for – yes, even demands – the death or submission of non-believers. It would be idiotic or even sinful to remain silent.
      About those “nice” muslims, I put them in the same category as “nice” Christians who will not stand up for God’s law but will go to their church with a lesbian pastor and support the “right to choose” the murder of unborn people.

      • How are Christians treated in Muslim lands? Women? Where are Christians free to worship and share the gospel in Muslim lands? What happens when a Muslim converts to be a Christian? These are questions to be asked and answered by Muslims.

    • Not all Muslims are terrorist, but all Muslim believe that Christianity must be eliminated before the end of days can happen…New Babylon(almost certainly America) will be destroyed before then according to the Prophecies of Isaiah and Jerimiah and the destruction will come in an instant (Perhaps Russia’s new EMP device) and all of our enemies will come and spare no one. For Putin is the King of the North who has aligned with the False Religious leader called Ayatollah…

    • You must not have read the ABOUT page. These are not people we are hating, sweetie. These are BARBARIC MONSTERS! You think the Muslim ppl u have met are all nice and kind, but they are just biding their time until they can get the upper hand & pull the rug out from under America. We can NEVER allow that to happen. You need to google, “HORRORS OF ISLAM” to see what kind of people those sick perverted murderers are. & the worst thing about it all is that their nasty. disgusting religion condones it. Did you know that in the Qu’ran it says the so-called prophet Muhammed married his child-bride A’isha when she was only 6 years old? He was a grown man of 54 years old (with several other wives)! It also says that he started having sex with her (A’isha) when she was 9 years old! That would have made him 57 old enough to be her grandfather! Also the Qu’ran says that for the three years between when he married her and when he first had sex with her, he practiced the sick Islamic sex act of, ‘thighing’, which means making her squeeze her 6 year old thighs together so he could insert his decrepit penis in between her thighs and then proceed to have intercourse with her thighs to completion of orgasm on her thighs. This practice of child molestation is condoned by their purported ‘holy book’. Muslims believe in following a book that says it’s ok to molest children and even marry them, then have sex with them like their hero Muhammed did when his wife was only 9!!! That’s not the worst of it. Muslims routinely and traditionally practice Female Genital Mutilation (google or youtube it!) of girls from the age of infancy to 20 years old (but average age is 8-10 years old), bestiality (google: bestiality in Islamic culture- their religious leader condone screwing goats, sheep and camels! Ayatollah Khomeni wrote that it was acceptable in his book! & actually published it!), honor killings (including dipping children of 5yo into boiling water up to their waist!), genocide (aka jihad), dope-dealing (farming of opium poppies for heroin production) and the reproductive and sexual slavery of women and children. Now do you still think Muslims are NICE PEOPLE?!?!? WAKE UP!!! THEY’RE HORRID!

    • Oh and BTW when they are done raping the animals (because their child-wives’ vaginas are all mutilated and sex is so painful for the women having had their clitorises gouged out and their vaginal openings sewn shut- or because their wives are pregnant, which means they will have to have the vagina cut open again in order to have the child) they just slaughter the animals that they just had sex with and sell the butchered meat to people in the next village over. Now that u have a bit of historical pretext as to why so many people hate Islam (including its adherents, if they are honest with themselves), maybe you’ll open your eyes and realize the kind of maniacs we are up against. I understand that before coming to this site you were either ill-informed, misinformed, uninformed or under-informed, but now you have no excuse for ignorance. There’s nothing wrong with hating what is intrinsically EVIL.

      • I agree 1000000 percent with you, Ari!! ISLAM is truly THE SCOURGE OF HUMANITY!!! It is a DIABOLICAL DOCTRINE, which CATERS TO THE LOWEST INSTINCTS OF MAN…and turns them into a “religion”!!….

    • Sane(?) Human Being:
      “You can’t believe this website exists:”

      Can you believe the atrocities committed every day by ISLAMIC STATE Isis ? Can you believe in the inbreeding of muslims in general ? Can you believe in the raping and the playing sexually with little boys and girls done by muslims ? Can you believe in the sexual mutilation of girls and women done and condoned by muslims ? Can you believe that muslims, as a matter of course, sexually molest farm animals ? Can you believe in the stoning to death of young girls because they have been raped and are no longer pure and virginal ? Can you believe that women must be wrapped up in black garb so that they show nothing but their eyes through a screen ? Can you believe that men are allowed by their so called religion to beat their wives ? Ckan you believe that women are not allowed to drive cars or even ride in the front seat ?

      Can you show me where, in any media except this one, these facts are pointed out ?

      Can you still find it in your “Christian” heart to respect a so called religion like islam ?

  27. Love your site, informative and enlightening. Wish everyone would read it and understand what is really going on so we can present a united front against the idiotic hate filled barbaric animals….

      • That I do sir, I tell everyone I know about this site but they are often afraid to see the truth, they prefer to live in their little happy bubbles and ignore what is happening around them. Wish everyone would wake up now before it is too late. Please keep it up sir, your work is valuable.

      • No way, thank you. FYI, I am female. A good idea for showing stories/videos from this site to deniers is to just copy and paste the original link/text/video without a link to BNI.

      • May I please offer a suggestion that you add some kind of web form to your site so that people who wish to remain anonymous as they do not want to become targets of hateful savages might send you links to things we don’t think have appeared on the site already ? Just to bring them to your attention in case you missed them. Thank you. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=3be_1433026244 Thank you.

      • If I may be completely frank I would rather keep my email address a secret as you may get hacked one day. I am very wary of such things. I think if there was a way to send you things anonymously like a web form or basic forum you may get more people involved. All I can tell you is there were Bangladesh people there, I have no idea why they started fighting, I find no details anywhere. Here is another new one today. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=797_1432901390

      • The only thing you can do is post them in the comments. If I want to use them on the Main page I will, otherwise they will stay in comments. No other way. And I think you are being a bit paranoid.

      • I see that only losers try to find some low scum job to do: hating others. If you had found something positive to do with your life, you would not be getting into other’s religion or life. Get a F-ing life man! better yet, get some psychiatric help. You are sick!! and anyone who is just looking for hate. Their heart is empty and lost.

      • FS, I am not a man. And I am sure my professional career before I started exposing Islam is way more impressive than yours could ever be, I don’t look for hate, it is thrown in my face every single day just looking at the headlines all over the world. Now take a hike, idiot.

    • This website is full of hate. I wish this website would be banned due to it’s hideous message. The FBI even investigated this website before. Sir I question your sanity. Almost all your anti-Islamic petitions, threats, actions have failed. Get over it. Muslims will win. Halal will always be available. Mosques will not be banned. Islam will not be banned either.

      • Mr. Khaled, remember that hate begets hate!!!!

        It’s YOUR hatred for everybody and everything “un-Islamic” that gets us to hate you RIGHT BACK!!!! This applies to you individually and collectively as the entire Moslem people; all the more so thanks to your EXTREME proclivity for LYING and DISTORTING things as per the Islamic “doctrines” of muda’rat / taqiyya + kitman!!!

        Furthermore, we PROUD and SMART “infidels” (WAY SMARTER, CLEANER, MORE LOVING, MORE COMPASSIONATE and MORE SOCIAL than you Moslems can EVER – again, absolutely EVER possibly conceive) hate the ATROCITIES, CRIMES, MISDEEDS and everything else you do to:
        – innocent animals (particularly dogs, pigs and apes – 3 of Mankind’s BEST friends, especially dogs);
        – women (half of the human race, for crying out loud!!!!);
        – non-Moslems (especially those who reject Islam because they realise what Islam is truly all about!!!!);
        – everything non-Moslem (which you’ll use until we’re destroyed – and then you’ll no doubt ban them, right?!???).

        To boot: Islam is solely about WAR, DESTRUCTION, MISERY, DEATH for the sake of DEATH and EVIL for the sake of EVIL!!!! You hate and are forbidden ALL art, music, science and peaceful sports – in essence, anything positive and/or loving – by your MONSTROUS IDOL Mohammed, who for us is the ANTIPODE of everything we outside of the Islamic world believe in, cherish, love, &c.

        We also don’t like LIARS, DECEIVERS and CHEATERS – as well as DICTATORS – in our societies!!! Since you think you’re so superior to everything and everybody else, PROVE IT BY STAYING in your dar al-Islam: NEVER, EVER, EVER sally forth into what you DARE to call dar al-Harb – and may that latter realm FOREVER REMAIN dar al-Harb for the rest of time!!!!!

        Until you RENOUNCE Islam and its chief DEVIL Mohammed as well as your hatred for everything and everybody “un-Islamic”, we NEVER – absolutely repeat, NEVER – EVER, EVER, EVER want to so much as to know of, see or interact with you under ANY circumstances!!!!!

        Truly: DEATH TO ISLAM – and ALL totalitarianism, period (including Marxism, Nazism and everything else in addition to Islam)!!!!! Now and forever and unto ages of ages, Amen!!!!

      • @ Omar Khaled-

        No, ISLAM is full of hate. This website is full of righteous indignation. There’s a huge difference. SANE people HATE Muslims because your religion permits and perpetuates ATROCITIES and HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS in the name of Allah. Real your Koran. Mohammed was a sick child molester & rapist of 9 yr old girls!
        Douche bag.

      • If the FBI investigates it that just means they will also have proof of the lies that have been spread all over the place, I am pretty sure they don’t want their heads cut off or their daughters in danger either. You guys are not winning anything. But I love the fact you think you are all the same, It falls on itself in misery so cannot be any winner but a self loathing and sad alienated force with nothing to be happy or thankful in. ( Amen )

  28. 3 terrorists want to return to Australia from Iraq/Syria.

    Big story today here in Australia and yes the bleeding hearts want to let them return…

    May 19, 2015

    Contains a video clip with Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, about 3 terrorists who want to return to Australia.

    SKY News Australia

    “Ex-fighters will be ‘prosecuted and jailed'”


    This article contains photos of some of the terrorists that want to return here to Australia;

    News Limited

    “Three Australian men associated with Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria want to come home”


    • There will be no peace until there is no islam. The Budhists in Myranmar finally had enough and ran the muslims out.

      • There will be no peace until there are no Zionists (false Jews). The leaders of more than 45 countries in the last 2000 years threw out the false Jews for a reason: the SAME reason that Jesus Christ threw these liars and thieves out of the temple of God.

      • WOE IS YOU, “Sam”, you filthy Moslem who wants the destruction of an entire race and their homeland merely because of what your most UNHOLY books of screeds and the most vicious hate imaginable DARE TO SAY!!!!

        Enough of us here are well on the lookout for whatever you think you can get away with – and we’ll NOT let you do so!!!! BEGONE – DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!

        On another subject, for Ms. BNI: since YouTube has become so outrageously censorious and totally the lackey of its Moslem and Marxist owners, perhaps you can collaborate with the Shoebats on having your own collection of video-clips stored with them? This way we wouldn’t have to worry any more about there being deleted. Just a suggestion…

  29. In relation to the following 2 articles…

    Beware of Muslim converts! I’ve said it many times before as have others on BNI. Muslim converts are the most dangerous Muslims in my opinion.

    Also the conservative Government here in Australia is considering revoking citizenship for terror related offences and for ‘hate preachers’.

    ONLY for non Australian born persons whom later become naturalised Australian citizens.

    We’re still stuck obviously with Muslims born here in Australia and obviously Muslim converts born in AU as well.

    News articles from news.com.au

    Queensland, Australia
    May 16, 2015 12:43PM

    “Blond, rugby-loving school captain turns jihadist”



    May 16, 2015 5:01PM

    “Hate preachers and terrorists could be stripped of citizenship under anti-terrorism proposal”



  30. Wow, never thought I would see such a bunch of balderdash. Lies, all lies! Are you all crazy or something? No sane human writes comments like these, and no stable person establishes a website like this dump! Get some sense into your heads, go out and make a real life for yourselves instead of spewing hate at people you don’t even know!

      • This website sucks. No wonder it’s full of hate. Oh yeah feel free to start a flame war on this thread you dirty anti-Islamics. Posting videos about beheading non-Muslims doesn’t really justify how bad our religion is. Honestly, do we really care?


        -Post from an interesting video on Youtube.


    • “PureMuslimah”, you pure Moslem prostitute:

      Until I remembered what your ilk have been doing to all non-Moslems throughout a full 1,400 years, I might once upon a time (a good long time ago!!) have believed what you said. HOWEVER, my late parents knew relatives who had had to fight Islam (notably in the form of some of its best examples the Ottoman Turks); furthermore, they knew their history VERY WELL!!! All their lifetime experiences – and mine too! – with Moslems who we all had the misfortune of meeting have merely CONFIRMED what was told about them!!!!

      It’s YOU, Moslemah, who’s spewing the “balderdash” in the form of your muda’rat / taqiyya + kitman (lies and distortions); it’s YOU who’s the unstable “person”, YOU who can’t accept that your (likely-adopted) “faith” is MORTALLY-MONSTROUS, YOU who needs to do the right thing: renounce Islam and humbly call to the LORD God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus!!! BEG Him to come into your life and clean your heart of the SATANIC evils of Islam!!!

      While we’re at it: LONG LIVE apes, pigs and dogs (including REAL bitches, the female dogs), Mankind’s TRUE and BEST FRIENDS you muzturds so despise and hate!!!!

    • @Purely Impure Muslimah ….. We are not crazy you go and check your own evil community created out of foolish satanic ideas…..
      And why do you guys want to stay in Europe or US or Australia….why dont you go to your own saudi or the middle east and be happy with ISIS

    • i love this website, it’s flawless. I’m so glad I discovered it, it’s absolutely amazing. Everything I have thought has been literally published, THIS WEBSITE LETS ME KNOW THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE THAT THINK AHEAD – THIS IS WHAT KEEPS ME GOING @BareNakedIslam and anti-Islamists greetings and appreciation from Australia! Islam is NOT a religion, it’s an ideology.

      • Le Pen is an Anti Semite moron…How can you ‘love her’ ? She’s a closeted anti Jewish fruitcake who thinks only white Christians should live in Europe. Oh, and she’s a closeted holocaust denier, even though NOW, she’s trying to distance herself from her Nazi daddy…not a genuine move, just political marketing…..Just an advice…By ‘loving’ fascists like her, you’re alienating a lot of people who might agree w/ some of your points…like myself.

      • BareNakedIslam, MANY THANKS for defending MARINE LE PEN!! She is now the ONE and ONLY HOPE against the islamic mass invasion of my country, France! I pray that she WINS the French 2017 presidential elections!

    • Isn’t it funny how certain things are picked to fit!! I mean, the West are all bad and tyrants aren’t we (not) yet our education is good isn’t it…..! THIS IS SICKENING!! I’ve just watched a programme on the POLIO EPIDEMIC IN PAKISTAN AND HOW THE TAIWAN ARE KILLING THE HEALTH WORKERS AND HAVE JIHAD ON THEM! A western conspiracy……I think not………it’s just to help the children from suffering. HOW THE HELL IS CURING POLIO A CONSPIRACY!!! TYPICAL MUSLIM INSANE RUBBISH!

  31. Why do you show the videos of executions? This is advertizing for the IS. Makes a few screenshots, done. You give the IS free advertising space. Power calibration complicit in ever new videos.

  32. Thank you for devoting so much time and effort in bringing all these things to light. I pray to God that He will keep watch over you and protect you against those who would do you harm.

  33. “Muslims Girls loose Virginity by Running”

    you wouldn’t believe this shit if it wasn’t true. you’d think it was made up. its like some idiot c-grade Hollywood film. but its not, its real.

    some idiot muslim headmaster in an Islamic School in Australia banned girls from running in the cross country, b/c, wait for it……… he says is will make them lose their virginity.

    talk about and inbred backward fu**ing 7th C philistine.

    see here:

    Girls at Al-Taqwa College have been banned from running at sporting events because the principal believes it may cause them to lose their virginity, former teachers claim.

    The schools regulator, the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority, is investigating the allegations, which have been referred to the state and federal education ministers.

    It follows revelations in The Age last month that the principal of the Islamic school, Omar Hallak, told students that Islamic State was a plot by Western countries.


    • Jimbo…

      That’s how I lost my virginity too…

      I had to run like a son-of-a-bitch to catch the girl….Bwahahahaah!!

      Laugh a bit…it’ll help keep ya sane!

  34. Take note Secretary of State Kerry you son of a bitch. This is how you pay respects to the people of France and to the staff of Charlie Hebdo after terror attack. Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop (Secretary of State equivalent) visits Charlie Hebdo to pay her respects.

    She has more guts than Kerry would ever dream of.

    “Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop presents David Pope cartoon to Charlie Hebdo in Paris condemning the massacre”


  35. dont you think that its about time to create christian defenders of the wotld..i will volunteer with all my heart in the name of Jesus…

  36. Who the fuck do you all think you are,
    Just because some Muslims do bad things doesn’t mean we are all bad,
    When a white person does something bad everyone forgets it but when a Muslim does something then all Muslims are bad and should go back to their country,
    You know what I think, you should go fuck yourself,
    Your just bully who isn’t good at anything but being mean to people,
    Everyone is different and everyone believes differently so just because one person does something doesn’t mean that someone else should pay for it,

      • If you so confidently and defiantly state your claim, why don’t you get off your butt and DO something to change the ‘evil’ aspects of your religion? Why do you play dumb and turn a blind eye to shit radicals do all overthe world in the name of Islam? Are u a pussy? Are u afraid they will behead u if you ‘do something’ against them? Remember Muslimandproud- “The only way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” (Edmund Burke)

        If you say you are a good, peaceful Muslim, rise up against evil and those who besmirch your faith. Got guts? LOL I wish.

      • BNI…

        No…D Wang is referring to the idiot above your post…

        “DO something to change the ‘evil’ aspects of your religion? Why do you play dumb and turn a blind eye to shit radicals do all overthe world in the name of Islam?”

        That is definitely not aimed at you! LOL

    • Muslimandproud. ..Sorry while I just change my pants as I’m pis sing myself laughing at wot u’ve written………….I really think u need to look again at these latest videos and then say who is a “bully who isn’t good at anything”!!!!!!

    • We are the defenders of peace and freedom and we are exterminators of hate and injustice! You are a muslim and that makes you a piece of shit murdering lying evil muhamid loving child raping woman hating piece of shit! Americans will never succumb to your shit! You will be lost here! You are out numbered and out gunned here! You do not have the brain power to defeat us! You do not have the guts and fortitude to carry out your jihad you can only pick us off one at a time and its usually a little grandmother defenseless at work! I guarantee she would still be alive if he would have tried to kill her at her home! So, does that answer your question? Do you know who we think we are now? Better cut you some holes in the back of your smelly burka so as to be able to look all around at all times because I can assure you that we are watching you! Every time you parade your smelly asses into our communities we are watching you! Every time you demand special treatments just for being smelly dirty muslims, we are watching! Every time someone kills or rapes or demands in the name of allah, we are watching and remembering and planning to rid ourselves of the plague that is islam! I remember 911, do you? Atta told the passengers on his plane to just be quiet and they would be okay! I will never be silent and my fellow Americans are awake now and we will all be loud and you will hear our voices until your ears bleed from loudness of the truth about your evil religion!

    • Not all muslims are bad – but they all believe in the principle idea of jihad. So, maybe you haven’t personally killed another man by your bare hands, but your faith and your people have. ALL, for something I might add, that you believe in and support.

  37. 18/04/15.

    Breaking Australian News.
    This is most likely why this terror attack was planned;

    “Men arrested in Melbourne over alleged ‘ISIS-inspired’ Anzac Day terrorist plot”


    Some background

    (ANZAC Day is the most significant day in Australia and New Zealand to honour Veterans. It’s extremely important to very many Australian’s and Kiwis.) It is as important here as Independence Day and Thanksgiving Day is to many Americans. This year marks the 100th Anniversary of the ‘Gallipoli’ WW1 Military Campaign (Gallipoli, Turkey) which was Australia’s ‘Baptism of Fire’ or the ‘Birth of Australia’.


    Post script to the story below about ‘racist’ verbal abuse of Muslim couple on a Sydney Train;

    “Victims of racist tirade thank woman who defended them, want abuser charged”


  38. Australian News Stories;

    April 17, 2015,

    Mosque in Toowoomba, Queensland seriously damaged by fire.

    “Police are investigating a fire that caused major damage to a mosque in Toowoomba overnight”



    April 17, 2015,

    Muslim couple on a train in Sydney verbally abused.

    “Stacey Eden defended a Muslim woman who was being verbally abused on a Sydney train”


  39. Story from Melbourne, Australia about a Somali Muslim POS ‘Australian’ ISIS terrorist shot dead. April 16, 2015.

    “Melbourne model turned ISIS recruit Sharky Jama shot dead in Syria”


    Story from Sydney, Australia April 16, 2015.

    Assyrian Genocide Memorial Monument spray painted with swastikas.

    ‘It was heartbreaking’: Memorial to victims of massacre defaced in Sydney’s west’


  40. Hi BNI,
    I found an interesting report on muslim immigration to Norway and Sweden.

    Apparently, recent statistics show that around 100 (!!) % of rapes commited in Norway are commited by muslim men raping norwegian women.
    For those who are interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=15&v=a56EqUPwyFQ

    Taken from a website that shows a detailed report on the muslim immigration problem to scandinavia (luckily, not finland…YET)

    Sry, it’s all in german, but some might understand. The most important things are mentioned in the video.

    Those are real statistics but the authorities in Norway are not allowed to talk publicly about it anymore. They call it a “gang rape problem” but don’t mention the fact that it’s indeed muslims that prefer norwegian women. They even mention that more and more norwegian women start colouring their hair dark in order to not be recognized as a native right away – WHAT THE F*** ?

    My one question is: Why are people ike Geert Wilders still considered racist or even radical for that matter. How is it possible to NOT acknowledge the fact that muslims ARE the worst creatures on god’s green earth?

    Frederik van Pohjoinen, finnish islamophobe

    • The trouble is that all Liberals play straight into the permanent sense of grievance that Muslims have. Why should Norway be any different from the UK therefore ? Here in the UK we had in Rotherham nearly 1400 young girls sexually groomed by Pakistani Muslim men. Then another few hundred in Oxford. Again, Pakistani and North African Muslim men. It continued in other towns and cities across the UK.

      And yet when they put together a film, called My Dangerous Lover Boy with the word Dangerous in bold red, to alert young girls about sexual grooming and how they could avoid getting drawn in, they used Asian men as the baddies. It was never shown. Screams from the leftie-liberal cretins cried ‘Racist’ and so they redid the film using a white lad.

      Now for the facts. Out of the 40 or so who were arrested, charged and found guilty, only 3 were white. The rest Asian Muslims. The leftie-liberals are just as guilty as those Muslim men who raped and groomed young 12 year old girls.

    • okay, I would just like to say one thing, do you believe that putting this crap on the internet is a smart way to tell the world about what is really going on IN THE WORLD??? Think of the children watching these horribly, wrong videos and not even knowing what to think about it, you should be ashamed. This is wrong. All of this. I am disgusted that there are people like you, Bare Naked Islam, who will not think about there actions such as these, and not think about the consequences which are to follow.

      • hellen h…

        First of all…

        -If children are coming on this site, then that is a parenting issue…
        -why do you say the videos on here are “wrong”?
        -everything on his site is showing islam in the open, honest way it is being aggressively followed, promoted, practiced, implemented and forced on people in every corner of this planet…the TRUE islam…

        Tell us…what are the “consequences which are to follow”?
        Follow what?

        Instead of you being disgusted with “people like you, BNI”, one would think YOU would be disgusted with the moslems that are perpetrating all this violence and insanity that their loathsome, vile belief structure…?

        People who come to this site, if they have an ounce of intelligence whatsoever, get their EYES OPENED to what islam is all about…

        AND, by “putting this crap on the internet”, as you say, is not only a “smart way to tell the world what is really going on IN THE WORLD???”, it is one of the BEST ways to do just that very thing…

        I would hazard a guess that what you really find difficult is realizing that the things on BNI are TRUE, and they make you have to rethink your liberal, democratic ways of looking at islam.

        Liberals, democrats, and left wingers DO NOT LIKE the truth when it comes to moslems.

      • Come back Helen when you’ve had your clitoris hacked off, can’t leave the house without a male relative, can’t drive, can’t work, can’t vote, have to pay the jizya and have to wear oppressive headgear and clothing.

        Oh, that’s right, you wouldn’t be allowed internet access.

      • HH……maybe directing your hate to the ones doing the beheading be more useful than just moaning cos this site dare tell the truth and show what’s ACTUALLY HAPPHAPPENING!!

  41. Sydney, Australia.

    This story has been mentioned previously on BNI. There are however new developments that occurred today, April 1, 2015.

    The father of the 12 year old child bride by the way is a 5th generation white Australian Muslim convert. I heard that on 2Gb, a radio station in Sydney. The Muslim convert is the most dangerous Muslim in my opinion.

    “Father of child bride found guilty of facilitating marriage to man more than twice daughter’s age”


    • Absolutely right. Those liberals are degenerated idiots. They’ve ruined Europe, and they’ll be the first to be beheaded by bloodthirsty Muslims. Positively shocking video. But it will be the reality in Europe very soon/

  42. Sydney, Australia March 31, 2015

    Possible Muslim honour killing overnight in Sydney, Australia. Man charged with stabbing his wife to death and slashing his 18 year old daughter.

    “Woman dead in bloody suburban stabbing at Bexley”


    Australian TV report on Indonesia. March 31, 2015;

    “Hijabs, high heels: The Muslim women born men

    Dateline explores transgender culture in Indonesia”


      • I never saw any anti Christianity or extremist website but a couple of minutes here and I already feel the will to kill all you cunts pieces of shit with no shit to do on life I hope you all die with a dildo up your ass your mum’s sell themselves you have the most famous murderes in history you can’t even fix your country try to come here chat shit got to others countries for your own benefit where’s oil or gold or diamonds you are there pretending you are helping you are the biggest nazis.

      • You lie here mate no where in the quran says such definition to jihad the same way you twist facts with fiction the isis does the same twists and manipulates people and words it’s a shame that’s ignorant people out there to keep all this evil doing going on and the crusades were against the moors not the whole Islam you thick cunt.

      • The only ones that benefit from all those terror attacks is ignorants like you so you can blind others with your hate and lies pieces of shit couldn’t do shir in the Europe you cunts went to America an sealed the land from the natives now you act like you are saints Christianity started on the other part of the world you idiots act like you know the truth Jesus never said or created a religion you are dumb fucked up people.

      • Hamza, loving the retard rage in defence of your crazy cult of islam, AKA The absurd fantasies and poor plagiarism of the rapist pervert pedophile sadist putrid murderer so called prophet mohammed (may the ejaculation of a thousand pigs baste his rotting corpse).

      • I note you don’t deny being a welfare leach. Probably a taxi driver who doesn’t declare his earnings and also leaches more like. The most famous murderer in history is undoubtedly little Mo the Mussie. Called little Mo due to his undersized penis which gave him such a complex so that to avoid further humiliation from his sister’s and aunties, he shagged kids and animals instead. Islam is the world of cowards. Beheading doped up prisoners with their hands tied begin their backs, real manly eh? Top warriors you are not. Or just plain scared to leave your cult, cos u know what that means don’t you! Your kind will be judged in time and I imagine the queue from purgatory to hell will be a very long one littered with redundant prayer mats. Bwaahahahahahahahhahahhha

      • Desperado, unless you are addressing me, you need to put the name of the commenter to whom you are responding at the top of your post if the “reply to” doesn’t work.

      • I’m new. I have read this blog before in passing, but I noticed the page about atheist allies…I am a Christian and will always be so. But atheists fascinate me; for example how the ones (embarrassing minority I’m sure) who are trying to save us by calling us Christards…it’s so charming, I just can’t get enough of it, But mostly I like the debates, just to see how arguments are formulated. It’s obvious to me, especially since the crucifixion of Bill Maher, by fellow liberals, that Atheists, Jews and Christians might be reluctantly obliged to snuggle and hiss softly. It seems that we are sensing that something needs to be done. It looks like recipe of some kind is needed. For example, Far right if atheist, that works…far right (depending on who you ask how far is far) and “Christian” might be like…uh-uh…far far left uh-uh, they seem to think they have leather necks…It’s like they are sucking up? The doggy piling on observant Jewish students doesn’t really fool me…these people haven’t put enough thought into Zionism to know what they really think…it’s just safer, they think, to kiss up to Islamist agitators. I do not really dislike Muslims, and I am generally fond of Jews, although atheist Jews are quite surly and condescending in the blog rooms. I would like to see whether atheists think that non-liberal but center-right Christards like me, or observant Zionist Jews have any utility in their game plan for deprogramming at-risk moderate Muslims. I frankly think the BanSharia moves are best handled by Christian moderates (non liberal denomination types) and the interventions by atheists that are not in that far-left sector. My logic isn’t the best, but my math is solid. If the US population of Islamists (aka “moderates for now”) begins to approach 2- 3%, given the advancing support from “kid progressives” and hard left ideologues, we’ll all be in a pickle. I really have to beg of atheists of goodwill…please…if you HAVE to deprogram Christians, can you start with the Episcopalians? For one, it’s low hanging fruit, for another, it might be time for a devil’s bargain between the brilliant naturalists and the knuckle dragging New Testament TEA folks with Star of David pins holding their Gadsden flags on the bosom.

        It’s going to take something crazy to prevent civil unrest. I think the black conservatives and US native-born and naturalized Latinos are in.

        Muslim Americans who are biting their knuckles while matters continue to get more murky for them, they need a break too. Islamism is the problem.
        I believe the solution is for Americans to get our panties unbunched and thereby baffle the backward.

        We all have our gripes about each other. Willing to put that on hold for 3 years while we build a bridge? Hey, if I could blow a kiss to Bill Maher while he was on the set with Affleck, anything is possible.

      • Yo hamza(why do you morons all have pork names?)
        You need to quit watching porn, it is fogging your brain! Here is a little something to think about; if all of the good people of Europe stayed home from work for just two days on the same day it would ruin your little welfare ride! Your days as a slacker are numbered! All western countries are getting fed up supporting fagots like you who have such a lousy attitude and are to lazy to get a job!

    • Is that you ABC…the idiot muslim from “islam Watch” who now goes by “…..”?

      If you’re not the same fellow…you’re just as stupid and ignorant…maybe even more so, if that’s possible.

      As usual…morons like you just use vulgarity and name call instead of offering any legitimate rebuttal addressing the things this site presents.

      You know damned well you can’t do that….why?

      Because in your black, slimy, rotten hearts you know everything this site represents about islam and moslems is TRUE….it’s right on the money…BINGO!

      And you’re too gutless to ever leave your phony “religion”.

    • Have you seen Hell?…Well if there is such a place then it is reserved for all the Muslims……WHY DO YOU EVEN THINK “GOD” NEEDS help of people if he wants to punish???…I think You guys are not “CONFIDENT” in your God…..MUSLIMS SAY…. “God Made the Earth and people and all the things we see(or happens) is God’s wish….”….So my dear IDIOT…..if this site exists please understand it is because of God’s wish so that idiots like you will understand TRUE GOD does not want JIHADISTS….and False Prophets like you. …

      NB: Myself and my wife have 100% right to speak against ISLAM because we faced mental torture and my family and friends faced physical torture and mental torture for years from “People of Terror”……So Dont try to put some stupid reply for this post……I am typing this from my heart……and i am happy atleast someone is talking for us…..The minute i have enough money i will donate all i have to keep this wonderful website alive!!!!!

    • No ABC DEF, there’s actually a special place in Heaven reserved for the creator of this site as this site does God’s work and exposes those who rape and kill innocent men, women, and children.

      The special place in hell is reserved for you and Hamza and all the other raping, murdering savages who have a pedophile prophet.

      What really passes you off is the fact that this site gets the truth out about your filthy, savage cult, and it does it extremely well. Now go find a goat and do what you do best.

    • This site is good , it’s good for people to see the truth , the truth will definitely set you free. As for ISIS they need a new hobby , they basically need to die in other words, I never wished death upon anybody but these people are just wow. As a marine corps veteran I experienced horrifying events with these people and they’re damned religion , the things they say the things they do everything just leads to hatred , it’s just covered up by other bullshit.. I hate it I cannot stand those things , God will deteriorate your false religion , yes I worship the cross as you cowards say yes I’m an infidel in your Islamic eyes , guess what I don’t give a FUCK. I cannot stand what’s going on now in this world you Islamic prices of dirt deserve the worse.. it’ll come soon it will definetly come soon..

    • To the contrary, “abc def”: it’s my fervent prayer that Ms. BNI will be welcomed into HEAVEN by God Almighty, whose TRUE Name is Yahweh (YHWH) and Whose Only-Begotten Son is Jesus the Messiah (Christ).

      She has been doing LOTS and LOTS of good for all of us – it’s those like YOU, “abc def” and Ms. Hamza de Barros (herself likely a Moslem convert), who either are ignorant, Marxists or Moslems and who thus can’t accept the BITTER TRUTH about Islam, who truly are bound for Hell and very likely (after the Last Judgement) thence to the Lake of Fire!!!!

      If ALL of us Westerners were awake the way she and I among a rapidly-growing number of people happen to be (God Be Praised), we could put you TRAITORS and ENEMIES in your places (which would be in Communist and Moslem countries – you cretins have ZERO place in the West)!!!

      Truly, God Bless Ms. BNI and those who’re her relatives, friends and acquaintances and are on her side.

    • Why in God’s name would anyone be sent to hell for shedding light on an issue that the main news outlets choose to ignore? What is wrong with informing the public. Socrates was condemned for what he had to say and teach to his community’s youth, and he was even put to death for it, because he knew that the education of something so vital was more important .

  43. Dear BNI,
    I have just recently started following this site, i want to thank you for being brave and putting the truth out there for others to see. As an Army veteran who served in Iraq i will testify that ALL Muslims do share the same idea that anyone who is a non believer must convert or be killed. Islam is truly the most barbaric “religion” there is and needs to be wiped from the face of this earth. Thank you for doing what you are doing in exposing this scum

    • Welcome firsthand, always nice to have another military veteran among our readers. Thank you for confirming this based on your own personal experience and thank you for keeping us safe.

  44. Hi BNI,

    A poster in the comments section of a story on Pamela Geller’s website linked to this excellent video. Have you seen it?

    Following description is straight from the YouTube description of the video;

    “The Jihad Triangle (David Wood)

    Published on Mar 14, 2015


    Many people are confused by jihad. If Islam is a religion of peace, why is there a persistent problem of radicalism in the Muslim world? If Islam is the problem, why are there so many peaceful Muslims? In this video, David Wood explains that jihad isn’t the product of a single factor, but of three factors: belief, knowledge, and obedience. These three factors come together in what we’ll call “The Jihad Triangle.””


      • I i disagree with all of the things that you have posted but as a True Sunni Muslim i just want you toknow that i am sorry about all of the terrible disgusting things that the Shia are doing and i want you to know that i am against ISIS the Taliban and the and al Qaeda i also feel bad for you guys that you have never met a good kind Muslim. I also want you to know that i pray for ISIS should be stopped i know that there are bad people in my religion and that is something that Muslims need to address and deal with properly. I know that you are going to make front of me and the things that i have said but i hope you take a while to learn about the good things in Islam and try to accept my apology.

  45. If you enjoy crawling on the floor and submitting yourself to the gas emitted from the hairy simpleton in front of you, Islam may be your thing.

  46. Two things are scary in this blog: the ignorance and the ,anipulation of the speech, media and data. I agree the fact that some waves in teh Islam are way extremist and their ideology tend to be violent in the name of yihad, nevertheless, christians act the same many years ago in the name of christ. The cruzades had no other objective but to conqueer territories by destroying other cultures and obligate them to join to the christian religion, so when you guys say the whole islam is about violence and killing people, you are just seeing a very tiny piece of the whole picture. Second of all, I know by fact ans statistics that muslims -and foreigners in general- are the main perpetrors od crimes in Sweden but thats also a fact that you are manipulating. These guys who commit crimes are mainly assaults and robbery and thats because they have foound no other legal way to get a decent life and survive, I understand thats not the State´s fault because the economy in general is bad and cant offer more to immigrants to insert them in the labour market, nevertheless, it is also a reaction to the racism and discrimination these immigrants suffer everyday and that is part of the social behavior, and has nothing to do with the weak economy all world faces. So before we can say Islam or muslims are THE problem, we have to see the whole thing and be aware that it is about values and reactions to this system that keep us dominated, producing and consuming with tha illusion of the good life based on money and material stuff.

  47. The term Islamophobe implies “fear” of Islam. Not fear, just PITY for these genetically inferior cave dwellers. They have been slapped back into the 7th century before and can be again. Mohammad, “pigment” to his friends , is just an insane, illiterate simpleton whose mother was a Jew, his father a camel with a penchant for anal sex.

  48. There are 1.5 billon Muslims. The number of people with single digit Intelligent Quotients is also 1.5 billion . Coincidence? It is difficult to see beyond the single huge eyebrows sported by these throwbacks. Mohammad was crazy and hid in caves from evil fairies but he was still smarter than the average butt sniffer. Urinate on your Quran today. Mohammad’s mother was anally assaulted by a Highland Gorilla and Mohommad popped out.

    • actually i think it was the other way around. Mohammeds mother snuck up on some poor unsuspecting Highland Gorilla and raped the poor bugger

  49. Larry, Curly and Moe Hammad. The best clown act on the circuits. Time to slap them back into the 7th century again. They are just like children.

  50. Of all the miserable Cro-Magnon imbeciles in the world, they pick Mohammad as a prohet. That deranged caveman should be dug up and sold to a carnival.

  51. Thank god for people like you who are not afraid of being called racist or islamophobe or whatever the f*** people call us these days.
    Thanks to you I still have some faith in humanity left.
    I am a finnish born german living in Hamburg. What I have to deal with every day is unbelievable. There are certain streets in my hometown that I cannot access anymore because muslims will beat the shit out of every caucasian looking guy they see.
    Just one example, there are many more. Just recently, they allowed female teachers to wear their damn muslim bags on their heads. How will this affect our children? Our culture and our values vanish every second. But our leaders, or most of them, are too afraid to speak up. They say that muslims and islam is not an issue in germany and they are all peaceful and nice. Sure, but I guess they ve never lived in a people with over 65% muslim population? How the hell do they know what they’re talking about?
    Whoever you are, you have my full support. I will be donating everything I can spare to keep this site up and running. If there is anything else I can do, please let me know.
    Someone needs to speak the truth. He will be hated for it, but it’ll be the right thing and some day, when everything goes to s**** because of these crazy muslim pigs, people will look back and say “well, BNI said so… should’ve listened.”

    I wish you all the best
    Frederik J. van Pohjoinen

    • Welcome Frederik, so glad you found us. We have watched the deterioration of Germany because of muslim immigration with great sadness. I hope you support the PEGIDA demonstrations and believe they will continue to grow and spread throughout Europe. We still have the right to free speech in America but the left is doing all they can to restrict that. But we will fight them every step of the way.

      I don’t come across too many stories about the muslim problem in Finland but hear it is not as bad as it is in Sweden and Denmark. Please feel free to send us any stories about Germany that you think BNI readers should see.

      • Thank you for your kind answer. I apologize for my bad language yesterday, I was quite angry since I’ve just encountered some rude muslim children on the street in front of my house, harassing an elderly german woman. They insulted her for not wearing a headscarf and they told her that germany is not her country anymore and she should adopt to the new order if she wants to continue to live here. Can you believe that?
        I do support the PEGIDA movement. I also participated in it on several occasions. Unfortunately, some of the participants attract attention from the media because they are members of “nazi” parties and act like clowns by shouting and rioting against the police, which prevents many concerned citizens from also participating. The movement needs elderly citizens and regular people that don’t have shaved heads or swastika tattoos, people that don’t want violence but rather want to be heard and the government to understand that they’re afraid. Nevertheless, the movement will continue to grow, I’m quite sure.

        Indeed, finland hasn’t been infected with the plague yet, but they’ll get there eventually. Cancer spreads if nobody treats it properly.

        There’s even more bad news from my hometown of hamburg though.
        I read in the local papers this morning, that Hamburg now has 50 mosques… and only 42 catholic churches.
        Hamburg is inhabited by 130.000 muslims, so abour 8% of its population is muslim, which makes catholics the minority here.
        Still, 71,9% of hamburgs population doesnt consider the muslims a burden to the social system (even though around 63% of the muslim population in hamburg is unemployed and they live on welfare, payed by taxes that I and the other people who work here pay. I have no idea how the brainwash media manages to still let people think that this doesn’t make them a burden)

        A nurse in hamburg, that works 8-10 hours a day earns less in a month than the average muslim unemployed family with 3-5 children.
        In my opinion, that’s disgusting.

        There are many schools here where german children are a minority, which means the cafetiria in their schools doesn’t allow pork, german children feel excluded because they don’t speak turkish since also many teachers speak turkish and they also talk to their students in turkish, because they won’t understand proper german.

        Just an example. And this is NOT something that I made up, I gathered those numbers from german newspapers and I’ve seen these schools myself.
        I’m a psychologist and I sometimes go to work in schools with children.
        Many have told me, that they feel excluded because they don’t speak turkish and some of the older boys even adapt a turkish accent in their german (even though they grew up with german) just to sound like they do.

        Also, things like this: http://newobserveronline.com/growing-muslim-population-in-germany-demands-official-holidays/

        make me wanna throw up.

        We have regular demonstrations and protests here in hamburg, led by muslims in order to achieve equality or whatever it is they want.
        Next time I see one, I will take some pictures and send them to you guys.
        You won’t believe the things you see written on the posters they carry around.
        I saw some of them walk around our streets with signs that said “Convert to Islam before it’s too late. ISIS will soon occupy this country and we will slaughter the non-believers” (that’s an EXACT quote, I took a picture of it, but it’s written in german, so I thought I’d translate this.)
        Nobody stopped them. Nobody dared to speak up.

        Try to go to turkey with a sign that says “Believe in Jesus Christ, the lord and savior or you will burn in hell” You be imprisoned immidiately.

        They’re all afraid to speak up. They don’t wanna be called a Nazi because that’s what happens whenever you even MENTION the word muslim.
        It’s disgusting.

        Sorry for the long post. I hope some of it is worth reading and helping people out there understand how bad things have gotten here.

        Thanks for reading and best regards

      • Frederik, thanks for letting us know what’s going on there. We don’t see those stories in the media, of course. I don’t know what I would have done if I ran into muslim kids like that, but I probably would have been arrested.

        All anti-Islam movements/people get targeted with the Nazi label. Just keep reminding them that muslims were fighting right alongside the Nazis in WWII. I also try to remind them that National Socialists are far left wing in their beliefs.

      • Seriously, this is the best site ever…I come from Asia and was living in a place with almost 30% muslims…But i never knew too much about them and i didnt know their attitude towards others till that IGNORACE hit me and my family…I also used to think why people write rubbish about them….why are they hated so much by Hindus…..But all my questions were answered when i married a Muslim girl (who took christianity later because she also saw the truth evil of Islam).
        They tried not only to kill me but my wife(their own daughter) and since we had to runaway they were after my family and friend….even so many of my friends had to suffer just because they knew me……It is a miracle….seriously by God’s grace we are still alive….its been a few years since this happened….Till now we cannot go back to our hometown…..

        Now i am really happy to see this website……seriously people should not be IGNORANT about the EVIL ISLAM IS SPREADING ….it is a Virus…..Or else…..one day you and your family will be SUFFERING LIKE ME!!!!!!

        So act before it is too late!!!!!!

      • Peter, thank God you and your wife are safe. That was quite a testimony and must have been a most frightening experience.

        Thank you for sharing that and God bless.

  52. you people are having a wrong image about Islam. you are having confusion between pure Islam (Ahlous Sounnah wal Jamaat) and wahabism (which no doubt is a satanic faith) and has nothing to do with Islam. Go and learn history. see how the leader of the satanic wahabi faith (his name is Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab), this man attacked the majority of Muslims, rob and killed them supposedly in the name of Islam and he stole caliphate from the ottomans. now analyse the actuality and do research you will see that all terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, Boko Haram etc are all from the Wahabi satanic faith. These people are not Muslims themselves though they have Muslim names. So if u want to blame do not blame Muslims but blame the Wahabi satanic sect

    • Yaasir…

      Then start cleaning up YOUR own shit-hole mess….YOUR crazy religion, YOUR crazy members of that religion, YOUR mess!

      If you CAN’T get it done, it will eventually come down to those who WILL!

    • You pray to your demon god in arabic, do you even speak arabic? Do you even know what you are praying for? We know what you are praying for you fn moron! I am here to tell you it aint going to happen! Have your stupid caliphate and we will see you one crusade and raise you a butt load of patriotism and freedom, you loose! ASSHOLE!

      • This site makes me feel so much better! I see things in the news that make me think “wow. that part of the world is filled with such violent, hateful people. They murder in the name of their God and oppress the weak”, but then I see this site and am reminded that humans are human, and that we have just as many bloodthirsty pieces of shit here ready to kill for Jesus, and think “it’s ok, well just nuke ourselves to oblivion anyway”. BareNakedIslam and those who think like him should go fight ISIL until all the hate-spewing fanatics on both sides are dead!

      • what is BareNakedIslam if not christian? most of the genocidal physchos im used to dealing with are muslim, christian, or jewish. If ur smart enough to see the church is full of lies (not always with evil intentions) i’d think you’d be smart enough to see that religion is an excuse for, not a cause of, violence

    • wouldn’t it be interesting if infedels set up a revenge squad of people with diagnosed terminal illness,nothing to lose,who could seek out islamoscum and do to them something like the attacks on the paki school were hundreds were executed.
      All in the name of atheism,haha.

    • Winston was right. Islam is a throwback to the bronze age. The U.S. does not need more primitive subscribers to ridiculous superstition. Listen carefully and you can hear Aisha screaming as a 54 year old fraud forces himself on a child.

    • For centuries, Christians, Muslims killing Muslims did not question the Christian faith. Now you are querying of Islam?

      • Muslims killing Muslims are no problem. A dead Muslim is a good Muslim…..It’s when you start in on civilized people that we’ve got a problem.

  53. Do you have any more instances of Obama doing or saying something that confirms his commitment to Islam? I’d like to document these to give to those who insist that there are no proofs that Obama is a Muslim.

      • Obama’s father is from a muslim background but a confirmed atheist.. I don’t think Obama is a muslim because he wants Israel to abide by the treaty of 1967 which she should have done as an honorable nation anyway. President Bush is in bed with the Saudi’s, this is confirmed, is that means he is a muslim?

      • There is no treaty from 1967, nor are there established borders. Stop parroting false propaganda. Obama’s father and stepfather were muslims which makes him one, and since there is no record of his conversion, he is still one.

      • Response to Mobsie 666 (the beast) below:
        The Israeli acquisition of land in 1967 was because of the illegal Arab aggression in the 6 day war. Israel should never have returned that land. They WON the war!
        Are you a Muslim, or just a LibTard?

    • I can’t seem to recall a time when obama absent proven to be a dirty muslim. This joke of a leader has left this nation looking and acting the fool. I can’t wait till his liberal Muslim lovein waste of oxygen out of the white house so he can go play with his buddy’s in the sandbox and leave the ass kickin and bomb dropin to the men who are goin to have to put humpty dumpty back together again.

  54. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott made a National Security speech today,
    Monday, February 23 2015.

    Tony Abbott is a conservative PM with some guts. I would say he’s much more of a true conservative than David Cameron. This speech is being hailed as quite strong (by Australian standards) in his criticism if Islamic Terrorism.

    In my opinion Tony Abbott is about as tough talking on Islamic Terrorism that you’ll ever hear in Australia (fairly moderate compared to Egyptian President Sisi). Much tougher than Caliph Barack Obama and Dhimmi David Cameron (very weak). Obama is frequently criticized by Australian Conservatve media as being soft on terror.

    Fellow BNI’ers interested in Politics and Islamic Terrorism may be interested in watching this video;

    Runs for approximately 23 minutes…


    ‘We cannot allow bad people to use our good nature against us’ says PM


  55. On your tee shirt “Islam spreading hatred since ect ” the correct date should be 666AD as predicted in revelations .
    The first 6×1= The year 666AD when Satan manifests himself through Islam to destroy Christianity in Europe.

  56. Please read this slowly – your head may explode – this is really what is happening and this has been going on since the first cave man killed his neighbor over the pretty cave woman.

    Humanity is run on software – four sets to be exact – set #2 are the religions, cultures and societies that manage billions of humans. This software also forces humans into groups and these groups are forced into becoming as different as possible from other groups. This causes conflict and then war. War is the engine of technology. Every war humans have fought has produced some technology. The American Civil War produced tons of medical technology. World War 1 – Airplane Technology – WW2 Nuclear power – Cold War – Moon landing – and so on. So, if you understand this concept you’ll see that the Muslim fighters are just SUCKERS!!! The software in their heads are telling them to fight for some arcane reasons, that they don’t really understand. As I said, they are just SUCKERS as all humans who have fought in wars are SUCKERS. They are truly only fighting to generate some new technology that will wipe them out or at least stop them from spreading. The Muslim fighters are like a disease and new or old technology will wipe them out. Yes they are bad – but the badder they are the faster the new tech will be developed to KILL them. Sorry – crazy Islam fighters – your god will not save you – the god of technology will wipe you clean – if all else fails – you will be nuked!!! The god of tech is the god you really have to face. Everyone has to remember that war is just humans being suckered into giving another human a reason to develop some tech to KICK THEIR ASS! The Japaneses know about getting their ass kicked after being just like these Isis idiots. From now on – anyone who hears about these absolutely stupid humans running around the desert doing insane things to other humans – just know that they are only a catalysis to new technology. By the way – we all have to thank the Russians for our IPhones. To beat the Russians to the moon – we had to figure out a way to miniaturize stuff – once we did – presto – computers – IPhones and all the other silly crap we have today. One more note to crazy insane Muslim fighters – keep it up – you’ll be vaporized very soon. It just might be time to being out the RAY GUNS!!!

    • Assalaamualaikum. Translates to may peace be upon you. And our prophet may peace be upon him told us to spread salaam (peace). Every religion has different sides. Some interpret in ways others don’t orwouldnt. This does not mean we should judge a larger people because of the fewer’s acts. God in whatever form we believe in is most forgiving and if we truly believe the teachings of own religions then we would not jugde others on their actions. Instead we should spread the word of our religions to save the people from hell. Lets not be selfish and try to take it only for ourselves. If we dont believe in a religion or in god then that is your belief that there is no god but it is respected as it should be so respect other’s decisions. No one on this earth is perfect. Muslims according to religion should come to violence if the religion is being threatened but even in thus there are rules! Isis followers do not follow these rules but there punishment will come. We do not know what actions of ours will be acceoted but bad deeds will not. Slandering others no matter what they do is wrong and is punishable in the eyes of the lord. Have mercy on the people and spread your beliefs! Dont behave badly. We are role models for our children and maybe we are triumphant over the people we despise today but tomorrow when our children are being beheaded or beaten down or cursed because we taught them the wrong things then we will be to blame and we will be punished even more.. with our heartaches as well as from God. Spread peace even if you dont think others are. These muslims may not be peaceful but they have been bullied by non muslims for a very long time and are retaliating. Let us not be inhumane with our words and thoughts because they are being inhumane through their actions. Let them have this victory today for they shall fall at the depths of hell tomorrow after they are asked why they took lives when it is not their decision to do so. Act justly! This is the best reply to injustice. Spread the peace.

      • Moe, save it for ‘Huffpoe.’ We’re not buying what you’re selling, namely islamic pig dung from the prophet of pork, ‘muhammhock,’ porcine prophet of pigslam. (May the peace and blessings of pork be upon him)

        Now here is the peace I give you, “Go choke on a ham bone!”

      • By now, you have likely heard the term dhimmitude, whereby Christian countries can pay an extortion fee to Muslims for protection against having to convert to Islam?
        Back in 1783 AD when the British colonies that would become the United States of America gained independence from Great Britain, five Muslim countries of North Africa declared war on our newly independent nation. They hijacked our merchant ships and kidnapped the sailors, selling them for ransom or as slaves.
        When the United States of America was established, we paid extortion fees, which were as much as 25 percent of our federal budget, as bribes to allow our merchant ships and sailors free passage.
        It took a while, but America was finally able to build a sufficient Navy to stop the piracy. When we felt ready, in 1805 President Jefferson sent the Navy and Marines to conquer Tripoli, thus ending the dhimmitude and piracy.
        “From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli…” is part of the Marine Corps hymn that showcases that victory; a fight for honor.
        Read more about that battle and how it applies to America, here.
        Since that day in 1805, Islam has been at war with America.

        Now, Moe, Tell us more about your :peaceful” religion!

      • For the ill-informed, here’s a brief history lesson: For 13 years, Muhammad did preach religion and peaceful verses while in Mecca (the Meccan Koran), but could only get 100-150 Arabs to convert. As a result, Islam was a complete failure. Driven out of Mecca, Muhammad fled to Medina, but was rejected by the Jews. Infuriated, he became a warrior and politician and the nature of Islam changed from being a peaceful doctrine to a violent and radical doctrine (jihadist). Islam immediately became a massive success—with promises of wealth and riches, the spoils of war (‘booty’), concubines (sex slaves) and paradise with 72 virgins if converts were to die in battle. Over 10,000 Arabs joined each year until Muhammad’s death 10 years later. During that time, he waged battle after battle, annihilating every Jew from Saudi Arabia, even beheading 800 male Jews of the Banu Qurayza tribe one historical day with his 12-year old child bride, Ayesha, beside him. The women and children were all sold into slavery. Muhammad later returned to Mecca as its conqueror and slaughtered all his enemies and those who had rejected him as the prophet of Allah as well as hundreds of idols. Hence, we see the horrific and violent verses in the Medinan Koran (which is effectively commingled with the Meccan Koran), the Sira, and the Hadith. 65% of the Medinan Koran is devoted to the Kafir—(you and I) and how to deal with us, and 16% of the Koran is devoted to Jihad. Hardly a religion of “peace”—it is an evil ideological and political doctrine wherein the earlier peaceful verses are abrogated (cancelled out) by the later violent verses. Heard of “Taqiyya”? It’s a ‘secret deception’ to fool all Kafirs (unbelievers) of the heinous and ugly truths of Islam in order to advance the cause of Islam. ISIS is pure, raw Islam and they tell us time and again, “This is what our Muhammad did”, and we need to listen. WATCH Dr. Bill Warner’s videos explaining Islam through the facts contained in the Koran, the Sira, and the Hadith: http://counterjihadreport.com/category/bill-warner/

      • Taquiyya Muslims lie and it is ok with their fairy possessed paedophile prophet. Take your crap back to Pakisshitstain. It will take another millennium for the cave dwelling beard boys to catch up to the average African.

      • Allah Flintstone, the archaic caveman, might have needed a “Lord” but I don’t. I have read that compilation of pigshit authored by illiterate sandcoon who was a murderous moron. It is nonsense even for a primitive child raping nincompoop like Mohammad. Grow up and grow a pair you shitstain.

  57. u spoiling the mind of this people who visit ur site …. u are not giving them the truth … u r filling empty minds with Hatred …with empty mind I don’t mean all people . I just mean people who believe you . I know u wouldn’t care about what am I saying …. but it is a chance for the people who visit this site . and they are searching for the truth ….. please , read the Quran to know the real muslims and islam. what u see here it is not islam and muslims . it is a political crime . conteries and goversments pay a lot of money to spoil the reputation of my religion . make and excuse for their dirty games

    • Khalil, you’re not exactly the brightest flame in Aladdin’s lamp, are you? Semi literate at best and you are lecturing us, telling us to read the quran when you obviously know little about it yourself. You miss the point. Many of us here are here precisely because we have read it’s bloody, murderous pages (in context, I might add) and have a good grasp of the authoritative hadiths as well. You cannot polish a turd Khalil no matter how hard you try and you cannot deny muhammad’s cruel, murderous nature any more than you can deny his pedophile tendencies expressed at Aisha.

      Real muslims? Come on Khalil, the devout, practicing muslims are the ones joining ISIS in droves, not the ones committing shirk as you are by denying what is in your own scriptures, that is unless your goal is to deceive the kuffar, which is a very likely possibility here.

      • To randy,
        So what if muslims are committing “shirk” by not joining the ISIS? Why does it matter to you so much that so may muslims prefer to be peaceful and practice their faith in a way THEY believe it should be practiced, and not what the ISIS are doing. That’s their interpretation of Islam, and you have no right to tell a muslim how they should practice their faith. If they are committing ‘shirk’, God with deal with them himself. Shouldn’t you be happy that they are AGAINST the ISIS and hate them, despite them being a muslim, christian, jew, etc. The only thing that should matter is someone being against the ISIS, bc if we keep fighting among ourselves and isolating and hating the other muslims who want to get rid of the ISIS, we will never succeed in wiping the earth clean of this ISIS/Taliban/Al-Qaeda scum. Hope you find it in yourself to be less hateful. Good luck.
        Best regards,
        a muslim

      • Randy,

        I am so thankful for your creation and the light you bring to this Earth. However, as you know, God speaks in many ways. I’ve been sent to warn you that despite your good nature, and devotedness, you are bringing shame to my father.

        “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

        Like a disease it spreads, the judgement from one party to another, an endless cycle. Trust in Gods word and the world will prosper…. My father said to turn the other cheek, is he wrong?

      • Neal M, shut the hell up and shove your sanctimonious ‘non-judgementalism’ betwixt your two “other cheek(s)!”

    • Well khalil people know what they do.. they do it on purpose. There is no such thing as if someone says he was brainwashed .. its bullshit.. they are loving it.. cant you see their faces how happy they look when they behead or shoot someone.. so mr it is the most important fact that i must tell you ‘ muslims never accept that they can do anything wrong it is because they feel they were made perfect .. they are the most foolish community that you will ever find.. i had an acquaitance who once said he can murder his own father if he says anything about prophet.. son can murder father, father can kill his own offspring,girls from other community can be raped, you can have sex with 9 years old girls .. its all in there in quran.. check it ..if it is not then ask these motherfuckers what the fuck these sick bastards are doing.. and if you can not do that then shut the fuck up and get lost from here . And dont tell us wat we understand of your shitty and filthy book.. it is commonly believed that man has evolved from apes if personally think muslims are still in the process…. you mother fuckers have insulted god by associating it with violence.. jesus gave away his life because he was against violence although if he had wished he would have lived.. but just to show us that violence solves nothing and to show us the right path of truth and love for mankind he sacrificed his life. Even other religions have the same teachings.. real buddist texts .. buddha abjued violence .. in jainism killing even micro organisms is forbidden. Same is true with hinduism., no hindu texts advocates violence… it is said to end the evil god himself incarnates so it means man has no right to kill .. so mr khalil first read what is written and wat it means and then tell us what you islam actually says because we know it from what your friends are doing in iraq and syria…

  58. Why doesn’t the green add to bag button appear when I try to purchase t-shirts? I would like to buy some of them. Please help!

  59. I saw a cartoon insulting my President. When you insult the President of the United States you insult me (I’m not muslim) and everyone who voted for him (mostly not muslims). So is it muslims you oppose – or well-educated Northerners?

      • AHHH! I get it, this isn’t an anti-muslim website, this is an anti-obama website. Sad to see that the owner of this website is a complete idiot.

        Yes I’m a 9/11 liberal, like Richard Dawkins, like Christoper Hitchens, Like Sam Harris, and like Bill Maher, I hate religion and Islam is no exception and I disagree with what Obama has said on religion, that being said, Barack Obama is THEE most anti-muslim president in American history. While St. Reagan was backing Al-Qaeda and giving them weapons, Obama is using his drone strike program to kill muslim terrorists, Obama has killed more terrorists in 3 years than that worthless pansy George W Bush in all 8 years

        The idea that this website is supposed to be anti-islam is complete BS, if you ignore how many terrorists Obama has killed, then you’re just a stupid know-nothing redneck who only derives their hatred for Islam from western bigotry rather than objective disgust.

        Obama is doing what any good president does, kill terrorists in a smart way without getting American soldiers killed, if you rednecks are too stupid to give him appreciation, then you’re no better than the common American traitor.

        The fact that you say you hate ISIS but oppose Obama JUST because he’s a democrat means you care more about spitting Obama than you do about ISIS, thus making you traitors who should GTFO the country, Bush also said Islam was a religion of Peace and the ONLY reason why Obama and Bush say these PC things is because from a strategic point of view, they do not want to aleinate the other moderate muslims and give them more incentive to support ISIS, there is no value is making more enemies by isolating all muslims and they simply are trying to convert the moderates into secular moderates on their side.

        All in all, this is not anti-islam, this is a purely partisan BS website, and I hope Hillary and the rest of the world does a better job at defeating the terrorists, and Republicans will hate it because SHE’S doing it, once again, idiot redneck traitors.

      • Obama hasn’t done shit to get rid of terrorists. There are way more now than when he took office. And yes, I hate Obama for any number of reasons, not the least of which is because he’s a muslim.

        And since you are compelled to praise him, you are banned.

  60. Dear barenakedislam,
    its really disgusting when these muslim terrorist do all these cowardly acts.Coming back to my point,i am muslim,so dear you still hate every single muslims on this planet including me,i dont think modern muslims support this nonsense only the radicals one.
    What i really hear is this all blasphemy created by americans and they are the ones who still supply it,i dont believe on this as i myself been once to USA,the life is so busy there and time flies by.even on immigration,the officials were so cool and nice.in reality i was bit tensed i have long muslim name.anyways i am just sharing my experience,

    • Dear Dhanish…..I also used to think like that and i married a muslim girl and from the next day what happened??? “the peaceful family of my wife….wanted to kill us…..not only them….the strangers in her familys mosque also supporting it…..so to whom are you talking to…..Now we are living around 4000 miles from our hometown because of these bastards…..i am happy such a website came…..and the funniest thing is she realised what islam is….and now she is a christian……

  61. I’m a muslim,and these barbaric muslims ISIS and all so called muslims ( terrorists ) they need to be nuked and destroyed ,They are not muslims,and they are not humans….They are hijacking Islam there are one billion or more muslims in the world but the real muslims are really few…Saudi Arabia are not muslims,Alkhalijiyin are not muslims those basterds are not even near to be called muslims …

    In the light of what ISIS is doing lately,I want people to be aware of those basterds and their followers…Somebody,some country please nuke the hell out of the son of bitches, and remove that basterds Assad from Sirya…as a matter of fact destroy the freaking middle east were is the root of terrorists…

    To the muslims here who are angry,i tell them one thing, are you with Islam or with terrorits,if you are with Islam stand up and fight the terrorits these basterds need to be nuked they are highjacking our religion…Islam doesn’t allow killing innocent people,jews and christians lived happily under Islam the history taught us that…

    I’m praying to God somebody will destroy these basterds .

    I’ll be right back .
    ” Say the truth no matter what .”

      • Barenaked and Jeff Campbell ————- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT ALL MUSLIMS WORSHIP ISIS AND DAESH’s POLITICS…….the whole quran book is a fake and written by people like isis and Daesh…..anyway…..but in the end……….not all of them, including my people who are god fearing people and worship god through the Quran but they don’t worship death, destruction and barbarism…..it is about education…education, education, education……….reason….I don’t believe in the book because it is not coming from god, but it is helping some people be good people in ole country and I have been there and I did not see all muslims being isis worshipers….get your facts straight please……death to isis…if the world finds a comprehensive and acceptable resolution to the war in the middle east and let Israel honor the treaty of 1967, maybe terrorism will subside there, or maybe isis as they say is a plot to establish political chaos in the region….to divert the world away from the real issue…..palestine and israel have to come to an amicable and a mutual solution to their problem and without war and destruction. You cannot exterminate the palestinians…..this is not nazi germany all over again….bullshit…..there must be something that the world can do to stop this senseless war. And give the arabs land to build and start over.

    • Muslim…

      Get your sorry ass out of islam and join the human race.

      It’s an Islamic problem, supposedly…but islam’s lack of response makes it a sure bet that all muslims everywhere are in total support.

      Your Koran is a hate filled war manual, and I’m willing to wager you’ve never read the damned thing.

      Your brothers are doing exactly what they are told to do according to mohammad.

      • These are not muslims…..and they are not living in this century….they are not muslims…..the muslim world shuns them……not all muslims are the same, and the book and his prophet is bullshit anyway….but the people I know do not have their heads up their asses like you portray….only the backwards arabic nations…..

      • You are defiantly Wrong!! I was born Muslim, my name is still MOHAMAMD (unfortunately) but I am totally hate religious, I don’t believe in god or another life, Just Try to be a good Human, many of my friends and new generation in Iran think same me!

  62. relax when oil runs out saudi will become a ghost town,
    and muzztard in europe? guess what soon their birth rate will drop because
    the poverty that europe will hit them right in the ass too.
    its just they have where to breed, but this space will run out fast, by the europe union- wont last.

  63. Hey BNI, just tonight I was hit with a “enter a captcha” page when I hit on the older posts tab on frontpage. It came up on google and on Yahoo. It went away after I rebooted the internet and my computer. I am wondering if this is the work of the new Cair appointee in the Obama admin, a local hogshack copper hacker who was douching me, or an attack from whoever. Whatever it was a DOS hack, did you implement that? Just touchin base.

    • Baggs, I have no idea what “enter a captcha” page is. Sometimes there are little glitches here and rebooting or deleting all your Browser cookies usually solves the problem. I have never seen that message before. I have upped my security recently to a level I can’t even really afford in an effort to prevent a DDoS attack like Pamela’s, which I also had a few years ago.

  64. Fuck you street born Mother fuckers. You are fucking filth on this earth. You just keep wishing to do anything against Muslims. Hell is waiting for you.

      I am Canadian.I am concerned with the Islamic ideology. Muslims make feel very uncomfortable when I must interact, or even walk by them, on the street.. I feel like I cannot talk about it. Some call me racist, but Islam is not a race…so it’s confusing sometimes to know how and when to use our freedom of speech.And it<s hard to not be seen as provocateurs; but I think this should be discussed .By this I mean the real stuff. The facts, Canadians are intelligent people, and should know how exponentially the Muslim population will grow.And how fast they can get Muslims elected on every level of government.
      As long as things are said in a respectable manner, and as long as they are true. statistics, Koran Quotes, The entire Sharia law are good places to finds credible facts. You get my point? It can be legal to discuss a potential problems with Muslims in Canada, in regards to their Ideology. Don't be afraid. Talk about it with your the most convenient local official. Every,every Muslim follows the Koran. Even the moderates. .We have to wake up. Certain measures need to be taken.

      Je suis Canadian.Je suis inquiet par l'idéologie Islamique. Les Musulmanes me cause un malaise lorsque je dois interagir avec eux, ou même quand je les croisent sur un trottoir. J'ai l'impression que je ne peut dire ce que je ressent. On m'a déja accusé d’être raciste, mais l' Islam n'est pas une race, mais une religion,…alors c'est parfois mélangeant de savoir quand et comment utiliser notre liberté d'expression.Et c'est dure de ne pas être vue comme des provocateurs; mais je crois que nous devons en discuter. Par cela je veut dire parler des vrai choses. Les faits. Les Canadien sont des gens intelligents. et devrais savoir comment la population Musulmane vas grandir exponentiellement. Et la rapidité donc le Musulmanes vont pouvoir élire leurs propres représentent gouvernementale, a tout les niveau.

      Mais parlons-en! Nous pouvons discuter de façon respectueuse, et que les propos soient vrais et vérifiable.. Statistiques, Les citations du Coran, la loi Charia sont de bonnes places a trouver des faits.Comprenez? Nous pouvons discuter légalement d'un risque potentielle avec la population Musulmanes au Canada, en ce qui concerne l'idéologie. N'ayez pas peur. Allez en parler votre représentent gouvernementale qui convient le mieux. Toute les Musulmane suivent le Coran. Même les Modérés. Il faut se réveiller. Nous devons prendre certaines mesures.

      • John, first of all, you can’t be called a racist – islam/moslems – is/are not a race. islam is an insidious political machine, whose goal is world domination, and to rule by sharia law.

        Islam means submission – if you do not submit to their will, you will be dead – and that is islam 101. There is no discussion – so you can forget that. You must follow or be dead.

        Have you read the koran? I have read a lot of it – and it makes it very clear exactly what and who they are, and what they have planned for us – and I mean Western Civilization. All those verses at the beginning, that the “moderates” use to promote themselves as “peaceful”, have been abrogated – they are no longer to be followed, and instead, the newer verses – the violent ones – are those that they must follow.

        Any time you talk to a moslem, and he tells you that he is “moderate” – not like the others, be very careful. moslems are the last people you should ask about islam. They lie – it’s called Taqiyya – and it is encouraged in islam in order to further their agenda. Look it up – you will see. Scary? absolutely!!! And we need to be afraid – too much complacency has gotten us all into the situation we find ourselves now.

      • Shit, I am not a moderate Muslim, I am a liberal muslim, borderline Buddhist…..you do not know all the muslims in this world, only the ones who time has forgotten ….the non educated and the ones who should stayed in the arab countries, bad idea to live in the western world with these ideas…..retarded.

    • Sword has an anger issue, where is Bush a least he was exterminating these scum
      Thanks for this site I will be a suporter I am sick of these pieces of shit. Please keep a close eye on your town city or wherever you may live. Watch for any odd activity we need to protect ourselves from these horrible scum. Report any thing you feel is not right.The scum bag that was just arrested buying assault rifles and was going to DC to kill people at the capital lives in my city I buy my ammo at the same store. I live in one of the most conservative city’s in the USA and this momma’s boy was right under my fucking nose. I would gladly lay down my life to kill one or many of these assholes. Thank god (Jesus) he did not want to do anything locally… Put this piece of shit in prison for a long ass time. His mother has been quoted as saying he’s just a mommas boy what a crock of shit.
      Again great site Thank you for the time and effort you spend….
      John w.


      eg- sura 9:5

      thats why we call ISLAM AS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Australian related news story about terrorist sympathiser Junaid Thorne charged after an anti terror raid in Sydney, January 16, 2015.


    Daily Telegraph Website. January 16, 2015.

    “Islamic preacher Junaid Thorne charged after Sydney raid”



    Some background on this POS;

    The Australian Website. January 7, 2015

    “Saudi-linked Aussie ‘sheik’ Junaid Thorne encourages jihadists”



    Daily Mail UK Website ‘Australia’ Section. January 9, 2015.

    “Maverick politician Jacqui Lambie questions why treason charges haven’t been
    laid against ‘that mongrel’ Junaid Thorne for his support of Paris terrorist attacks”



    The West Australian Website. January 12, 2015.

    “Passports cancelled in terror fear”

    “Three Perth-based jihadi wannabes whose passports have been cancelled to stop
    them joining Islamic extremists overseas will need constant monitoring to ensure they do not vent their anger at home, counterterrorism experts have warned.”



    My Government fought tooth and nail for this TERRORIST SUPPORTER to return to Australia after causing trouble in Saudi Arabia!

    “Perth man Junaid Thorne could be deported from Saudi Arabia within days”



  66. I found this site a few weeks ago and wanted to share with everybody here. There are so many facts, all of them disturbing, about Islam.


    I also found a blog, the writer of which investigated a couple of mosques just to see with their own eyes how bad that religion really is. When the blogger speaks of how the Muslim ‘sisters’ say Mother Theresa is burning in hell, despite the pure goodness she has done, because she wasn’t a Muslim, my stomach physically recoiled. I would have shared the blog too, but I didn’t want to expose the writer to any viciousness that would come from being shone to any Muslims passing by this site.

    The attacks on Paris have been nothing short of utterly revolting, and a Muslim mayor of Tower Hamlets in London has been discovered for fraudulently creating votes for him to stay in power. He’s been intimidating voters by having them escorted into polling stations, not sending out the postal votes to people and simply having others filling them in at his behest, plus a variety of other disgraceful behaviours. What does he do when caught?

    Cry “This is disenfranchisement of the Muslim people! I am a victim!”

    I can only hope and pray to my Goddess that the UK government have at least the common sense to strike him off. The UK already has enough to deal with from those deluded fools, we do not need to invite them to use leadership status in order to impose upon the Free World their dark age views.

    I’ve no patience left within me, my mercy used up long ago, and now I simply wish them gone and to never come back.

    • nobody can tell you that Mother Teresa is going to hell because it is no ones place to do so, we leave the judging to GOD, and if there really is one
      ‘Surely those who believe, and those who are Jews, and the Christians, and the Sabians, whoever believes in Allah and the Last day and does good, they shall have their reward from their Lord, and there is no fear for them, nor shall they grieve.’
      Allah meaning God in Arabic, basically anyone who believes in a God. Mother Teresa ticks both of these boxes, personally her entrance to paradise is a lot more justified than the brutal barbarians we call ISIS. I am a Muslim that will admit to being utterly disgusted by Arabs, even if they feel that they are at war, their approach is completely inhumane. The difficulty in this situation for you guys can be requited with all the innocent Muslims that have been burdened with this label because quite frankly we are not even the same religion anymore, just as they say other religions have evolved incorrectly so has the perception of this one.

  67. Asshole to the core bare naked! you should be crucified and be burnt so that there is no evidence of people such as you left over – i mean, i thought, you had elementary education compulsory at your place but i forgot that you and your kind are all fagots!

    • Samir, your comments above illustrate the morbid, lunacy and sheer evil of islam far better than any words we could possibly utter to that effect. Especially to that large population of fence sitters who are taking notice of the murderous activities perpetrated by your co-religionists in Paris just the other day.

      In light of all this, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for your contribution to the counter-jihadist cause. 😉

      “Je Suis Charlie”

    • Talk about elementary education, samir should probably go back. If you are going to try to make a point, at least try to be smart about it.

  68. And the never-ending story continues…

    2 more terrorist Pigs arrested in Sydney including a really fat Porky Pig. Must’ve eaten 1 too many kebabs and no doubt bludging on welfare (like most Muslims) as well.


    Sydney, Australia January 10, 2015
    Daily Mail Australia

    “Two men arrested after separate anti-terror raids in Sydney set to remain behind bars until next week… when they are expected to apply for bail”



  69. Warning to BNI readers. Normally I try very hard to refrain from posting any links to any

    leftist news outlets. This is an exception as the interview by this dhmimmi interviewer

    from the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation – equivalent to the PBS and BBC) is with

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

    Please listen carefully to the reply from the dhimmi interviewer when Ayaan Hirsi Ali questions her as to why western media outlets aren’t reprinting the false prophet Mohammed cartoons;

    This interview is from approx 7:30pm Sydney Time on January 9, 2015.


    ‘Replace indoctrination’ calls Al-Qaeda hit-listed Ayaan Hirsi Ali after Charlie Hebdo




  70. although some believers interpret the Quran in violent ways, there are those (the great majority) of muslims who live following the 5 pillars of islam which promote a very devoted as well as altruistic type of living. My point is that the Quran can be interpreted to promote violence, but could also be interpreted to lead a beautiful and selfless life. Why do you generalize your hatred towards the entire religion, when the minority is doing the harm, and the majority is leading normal lives? I wish you all the best.

      • if we complain, we are islamophobic.
        if we criticize, we may be killed.
        if we retaliate, we invite further reprisals.
        seems like we may be doomed……………..

    • Typical Marxist “Enlightenment”-style muda’rat / taqiyya + kitman!!!!

      We have not less than 65% of ALL Moslems worldwide wanting our forced conversion or EXTERMINATION!!! Even if “infidels” convert, it’s no guarantee of their lives being spared – in fact, their deaths can be even worse than if one simply STAYS the course and dies faithful to his REAL religion.

      This especially applies to Christians: we MUST be prepared to die for Christ!!!

      As to you, “Rick”, I strongly advise you to take your kitman and your taqiyya ELSEWHERE!!!!! Also: DEATH TO ISLAM and Marxism, PERIOD!!!!

    • Rick, in light of today’s horrific events in Paris, you can promptly go FUCK YOURSELF! Twelve better men than you died today because they unflinchingly stuck to their principals and made a stand for free speech and our very freedom from a totalitarian entity that threatens to engulf us all. Those twelve are the real martyrs, not the one muslim suspect already being reported as killed. As much as I despise islam, my loathing for useless leftist enablers like you is infinitely greater. Why, you may ask? Because you should know better.

      Now, since your head is buried so far up your ass, why don’t you do us all a favor and fart. You’re a waste of good oxygen!

      • Good reply, Randy!!!

        Only one correction: “principles” are what you believe in and obey.

        “PrincipALs” are more in terms of rank, order, &c.

        Otherwise, AGAIN: excellent reply!!! Well done…

      • G Mac, whatever their political persuasion, the important thing to consider is Charlie Hebdo’s willingness to ditch political correctness and call out islam for what it is, a supremacist, backward system of oppression. Now other than Bill Maher, I don’t know of any other leftarded moonbats out there with the cojones to do that. The vast majority of leftists are nothing but sniveling, cowardly-little sycophants and dhimmis quick to kiss muslim ass and quick to call us conservatives “racist islamophobes.”

        We need to understand the significance of the Charlie Hebdo attack and it’s potential to ignite a firestorm of reaction against islamization within Europe and without, especially with the growing Pegida movement poised to spread beyond Germany’s borders. Now in light of the post-modern world’s notoriously short attention span, we need to shout, holler, and scream bloody murder from the mountaintops and keep this act of muslim terror and aggression alive in people’s minds lest everybody revert back to their comfort zones of willful ignorance and complicity.

        We need to not compartmentalize things in simple, neat, black and white. We need to think outside of the box once in a while and recognize a good opportunity when we see it and run with it for all that it’s worth before our children and grandchildren curse our memory for allowing islam to insinuate itself into a dominant position in our societies, so when leftists do the seemingly-impossible, and actually do “see the light,” we shouldn’t be alienating them, but rather bring them up to speed with our vast knowledge base on the perils of islam and islamization. in our societies.

        ¿Comprendéis ?

      • I totally agree with this statement, I fail to see how anyone with a glimmer of intelligence would think anything different. Why are the masses so blind to this Evil and Hostile take over?

    • Rick:

      There is no “interpretation” involved – violence is in the Quran, in straightforward, literal statements. Google “violence in Quran” and you’ll see quoted passages calling for horrible acts of violence.

      It’s similarly easy to do cursory research and see how “believers” aid and abet the atrocities committed by “the minority”, if only by their silence.

      But far too many “believers” are aiding and abetting the atrocities committed by “the minority” (which has huge numbers, by the way) in ways far more damaging than just silence.

      For example, when these savages rape and murder innocent children and adults, Muslim “leaders” will often if not always use it as a chance to play victim and whine about how the acts of rape and murder have led to an increase in “Islamaphobia”. If these whiners were so altruistic, and really cared about others, they would condemn, without qualification, the rape and murder of innocent children and adults, and start doing something to prevent the rapes and murders. Instead, they use it to garner more support for the savage “religion of peace”.

      Which brings me to another point: why have you said nothing to condemn the brutalities committed in the name of this “religion” which occur pretty much on a daily basis? Rick, is the criticism of this “religion of peace” worse, in your mind, than the horrific rapes and murders committed by these savages?

    • I feel sorry of you Randy. Not for your beliefs but because you think you can talk sense to these lunatics on this website. Just reading the replies shows clearly what a bunch of myopic and lunatic fringe the people on here are. They are extremists as well.

    • Ask how many muslims support death penalty for leaving islam. Total majorities in any islamic countries. Even if they don’t fight for terrorist groups, they support violence in the name of islam verbally. Shut up.

    • Interpret?? The Koran says the following….very clearly. It says to kill all non Muslims. Wake up.
      Muhsin khan translated Quran, verse 9:1-6
      ” O you who believe (in Allah’s Oneness and in His Messenger (Muhammad)! Verily, the Mushrikun (polytheists, pagans, idolaters, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah, and in the Message of Muhammad) are Najasun (impure). So let them not come near Al-Masjid-al-Haram (at Makkah) after this year, and if you fear poverty, Allah will enrich you if He will, out of His Bounty. Surely, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise. [28]

      Fight against those who

      (1) believe not in Allah,
      (2) nor in the Last Day,
      (3) nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger
      (4) and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth (i.e. Islam) among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. [29]

    • Rick asks — My point is that the Quran can be interpreted to promote violence, but could also be interpreted to lead a beautiful and selfless life. Why do you generalize your hatred towards the entire religion, when the minority is doing the harm, and the majority is leading normal lives?

      The answer — Because the Qur’an teaches Muslims to kill others for the sole purpose of doing God’s service. This is a duplicitous, deceptive doctrine of evil: how can Muslims say Allah is peace and then, out of the same mouth, say Kill the non-Muslim is right according to Allah? If it’s a sin on Earth (killing, rape, etc.) then it is a sin in Heaven. The Qur’an says, time and again, if you are not Muslim – you deserve nothing good from Islam, with the end result being murdered by a Muslim.

      This overt deception and this clever lie that the Muslim fails to admit exists and fails to reject is the heart of why the non-Muslim is against Islam and Muslims. The truth is simple: Muslims kill others simply for not being Muslim. No other religion kills other people for simply rejecting their religion: Islam is unique in that respect.

      In short:

      Muhammad said — Kill your enemies

      Secular Government says — Respect your enemies

      Jesus Christ says — Love your enemies

      * Now, which one fits best with your personal view: Kill your enemies —

      or Respect and Love your enemies?

      Pick one, Rick.

  71. islam is: foul, nasty, unpleasant, bad, disagreeable, horrid, horrible, dreadful, abominable, atrocious, offensive, obnoxious, odious, unsavory, repulsive, disgusting, distasteful, loathsome, hateful, nauseating, sickening, disgraceful, appalling, shocking, sorry, shabby, shameful, dishonorable, execrable, heinous, abhorrent, deplorable, monstrous, wicked, evil, iniquitous, nefarious, depraved, debased, contemptible, despicable, reprehensible, gross, godawful, lowdown, lousy, scurvy!!!

  72. **********************************************************************************************************
    Sydney Australia,

    January 02, 2015 News articles relating to Sydney Siege terrorist ‘Man Haron Monis’

    “Taped Granville lectures give glimpse inside the crazed mind of Sydney terrorist Man Haron Monis”

    *(Granville is in Sydney’s west. About 30-35 minutes by train from the centre of downtown Sydney. Many Muslims live in this area).

    All following articles are from the Daily Telegraph Australian website;


    “Martin Place terrorist Man Haron Monis’s links with extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir revealed”

    *(Hizb ut-Tahrir are an extremely controversial Muslim Political organisation. Banned in some countries and also considered a terrorist organisation by some countries (but not by my stupid Australian Government)).


    January 02, 2015 and an article about MORE THAN 20 AUSTRALIAN TERRORISTS that are roaming Australian streets FREELY!

    “Australian death cult jihadists who fought with Islamic State in Syria return to roam our streets”


  73. Just in case the Australian, American, Canadian and French Governments and main-stream media try to keep downplaying these Islamic acts of terror as anything else. Maybe the left still doesn’t realise that the world is at war with Islam.


    Pages 3, 4 and 5 which comprise the Foreword to ISIS’ latest Propaganda Magazine ‘Dabiq’ Issue 6. Gloating about recent ‘Lone Wolf’ terror attacks.

    Specifically mentions these Muslims;

    Man Haron Monis (Sydney, Australia. Siege Gunman murdered 2 hostages). Shot dead.

    Numan Haider (Melbourne, Australia. who tried to stab 2 Federal Police Officers to death). Shot dead.

    Martin Couture-Rouleau (Montreal, Canada. Ran his car into 2 Canadian Soldiers murdering 1.) Shot dead.

    Michael Zehaf-Bibeau (Ottawa, Canada. Shot dead a Canadian Soldier standing as a ceremonial guard over the tomb

    of the unknown soldier.) Shot dead.

    Zale Thompson (New York, USA. Hatchet attack on Police Officers in Jamaica, Queens. Very seriously wounding 1

    officer). Shot dead.

    Bertrand Nzohabonayo (Tours, France. Knife attack on 3 Police Officers outside a Police Station.) Shot dead.

    Page 3


    Page 4


    Page 5



    Al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) latest ‘Inspire Magazine’ Issue 13 ‘Mujahid’s Notes’ Pages 16-17.

    Scrap-book style overview of recent world wide terror attacks.

    Mentions numerous terror attacks in the USA also mentions attacks in Australia, Israel, and Canada. Shows some photos of the Lee Rigby murder in London as well. Also mentions other Muslim terror incidents taking place around other parts of the world.

    Pages 16-17


    • Idiot how many people from other religions backgrounds done stupid things like that, you liked them all because they religion

  74. Thank you so much for creating this website. I look forward to seeing new posts. Everyone must be informed so that we can get rid of the islamic trash

  75. Sue Islam instead of complaining!

    Islam and its institutions threaten our Constitution and Democracy.
    Islam threatens nearly all our standards, if not all. It threatens our inalienable rights, especially the inalienable rights of women.

    Islam has misrepresented itself as a religion for financial advantage and status.
    Under the Constitution there is an assumption of “One Nation Under God”. The nature of God is explained in various documents and in various references by the Founding Fathers and Presidents. It is not a loose, amorphous definition.
    Our God is a God who demands a set of ethics based on the Ten Commandments. Alternatively, our ethics are contrary to the values of Islam.
    Specifically, a religion needs to have values that are consistent with the notion of morality, decency and equality for all.
    The Koran, the teachings and the fruits of Islam are objectionable to our culture or laws. Alternatively, democratic values should not include the acceptance of the seeds of its own destruction. Islam seeks to destroy democracy and supplant it with theocracy. Democracy seeks to separate a government from religions. Islam seeks to destroy all religions except Islam and merge Islam with Government.

      • Well thats nice to hear. I had been totally unconcerned about religion in general when i was a kid. But then i started hearing the elders discussing how these muslims are so disgusting. It was only then that i started learning more about religions. And the more i learned the more i detested islam. But then i came upon something very intresting regarding hindus. I went into our history and realised that the people who are calling hinduism a religion are doing this only because of politics in our country. Hindutva, that was what it was originally called and it was NOT a religion. It was a way of life. Everything that was written in our ancient scriptures was logical and scientific. I dont have 100 percent knowledge of these scriptures as of now…but i am learning about them. I just wanted to inform people about these scriptures and hope someone here would be intrested in learning more about hindus if they have the the time.

  76. Sydney, Australia

    Yet another story about these monsters. It shouldn’t state ‘fighters’ in the headline in my opinion as these Muslims are just barbaric and putrid scum. These stories just keep pouring in about Australian traitors involvement with ISIS. From the ultra left media all the way to the ultra right media. It’s a rare thing indeed to see the ultra left media actually get angry with ISIS but they’re starting to do it in Australia.

    This article is from the ultra left, and mostly tax payer funded, ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) who are finally waking up to ISIS.

    Article posted on the ABC News Website on 24 December 2014 around 12:45pm (local Sydney time).

    “Islamic State fighters from Australia involved in sexual slavery in the Middle East, Yazidi activist says”


  77. Thank you for a most informative site. keep up the good work. The world needs to know and do something about these Muslim scum.

  78. To the Government of my country, Australia, to the NSW Government and to the NSW Judiciary GO FUCK YOURSELVES!

    You’re partly responsible for the death of 2 innocent people in the Islamic Terror incident, The Sydney Siege. You knew about this pig fuckers criminal background and yet you did nothing you assholes. Fuck you.

    “Sydney gunman was ‘wanted in Iran’

    Iran says it requested 14 years ago the extradition of Man Haron Monis – the gunman behind the Sydney siege – but Australia refused to hand him over.”


  79. Sydney siege. Muslim terror attack related info.


    Posted on the website at 4:47pm Sydney time, December 16, 2014.

    “Amirah Droudis, girlfriend of gunman Man Haron Monis, appears in vile YouTube videos

    A WOMAN understood to be the girlfriend of Sydney siege gunman Man Haron Monis, can be seen in chilling videos posted to YouTube, claiming to be a terrorist, blaming rape victims for their attacks, and expressing happiness about the Holocaust and 9/11.”


    • Yep. that be Dr. Zakir Naik, aka “Naik the Snake,” the “Deobandi Douchebag” himself, all the way from India. He once posted a comment here a few years ago. I cannot remember what it was, but rest assured it was stupid and we ripped him a new one for it. He was a washout as a physician, so he started holding seminars on islam for the inbred crowd of islamotards who need their fragile egos coddled and stroked. He’s an idiot of the first order. A typical muslim and as such, a waste of good oxygen.

    • Zakir Naik says every muslim should be a terrorist if they threaten the biggest terrorist- America. He misinterprets the scriptures of other religions in his lectures and defames them to prove that his religion is logical. He is an embarassment to India.

  80. BNI, someone is trying to cause trouble with you (as usual), they have reported you to Symantec as a “Suspicious Website” and so Norton Security Center is trying to keep people out. If you already know sorry, but I thought you should get a heads up. I’ll bet that barenakedislam.com has also been reported to McAfee as well.

    • BNI has been reported repeatedly to every agency and ISP on earth I think. If you get a warning, just ignore it. I had over 150,000 visitors yesterday and frankly, I don’t like it, because it costs me a lot more in bandwidth charges when the traffic is heavy.

  81. Recent news stories detailing the Muslim contribution to Australian Society. Why oh why are these vermin allowed in my country in the first place or allowed to stay here?


    Sydney, Australia

    1) Brothers 4 Life are an Outlaw Muslim Motorcycle Gang in Sydney, Australia. They don’t actually ride motorbikes as a general rule.

    2) The Hamzy family are a family of putrid and vile Muslim scum. They’re all very dangerous and murderous criminals. Involved in the usual gamut of Outlaw Motorcycle Gang activities. Drugs, Violence, Extortion, Murder and the usual.

    3) Violent incidents relating to this Muslim family are starting in recent days.

    “Brothers 4 Life gang war: violence escalates as Bassam Hamzy’s mother shot at her home”



    On a separate issue to the above about other Muslim contributions to Australian Society;


    Sydney, Australia

    “Dad to sue over daughter’s death in Syria

    Air date: Friday, December 12, 2014|

    The angry father intent on suing the Abbott Government after his daughter was killed fighting for al-Qaeda in Syria.

    Mohamed Karroum blames authorities for allowing his beloved Amira to leave Australia.”



    Yet another Muslim issue. This time about the favourite issue of Muslims i.e. terrorism.


    Sydney, Australia

    “Terrorist conspiracy: five Sydney cell members lose conviction, sentencing appeals”



    And one last point about the Muslim contribution to Australian Society…


    Sydney, Australia

    England has the Rotterham Rape Scandal. Well before that in Sydney we have;

    Going back to 2000 we had an extremely notorious scandal about the ‘Skaf Brothers Gang Rapes’. Guess what? All Muslim offenders.

    You can Google ‘Skaf gang rapes’ and you’ll find dozens and dozens of news articles about it.

    From Wikipedia;

    “The Sydney gang rapes were a series of gang rape attacks committed by a group of up to fourteen Lebanese Australian youths led by Bilal Skaf against Australian women and teenage girls, as young as 14, in Sydney Australia in 2000. The crimes — described as ethnically motivated hate crimes by officials and commentators — were covered extensively by the news media, and prompted the passing of new laws. The nine men convicted of the gang rapes were sentenced to a total of more than 240 years in jail. According to court transcripts Judge Michael Finnane described the rapes as events “you hear about or read about only in the context of wartime atrocities”.”


  82. Cosette…. the thought that Christians killed more than islamists during the crusades is just nonsense, totally unsupported by historical documents…. FACT: “Islam – 1400 years – 250 million innocents murdered!”

  83. more I view in here the more angry I get. I’m of a mind to do something crazy and daub a wall in the middle of town with ‘bare naked islam’ for the real truth on Muslim intention’ and have the publicity machine hopefully do the rest. However, much as i want the sleeping UK public to wake up and smell the coffee, would this go some way to having BNI removed, which just cannot be allowed to happen. Additionally could this be just playing into the Muzzies hands in some mischievous manner. So frustrated, so want to open peoples eyes, so don’t know what to do.

    • Talk to people one at a time and encourage them to read their, koran. It is easy to read and explains in simple terms what is expected of all muzzies. It is expected that they kill you, when the time is right, when the opportunity presents itself. It is a must do for them. Submit or die, plain and simple. Don’t get upset and let emotions rule, instead think, and educate people one at a time. This is better than stewing and doing nothing. Good luck.

  84. I will preface this post with a admonishment that this question is totally hypothetical and I am not recruiting for anything.

    Should we create an American version of the Viet Cong to combat Islam?

    American citizens/partisans organized to fight Islam both in the Homeland and abroad. Should we engage them on the battlefield in an asymmetrical manner?

    How much horror will we need to endure before we act aggressively as citizen soldiers?

    • its probably the same conditions as with the begining of crusades.
      enough economic and safety damage.

      this is when police couldnt intervene anymore btw the two sides/

    • Bob, I believe you have a valid point , if we keep silent, what happening in Europe will happening to the US and that is not acceptable.

  85. I am not a Muslim. Just because I don’t hate them as much as you do does not make me one. I am assuming your Jewish faith turned you so hostile to the Islamic faith. Simple pointing out other religions are violent does not make me a Muslim. Muslims often attack other faiths, and say how Islam is peaceful and extremists do not represent Islam, blah blah blah. I never said that. In France, Algerian Muslims tried to destroy the Eiffel Tower with a hijacked plane back in 1994. And even you surely admit not every single Muslim is a terrorist, because with over 1 billion of them being terrorists, we would all been dead by now. I still don’t trust them, however, because of the violence they commit. If this “religion” is truly such a threat to humanity then your site can help spread the truth to people, and that is what I like about your site.

      • Cosette, I am not Jewish. It does not matter what I see myself as because to a muzzie I am an infidel and since I will never submit, I must be killed. My life has no worth to islam, neither does yours, or any ones for that matter. So plain and simple, submit or die. They we be called to answer the call for terrorism, killing etc. etc. But only when the time is right. Meanwhile they claim to be peaceful and discriminated against for no reason. Always the victim, eventually the terrorist. It is a political movement to take over the world. Don’t be stupid, please!

      • the Koran needs to be outlawed…banned from all societies…Stop teachers who teach it and then there will be fewer and fewer muslims until they are no more as followers of Islam….

    • I never understood, why these muslims are so satanic. I am a Hindu and I know how these **shole muslims are. For centuries they have looted india and killed and converted people. Good thing is Hinduism has it’s roots very deep into time and is not going to go away. But there is one saying in old manuscripts “When your time to finish has come, your ability to thing good and bad goes away”. The world is seeing this barbarism of muslims more clearly now because of media but they have done this for many decades in india. As it is written in one of the oldest manuscripts called “Bhavishya Purana”, Islam is a ghoulish and barbaric religion and will get destroyed in near future.

  86. Ok BNI I will do that. Some last questions: You said there is no moderate Islam, but surely there must be a difference between Muslims who cut off heads and blow things up and those who don’t consider doing it. Also, why don’t you start another site called Bare Naked Christianity? Back in the days when France was a more religious nation, we had terrible wars between Catholics and Protestants. Christianity has killed more than Islam, the Bible is more violent than the Koran, and Christian brutality is at least on a equal level with Islamic brutality. And you can’t say they have stopped in the Modern Age, they still are violent. If you don’t believe me, just look at the IRA, Westboro Church, KKK, and the Lord’s Resistance Army. One last question for you, do you believe Obama is a Muslim?
    Really like your site BTW.

    • Cosette, I have a feeling you are Muslim pretending not to be. All your posts are exactly the kind of posts Muslims make.

      I know Obama is a Muslim. His father was a muslim and in Islam that makes him a muslim. Can you show proof that he ever converted to anything else?

      You don’t like this site, you are a troll.

    • Cosette, the difference between Muslims who cut off heads and blow things up and those who don’t consider doing it is that Muslims who commit violent atrocities are obeying the Koran. Muslims who don’t commit atrocities are disobeying Muslim doctrine and are rightfully subject to violent punishment by Muslims who cut off heads. On the other hand, people who call themselves Christians and who commit unprovoked violent acts (as opposed to defending themselves against violence) are disobeying the only true revelation from God to man, the Bible. The Bible reports violence done by the fallen human race, along with presenting God’s free gift of eternal life to those who repent of their sin and renounce evil. The Koran commands Muslims to violently murder anyone who chooses not to become a Muslim. Allah is Satan and Islam is straight from the pit of Hell, where Mohammed (a sexual pervert who did not rise from the dead) is now in residence.

    • To the TROLL “Cosette”:

      1) You claim that Christianity has killed more than Islam. Well, how many did Christianity actually kill – do you have ANY figures for that???

      [In comparison, Islam has over 270,000,000 casualties upon its hands over the course of 1,400 years, comparable only with the 172,000,000 murdered by militant-atheism over 97 years – 52,000,000 at the hands of Nazism + 120,000,000 destroyed by Communism.]

      2) The Bible is NOT more violent than the Qu’rân: ALL the violent parts are confined to the OLD Testament – and those commands for evil are reserved STRICTLY FOR ANCIENT ISRAEL. Once Ancient Israel ceased to exist (718 and 587 BC.), these provisions lost their validity. On the other hand, ALL the commandments for evil are open-ended and apply throughout ALL time for ALL Moslems. Ergo, you’re lying!!!

      3) The IRA wasn’t using religion as part of its violence-incitements: it’s mere nationalism, even if there was a religious-foundation in part (due to discrimination against Catholic Irish people by the Protestants of Northern Ireland) – which fortunately has been resolved. As to the other groups: Westboro Church hasn’t killed ANYBODY. Also, neither do the KKK nor the Lord’s Resistance Army send – or have sent – terrorists or bombs aboard of WESTERN transportation means (planes, trains, buses + other auto-mobiles, ships) to wreak havoc the way MOSLEM organizations (PLO, PFLP, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, ISIL et al) have REGULARLY been doing over these past 50 years!!! It’s MOSLEMS who’re almost exclusively GUILTY of all of these things.

      This should take care of at the very least the more egregious of your taqiyya / muda’rat + kitman

  87. Thanks BNI for sharing that info with me. How can a book with every word believed to be the word of God have verses cancelled out? But I don’t recall the Koran mentioning abrogation, is that something Muhammad said or scholars agree on? Last question, the verse about killing innocents never mentioned non-Muslims not qualifying. Some Muslims I have heard talk on Yahoo Answers say the verse applies to both Muslims and non-Muslims. I live in France and we have several million Muslims here, mostly North Africans from Algeria and Morocco. We even have attacks like the Toulouse shooting.

    • Cosette, keep this in mind, Muslims are encouraged in the quran to lie to unbelievers if it serves the purpose of jihad and/or establishing the Umma – Islam in every country on earth. If you want the truth about Islam, I suggest you speak to an ex-Muslim.

  88. BNI: I like your site, and agree with you on the evils of Islam. I am not pro Muslim in the slightest way, but have some questions to ask you:
    I have read the Koran and found some verses that promote peace. The ones I can think of are the no compulsion in religion, and if you have killed a innocent life it is like you killed all of humanity. I also read somewhere that Muhammad was quoted to have said anyone who hurts a Christian or Jew will not go to paradise. Please don’t get angry, but I am very confused as to way so many Muslims kill if they are told otherwise.

    • Muslims trying to rewrite History again.

      I find it Hilarious and Annoying at the same time, and Muslims are so gullible or just so confident that they will get away with it that they will go along with this blatant Lie.

    • this is the first time I have ever seen any of these stuff .don’t really spend a lot of time reading and you dont see these stuff on tv its hard to bileive all these things are happening it really is bad

    • I can’t believe the idiocy
      well seeing this movie again proves our points. They want to colonize the world. They want to build mosques everywhere and want to spread the world of “allah” wherever they go.

      Turkey is EVIL… Because it is islam…

    • I can assure you by being 1/2 Cherokee that my full blood Cherokee Grandmother would spit in the face of this moron and probably take his lousy scalp and Cherokee’s were not violent! Myself I say take it back you fn moron! It has already been backed up by science that native Americans have been here by a skeleton found in new mexico that dna matches current tribes! Thousands of years you moron! Good grief I hate muslims! Such nasty trolls!

      • Bonni…

        Humour me for a few lines “here”…please.

        As you probably are aware…I could EASILY be the “Grammar Nazi” for this site…and I do agree that grammar is totally unimportant for BNI and what it’s all about.

        Okay. Now….that being said…

        With all due respect to Douglas in CT…with reference to the word “heres” in your link to Heidi…

        YOUR use is CORRECT, except there should be an “apostrophe” (‘) between the “e” and the “s”.
        i.e… “here’s”…as in the abbreviation for the words “here is”.
        Therefore your line reads correctly….
        “Here IS Heidi, the little German…etc., etc.

        Douglas’ use of “hear” denotes “listen to” Heidi…not wrong, but definitely not in the context of which you meant it to be interpreted.
        You were denoting “were Heidi could be found” on BNI

        So other than the missing apostrophe…you were RIGHT all along!

        Thank you…I feel SOOOOO much better having gotten that off my chest!!

        I’m really not that anal and neurotic…honest I’m not, I’M TELLING YOU!!!
        Just that words and context mean things, and that important fact seems to be slipping away in this day and age.

        Now to the bourbon…and to read my DICTIONARY!!!

        Hoping this made a few people laugh a bit…God knows we can use it!

      • Amboy, what he pointed out was my improper use of “here” in the subheadline instead of hear, which I changed. I am a grammar Nazi for myself but I have poor eyesight and appreciate when people point out typos I make.

  89. British PM David Cameron proselytising for Islam in the Australian Federal Parliament! He addressed both Houses of Parliament who were gathered together in the House of Representatives.

    He states among other things that Islam is a ‘great world religion of peace.’ What an asshole. He also speaks about other terrorism related issues.

    “David Cameron addresses Australian parliament”

    Friday, 14 November 2014.

    Listen from 9:00″ minutes to 14:15″minutes.


    • The horrific crimes of ISIS and other terrorists throughout the world, whether Muslim, Christian, atheist or whatever, are unconscionable and should be fought against with great determination and cooperation by all peace loving peoples worldwide. But to cast the religion of Islam as one and the same with the barbaric, sociopathic actions of the sick men and women who support ISIS and other terror groups, is simply ignorant, hateful, and dangerously uninformed. This narrow minded thinking is exactly what ISIS is doing.

      While I believe this website serves a important purpose in graphically showing what these monsters are up to, and why it is so important to fight against them, I feel deeply saddened by the comments posted by Bonni and most of the followers of this site… who appear to be just as ignorant as the barbarians of ISIS.

      For those who would like to become more informed and educated about the subject, I highly recommend the informative “Open Letter to Baghdadi”, recently penned by peaceful Islamic scholars here in the States, and signed by 126 of the leading Islamic scholars worldwide. This letter will provide you all with a much greater understanding of Islam, and why everything that ISIS is doing goes against the teachings of the Koran, and will assure that the actions of these maniacs will condemn them to burn in hell, according to God in the Koran. Please note that I am not a Muslim, but a Christian, and a seeker of truth. Education is what sets us apart from the barbarians. Please take 10 minutes and read through this letter so you can resist the temptation to devolve in to bigotry and hatred of peaceful people who have done you no harm and believe in many of the same things that you do.

      (Link Deleted by BNI. Muslims are not allowed to post links here)

      • LIAR!!!!!

        “Westside”, you can as well immediately take your muda’rat / taqiyya + kitman ELSEWHERE!!!!! You will NEVER, EVER, EVER deceive us with your smooth-talk about “bigotry”, “peaceful Islamic scholars”, “teachings of the Koran”, “education” and the rest of that DUNG!!!

        Also, you are NO Christian whatsoever!!! Those of us here who really are Christians recognise you for the Satanic DEMON who you really are!!!! BEGONE!!!!!

      • Dear BNI,

        First of all, please let me assure you that I am not a Muslim, but a Christian, and have been all my life and for many generations in my family, which dates back to the founding fathers of the US. Just like you, I am horrified and shocked by the depravity of ISIS and the like, and would love nothing more than to have their wretched souls wiped off the face of the earth for all eternity. But that does not close my mind to becoming more educated about things that I have limited knowledge about!

        I posted something I came across on the internet that I thought your readers, or at least the ones with open minds, might find interesting and informative coming from Islamic people who believe that what ISIS is doing is against the teachings of their religion.

        Perhaps I misjudged your veracity and your site in general, as I thought it was a forum for honest discussions about these horrible people. If you won’t allow an open discussion and the ability for your readers to hear from muslim people who share their views, then really you are no more than a propagandist. Please prove me wrong. I’m open to being educated… as so should you and your readers be.

      • Look here you presumptuous, sanctimonious, fucktard, do not presume to lecture us with your liberal, Kumbaya bullshit. We are well aware of the so-called “Open Letter to Baghdadi,” we’re just not impressed with it any more than we are with your mindless multi-culti drivel. Why don’t you do something more constructive and peel that stupid “Co-exist” sticker off the backside of your Volvo, and cover your mouth with it!

      • Wow Bonni, you really are a propagandist, aren’t you? You allow the most vile and hateful posts to your site, but block people who reach out to educate and inform, and be informed. You really are no better than the people whom you hate, just a brainwashed sociopath who probably raises her disgusting little children to be hateful and misinformed, just like yourself.

        I fear your kind much more than ISIS because you live in my country and are a far greater threat to me and my family, and to peace and prosperity for citizen’s of this country

        Now go back to the Westboro Church where you and your friends can carry your messages of hate until you rot in hell.


      • Westside. No one gives a fuck about 126 US-based scholars wrote. We care what hadith say. For example, they say them to behead apostates. So fuck you. If you understanding of religion is built upon claims of muslims themselves rather than your own reading and experience of their supposedly “holy” book, then you are a misguided fool. The only good muslim is quranist (and yes, Syrian Alawites and Israeli Druzes are not muslims, Bashar Assad’s religion has very little to do with the death cult of immoral fithly terrorist known as Mo) because they will do anything but never admit violence in quran, they’ll twist it in all ways just to remain peaceful, and even these liberal muslims (quranists) are so fucking rare that they are irrelevant (10000 members in Egypt – HAHAHA! 10 THOUSAND! IN A 80-MILLION COUNTRY!!! BWAHAHAHAHA) because some muslims would consider them more infidel than Christians. Period.

      • Hello west side, please become more informed before you pass judgement on those of us who recognize the danger islam represents to free people! If you had done your homework as you say then you would realize that islam is not here to be equal islam is here to dominate as proven by the way they have infiltrated our schools and our government! I for one am grateful for Bonni, she has opened my eyes to what to look for from these evil snakes in our midst! I am stronger in my faith due to her site! You should take your own advise and read up on the cult you profess to appreciate so much! When you figure it out come on back to this site and we will welcome you! If you don’t then i feel sorry for your family who is most definitely in danger due to your ignorance! It is up to us to protect ourselves! If you don’t think so then you need to take a look at Europe! They have gone down the same road you would have us on! After you take a good look at Europe, take a good look at yourself and ask, “am I a good American”, people have fought and died to give us the rights to protect ourselves and it is people like you that I am most afraid of!

      • First off I want to apologize for my last comment to Bonni, which was nasty and uncalled for. I’m feeling very ashamed about that and wish I had not written and sent that.

        Regarding the responses to my comments… I’m sorry that there is so much hatred being tossed around here. I get what most of you are angry about and I share that anger deeply… I just strongly believe its very dangerous to cast such a wide net of hatred around the entire community of people who believe in a different religion or god than I do. History shows that this kind of thinking leads to untold suffering and tragedy to those least deserve it, and goes against the teachings of Christ and all peace-loving people.

        As far as ISIS is concerned, I seriously believe that we should do everything we can to annihilate them and their followers. They are a cancer on this earth that must be eliminated, for the good of all mankind.

        Evil, like the monsters of ISIS, is black and white no doubt! But most everything else in this world falls in more of a gray area. I think Islam is a tribally based religion that has much that is wrong with it. But I know many people of the muslim faith, throughout my life, that I would be proud to stand with as friends and brothers, because I know what they stand for and its light years away from what the animals of ISIS are perpetuating.

        God bless all of you and may God have mercy on all or our souls. We will all be judged someday.

      • Dear westside,

        Don’t think that isis, al qaida, al nusra, boko haram, etc., etc. can be singled out. They are all manifestations of the same doctrine called islam and are made to keep the West (that’s us) focussing on the wrong problems. islam is trying to keep us in constant unbalance until it is too late for us to fight back.

        This has nothing to do with hate. I’ve read most of the posts on BNI and i’ve concluded that the majority of people who respond here are very well read in. They know what they’re talking about and realize that islam is the prime evil of our time (and that of the past 1400 years).

        Don’t tell us however that we blindly hate islam. We don’t need it, and neither do all the girls that aren’t allowed to go to school, neither the women whose genitalia got mutilated, neither the animals that get abused, neither all the people that died in de 25.000 thousand jihad attacks since 9/11 (21 PER DAY).

        FACE FACTS Westside,reconsider your views and join us in the fight against islam. You can join us either militantly or intellectually.

        I would like you to watch these sites as well and get yourself educated :

        And this lecture by Bill Warner.

        Once you know, you will not simply condemn us anymore, you will join us. I’m sure of it.

      • Bonni,

        Thank you for your gracious response to my apology. Honestly I lost some sleep over what I had written last night. It meant a lot to me that you took the time to respond to me, accepting my heartfelt apology. Thank you.

        Bonni, I’m not some pious guy, or a Bible Thumper, or a Muslim lover, or a liberal pseudo intellectual… I’m just a regular, proud, red-white-and-blue American guy trying to raise a 9 year-old daughter as best I can, and instill her with the a code of ethics and honor, forgiveness and love. Just like you I’m trying to navigate our crazy taxation and government system, and often feel frustrated by how our leaders represent us and do things in our name that I don’t support and often feel very angry about. And just like you I’m shocked and alarmed at the goings on throughout the world, including our own country.

        Regarding the whole premise of your website… I get it. I understand why it is so easy to cast Muslims in such a bad light. I’ve struggle with your interpretation of the religion for many years before I stumbled upon your site, and often I find myself firmly in your court regarding your understanding of the teachings of the Koran. From what I’ve read and understand, Muhammed was a brutal barbarian man in many ways… a man that hijacked the old scripture and the teachings of Abraham, and reworked it for his own ends and tribal means.

        But there is much scholarly debate within the Muslim community regarding all of this, in terms of interpretation of what Muhammed actually said and meant… including the Hadiths, and the Shariah (pardon my spelling if its wrong). Just like scholars of Christ’s teachings, there is robust debate about what it all means.

        The Christian church has gone through very similar debates and battles through its history, e.g. The Reformation and Protestant movement, the Church of England, etc… I believe that Islam is having a modern day struggle, just like Christianity has had on multiple occasions throughout the last 2,000 years. Is this not worth considering? Instead of casting all Muslims in the same lot, per the medieval interpretations of the Koran, isn’t it worth listening to the moderate voices of this religion, who see God and his teachings differently than the vermin of ISIS that call themselves Muslim? Isn’t this what makes us better as Americans…? Better because we listen, and observe, and don’t so easily cast judgement on a whole class of people. We are the most diverse nation on the planet… EVER!. We owe it to our children to carry on the tradition of tolerance, even if we don’t agree with or conform to a particular belief. This is EXACTLY WHAT MAKES US BETTER!!! This is what all the men and women who have died before us in wars and internal conflict, have fought for. We must honor their sacrifices by reaching deeper in to our own hearts, to make sure these patriots did not die in vain.

        At the end of the day, in my thinking, Moderate Islam has a voice on the world stage. I’m disheartened that moderate Islam has not taken a more aggressive stand against the factions of their religion that perpetuate unthinkable violence against its own people and others in the West… but as thinking people, don’t we owe our selves and our children the open hearted consideration that maybe, just maybe, there are many millions of people of the Islamic faith that are just as shocked and saddened by the crimes against humanity as we are?

        When I meet my maker I want to be able to stand proud and say that I lived my life always striving for peace and kindness, and be able to stand proud that any violent stand I took against another human being, or culture, or society… or religion… including killing another human… was justified and honorable.

        I’m sure your readers will attack me for this post… but I hope you allow them to at least read it.

        And by the way randy63ism I’m not sure what the “Volvo” thing is all about… but I can tell you the the sturdy construction of a 1989 Volvo, and the steel panels that Volvo put in the doors and frame before any America car maker did, saved the life of my Mother and Sister when they were Tee-Boned at 70 miles per hour by a drunk idiot driving a cherry, vintage, Dodge Challenger that ran a stop light. So if I’m a big fan of Volvo even, though I drive a 1991 4WD Ford F-250 Extended Cab…with a rear window gun rack that holds my Sig 556 .223 SWAT edition, along with my Remington 870 12 gauge pump very nicely when I go camping in the Sierras… with plenty of room for my trusty Smith and Wesson Model 1911 .45 under my seat. So don’t’ think I’m some bleeding heart liberal… maybe I just use the gray matter between my ears a little more than you do?

        Peace to all of you.

      • Westside, that is your main problem, you seem to think there is a “moderate” Islam. There is not. Islam is Islam and if any Muslim dares to suggest changing/reforming it, they can be put to death. There are only violent Muslims and Muslims who are not violent yet, but only because their numbers are too small. Even those who would never be violent themselves, support it via money to their mosques and/or charities and halal certification which funnels the money to the extremist groups, violent and otherwise like CAIR. Islam is not like Christianity because there will never be anywhere near enough people who want to reform it.

      • Westside…

        It’s almost impossible for anyone to be a perfect “textbook” Christian…as it goes against our basic human nature.

        Some come close…but by Jesus, it takes super-natural effort and faith.

        When you stand in front of God, like you say,
        “When I meet my maker I want to be able to stand proud and say that I lived my life always striving for peace and kindness, and be able to stand proud that any violent stand I took against another human being, or culture, or society… or religion… including killing another human… was justified and honorable.”…

        Good luck with that…and I don’t mean to be condescending or flippant.

        A “textbook” Christian would rather die in his faith than harm another human being…a damned near impossible thing to do.
        That takes faith beyond comprehension. Not many can pull it off.

        Maybe a better response when standing in front of God would be,
        “Sorry for wanting those SOBs dead, Lord…but I just didn’t have the patience to wait for you to get the job done…and with all due respect, Sir, when you look at all the evidence, I’d like to think you’d agree the bastards deserved it!”

        That being said… I do so hope God has a sense of humour…or else I’m in deep, DEEP shit! :-)

        You are obviously an intelligent sort.

        DO-Frequent this site DAILY…
        DO-Pay attention to what is posted…

        Islam will NEVER change, just as Bonni points out…there is just not enough muslims who want to affect that change…it is an impossible hope.

        A HUGE part of the islamic situation/problem is there is no “central governing body” to direct those in islam and define just what is, or isn’t to be believed.
        And even if there was a centralized group…how can they circumvent and change all the hate that completely dominates the koran and the basic tenants of their belief?
        There is also the history of islam that proves beyond any doubt, they just will never get along with each other.
        They will never form any sort of cohesive group focused all on the same doctrine.
        Impossible. It will NEVER happen…ever.
        They’d have to throw the “Baby mohammad out with the bathwater”, so to speak.

        Just look at the way they hate EACH OTHER, let alone the rest of us Kaffirs…

        I respect, to a certain extent, your idealistic, Polly Anna approach to muslims…but it won’t work.

        The reference to the Volvo, (with apologies to Randy63ism) I think, was in connection with people who drive around with those ridiculous “COEXIST” stickers on their car bumpers.

        They are often left wing liberals who own just such vehicles.
        You know the ones…they watch and BELIEVE everything on NPR and National Public TV. LOL

        A general, stereo-typical observation, but usually more correct than not…

        They’re more idealists than realists, and usually have no real clue as to what is going on amongst all those religious symbols that make up the
        COEXIST sticker.
        I know this as a fact because I have good friends who are just that stupid!
        I like them, but they are dumb and I pity them.
        Maybe not so much stupid or dumb, they just won’t look at the evidence…like ostriches with their heads in the sand.
        Most of them are very fearful…
        At least that part they understand.
        We should be frightened…but fear is no reason NOT to act.

        The one that does portray it best has the islamic moon and star shoving a sword through the rest of the religious symbols that compose the rest of the word.

        That’s the one we should be displaying.

      • Westside, “They” do not believe in anything I do. Some letter signed by 126 Liars of islam, so what. The truth is that you are a fool. There is no god in the koran, it is the cult of the moon god. Have you read the koran? I know you have not, I suggest you do if in fact you are really seeking truth. P S This site is not about making you feel good or sad. It is about exposing the monster known as islam, and what we need to do to stop it. Now go feel deeply saddened somewhere else.

      • Once they leave Australia, they are no longer Australians. And a piece of paper will never change that. Australians don’t act like they do. Not the REAL Australians.

  90. Fellow BNI’ers please please jump on to youtube and help me out in teaching the two Arsehole Dhimmis on Alltime10s that islam is NOT a religion of peace and it is not misunderstood!! the heading is “10 misconceptions about islam” with a vomit inducing muslim arse kissing at the end (pair of twats).
    Put them straight please in a BNI style!.
    Thank you and regards.

    • Geoff needs a woman to stop a fire he started !!!! what perfect timing !!!!!! no offence Geoff !!! but when you light a candle you better be prepared to get burned!!!!

    • THERE You go Geoff! Pizza nuggets just told the morons what for just for you! Take a look, i think you will like what you read! And i meant every word of it too!

  91. James, ‘Peace’,Kerry, how dare you come here to abuse & treat as criminal, those whom have suffered the criminality of Islam. You’re all haters, trying to manipulate us, under the guise of conscience.
    For the idiot muhummadians – the atypical cultist stance of always having some sort of advanced spiritual knowledge is concrete evidence of supremacist (nazi) ideology. You can’t have higher spiritual knowledge due to your apathetic indifference to the suffering you inflict upon the innocent (& not so innocent).
    By being a muslim, you have joined the ranks of condemned soul.

  92. Hi BNI,

    You may be interested in seeing this. The show, “Q&A” broadcast across Australia on ABC TV on Monday 3 November, 2014.

    This episode’s theme is about the impact of Anti-Terror laws on Muslims in Australia. The show features conservative Australian Attorney General Senator George Brandis taking live questions from a studio audience. Senator Brandis is quite conservative.


    ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) is notoriously left wing. This show is especially left wing. The host, most of the guests, the audience and the Live Tweets that appear on screen. It’s all far left.

    This particular episode was filmed and broadcast live in Bankstown just outside of downtown Sydney. Bankstown is the Muslim heartland of Sydney and of Australia. The show is stacked against the Attorney General and against pretty much all conservative thinkers.

    So you have all the ingredients for a show down;

    A conservative Attorney General on a far left TV show in Muslim heartland.

    National Security: Finding A Balance
    Monday 3 November, 2014


      • In summary the show was very predictable. All the bleeding heart dhimmis and Muslims complaining about the strengthened anti-terror laws and their civil liberties.

        Basically it was just a whining session. But the conservative Attorney General handled himself quite well. He had a measured and very articulate response to all of the whiners.

        The show wasn’t as explosive (no pun intended) as I thought.

      • BNI – the programme preceding Eric’s was ABC 4 Corners. Oft Qanda continues the topic.The question was if Khaled Sharouf’s actions were only a consequence of his Shizophrenia (can’t remember how to spell that – hope that’s a good thing).
        I fell asleep during the late night rerun. It was obvious regardless of his talents as a nutcase, same ol’ same ol’ muhummad at the root.

  93. I heard on Sydney Radio 2GB this morning, Sydney time, that this may be a targeted attack against a Shia Muslim outside a Shia prayer hall by Sunni ISIS sympathisers.

    In other words it appears sectarian Sunni Vs Shia Muslim on Muslim violence has finally hit the streets of Sydney.

    “Witnesses say ‘ISIS’ threats made before shooting outside Sydney Islamic prayer centre”

    Online article posted: 8:15am November 3, 2014


  94. Dear BNI,

    I would like to propose to you a virtual online BNI celebration!!!

    Why? The freak Terrorist, Mohammed Baryalei, is reportedly DEAD! Hip-Hip! Hooray! I can’t contain my excitement. I’m over joyed by this. This freak was a key Australian ISIS operative. He’s also the one whom allegedly tried to have an innocent Australian beheaded on camera.

    If I were able to I would spit on this freaks grave.

    “Australian Islamic State terrorist Mohammad Ali Baryalei ‘is killed’
    OCTOBER 29, 2014 4:53PM”


  95. How sad you have such hate in your heart by judging a whole group of people.
    ISIL is not Islamic- Barack Obama
    2:62 Those who believe (in the Qur’an), and those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians and the Sabians,- any who believe in God and the Last Day, and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.
    Muslim scholars write ISIS, say they are not following Islam
    Saladin never killed anyone in Jerusalem in 1187
    May God grant you peace, and open your heart to the truth.

      • Thank you so very much, Ms. BNI!! It’s so blatantly obvious that “Lois” is a Moslemah spewing her standard taqiyya and kitman!!!!

        When will those Untermenschen EVER LEARN their “Prophet” is the dumbing-down, super-evil Antichrist???… [They’re so brainwashed into stupidity and unthinking-ness from conception that they’ve no real way to use their brains…]

    • Lois, not gonna to disprove your claims point-by-point. Will just say a few things:

      “ISIL is not Islamic- Barack Obama” – yep, a filthy Obama who only studied islam during childhood years in a muslim school in Indonesia DEFINETELY knows more about islam than Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the educated sunni imam with Ph.D. degree on islamic studies from islamic university of Baghdad.

      “Muslim scholars write ISIS, say they are not following Islam” – yes, i know. For example, Abu Qutada, one of organizers of 9/11, main sheikh of al-Qaeda, says IS are not sunnis, but kharijite heretics who must be killed on sight.

      “Saladin never killed anyone in Jerusalem in 1187” – 1) what does it have to do with the topic? 2) it doesn’t mean anything. He was a filthy muslim invader who unlawfully and unrightfully counquered it. This land belonged to Christians and Jews. Fuck muslims.

      “May God grant you peace, and open your heart to the truth.” – may God grant you brains, and open your heart to the truth of islam being a shit and you beloved “prophet” being a terrible child molester, sadist maniac, thief, violator, mischief-maker, killer and rapist.

    • Lois, dont be apologetic and paint a rosy picture of verse 2:62. I’ve Been a muslim for 40 years and what the verse means is “verily! Those who believe and those who are jews and christians and sabians, whoever believes in allah and the last day, shall have their reward with their Lord, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve”
      Meaning, if non beleivers convert and believe in Allah will be rewarded !!!!!!!! You are a pathetic ignorant hypocrite muslim trying to twist your own Quran to gain sympathies. Thank God, i left this demonic cult and became a humanist now. the so called barbaric history of Muhammed is being rewritten by ISIS today. ISIS ARE THE TRUE MUSLIMS STICKING TO EVERY WORD OF THEIR CULT LEADER MUHAMMAD. He must be proud of them looking at what ISIS is doing.

      • Shamzy, we are so glad to have you here. Ex-Muslims educate people about Islam much better than we non-Muslim can. And they must believe you whereas they don’t feel they should believe us. I hope you will come back often.

      • Welcome Shamzy! You are awesome! It is a good day to have someone walk away from evil and live to tell it! God bless and take care! We would love to hear more from you!

  96. Can anyone tell me why lve just spent 3.5hrs going through this site and seriously have got big eyes now.l live in the UK near too Bradistan(Bradford) and we have nothing but shocking news about Muslim grooming and filth but always seems to be covered up and then reported 3+years later.Point is Blighty will no doubt be the 1st euro country to have sharia law as we have spineless politicians whom bend over and take it up the arse from scum and were all in this shit because of opening the box.l for one would love to have a Glock as one day lm going too need one to protect me and my family from vile IS as security services wont be able to do anything……..

      • BNI, are you ok? The site was shut down for 2 days and there was no word on facebook or twitter. I am praying for your safety with the atrocities in Ottowa happening.

      • Hi BNI thanks and yes it turns my stomach that they have the right to these mickey mouse courts and being a christian country l feel we are being sold out by the UK gov and probably might want to emigrate to US sometime soon.Keep up good work…….:-)

      • Glad the site is up and running again. Thanks for the coverage of UK issues. I have to say that it’s all true – the govt is in denial and censorship and political correctness is rife. Gar is right. I fear for the future of the UK.

  97. I suggest everyone take the time to check the site – Islam Watch – operated by ex Muslims. An eye opener. I’ll post part of it.

  98. Every culture – movement – religion, has had it’s dark & shameful periods in their histories; but while Jews & Christians climbed from the sewer of ignoeance, Islam just continues ( to this very hour ) to drag the world in.

  99. Merci beaucoup, Alain, mon cher. Long time no see. Hope all is well with you and yours. You did not pull any punches with the mohammadan or mohammadan cock gobbling whore…did I just say that out loud? 😀

    It’s pisses me off to no end when these pathetic fools claim mohammadans invented everything. Simple, easily verifiable time lines prove those fallacious claims patently false. Yet they keep getting regurgitated.

    Now I’m back off to hit the books. Calc 1 (which the mohammadans did not invent) is kicking my ass.

    I really hate having to tear myself away to address some of the more egregiously false claims of the mohammadan supremacist turds and their dhimmi bitches.

    • So loud you said it that I heard you all the way to here ma chère :mrgreen:
      Fear not, no seeing much due to stuff and things (my version of Enigma). So all good and as for punches ? Hmmmm…. punches…. (drools) Plenty of those thrown whenever the chance arise, for the need for it is always there, soon to finally reach equal opportunity :mrgreen:

      Savvy ? 😉

    • I_C…

      In your spare time, calculate the volume of an irregular pile of sand, 18 feet long, 9 feet wide, tapered to 3 feet wide, and 6 feet high at the highest point, 5 feet high at the lowest…

      Ain’t calculus FUN!!!?


  100. Randy was correct in noting that your moniker “nothing” is appropriate.

    Do you sycophantic apologists ever take historical timelines into account when you repeat the egregiously wrong historical revisions of your mohammadan masters?

    The mohammadans did not “Invent things, improve society, and actually carry on Western Civilization…” They were the root cause of the middle ages.

    The mohammadan hordes burst out of the Arabian peninsula in the early 7th century C.E. following the death of mo the putrid. They destroyed trade routes, raped, looted and plundered throughout Western Asia and into Europe. Prior to that they invented nothing, created nothing, zip, zilch, nada. They were barbarians who lived by the law of the jungle.

    Europe, on the other hand, including the far Eastern reaches of Greek civilization which included Egypt practiced medicine (including surgery) developed and used theories of algebra, geometry and calculus (Pythagora ring a bell?), celebrated the arts and experimented with many forms of democracy. They did all of this centuries before the common era. A millenia before mo the putrid was spawned in the bowels of hell. Through cultural diffusion European and Asian (Persian, Indian, vestiges of the Pheonician culture) et al accomplished monumental achievements in human progress. The mohammadans did not yet exist and the “Arabs” were on the fringes.

    Now explain to the class how the mohammadan hordes could invent things that were already in existence?

    As for the middle ages (no doubt you’re one of those nit wits who believes they were actually “dark”) it was a time when Western Europe was cut off from Eastern Europe due to the fall of the Roman Empire, but compounded by the unending assaults of the mohammadan hordes. However, despite this the European “idiots” made great strides in architecture as evidenced by still existing cathedrals and castles. What did the mohammadans build? At that time you claim they were “inventing stuff” they built NOTHING.

    Your mohammadan masters’ ancestors brought nothing new to the world at that time. They did plunder technologically advanced cultures, but stealing is not inventing, not by any stretch of the imagination.

    After 400 years of non-stop mohammadan incursions that were getting closer to the heart of Europe the crusades began. No amount of lying on your part will change the fact that the crusades were a reaction and not an aggressive, out of the blue attack. A quick look at any historical timeline bears proof of that.

    From the middle ages sprang the Renaissance and great minds like Copernicus, DaVinci, Euler, Gauss, Descartes….the list is endless. From that came the Enlightenment. All that from, as you describe, “idiots.” What did the mohammadan world produce at this time? Plagerized sciences that had existed a millenia before islam was pulled out of mo’s psychopathic mind. Oh you can parade around Al Jabar and claim he invented algebra, but he did not. In fact, he was not even Arab. He was a Persian CONVERT to islam, and he did not invent algebra, he gave it his name. He simply translated a much older Sanskrit book written by Bramaghupta a few hundred years before Al Jabar was born. Again, explain to the class how mohammadans invented something that was already in existence?

    No doubt, you are too thick and have your head too far up your mohammadan masters’ asses to make the connection that the Renaissance began shortly after the crusades began. Coincidence? Not likely, the crusades re-opened the trade routes between Asia and Western and Eastern Europe that the mohammadans had effectively closed off through constant warfare.

    Nothing, this web site is not stupid. You are. You are also intellectually lazy. It takes no effort to look at TIMELINES. All of the nonsense you spewed is shown to be nothing but falsities with even a cursory glance at a timeline.

    Your stupidity and the stupidity and lies you repeat for god only knows what reasons are part of the reason why such websites exist. If your mohammadan pals are lying about inventing things that had been invented centuries and millenia before what else are they lying about?

    Being the intellectually lazy tool that you are, no doubt, you will never ask that question. Thus proving that the only idiot is the one staring back at you from the mirror.

    • Istanbul, what you said is key. Theirs is a group that doesn’t promote scholarly pursuit, so they hijack other countries and their technology, and claim it as their own and take credit for it. It’s called loafing. But what they don’t realize is, under their oppressive ruie, whatever advanced countries they take over will fall back into the useless dust mop it was before it became advanced.

  101. *sigh* this website is fucking stupid. Where exactly in the Koran does it say that you have to be a terrorist? Oh, and you think that Islam is a religion that has contributed absolutely nothing to modern society? Look at the dark ages. What did the Christians do (I, am part of this group, by the way)? Plunge the world in to an age of absolutely nothing, where all that happened was the slaughtering and worship. What did the Muslims do during this time? Invent things, improve society, and actually carry on Western Civilization while we were being idiots.

    • nothing, do you want a list?


      “Your Lord inspired the angels with the message: ‘I will terrorize the unbelievers. Therefore smite them on their necks and every joint and incapacitate them. Strike off their heads and cut off each of their fingers and toes.” “So wound their bodies and incapacitate them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle.”

      • 60:8 Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just. So shut the hell up and stop making false accusations on what you naive little ignorant cannot see I will pray for you

    • I’m not going to refute your claims as it’s pointless. I will only say just 2 things: 1) you’re too stupid to understand that comparing Middle Ages to current days is an irrelevant tactics to whitewash islam; we used to it 2) we must NOT be surprised by soon islamic takeover in the West. Do you see muslims self-bashing so much? They have every right to since their Mo was a pedo child molester, mass murderer, rapist, thief, ransacker and much else you can think of, many adjectives you can think of. But somehow they protect their obviously not just imperfect but truly terrorist teachings. But the Western world? Guys like you have smth similar to Stockholm syndrom. Always blaming the victim. So much self-criticism, apologetics, etc. Do you think muslims protect Chrisitans when other muslims bash these Christian folks of? No, they don’t, they join, ‘see this “Catholic” priest guy raped a little boy, all Christians like that, filthy homo infidels, fuck Christianity’, they condemn us on their forums. I’ve been at ummah.com, you moron, and many Russian-speaking forums, i know WTHIATA.

    • Hou, is raghead nothing trying his hand at comedy? Oups my bad, simply another inbred suffering from the usual frying of whatever neurons were still half-firing.

      Well now retard, see, I think there’s something you shouldn’t confuse here : dark ages, well that’s you lot, still stuck in there. Us on the other hand, take the MIDDLE ages for instance, not much to work with but still managed to build a hell of lot that is till standing today -and if you MF even try your hand at blowing up any of that, enjoy the rising body count on your side, count on that.

      Written music…. hmmmm… Weren’t those pesky monks in Notre-Dame clever for coming up with that one all those centuries ago…. Then we have…. Oh hell, that shit’s gonna have a fit if we start laying all down for him, wouldn’t even understand half of it anyway.

      Now raghead I keep saying it again and again, a donkey born in a stable will NEVER be stallion, no matter how much it wishes it to be. So same thing here : you fucking good for nothing NEVER EVER came up with anything worthwhile to civilization, never and foaming at the mouth pretending you did this and invented that and all the same usual bollocks? Hello?! Donkey vs Stallion!

    • Nothing. It says it everywhere, read it. islam=nothing. This is not the dark ages except for muslims. What are muslims doing TODAY? read the f’in paper a-hole. We know what part of he group your from. The muslim part. Please F off.

  102. Hey BNI just found your website a few weeks ago and have been thoroughly educated. Thought I knew a lot about Muslims from my three deployments to Iraq but I have learned much more since finding your site. Keep up the great work I check in everyday!!
    BTW have you heard of Zhudi Jaffer(sp?) He’s on fox news a lot. Muslim Navy Vet pretty hard on his on faith! What’s ur take on this cat???

    • Tarheel, glad you found us. I won’t say thank you for your service as my former Marine husband hates it because he says leftists think they can say that and it absolves them of all the abuse they gave the troops when he was in Vietnam. So I’ll just say thank you for keeping America safe.

      As for Zuhdi Jasser, I like him, even though a lot of my readers say I shouldn’t trust him because he is still a Muslim. But I like him because he did serve in the US Navy for 10 years and does seem to be a real American patriot. He would like Islam to be reformed to eliminate all the violence and hatred for unbelievers, despite knowing it probably never will happen. He is considered an apostate by many muslims because he does speak out against abhorrent muslim behaviors and groups like CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.

      He is about the only practicing Muslim in America that says anything negative at all about Islam, and does it often on TV, and I have to respect that. Until he shows me otherwise, I will continue to post his interviews.

      • Well I thank you for your patriotism… Sadly theres not enough in America today. And thanks to your husband as well even though I was Army not USMC all branches are our brothers and sisters in arms!! And as I’m sure he’all tell you there is no such thing as a “former” Marine, once a Marine always a Marine. Bless both of u.
        Good to know about Dr. Jasser I did always like him and his take on Islam, just wasn’t sure if he was a closet apologist and I didn’t know it! If all Muslims thought about Islam the way he does maybe it could be a halfway respectable religion!!! Only halfway tho!! Lol

      • Hello, just wanted to tell you something; ISIS are terrorists, many retards over there in the middle east are terrorists, And many muslim cummunities believe they will rot in hell, I wasn’t brainwashed nor beaten, though I have An Arab Father(very religious guy), All he wanted was peace and a nice heaven, dumbasses over there got it wrong, they aren’t following Islam, they’re following what they want for themselves, or maybe the case is they are following Islam, I converted to atheism a while back, but I’m still defending Islam as the Muslim community I was brought up in was filled with very nice kind-hearted people. Not all Muslims are the same. Please think about this.


      • struggling to understand,,how can a muslim talk bad about islam or disagree with the Koran and still be a muslim,,,in my thinking any person that think like that should just leave islam.

      • Islam can’t be reformed because is founded upon the lies and bad deeds of a man who’s message is trusted to be the eternal and unchangeable word of Allah. Many other “muslims” have worked to change the ground religion from within: Sufism, Ahmadis among others have emerged as any person with a little logic knows that This “religion” does not fit into any basic morals of this world.

        But how do this “deviators” get treated by the rest of muslims? They get persecuted and killed. Allah’s word it not going to be changed. And by the way who among all of the other existing muslim lines is the right one: The Sunni?, The Shiah? Or maybe the Wahabi’s? Oh no wait, maybe ISIL?

        This is absurd if they cannot agree among themselves about the ground basis of their belief how the hell are they going to accept any changes upon it.

        Islam is excrement that needs to be pooped in the toilet and flushed down-. I might not see this in my lifetime, but for the sake of future generations I hope it happens.

  103. I was a Muslim
    but I’m an atheist now
    I live in middle east
    I can’t speak English well but I know a lot about their’e secrets .
    for example an Al-Qaeda warrior believe :
    he can kill every people that he is not believe in Al-Qaeda
    he can rape all girls or women that not believe in Al-Qaeda cause they’re infidel
    all kids are slaves
    but they can kill kids if they help they’re enemy
    he can theft you’re money and Property
    he can lie to everybody that is not Muslim (he think if you believe in Property then you are not Muslim)
    that’s why in BBC you can see Muslim’s says we are in love with democracy !!!
    they says we are different from Al-Qaeda but they’re lying
    he ask you to be Muslim
    if you accept he don’t kill you ( if he he have no doubt that you’re not lying !)
    if you don’t accept to be a Muslim, he will kill man’s and grab you’r wife as bondwoman and Muslim people can rape him.
    (look at: Koran, chapter :”momenin”,Verse: 5 & 6 )
    if you believe in democracy then you are a infidel because you don’t want god to govern
    they can kill you because you are democrat !
    but if election is suitable for them…they can tolerance that until they have power !


    I’m a Kurd
    ISIS abducted our girls to rape them
    2000 girls…
    I’m a dead man now

    • Kobani, I know you said you are an atheist, but please know that many good people over here are praying for you and your loved one’s safety. Thank you for your honest testimony and please, please be safe.

      God Bless.

      • thank you randy
        you are a good man
        I’m not in Kobani unfortunately
        I wanna go to kobani…but my fiance…I couldn’t leave her alone…I even Bought a gun and Military Uniforms … I don’t know what to do.
        here in iran we have an islamic government.
        when I had eight month old I was in jail. because we was kurd and democrat.
        their not not very different from ISIS.

    • Kobani, I am truly sorry for you and the women that have been brutalized by islam! If we true Americans could help you we surely would! I hate only being able to sit behind my computer and read about the horrors happening in you countries! I can only tell you that if you have to die then make sure you take as many of them with you as you can! Do not die in vane make your death honorable and die fighting!

    • Kobani – I hope you & yours are all ‘relatively’ safe. You’re a very courageous person to have posted here. Thankyou. You’re all always in my mind. I never forget the victims & survivors of Islam.
      ‘Lest we forget’.

  104. You may have these links already, but here are the links that I have for the new IS glossy mag, full of fun pics and articles advocating bigotry, mayhem and murder.

    DABIQ – issue 1 The Return of Khilafah

    DABIQ – issue 2 The Flood

    DABIQ – issue 3 A Call to Hijrah

    I would like to comment on the content, but my views would be unprintable. God help us all…..


  106. With regards to my most recent message, I want to add that if you don’t think all Muslims should vacate your country, then we have no problem. That’s my only issue; hating those that have done nothing. I understand hating the people that commit horrid crimes, but a lot of the comments on here seem targeted towards the average Muslim, and not terrorists groups. That’s why I said this seems like a very hateful place.

    • SV, there is one muslim I want to vacate my blog – YOU. You are banned. And you can take the rest of the muslims with you…out of my country.

      So-called average muslims follow the same teachings as the terrorists do. They just haven’t acted on them yet.

    • Sweet Venom…

      For arguments sake, let’s say you opinion has some merit.

      The problem with muslim extremism and the acts they commit in the name of islam is AN ISLAMIC PROBLEM!
      It’s a problem that islam is not addressing and eradicating from within it’s own ranks.

      Either because they secretly support the radical faction, or are too chicken-shit to rise up and deal with this extremism and purge it from their midst.

      But how can you do that?
      EVERYTHING done by ISIS is totally supported in your beloved koran…and ISIS knows this and spouts off about it constantly…
      And the likes of you are as impotent as a soft dick to do anything about it because in your black little heart, you know it’s the legitimate interpretation of your “religion”.

      All of these horrific events done in the name of YOUR prophet are met with not one peep of protest from “American muslims”, like you…silence…or guarded comments always like this: “We condemn these actions by these radicals, BUT…..”
      Always a “but”….Always a qualifier…just a bunch of fake, hypocritical bullshit…
      as you know it as “taqiyya”.

      What are YOUR plans to rid your glorious religion of this slime that it produces?

      Sweet fuck all!!

      Like I said…you’re like a soft dick…you should hang your useless head in shame..!

    • Are you foolish not to understand? We blame it NOT on muslims themselves, they are themselves the first victims, islam turns them into deadly zombies. ALL WE TRY TO SAY IS, THERE’RE GOOD MUSLIMS, BUT NOT BECAUSE OF QURAN, THEY’RE GOOD IN SPITE OF IT.

      I repeat myself: READ this goddamn book AND hadith before you judge us!!!! There’re peaceful muslims indeed, but they’re either cultural muslims by birth who don’t know a heck about their own religion since they never read quran and they don’t even pray, or they can be ignorant partially, e.g. read quran, but not hadith, or they are outright liars who try to water-down teachings of islam (CAIR officials are of the latter kind).

      THERE’RE MODERATE MUSLIMS INDEED. The problem is, they’re not true ones as they don’t follow commandments of islam for whatever reason (arrogance, trying to sugar-up real islamic teachings, etc.), all those ‘secular muslims’, ‘muslim zionists’, etc. (like Zuhdi Jasser).

      Do you fucking want me to quote Scripture position on EVERY issue we face in islamic world? For example, rape? HERE WE GO:


      The Quran, chapter 4 (An-Nisa), verse 24:
      “And (also forbidden are) all married women except those whom your right hands possess (this is) Allah’s ordinance to you, and lawful for you are (all women) besides those, provided that you seek (them) with your property, taking (them) in marriage not committing fornication. Then as to those whom you profit by, give them their dowries as appointed; and there is no blame on you about what you mutually agree after what is appointed; surely Allah is Knowing, Wise.

      — translated by M. H. Shakir

      Transliteration: Waalmuhsanatu mina alnnisa-i illa ma malakat aymanukum kitaba Allahi AAalaykum waohilla lakum ma waraa thalikum an tabtaghoo bi-amwalikum muhsineena ghayra musafiheena fama istamtaAAtum bihi minhunna faatoohunna ojoorahunna fareedatan wala junaha AAalaykum feema taradaytum bihi min baAAdi alfareedati inna Allaha kana AAaleeman hakeeman

      Arabic: وَالْمُحْصَنَاتُ مِنَ النِّسَاء إِلاَّمَا مَلَكَتْ أَيْمَانُكُمْ كِتَابَ اللّهِ عَلَيْكُمْ وَأُحِلَّ لَكُم مَّا وَرَاء ذَلِكُمْ أَن تَبْتَغُواْ بِأَمْوَالِكُم مُّحْصِنِينَ غَيْرَ مُسَافِحِينَ فَمَا اسْتَمْتَعْتُم بِهِ مِنْهُنَّ فَآتُوهُنَّ أُجُورَهُنَّ فَرِيضَةً وَلاَ جُنَاحَ عَلَيْكُمْ فِيمَا تَرَاضَيْتُم بِهِ مِن بَعْدِ الْفَرِيضَةِ إِنَّ اللّهَ كَانَ عَلِيمًا حَكِيمً

      (C) Wikipedia.

      WANNA ANY MORE? http://www.usc.edu/org/cmje/religious-texts/hadith/bukhari/062-sbt.php#007.062.137:

      Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri: We got female captives in the war booty and we used to do coitus interruptus with them. So we asked Allah’s Apostle about it and he said, “Do you really do that?” repeating the question thrice, “There is no soul that is destined to exist but will come into existence, till the Day of Resurrection.” Sahih Bukhari 7:62:137


      The major branch of islam is sunni (80-90% of muslims outta 1,4 billion of them). Sunni islam has 6 hadith books, 2 major ones are Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhari. Hadith can be weak, strong, outright false depending on chain on narrators (isnad) so they need to be checked prior use. Well, Sahih Bukhari has all its hadith being strong, at first Bukhari collected 600K hadith, then he cut the false and weak ones and left only the ones which have strong isnad, so all hadith are in theory 100% valid in sunni islam if they are from sahih. And yes, muslims must follow it in full, not in theory.


      (islam)ic terrorism
      (islam)ic extremism
      (islam)ic radicalism
      (islam)ic fundamentalism
      (islam)ic discrimination against minorities based on sharia
      (islam)ic hudud punishments as prescribed by sharia


      We don’t hate all muslims (and if someone does, he’s ignorant). We feel PITY for them as they are the very first victims of islam. Who was the first victims of 9/11 (AND YES, JUST IN CASE YOU WANNA SAY SMTH STUPID ABOUT CIA INVOLVEMENT, I DON’T BELIEVE TINFOIL HATS, I BELIEVE THAT AIRPLANES CRUSHED INTO TOWERS)? Not those ~3000 folks. THE FIRST VICTIMS OF THIS ATTACK WERE THESE POOR 19 BRAINWASHED GUYS! It was caused not by poverty or smth else (bin Laden was rich and could live a luxurious life with ease, but decided to waste his billions on jihad because he was a true believer) as apologists, it’s islam.

      What i want to say is, there’re good muslims, but there’s no good islam. There’s no moderate/radical islam, you won’t find it in books, you can divide it into sufi orders/madhabs (zahiri, shafii, hanafi, maliki, hanbali, jafari, zaydi), school of kalam and whatnot, but you can say ‘there’s a radical islam, and there’s a moderate one’. Islam is islam just as it is. Islam as is. End of story. The only hope for islam is reformational movent of quranists or ahmadiyya, but they’re considered heretics in mainstream islam (especially ahmadiyya since they don’t think Mo was ‘the seal of the prophets’).

  107. I like the site. It’s serves a needed purpose. It helps show what Islam truly is, and what everyone,not Islamic, must know as to what Islam really is.

  108. This is hateful propaganda. I believe in freedom of speech but this website is only feeding the flames of racism and violence.

    Look at the superior BareNakedIslam, spreading filth from behind his computer. How are you any better than the people you claim to hate so much?

    I spit on this website and all you stand for.

    • SV, what “race” is Islam? How does one incite violence by pointing out those who are committing it in the name of their religion?

      I am a she, not a he. I am better than they are because I am not doing what they do, I am just reporting on it.

      How are you not different than your fellow muslims who also don’t believe in freedom of speech?