Do not fear being labeled an ‘Islamophobe.’ Winston Churchill was once accused of being a ‘Naziphobe.’

winston churchill

Islam is NOT a religion of peace, nor does Islam mean peace. Islam means submission.

Most people are simply unaware that Islam is NOT  just another religion but a totalitarian political cult-like ideology, which compels its followers into blind obedience, teaches intolerance, brutality and locks all Muslims and non-Muslims in a struggle deriving directly from the 7th century  nomadic, predatory, Bedouin culture.

Islam means “submission” to the will of Allah and the teachings as depicted in the Qur’an which include jihad – the genocidal slaughter of infidels by the sword, killing by beheading, intolerance of other religions, as well as forcing submission to Islam. The ultimate goal of jihad is the domination of Islam over the entire world.

In Islam, one is considered “moderate” if one supports the goals of jihad, if not the tactics. Those who totally reject the violent teachings of Islam are considered apostates of Islam and as such, are condemned to death. Moderate Muslims are peaceful “in spite of Islam,” not because of it. The “religion of peace” is a concept the West is eager to embrace – all in the name of political correctness – refusing to believe that a major world religion poses such a devastating threat to humanity .

This blog is designed to show you the dark side of Islam that the West does not want you to see. The Islam that Western media refuse to show you. The Islam that is slowly but surely changing the West. You may feel uncomfortable looking at this blog. You should. You will feel anger and disgust that our leaders do not understand Islam when it comes to the motives that drive our enemies to commit suicide for their ideology.

Look at the photos, watch the videos, most of which come right out of the Muslim world. Understand that elements of Sharia law are creeping into our daily lives under shelter of religious freedom. Listen and learn about the real Islam, then tell your family and friends.





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  1. You disbelivers you are going the wrong way astray god will put in hell-fire forever for making this offending website and god is the most severe in punishment the disbelivers will regret it when god gives them his punishment they will not be able to bear his punishment God will have no mercy for people who don’t repent the disbelievers will wish they was muslim believers and you will be in hell-fire forever for making this offending website.

      • BRAVISSIMA, dear Ms. BNI!!!! Well said!!…

        I admire you all the more for having to tolerate such abusive screeds like the one above from “Imam ibrahim” (and it’s the “clerics” who’re usually THE WORST of the Moslems: both as hypocrites AND as the ones whipping up the hatred of everybody else in that CULT!!!!)…

    • Blah blah blah blah….. Who cares ? Want to talk about hell ? Well, you can bet your sorry ass that if there is such a thing, that’s exactly where that prick of yours, so-called prophet Momo is roasting, along with any too stupid to fall for his crap. Ooops, that means a big miss on you idiots and your virgins. Oh well never mind, and you want to talk about no mercy ? Exactly the policy that will be applied to you lot, the perpetually offended asswipes .

      Now Bonni said it best: scram !

    • WRONG!!!!

      It’s NOT “religion” that’s the problem but the ABUSE of religion, especially if used for other ends (economic, political, nationalistic, even personal)!!!

    • The shame is upon YOU, “gewoonanthony”!!!!

      Yes, Churchill DID say and WRITE about Islam being as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog – and even the best Buddhists, if pushed far enough (as we’ve been seeing in Burma, Thailand and other such parts of the world) WILL resort to violence in order to defend themselves!!!!

      Take your taqiyya and your kitman ELSEWHERE – we recognise it for what it is, and we’ll NOT, repeat NOT, be tricked by either Mohammedans OR Marxists!!!!

  2. May Allah bring you in the sunshine of Islam. You guys are totally wrong. Islam is a religion of peace. Please go through the holy Quran and Hadith before commenting on Islam. We Muslims respects other

    • So much purest, 100% proof, taqiyya and kitman!!!!! Take it ELSEWHERE!!!!

      We don’t want a “religion” that forces us to be in complete conformity and denying ANY individuality whatsoever!!!!

      We also LOATHE a “religion” that does NOT accept God’s Creation by wishing to exterminate dogs, pigs, apes, women and non-Moslems!!!!

      We automatically REJECT a “religion” that hates art, music, peaceful sports, science and Western medicine – which wants to turn the clock back 6,000 years to prehistoric times with the VILEST BARBARISM!!!!!

      We automatically REJECT a “religion” that insists it’s so divine that NOTHING of or about can be changed in any way whatsoever!!!! Even Nazism and Communism aren’t quite that bad, MONSTROUSLY EVIL as they are…

      You see, we have enough of a working knowledge of the Qur’ân (especially when bearing in mind the “abrogation principle”), the Hadith and the Sira: contrary to what you want to believe, we know AT LEAST as much about it as you, “Jobair” – and in fact much more than you’d like!!!!!

      Long live women (half of the human race, for crying out loud!!!), dogs (Mankind’s BEST Friend and wonderful companion!!!), pigs (also a VITAL friend for Man!!) and apes (quite important for us too) – ALL of which God Almighty (Father, Son and Holy Ghost) Created – and say that it ALL was VERY GOOD!!!!!

      Also, LONG LIVE art, music, science, peaceful sports and Western medicine!!!! God Did NOT Give us brains to be unused – in this way alone, Islam proves that it’s NOT from God but from Satan!!!! All the more so because Islam is only happy for WAR – for misery, destruction, killing, torture, SADISM!!!! There’s NOTHING good in Islam whatsoever – that’s why we know it’s from SATAN!!!!!

  3. Hahaha, turban? That’s hindus … quite a screw up.

    To the rest of you.

    Salami? you deny racism but….you slander the language of others? Lacking a education much?

    Kkk were Christians who not only wanted to rid the world of other religions but of all of you from any other ethnic back ground….sound familiar.
    Condones violence like others

    Anyone arrogant enough to reject the verdict of the judge or of the priest who represents the LORD your God must be put to death. Such evil must be purged from Israel. (Deuteronomy 17:12

    “If a man lies with a male as with a women, both of them shall be put to death for their abominable deed; they have forfeited their lives.” (Leviticus 20:13

    They entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and soul; and everyone who would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, was to be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman. (2 Chronicles 15:12-13

    Make ready to slaughter his sons for the guilt of their fathers; Lest they rise and posses the earth, and fill the breadth of the world with tyrants. (Isaiah 14:21

    Show no mercy; have no pity! Kill them all – old and young, girls and women and little children.Ezekiel 9:5-7

    Their little children will be dashed to death right before their eyes. Their homes will be sacked and their wives raped by the attacking hordes. (Isaiah 13:15-18

    Yet all Christians will say ‘no no no, you interpret it wrong’ yet it’s written in ….English

    Yet you read a indirect translation of another religion and condemn every person who has faith? You tell me where interpretion is at it’s weakest, English – English or from Arabic to English?

    Catholic priests….kiddy fiddlers? Well I don’t have to cite that one!

    Fact of the matter is…..all religions are in danger, due to lack of understanding and the context of the age it’s written in. Face it, when these religions were created humans were barbaric. The white man enslaved, raped, pillaged, tortured the black race, colonised lands that did not belong and conquered far more primitive races, every race and religion has it’s time.

    I’m a white British atheist marine, I often feel hurt over the loses of my men, neighbours and others who I don’t know, I don’t blame a whole religion or race, after all my father saw first hand what the IRA were capable of, cutting off a 9 year olds fingers while she cries for her mother, just to prove their will?

    The western world had invaded the middle east for ‘national interest’ it’s politics that started this in the late 70′s early 80′s. Our ancestors and some of us are to blame, just like German soldiers however, we are just soldiers in a war.

    Things will change, with time.

    Hatred will only consume you, as a vet I can vouch for that being more than a clichè.

    PERCEPTOR1, I’ve come to realize morals, ethics do not even exist on this forum. Spiritual? You gotta be kiddin, the majority or you couldn’t be less enlightened if you tried. It’s quite disgusting really, similar in discrimination as Kim jong un, considering he’s a north Korean communist leader who killed some of his family, that’s pretty fucking dispicable.

    Fight Britain and americas wars, stop talking start doing. All talk no trousers. If your so big, fight for your country! Bunch of soft flacid, spineless pansies. That’s what Britain and the US have become, we were once strong….now it’s Lead by the majority, no individual thinkers anymore, all sheep. You lot are all worried about something that’ll never happen.

    Penny: D’you want sharia law? What a tool you are. You vastly overestimate the power of a small group of extremists (which they are thanking you for) .

    The crusades? Shut up! From all you’ve read, clearly a lot you must have totally overlooked the part where most of it is speculative, where there are numerous top historians who are divided. So stop referencing speculative information.

    ‘Blaming the Crusades is a way of denying the Islamic supremacist ideology that has driven the conflict from the beginning.’

    Hahahahahaha, penny, penny, penny! You little headcase.


    YOU, I HATE! You are the most spineless motherf***er on here. Hiding behind a avatar and computer screen. You might own this forum mate, any respect from others is hugely misguided. Not only that, you even completely hate comments left by those who choose to form their own opinion i.e Madison.

    Get something straight. you are a disgrace to your country! You sacrifice nothing for your country, while we lay our lives down for ours. You fuel a fire from behind a screen while we lay down fire in the face of the aggressors whoever they may be. It pisses me off knowing that it’s not only the decent people my men and I put our lives on the line for but the self entitled, worthless meatsacks like you too. You know what though, I don’t open a forum and bitch my heart out to sympathizers. I just let my differences slide because it’s the good in others I work for. I’ve done various tours and met many men, women and children who welcomed me into their home and gave me everything they had food wise to say thanks. Through this time is say 1-2in every 20 were bad. Kill a whole religion for a corrupt 10%. You are all a fucked up drain on society.

    • first off i respect the fact you served your country and what not.

      i’ll kick this off with the kkk reference, so if i get this straight your comparing a bunch of racist hillbillies in the southern states of america to a highly organized, globally funded (by our gov’s, within our shores through halal and abroad through some of the richest people in the world), own’s part of some of our biggest banking institutions, a globally coordinated and connected political ideology where some of it’s biggest clerics have bragged about breeding out the native european’s by using its own immigration policies/discrimination policies against the continent ,getting the vote and implementing sharia (which i’m sorry is not what you fought for or any of my family fought for as it destroys democracy and values we hold dear)?


      next up you quote bible verses. if i’m not mistaken old testament?. cool. now where exactly in western countries do people follow these words to the letter and implement them into society as part of our “rules”? we are the gay massacres, courts ruling for limb’s to lopped off for stealing, other religion’s/race’s wiped out through ethnic cleansing, women stoned,acid in the faces,set on fire,head’s cut off, hit with sticks for dressing “provocative” and against christianity? apostates butchered? to name a few example’s

      where is this happening in GB (since you say your british) in 2014????
      now where is this happening in islamic states in 2014??? might want to look into that one.

      you got one thing right when you implied our countries are fucked because of the majority are “pansies” who follow everything etc. but who’s to say fighting abroad is the only way of defending your country? information is everything mate, you can’t defend your freedom’s, your country if you don’t know what’s going on within your own shores because there is media blackout on whats deemed “politically incorrect, racist, islamophobic” etc. we’re not getting the whole story about what is going on in our communities, its being swept under the rug. Our mainstream media are sugar coating what is happening,Blog’s like this one are important to provide a duality in information, to present the other side, sometimes the not so pleasant side of immigration in our shores. we hold the vote so a well informed person can decide yes or no on the current immigration policies and vote either way in politic’s.

      Do you get just as pissed off about these foreign cleric’s indoctrinating young mind’s in mosques with poisonous idea’s about despising non muslim’s, death to all non muslim’s and celebrating the end of democracy? the very things you risked your life for.

      lastly i got to say, accusing this man/woman (sorry i don’t know which sex you are) who runs this blog of being spineless is abit over the top, for starters running a blog like this is extremely dangerous believe it or not and i almost guarantee this individual gets nasty death threats on the daily (sorry don’t mean to speak for you).
      i take my hat off to this person running such a blog against popular mainstream opinion and putting up with the shit he/she must put up with.
      avoiding comment’s, seriously, you do realize if this person was to reply to every single post it would be non stop arguments going around and around in circles right? which is why it’s kept short and blunt.

    • Ah, “corporal_punishment”, you sound like a Moslem convert or an utter Marxist who thinks he has all the solutions for the world’s ills!!!! You sure don’t sound like you really served ANY Western country in the military: I’ve NEVER heard a real Westerner attack the religious foundation of his society and his civilisation, which – like it or not – IS Judæo-Christianity

      I’ll dare say that YOU are the disgrace to your country (or countries), to your family, friends and everybody else who has the misfortune to know you!!! Certainly attacking the Crusades (which were LONG-OVERDUE retaliation for CENTURIES of Moslem hatred and attacks upon Christianity in all of Europe, Africa and Asia!!!) shows that you aren’t “playing with a full deck”.

      We don’t need EITHER Marxists or Mohammedans – and yes, plenty of us before long will likely be fighting for – and DYING FOR – our imperfect but still best (by a long shot) Western, Judæo-Christian civilisation. We’ll defend it: be it on the Internet, with our families, friends, other relatives, work-colleagues and other acquaintances, in the city and in the fields, be it in the deserts or the mountains, in places as low as Death Valley and the Dead Sea or as high as Mount Everest, WE WILL BE THERE fighting against something so ultra-PRIMITIVE, BARBARIC and SATANIC as Islam and Marxism (including Nazism as well as Communism) BOTH actually ARE!!!!

    • Dear Ms. BNI:

      I should apologise to you for losing my temper with “corporal_punishment”; however, his TOTAL ATTACKS upon what has been a comparative light to the whole world – Western civilisation (not to mention Judaism and Christianity, the Crusades, religion ‘per se’ and so much else) – really shows somebody who as likely as not is a REAL bigot…

      Please keep up the good work!!! You and I know the truth and the statistics re. Islam and enough else of what’s wrong in this miserable world…

      • they revise history to make there arguments work. they leave out the conquest in spain (part of spain) and portugal in the 700 century plus the battle of tours 732 in france (hitler himself said had the french lost this battle most if not all of europe would of fell to the muhammadans, he also said germany could have been a islamic state with aryan muslim’s ruling at the top and he despised christianity for its flabbiness and meekness)

        the reconquista (retaking spain + portugal) took around 700 hundred years and kicked off the crusades (1050) which had 9 parts throughout around 500 years if i’m not mistaken (i could be off with my numbers). the crusades starting as a counter offensive effort but they decided to push into the middle east.

        you prob know this but they only tell half the story hey

    • corporal_punishment who do you think you are to come here and pretend you can give not only moral lessons, but history lessons as well ? What, do you think that being in the AF (I assume by choice and not force ?) makes it OK to come here and talk such nonsense ? Where the hell have you been lately, because we know the places were we have to put asses on the line nowadays, and yes I say WE for good reasons.

      So excuse me but you have to be either completely blind of brainwashed by some PC SOs that are hellbent on living in denial about what is going on. Oh we have a few of those too and let me tell you these are not “appreciated” in the slightest, for they are of the quite dishonorable type, the type that will send their units into harm’s way while they make sure their six is out of harm’s way.

      Do not have the pretense to be well placed to give lessons for you’re not, and that goes too for the Crusades, in fact especially for the Crusades for like it or not, you can thank those you defend for that and I don’t give a rat’s behind what some so-called historian have to spew about that one. As for putting that death cult on the same footing as a legitimate religion, here too wake up for that cult will NEVER neither change nor reform not modernize for it is forbidden, though good luck to Sisi hoping to do just that. Since you want to talk of history, 14 centuries of the same from that crap, and it ain’t getting better, on the contrary.

      I’ll finish by saying I hope you’re not one of “those” in more for glory than country and you really need to wise up and open your eyes fast, for the kitchen is burning. And I permit myself to talk to you like that for I am well placed to and let me tell you that if you were on my turf and said that kind of things to me about me and/or my people, you’d get my fist in your face. Happened before and more likely to happen again unfortunately for you’re not the only one that blind and sanctimonious.

    • HD, I don’t send it. Daily posts come automatically when you Subscribe. If you are subscribed, delete all your Cookies/Browser History. That should fix it. If not, you have to resubscribe.

  4. @BNI

    I know what I said in my other post, but this is not an opinion post.

    I just wanted to let you know that there are in fact con-artists watching and examining this site. I believe these con-artists are based out of Burkina Faso in West Africa.

    I think the reason I received the con emails was because I posted my email address openly, which, I admit, was a dumb idea.

    Anyway, the message I received was tailored to me based on the comments I posted here, and I even received an email from “The Sony Corporation of America” in Arabic.

    I would recommend enhancing commenter’s email security as a first step with donations to this site. The fact that the con-artists are already here means they are looking for ways around your sites protocols to access information that they believe they can use.

    Again, good luck, and I hope to find more information to expand the wealth of knowledge available to me.

    • You posted your email in your comment, that’s why they got to you. In over 5 years, no one else has ever reported this problem. I am the only one who can see the email addresses of commenters, unless they put it in the text of their message.


  5. I’m an Indonesian Christian, of course a minority…like “a sheep among wolves” as my Lord said in the Bible. I’m proud to be an Islamophobe. Thanks for this blog… another time, I would like to share my experiences as a Christian in the largest moslem Country Indonesia.

    • Matheus, we would love to hear from you about living as a Christian in Indonesia. There are several posts here on Indonesia. If you want to see them, enter “Indonesia” into the Search Box in the sidebar.

    • So Indonesia is not a good living place?And you will be loved by the Caucasian or even the blacks if there will be no muslims? Jangan lupa loe itu ketoprak juga…Tempe….

      • Yes at least today, Indonesia is a good living place, but the situation can change unexpectedly. I admit most Indonesian muslims are tolerant. Do you know why? some reasons: today, Indonesia is a democratic country; most Indonesian muslims don’t understand Koran, please remember that Koran’s translation (more precise, interpreation) to “Bahasa Indonesia” is controlled by government; Today, Indonesia isn’t under sharia law; freedom of religion is guaranteed by state. Many more reasons that not need to post here…

        Bro, please don’t be sarcatic by calling me “ketoprak” and “tempe” (to moderator: these are kind of traditional Indonesian food commonly consumed by lower class). Your attitude just show “THE REAL FACE OF ISLAM” > grumpy, should not be criticized, exactly as your false prophet.. :D

    • Yep, just like a malignant tumor fixing to be excised. You see, with over 50,000,000 armed to the teeth American citizens, that constitutes the world’s largest standing army and we are, as a nation, on the verge of a massive armed rebellion against the political left, so you better hope you’re not in the USA or you’ll be hooking up with your promised 72 virgins via a red medical waste bin, which BTW, is a disposal container for bio-hazardous materials (like muslims), not your middle name, you inbred, goat-humping islamotard.

    • Give muslim and non-muslim people equal rights under state’s law (in Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc) and Islamic law aka sharia itself: e.g. muslim man can marry a non-muslim woman, no murder for apostasy from islam etc. No any form of discrimination against non-muslim at all, TOTAL equality for everyone, in every piece on the planet, and I guarantee that your islam will vanish in 1000 years or so :|

  6. you are sick fanatic Zionist Jew … amercan people this sick jew from million countrol your life and take you Taxes, , to support isreal.. the disease of the Middle East >
    kick their ass out ,, free from them .. and go ban you mom fuck you and yoru site

    • @faresz the incoherent supremacist

      “sick Jew from million countrol your life and take you Taxes,,to support isreal” Using my supremacist idiot-to-English translator this incoherent gibberish translates to: a million sick Jews control you, your life and take your taxes to support Israel…”

      No Jews control my life. I do not have to wear a wig or a yarmulka. I do not have to go to temple. I do not have to buy kosher food. I can drink all the booze I wish and eat all the pork my little heart desires. I do not pay taxes to support fat Jewish welfare queens who raise arrogant yet ignorant hateful little supremacist because no such thing exists.

      As for “supporting” Israel, that is a misnomer. It is a mutual exchange of money for *TECHNOGOLOGY.* The USA *invests* in Israeli tech, medical, and agricultural R&D companies. In return we get the latest computer, medical and agricultural technologies. It’s a win-win for both us and the Israelis.

      On the other hand the USA *pours* money into Porkistan, Yemencrap, Fakestine, Jordan and at one time Egypt, straight into their bank accounts solely for the purpose of keeping those unproductive, lazy, ignorant parasites alive. What does America get in return for dumping billions into mohammadan-supremacist majority countries? Fat, lazy, welfare queens demanding one way entry into the United States along with their bearded half-wit supremacist husbands and ignorant and arrogant broods.

      Americans must acquiesce to ever increasing mohammadan-supremacist demans…in America. American children are no longer allowed Christmas, Easter, or Halloween parties because the fat, lazy mohammadan supremacist welfare queens, their half-witted husbands and their repulsive children complain and threaten litigation jihad or outright physical harm if such parties are not banned. It is getting increasingly hard for Americans to by *NON*halal products, or pork products due to the supremacist whinging, whining and threats of mohammadans and *NOT* Jews. Americans face discrimination at supermarket check outs due to…mohammadan supremacists. Employers are often targets of litigation jihad at the hands of mohammadan supremacists.

      Now, you incoherent, illiterate, functionally retarded mohammadan supremacist; in light of all those facts do you still dare to tell me that the Jews are *taking* our money and controlling our lives?

      It is in fact the other way around you hateful, ignorant yet wholly typical mohammadan waste of life.

      • Let me tell you, after reading that incoherent gibberish I’ve got a headache the size of Texas and I’m seeing double.

        It’s amazing that these supremacist clowns actually consider themselves superior. It’s like a dung beetle declaring its superiority over a horse. The dung beetles would cease to exist if the horses stopped shitting. Just as mohammadans would cease to exist if the West stopped shoveling buckets of money, technology and the Western minds to operate said technology into mohammadan shit holes.

      • BRAVISSISSISSIMA, “Istanbul_Chick”!!!!!

        PERFECTLY said – nobody could have said it any better!!!!

        Meanwhile, just 3 days ago I had to proscribe a SECOND grocery store in my neck of the woods that was selling Halal produce: when I confronted the manager and told him that no only was “halal”-slaughter inhumane and the tax so paid financing terrorism, he got very visibly angry, said “you’re not telling the whole truth – not all of them do that – I’ll not talk politics with you!!”

        I then told him that I’d never shop again at his store while he turned his back on me publicly – at which point I said “goodbye forever!” and walked out leaving my partly-filled cart behind. He hadn’t liked his “getting a lesson” and being gainsaid by an ordinary consumer: here’s hoping that “Food-Basics” chain – for ALL Canadian readers here – will go under at least in that case… I’m hereby asking you please to SHUN “Food-Basics” and “Price Chopper” as they BOTH cater to the Moslem encampment…

      • Dear Ms. BNI:

        “Halal”-produce is anything that’s marked “halal” as per ANY of the Islamic certifying authorities (be it meat, vegetables, breads, sweets {cookies, chocolates}, &c.

        ["Halal"-sections in stores apply to "halal"-meat. It's this SECOND definition that I should have mentioned in my above posting - sorry...]

        Companies that are such include:
        - Cadbury’s,
        - Nestlé (in Canada that includes Häagen-Dasz ice-cream),
        - Pepsi Cola (that includes Tropicana juices)
        - Coca~Cola (including “Simply-Orange”)
        - Campbell Soups
        - Subway
        - Del Monte
        - Kellogg’s
        - Aldi
        - Drake Easter Buns
        - Galaxy Chocolate
        - Mars (e.g., “Mars Bars”)
        - Guylian Chocolate
        - Price Chopper food chain (Canada)
        - Food Basics food chain (Canada)
        - Fresh Co. Stores throughout Ontario
        - Maple Lodge Farms
        - Conagra Foods (Chef Boyardee).

        Granted that the above list particularly applies to Canada: I’ve ZERO doubt that a similar situation involving all of the same firms and chains applies to the USA, throughout Europe and beyond…

      • Consequently, everybody will see that stores catering to Moslems include:

        - Price Chopper food chain (Canada)
        - Food Basics food chain (Canada)
        - Fresh Co. Stores throughout Ontario.

        Some Sobey’s stores (e.g., Thornhill) have also been reported; and yours truly consequently is forced to keep an eye out for “halal” sections in virtually ANY supermarkets he frequents… Any such that he spots, he boycotts after speaking with the management.

      • That was so damn beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes… A bit harsh but classy, sadly I don’t think he understands any of it…

    • @Fartesz, Anti-Semitic spewing by islamotards, or any other tard for that matter, is strictly haram, so you can take your comments and shove them up your much-violated back door.

  7. I have many friends, with much diversity between us. Muslim, Christian, Budddhist, Jewish, Hindu, Atheist, among others. Straight, gay and bi. White, Black, Filipino, Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, among a host of others. What i have learned about this group of people is that being able to respect each other is one of the most valuable life lessons you can learn. While you might disagree with people, you must still see them as a person, a fellow human being. Judging an individual by a stereotype (even if it seems the stereotype fits) is not right. One can only justly judge an individual by his/her actions. With that said,
    The comments here are replussing. The hate here is disgusting. The profound beliefs here are untrue. Much of this hate has come to light after 9/11, when Al Quada fly 4 planes into buildings and a field. While they defended their actions through the Quran, it is extremely unjust to judge all Muslims because of it. If West Boro Baptist Church had gone through with their plan to protest the funeral of the nine year old girl shot at the failed assasination attempt on Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, would it have been right to then judge all Christians by that incident? Would it be okay for me to say you, Mareline Wilkins, would go to a little girls funeral, and prey upon her parents grief to promote a anti-homosexual agenda? Of course not.

    I believe in the Freedom of Speech with all my heart, but with such a priviledge, I ask you to be respectful. Understand that the majority of Muslims do not want to harm you. Go to Barnes and Noble and buy a Quran and read it. Much like the Bible, its ambiguous and can be interpretted in many ways.

    Understand that all humans are related, and that all humans, as the Declaration of Independence says, are equal.

    • “If West Boro Baptist Church had gone through with their plan to protest the funeral of the nine year old girl shot at the failed assasination attempt on Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, would it have been right to then judge all Christians by that incident?”

      Yes, it would if the West Boro nuts had citied Biblical passages to condone their cruel and absurd behavior and if all the other Christians than lied about, obscured the fact of and threatened those who pointed out those Biblical passages.

      “Go to Barnes and Noble and buy a Quran and read it.”

      Why buy it when the dawa obsessed mohammadan supremacists give them out for free? If you don’t read their “translations” they scream “you read wrong translation” while simultaneously claiming mein kuranmpf has “never been changed.” By definition a mistranslation is a change. If you read their translation, which I have in two different languages, they resort to accusations of “racism” if you reject the racism, bigotry, supremacism, misogyny and violence against the “other” contained within its pages.

      “Would it be okay for me to say you, Mareline Wilkins, would go to a little girls funeral, and prey upon her parents grief to promote a anti-homosexual agenda?”

      This is just a straight up strawman argument. Marlene has never indicated she is anti-homosexual. Does not belong to the West Boro Baptist church of inbreds. Moreover, she is Pagan so it’s highly unlikely that she has any man-made written dogma or bearded half-wit proscribing any action for her to carry out on behalf of her chosen deity. This little tidbit from your addled brain merely reflects your own intellectual bankruptcy.

      “I believe in the Freedom of Speech with all my heart, but with such a priviledge, I ask you to be respectful.”

      I respectfully tell you to go get stuffed. Freedom of speech is *NOT* a privilege. It is an inherent right.

      “Understand that all humans are related, and that all humans, as the Declaration of Independence says, are equal.”

      Have you read the Cairo Declaration of Human rights?


      Read it and tell us how rights, for everyone presumably non-mohammadans as well, that are couched in “a duty prescribed by the Shariah” are “equal for everyone.”

      They are not. Human rights to be truly equal should be free of all influence from any religous beliefs. The Cairo Declaration of Human Rights is not.

      No doubt your “pakistani gay muslim” rainbow coalition of friends have never decried, challenged or criticized the CDoHR. There is no doubt they get very testy, possibly even threatening to anyone who questions the lack of true equality in the CDoHR.

      Until all those fuzzy wuzzy mohammadans who “don’t want kill” us stop threatening and bandying about words like racist at those those who question the CDoHR, Pakistan’s blashpemy law that is used to abuse, brutalize and murder Pakistan’s non-mohammadans, or the global phenomenon of mohammadan-supremacists committing ethnocide myopic, ignorant little liberal relativists like you who are screaming “equality” for a group of people who have a different definition of equality are just part of the problem.

      • Istanbul_chick, I don’t know what country you’re in, but they would greatly benefit from your no holes barred straight forward say it how it is approach, run for seat in parliament I say!!!

    • @EqualityforAll, Shut the hell up you clueless ninny! Your monkey’s Kung-Fu is not strong and your pathetic attempt at moral equivalence demonstrates that you have the spine of a jellyfish, not to mention low to no intellect. Kumbaya is at the bottom of our playlist here as are the bottom feeders of humanity, muslims, and their weak-minded, naïve sycophants of the left.

      It’s all butterflies and rainbows in your lysergic lemonade-infused paradigm, isn’t it? Damned Kool-Aid swillers! All the same talking points, just slightly different syntax is all that you predictable, head-up-ass idiots utter, along with little to no facts to back up your position.

      I’m laughing at your innate stupidity, and I assure you, I’m not the only one laughing at you either.

      Now, before you even say it, before you even tag us with it, you know……the dreaded “R” word, let me ask you this, is leftism a race?

      Didn’t think so. That tag is worn out and tattered.

    • @ EqualityforALL-

      Equality is a great idea but requires cooperation and understanding from other groups. It also requires trust and a sense of common purpose.

      By definition the Qur’an doe not advocate this sense of common purpose other than with fellow muslims.

      On one hand I agree with your good intentions.

      However, ALL religions are much like computer viruses to the mind and require the belief in an unseen, all powerful celestial dictator in addition to vicarious redemption etc etc.

      As Christopher Hitchens correctly said “Religion affects you in your inner core”

      Once you accept agree that a religion is the truth you automatically follow its rules as an unprotected computer would follow the rules of a computer virus.

      In the case of Islam, it is a mandate for violence towards all non-believers.

      Now, that is not to say that there are no peace loving Muslims but as (BareNakedIslam) will know, the problem is that a peace loving muslim can easily be accused of not being a true muslim by those muslims who are ready to embark on aggressive activities against the state and society.

      • Yes,

        The infighting was the point I omitted and I didn’t mean to cover every case and point but I agree that different denominations within Islam are at war and disagreement with eachother, e.g Shiah, Twelver & Amadiyya V’s Sunni.

        Of course, Islam is so schismatic it predictably wars with other Muslim denominations and continually struggles with itself (Internal Jihad)

        Unfortunately for them and fortunately for us, there are a few to many of us to kill :) So knowing Western annihilation is the primary tenet I would expect the religion to implode before they reach that goal.

        That is presuming climate change doesn’t wipe humanity from existence before their religion implodes.

        Another fact which should make all religions arguments barren is that as the universe expands the planet earth is becoming more isolated and a whole lot of nothingness is heading our way. Some design.

        Although I think the information on this website is sensationalised and the views somewhat extreme at times, I think it has a positive purpose of drawing people in for discussion.

        Keep up the good work!

  8. OMG…. So many Islamists crying about the fact that they are not fundamentalsts and they do no not condone that behaviour. So? Police your own kind. Draw some lines. Make it known and enforce it. I’m Catholic. If I had to live and pray with terrorists and stone cold murderers I would have to act.

    For me this isn’t even about religion…just common human decency…you don’t kill someone just because they have a different religion.

    The Black Cloud of Islam.

    • Watch this. I’m really sorry. I’ve never seen a video that affected me so much.

      It’s in the name of Allah. It should be watched by the whole world.

      Again I’m sorry if this disgusts you ……but it should. It shows you what we’re up against.

      • JOHN, (video link deleted) you are not allowed to post videos here that have nothing to do with the post under which you are responding. We have all seen the Chechen Muslim beheadings of Russian soldiers.

  9. So many, many, INFERNALLY MANY LIES!!!!!

    Anything in moderation can be good: for example, some alcohol is known to be helpful in clearing away blood-clots that could otherwise lead to heart-attacks and/or stroke.

    And otherwise, how on earth can you defend a CULT that HATES women, dogs (truly Man’s BEST Friend!!!!), pigs (also an important friend for Mankind!!!), apes, and – above all – non-Moslems???? The Qur’ân has no less than 109 places in it calling for the ANNIHILATION of ALL “infidels” – which it (i.e., Mohammed) calls “filthy!!!! [

    Yet it's in Islam where one finds the WORST POSSIBLE "sanitation" imaginable!!!! It's thanks to Islam, its hatred of everybody and everything "un-Islamic" and its utter contempt for such, that dangerous diseases like smallpox, tuberculosis and polio have not been eradicated worldwide and in fact are making a comeback!!!!

    It's thanks to Islam that women are made to suffer ATROCIOUSLY and be in perpetual fear of their lives at the hands of men - who're never truly taught right from wrong or how to control themselves!!!! Thanks to Islam, its societies can't enjoy art, music, science or Western medicine - only WAR, SADISM, MISERY, DESTRUCTION and HATE!!!!

    It's your hatred of everything and everybody non-Moslem that has led to non-Moslems hating you Mohammedans and wishing for the destruction of your CULT - if you weren't so insistent on destroying all other civilisations, peoples, nations, political-systems and religions, you wouldn't be hated the way you are!!!!

    THESE ALL are vital reasons why Islam is the "perfect" CULT (NOT 'religion'!!!!) of SATAN HIMSELF!!!!! Yes, Satan has MANY names - and one of them is "allah"...

    Behold a few of the MANY reasons why we here DO hate Islam!!!!! And, take your taqiyya and your kitman ELSEWHERE!!!!!

    La ilaha il Yahweh (YHWH), Ya'sua bin Yahweh, Yahweh akbar, allahu asghar, allahu skatta, margbar Islam!!!!! [There is no good but Yahweh (YHWH), Jesus is The [Only-Begotten] Son of Yahweh, Yahweh is TRULY-Great, [while] “allah” is the lowliest and vilest!!!! Death to Islam!!!!!

  10. I do not know why all this hatred of Muslims
    Did you try to read something about Islam, I do not think so because the Islamic religion, the most perfect religion Do you know why
    Islam demands love and Hassan dealing with Muslims and non-Muslims
    And ordering the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice
    Well do you think evil is harmful or beneficial
    Of course evil is harmful
    I’ll give you an example of wine Is wine beneficial or harmful to humans
    Of course, the mischievous
    How many people died as they drive the car they are drunk
    and There Udayn damage from alcohol, such as malnutrition, chronic pancreatitis, and alcoholic liver disease, and cancer. In addition, damage can occur in the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system of chronic alcohol abuse
    Therefore, the Islamic religion orders not to drink alcohol
    Some have earned him a position with one of the Muslims in hating all Muslims
    He says all Muslims are not good
    Why you got one position
    Muslims or read an article about a person
    Does not like Muslims
    Must be reading about Islam and then control
    Some say all Muslim terrorists because Osama tower demolition
    Why do not you say Americans are terrorists raping women in Iraq
    Iraqi people were killed and stole the oil in Iraq
    Why do you think angels
    And you are killing Muslims
    Why not ‘t come near that of Iran and you know that there is a nuclear
    Only kill innocent people
    I felt sure that there are good Americans to look at the truth with their own eyes and hearts
    Some hates Muslims and is unaware of the truth

    • Kuffar are not innocent in the eyes of muslims. I didn’t read full hadith, yeah, but I’ve read the whole quran instead, and I know what’s the difference between suras of Meccan period and period of Medina.

    • aslim
      I don’t hate Muslims but I dislike Islam for what its done to Muslims. Islam never separated Mosque from State by that I mean it attempted to combine religion, law, finance, health everything together, hence why Muslims refer to it as the complete way of life. Against every measurable benchmark such as health, education, life expectancy, GDP, ETC. Islamic States occupy the bottom places by a long way, meaning it’s people are the poorest most uneducated in the world. These are the facts, Islam and its totalitarian ideology has failed Muslims across the Middle East and Northern Africa only States with oil are not an economic mess. Muslims blindly follow there religion without realising Islam is responsible for their woes.
      Despite what you believe, human right abuses towards woman and children occur under Islam, terrorist attacks occur in the name of Islam, violence is mentioned in the Koran and Hadiths. Many Muslims defend Islam and state these people aren’t real Muslims, I’m not sure even Muslims understand what the real Islam is.
      Those coming to the West seeking a better lifestyle haven’t helped, dependence on welfare, high crime rates, attitudes towards woman, wanting to impose sharia law, protests in the streets over a cartoon or movie, pack rapes by Muslim men, honour killings, FGM, child marriages. uncovered terrorist plots, terrorist acts and the list goes on, this is not isolated to one country but in fact it’s the same in all countries where Muslims have immigrated too.
      This is why you see so many negative comments towards Muslims, people in the West have had enough, and while I wouldn’t stoop to abuse, I completely understand why it occurs.
      One thing I don’t understand, Muslim clerics and (its not just one of them) wanting sharia law, besides being extremely rude why not just live in a country with sharia law rather than trying change laws of the host country?

    • “I don’t know why all this hatred of Muslims.”

      Instead of getting so f—ing emotional and accusing us of knowing nothing of Islam, STUDY our postings!!!! ANALYSE word for word what we’re writing and why. Work to ENTER INTO OUR MINDS and think why we PROUD “infidels” so hate Islam – REGARDLESS of what you think or feel about it!!!!

      Until you can do ALL of what I’ve suggested above, you’ve ZERO HOPE of understanding us!!!! You have to PUT YOURSELF INTO OUR PLACES – something you Moslems are NOT taught to do!!! If you can manage even a little bit of that, you’ll PERHAPS THEN begin to understand – and then, if you have even a little bit of humanity in you, you’ll turn against Islam…

  11. Is it solely islam to blame here? BIn Laden was your ally in the 80s,so was Saddam,the same for the beheaders of the FSA in syria know ,not to mention your middle ages wahhabis kingdom of the KSA.

    • “Is it solely islam to blame here?” Yep, that’s pretty much what we’re here for, to blame islam. Even our cursed disgusting President is a disgusting Kenyan-born muslim and we blame him for plenty.

  12. You have not seen the true ISLAM, and no one cannot blame ISLAM. Dont judge by seeing Muslims – they can be wrong but not ISLAM.
    Welcome to ISLAM soon your hatred will turn into love

    see this link – What does the Bible say about Muhammad? by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat


    and see similarities

      • Indeed ! :mrgreen:

        Though we neither waited nor asked for their permission, it’s simply that those useful idiots finally have juridically said what we, especially here on this site, keep saying : that shit is NOT a race. Finally !

    • Katshit, we’ve got thousands of examples of “muslim love” on this blog’s archives alone, so I’m calling bullshit on you Katshit! I’ve seen your Middle Eastern hellholes with mine own eyes and open ears as well.

      Piss off!

  13. Churchill was correct. There may be individual Moslems with fine qualities, but those qualities are due to our common humanity, rather than to Islam.

    Islam is a supremacist ideology similar to Nazism in many ways. The ‘Fuhrer’ of Islam is the Caliph. The irrational hatred of Jews is common to both ideologies. The hatred of ALL who are not insiders of the group is common to both ideologies. The wish to TAKE OVER THE WORLD is common to both ideologies. The beliefs in pseudo-science and THE BIG LIE are common to both groups.

    Moslems have far more in common with Adolf Hitler than they are willing to admit.

  14. Hmmm….’Winston Churchill Blackwinter’….gonna keep that in mind as a name for any sons we have. Husband and I both respect the man, and the world could sure use him again, and maybe–just maybe–that name will attract some wisp of Winston’s wisdom and essence.

    • Another name to bear in mind then would be “John” – after John Churchill, First Duke of Marlborough, who in fact was Winston’s ancestor.

      • You’re more than welcome, dear Marlene.

        Ah, I only wish that the great Winston didn’t have any involvement with what his subordinates and rivals like Anthony Eden, Clement Attlee and Ernest MacMillan did with a large number of Russians and Ukrainians that ended up FORCIBLY repatriated back to the USSR – as many as 5,000,000 of them perished either from bullets to the back of the head or GULag labour.

        [I know that Winston wanted right after conquering Germany to then strike the USSR and free it from Communism in the same war. Presumably he thought he then could redeem himself and deliver the whole world from that scourge; however, the best plans can be transformed by time and other circumstances into the worst...]

        These painful events are documented by the Russo-British historian Nikolay Tolstoy (Count Ñikoláy Dmitrjévich Tolstóy-Miloslávskiy, to give him his proper name) in books like:

        Victims of Yalta,
        Stalin’s Secret War,
        The Minister and the Massacres.

        Sorry to have to note this blight upon him – and the whole world including myself will ALWAYS be grateful to him for standing up to the Nazis. I however know that the entire disgraceful episode got hidden all too well, so it seems meet and proper that somebody has to call attention to it. Sorry…

      • ADHD, we ALL have black marks on our records-of-life…such makes us Human. Churchill too. :)
        Though obama right now, his whole page of such look like it was dipped in ink. :D

  15. Russian President Vladamir Putin Says to Exterminate Islamic Radicals Like Cockroaches

    Last month we ran an article on a letter that Russian President Vladamir Putin wrote to the American people, trying to spell out in black and white, the dangers of radical Islamic extremism that faces the free nations of the planet.
    See full story here: http://freepatriot.org/2013/09/08/russia-love-letter-putin-americans/
    America, it seems, has gotten very soft and needs things spelled out in black and white by the likes of Putin, who has become one of the world’s leading badasses when it comes to dealing with real life threats, and beating them into submission, unlike U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, who when faced with dire, economic circumstances, prefers to ‘pick up his ball and go home’ and leave his constituents hanging out to dry.
    Just in the past two weeks, Islamic radicals have extended their reign of terror on the free world by slaughtering countless innocents at the Westport Mall in Kenya, by taking over an entire city and killing more than 100 people in Zamboanga, Philippines, on the southern island of Mindanao, and by attacking the Russian Embassy in Tripoli, Libya just today.

  16. Dear Ms. BNI:

    Having only three levels of nesting relative to comments makes it harder to respond to those who’re attacking you at levels 2 or 3. [This is regarding who ID'd himself as "Fuck You".]

    I realise that one can go too deep with comment-nesting, where posts end up looking like they’re gibberish by being too narrow in consequence; however, 3 is too shallow in my opinion…

    Of course you know that I’d NEVER attack you like that – PLEASE don’t think I’d be like that, EVER!!!!

    All the best!

    • Thank you so very much, dear Ms. BNI, for allowing one more level of nesting – this way it will be harder to have such mix-ups as happened with “Fuck You”.

      Again, my apologies for when you thought I was insulting you when I tried to use “F— You”, feeling too queasy then to stoop so far down as to type in that ultra-vulgar epithet as an ID…


      In 1995, I, a former KGB spy , was recruited by CIA. I had to spy on the White House and the United States Congress. More important – Bill Clinton was a target and we were discussing his “neutralization” – I hope, you understand perfectly well what is this. In 2001 I’ve asked Senator Hillary Clinton for help. I refused to cooperate with CIA and had big problems. She said “no” and I had to blackmail her saying that I’ve saved her husband’s life refusing to work for CIA. Finally, she helped me to fight CIA on my side.
      Gallup poll released on December 30, 2013 : Clinton earned the top spot among most admired women for the 12th consecutive year and 18th time overall, more than any other woman in the poll’s history. That’s good for us. She’ll announce her decision to run in November, 2014, after the midterm congressional elections – Democrats will still hold the Senate.
      I’m ready to join her 2016 presidential campaign and build communism in America.
      Mikhail Kryzhanovsky,
      a former KGB and CIA “Filament”,
      the author of the White House Special Handbook (KGB instructions for Bill Clinton, used now by Obama)

  17. ADHD, you make many many excellent points all over this site but I will say one thing.. your signature or footer.. DEATH TO ISLAM etc..
    I don’t think it’s appropriate to have that statement at the end of (almost) all your posts because it overpowers everything you have written before it.. I have read most of this site by now so I am used to it and know it to be your footer and to pay no attention to it, but to someone who hasn’t, who is visiting the site for perhaps the first time, reading one of your posts for the first time, it’s not right. Overkill. You don’t go eat the finest lobster on the planet and smother it in salt and ketchup do you.

    In short, we should not lower ourselves to their level. All we need do is state truth and logic and the muzzie cult members will squeal in objection like the pigs that they are’

  18. @Fuck you

    Is your hijab too tight around your vagina, toots? You seem to be suffering from mental retardation due to asphyxiation.

    “dude. being afraid of Nazi’s is different from being afraid of muslims.”

    No one is afraid of Nazis. People loathe them, despise them, some even pity them. But no one is afraid of them. Just as no one is afraid of you bronze age mouth breathers, except the dhimmwitted Westerners who parrot your lies of victimhood, religion of peace, and no true mohammadan fallacies. Those useful idiots only do so because they are afraid of you. For they know, like we do, that you knuckle draggers react violently when anyone rejects or criticizes your bronze age arab tribalism. They are the “islamophobes.”

    We are the “islamoloathes” who despise you supremacist truthophobes. We will never accept or parrot you lies out of fear. We will never respect you or your bronze age arab cult out of fear. We will never allow supremacists to dictate to us how to think, act or speak out of fear. We will call out your lies with the truth out of love for our own culture. We will ridicule you and your cult out of love for our own values, beliefs and attitudes and we will never let you dictate to us what those are out of fear of you.

    Silly bagheaded bitch, fear is for cowards. We are not cowards. We will always stand against your supremacist lies, threats and intimidation. Cowards are those who fear your violent reaction and keep their mouths shut.

  19. “more hate crimes happen against muslims than terrorist acts by muslims…”

    Now that’s the only true thing you’ve said all night, junior jihadi. However, you failed to volunteer that the majority of asslifter deaths occur at the hands of your fellow asslifters…in dar al islam.

    According to FBI statistics, Jews have been the victims of hate crimes 5x as much as you supremacist assholes. Christians have also been victimized significantly more than you supremacist assholes. In fact, according to those same FBI stats a “tiny minority” of supremacist assholes have been victims of hate crimes. Less than 200 in a 3 year period.

    Meanwhile, in such bastions of human rights like Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Afrcapistan, et al, your fellow asslifters die by the *thousands* yearly, at the hands of your fellow supremacist asslifters.

    Time to lay your vagina on your pillow, little girl. Your false victimhood game doesn’t fly with people who actually get their info from the source rather than from you lying supremacist assholes.

    • In my view he was the greatest English man to ever live, a true hero.I love this Sir Winston Churchill speech, it sums up the fight against the madness of jizzlam in the 21st century.

      “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

    • you clearly know fook all about the man! He was an evil SOAB! Perfect to lead Britain in WW2 but actually he was a racist white supremacist, not so interested in religion. He hated non-whites. He would of course happily slaughter Mohammadans but also any creed so long as they were of colour. I am certainly not anti Churchill because his behaviour was (just) acceptable for his time however who knows how he’d be had he been born 50 years later.. but to say ‘he da man’ shows total ignorance. He was a warmonger, he was a murderer. Very effective in leading the allied forces against a man who thought he was very much the same as Chrchill and in some respects was not so different except for the important fact that he was completely mad and a paedophile.. (sound like anybody familiar?!) muhitler. They would have had a great deal in common and if mo the putrid forgave his not being an Arab, I am sure they would have had a great bromance.

      Every so often historically, a man, more often than not tyrant is born, they take power and gain influence and it repeats over and over across history. The false prophet Mohammed (shame be upon him) was one of them, Hitler another, Bin Laden, Kim Jon Il, Henry VIII, many others. etc etc.. just these days we are better informed and it doesn’t take years and years for information to pass from A to B, so the information is not corrupted so much, and going back 250 years or so and advances in global transportation, the far lesser time taken means information is not subjected to the Chinese whisper effect which compromises it’s accuracy along the way. No longer does one man or group take decades to spread their word from one edge of the world to the other.

      For the last 150 years, the delivery is either a matter of weeks to days and latterly, instant so that people, however huge their influence, however their reverence, they cannot become deities because the facts cannot be distorted beyond all reason. Lets not for a moment pretend that the truth is not corrupted, but not to the extent of past millennia where there was no real limit to how much the facts could be distorted to fantasy. Therefore the chances of a new religion or god/ prophet are highly unlikely. Nowadays we demand at least some credibility, something not required 1500 years ago (Islam) or 600 years ago (Sikhism). If Hitler was born in 1500 and had taken over half the world, he would have become a ‘God’ .. and this is how religions are born and exist.

      Back to Churchill now:

      He shot many people for sport in his younger years in fact his early life was certainly not something to be proud about.. His belief was the superior white man was conquering the primitive, dark-skinned natives, and bringing them the benefits of civilisation… It’s no secret although it is kept pretty quiet. Historians prefer to concentrate purely on his actions toward the end of his life during WW2..

      Even Hitler had huge respect for him, When Mahatma Gandhi launched his campaign of peaceful resistance, Churchill raged that he “ought to be lain bound hand and foot at the gates of Delhi, and then trampled on by an enormous elephant with the new Viceroy seated on its back.”

      Now forgive me but without blacks who are important in propping up Christianity and the many Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs etc providing an alternative, Islam would be spreading far more quickly than it already is and be the majority religion! Such a shame that the evil cult has made many black counties a recruiting ground, but that is wholly the fault of their white oppressors. We could have helped them out a bit and they would have embraced Christianity. The fact is with these shithole countries is the superstitious populations need protecting from Islam or they become the vile cult members in the blink of an eye.
      Of course we need to keep an eye on the countries already affected by the virus, but the fact is once infected, it’s pretty incurable. In areas that are vulnerable we need to employ all the preventative measures possible to prevent the spread.

      The poorest of the poor are extremely superstitious and sitting ducks for religious corruption. The asslifters don’t have the assets to bribe affluent countries but they can sure as hell corrupt the food deprived into joining their cult in return for the odd bag of corn meal. So we should be sending them pancake mix!

      • I must disagree with you to some extent regarding Winston Spencer Churchill.

        I’m not without MY grudge against him given how for the sake of a few dozen Allied airmen he forcibly repatriated 5,000,000 Russian exiles. This wasn’t only Soviet troops who had fallen into German hands as prisoners-of-war and then into the Allied hands at war’s end, but also Russian exiles from between World Wars I & II (notably after the Second Russian Revolution of October/November 1917 and the consequent Russian Civil-War of 1917-20). Even my maternal grandparents and their four children were VERY lucky to know better than to return to the USSR when offered as much by Communist agents in Tito’s Yugoslavia in 1945.

        1) the muzturds most certainly not only HAVE the assets to bribe our affluent Western countries: they HAVE BEEN doing so!!! [E.g., what happened in former Yugoslav and Serb territory during 1991-99 was almost certainly thanks to Moslem bribery and/or intimidation!!]
        2) Granted that Hitler – and also Stáljin – had great respect for Churchill: the fact remains that but for him, Europe nowadays would be either Moslem or Communist!!! Like it or not, it was he who saved Europe, and especially Western Europe from the Nazis in large measure…

      • Ah, I forgot about at least ONE Russo-British historian from whom I got some of this information: Nikolai Tolstoy (full and proper name Count Ñikoláy Dmitrjévich Tolstóy-Miloslávskiy) has written about these sordid actions, especially as furthered by such “worthies” as Anthony Eden, Toby Low (who became “Lord Aldington” – and who sued this author into the ground, aided by the British “government”!!!) and “Sir” Harold MacMillan.

        His books I most strongly recommend so we see why it’s not only Churchill who needs to be blamed – and why perhaps this Moslem invasion is a bit of “divine” retribution?

        - Victims of Yalta
        - Stalin’s Secret War
        - The Minister and the Massacres

  20. LOL! You know better, Bonni, I’m no damn feminist so hitman is okay!:)

    It’s always my pleasure to have your back, especially with dingbats like “Madison.”

  21. I am ashamed as a human being to be reading such a blatantly racist and hateful page. First, do you even truly understand the Islamic religion? Yes, there are extreme Islamic radicals, specifically Al-Qaeda, who use the word of the Quran to defend their terrible acts, but there are also many radical groups who use the Bible to defend the horrific ideals they preach, namely the KKK and the Westboro Baptist Church. You list crimes against humanity the muslim world has committed, yet you fail to recount all of the horrible deeds committed in the name of christianity: slavery, racial discrimination, mass genocide, and the crusades-an act done by the western world against the Islamic people. I am not a follower of Islam, but I at least have enough decency to respect a group of people and a religion different than myself, and remember I am not advocating the understanding of radicals, but you could at least stop the hate towards the average Muslim person who is not doing anything to hurt you. It is important to learn to branch out and respect others and by creating this web page you continue the spread of hate and ignorance.

      • Madison , it has nothing to do with race or being racist. Have you ever been to a Muslim country? Do you want your grandchildren to be Muslim?Do you want to live under Sharia Law? Pull your head out of the sand & educate yourself. Islamic atrocities were not provoked by the Crusaders’ own reprehensible acts, but preceded them. Islamic jihad was not triggered by the Crusades; it preceded them.The Christian world was reduced to about one-third of what it was by the sword of jihad. The Crusades were launched with the objective of, without any exaggeration, saving Europe and Western civilization from Sharia.
        Not to mention the countless mass killings and persecutions of Christians and Jews before the Crusades. The destruction of over 30,000 churches during a 10-year period starting in 1004 AD is little-known. So is the burning of crosses, the beheading of converts to Christianity from Islam, the destruction of Christian holy sites like the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the forced tax for non-Muslims (the jizya) and the list goes on and on.
        Blaming the Crusades is a way of denying the Islamic supremacist ideology that has driven the conflict from the beginning.

      • LIAR!!!!!

        Take your taqiyya and your kitman ELSEWHERE!!!! Abandon ALL your hope of twisting us around: we’ve read the Qur’ân, Sira and Hadith, so we know far too well what we’re saying and doing!!!!

        It’s YOU, Moslem stoolie, that needs to get lost INDEED!!!!!

      • Yeah right, sure ! You may be brain-dead Get Lost but we sure ain’t ! Those so-called hate crimes, most of them lies or/and self-inflicted by that murderous vermin always trying to pass itself as victims.

        You can be sure that when the shit is going to really hit the fan, they’ll then have something to really cry about. Meanwhile, now live up to your pseudo and indeed get lost !

      • you are not only racists, you are also so stupid to think that you understood Islam from what is the media is feeding you!!
        guys all what you think about Islam is WRONG, western intelligence systems have been feeding some cells like Qaeda to give them an everyday excuse to control the middle east as the Geographical center of Islam that happens to be the Center of the world map too with Suez Canal and Petrol, Qaeda do not represent Muslims, Quran has been explained by their terrorist point of view but that doesn’t mean that it tells Muslims to fight other people and rule the world. guys you are living in a big movie or you are being financed by Israelis

      • We don’t want you islamic idiots. Get lost in the desert! We polish people will fight against the invasion of islam. May got bless all of you fighters against the darkness. Amen!

      • “you [sic] are not only racists, you are also so stupid to think that you understood [sic] Islam from what is [sic] the media is [sic] feeding you!!” (I usually don’t play grammar Nazi, but I just couldn’t resist.)

        Bwahahahahahahahaha!! I guess it is safe to assume you don’t watch CNN, MSNBC, BBC, etc. much, huh? Neither do I. (Clueless islamotard)

        You, Mahmoud are a subjective moron. In other words, an average muslim. That is hardly a surprise since you beat your bulbous, brown zabiba on an old, tattered prayer rug five times a day, to the point that you resemble a Beluga Whale. Then to add insult to injury, you have the unmitigated gall to insult Almighty God by pointing your smelly ass at Him while praying, and all the while paranoid about breaking wudu by breaking wind! Gee wiz Einstein, after 1,400 years of islam, one would think you guys would see the correlation between farting, elevated posterior, and loose spincter control.

        You don’t even have enough octane to have a brain fart!

      • Ah yes, of course, beside the fact that those asswipes keep screaming racism where there is no race in sight, they have to bring everything down to being financed by Israel.

        Well newsflash the mahmoud, nobody’s been financing anyone here to know all there is to know about that death cult of yours. As for all the rest of that crap you’ve been spewing, only those as brain-dead as you and your lot would give a shit to anything you have to say. We on the other hand, won’t change our course one iota as far as you lot is concerned.

        Aside from dhimmis and those too thick to even see what’s right under their nose, the whole civilized and modern Western has had it with you, they reject and hate you and for good reasons. So unless you want more of some good verbal trashing, better scram you vermin.

      • LMAO Bonni ! If you manage to get that thing or one of is vermin pals funding BNI, wouldn’t go as far as eating one of my worn underwear as still a risk I’m not prepared to take, but almost ! :mrgreen:

      • To “Mahmoud”:

        Ms. BNI was quite correct in querying you “What ‘race’ is Islam?”

        I’ll add that the Western “newsmedia” have little or nothing to do with our knowledge of Islam – a knowledge we’ve achieved by studying the Qur’ân (e.g., what’s available at the University of Southern California’s “Center for Muslim-Jewish Dialogue” – as if such ‘dialogue’ is possible when you muzturds want to exterminate everybody other than yourselves!!!), the Hadith and the Sira (your official biography of that MONSTER Mohammed!). It’s PRECISELY BECAUSE we know Islam according to what it itself preaches and commands that we hate it!!! We know and hate it because of ITS OWN TEXTS!!!!!

        Get this through your head: HATE BEGETS HATE!!! Your own hate as the Moslem people and ideology has aroused our hate as non-Moslems, who you think should automatically vanish from the face of this planet merely because that genocide, murderer, thief, rapist, liar, caninophobe, porcinophobe, bestialist and necrophiliac Mohammed “ordained” it so!!!! [Have you never heard of Newton's Third Law: "To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"???]

        Well, Hell no, we’re NEVER going to go away – and we won’t tolerate your perpetual warfare against us for all time!!! Sooner or later – especially with the weapons and equipment we have!! – we’ll strike you with such force and malevolence that your “holy cities”, your Ka’aba, your grand-mosques and everything else THEMSELVES will vanish!!! THEN where will you turn to? No Qibla, no Ka’aba, no Mohammed’s tomb, NOTHING will remain – and if you force us to, we’ll ensure that positively NO TRACE of Islam will remain upon this earth!!! No Qu’râns, no Hadiths, no Siras, NO NOTHING!!!!

        Is that what you want???

        [Ms. BNI: I hope I've now met your standards in responding as having put the name of the one being replied to at the top...]

    • @Madison

      Oh, you are a dumb bunny and make me ashamed just to have to share the same planet with you

      ” First, do you even truly understand the Islamic religion? Yes, there are extreme Islamic radicals, specifically Al-Qaeda, who use the word of the Quran to defend their terrible acts,..”

      mohammad used the “word of the quran” to defend his rapes, assassins, raids, beheadings and kiddy fucking. So, yes, we do “truly understand” mo’s “islamic religion.”

      “but there are also many radical groups who use the Bible to defend the horrific ideals they preach, namely the KKK and the Westboro Baptist Church.”

      Yes, they do and they are also ostracized, ridiculed, and treated as the criminals they are. No one takes them seriously and no one cares if the poor little fools are being “hated on.” Also, you are aware that the acts of the kkk and the Westboro nuts do not exonerate anyone else from their actions. That is a logical fallacy and the stance an intellectually stunted fool who has no solid grounds for an argument takes.

      “You list crimes against humanity the muslim world has committed, yet you fail to recount all of the horrible deeds committed in the name of christianity: slavery, racial discrimination, mass genocide, and the crusades-an act done by the western world against the Islamic people.”

      Again, you little nitwit, with the logical fallacy. mohamadans have committed slavery (and still do), racial discrimination (quran makes it clear that only arabs can be “true” mohammadans), mass genocide. Thus the fact the any group may be guilty of the same crimes does NOT exonerate mohammadans.

      As for the Crusades they didn’t just happen spontaneously. The only factual thing you said about it was “against the Islamic people.” They were “done against the Islamic people” who had invaded, occupied, enslaved, religously discriminated against and generally abused the lands and INDIGENOUS Jews and Christians for 400 years. The Crusade was a reaction to conquering, abusive, racist islamic invaders.

      “I am not a follower of Islam, but I at least have enough decency to respect a group of people and a religion different than myself, and remember I am not advocating the understanding of radicals, but you could at least stop the hate towards the average Muslim person who is not doing anything to hurt you.”

      Bullshit. You are an unthinking little twit who is willing to point out the “evils of Christians” but refuse to see the “true islam.” Again, see above: the asshole who pulled islam out of his ass WAS a radical and his repulsive behavior is recorded, in detail, the “poor little mohammadans’” unholy trinity of quran, sira and hadith. Thus any mohammadan who believes such an egregiously disgusting persona as mohammad was a “mercy upon mankind” is just as “radical” as the “talibans and al quadas” that you erroneously claim are not the “real” muslims.

      YOU are the one who knows nothing of the “true islam.” You just smoke that pipe your mohammadan buddies and leftist apologist indocrinators hand to you.

      I would be more than happy to sponsor a trip for you to the mohammadan crap hole of my choice just so your dippy little face can see the “true islam.”

      • I wish I could marry this wise woman. But such rich intelect is probably destinated to someone further more worthy by this rate.

        I’m happy we are still 1000 years away from year 3013, where all women does not need Burqa anymore as they were shipped of all the unecessary meat, and left with the only relevant sect of a Muslim – so called – women: uterus and breasts for milking like a cow.

    • Madison:
      racist? I see no racism here or any other topic. There is nothing related to race at all, where does it or anybody say anything ill of white/black/brown/yellow/green.
      Does this site have a message about Islam, a cult preaching all manner of evils, masquerading as a religion, further a peaceful religion. Are the messages collaborated by facts, facts taken from Islamic texts such as the Quran, yes they are.
      You are ignorant as heck, get educated and see if you’re still a muslim apologist

    • Awww Madison,

      That’s sweet. You ‘respect’ something that is different from you.

      Your statement is both sanctimonious and naive, And frankly, it is reflective of a truly unworldly person, Other wise you would know, just because YOU are open and accepting of people of a different culture or religion is does not mean that they are necessarily open and tolerant of your religion or culture.

      By the way, which race is Islam?

      Is the KKK even relevant anymore? Historically speaking, the KKK has not been a Christian based organization, it’s Christian ties are modern and recent-20th century; late mid century. Although, that is not the only historical fallacy you listed. See: “committed in the name of Christianity: slavery, racial discrimination, mass genocide, and the crusades -an act done by the western world against the Islamic people” All of which is an historically inaccurate statement.

      BNI is incorrect Madison, your worse than an apologist, your an ignorant fool, Ultimately, you’ve betrayed yourself as an imbecile and a buffoon who is clearly ignorant of history?

      You’ve revealed yourself to be an easy mark with a nasty comeuppance heading your way. Good luck with that,

      But, ultimately, it does not matter, as I suspect your more than just an pathetic apologist, Most likely, you’re a Muslim poser defending your vile and wicked religion. There are tells all over your statement.

      Naive Westerner or Muslim supremacist-either way, there is a nasty comeuppance coming your way.

  22. Ok – Thanks Bonni
    I wont ask again.
    Because I dont know how many comments have since been moderated?.
    An “Edit Comment” / “Post Comment” functionality could be appreciated – “just Saying”!

  23. Hello Bonni
    Please REMOVE THIS “Removal Request” and my first comment ….
    john Daniel – December 19, 2013 @ 12:57 pm

    and leave my second comment (I should have asked for it to be REPLACEMENT rather than UPDATE ….
    john Daniel – December 19, 2013 @ 1:35 pm
    BNI-B AN UPDATE (after moderation) – with thanks again

  24. TCK…

    I am 64.
    All my life, until maybe 10 years ago, I applied the “Golden Rule” in my life to the best of my abilty.
    I never “hated” anyone or any group of people collectively, except radical groups like the Nazis and their ilk.

    With the recent rise of islam, I sure changed my mind, after reading and researching what they were all about.

    I can assure you right now…your comment below…

    “It’s simply hypocritical to promote peace and justice by calling for “DEATH TO ISLAM”. It’s fucked. You people automatically hate everyone that disagrees with you.”

    -We aren’t hypocrites…we don’t speak out of both sides of our mouths. We say what we mean, and we mean what we say. Not one hypocritical thing about that.

    -We deffinitely DO NOT “promote peace” when it comes to a group of people that tell us over and over they “hate the Kuffar and want to KILL the infidel!”
    You cannot promote “peace and justice” with islam.
    It’s a one way street.
    And that one way is THEIR WAY ONLY!

    -We don’t hate everyone who disagrees with us…but because we are well informed about islam, and I mean ALL of islam, we most assuredly HATE islam…you can take that to the bank!!! Anyone who knows ANYTHING about islam has to hate it!

    It’s hard to say for certain, but by the syntax of your post, you are probably a fairly young individual, reasonably educated, and are, like most young folk, likely an idealistic person.
    There is nothing wrong with that, but don’t let your wishful thinking blind you from the reality that is the evil of islam.

    Read a koran, a Sunna, a Haddith and the Reliance of the Traveller.
    They aren’t exactly Quantum Theory calibre, so you should be able to grasp what they are all about.

    THEY are HATE manuals.
    They instruct muslims to hate and to be intolerant of everything and anything that is not islamic.
    Christ, man….they KILL EACH OTHER, all over the world…every minute of every day…!!

    And you have the nerve to say what is on this site is “fucked”?
    And that WE….”misunderstand”…???

  25. BNI-B AN UPDATE (after moderation) – with thanks again

    SIMPLE – A YES/NO Quiz….
    1. You are a “muslim” (Submitter-to-Islam).
    2. You are a “male” (a non-muslim does NOT call you a MAN even though you may refer to yourself as “brave-even-courageous”).
    3. Or You are a “female” (Islam does not recognise “female” as a person and a non-muslim does NOT call a muslim-female a woman).
    4. You are a “GOOD muslim” (you obey ALL COMMANDS of you by the Islamic Trilogy).

    If you answered YES to the very First question …..
    Another YES/NO Quiz….
    1. Do you renounce, abdjure and foreswear* the sanctification of terrorism?
    2. Do you renounce, abdjure and foreswear* the sanctification of conquest?
    3. Do you renounce, abdjure and foreswear* the sanctification of genocide & hostage taking for profit?
    4. Do you renounce, abdjure and foreswear* the glorification of terrorism?
    5. Do you renounce, abdjure and foreswear* the glorification of martyrdom?

    * Without any hesitation, mental reservation or secret evasion of mind whatsoever; including al-takeya and kitman.

    NB: (above information – in part – is from the “crusadersarmory” tool kit.)

    Know yourself a little better now?

    If you answered YES to the very First question …..
    And you are living in a Western Democratic Country ….
    You are by default guilty of being a Traitor and/or guilty of the act of Sedition to your Host country.

    So You Are a muslim ?!?
    POSSIBLY NOT – Only if you are of the Arab race.
    What – you have NOT been told by your “funny-bearded-sociopathic-handler”?
    (You could have – at any time – read the Islamic Trilogy for yourself to “know”.)

    Ha ha ha ha ha – OH OH OH – That is just funny.



    Being a muslim – You could become an APOSTATE – but who would believe you – YOU ARE A muslim.

  26. SIMPLE – A YES/NO Quiz….
    1. You are a “muslim” (Submitter-to-Islam).
    2. You are a “male” (a non-muslim does NOT call you a MAN even though you may refer to yourself as “brave-even-courageous”).
    3. You are a “female” (Islam does not recognise “female” as a person and a non-muslim does NOT call you a woman).
    4. You are a “GOOD muslim” (you obey ALL COMMANDS of you by the Islamic Trilogy).

    If you answered YES to the very First question …..
    Another YES/NO Quiz….
    1. Do you renounce, abdjure and foreswear* the sanctification of terrorism?
    2. Do you renounce, abdjure and foreswear* the sanctification of conquest?
    3. Do you renounce, abdjure and foreswear* the sanctification of genocide & hostage taking for

    4. Do you renounce, abdjure and foreswear* the glorification of terrorism?
    5. Do you renounce, abdjure and foreswear* the glorification of martyrdom?

    * Without any hesitation, mental reservation or secret evasion of mind whatsoever; including al-takeya and kitman.

    NB: (above information – in part – is from the crusadersarmory tool kit.)

    Know yourself a little better now?

    If you answered YES to the very First question …..
    And you are living in a Western Democratic Country ….
    You are by default guilty of being a Traitor and/or guilty of the act of Sedition to your Host country.

    So You Are a muslim ?!?
    POSSIBLY NOT – Only if you are of the Arab race.
    What – you have NOT been told by your “funny-bearded-sociopathic-handler”?
    (You could have – at any time – read the Islamic Trilogy for yourself to “know”.)

    Ha ha ha ha ha giggle – OH – That is just sooooo funny.



    Being a muslim – You could become an APOSTATE – but who would believe you – YOU ARE A muslim.

  27. I realize you people are set in your ways from whatever environment you were raised in and there is no way to get you guys to listen, but you’re all just scared little kids. I’m not starting an argument or anything. That’s the last thing I wish to do because I know some petty-minded soul will call me something “offensive”. It’s simply hypocritical to promote peace and justice by calling for “DEATH TO ISLAM”. It’s fucked. You people automatically hate everyone that disagrees with you. This website has no purpose other than to hate because of your misunderstanding. I’m saying stuff that has already been said, but just putting my opinion out there. No one reply to this because I already know what you’re going to say.

    • TCK, you sound like a typical Moslem who feels he has to plague us non-Moslems with his taqiyya and kitman!!!!

      We have read more than enough of the Qu’rân, of the Hadith and the Sira; furthermore, we’ve studied the history of Islam ever from the time that MONSTER Mohammed walked the earth with his SATANIC master masquerading as “Jibril” and “allah”. THERE IS NOT ONE – repeat, NO, not even ONE – thing in Islam that isn’t EVIL AS EVIL CAN EVER BE!!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM: now, forever and unto ages of ALL ages, world without end, AMEN!!!!!

    • TCK why don’t you shut your trap because if you want to talk about hate, first of all we didn’t start anything, they or even you who knows if you’re a submitted asshole did. So it’s payback time and on the subject of hate, you have not idea ! Don’t expect us to refrain for long to beat the crap senseless of the vermin that made it their only goal and reason for living to destroy civilizations and way of lives that do not mirror their obscurantist crap. There is limit to all and ours way beyond stretched, you can bet your sorry ass and life on that !

    • @TCK,

      Er no. There is no hypocrisy here.

      Stop projecting.

      No one here has advocated peace. We are very clear on our stance on what should be done to Muslims unwanted in the West.

      Justice? What has that to do with anything? Although…there is a reckoning in the future.
      Once and for all a justice of sorts will be settled.

  28. i hate this blog you’re such a dog
    well,you just spend whole day with your fucking alcohol

    plz, i’m muslim i hate you but i don’t hate christian or you religion

    plz try to understand islam from a good muslim, not from a bad stupid muslim who killed your people.

    • LMAO !!!! Another asslifter begging to be “understood” because he’s such a good submissive prick, and who starts his post by showing his true colors with the usual insults. Get lost plz pig, we know all there is to know about that death cult of yours and any understanding to be done is from you lot so understand this : game over, your crap no longer sticks and you hateful bastards are getting what’s been coming to you for a long time. Now get lost of face getting another round of pretty much the same or worse.

      • are you lose your brain?? or yeah your brain isn’t working ^_^
        i’ve said i don’t hate christian and are you know after i read your comment i still don’t hate christin or jew either and i don’t want anymore to build a blog anti-christian or whatever.you such a stupid guy
        i don’t hate christian because i try to understand christian from a good one
        even there are someone(he is totally christian) who want to rape my best friend.

        *ps. if you don’t like “plz” ok i’ll change it ^_^ my second hateful person “Alain” the nastiest and weird creature in the world.

      • OMG, you Islamo-tards even write with a Cartoon accent and think you are writing in a Khartoum accent! Have you ever heard of English? Why don’t you go back to school and take an “English” class? If you can’t write any better than this mindless blather, there is a product called Microsoft WORD. It has a spell checker and may help you clean up your remedial way of expressing yourself! Is it true that when Muslims made a Porn video; the best title they could come up with was, “Dumb on Dumber”? : P

      • @plz, I’m so glad you told us you’re not a pig. Geez, that would have been an insult to all self-respecting pigs world wide.

        Thanks for clarifying that.

      • Newflash the one who claims he’s not a pig, couldn’t give a rat’s behind what you think and how hateful you think I am because in fact, you have no idea the level of hate I -and compatriots- have for you submissive vermin and have no idea how nasty indeed I am to the likes of you, so deal with it. And newsflash you dumbfuck, am neither Jew nor Christian so get it into your sorry excuse for a brain that is UNIVERSALLY and across the board that you’re hated.

    • LIAR!!!!!

      We PROUD “infidels” know better than to swallow even one grain of your taqiyya or your kitman, “plz”!!!!!

      Furthermore, we know ALL about your hatred for ALL other religions, philosophies, cultures, civilisations and EVERYTHING “un-Islamic”!!!!!

      To be a “good” Moslem means you have to be EVIL to ALL non-Moslems – and that’s why, thanks to your hate for us “infidels”, we hate you right back!!!! To boot, it’s FAR better to be a pig, dog or ape than to be a Moslem – Alain knows of what and whom he’s talking about!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

    • I’m glad you hate this blog, and I’m glad it gets your turban unwound, diaper head. Tis better to be a dog than a vile, smelly, unclean, primitive, muslim idiot like you, who’s intracranial cavity is anatomically indistinguishable from your rectal cavity. Whoever coined the term, “brain fart,” must have had muslims in mind, because the muslim has no gray matter, only fecal matter on both ends as evidenced by the so-called “zabbiba,” known colloquially as the forehead “shit-stain.” This leakage is a tangible result of a cracked skull and wholly preventable by the timely and regular replacement of prayer rugs before their end date expiration.

      “plz [sic] try to understand islam from a good muslim, not from a bad stupid muslim who killed your people.”…………………Really? Look, no matter how hard you try, you cannot polish a turd. Nor can you pick one up by the clean end, and besides, how can we possibly “understand islam” when ALL of you are bad and stupid?

      Pan Aaronowski

      “Amor Patriae Nostra Lex”

  29. I am actually repulsed but this website. I really wish people took the time to learn about things before they decide to hate them. Grouping all muslims together is simply ignorant. There are at least 9 denominations of Islam that are completely unique. The number of Muslims that are “terrorists” is a minute fraction of the total number of Muslims in the world. Comparing Muslims to Nazis is simply ridiculous seeing as it is this website that is suggesting the blind hatred of an entire religion. I am simply nonplussed that so many people can be so blindly hate-filled. I know the chances of any of you taking the time to learn something are slim judging by this website, but I hope you take they time to consider that you just might be wrong. You are a stubborn people stuck in one perspective- this will not get you far in life. I’m all for freedom of speech, but this is just flagrant nonsense. Feel free to ban me and my “stupid name” like you threatened Coexist, because I will never waste my time on such a horribly offensive website ever again.

      • BRAVISSISSIMA, Ms. BNI!!!!

        And as for myself, to “AJ” I say:

        GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!! You’re obviously a monstrous IGNORAMUS (the number of Moslems who actually perform terrorist acts is as high as 20%, supported by all the rest in the form of the Islamic zakat tax – Islamic “charity” finances WAR against all non-Moslems!!!!), a typical Milquetoast Marxist who has never had to fight for anything of real importance in his life, likely somebody under the age of 40 and thus lacking any real wisdom – and utterly lacking in the knowledge of just how incredibly MONSTROUS (in both quantity and quality) the MISERY inflicted upon this entire planet by Islam actually is!!!!!

        We can quite gladly do without such wretched turds as yourself, “AJ”!!! Or, if EVER you chance to read this: ask any true Serb, Greek, Bulgarian, Christian-Albanian, Romanian, Croat, Slovene, Magýar (Hungarian), Moldovan, Ukrainian, Pole, Russian, Armenian or Egyptian Copt as to what the Moslem Turks did to them!!!! Ask any Hindu or Sikh as to how Moslems have treated them!!! See how Moslems are out to destroy ALL non-Moslem minorities in their countries – and see how Mohammed was anti-Jewish in his lifetime!!!!! Nope, there’s NOTHING GOOD and EVIL BEYOND ALL MEASURE to behold in – and say about – Islam!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

    • AJ, I am actually repulsed by sanctimonious, stuck on talking points, idiots like you, who bring no “real” facts to the table to support your drivel. Only the same old repetitious mantra we have heard over and over, and cannot hold up to scrutiny when one actually crunches the numbers.

      Piss off!

      • lol…funny site and having perused the “14,000″ comments to see your excellent scholarship on Islam I can say without equivocation that you hilariously hold grudges for centuries dead “Serbians, CHRISTIAN-Albanians, etc,etc, etc” , you enjoy combining disparate groups and events because, “Islam” (jeesh!) and you bear a strong resemblance to those you fear, “ignorant” being the crossroads you meet at..lol…oh, and apparently you like banning people, which is fine…enjoy your bunker and your deadender site in peace…

      • And to you Mark, you are beneath contempt, for you are an enabler of madness, mayhem and murder. You are a quisling and a coward.

      • BRAVO, Randy!!!

        I’d also add that those who despise their ancestors – and especially the suffering thereof – are particularly beneath ALL contempt!!! Better for such (that despise their forefathers) that they had never been born!!!!!

        Furthermore, those who like to foster ignorance (the way “Mark” does by implying that we should forget the atrocities perpetrated upon our ancestors!!) usually are Communists – who ‘ipso facto’ are allies of the Moslems (who GLADLY allied themselves with both the Nazis and subsequently the Communists)!!! [Commies and Moslems may hate each other deep beneath, but they're more than happy to work together to destroy our Western civilisation!!!] As far as I’m concerned, ALL totalitarian tyrant-wannabes are beneath every little possible bit of both HATRED AND CONTEMPT – those are the ones who deserve total destruction!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM, COMMUNISM, NAZISM and ALL other totalitarianism and tyranny – and DEATH TO TOTALITARIANS of ALL stripes, PERIOD!!!!!

    • Muslimes are cr@p! Most people are too stupid/afraid to say so. Islam is a barbaric “religion” of death and destruction! We DO know ALL about it. This is the best site on the net so good riddance to bad rubbish. LOSER!

  30. Jihad isn’t correctly defined in the description above. Whoever wrote it should have looked it up carefully before explaining it in such a violent way. Jihad simply means “struggle” which is something that everyone in the world goes through. Just trying to clear that up…hoping people who do not know much of the subject will actually look it up on a reliable source and then make their judgement based on that information.

    • Coexist, who the hell do you think you are talking to here? There are over 14,000 posts about what jihad is and not one of them include inner struggle. Now get lost before I have to ban you and your stupid name.

      • Dear BareNakedIslam,

        Because of your response, I guess you are the person who wrote the description. And by the way you responded, my question on why the description was wrong has been answered. You are truly ignorant and when it is so strong, it cannot be helped. For that, I feel somewhat bad for you. The 14,000 posts that you are referring to are also that of ignorant people that have been made up based on rumors. I don’t know why you used the 14,000 posts as though they were some kind of credible source (i guess you thought they were?).

        I guess I can give you some credible information as I have some time on my hands (which is rare), you should use this information wisely. There are a few points well-organized below.

        Violence and crimes that Muslims do are those of the so-called “Muslims”, not the actual practicing Muslims. Such violence and crimes are prohibited in Islam. Do not judge a whole religion based on a group of people because it is the person, not the religion that has the problems. There are many many examples of Christians doing horrible things as well, like I said it is the person not the religion because I know Christianity is not a religion that promotes violence either.

        Another thing that I have always heard is that the Qur’an was written by Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), not sure if someone posted that or not. This is 100% incorrect. The words from the Qur’an are God’s words and if you people were to actually look it up, the Qur’an, Torah, and Bible have a lot of things in common. (I highly doubt that you people will actually do that). Even linguists have said that the words from the Qur’an cannot be written by a human. So don’t go spreading things like that.

        I saw that you responded back to someone saying that this site is supposed to hurt the feelings of Muslims, but it doesn’t. It actually makes Muslims proud because the majority of the comments reflect how close-minded and uneducated you people are about Islam. It reflects how your minds are so corrupt that you would actually make a website about this and have many followers with the same views. Knowing your minds are corrupted and close-minded does not hurt the feelings of a Muslim, but makes them proud that they themselves know much more and are much better than people who would go to such lengths to slander a religion.

        My username is Coexist because that is what I believe people should do. I don’t know why people hate/bad-talk other religions…they should just let it be. It isn’t the place of mankind to judge others or their beliefs, that is God’s place. (FYI Muslims do believe in one God since they are one of the three monotheistic religions out there along with Christianity and Judaism, please do not use your previous “credible” source to reply to this piece of info, but an actual reliable source).

        There, I have given you some well-educated and accurate information for you to use. You may use it in the future to run your site, I give you my permission (this way you won’t be charged with plagiarism…you’re welcome). Take this as a parting gift from me to you since I’m about 99.9% sure you will be banning me after this comment. Maybe you can surprise me and not ban me…better yet, you can respond with some sense and intelligence.

        Yours Truly,
        Coexist :)

      • Ah, another Moslem stool-pigeon who needs banning…

        Take your taqiyya and your kitman ELSEWHERE, “coexist”: we know better than to have anything whatsoever to do with somebody who wishes peace upon a murderer, genocide, rapist, thief, liar (such that even his “best friends” couldn’t trust him!!!!!), caninophobe, porcinophobe, bestialist and necrophiliac – for all that and worse was that DEVIL Mohammed, who’s now rotting in Hell, thanks be to God Almighty!!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

    • Coexist: Wow, you’re really full of yourself, aren’t you? You think you’re the only one that knows Islam? You think none of us have heard your sort of Islamic apologetics BS before?

      You are living in some sort of la-la land if you think that “real” Muslims don’t condone violence against non-Muslims. Those “real” Muslims are hypocrites according to your “profit” (please note the spelling there). I’m going to throw you into that “hypocrite” category…and you’re a liar on top of that. Muslims don’t believe in coexistence—not even with each other.

      • Assuming that you believe in God….i have some questions.

        Who is the Creator of Earth, Heaven, and everything else? Who has the Knowledge of everything that is on Earth and beyond? Who knows about the past, present, and future? Finally, Who is the only One that has the right to judge and will judge the faith of His creations and then determine who will go to Hell or Heaven? He is the All-Knowing and Most Powerful.

        So who do you think has all these abilities, knowledge, and rights? You know darn well that humans do not and that the answers to all these questions is God.

        So don’t be full of YOURSELF by trying to take on a task meant for God. It’s not your right, and you don’t have knowledge even close to His. You are just a mere human like all of us on this planet.

      • Coexist: ??? What a fool you are, having changed the subject entirely… probably because you don’t know what the hell you’re really talking about—and because you have no explanation as to why Muslims can’t coexist with anyone, not even themselves.

        Oh yes, I believe in God, but not in Allah. Allah is not God. Allah is Satan, if not the alter ego of a narcissistic pedophile, your beloved “profit.”

        You asked me who is the Creator? That would be God. Not Allah…Allah is a destroyer—like Satan.

        God is Truth. Allah is the deceiver..he even brags about being the BEST deceiver—like Satan.

        God wants relationships with His people. Allah wants slaves—that’s cruel subjugation.

        God requires us to seek the truth. Allah demands that his “slaves” follow him blindly—no questions asked, or their destination is hell.

        God wants people to accept Him willingly, on our own volition. Allah demands that people convert to Islam or die.

        God is merciful and forgiving, even when His laws are disobeyed. Allah, while forever touting how merciful and forgiving he is, never once shows in that evil book the Koran how merciful and forgiving he is. It’s all lip service to the devil.

        I could go on and on, but suffice it to say there is no need to.

        So, tell me again how you’re not living in la-la land? You’re a liar, and hypocrite. Oh wait: you’re a Muslim, and you’re just following the “profit.”

    • I was actually planning to present you with a point by point rebuttal of all the claims you posted above and below, but I………I just can’t stop laughing at your patently-stupid username….”Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!”

      Really now, how can you possibly expect anybody with half a brain (unless they’re hopelessly leftist, and therefore stupid) to take you seriously?

      I’m sorry, your polished language cannot hide your inbred, islamotarded nature and false claims. You cannot polish a turd, and as this site reveals, “poohammad” was a real stinker, now why don’t you just get back on your shortbus (replete w/coexist bumperstickers) and go back to Pakiland or some other such islamotarded hell hole.

      GTFO, islamopithecine swine!


      “Even linguists have said that the words from the “Poo’ran” (emphasis mine) cannot be written by a human.” well, I cannot argue with that. Only a proto-muhominid islamopithecine, a much lower genome than a mere Homo Sapiens, could write such filth. And certainly not Almighty God. It was ‘poohammad’ (may flies be upon him) who conceived your precious, stench-filled manual of supremacist hate, the “poo’ran.”


    • You will know them by their fruits. Just two cases to illustrate. Philippines, 250,000 killed in four decade long insurgency. China, random murder of Han Chinese by muslim insurgents. In both cases the perps are not lone wolves but rather have deep support within their communities.

  31. There are so many outrageous speeches by Anjum Chaudhari, why UK/US govts not doing anything about it? At least put this man behind the bars…

  32. Im a 100% etnic norwegian with christian bachground! But i used to think that Religion was only a produced lie and unbelievable, just like u guys:) But i was in science class in highschool when a teacher told me that if the sun was 10cm closer to the sun it would burn up, and if it was 10cm away it wold be icetime, I keept thinking about that, Then one day a friend of mine he was 50%norwegian 50%marocan a really good booy with great moral but not that religius, He startet talk about islam, i was tought that muslim valiues arent that good and stuff like that from my parents and personally i dident like muslims because some were bad but some fiew where good, so i was ignorence and i said what the teacher told me, Then he said i think i have read about it in hadith, I tought it was some form of brainwash bullshitt, then he brought this book with hadith and showed me the text on arabic and told me this is writing about sunna,hadith, he showed me where it was writen then we translatiet it in a libary in many forms, and it said that: if the sun was closer to earth with 1cm it would be hellfire, and if it was 1cm away it would be cold brieze with no posibility to living. Then my way into islam begin, sunna, hadith quran can be said and transletied in 100 ways. and murder aint islam, Jihad aint killing innesente people, Jihad is youre duty to protect youre country ore islam in all ways posible its right and truth! Sharia is a low that must be pracitet with sunna without sunna sharia is evil, Look carefully sunna is the way muslims are supposed to live its build with forgiveness,moral its a peacfull living, when some one steals from u, u must collect 3 witnesess that saw him steal then the trial gives u the choice to punish him ore forgive him ( WITH SUNNAH U MOST FORGIVE ) Then he would not face punishment, But if u choose to not forgive an punish then he would not get judged in the judgment day and you would get judged for not to forgivne! This is truth and not praticed in some lands, the arabic world do not follow the truth but fallows evil even if the one that have been steald from say please do not punish him they would do it anyway( SO THERE GETTING PUNNISHED IN THE LAST DAY ACCORDING QURAN AND SUNNA ) Please dont mix shia with sunni there very difrent and can never be the same! I can only say that many muslims aint good, But more muslims are good than evil, Like all countries an beliefs quran must be read 1000 times before u can say whats said so please read betwen the lines and try to understand( 4 muslims) Non muslims i can only say one thing u can hate(DISLIKE) islam but every truth hurts and u cant judge a believer if hes not doing wrong if some groups do wrong and signale false message to u ! thats all i got to say good luck to every one with there mission Whatever it is:)

    • Well, it’s a good thing “that’s all u have to say” because you’re fixing to get verbally eviscerated by others for that little lesson in islamic Astrophysics. If we all have learned anything of substance from this little exchange, it’s got to be the answer to why there are so few (if any) muslim winners of the Nobel Prize in any scientific discipline. Oh, that and my shortbus comment was obviously spot-on accurate.

      Should have listened to your parents.

    • Hey Human rights: I’m calling you out as a fake. You are no way an “ethnic” Norwegian with Christian background. You may live in Norway, but you are an ethnic immigrant idiot trying to pose as a “revert.” The way you write and express yourself is a dead giveaway.

      Where are you from, really, Pakistan? It doesn’t matter: you’re not of Nordic origin. “Ethnic” Norwegians inherently have a better understanding of astrophysics and science than immigrant Muslims do, because they have an education outside of the Koran.

      What an idiot. Go back to your village.

      • Seasons are not caused by the earth’s orbit but rather by the 23 degree inclination of the earth’s axis. In late spring and early summer the Northern hemisphere is inclined towards the sun and getting it s rays straight on. The earth is actually closer to the sun during our (northern winter).

  33. Human Rights Give No War: You’re either totally delusional or completely ignorant about your own religion. Either way, your conspiracy theories did provide a laugh.

    First off, even your own name is the antithesis of Islam. There are no human rights in Islam, unless you’re a male… and not a black male, either. (This ruse that Mohammed was the first to give women rights is a total laugh.) I’m not going to go point by point on your ridiculous rant, but the other thing I have to mention is that you’re religion would not permit people living equally, with everyone having a house, a car, food, etc. Islam promotes fascism and slavery. Non-Islamic people are automatically inferior. You think Iran’s government is evil? Hey, they’re just practicing real Islam.

    And stop with the evil Jew thing: Jews have won more Nobel prizes because they’ve helped humanity so much. Let’s see: how many Muslims have won Nobel prizes? Two? Three? That’s because the ones that one weren’t practicing Muslim. REAL, practicing Muslims aren’t allowed to question or be skeptical. They are sheep. You must not be a practicing Muslim, either. Otherwise you would know better.

    This site isn’t promoting hate, it’s proclaiming the truth.

  34. Dear brother and sisters, im a european muslim from norway and i have love for humanity in every side but im a muslim and i can tell u that im not suporting killing humans in every kind posible, The holy QURAN is a meaningfull book that conteins a lot of details, like the (bible,Torhan) eithest, muslim,christian, jews are all off one kind (Human) If we let go off money there would be no ware, because all this hate comes from economic essues, like oil from iraq, heroin and crystal from afghanistan, the modern world is based on( make a problem-make people act-then comes the sulution= INNVATION) Then offcourse muslims react in a bad way because they have lost there land nature and ofc there private place. All this is describet very clearly in the signs of the judgment day. There would be allot of hate against muslims who try to defend them self from Western world taliban aint a group of bad people there just try to tell that they dont want western war lovers in there country by that they will kill a solja from the west because he has killed alot of people in there own home without being called a terorist(Kill few ure a murder kill 1000 ure a martyr) Thats the dirty world were living inn. In fact we muslims already know because of the quran people for 1400years ago did know also because of the quran! There is many things in the quran that you think is bad, but all the bad things u se is 4 a reason, quran tell good about jews an christians but it also tells the people to day to not take them as friend couse there only friends with eighother they would only protect eithother ( USA WESTERN WORL+ISRAEL IN THE MODERN HUMAN OFFRING FOR EVIL) the truth is told 4 1400 years a go, Like its decribet that two large groups of muslims would fight eithoter and many would die in sham( SYRIA ) Because of non muslims. The fact is that i have been in syria for human helping with food and help, the real fact is that the regime use american and israelli veapons and the normal people use russian veapons( U MAY NOT BELIVE IT BUT ITS TRUE THE WAR IS BECAUSE OF THE NON MUSLIMS WHO HAVE GAVE BOTH SIDES VEAPEN TO FIGHT EITHOTER WITH THE BELIEVE THATS ITS JIHAD TO KILL EITHOTER ) ANOTHER TING IS THAT THE LEADERS WOULD BE THE MOST EVIL OF THEM ALL, IRAN IS A GOOD PLACE TO START? OK I CAN TELL U THAT AMAJAAD AINT MUSLIM HES ROOTS COMES FROM MODERN DAY ISRAEL HES IS IN FACT A JEW NOT A MUSLIM, THE WHOLE WORLD LEADERS ARE TOGHETER TO MAKE HUMAN SACREFIES TO MAKE THE ANTI CHRIST HAPPY( NO ONE KNOWS THE TRUTH BUT THEY TRY HARD I THINK)? MAYBE MAYBE NOT, I THINK THAT NO NORMAL PEOPLE SUPPORT KILLING BUT IT IS A WORLD DOMINASION AND EVERY THING IS CONECTED WITHOUT USS KNOWING IT! All people in the world could have a car house food if all human lives normal(NOT POR NOT RICH) But then u wonder why is it some one that have 10 cars and 100 apartements when he dont use them all? Why soo grediee when u can lett some that dont even got shoes dont get to enjoy life? ( IN FACT ALL PEOPLE WOULD LIVE GREAT IF WE ALL SPLITT THAT NOEN GOT MORE THAN ANOTHER? But were to selfies to that we want our thing and the things that belongs to other so we can live luxus and others die of hunger? Please stop the hate none is better than another every person got a choice but use it right-or wrong but we aint all the same we only look like the same!

    • Tell us, both your mother and father are 1st cousins, right?

      Yep, thought so, because that was one, long, islamotarded rant, straight off the shortbus from Kabul.

      You’re an islamunist aren’t you? We Americans have one in the White House because we have far too many shortbus commuters too. Sort of like Norway, huh?

  35. Most of you show your true ignorance of the so called peaceful muslims, only ONCE since their beginnings, have all the tribes banded togeather. That was during the 3rd Crusade, and then it was by FORCE. these stinking goat maters, can`t even get along with their own kind. Never have , never will. This is a multi-headed CULT of demons, The Kurds ar the only tribe of islam that you never hear about except fighting Turkey for their rightful lands. In Iraq, the northern kurds are the ONLY group to make meaningful use of the US dollars given them to rebuild their interstructures. And this doesn`t mean I have any more use for them over any other sheet head. Every piece of food given to them by a WHITE COUNTRY SHOULD CONTAIN PORK> every mosque should have a pig butchered and buried on the site just as soon as they spend all the money on the underground, and ground prep. Anywhere they open their mouths and threaten or cause trouble, play BLACK JACK PERSHING, round 50 up, stake 49 in a hog pen , let the hogs do their thing , then turn #50 loose to warn the others, and do it on a regular bases. Look at how and what they are doing to CHRISTIANS world wide, EYE for a EYE, TOOTH for a TOOTH. sayth the LORD!!! AMEN

    • And an ungrateful turd you are. After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, we sent weapons and CIA personnel to help you mujahedeen islamopithecines drive them out. What did we get in return? SEPT. 11 2001! Damn you all! We should have turned your whole land, mountains, deserts and all into a radiological wasteland for the next 20,000 years back in 2001 instead of invading your pathetic, boy-buggaring, goat-raping country. Believe me, I wouldn’t shed a single tear, not one!

  36. I take a lot of time writing this..i hope it wont be banned by the moderator…i wish i dont live to see what will happen to the world…accepting the sharia law is like dying already…Thank you for reading…and thank you for keeping this comment and not banning it…

  37. People are stupid..especially the west…they keep letting muslims into their lands…you will see islamization of the world faster than that…I have lived in muslim country for my whole life…i know about their hates..infidels are the lowest form of creatures..from their comments and behaviour…yes…there are still no violence yet as im still here typing my comment…but it will be SOON…their numbers has increased to 60% for the last generation in my OWN country…now they are bashing goverment for not being islamic..because it is still secular..not sharia…my neighbouring country has just applied their sharia law to all the citizens including non muslims (population statistic 62% muslim and the rest are infidels)…you know what we infidels do here? yeah…improve the economics and contribute to the country…and EVERY i muslim i know, they breed like there are no tomorrow..even the poorest families…one family have 24 children and complain about how hard their lives are because have to feed that many children…instead they get the sympathy from the naive infidels…

    I remember when i was in high school…they show a video of people who is a martyr (martyrdom or syahid) and the people who died because of beheading by soldiers of islam….the martyr is a terrorist die in a way of islam while the beheaded is an innocent infidel civilian….they differentiate both of them…one being the highest form of death and heaven is promised for him…while the other one being the lowest form of death and lowest form of creature ever who better of dead by beheading…the victim cried before he was beheaded….being a 16 year old i was shocked and traumatized and being haunted by that video for a long period of time…why the hell did they show that video to a hall of under-aged students anyway? i was too naive…i dont know anything that time…

    After i grew older…i wanted to know more why they hate us so much…i had been called names like “kafir laknatullah” (you might wanna look this up…because that applies to all of us infidels), pigs, whatever it is that being dirty and such for my past life…then i realized..it is not about them hating a person as being individual person..but they hate us just for being infidels…i have been calling them names too..that i have to admit..but i call them names because i just hate them as a person not for what they believe….then i matured……why is that? because they teach their children to hate us to the core..from the womb of their mother…and such continues when they grow older..just like they teach in the quran..everything is about hating us…killing us..despise us….to them..our resident is hell, a creature that should not be respected, lowest form of life, is not a person or a human being etc etc…then i looked further…then i came to know that they have been killing infidels like animals in other countries..including in four of my neighbouring countries…in my country, the media just shut it up…

    All comments from them on the internet when something is not islamic shown..hate…despise, and all of that they think of us….when some of the muslim doing something unislamic, they are in side of the devil and kafirs…yeah…some of them may appear peaceful to me…good and all that…just because of the people’s nature here in my country…they are simply good if not infected by islam…because once you embrace islam you will never go back..the barbaric way of life of the middle eastern world is the example for you to follow and embrace…because that is the teaching of their prophet and highest example for humanity to follow…

    Then i realized..this is not just about hate anymore…This is about our survival, threats of our way of life, our culture, our music, everything unislamic and worst, threat to our existence and our life…this is HUGE..WHY?The terrorist in neighbouring countries can enter our country and they are allowed to preach to young people..and sometimes broadcasted on the national television…more and more muslim from neighbouring countries allowed to migrate and live here..One of the videos got about a million views on youtube and get all the praises in the comments from local muslims…

    All muslims are moderate…there are no such thing as extremist muslim…the moderate muslim you know are not muslims…they are just waiting for the right time to strike…they dont have to be grateful for what the infidels have done for the country..improving it..and everything…

    I reminded my friends that this is not the country that was once we used to live in anymore…Demonstration against other religion already started on the street..just a matter of time it will resort to violence…They live on the government welfare to feed their 22 children…without the infidels, they cant even feed their won children..

    Then, i know for a fact that this is not the era of the 90′s or early 2000 we used to live in..thanks to the internet and other technology invented by infidels…this is the era where muslim can bring more danger to humanity through their ideology…either by media or the internet….through tolerance shown by infidels…think..they can have like 22 children for one family even they are poor and i thought this is just going on in my country, but then i know that this is happening all around the world….islam and their mindset, they think the world are against them…thanks to the internet again..through all the hates that are shown by us infidels..now they are more united….thanks to to the internet and media again….now they are more organized….so people..this is the era where islam is the greatest threat….i try to explain to my friends..but they say they have live for a long time, but it is still okay…but then i tell them…look now…all the internet and media and technology around us…they just become stronger and stronger…

    The effect of the media and internet, and hatred (something right to do to hate them)…because of this media show how strong they are around the world…internet statistic that show how many they are all around the world…how many population they have….and now they are on the rise…thanks to the speech given by their sheikh and teachings from islam which implemented to them since the day they were born….they think that are now strong enough and create chaos and demonstration thanks to example set to them by their fellow muslim worldwide…they think they now unstoppable….one of the famous muslim speak publicly, that they pray that usama bin laden die a martyr because he fought in the true way of islam…every muslims agreed…that’s their mentality…

    Here in my country now they are demanding sharia law for all (muslims and infidels alike)..because sharia law is the way of life..no muslims supports democracy or civil laws…here they call civil law is the law of kafir…and they cant practise islam fully because that law is something that is a must in islam..the law of the god..not the law of man, much less a law of kafir…and they will be successful because the government is changing it…and it is happening now…
    that means there’s no future for infidels anymore in this country as i see it…4 witnesses needed to prove a crime..4 of them must be a devout muslims to prove a crime…witnesses cant be among the kafirs…no way it can be kafirs…lets say a kafir ACCUSED of committing a crime, do you really think the kafir will survive…no witness can be a kafir…kafirs are the second class citizen (i think it is not second class since we are the lowest form of creatures that ever exist..i think it is third class, fourth class and so on and on….)…one branch of islam thinks that a muslim shouldnt be punished for a crime of killing a kafir just because they are kafir…they say because the muslim is the best human in earth and killing a kafir shouldnt be punishable by death but other punishment that is not even hurting them…

    Now that i think…this is happening all around the world…with the muslim more united and more organized…and the young muslim is easily brainwashed to cause jihad (happening now here in my country) because they are less educated (seriously..how to get proper education for 22-24 children?)..even the educated muslim will agree and supoort this kind of jihad because supporting is one form of jihad itself and will die a martyr…and the educated one usually that do the brainwashing to the young usually (in case in my country..usually the leader is doctorate university graduates and have PHd – usually they jihad in the neighbouring country and now they coming home)…and this is the ERA of the rise of the muslim…i dont think that the world will survive much less my OWN country….i just want to immigrate to another country while i still have a chance and bring the innocents with me but i cant…i just CANT..i cant afford it…someday in the past i think i wanna get married and have kids..but now i dont..bringing more lives to this fucked up country is just cruel…

    I take a lot of time writing this..i hope it wont be banned by the moderator…i wish i dont live to see what will happen to the world…accepting the sharia law is like dying already…Thank you for reading…and thank you for keeping this comment and not banning it…

  38. You are mistaken. there are terrorist and extremist Christians too but Muslims never call Christianity non-peaceful. In fact Islam is the only religion that acknowledges other divine religions . I am not here to defend Islam, obviously u didn’t even care to read about it before building your accusations on the wrongdoings of some Muslims. I am here to tell u read neutrally before making presumptions. History is full of Western crimes against humanity whether in the Muslim World or elsewhere, even in Europe itself. But people like u turn a blind eye to the mistakes of their own people and just engross others’ faults. This is not what justice is all about and people who do this are unqualified to judge others; as the proverb goes, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones on others.

    • Oh cut the crap with that diatribe of yours Fatma (and no have not misspelled). Since you want to bring history on the table, let’s split it wide open. The West has through millenniums grown, evolved, reformed, innovated and so on, in totally opposite contrast to that so-called religion that has for 14 century done nothing of the sort, on the contrary. Stuck in the 7th century it has remain, while like the parasite it is, riding on the Occident and other legitimate cultures and civilizations for absolutely everything.

      Without us, you (for you are no doubt belonging to that sect) and ilk have been are and will remain nothing, and only oblivion awaits you, like it or not.

      As for glass houses, yours has been shattered a long time ago and its putrid contents exposed for every body with even half a brain functioning to see its true face.

      So go pull a fast one somewhere else for it won’t wash here.

      • BRAVO, Alain!!! Je regrette que je n’ai pas vu la votre réponse plus tôt – bien dit!!!! [I'm sorry not to have seen your response earlier - well said!!!!]

        DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

  39. you all are so stupid…why don’t you go and first read about islam
    I am a jew convert to islam from israel (tel aviv) and i found islam to be the best religion and the way of life
    i will continue my research in islam and other religions
    please don’t post such stupid things .. first read the quran and know about islam and its history
    such ignorant twits!!

    • MS, We have read the quran and know that your converting to Islam by choice, means you have a serious mental disorder. OTOH, you are probably a muslim pretending to be a former Jew. We get a lot that around here.

      Oh wait! Having just checked your IP address and seeing it is coming out of India, NOT Israel, we know you are a liar. Also, the way you throw around insults and say “Go read about Islam” & “Islam is the best religion” is a dead giveaway that you have a dirty rag on your head.

    • Matt, you’ve got some serious cerebral flatulence percolating upstairs. I never knew cognitive dissonance had an odor (a bad one) until now.

      Converting to islam is a stupid thing for a Jew to do. Hell, it’s a stupid thing for anybody to do. Another stupid thing is to assume those opposed to islam are ignorant of it. That itself speaks volumes about your mental state, let alone intelligence. That is tantamount to being in a state of abject denial of objective reality.

    • Oh, how rich! You’re in India. BNI can smell a rat, especially a misrepresenting rat who adopts a Jewish username to play his little charade to advance islam and it is proof positive that in islam, there is no such a thing as a Golden Rule.

      Thank you for proving us right, and especially helping our anti-muslim campaign of informing others about Islam’s utter lack of real, universal ethics, and it’s supremacist, dualistic, discriminatory nature.

  40. I live in Arizona. As the summer temperatures are dropping we will be seeing a savings in our electric bill. I was about to make a one-time donation with the money we are saving.

    The only donation choices available are monthly contributions. I wonder how many other contributions this website has missed out on because there was not an option for the amount of money the contributor wanted to donate?

    An option of “one-time donation’ with a blank dollar amount to be filled in by the donator would have been to this organizations benefit.

    • Deb, if you read the heading there, you will see this: PLEASE DONATE TO KEEP BARE NAKED ISLAM UP AND RUNNING. Choose DONATE for one-time donation or SUBSCRIBE for monthly donations.

      Thank you.

  41. “Shorting “you are” with a “u r” isn’t a grammar error of a non-native English commentator, it’s simply dumb.”

    So is misspelling “shortening,” Mr. Pot-licker.

  42. I am a Muslim, an Arab, an Egyptian, a woman. I pity your ignorance and your lack of desire to understand. Violence doesn’t represent my religion nor its teachings. But my religion does help me to face people who cannot learn to respect and accept fellow human beings, it helps me to face people who think like you. My religion helps me stand up to anyone who see themselves as Muslims fulfilling the will of Allah when they in fact could not be further away from what Islam preaches.

    My religion guides me to face all the discrimination we face, by being the best example of a human being that i could be, to spread peace, to be a powerful educated woman as my religion urges to be. This is my honest invitation, if you wish to understand true Islam, I will be more than happy to talk and answer all your questions and concerns. If not, then I only hope that one day you will understand on your own, away from media influence and government policies. Until then, Peace and love to all of you.

    • Gee Rana, you might be a bit more believable if there wasn’t an orgy of rape, slaughter, and burning of Coptic churches by your fellow co-religionists, but then again, we’ve heard it all from muslims and their flimsy excuses, shifting blame to the non-muslim other for your own miseries. So much in fact, it seems hardwired into muslim DNA.

      If indeed your religion truly guides you to face all the discrimination you face, then prove us wrong by getting off this site, quit blaming us and redirect your energies towards making Egypt a truly tolerant place where all, muslim and non-muslim can feel safe and secure in their life, limb, and possessions. In the meantime, I won’t hold my breath, and BTW, if we were truly informed and swayed by our media and our government’s policies, we would think muslims were the best thing since sliced bread, so it is quite telling really that you fail to grasp that. This site is dripping with all manner of anti-government sentiments and frankly, one would have to be an abject moron to not see something so blatantly obvious.

    • Rana, I could not agree with you more. I just hope that people such as the ones leaving hateful comments against Muslims and Islam on this blog and even the creator of this blog are few and far in between. I do not follow the practices of Islam nor do I follow any other religion. I respect individuals for the faith they follow regardless of what that might be. Meanwhile, I expect to be respected for my choice not to affiliate with any organized religion. By showing kindness, understand and keeping an open mind to other’s cultures we can peacefully coexist. What could be more beautiful than that!

      • Raluca, hate to break it to you (no, not really), but you can wish in one hand and shit in the other, and see which one fills up the fastest. We islam haters are quite numerous, which is a good thing for peace-loving peoples because we’re willing to do something about it as opposed to the cowardly sheep people who would rather close their eyes and wish it all away with their abject denial of objective reality. Would you still be in denial even as the wool was being sheared away Raluca? It is ‘sheer’ laziness on the coward’s part (no pun intended) since living in a fantasy world absolves oneself of having to exert corrective action towards that which one chooses to deny.

        Understand this Raluca, you will not be respected for your choice by muslims, only lied to, and manipulated with. A tool to be used for dominance and monetary gain per the jizyya tax, or servitude, because if you really did study what is actually written in the quran (by Muhammad himself), or the writings in the hadiths, al-Bukhari and al-Muslim, or even listened to what contemporary muslims are saying, especially the so-called moderate ones when they think we are not listening, you just might be shocked what you learn. Then again, perhaps not, because you seem to have a problem comprehending the mentality of a shame-based culture from a guilt-based one. You see, it is the error of projectionism that assumes showing kindness and understanding on your part will necessarily result in you being respected for your choice to remain non-muslim in a muslim-domminated world for that would be seen as a sign of weakness to them. Anyway, that itself would even be predicated upon your status of belonging to either the “people of the book,” (i.e. a Christian or Jew,) or a pagan, atheist, or agnostic. What that means is dhimmitude, if you are “of the book,” you CAN be tolerated as a second class subject if you show submission and pay the onerous jizyya tax. The operative word being “can.” If however, you are one of the other, well, you would be extremely lucky to escape with your life in a sharia state if you choose NOT to convert (to islam). That is what muslims mean when they quote the quranic “there is no compulsion in religion.” In other words, there is a choice, but that choice is fully conditioned with consequenses that are fully articulated in Islamic theology and centuries of Islamic fiqh (jurisprudence).

        It is wise to have at least a rudimentary level of knowledge of the subject material if one is going to have strong opinions of the the subject at hand, which I fully anticipate all the muslim trolls reading this to come out and do their level best to rebut my comments, to “call my bluff,” so to speak. Their only problem is, muslims suck at Poker. How could it be any other way? Poker is unislamic, a sin.

      • I respect individuals for the faith they follow regardless of what that might be. Meanwhile, I expect to be respected for my choice not to affiliate with any organized religion.

        Imagine telling Ted Bundy that you respect his desire to abduct, rape, and slaughter, his victims … just as you expect him to respect your desire to NOT be abducted, raped, and slaughtered. That’s pretty much what you’re saying when you hold hands and sing ‘kumbaya’ with Islamic supremacist thugs who explicitly STATE what their true intentions are.

        I respect everybody’s right to be who they are, but if they trample on MY rights and freedoms … well then, all bets are off.

    • Media influence? You must be joking. The media is on your side, Rana. The media tries its best to tell us that Islam is the religion of peace. The media reminds us day and night how every single Al Shabab/Al Qaeda/Woolwhich-street-beheading committed by Muslims — has nothing to do with Islam.

      Some of us aren’t so gullible, Rana, and we look to Islam and wonder what it is about this religion that makes its followers carry signs on the streets of Western countries that say “F*ck Freedom”, or “Death to Infidels”, or “Behead critics of the Prophet”. You know what my people call that kind of insolent display? We call it “chutzpah”.

      To arrive on the shores of a new country as an immigrant — and insist that this country contort itself to YOUR demands, and transform itself in YOUR image? That’s the zenith of chutzpah.

      Your religion does not guide you to be the best example of a human being. If you are the best example of a human being, then it is despite your religion, not because of it. The real heroes in the Muslim world today are the ones who are brave enough to oppose the supremacist interpretations of it by the current Muslim leadership – the leadership which speaks for all Muslims who don’t open their mouths in protest. For unless you stand up and speak for yourself, this gang of Islamic murderous thugs speaks for you.

    • Rana, if Islam is a religion of peace, love, tolerance ( I know better…) why does Islam call for DEATH to those who leave it ( and many more horrible commands) ?

  43. i really appreciate your efforts but you have to understand that whatever you are doing is a waste,once the powerful western society has now infected itself with corruption,materialism,porn,drugs etc.
    You people should read indian history through correct data once the powerful society corrupted itself with greed and castes,aryavrrath loopholes made ways to islamic rulers with PERSECUTION of more than 80million hindus buddhists jains and later on sikhs as infidels ,and continuos wars for 600years gave them a stand in india for 150years,thank god the british came though they were greedy they never killed infidels or placed jizya on them.
    westerners should learn from our history otherwise partitions are near.

    • Yes Vikram, we in the West should read Indian history so we can better understand how the good people of India suffered over 80,000,000 deaths at the hands of the bloodthirsty followers of the vile cult of muhammad.

  44. This video i found on http://ejbron.wordpress.com/2013/10/05/video-metrostation-parijs-gare-du-nord-afrikanen-tegen-de-politie/ E. J. Bron’s blog the best in the Netherlands.
    It’s named :”subway Gare Du Nord Paris north africans against the police” but the video speaks for itself, i think someone attacked by muslim CRAP, police came to rescue and is surrounded by islamic CRAP.
    In this situation one thinks why in the name of God is it forbidden to use a firearm (shotgun -one of the best) Mossberg 500 and send them back from where they came : HELL

    Best regards


  45. I love these comics they bring to life why I will always fight against islam and he vile pervert prophet of death.
    As with all Kuffur critique it is well researched and backed up with facts as they are presented in the crappy quran and hadiths.
    People need to watch as they will be taken down soon..

  46. I partially agree with the concerns of the western citizens. They have reasons to get worried about the true muslims who really care for their religion and who wants to take revenge of the killing of their parents, family members and childs.

    The problem of the west is people are so into their own business. People do not care what their Govt. is doing in the Muslim lands. Yes, your soldiers are killing, bombing and droneing innocent people in the Muslim lands. Your govt. is uprooting the elected Govt.s in the muslim countries and your Govt. is installing puppets and autocratic regimes in the Muslim lands for your own benefit.

    The west is constantly stealing the wealth from the Muslim lands through unstabilizing the political situations and creating political tensions in the Muslim lands. Then the coward Muslims fled to the West for a better life and the true Muslims fight back for their country, family and religion.

    Please listen to the messages by the so called terrorists. They often send messages to the western citizens, but your media do not let you listen to them.

    Listen to the last message of Anwar Al Awlaki to American people. You will find it on youtube. There are many such.

    If you really care your safety and security then please stop your Govt. to playing unfare with the Muslims and their countries.

    On the other hand, you don’t need to fear the 99.9% of the muslims living in the west because they are also like you or trying hard to follow the western life style of selfishness and comfort.

    I do not agree with people who kills innocent civilians whether it is by a muslim or by the west. Indeed, if we compare the killings and murders, west is far far far worse because when you kill, you kill by millions. But you people are so blind to realize that. You people are so fooled by the western media.

    • “Stealing the wealth of muslim lands” you say? Are you kidding? Do you have any clue as to what we Westerners pay at the pump? Of course you don’t, because you’re just another lying, whining, inbred piece of islamotarded filth. As for “elected” muslim governments, what elected governments? Egypt’s former Morsi government? The one Obama stupidly supported that the Egyptian military wisely toppled? Your cognitive dissonance is indicative of the rampant inbreeding in muslim societies that keeps you people stuck on stupid backwards. If you have even followed this blog and other similar ones for just a little bit, you would not be so apt to make absurd statements such as your last one. You would obviously understand that we don’t trust our “Western media” for anything of substance. You are nothing but a blithering idiot, using old, ineffective talking points that have been discredited long ago. Do yourself a favor, and try something a little more original, or is that too much for a Westerner to expect of an islamotarded fool?

  47. Actually, Maxhamed, the media calls Islam The Religion of Peace and downplays all violence and savagery perpetrated by Muslims. In Great Britain the media refers to Arabs as “East Asians” so as not to offend by stating the truth. I don’t get my opinions from any media source; I get them by watching what is happening around the world. People are being sexually humiliated, tortured and killed by Muslims, it’s as simple as that.

  48. I laugh at your blog and at the sheer number of sheep on it, who are soaking in what the media says. maybe you should pick up a book for once and actually study something, visit a few places, ask a few questions so you understand Islam better. Where in the Holy Quran does it say you are allowed to kill people? Do you even know the meaning of Jihad? It’s not muslims who are ruining this world it’s sheep like you who like to divide societies up with your disgusting views. All the muslims I know are friendly and kind people who are always there for me when I need them. So please educate yourself, because knowledge is power!

  49. Whoever:

    If you stick around this site for any length of time you will see that there are beheadings, rapes, child marriages, honor killings, and all manners of atrocities occurring by the thousands around the globe, all done in the name of Islam.

    • all those stuffs you mentioned come from the manners of a human being and not from Islam. every person is different in their behaviors, manners, lives. THAT IS WHAT MATTERS. what doesn’t matter is what religion they are in, or what race they are etc. whatever. and i do think that all posts on this website may be correct, but they are only centered on Islam of the Middle East. explore more honey, discover how Islam lifestyle is in South East Asia, in North Asia.

      I am done wasting my time on this site. the fact that you are being so disrespectful to millions of people especially Muslims around the world, is very unacceptable. every words mentioned on this site may hurt our feelings, then it might not be considered as disrespectful in your opinions. however, it changes nothing. this site is just a useless piece of rubbish. i am hoping so bad that this site will be shut down.


      • Sorry Whoever, you’re an idiot. You’re the narrow minded, ignorant one. And oh, by the way, you’d be killed as a hypocrite if you lived in a Muslim country. You claim to have read the Koran, but can’t find any reference to the commands to kill non-believers? How about the hadith?

        Yeah, I thought so. Maybe YOU should think outside your narrow little box of Islam. And, just a reminder: Islam is not a race, idiot. It’s a religion.

      • oh i am sorry. obviously, you are the hypocrite bastard one. all of you bastards misinterpreted and misunderstood the meanings of the Quran.

        i checked this post: http://www.barenakedislam.com/2008/07/01/a-1400-year-old-book-that-dictates-muslim-behavior-today/

        then i checked the meanings in my Quran, and compared them, and haha! several of the translations are wrong, misinterpreted, changed! why such narrow-minded people like you just can’t explore more? there is more to know than just terrorisms. stop being such a naive hatred unopen-minded person.

        and anyway, just to add some to your low education about Islam, not all hadith come from the trusted sources. we don’t accept hadith with an untrusted backgroud and messenger etc. so stop being such a “mr. know it all”. we know better.

        and i didn’t say Islam is a race, stupid. next time, re-read people’s posts.

        barenakedislam: the fact that the purpose of this stupid site is to offend Muslims and to hurt their feelings, is very pathetic, rubbish, and bullshit. no one wants rubbish website in the world wide web. so shut this stupid site down. all your efforts are wasted on false, fake, unfunny, unentertaining posts! oh such a pity!

      • This site is very popular with human beings, more than 45 million so far. How many followers do you have? Anyone who defends Islam is subhuman. And now you are banned.

      • Another idiot with more of the same, ineffective talking points, I see.

        Guess what, whoever, I like to twist the blade a little after plunging it in.

      • Not only an idiot, but a persistent one at that ! And obviously masochist as keeps coming back for more thrashing.

        Honestly whoeverCrap, indeed you are wasting your time : here, apart from submissive asslifters and those dhimmis that still fall for your taqqiya crap, NOBODY is ever going to show you any respect whatsoever, on the contrary. And of course, there fell your mask as, when you know you have completely lost the arguments, there flow insults. You pathetic waste of space, scram !

      • Bonjour Randy

        “Hot”, getting more “interesting” for us and less pleasant here for vermin as time goes by as they get to see the measure of our will :mrgreen:

        Enjoying your “throwing the trash out”, as fierce as Istanbul_Chick in that you are ! ;-)

    • Sorry for my bad english probably but I have had so many friends during the last 40 years (and some I have until today) who are muslim and everything was all right until you come to the question of rights for woman or gays. They all like to use a boy or man when there is no woman arround but they are realy dangerous when there is a talk coming to this subjects. I think the christian church is a bit elucidated. In our religion the bad times from the religions wars have been a long time ago. It seems to me that the developement and the enlightenment of being is not yet arrived in the muslim world. It is a realy pour and dangerous situation that more of the arabic states became muslimstates in their politic. There is too many different between that what the people do in the night on the beach or the employees in the hotels when ever there is a possibility with a nice young blond touristboy. From my experience are more gays in the arabic world that in in europe or usa. Its a pitty that they have such a crasy outdated politic.

  50. Whoever: Everything you say is suspect. There is no way we can believe you about anything. Taqiyya is part of your religion. Nothing you say can every be taken seriously because that’s the way you guys set it up! Real smart.

    • oh my God, i can’t stop laughing. obviously as a Muslim, i know a lot lot lot more than you do. i was raised in a religious surrounding, i attended modern arabic/religious schools for 9 years, so i don’t see the need for me to research anything.

      Prophet MUHAMMAD PEACE Be Upon Him (get an English teacher and learn how to pronounce words) married Aisyah when she was six/seven/nine/ten years old, but he never had sex with her until she was old enough! and no, i memorised and understood several parts of the Quran and i never encountered any stories you mentioned. i can tell you Islamic stories i know here but this is not a storytelling website so i don’t need to. however for your information, RAPE is a crime in Islam, it is forbidden in Islam, why the hell on Earth would you think the prophet did that. and obviously most ancient wars in every religions, are violent, and brutal. and people keep it that way, NO ONE CAN CHANGE THE HISTORY SO DO YOU. NEXT TIME, GET YOUR FACTS UP RIGHT. DO YOUR RESEARCH FROM AN ISLAMIC ORGANISATION, SCHOOLS OR WHATEVER INSTEAD OF THE INTERNET. plus Jihad wasn’t meant for violence, terrorisms etc. Jihad is a call for those who are non-Muslims to convert to Islam peacefully if THEY ARE WILLING TO, not forced. so the terrorists must have misinterpreted Jihad.

      chobers: Taqiyya is practiced in Shia Islam which is the SMALL PART of our religion, and NOT in Sunni Islam which is i am and the BIGGEST PART of our religion. the people of Shia Islam have a lot of conflicts with Sunni Islam, just because the way they practice Islam is way too different and their beliefs are conflicted with Sunni. and i don’t see the logical reason why this website is targeting the whole Muslim in the universe, just go away with your cheesy and funny statements to another offensive website targeting the Shia.

      you don’t have to believe or trust everything i said, but your brain will definitely always evaluate everything people says. and evaluation is enough.

      • Words can’t express how exceedingly GLAD I truly am that you, “whoever” you Moslem MONSTER, have been banned from here!!!!!

        BRAVISSIMA, Ms. BNI!!!! Every time I see the proselytising of these cut-throats with all their LIES, DISTORTIONS, half-truths and the rest of that Satanic mess, it makes me want to vomit… [Just like the way those two former "friends" were out to attack me on MY faith - thank God I'm rid of those mental-slatterns...]

        DEATH TO ISLAM (and ALL other totalitarianism) now, forever and UNTO AGES OF ALL AGES, AMEN, Amein and Amjíñ!!!!!

  51. you just need to shut the hell up, and shut this stupid site down. based on all your comments, YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ISLAM. so i advise you, find a teacher who is an expert in Islam, and read his/her books and understand them thoroughly, or find a friend who is not a racist so he/she can guide your miserable life, rather than freely giving stupid and incorrect opinions on this site, that seriously are not even offensive. i am literally laughing while reading your posts, like how the hell this kind of site filled with stupidity still exists. but somehow i don’t find them entertaining.

    100% of terrorists may be Muslims, then who cares??!! I am a Muslim, and I DON’T CARE. they might attack other religions, but MORE MUSLIMS respect the other religions. i can assure you that. so show some respect!! i do sometimes listen and sing to Gospel songs and to Christmas songs!! and i like them, to be honest! and it doesn’t even make me feel like ‘i want to be a Christian’ whatever, afterwards. and i don’t even support any of those terrorists stuff. and I am not the only Muslims being this way, i have hundreds, and thousands of Muslim friends who actually respect other religions.

    the fact that this site is public, it is very disgraceful, unacceptable, and it is attacking the whole Muslims in the universe pathetically. you can offend as many Muslims as you want with many posts as much as you can write, but oh come on, this is just a site. action speaks louder than words. show some respect! then maybe after you learn more about Islam, you should make a new site about how beautiful Islam really is.

    • whoever, no, we won’t. Obviously as a muslim, you don’t care that all terrorists are muslims. Glad you admitted it. And no, we will never respect muslims, you are the scum of the earth with a paedophile prophet as your leader.

      • oh yeah, thank you. i am glad too that i don’t care. because i know those terrorists are wrong. even this ‘pedophile prophet’ you said would’ve said THOSE TERRORISTS ARE WRONG. and why would you even care? even if they did attack your countries, get over it! bad thing happens, and we can show sympathy to you all in a good way.

        stop being disrespectful, educate yourself. this is obviously not a matter on religions, but this is clearly a matter on people’s attitude, self-respect, and blabla whatever there is on people’s minds. go get a life, rather than being a full-time disrespectful person.

        p.s. HE IS NOT A PEDOPHILE. a very uneducated statement.

      • Whoever: a pedophile is someone who has sex with children. Mohommad, (Piss be upon him) slept with Aisha when she was nine years old. A child. Ergo, he’s a pedophile. Got that? Now who’s uneducated?

        Next: Mohammed himself was a terrorist. Read if for yourself in that book of evil otherwise known as the Koran. He attacked innocent tribes and killed them and looted them, raping the women and turning survivors into slaves. There are multiple stories of this in the Koran, and more explanation of the brutality he inflicted on thousands. Wow. That sounds like terrorism to me. And modern Muslim terrorists are following his “perfect” example.

        Look, Whoever: stating facts may hurt your little feelings, but it’s not being disrespectful. Do your research, dude. Your religion is evil.

      • Good, I don’t blame you. I get so sick of these sanctimonious idiots of the left, and muslims who can’t seem to figure out the correlation between islam and violence relative to other faith traditions, and then offer up all manner of pithy, weak and irrelevant examples of violence in other belief systems (as well as worn out, discredited talking points). What I will never understand however is that many, if not most of them, actually believe their own bullshit. That takes a huge disconnect from reality, not to mention common sense. Geez.

  52. I saw some anti Islam sites BUT this time I am really sorry to say how dirty it can be. You see there is no Anti Christian or anti Jew blog run by Muslims where any bad words are written about the founder of those religion e.g Hajrat Isa (Jesus ) or Hajrat Musa. I request to please read Al Quran and the Life of Hajrat Muhammad(Sm) and please visit any Muslim country like Bangladesh. Get experience from Westerns who are living in this country. We people really wants peace, if other people don’t disturb us we will not hate or say anything to them. Very few of every religion may be fanatic, there is no space for those fanatics in Islam.

    • Md, Muslims don’t need to have anti-Christian and anti-Jew blogs, their whole death cult posing as a religion is based on anti-Christian/Jew/unbeliever doctrine.

      I am very happy you find this site so offensive. It is my goal to offend as many muslims as possible. Please recommend it to your muslim friends.

    • Md, I’m thrilled you were offended. Elated actually. Of course their are no muslim blogsites dedicated towards insulting those religious founders you mentioned, and you know damned well why. It is because your vile cult of death has expropriated those founders you mentioned as their own. Even Adam is given prophethood in islam. That is why you muslim scum refer to those who become muslim as reverts, instead of the factually accurate term converts. It is because of the chauvinistic muslim belief that islam was the original religion since Adam is “alleged” (by muslims) to have practiced it. Surely you don’t think we are that ignorant of islam now do you? I have three published copies of the quran as well as commentaries on ahadith by muslim scholars in my own personal library at home, broad historical knowledge, as well as internet access to muslim sources. Your logic is weak, and your assumptions quite hubristic in scope and tenor, and further betray your supremacist, islamist worldview. Oh, and yes, I have spent considerable time in three of your 57 muslim hell holes and saw up close and personal, the filth, ignorance, and depravity of your stinking cult of Muhammad, and it’s corrosive effects upon human intellect, morality, and socio-cultural development. Yea, right, Bangladesh, the land of Hindu temple burnings as surely as Egypt, Pakistan, and Syria are lands of church burnings and murder of indigenous Christians. If I were you, I would pay close attention to events in neighboring Myanmar and Sri Lanka because if peaceful Buddhist monks can be outraged by muslim atrocities, intentions, and goals to the point that they feel the need to burn mosques, muslim homes, and muslim-owned businesses, then that must be quite indicative of muslim misdeeds and horrific behavior.

      It is no surprise that all the world’s major religions have major problems with islam and far more so than they do among themselves. Now take you dawa, and shove it up your wudu-washed ass, sideways before I piss in your footbath!


      Pan Aaronowski

      “Amor Patriae Nostra Lex”

  53. Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini were not Muslims, they killed my people. I lost family members in the war so stop this racism and attacks on Islam. There are good and bad [people everywhere you go.

    • Funny how you left out that mohammadans were willing accomplices to Hitler’s Jewish genocide, “mo.”

      It has also not gone unnoticed that you’ve revised history and pulled “facts” from your ass about Mussolini. There was no program of Jewish genocide in Italy. And Stalin was an equal opportunity murderer. He killed everyone and made no program targeting specifically Jews.

      I agree with BNI, you’re no Moshe, you’re a mohammad. Only mohammadans revise history so egregiously to support their own lies.

    • Moshe, I bet you think you can pick up a turd by the clean end.

      Well Moshe baby, that turd don’t flush. Your comments are as absurd as a mud fence in the Congo.

  54. @no to halal

    Except “Christianity” doesn’t “call for” that, nor do any number of Christian clergy command it, quote from the Bible to do it, nor do they inspire it.

    In fact, Deuteronomy is an Old Testament book and as such issues a command for the ancient Israelites (not Christians): “So all Israel shall hear and fear, and not again do such wickedness as this among you.” Deuteronomy 13:11

    You’d have known that and not stupidly and snarkily claim it as truth if you had not gleaned that bullshi’ite from loon watch or deedat. Here’s some help for you: When you see some tu quoque garbage on pro-mohammadan sites claiming “but but but Christians/Jews/insert name of any group other than mohammadans do it tooooooo!” To keep from looking like a complete jackass you should actually look up what the mohammadan bullshi’ite artists quote rather than take them at their word. They are inherent obfuscators with tendencies to embellish or overlook inconvenient truths.

    Quite frankly, you’re a dipshit.

  55. Muslim boys since they are born follow a long process being brain washed, this goes so far back that it’s “built in” their genes for this strange behaviour.

  56. Most of what is said by non muslims about muslims is true.Ask a hindu, christian, buddhist and see what they all say.Tell that to the 80million killed hindu’s by mughal muslims.Just to show how islam is just as brutal as others.Lets look at the arab slave trade from 700 AD TO present day. the slave trade in the middle east was just as brutal if not worse then the trans-atlantic slave trade. Women were used in harems and men were castrated and sent as servants .Which is why they were unable to reproduce. Hence no black population in the middle east. The survival rate for castration was 10-20% and a estimated 8-12million slaves were taken to the middle east from 700AD to present day.HENCE THE MAJOR slave ports were cairo and zanzibar which were Run by muslims until the 1800s.Islam drew its wealth from slavery, its science and mathematics from the sassinid empire of iran and the invention of the natives of iberia.Why did europe take off sooooo quickly once they kicked out the moors because they have to develop technologies to defend themselves from the constant raids from moors in the christian kingdoms.If there was peace between the moors and the iberians why were there countless wars and slave bounty recorded in both groups .To implicate the natives of europe were naive and stupid and incapable of success questions the more then “normal rate of technological progress” of stupid people .Europe was already considerably advanced .the dark ages were merely a period of “dominant nation consolidation due to the crusades”. Islam likes to assertive its moral and scientific superiority without actually proving that the advances same solely from islam scholars, why was science and technology so progress in conquered areas and not “saudi arabia” the homeland and nation of founding islam. Islam like judaism and christianity likes to play the fiddle that it has helped humanity and caused no harm which is far from the truth.The hadiths make several barabic references on how they treat non-muslims ,Muhammad said the king of ethiopia had a head that looked like a “raisin” how racist is that ? look in your bukhari and find it . Lastly many muslims rant about the glory of islam but never actually do anything to prove its a tolerant peaceful religion.Rather they poke at other religions , take claim for islam creating events that do not even strongly correlate to islam and think “smugly ” they created everything . Iberia was influenced by the romans and visigoths before the moors .The moors brought fruits and various cultural foods and plants but beyond that many of the works from “muslim scholars” can be sourced in persian , eastern european texts and ancient greece. So i find this point highly polarizing islam as a “free of sin religion” and other religions as “unjust” which is far from the truth.

  57. You’ve lost common sense to stem the rapid growth of Islam in the West. You just dare berate Muslims in the virtual nature. Come face them in the real world mano o mano.

    • Typical Goliath-type challenge, no doubt, from a Moslem who’s puffed up just like that strongman…

      There came up a great hero by the name of David, who came in the name of Yahweh the LORD GOD of everything and everybody and who slew that Goliath just as he deserved!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

    • Careful what you wish for.
      You can push that line on Unitarians, don’t say it round the Orthodox Chriistians, or people who believe in orthodox doctrines.

  58. The best website on the www for information about the barbaric crimes from the prehistoric culture (no religion) islam.
    I’m living in Flanders (belgium) so if i’m not spelling like i should its because i never learned English on school and now i’m not young anymore, have none problems reading where writing is a other thing.
    Keep up the good work : showing the REAL prehistoric culture islam and the people who support it like muslimbrother HUSSEIN barack somenone who should never be president.
    Best regards Trucker

    • Thanks Trucker. Your English is fine, in fact better than some of our native English speakers.

      Belgium has a growing threat from Muslims too. But we love what Filip deWinter is doing. Haven’t had much news out of Belgium lately. Feel free to update us.

  59. I deeply APPRECIATE your inspiring message-comment of love and goodwill shared amongst Christians and Islamic people of Egypt as it restores-provides PRECIOUS HOPE for a possibly BETTER WORLD of PEACE and GOODWILL I hope!!! Thankyou!!!

      • What a non-sequitur by a typical muzturd who thinks that we “infidels” can be so easily duped because of what that MONSTER Mohammed said!!!

        Look, once we non-Moslems wake up, you’ll find that your taqiyya simply WON’T WASH with us: thanks to our far-better developed senses of criticism, scepticism and not taking things on faith, WE KNOW BETTER!!!!

        Islam is merely a monstrous PACK OF LIES that makes life miserable for everybody precisely because it was invented by SATAN, who pretended to be Gabriel and “allah” (Mohammed’s sock-puppet) and who helped persuade unthinking inbred ignorants and wrongdoers that they were the greatest people of the planet merely for believing one lie after another!!!! It is so riddled with lies, half-truths, distortions and other troubles mixed in with some bits of truth as to become the supreme DECEIVER of all time!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM – and ALL other totalitarianism, period!!!!!

      • So, from your username, are we to infer that you are proud of pedophilia, FGM, consanguinity, beheading the kuffar, raping uncovered kuffar women, islamic supremacy, and a great deal many other vile, evil, and disgusting things? Gee, why not just become an outright Satanist?

  60. I hate about the americans and the western people that they think that muslims are terrorists and think that the islam is the religion of terrorism. well, im a Muslim from Egypt. i would like to tell you that Egypt reached 96 millions of people this year and want to tell you that 80 millions of Egypt are Muslims -and they are peaceful people- and the Christians are 8 millions only and the ”The Muslim Brotherhood” are 8 millions too, The Muslim Brotherhood are terrorists and violent people and like to see blood and me myself hate them and most of the egyptian muslims hate them too. They carry the name of “Muslim” brotherhood that doesn’t mean that all the muslims over the world are terrorists, muslims here in Egypt and everywhere are peaceful people, Muslims and Christians here love each other strongly and it is hard to divide them, i swear my neighbour is a Christian and most of my friends are christians we sit with each other everyday and enjoy our life. we really love each other, we are like brothers. And one more thing, The Muslim Brotherhood understands our religion thoughs wrongly and if you’re not sure. go and read Islam yourself and tell me if it calls for war or terrorism or not.
    one more thing: go to the past and read the history of the western countries and how they came to Egypt and the whole Islamic World and learned from them in Physics, Mathematics and others and read about the glorious history of the Islamic world and read about the miracles of the Prophet Muhammed and how he lead the countries and justice that existed in his time of leading the countries, even the christians that lived among him loved him.
    So please stop that kind of violence and hate and non-acceptance for Islam and Muslims for no reason.

    • “…be in a crowd of real muslims?” You mean like I have in Iraq (shia) Kuwait (sunni) Egypt (sunni)? Yea, and I judge harshly too, Pissant.

    • In other words, so that you can destroy us by sheer weight of numbers, eh???

      If it was a FAIR contest, where you wouldn’t dare show up with a 10:1 ratio or higher but simply a 1:1 – especially if it was NOT a question of physical strength – THEN we might consider it. However, we know better than to trust Moslems, period, thanks to your taqiyya, tawriya, muruna and kitman!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

  61. This site should be taken down because it’s all about Hate. And free speech. Whoever is running this should be reported. You people in Islam should be WARNED!!!! Don’t screw with Americans!!!!!!!!

    • While “CTopher31″ rambles on about “hate” and doesn’t know what to really say:

      Behold, Ms. BNI: this very column (which I admit to not having visited in some time) IS quite well read nevertheless even now… [A few more postings and it will be 1,000...]

      Please keep up the outstanding work and God Bless, Ms. BNI!!!!!

      And again: DEATH TO ISLAM and Communism!!!!!

  62. I’ve had enough of your hubristic, supremacist bullshit, little girl.

    “All “Shariah” governing bodies in Muslim nations are based on backwards cultural values that have nothing to do with Islam. Killing rape victims, performing honor killings, sanctioning misogyny, mistreating the impoverished, the widening of the gaps between the rich and the poor, the political corruption, the lust for wealth and power…and they always justify it with Islam.”

    They “justify” it with islam because it *is* islam. sharia is derived from mein kuranmpf and hadith. In part you are correct islam *is* “backwards cultural values.” You’re little “don’t look behind the curtain” nonsense is trite at best. mohammad created islam to satiate *his* list for wealth, power and pussy. It is all recorded in mien kuranmpf and hadith. Even the stoning bit. Apparently old mo the putrid spoke monkey for the hadith records him helping a band of monkeys stone a female monkey for adultery.

    mo’s abysmal character is recorded for all to see. It’s your problem that you suffer from cognitive dissonance and reject all the records of his bad behaviour as “fake hadiths.”

    No, you mouthy little supremacist cunt, those “sharia countries” are not getting it wrong. They are getting it right as recorded in *ALL* of mein kuranmpf and hadith. You know that, but you are just another supremacist shill for islam that places the blame, lies about the truth and blames the “other” for not suffering from your cognitive dissonance or swallowing your bullshit. YOU are the reason islam and muslims are hated. The lying, the twisting of reality, the blame everyone but yourselves song and dance bullshit is why you are hated. The hatred leveled at you obfuscation supremacists is not because of the “tiny minority of extremists” or “twisters” of islam. It is because of supremacist assholes like you and your constant barrage of lies.

    mohammad was a reprehensible, racist, supremacist, war mongering, murdering, kiddy-diddling, greedy, racist, misogynist rapist interested not in spirituality, but satiating his own lusts. No amount of lies or “twisting” on the part of you or the other soft jihadis will change that. It is, afterall, recorded in your own unholy trinity. Until you own your own bullshit you will be called out for the bullshitting supremacists you are.

    The sharia countries get it right as mo the putrid intended. You’re just a deluded, insane product of islam in which case I hope you die by islam. Or you are fully aware of your lies in which case you deserve .04 cents of lead between your eyes.

  63. Christian women are never happy once they’re married to a Muslim. Ever.

    Never say never, or never ever cos ya never do know. There are some loony tune white (Brit) women who have converted and even wear burkas. I think they are nuts but hey, you can never guarantee what human nature in some will decide. There is currently a white Brit female wanted by police, she was married to muslim terror bomber who was one of the group that blew up subway and buses a few years ago in London. She managed to get out of England, and is on the run and actually leading what the police say is a female terror group. She was seen in Somalia and managed to escape from there when anti terror police raided her home there.
    Haven’t heard any news of her in a few months now, last word was she was having a dispute with another women, also connected to terror network. Anyway, she apparently was very happy and apparently remains so, assuming she is still alive and has not been done in by a rival.

    I forgot her name but it’s tied to one of these scum.

    The 7 July 2005 London bombings (often referred to as 7/7) were a series of co-ordinated suicide attacks in London which targeted civilians using the public …transportation. Google it.

  64. All “Shariah” governing bodies in Muslim nations are based on backwards cultural values that have nothing to do with Islam. Killing rape victims, performing honor killings, sanctioning misogyny, mistreating the impoverished, the widening of the gaps between the rich and the poor, the political corruption, the lust for wealth and power…and they always justify it with Islam. I’m sick of these self-righteous monkeys designating human life when they have no idea of their own faith. Shariah in its purity is true and good when these convoluted idiots are not around to taint it with their own biases. These people understand Islam just as much as Glenn Beck does. It just so happens that these people are running our nations, and their messed up twists on Shariah are making Muslims hate their own religion even tough Islam is perfect. It is not Islam that needs reformation; it is the people.

  65. Wow,
    I was very surprised for you answer…
    thanks a lot guys…

    I don’t think about mariage now… Not in my planing… I’m acually on the way to become one day a Professional soccer player… And I will do it, no matter what!

    The fact is I’m realist… I never had a girlfriend… and I’m not in love with that girl too… You are very funny haha!
    Since I know her better, I couldn’t love her anymore…
    I will never hate my muslim friends because they are muslim… they was born like that… I’m very thankful my parents to be christians. I feel sad to see them in this prison!? and there are NO FUKIN’ way to change their way…!!! (sorry for the word)
    They are all blowmind!
    It seems like the only thing we can do it’s to fight against them!? wow pathetic…

    • Bienvenue, Alain #2 (il y a déjà quelqu’un ici avec tel nom)!!!

      You did the right thing to keep your distance from that Moslem girl – and you’d do well to pray for those friends of yours who’re Moslems. They CAN opt to change their beliefs when in the West – and they CAN escape getting killed by their peers for their “apostasy” from that MONSTROUS CULT of Islam!!! When they do, you’ll see how much happier they’ll be as human beings!!!

  66. Alain:
    You are very young, but you are quite perceptive. Do not get romantically involved with a Muslim. You will lose on every level. They are deceivers. At least this girl was honest up front with you about becoming a Muslim, but who is thinking about getting married at 16? You’re a teenager, you should just be having fun, meeting people, and deciding what kind of person you will want to be married to LATER. Like, WAY later.

    If someone really loved you, they wouldn’t care what religion you are, and they would accept that. Muslims can’t do that. Maybe initially they do, but then they will change. They are brainwashed. I’ve seen Christians and Jews marry and be happy. I’ve seen Hindus and Christians marry, and be happy. I’ve seen atheists and agnostics marry Jews or Christians, and be happy. I’ve only seen two Muslim men marry Christian women and be TRULY happy… because they ended up renouncing Islam. Christian women are never happy once they’re married to a Muslim. Ever.

    Islams is so repressive towards women, that no REAL self-respecting man could ever follow it…. one has to instinctively know it’s just not right. Unless he has a very small penis and extremely low self-esteem, and needs to know he has total control over a woman.

    I would suggest that you continue to follow this website to see the real, hard truth of Islam as Mohammed would want it followed, but there are other websites, too, that you need to visit, such as http://www.alisina.org and http://www.thereligionofpeace.net. And fight the deception and fascism of Islam.

  67. Alain: Your English is much better than my French! I think you have made some very good points. Even though you are in love with this beautiful girl you cannot help but stop to think how closed-minded Islam is. If you marry her you will own her like she is a pet. She will not have the same rights as you do under Islam. You seem to recognize that Islam is a not a path to freedom and love, but to slavery and hatred. You are quite a deep thinker at age 16. Keep up the good work!

    Alain: Votre anglais est bien meilleur que mon français! Je pense que vous avez fait quelques très bons points. Même si vous êtes en amour avec cette belle fille que vous ne pouvez pas s’empêcher de s’arrêter pour réfléchir comment l’esprit fermé Islam est. Si vous vous mariez, vous lui son propre comme elle est un animal de compagnie. Elle n’aura pas les mêmes droits que vous le faites sous l’Islam. Vous semblez reconnaître que l’islam est un pas un chemin vers la liberté et l’amour, mais de l’esclavage et de la haine. Vous êtes tout à fait un penseur profond à 16 ans. Continuez votre bon travail!

  68. Hi everyvody!
    * sorry for my poor English… I’m canadian (french canadian in fact)

    I’m here because there is some months, I ask myself questions about life.
    I didn’t have an easy life if you think that… I was born during the genocide of Rwanda and by God I survived…. brief, I am not here to tell you my life,
    This year, I meet a girl in my school (I am 16 years old) and she is muslim (from marcoco) and I have a lot a lot a lot of muslim friends! I can even say more that Christians friends… After one year passed with her, I realize that I can fall in love with her. So I told her about that feeling and nice as she, she said that we don’t have to think that already and she told me also, no matter what, you have to be muslim if you want to marry me…
    When I heard that, I was so frustrated that I started to ask myself about religion… I already know islam, but at this moment, it becames my frustration… How can you forced someone to don’t fall in love with some people… Sorry muslims people… but this doesn’t make you religion better or peace anyway.
    And now, with the time, I realize that you are the most relgious people on the Earth, but I think you live in the error. You can hate me as you want, but that is my point of view, I’m not islamophobe, as I said, i have a lot of great muslims friends that I call ”kho”. They are respect me, Some of them was tryed to convert me… but nothing to do!

    I continue… with fact
    Islam is a religion a GREAT religion when you are a Man!
    we don’t know what some religion means with their peace… but one thing, PEACE is also LOVE with each others. Not PEACE in becoming muslim. and I just want to know, did your God have ever tell you, I love you (in your text book).
    I hate when people hate on prophet… like some people do with your Mahomet prophet… but One thing, we called someone a prophet when He has done a prophecy… and if there are witnesses.
    How islam expension at his debut was done? saldy, with arms… it says in your holy book, that if you have to convert someone and he refuses, do it by force.
    The Apostasy deserves death.
    You hate jewish.
    etc. etc. etc…. I’m not gonna right all ( I can give my sources of fact)

    Folow that guy, mosab youssef… son of Hamas and learn his story.. ( I mistrusted anyway, isn’t zionist) muslim you can Watch this and after hating… it’s not my problem.

    I just want that one day, the world will be ONE! not 6 or 20 or 199 countries… or 6 or 10 religions or 3 or 6 races..
    Muslim, What i hate in you is that you are arrogant… You talk like your religion is the REAL one…. NO RELIGION encourages his followers to do that…
    if you write on GOOGLE, what is the true religion, you will be redirected in 85% at muslim site!
    Another thing, muslim, if you give all to God and nothing yourself, you are just telling that God has no sense because he creates all just for fun or for Watch.

    To conclude,
    if the True religion was Islam and understand that : God creates us to be his slaves!

    And I personnaly think that God have more sense than that…

    Before going…. All muslims… If one day, our leaders admitt that E.T exist or E.T come to us… What you will do? huuuh! the existence of E.T doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist, contrariwise… it means that God is just more powerful that what you advocate. Yes for sure, it will means also that All of the religions was a mistake… Just one thing, stop STAYING AT YOUR BELEIVES and OPEN YOUR MIND… because life isn’t all abou a book, write by HUMAN… it’s much more than that!

    Thanks to ALL!

    Alain ;)

  69. This is very similar to KKK website. If you feel so strongly about one religion this was you should organize a parade would love to see how that turns out. Cheers bigots

    • Steve Watson: So, you troll the KKK website? That’s weird. And, you obviously have read nothing on this site, you leftist dhimmi idiot, otherwise you’d know there are no bigots here, just people who will not tolerate being dominated by a fascist political cult. You mentioned a parade…. what, are you gay? Hey, no big deal if you are, but try having a gay pride parade in Iran, you moron. Or in a no-go zone in Denmark for that matter. Until you know what you’re talking about, STFU.
      Cheers back to you. NOT.

    • Your comments are very similar to a retarded, thoroughly programmed fuckwit of limited intellect who cannot be bothered to research the subject matter at hand, let alone get outraged about the bullshit being foisted upon us. If you have any kids or grandkids, I truly feel very sorry for them for having a parent/grandparent of little concern for the world and life they will have to navigate in. Indeed, life will be very rough for them if things don’t change, but I presume you’re far too much of a vain, libtarded narcissist to even give a damn.

      Selfish bastards like you need your wool sheared, but alas, sheep will always be sheep, and therefore always easily led to the slaughterhouse. BTW, have you ever watched a youtube video showing a halal slaughter on a dusty street corner in Pakistan?

  70. Istanbul_Chick (April 18, 2012 @ 6:58 pm) if “muslims HAVE been proven to have commited 9/11″ then how come others are claiming it was a inside job in other words The US Government was responsible for 9/11 with so many claims that is was a drone that flew into The WTC, there was no planes it was Special Effect and, it was explosives?

    • What a brilliantly thought out argument, “Kevin.” It’s a wonder you’re not president of the universe with such a magnificent intellect!

      I echo what BNI said. Any crack pot can claim whatever they like, including the mohammadans themselves who *actually took credit for it.* No need to remind us that according to you tinfoil hat wearers that Al quada is actully “cia agents.”

      Don’t you have a ufo to catch in the tail of a comet?

    • Hey Kev, how’s that Reynolds Wrap working out for ya? Too bad about that Mayan Calendar thing last year.
      Enjoy it while you can cause the price of aluminum is gonna skyrocket soon! Speaking of rockets Kev, you might try giving Scientology a shot. That way you can have your mind audited, (along with your bank account) get clear, and be purged of all your inner Thetans. Oh, sorry. Not rich enough, huh? Too bad, you sure have the ego for it though.

      :( Sigh.

  71. We’re still watching, by the way, and most of what you say is illegal under both U.S. and international law. Keep up with the evidence. See you REAL soon.

    • kol,ewwww, we’re so scared of your threats. But No, what is said here isn’t illegal. It’s the truth, and the truth is not yet illegal. (Although sadly, it has become so in parts of Europe) We don’t live under international law, only the US Constitution which gives us freedom of speech. You, however, in the UK do not have the same rights as we do. That’s why we fought a war with you.

    • Still watching us, ay? Well take a picture, it lasts longer you, f**king muhominid. BTW, you must be full of frustration and desperate beyond belief to comment here with that crap since you damned well know your islamist campaign against the truth being spoken about “Pisslam” in the West has been rather an abject failure here in America. Boy, that 1st Amendment really throws a “sand monkey wrench” into the gears of sharia repression, doesn’t it? “Damned infidel Americans! Son’s of pigs and dogs!” Hehehehe! Know you this too, kol emes, we also have a 2nd Amendment too, so please DO come over here and shut me up. I’m anxious to try out my new Fall line of pigskin body bags. I’ll even pay to have it shipped and delivered, filled of course, back to mum and dad in Bradford or Tower Hamlets. (Don’t worry, we’ll soon get your address hammered down) Now, would you prefer Fed-X or UPS?

      • Never mind those threats Bonni as support and a lot of it is what you also get from Europe ;-)

        As for you asslifter scum whatever your name is, shove your threats in whatever hole suits you best for we will not budge an inch. Time you shove that one too in whatever neurons you have left still firing.

      • It’s how the impotent, little, islamotarded weasel beaters make themselves feel empowered. This Kol Emes has commented here before. I remember his/her/it’s username because it is so close to “Lol Emes,” kol…I mean lol! It certainly would be a more appropriate username for it, kol….Oops! Lol!

        I mean he’s such a joke, L-O-L! ;)

      • I remember that good-for-nothing TRAITOR to Mankind who DARES to call himself “voice of truth” (in Hebrew no less!!!).

        Presumably one of those left-winger “Jews” who’ve embraced Communism and who think they can intimidate (or worse!) anybody they like!!!

        To such as him I’ll say:

        Either go hang yourself or – better yet – REPENT of your love for your real idols Mohammed, Marx, Ljéñin and the rest of those MASS-MURDERERS!!!!! We know better than to kow-tow to your totalitarianism and your intentions to impose a one-world rule intended to stamp out everything truly good of Mankind!!!

        We are watching you RIGHT BACK – and we DESPISE you because of who you have CHOSEN TO BECOME!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM, COMMUNISM and ALL other totalitarianism!!!!

  72. i think in europe/america the christianity is very decreased. church is no more than an empty house, even in sunday.. many churches is converted to mosques.. the government in europe/america sold church to moslem.. immigrants from africa and arab come to stay in europe everyday.. they ran from their country because they didn’t happy with their sharia law but very funny want to make sharia law in europe.. otherwise, in arab, asia and africa, the number of christianity is largely grow everyday even they are tortured and killed by their friend/family moslem people. in europe, we will never meet people killed by their neighbour because he was converted. we just prayed them because Bible tells us so..
    Maybe in, someday, if this situation still exist, europe will become islam continent and asia/africa will become christianity continent.. Asia/africa will become great continent because large faithfull people there in the future.. And, europe? :(

  73. JayD: While your country’s perspective on the colonization of America may be significantly different than what is taught in the US, at least when I was growing up, I have no doubt that the U.S.’s history is being rewritten at this very moment to include how Islam profoundly impacted the founding of the nation. That being said, I respectfully disagree with you on the point in question (that pilgrims wanted to persecute those who did not believe as they did).

    It was not until I posted that last comment that I realized that you weren’t the dhimmi I took you for initially. I retract any statement that paints you as a leftist progressive with a sincere apology. Cheers!

    • Cheers back, and I am an American living here since 2004. Long story, except to say sometimes it gets hard listening to all the anti-American crap by would be experts on my country who got all their education from Hollywood and the left wing press. Not easy.

      I learned the story (Pilgrims) same as you did way back when kids weren’t allowed the civil right to spit at or hit cops and teachers. Don’t forget they were the ppl who supported Oliver Cromwell, and that crowd were not the most tolerant of folks. Think Taliban in terms of, dancing was a no-no. Immoral. Multiple church services required, you could fairly say they were a religious dictatorship. They were strict fundamentalists.

      Hey … re. pol. correctness. Here’s an example and I promise you I haven’t the imagination to make this up. It happened some years ago right here in the UK, and at the time it never occurred to me to save a link or even print out a copy. I now wish I had.

      There was a national park here that was due to be closed, the rangers or whatever they’re called relieved or re-assigned elsewhere. Reason for the closure?

      It was determined by the then Labour (left) govt. that ….

      “Too many white, middle age, middle class people were using the park.”

      A wealthy donor came along and gave the govt. the money to keep it opened for another year. I have since lost track of the story and never did find out what happened after the yr. was up. Oh it gets worse cos some dim light thought of the following, which thankfully was dropped.

      A jobsworth in the same govt. suggested that England’s famous fishing rivers were being underused by …. muslim women. In fact, it was found that no muslims were fishing and not one female ever had. So this brain of England decides a program should be started to teach muslim women to fish. Now this is the funniest damn thing to read, but it really wasn’t a gag. Sure thing. All they would require to learn to fish would be the permission of their menfolk. Of course it went nowhere but the thought that some blithering idiot would come up with it says much.

      This place is well and truly DOOMED!

  74. Spade, Perhaps I worded it badly but the fact is, those Pilgrims who as kids we were taught came to the new world seeking religious freedom, left this country (England) because they couldn’t do the persecuting here. OK, maybe I overstate somewhat but they were NOT the freedom seeking innocents as taught to us in school. They were it is fair to say, the extremists of their day. They did not approve of the religious beliefs of the monarchy of the time, they would if they could, have compelled others to follow their idea of what religion and morals ought to be. England was glad to see the back of them. They were a very intolerant lot.
    Perhaps you need to read history also? Or is one side or what you were told in first grade enough?
    And for that you accuse me of being of the left? That is about the worst insult anyone can lay at my door. Left? Not a chance. Not now not ever. You can not have any idea how much I hate those bastards.

    I agree 100% with all you say re. political correctness. I am NOT on the same side as that mistake for an intellect I was arguing with, and won’t do again because facts don’t concern him, his head is already made up and facts will only confuse him further. Back to PC. Both countries in fact USA and Europe but more here than back home in America, people are living under a dictatorship of PC, and it’s maddening. I think Europe is doomed and the UK certainly is. Some peoples breed like insects (or rats?) and are out breeding the host nations they infest.

    I believe I made it very clear in my comments above where I stand, but you seem to think I’m a pal of that other guy we both disagree with just because of my Pilgrim comment. That is most unfair. If you want to believe I’m dumb, fine. I know I’m not a rocket scientist. But good grief …. to also think I belong to the left? Groan. That is insulting.

  75. To Not Even: Wow. Muslims coming to the US for religious freedom? What planet are you on?

    J-D: Pilgrims came here to persecute people not of their own religion? You must be from the same planet as Not Even.

    Maybe you two ought to really study history, and why people came to the Americas. While you’re at it, just study history. Go back to the cause of the crusades, too. Educate yourselves before reveal how little you really understand about it. And quit trying to obfuscate the real issue here: the islamification of Europe and the world, frankly.

    Get Over: See my comment above regarding the history of the settlement of the Americas by Europeans. Regarding your other comments: Try to be a conservative in our increasingly marxist, fascist society. Political correctness fostered by the left and Muslims does not allow for freedom of thought or speech.

    And oh, BTW, you’re not fooling anyone by trying to say you don’t want to be “caught/exposed/revealed.” You’re a coward. It is the people on here who ARE standing up. Just because we are grouping in a virtual community does not mean we are not being activists in the real world. We are quite willing to incorrectly be called racists, haters, etc. When you lefties are crying foul because your rights are being trampled by Muslim/fascist ideology, WE are the only ones that are going to come to your rescue, you moron.

    And really, get over your conspiracy theories. On 9/11 the US was attacked by Muslims. Yes. That is what happened. Unless you’ve got hard proof, STFU.

    Good grief, BNI: And people call you intolerant? I give you credit for allowing individuals like these three to post ridiculous comments… it gives everyone a chance to see how ridiculous the left is.

  76. Where pray tell did I say anything about who could and could not live wherever they wanted to? What I did say and say again, is that too many people arrive in their host country (Host. Get it? ) and instead of trying to learn the language and fit in, oh no. They instead want to change things to the way things are in the country they have left. Which quite naturally does not sit well with the folks in the host country. Is that hard to understand? Do you have a problem with that?
    Now then, I only mentioned the Pilgrims because I obviously misunderstood your meaning. Maybe. We all know those early Spanish/ Catholic explorers enslaved the peoples they came in contact with. And Catholics were not alone in that I know.
    And btw, in the years you are referring to, it was just as common to force people into accepting the religion of whatever conquering army held sway. And that was not simply explorers re. native populations in the new world. It was carried out all through out Europe and every other country including Islamic ones. It was accepted as the norm all those years . Whites even enslaved other whites and oh btw, there were tribes in the Americas who raided other tribes for slaves and some who were cannibals. So I honestly do not understand why you brought the subject of Columbus up. It’s the past and dead and lives only in history books. You also said that muslims came (I think you were referring to America?) for religious freedom.
    Well sir, are you saying that muslims have no religious freedom in their muslim countries? You mention public rallies. OK, what would you like us to rally for? And what ‘noble’ cause are you referring to?
    Bottom line, firstly most Americans would be very happy if our govt. stayed the hell out of foreign entanglements and stopped ALL foreign aid to anyone. What people are concerned about, and especially the Brits because this is just an island, is losing control of their own country. The number one complaint I hear from Brits is that they no longer feel as if this is their country. And they have good reason to feel that way. The problem in America is not as acute yet, and in the USA we are armed to the teeth, and so will be better able to defend ourselves then the Brits are.

  77. What makes this your country, Christians? You’re a European based religion. You came to America years ago for religious freedom: as did Muslims. Hating all Muslims because a handful of them are extremists is like giving every student in a class an F because one student deserved one. I can see many flaws in the people who run this site, as well as those who commonly visit. You pick and choose what to reply to. If someone like myself comments with a point that makes you look bad, you choose to ignore it and go on about something else. You’re all truly brainwashed people. America the land of the free, except for Muslims. If you were in an accident and dying, and the doctor who arrived on the scene was a Muslim who revived you, would you still hate them? Judging by your ignorance and uneducated retorts, you probably would make up a lie to feed the media saying the Muslim was the one who did it. You’re all brainwashed by the media. George Bush would be proud.

    • Hey Not Even, why did you change your name from shutthefuckup? Re: a Muslim doctor, I always make sure that the person treating me, even in an emergency situation is not a muslim. Unless I”m unconscious.

    • Well sir just to clarify a bit if I’m allowed. Those Pilgrims came to the new world not so much for religious freedom, but so that they would have the freedom to persecute those who didn’t believe as they did. But that was then. Don’t see how in the world you can make the claim, unfounded, that muslims aren’t free in America. Where do you get that from? What source can you share with us? To be very honest and without care for whatever you want to believe, I’d be very if there were none in my former country. (USA) We have cause to be non trusting of that group. There is a good reason for stereotypes. True, not ALL muslims fit the type portrayed in the media or movies. But generally, folks are pretty well fed up with this group and most especially here in the UK and other European countries, where they and others migrate and then immediately try to change the host country into the very place they left. And it’s that among other things that we object to.
      Now then, not that is my place nor was I invited to defend this site or decisions made by person running same. But I think it most unfair of you, not to mention just plain wrong, that comments aren’t replied to for the reasons you give. Has it occurred to you that perhaps the comments left unanswered were of no interest or not worthy of the time it might take to reply? What has that to do with brainwashing? Which btw is a term much overused and usually wrongly.

      • Hello Mr. Jay D,

        You say they migrated here to persecute who didn’t believe as they did? Hmmmm, Columbus had different ideas of the new land than the Natives living here and they were pushed out of their own land. Does that mean Columbus was a terrorist / Muslim / extremist? By that notion, then this nation was born from the depths of terrorism. Technically, we are all immigrants from our roots; so who has the right to say who does or doesn’t deserve to live here?

        (Source: http://www.understandingprejudice.org/nativeiq/columbus.htm)

        I know I know….you’re tired of Yada yada blah blah ….give me a break… You have more psychos running rampant in US than anywhere else. But everyone here has to be a “TRUE” AMERICAN…meaning stick their noses where it doesn’t belong…Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Syria, N Korea …. Live in peace and let others live in peace….

        If you are soooooo concerned….why dont you have public rallies? If you believe your cause is so noble, just, and dignified – Why sit behind a website and bicker like old women? Go out into the open, on the streets, be proud, right?….no…

        Because you know how YOU would be treated, thought of, look like…so you sit behind a firewall, a VPN, so you aren’t caught / exposed / revealed. Hey, I feel the same way if I was you…Don’t want to end up on Anderson Cooper 360 looking like a moron with psychotic tendencies…

        Oh if anyone wants to argue 9/11 …. please … if you haven’t figured out by now the truth … you need to wake up.

    • I give you an F- for assuming everybody here is a Christian. You sound like another butt-hurt libtard starved for attention, so I have a question for you. What makes you think you are that important to deserve an answer to your questions from any of us? Do you really believe muslims immigrate to America to enjoy our religious freedom? Perhaps those attempting to escape the oppression of islam, to aposticize from it would, and for those, I welcome with open arms. No fool, islam is in America to become the domminant faith, to scrap our laws and constitution, and replace it with sharia. If you could be bothered to spend a little time researching the comments of some prominent American muslims belonging to prominent, “mainstream” muslim organisations such as the Council on American Islamic Relations, you would perhaps know this, but obviously, you can’t be bothered by such triffling, perception-shattering threats towards your own subjectivity.

      “Brainwashed by the media?” Really? You mean the “Lamestream Media” that is so hard-pressed to even utter the dreaded “M” word, except to report on alledged mosque vandalism? Did you know the British media is so lame as to label muslim crimminal suspects as “Asians,” and in the process of doing so, they anger many good, upstanding, law-abiding Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist citizens since they too, are of Asian descent? America’s MSM is just as ideologically tainted. No, you cannot be bothered with such triffles as the truth, can you? You won’t even find many fans of FOX News here either. You have nothing but hot air and talking points.

      One more thing fool, the most pain I ever felt from a dental treatment was from a muslim dentist. Never again.

  78. Hey guys , if you Do really hate Islam that way .. keep it out of your mind , enjoy your time & leave us Muslims with our own believes .. It’s easy :)

    * sry guys : I need also to mention that truth could hardly be seen completly without honest intention & effort to investigate all sides objectively .. so u do not own the truth till you do this

    * I need also to mention that I’m a Muslim & I didn’t kill any body before .. & I have christian , athesit beside muslim friends & I never tortured them ! I’m a girl & I’m working .. My father is supporting my study for getting a master degree .. See .. It’s not always a sad story to be a muslim .. have a nice day guys :)

      • Well if you were talking about the U.S. there..

        Seriously? You’re telling us to stop coming to ‘your’ country? The U.S. is a free country. Hell, it’s been given the nickname ‘The Melting Pot’ for having people of all different types of cultures. We’re just another one of them. You can’t blame an entire religion and it’s followers for actions other ‘followers’ have done. It’s kinda like saying that every German alive on this planet is a Nazi just because of the actions of Hitler and his followers. If you believe we (Muslims) all are going to terrorize the U.S., that we all are secretly trained in our Mosques to blow things up. Then just what the hell. That’s messed up to even suggest we should all be deported for your ‘Islamophobia’. Deal with it, we’re your neighbors, colleagues, classmates, you name it. What exactly is it about every single breathing one of us that you just want to deport us back to ‘our countries’.

        Look, I am Muslim.

        No your computer will not blow up while your reading this.

        Setting your eyes on this comment will not make you burst into flames.

        Nothing of the sort will happen. We aren’t all bad. The majority of Muslims are good, the few terrorists are the evil ones using Islam as a cover-up and excuse for their actions.

      • We DO welcome people from all over the world, in fact more every year than every other Western country combined. I just want to know why all you Muslim riff raff refuse to emigrate to oil rich Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia? When you parasites in boats get picked up by the Indonesian coast guard, you refuse to ask for asylum there but insist on going to Australia.

        MUslims are not welcome in America and more and more people are starting to agree. You contribute nothing to any country you infest, all you do is suck the welfare system dry.

        Keep breeding like cockroaches and you’ll see what happens. We do have the second amendment here.

      • You with the overly long username. It’s simple. We hate you, Hindus hate you, Buddhists hate you too. Get a clue, your religion stinks, it is supremacist to the core, and furthermore, you know it is, so take your lies and your stinking wudu-washed backsides off our streets and out of our lives!

      • Asthma you are a sickness. You and your kind came to America, Australia. Sweden etc. because of a system which allow you to study, to live freely, to work for decent living. All the Muslim countries are lead by corrupt governments, or corrupt warlords, and without bribe you can not achieve anything. But thanks God for corruption, because it was the reason Israel won all her wars.(The undisciplined soldiers and corrupt money hungry ” generals” who sold nearly everything the Russians gave them in order to destroy the Jewish State). When the Egyptian army collapsed and lost, Nasser’s radio shrieked: victory after victory… So Asthma dearest go back and fight for democracy in whatever Muslim country you came from. And take with you all the idiots, who gave the green light to this mass migration of good-for-nothings.

    • Hey Asmaa, it would be a helluva lot easier to leave you Muslims alone with your own beliefs if Muslims would do the same to people of other beliefs… duh! Or is your little girl brain so brainwashed and you’re so insulated from news of world events you don’t see that? Maybe your beloved “prophet” was right about one thing, at least partially: that women are deficient in intelligence and religion. But only MUSLIM women. You, Asmaa, are a perfect example of that.

      And frankly, honey, we DO own the truth. You don’t even know about your own religion. Otherwise, you’d know that you’re not allowed to be friends with Christians or atheists. So that makes you a hypocrite, and you’re going to hell, sweetie.

      Like I’ve told other Muslim women: you defend a religion that makes you only as good as what your vagina can produce. Yeah, ol’ Mohammed was right about you Muslim women being deficient in intelligence alright.

      • I can’t even really understand parts of this comment, so my apologies if I get things confused here.

        “And frankly, honey, we DO own the truth. You don’t even know about your own religion. Otherwise, you’d know that you’re not allowed to be friends with Christians or atheists. So that makes you a hypocrite, and you’re going to hell, sweetie.”

        ALL OF MY WAT.

        Where did you ever learn that we can’t be friends with people of other religions? Hey, I’m friends with Christians, Athiests, Pagans, Heck even a Satanist, I’m friends with people of all different religions and philosophies, you name it! I would never let my own religion get in the way of any of my friendships. Just as long as they weren’t trying to get me to do anything Haram, drugs, alcohol, you probably already know what else. I already know that the people I consider to be my friends would never do that. Islam is all about diversity, an aunt of mine married a Christian man, they’re the happiest couple I’ve ever seen. She’s not trying to force her religion upon him, and why? It’s because our religion isn’t forcing us to. A ton of people think that Muslims are a more violent version of the Jenovah’s Witnesses, yes our religion does tell us that we can try to convert someone to our religion, but we’re also taught that the minute we see that they don’t want to believe in Islam, we should stop. And that is what the real followers of our religion do. Just please don’t think of us as the deadly telemarketers of religion. Just no.

        I think you may be the one here that is deficient in intelligence. Must I even write it out? Ugh there’s just so many completely and terribly wrong assumptions in your comment.

      • Once again, Anonkitteh, your ignorance of your own religion is great for a laugh.

        “Where did you ever learn that we can’t be friends with people of other religions?” Have you read the Koran lately, sweetie? There are at least ten versus that forbid your friendship with non-believers. Most notably Quran 5:51. 5:80 is a good one too. Try 3:28. Then keep reading.

        Islam is NOT about diversity. Your own beloved “prophet” called one of his black slaves a “raisin head.” Did you know that? How racist is that?

        Even your aunt is going to hell for marrying a Christian. Either that, your family aren’t really Muslim, because you are not following what your revered “prophet” commands. You are all hypocrites and you’re going to hell.

        And, little darling, how do you feel about your “prophet” repeatedly raping a nine-year-old girl, named Aisha, under the guise of “marriage”? You like that? Or raping his captives, after he killed their husbands and families? NICE.

        Additionally, you say, “we’re also taught that the minute we see that they don’t want to believe in Islam, we should stop.” Uh, honey, that verse was abrogated later, when your “prophet” said to start killing non-believers if they didn’t convert or pay jizyah. Geez, really? You haven’t read the Koran at all, have you? You’ve just been spoon fed stuff that’s easy for you to swallow.

        Pretty pathetic that non-believers know more about your religion than you do. Like I said, how pathetic that you believe in a religion that only values you for what your vagina can produce.

        There are no wrong assumptions on my part here, honey. It is indeed Muslim women defending their pedophile, woman-hating, warlord, murdering rapist who are deficient in intelligence. That’s YOU Anonkitteh.

    • Asmaa … a masters degree? Just curious is all. In what subject? Are you native to the west? That is, were you born here?

      • No I’m not native to the west , just some educational visits .. my masters in the field of Urban design & community developement , Ha,, further questions about my statement :D ?

    • Ass-ma, what are you majoring in, Muhominid Anthropology? Is it the study of the origins of “Homo Islamopithecus?” Then perhaps you can enlighten us as to why the so-called “West Bank” subspecies, Homo Islamopithecus Paleostinus seems to think “Stone Age” tactics like rock throwing to be effective deterrents against Israeli tanks, no? Is the goal to chip the paint off? Do they eat the paint chips? It would certainly explain a lot.

      Islamopithecine behavior is so confusing!


  79. Great so it matters if its in Germany, Canada, France etc but when the islamists entered Europe through an act of war in Bosnia and Kosovo all you fcks supported them. Double Standards.

    • Yugoslavia: Kosovo was in the way of the Trans-Balkan Pipeline. Western Oil interests was the reason for that war. It had nothing to do with supporting Islamists.

      • That was and is a complete LIE!!!!

        Yes, oil was involved – used AS A STICK no doubt by the Moslems, especially the Persian-Gulf states and ABOVE ALL Saudi Arabia!!!!

        The CARROT was MONEY: those rich Moslems BOUGHT the West (especially the crypto-Communists like Tony Blair, the Clintons, Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin Jr. plus other like-minded “progressives” into waging war upon the Serbs – who were doing NOTHING EXCEPT expelling a foreign people who had very gradually invaded an originally-SERB territory (Kósovo-Metóhija)!!!! The Moslems bought those politicians plus the mainstream-media (who hid the truth!!!), unions, banks, &c. so nobody listened to the other side!!!

        Those foreigners – Albanian Moslems – were brutally and massively expelling the Serbs from their HOMELAND – and had been doing so ever since 1690 when France under that thrice-accursed “Roi Soleil” Louis XIV back-stabbed Austria-Hungary, who was aiming to expel all Moslems from Europe!!!! Slóbodan Milóshevich, for all his many evils, here at least was trying to stand up for the rump Yugoslavia but got frightened prematurely. [Had he withstood another two weeks, that NATO "coalition" would have fallen apart - France and Italy wanted to withdraw; and had they so done, the USA, Britain and the rest would have been severely crippled in their belligerency...]

        By all rights, ALL Moslems who insist on being Moslem deserve to be expelled from ALL OF EUROPE – and the ENTIRE WEST, while we’re at it!!!! Islam and anything non-Islam simply CAN’T MIX – that has been proven again and again ad infinitum over its full 1,400-year history. Take that, “Neil”, and LEARN FROM IT!!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

      • NO!!!!

        Moslem money (especially Arab and most of all Saudi!!!) BOUGHT the West’s help in HUGE MEASURE against Serbia and has ensured that her ancestral homeland of Kósovo-Metóhija has been lost forever (barring Christ’s Second Coming)!!!!

        The Moslems were simply helping their brethren in Albania (a Moslem-majority country), especially in finishing what the Ottoman Turks (aided by Louis XIV) started around 1690 – and which Josip Broz Tito, a Serb-hating Croat and Slovene, finished between 1945 and 1990 (10 years after his death)!!!

      • Dear Ms. BNI:

        I thought my earlier posting had ended up in “trash” or some other such place. Now that I see it still is awaiting moderation: if you prefer the first, you’re welcome to delete the second (and vice-versa).

  80. AnonKitteh, you have a point that any religious dogma can be twisted to further an agenda of aggression and violence and what you hope to establish is that the Islamic faith is just as moderate as any other. I wish to add however that a religion is only as moderate as the people and culture who subscribe to that religion. And so far the nearly unanimous membership of people who identify themselves as Muslim are born of a ethnicity that is hostile in temperament. This temperament cannot be modified by environment. To highlight my point, I am a father of two young caucasian children and we were at a public pool. Most of the other children in that pool were caucasian. Later on an african father and his African children of the same age came to the pool. Without any presumption I didn’t think anything of it but as the African children started playing I noticed a change in the dynamics of the pool. The African children were highly more aggressive, they were not in any way conscientious of the other children’s sense of space and were breaking other children’s play boundaries. They were also breaking pool rules and the life guards had to talk to the father to convince him that his children were not behaving properly as the father seemed to be encouraging their unruly behaviour. We as a family had to leave because the African children were too intense. But this is not the first time I have noticed this. I have noticed this behaviour from other children of African descent. These children grow up to be adults and as adults they do somewhat suppress their natural hostile behaviour but it is still remains. Middle eastern people for the most part have African blood. This is a scientific fact. The Islamic faith is mostly an Afro-Arab faith and the recipe for disaster is the combination of a doctrine that encourages violence through Jihad and a people that are naturally born high strung. Its not to say that a caucasian cannot carry out deadly violence in the name of their religion. There are the exceptions but one would be hard pressed to convince a lot of caucasian people to strap bombs to their bodies to blow up other people in the name of their religion. However, in the middle east you have thousands of young men lining up to be human bombs in the name of Allah ( a proven fact). I am more honest than most of the posters here. I am not just merely an Islamaphobe, I am an Islamic/afrophobe. I see the Islamic faith as a threat to my ethnicity and my ethnicities future generations. My ethnicity is only ten percent of the worlds population with a very small percentage who actually practice Christianity. The majority of ethnicities who make up Islam accounts for nearly one in four people of the world and a large majority of those people practice Islam. I am aware that Islamists are condescending of people who don’t participate in any religious practice but that doesn’t mean non-religious people are not concerned in an equal way to their own futures. They will fight just as hard to preserve it. For instance, nearly all of of scientists who worked on the invention of the nuclear bomb were not religious in any way. But they knew when they were building the bomb that it was a weapon that would be defending their way of life. Before the bomb was invented an Islamist might say that it was a weapon only a god could have created. That is the irony of Islamic condescension. They look down on the infidels but the infidels have a history of resourcefulness that would give them every right to look down on the people of Islam. Instead of condescension though, we fear you. We think the people of Islam are on the level of animals and like a cage door on a zoo that has been accidentally left open we are afraid and worried that you animals will be eating our children. So I will not be debating with you any arguments of doctrine. That is a circular path that leads nowhere. I have pointed out the one thing that can’t be argued with, how the majority of Islamists were born. Savages.

  81. There is so much wrong with half the things written here!
    I don’t even
    Ok, yes I’m looking at you, you so-called ‘Islamiphobes’ That’s underlined in red and the suggestions say it isn’t a word. It doesn’t deserve to be a word. It doesn’t deserve to be a..thing! Whatever it is, it is completely insulting! (Or maybe I just spelled it wrong- I can never tell)
    Seriously what the fuck? You’re scared of a religion? It’s people? What is it!?
    Contrary to your close-minded beliefs, Islam isn’t the ONLY religion that has extremists. Extremists can be of any religion, race, culture, etc. all they do to make themselves called an extremists is, well, think extremely, and do extremely. I suppose you’re focusing on terrorist organizations such as the Taliban and such. They have an –> extreme <– point of view on Islam's teachings. These extremists should be ashamed, seriously I don't even. I can't even begin to understand how they read the Quran and found that killing people for not being Muslim was justified. They (the extremists) try to convince you that their actions are completely justified by whats said in the Quran, they are way off. The Quran prohibits blood-shed, preaches against it, it is only justified to use when you're in dire situations. Like say you were being mugged in a dark shady alleyway! Ooooooh horrific hm? And how convenient! Someone just so happened to leave a knife laying around your foot, you snatch it up and before your pursuer is able to slice your neck off, you stab him first. Like that, kinda, I'm bad at making up such generic situations, anywho, violence is only permitted when it's needed, like a last resort, oh you get it.
    Ugh I explained that terribly, do excuse my horrendous wording tonight, today was quite odd. I found a packet of skittles in front of my brothers door that said 'Don't eat'. They were yummy.

    It's inevitable for me to go off-topic every once in a while, deal with it.

    I still can't get it through my head, I am just about certain that all of you have only paid attention to anti-Islamic redneck hipsters that plague the internet, you guys know who I'm talking about, the mindless drones sitting playing CoD hours on end, preaching to younger followers of theirs about how Muslims will be the end of the human race, or at least any freedom it has, and how we strip all of culture's women of their freedom and how we all are sand niggers (really, just really?). You know, that stuff! I myself am a women who follows Islam's teachings. Let it be known that there's no way when I get married that I'll let my husband lock me up in some cage to live out my days in. Hell! I would never get a husband like that! I have sense! And so do basically rest of the Muslim population! Listen, nobody even does that crap. It's all blown way out of proportion. I swear to God if anyone starts up the 'But you're forced to cover your entire body up, or else you'll be killed!'. Just no. I myself don't wear the hijab or any other coverings like that (the gown, face mask). I dress like any other normal girl in America. Scratch that, most girls I've seen here nowadays make me cringe and genuinely creeped out. Not getting into that. But I dress modestly enough, shorts, tights, no. It's for our good, we're being modest. But we have choices. Say a Muslim women wanted to dress like any other ordinary American girl, sure, whatever, it's alright just if she believes in the religion truly, doesn't become a whore or anything like that, I mean don't become a girl player, again, it's been a long day, I'm terrible at explaining stuff now. And she wears proper clothing whilst praying or participating in any other religious ceremonies. You get it, right? please? I'll probably return with a follow up comment revision thingamajig later on.

    Look at it this way, -heres another one of my failed generic situations I made up, just try to identify the main point- say that there's this guy right? Average looks, all that. On the inside he's some sadistic psychopath that went around and killed dozens of people for the heck of it! Gasp!
    Society: Oh no that's bad! This guy is bad!
    Media: Thaaaaat's right! Here's all the details on this guy as well, lets also hate every person that is like anything similar to this! Hey look, he's a -insert religion of your choosing here- Let's hate every single person that follows that religion!

    This guy probably didn't even care about that religion, was probably born into it and never gave a crap about it. Though later on when he was in court, he blamed everything he did on his religion. "Oh the things in the -insert religious text- told me to do that!" He pulled up random verses from the text and looked at them in the extremist light possible (yup all the lectures about his religion from his parents really payed off. Nope.) This brought people the hate the people of the religion even more.
    (Followers of that religion): Wait. What. What. WHAT. THAT'S NOT EVEN THE CORRECT TRANSLATION OF THE VERSE! THAT'S NOT WHAT IT'S SAYING! All of my wat.

    I'm hoping you got the point there, because that's what happened to Islam in a nutshell. Evidently enough, I explain things terribly.

    ..A book fell from my bookshelf randomly just now, you can ignore this part but it's seriously creeping me out, I never knew I had this and it's in a different language. Dutch or something. Can I just say, what the actual fuck ._. *cough* Anyways..

    Seriously I dare you, anyone who may be reading this and calls themselves an 'Islamophobe' to go and read an English translation of the Quran, immerse yourself into it's teachings, they are beautiful, they paint pretty pictures in your mind of how cherubic and ethereal heaven is, while placing in the back of your mind a not-so-pretty portrait of Hell is. How do I describe it other than Hellish?

    After all, you probably should stock up on some information before you argue against it. Right?

    Apologies to any grammar nazis out there reading this, you all seriously must've struggled to read to this point, even myself after reading this over would inwardly cringe at it's grammatical awkwardness. Oh dear God the wording. *head-desk*

    • OH DEAR GOD THAT’S WAY LONGER THAN I INTENDED. To think I originally vowed to keep it at a 3 sentence minimum..

      I’m expecting quite a few ‘TLDR’s now. That’s probably the most common reply I ever get.
      To any brave souls willing to read the entire thing, brace yourselves, the horrendous word selection and pointless rambles awaits.

      • With regard to TDLRs.
        There is a very old saying that covers long lectures which may apply here. With no offense intended,
        “The mind can absorb only what the bottom can endure.
        As to what the koran says. Well, all I can say is that I have read sections that were posted on line at various places, and according to the quotes taken from same, critics of islam may have a valid point. Unless of course those quotes which I’m sure you may have seen as well, are forgeries. (?)

      • AnonKitteh:

        Unfortunately, your ramblings just went to show the rest of us how little you know about your own religion. Your examples trying to put Islamic doctrine into “context” are laughable. You sound as if you’re about 18 years old with the experience of insulated spoilt child. And lucky you: you live in America where you have rights as a woman. Think you wouldn’t be forced to wear a head covering if you lived in a Muslim country? Think again, girly. Think when you get married your hubby won’t have the right to beat you? You’re sadly delusional. And really, your perception of Islamic Jannah? “Cherubic?” “Ethereal”? My god, little girl, it’s a whore house!

        Perhaps YOU should take the time to read the Koran in English. Whilst you’re at it, read the hadith, too. Immerse yourself in it. And then you can be proud of your religion and of the “prophet” who raped a nine-year-old girl repeatedly, (and older girls and women, too, after killing their husbands). Who had a nursing mother killed because she wrote disparaging poems about him. Who had an old woman —a tribal ruler—killed because she opposed him (and because women shouldn’t be rulers, anyway). Go ahead be PROUD of that, girl. Be PROUD of your religion who has relegated your worth as a human to what your vagina can do.

        Come back when you do a little more research, and then write a bit more succinctly.

  82. I will respectfully disagree about the significant effects of race on religion. Christianity itself has its ethnic offshoots. For instance catholicism is primarily a southern European faith, the various dominations of Protestant faith falls predominantly within North West European regions. Ireland is unique because of the massive Spanish influx on the Island hence Catholic dominance. I argue that organized religion is a culturally conservative protective measure to ensure ethnic and racial solidarity. This is why although I don’t ascribe to religion I see religion as a naturally important aspect in maintaining one’s ethnocultural identity.
    And it is important to help you understand that the word “racist” is a hyperbole trap and you have fallen into it. Racial consciousness or self identifying by your race is completely natural and healthy. It is unhealthy to feel stigmatized that being conscious of your own racial identity or feeling comfortable around people of your own race is immoral. There are those who unrealistically idealize that the racial traits of one’s race is superior in all respects over another race and this very small group of irrational people also maintain other irrational ideas. But it is these people who are targeted as the representatives of all people and more often white people for racial conscious behaviour and that their racial consciousness is somehow wrong. I have noticed how the word “racist” is used as a battering tool by non-white ethnic groups against white people who show solidarity. The irony is that it is primarily a racial solidarity tactic to make sure whites are broken in solidarity and the ethnic groups that shout racism are more unified in solidarity. It is also a classist battering tool to divide the solidarity of working class people from that of the minority of white collar people because white collar people on the whole are always aware that their social privilege is tentative because they don’t actually produce anything tangibly necessary for a community to survive. This virtual state of existence makes them paranoid that their exceptional opportunities could be taken away from them. They are in a protectionist state of mind towards any group of people that might pose a threat to that existence i.e the working class majority, dare they find solidarity through racial identity. To highlight this explanation one merely has to look at how the Labour party in England opened the flood gates of immigration in order to secure more votes against the conservative party using the word “racism” against the conservatives. In essence they were thickening the West Minister Labor bubble using mass immigration of non-whites as nothing more than a white collar job security tool.

  83. Neil, Islam itself is very racist, but that’s the ONLY way it’s a race-based religion. Religion and race ARE separate. For instance, you can’t call someone who dislikes Christianity a racist because Christians hail from all ethnicities. Same with Buddhists. Or whatever these days. While you are correct in that most Muslims are from the middle east and Africa, the middle east has blond-hair, blue eyed indigenous people, so there are different races/ethnicities within the area as well.

    While you are also correct in that religions are based around their points of origin and therefore the race of people who inhabit that region are “bound” to that religion historically speaking, the fact is is that with the spread of any religion, different races are evangelized.

    So if you’re trying to say that “let’s be honest, being against Muslims is a bit racist” I will whole heartedly disagree.

  84. Can we all be honest with each other. Islam is a race based religion first and foremost. It is an afro-arab-south asian religion. We can dance all we want around the idea that religion and race are separate but anthropologists will tell you that religion diversified through its various sects is based around the identity of race and ethnicity alone. That is why when I think of Islam, I think of Arabs, Africans and South Asians and I believe most white people like myself feel the same. Of course there are those freak exceptions where a white person rebelliously converts to Islam but this is so uncommon it isn’t even worth mentioning.

  85. 999999 has asked what can we do to stop the spread of Islam. The spread of Islam fundamentally anchors on the building of mosques. Without the mosque, the Islamic community cannot thrive. Obviously any reactive approach by us so called infidels would defeat long term goals and label us reactionary and radical. A proactive approach would be to discourage the Mosques from being built in the first place. Most mosques are financed by Qatar oil money. Politicians are bought off by these Sheiks and that is why the mosques are given approval to be built in Western cities. These city officials need to be embarrassed. Like that show “how to catch a pedophile” regular people can operate a sting operation whereby they pose as Qatar investment representatives. They pretend to offer a bribe for a million dollars in cash to investigate a site for building a mosque. They secretly wiretap and videotape the politician going to a meeting and then expose these politicians in the news. CD’s of the filmed sting operation could be delivered to homes in the community. Once politicians are seriously embarrassed, word will get around amongst the politicians that it isn’t in their best interest to associate with foreign entities for purposes of building mosques. I think we need to be more creative in our war on Islam. Does this sound like a good idea?

  86. BNI/Bonni, you’re my rock star! Love and luck! I can only imagine the crap you must’ve had to put up with, including the worst comments ever, some of which I was horrified to read – the comments were so old I didn’t even bother replying. You’re much adored, you and several of the people enlightening us lesser mortals on here, so keep it going!

    • Does anyone know which countries are likely to ban and outlaw Islam? I can’t stand Muslims. I want to make them shut up and go away. They’re all disgusting.

      • So far France is working the hardest to discourage Muslims. Germany as of only a couple of years ago has made it mandatory that new immigrants be skilled workers. That should also stop a lot of Muslims from getting in. Ireland is the only country that underhandedly makes sure Muslims don’t immigrate and that is only because Irish people are more collectivist in nature whereas the English get sort of dopey and passive once their income level is high enough to distract them from politics. Also a sense of job security is the biggest mute in speaking out because Muslims have political correctness on their side. If you are an employer and you are anti-muslim you will be a real hero if you figure out ways not to hire muslims.

      • Neil, in America, you don’t need a reason not to hire someone. You just say, if asked, you hired someone more qualified, more articulate, more personable. All qualities Muslims lack.

      • “Ireland is the only country that underhandedly makes sure Muslims don’t immigrate and that is only because Irish people are more collectivist in nature”
        Neil, I know someone been living there for years, an American, that paints a very different picture. He informs me of very large muzzie influx and the usual crime, but authorities powerless and worry a lot about labels like racism etc. Of course I have no first hand knowledge of that place, but I’m inclined to believe him. He has written about no go areas, but I forget which part he referred to. Problem is of course, they breed like insects and spread the canker where ever they settle. Europe sir will NOT do all that is necessary to rid itself of the vermin, and will I fear be consumed by them.

      • JayD, the number of muzzies living in Ireland is 50,000. Norway is the same population of Ireland yet has 80,000 muzzies. All the muzzies live in Dublin. So most of Ireland is muzzie free. Southern Ireland is where you want to be. Dublin is what is called the token town. Tokens as you may already know are politically correct accommods for the purposes of open society thinking. If the lefty liberal ZOGs ask why is Ireland not more diverse. Then the Irish say. Oh not so. Look at Dublin.

      • Not entirely true CC. They already have a foothold as they do everywhere else they infest and infect. Along with gypsies they have become Europe’s cancer and believe me, neither of them are good for the places they end up in.
        Off topic just a small bit. In France, where they’ve outlawed the burka, their govt. (socialist president) is quite pc and Marine Le Pen, the head of the right wing and patriotic National Front, is being charged with inciting race hate. She was stripped of her parliamentary immunity. So what exactly was her crime?
        Muslims in France in large number have taken to doing their silly ass in the air prayers in the streets blocking off roads and such because they say, the mosques they have won’t hold their numbers and so go to the streets.
        Well, Marine Le Pen is being accused of comparing the influx of muslims along with their street prayers, as like the Nazi occupation of France in WW2.
        That’s all it took for the sky to fall on her.
        The west, and that does include Italy, just continues to accommodate the insect population which grows daily and makes it a crime to say things like that.

        So much for Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

        Liberté, égalité, fraternité

  87. To the blog article on Obama repealing surveillance of mosques – I cannot stress how large a mistake that is. Since the religion and the scripture both promote terrorism, I am sure there are many witnesses to the fact that the inception of most Jihadist activities occurs inside mosques.

    • you won’t know it, trust me. BEST CASE, someone with a bomb up his ass will just blow up taking you down with him. That’s what happens in most parts. We think we’re ready, but individually we never will be. It’s better to fight without understanding than not fight at all. At least that’s what they’re teaching kids in every Madrassa. Their ‘Allah’ is real and active and hates in the real world. Not in his heaven. Has anyone got a statistical estimate on how many people muslims have killed vs. those of all other religions or non-religions? Hopefully that will get published. I’ll try and look that number up right now. In order to ‘inform and educate’.

      • 9: Considering you have no idea where I am or my circumstances, I’ll at least give you a nod for caring that I might not know when a jihadist is after me. I’ll have to disagree with you, however, about fighting without understanding. Let’s not become like our enemies! Knowledge and understanding makes for a better defense and offense. While I commend your passion, over zealousness can lead to stupid mistakes.

        From my studies, over the last 1400 years, Muslims have killed at least 250 million people. Probably more, however.

      • OUTSIDE of wars of course. Deaths outside of wars, so I’m not talking about Christianity.

  88. Hey 9, who is the dumbfuck here? Obviously you really haven’t read any of this site: this site is to educate. Anybody who goes out to fight without understanding what they’re really fighting for could be called a Muslim… since most Muslims don’t even know about their religion. Better to know what you’re fighting against. Know your enemy.

    Well, we know ‘em. We’re one step ahead.

  89. Ok, BNI, is there anything else we can do in the real world to help non-muslims stop suffering the tyranny of muslims? Other than venting on this blog? Can you start a private, secure group online where we can actually discuss this? Or is this website just an awareness sort of thing?

    • 9999, surely you don’t think that any “private secure group online” would be safe from the NSA surveillance? I know this blog is on the White House radar screen for the past few years. One Muslim group got BNI taken down twice and when I refused to stay down, they got hackers in 5 different countries to take me down. But I came back and will continue to do so until they kill me or take me away to a FEMA re-education camp. The only safe meeting place would be in person.

      And yes, this blog is an educational one.

  90. Oh, and realistically, everybody every non-muslim who ever posted on this site against Islam, should understandably fear for their life, because when a jihad is waged against the unfortunate editors of this rather resplendent blog, the muslims will collect your IPs and email addresses and they’ll find you. Don’t forget the Bangladesh-Pakistan confrontation and what happened then. They are tracking this. They are finding you. Every single one of you.

    • Fuck people like Pro-Gentile and fuck their 9 fucking 11. What about the 90 million Hindu men that were killed and their 90 million (at a minimum) wives and daughters that were raped, killed or tortured. Fuck you Pro-Gentile. You’re probably a masochistic animal who gets off on other people’s suffering. Every non-muslim, across the world has a right to be enraged.

  91. Everybody on this site loves talking and discussing, and expostulating their highly intellectual points of view. Let me educate you, as a non-religious person living in a fast Islamizing country.

    Here’s the truth: Every single non-muslim will be Islamized by 2050. The Muslims have won the Jihad. Countries like the UK will be completely under Islamic dominion and Sharia Law by 2050. Also, to you dumb fucks that think Islamic women feel denigrated, you’re stupid. They love their submission and clitoral castrations. Basically, instead of fucking talking, help the Mossad, the Jews and those non-muslims who actually give a fuck instead of congregating here and showing off your useless intelligence. Not that it’s going to help because the Muslims are achieving exactly what they want. FYI, the pacifist muslims, such as ADHD often points out are only using Kitman and Taqqiya on you. If they’re such fucking pacifists why don’t they walk out of their religion and embrace ANYTHING else? All of us know that the Quran is nothing but a book of war. ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION OF PEACE (CIP: Taqqiya and Kitman). BE WARNED. Wake up motherfuckers, stop wasting your time on websites, get off your asses and do something. I know I am, but I can’t tell you what it is, or that defeats the purpose (oh yes, they visit this website too, hide BNI administrators). Oh, and to the general population: keep a suicide pill handy, because they’re coming after you. You just can’t see them.

    The only goal of their holy book and their religion is abject world domination. Fear for your loved ones and do something, or be prepared to change the way you live, sacrifice your freedom to accept Jesus Christ as your only lord and savior, forget YHWH, forget the great Buddha, the illustrious Krishna, forget atheism, agnosticism and forget anything even slightly un-Islamic including bikinis, free speech, music (their music is shit, their architecture is shit, everything this cursed religion has brought to this planet is nothing but useless, unappealing shit).

    Treat this as a final warning and do something to shut them down. Interpret this as DO ANYTHING, NO MATTER WHAT to shut them down. They cannot be converted and they cannot be reasoned with. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PACIFIST MUSLIM. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PEACEFUL ISLAM. The so-called pacifist muslims that comment here, are simply either completely unaware of their piece of shit dogma, or lying to you in order to buy time for their forces.

    • 999999, not acting for Islamists is the same as acting against them, otherwise you wouldn’t have riots like the one’s that were happening in Sweden. I hear rumours all the time about Muslims being turned down from jobs. It would be great if we could get the government to cut off their welfare cheques because they would just go home but what people can do is make sure they never get into a cab with a muslim. Call your local cab company and say you are interested in a cab ride but wish to know how many muslim drivers they have. Pay the extra bucks for a more luxurious cab company who don’t hire muslims. Don’t shop at any stores that have muslim workers and call the manager and say you won’t shop in their store if they have muslim workers. You see there is a lot we can do. It takes effort to avoid facilitating the Islamist way of life in our countries but hopefully they start heading back home.

  92. Neil: Well, Obama was KIND of raised white—his mom hated white “Christian” capitalism, hence her attraction and marriages to black/brown muslims. Don’t forget, Barry spent lots of time in Indonesia going to a muslim school… maybe not a madrassa, but still lots of Koran time. While he eventually ended up in a school for the privileged in Hawaii, say what you will, Obama is a muslim at heart—it’s his upbringing—which explains a lot regarding his political appointments and policies.

    I concur that PCness didn’t come out of a vacuum, but regarding your wife’s insight into archetypes: America was built by rugged individualism, and the idea of rooting for a solitary underdog is a by-product of that: who doesn’t want the disadvantaged guy to win against terrible odds? Back in the 30s, 40s and 50s, our movies reflected that. It wasn’t until the 60s and the era of President Johnson (a progressive) that the “collective” started becoming more important, and Hollywood started projecting. NOW, our movies are all about the collective, individualism is demonized, capitalism is equated with crony capitalism and therefore bad, etc. Yes, Hollywood drinks the progressive liberal kool-aid with gusto and pushes the political agenda of promoting socialism—not so subtly I might add. But I don’t credit them for being the cause of our downfall as a nation: Hollywood is simply a mirror.

    The leftist agenda is to destroy individualism and the only way that can be done is to put people into their proper group and keep them there. Putting people into groups (black, gay, women) and shouting out their differences MAKES them a “social” underdog so that they are given special attention and preference and therefore isolating them into their little “group.” The group becomes the status (think Russia!) whereas America has always put forth that an individual makes his/her own status. Maybe because your wife is Russian she sees that as not a good thing: they’ve had their own brainwashing, too! :-)

    Putting people into groups is also what Islam does: it puts you in a group of which there are certain expectations and status. You’re male or female, white or black (Islam is racist), people of the book or pagans, believers or non-believers, dhimmis or apostates. Islam does not recognize the individual… it’s about the umma following the Prophet. Political correctness does not exist with Islam—unless they are using it to push their religious agenda. This is what is makes them dangerous to Western civilization: they are not bound to PCness, but we are.

    • Spade a Spade: All societies are inherently subjective to what could be called brainwashing, I agree. And in the west, religious freedom is a brainwashed buzzword. Think of religious freedom as a impregnable shield and everything under that shield is sacred. So regardless of how counter culture that religion might be, everything is sacred because it falls under religious freedom. Sharia law is sacred, the idea that Infidels should all be killed is sacred. If we in the west want to say politically incorrect things, it needs to be protected by religious freedom. Otherwise it will be shot down by politicians. So if you want to say Muslims can’t build a Mosque at ground zero, you need to show scripture saying that the building of a church or temple within one mile of a burial site is against your religious beliefs. Then it would be your religious freedom against their religious freedom. It makes me sick to see how twisted things really get under the guise of religion. This is why I am not religious at all. But there is no comparison that Islam is a death cult and Christianity is not.

  93. TF: Polls aside, even moderates (who, in my opinion tend to be more socially liberal and therefore more easily swayed towards the progressive ideology) are dumbed down by political correctness and are therefore reticent to consider Islam the evil that it is. Political correctness is the downfall of this country. I personally do not ascribe to it, and will call a spade a spade. Obviously this does not apply just to the topic of the Islamization of the EU and the US.

    Because of PC, Trump could never win. And because of PC, Obama will never be impeached. No one would dare do that to a black man in power. Same with Holder. Ain’t gonna happen.

    • Funny to say that Obama is a black man. He even chooses to identify himself as black. Its not important that he is half white or that he was raised white. He found more power in being black than white because the black community is more together on the idea of race and like you said the PC card works. But I want to add another insight of my wife to our culture. She mentions that the story archetypes in our western movings revolve around the rise of the solitary underdog. She says that it is an excessive pattern in all our movies and like a hammer over her head as opposed to just going over our heads, she sees it as manipulation of our minds towards an unnatural state whereby we are brainwashed into thinking that A: Good things happen to those who behave as individuals rather than a collective and B: The people who are the perceived underdog are really the heroes. Politically Correct is just another word for power to the perceived underdog. In other words anyone not white, male and heterosexual. So whoever writes the story lines to our movies has a political agenda. Hollywood very likely caused the downfall of this country. Political correctness didn’t come out of a vacuum.

  94. TF: Your wife is very astute, except for one thing: only SOME of our culture are zombies… the liberal “progressives”. Unfortunately, that’s about half our population. They protect Islam while defaming other religions, especially Christianity. More and more people are waking up to the realities of the infiltration of Islam and are fighting back.

    • Agreed.

      I think his wife will find, when it gets down to it, that there are folks in every American “community” who will get fed up and show the Mohammedans and their dhimmwit enablers what’s what.

    • Yeah my wife is quite soft spoken but she surprises me sometimes with her take on our culture. She is sort of a mirror to me this way because I take for granted a lot about who I am and how I was raised. I thought about your estimate of the number of liberal “progressives” and decided to look at a couple polls. It appears that 40% of Americans continue to describe their views as conservative, 35% as moderate, and 21% as liberal. So if we ignore the hard core liberals, then there is 35% slice of the American pie that can go either way. As far as leadership goes, the only Republican that has stood out firm against Islam is Donald Trump. His style is more the generation of my grandparents. The question is, could he galvanize 20 percent of the moderates if he were to run for president. I honestly can’t see anyone else pulling in the conservative votes.

  95. Thanks for this informative site.

    The followers of Islam and its religion scare the hell out of me and my family. I recall a so called moderate Muslim being interviewed on TV about their opinion on women being executed for adultery. He said that within Sharia law it is very difficult for a woman to be accused of adultery because it takes four men to witness it and they all have to have seen penetration. Its like saying “I will kill you if you make me angry” but don’t worry I don’t get angry that often”. Culturally speaking I don’t identify with this type of logic. My first reaction to this way of thinking is to stop being sympathetic, end the argument and tell all my friends to stay the hell away.

    • TF, you have that a little wrong. Muslim women can be accused and convicted of adultery just on her husband’s or male family member’s say so alone. But if a woman claims to have been raped, it is she who needs 4 male witnesses to get a conviction. Otherwise, she can be jailed or stoned to death for having sexual relations with someone other than her husband.

      • Interesting, so either this Muslim was lying or the show’s producer manipulated his answer to water down his extremist views. Either way it doesn’t matter, I have been awoken. In my city Islamic expatriates have been slowly but surely creeping into our town. There has always been a Mosque but now it has been expanded to double its size and the Muslim population has quadrupled in only four years. My old high school now has the reputation of educating a once Christian student alumni who later became an Islamic suicide bomber in Algeria. And this was a conservative middle class school. I worry about my kids. My wife was born in Russia and she says the one thing she noticed about the West is that it is too politically correct. She remembers talking to my grandma and saying that the reason she could identify with her was that my Grandma spoke her mind and had no political correct filtering the same way Russians behave. She also said that we are too individualistic a society to be able to confront the Muslim problem and that the Muslims will be stronger because they are more communal. She has no faith in our culture and believes that Russia will be the only country to be able to tackle Islam head on because Russia has a history of confronting it. It astounds me that she is so confident in her opinion because I never even thought about my culture in this way. It scares me even more because she is essentially saying we are generation of zombies.

  96. Think of this, if you’re a pedophile, a psychopath, a serial killer, a baby rapist or a misogynist, ISLAM is th religion for you. That’s the only reason anyone not muslim would convert. It’s a free-for-all religion.

    • So true. Most convert to Islam for the same reason, either because they want to be polygamous, or to have a license to kill and maim, or out of greed for benefits, cash or kind. Several, to fulfill sadistic or aggressive proselytizing tendencies.

  97. Since you have an egregious predilection for gratuitous violence you should say the shahada and join the mohammadan supremacists.

    One can only assume your “1 true god” is Moloch.

    In that case you’re already a mohammadan supremacist.

    Nice try, mohammadan troll.

  98. islam is no religion it is a fictiction made up by a mass murderer peodeophile mohamad ,it is sick and twisted mecca must be nuked along with all of islam there would be no greater joy then to decapitate an islamic and piss down his throat and poit his feet straight to hell may all of islam burn in hell under the name of the 1 true god

  99. The person who created this site is an idiot and obviously has no life including the people who feed into this bullshit. This site is stupid, basically saying that all muslims are the same and do bad things, which is not true.

    • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

      Another Moslem or Communist troll… I can pity you in a way – until I remember just how truly MONSTROUS the twin threats of Islam and Communism REALLY ARE!!!!

      Why don’t you get off your butt and do some serious studying (and not from corrupted textbooks financed by Saudi Arabia!!)??? You think you know everything???

    • Oh boy! Another semi-literate, half-wit, inbred islamotard straight off the shortbus from Mecca to toy with, like a cat with a mouse. Thank you Heavenly Father!

      If only you muhominids were as skilled with words and wit as you are with knives, stones, gasoline, ammonium nitrate, and C-4, this might be a worthy challenge instead of a verbal “turkey shoot.” (that would be the tasty bird species, not the inbred Anatolian muhominid species.)

      Take “heart,” your verbal martyrdom awaits!

  100. To the mohammadan supremacist/internet tough guy:

    quran.com with accompanying tafsir.

    That alone supports what BNI states about islam.

    hadiths are just icing on the cake.

    You and your uncouth, typical mohammadan supremacist aggressive bravado supports what BNI states about mohammadan supremecists.

    End of debate.

    • Hi Istanbul Chick, if you’re referring to “Shabeer”, he’s an old poster from faithfreedom.org. Famous for all caps. Incoherent rantings, and endless copy and paste.

      • “Famous for all caps. Incoherent rantings, and endless copy and paste.”

        Well that describes every mohammadan supremacist “intellectual” on the internet.:) Especially the cut and paste. Most of them don’t even read what they cut and paste. Thus nine times out of ten their cut and paste jobs usually destroy their own arguments.

        I thank the universe every day I wasn’t born a mohammadan supremacist. I’d hate having to share the single functioning brain cell with the other 1.5 billion pathalogical lunatics.

  101. I’m sick of every clueless **** thinking Islam is a religeon of peace and defending them whenever somebody speaks the truth about what the religion truly consists of! What kind of “peaceful” religion commands the beheading of innocents just because they don’t believe in the same god as you?! What kind of peaceful religion says that if a women is raped, it is her fault because she must have been showing too much of herself and she has to be killed because SHE has brought shame to her family and that it has nothing to do with the guy being a sexual predator. What kind of “peaceful” religion states in their holy book that if followers martyr themselves they will be granted with a paradise in the afterlife, for murdering innocent people they are rewarded with the “ultimate prize!” What kind of “peaceful” religion is that?!?
    All these tea towel wearing biggots do is make it there Muslim duty to slowly infect the world with their cloak and dagger beliefs and whenever ANYBODY says ANYTHING about any of their religious figures, they believe it is justified to riot, attack and brutally murder totally innocent people who have nothing to do with their petty turmoils!
    The sad thing is that by the time people start to realise what true Islam is, it will be to late…

    • AMEN!!!! You have my complete agreement and the equally-full consensus on this opinion from all the real people on this Weblog!!!!

      That’s why we MUST counter all Moslem propaganda wherever it appears (as it be possible)…

  102. XX Peace – I really like your comment here as many people are too quick to stereotype when it comes to religious extremism! Just because a small percentage of the Muslim faith decide to interpret a passage of the Qur’an in a horrific way, does not mean that this is the beliefs of the entire Muslim community! XX

    It is the amount of “the muslim hobby” that refuse to decry these actions, that is the problem, and the PROOF.

    Never piss in a pot when their is a handy muslim around.

  103. @Kerry

    “Just because a small percentage of the Muslim faith decide to interpret a passage of the Qur’an in a horrific way,”

    Oh dear god you dumb bunny. Please explain to us how the following can be “interpreted in an *un*horrific way:

    “Cut off (from the wrist joint) the (right) hand of the thief, male or female, as a recompense for that which they committed, a punishment by way of example from Allah. And Allah is All-Powerful, All-Wise.” http://quran.com/9/5

    “Fight against those who (1) believe not in Allah, (2) nor in the Last Day, (3) nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger (4) and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth (i.e. Islam) among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” http://quran.com/9/29

    “The recompense of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and do mischief in the land is only that they shall be killed or crucified or their hands and their feet be cut off on the opposite sides, or be exiled from the land. That is their disgrace in this world, and a great torment is theirs in the Hereafter. “http://quran.com/5/33

    Keep in mind that these are just three of the many ayats commanding violence against unbelievers. And allah the impotent makes it clear that refusing to become muslim is *an act of war.*

    Now tell us again you silly slut how all these violent ayats, which are being acted out by mohammadans and upon non-mohammadans, in real time, today, across the globe can be interpreted *un* horrifically? Now keep in mind you stupid slag that *you* said Christians *USED* to do horrendous things. We are talking about what mohammadans do *now,* not what Christians did 50, 100, 1000 years ago.

    I suggest you take your mohammadan romeo’s c*ck out of your mouth, come up for air and save the few healthy neurons you left. The lack of oxygen has caused you to become a moronically and egregiously way off base relativist.

    If you are just another mohammadan pretending to not be a mohammdan, well, just tighten your slave rag, stfu, and get your ass in the kitchen and get me a sandwich before the lack of oxygen or your male owner kills you.

    • “Refusing to be a muslim an act of war”. One day I could imagine this taking hold in the west. But one day I could also imagine a hell of a lot more predator drones taking care of business. They might have the numbers but we have the technology i.e. no boots on the ground to speak an no IED’s to worry about.

  104. Muslims are destroying other religious stuff yeah? So are buddhists in burma, I look forward to your anti buddhism site now.

      • The leader of that buddhist “Crusade” in burma says he fears his religions peaceful agenda will be their downfall. He speaks of what happened to Indonesia (Previously a Buddhist country, now muslim), and is fully aware of what Islam is capable of. They are merley taking action and defending their heratige and country.

      • Yes, I amply understand the leader of the Buddhist Counter-Jihad’s fear, especially since I’ve noticed news about that conflict make it at least a few times to the mainstream-media (with the coverage definitely tilted in favour of the “Rohingya” Moslems) over the past two months.

        I’m STRONGLY suspicious that – were it not for China (plus all three of India, Japan and Taiwan) being too close to there – the Moslems would buy Western help (as they did for Kósovo-Metóhija and Bosnia-Hercegóvina in addition to Iraq {both 1990 and 2003}!!!) and destroy Burma in exactly the same way… Even as matters stand, I wouldn’t rule it out, alas…

        DEATH TO ISLAM and ALL totalitarianism!!!!!

    • An anti-gaga banerjee site would be a much better idea.

      “Gaga?” How infantile sounding, now go check your diaper, something stinks in here and it ain’t us.

  105. Hi Space Monkey, no offense but 99.99% liberals have their heads in the sand about Islam and what a destructive and invasive force Muslims are/can be within western society. If you speak out against Islam or burn a koran you’re an racist Islamophobic SOB. If you throw a Bible in a toilet and take a picture it’s art and celebrated. Liberals are famous for their double standards and pandering—it’s all about the failed policies of multiculturalism. I’m not saying YOU specifically, but the progressive liberal mindset in general (and yes, I’m stereotyping, but ). You compared Westboro to Islam in a sense… and you’re right to do so: they’re both cults.

    But here’s what you must do: go to Facebook and declare that you think Islam and Shariah are dangerous to Western society, and see what you’re liberal friends say to you, okay?

    @Barenaked: Love your site. Been following a while. You’re truly brave.

      • I’ve been rather vehement about religion on Facebook. Especially Islam. I had a talk with someone from Yehmen, an old friend of mine, and we talked at length about Islam. I try to absorb all I could from every source and rationalize it all out and find what I believe to be the “truth” of the matter. I’m quite staunch, if anyone is offended by my Facebook posts they’re more than free to unlike me. I accept that it might not be the same for individuals identifying themselves at “Liberal” – the term really just encompasses a majority of my political beliefs so I use it.

        @BareNakedIslam I’m gracious you let us make the cut and allowed the comment to linger. I use this site as a raw information source. Unedited violence and the like I would not find on Youtube.

        Back to A Spade. I don’t know. I don’t know what the majority of Liberals think. The idea of progressive liberals being famous for their double standards is almost funny because preconceived notions -stop- progress. I agree on nearly if not all of the points you raise. Islam is very protective of all materials Islamic to the point of rioting over Korans being burnt. Why you’d set fire to one of your neighborhoods because someone across the world did something I’ll never understand but it happens.

        Like I said, and I hope BareNakedIslam can appreciate, before I am liberal I am human. Before you are Christian, Left Wing, Right Wing, or BBQ Chicken you’re human and as a piece of the puzzle that is humanity we need to keep an open mind and be willing to submit to the truths and harden ourselves against unfavorable truths.

        Thanks again for the Admins for allowing another point of view on their site – it is appreciated.

      • SM, I do not consider all Liberals to be Leftists. Sadly, the true meaning of Liberal has been lost on Leftists who behave more like fascists than any liberal ever would. We have had a few self-described Liberals commenting here who understand the threat that Islam poses to them, even more than to conservatives. And they are welcome here.

  106. How come the KKK can’t wear sheets on their heads, but the muzzies can? What happened to equality? I bet it’s only equality for muzzies.

  107. XX I am for many a thing but I’m not sure decapitation is really one of them.XX

    BRILLIANT!!! I may steal that! :-) :-)

  108. XX My ability to reason, to apply logic, to dictate what I think makes me human. I am aware that I have the potential to be a radical whether (doubtfully) Islamic in nature, liberal in nature, or any other shitty cause I choose. XX

    But a muslim does not HAVE that choice. Under penalty of death. AND(!!) It does NOTHING about it!

    • I imagine as with any religion or ideal there are converts. Look at the Westboro church, their indoctrination begins at childhood and they lost a son who decided that it was insanity. Given that Islam is obviously far more (maybe not that far) extremist than that church but converts exist. Iran especially has a strong underground, a sort of rebelling youth. Looking at Syria and other ironfist Islamic countries I’m not sure there is a whole lot one can do to truly do anything about it. Especially when it is oppressed Western accepting teenagers being absolutely brutalized by their governments.

      Perhaps I am just an idealist but I at least hope that there are Muslims who realize that perhaps the religion needs a make over. Sort of like the New Testament where Christians have gotten rid of the laws that make absolutely no sense. However naive I can be, I’m not convinced that this revolutionary idea is going to pop off any time soon though. If the youth can’t change it from within I at least hope that governments take a stance like Germany and contain it as best as we could.

      Hope for the best prepare for the worst. I am for many a thing but I’m not sure decapitation is really one of them.

      • Of course, there are Muslims who believe their religion needs a makeover.

        Others have tried to reform Islam in the past and failed. Islam doesn’t lend itself to change. This is because it is really a totalitarian political ideology disguised as a religion.

        Islam’s very nature renders it impossible to change. The proof is that Islam is the same barbaric, unevolved, medieval religion it was when it first started hundreds of years ago.

  109. Oh– on the note of both Muslims and I being human, I find that even more tragic. I feel even more revolted as I know that they could be just like me but elect to be what they are. A sorrowful tragedy of humanity that such potential intellect be squandered on the delusions of a 7th century invisible man story.

    • you’re wrong SpaceMonkey. Humans evolve, in their thinking, abilities. Muslims cannot, because their religion does not allow evolution in thinking.

  110. The comments section is bothersome. By definition I have a liberal view of politics which is to say that I am for disregarding tradition where tradition holds back the progress of Man. In the earlier comments you say the only hate allowed is for the Muslims yet the phrase “libtard” is thrown around quite often.

    Frankly I find it hilarious because as I scroll down page after page of horrendously violent acts and I ask myself, “Is this propaganda?” I ruffle through everything I have learned about the conflicts with Israel and learned about Africa – I sort of do it in the fashion I suppose Buddha would want. I then look at the globe and see everything as objectively as I could. My political affiliations are the farthest thing from my mind, yet I’m getting lumped into these assumptions or at least feel I am.

    So when I come to the conclusion that this is not propaganda, that there is real and visible evidence that take overs are happening, and I accept this only to see “libtards this” and “libtard that” I can’t help but feel that the mindset is almost as poisonous as the Muslim mindset. Those you call liberal who’re paving the way and kissing ass for Muslims I guess are -technically- liberal in that they’re breaking tradition but they’re not a representative of any real “liberals” I know.

    Muslims are human. They are in fact human. I wouldn’t dehumanize them for a moment because I am also human. My ability to reason, to apply logic, to dictate what I think makes me human. I am aware that I have the potential to be a radical whether (doubtfully) Islamic in nature, liberal in nature, or any other shitty cause I choose. We all have that pitfall. My point is while we accept the threat that is real we do not become like them in our own ways.

    There is no need to go hunting for enemies in any political organization. Plenty exist. Democratic, Republican. Whoever. We’re not all libtards and we’re not all excited about this anymore than anyone else. Those who are just happen to be liberals who are idiots or under the guise of liberalism have an entirely different agenda.

    I might be completely off, I’m just trying to piece it all together from the comments and the picture I am getting is kind of funny. I feel like with the generalizations I should be in a room with Obama and Hilary Clinton plotting what in America we’ll blow up next.

  111. My comments above are directed at the muhominid cretin who ironically dares to address himself/herself as “I am A HUMAN.” Why they posted out of sequence, I have no clue.

  112. Hey Muhominid, quir calling yourself human. There is nothing remotely Homo Sapiens about Homo Islamopithecus. Especially Homo Islamopithecus Paleostinus, an invasive, canabalistic proto-muhominid sub-species prone to poor me histronics and suicidal explosions on buses, schools and Tel Aviv restaraunts, that upsets the ecological balance of Samaria and Judea’s indigenous flora and fauna.

    Stop crying you little islamotarded pussy! We’re gonna hate you and your murderous kind no matter what, and there is nothing you or your ficticious, pussy-assed allah can do about it, and there are far too many of us for you to stop, no matter how many times you and your fellow muhominid cretins like to tell us your “fastest growing religion in the world” lie.

    F**k you and the smelly nanny goat you humped in on! Oh, sorry, billygoat, you homocaprasodomite!


  113. This is a very interesting site…as well as the comments left by people.
    I am Muslim born in Pakistan and raised in America.

    What I learned about Islam from my parents and Quran is very simple; to live a peaceful life and don’t hurt others. I’ve lived in NY since I was 7 years old and one of my best friends is Jewish. I don’t judge him for his religious beliefs and he doesn’t either.

    Whats happening in the world is very disgusting and even more that they use Islam and brand themselves as Muslims. No, I am not here to change your views on what you see in the world and I can understand the anger and hatred you have. But don’t judge a few and think all of us are the same. Most of us just want to live life in peace and have nothing to do with this insanity and violence plaguing the world today.

    I remember when I visited Pakistan with my family when I was 16 years old, most people despised me, thinking i was a rich and snobby kid (because my family earned US dollars and they didnt; yes its a big thing back there) After finding out Im as humble and kind as they next guy, they stopped judging. BUT what i learned over there was that they believed the corruption and acts of the government (US and over the world as well as theirs) to be representative of the people; meaning judging the actions of a few and labeling everyone as the same.

    Today, the word “Islam” and “muslim” has been degraded due to the actions of these cowards in the world. There is NO PIECE OF SCRIPTURE (in the Quran or anywhere else) that tells you ITS Ok, to slap on a vest go outside and killing innocent people cause they are “Infidels” or start calling people infidels for that matter……when i hear and see this Im like wtf….

    Islam says ….if you have nothing good to say, then don’t say it….and if you don’t agree with someone’s views or their religion, do not hurt them or curse them. You just say, “to you is your religion, to me is mine”. AS A Muslim, TO REPRESENT myself as a muslim, the ESSENTIAL part of being a MUSLIM, is not to harm others and to be kind. This doesnt mean be kind to muslims and hate others….no….be kind to everyone…

    Extremists have ruined the face of our religion.
    Take this piece of crap for example: (watch the first 6 minutes)

    He came in to have sex with a minor and sent pics to her….and ON TOP to defend himself (which is pointless cause hes got caught red handed) he says hes a muslim and would never do that???? WTF was he doing in the house???

    This type of stupidity exists in the world today and sadly these people are NOT muslims, just a husk and with a label. A muslim is characteristic trait not a label. Im ashamed these people call themselves muslim and kill innocents…THey are as far from Islam and what a true muslim is than anyone can perceive.

    Anyways, Take care fellas ….wish you all the best….and I hope you guys find example of proper muslims in the world today….even if there arent too many of us left.

    Everyday I pray to God, that where I live

    • Usman, thank you for your comments. While we understand that not all Muslims are terrorists or extremists, we also understand that most of the peaceful versus of the Mecca quran have been abrogated by the later Medina version, the one all Muslims must follow today. By not denouncing the teachings of the quran, your silence makes you complicit in the violence, terrorism, misogyny and bigotry that it contains.

      We have much less fear of violent terrorism by Muslims than we do from ‘civilization’ jihad – the Islamization of the West, as evidenced by the constant battles that groups like CAIR are waging in our courtrooms to prevent the passage of anti-sharia bills in many states. It’s the insistence that Americans adapt to Muslim ways – allowing hijabs and niqabs in schools and businesses, demanding separate prayer rooms in public places just for Muslims, halal meats being sneaked into our stores and fast food outlets without our knowledge, mosques going up in residential Christian neighborhoods, Muslims demanding school closings for Muslim holidays, not to mention the flood of Somali Muslims coming into the Bible Belt and bringing crime and paedophile sex gangs with them. I could go on.

      You sound like a nice person. But we do see creeping Islamization of our country as a serious threat. History has shown what happens to non-Muslim nations when the Muslim population grows to 20% and more. Parts of the UK and France are not even recognizable as British and French anymore and are considered NO GO ones for non-Muslims. We are fighting to prevent that from happening here.

      • That’s a blatant fucking lie. To me every goddamned Muslim is a terrorist unless and until proven otherwise. That is also how I treat them in the workplace. I don’t hire muslims, I don’t buy their shit xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  114. To azrul ayub 89 and his cronies:

    “For who those don’t know actually what is Islam? try fully understand the Quran.” (sic)

    I don’t know actually what is Islam. I don’t fully try to understand the Koran. Just as I don’t try to understand the Protocols of the Elders of Zion or Mein Kempf. I don’t try to understand how people in the 21-st century read either one of these 3 “books” with a straight face. I don’t understand how people don’t understand that each one of these 3 “books” is a step-by-step guide to hatred, bigotry and incitement. I don’t understand how a book narrating a murderous-pedophilic-psychopath- criminal´s path can be disguised as a “holy book”.

    I don’t care what is islam. I won’t ever visit or live in Syria, saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen or any of the other 20-something shit-hole countries that cater to islam, so I don’t care what it is, how it looks or how many times one has to lift his ass up in the air to pray to its evil idol. All I care is for muslims to remain in their 9-th century hell-holes and leave us infidels alone frolicking in our ignorance of islam.

  115. I just found this website. I’ve read some of the articles and watched a horrific video of the Christian convert being beheaded. Wow. There are no words.

    I agree with what you’re saying about Islam. What I don’t get is how so many others don’t see it.

    Thank you for having this website to offset the whitewashing and propaganda about Islam. We need it. We need the truth.

    There was an article on HuffPost that was titled something like “How much Mohammad and George Washington Had in Common”. Give me a break!

    Btw, Istanbul Chick is a riot!

    • I will translate, for the uninitiated, the newest mohammadan supremacist’s dribble:

      “For those who haven’t read our holy book (supremacist manifesto for power, pussy, and money) or swallowed the suicidal pc/mc kool-aid.”

      “Don’t read it for yourselves. Just believe what we supremacists tell you is in it.”

      “May our make believe sky monster (part plagerism from Jewish and Christian texts part paranoid delusions) scare you so badly you surrender without defending your countries, cultures, or lives from our supremacist ideology.”

      “Surrender completely and without resistance to us and our supremacist ideology or we will slander, harangue, harass, threaten, steal from, beat, rape, and murder you until you do.”

    • YOU ACCURSED MONSTER!!!! [I wish I had seen this earlier...]

      We PROUD “infidels” DEFY you in every last single regard!!!! We are the CLEAN ones – it’s MOSLEMS who are dirty, Moslems who are unspeakably EVIL, boasting, vainglorious in their worship of an EVIL MAN named Mohammed, Moslems who don’t know love but only HATE even from conception through DEATH!!!!

      Moslems hate everything good of both this world and every other – it’s Moslems who’re PURE EVIL (with the rarest exceptions who somehow manage to be better than most NOT BECAUSE of – but IN SPITE OF it)!!!! Islam has absolutely NOTHING GOOD WHATSOEVER!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM now, forever and unto ages of ages, world without end!!!! AMEN!!!!

    • Maybe I cannot tell you “which is true religion” (sic) but I can definitely tell you which one is not. As a hint, it starts with “i” and ends with “slam”. It is a vile, discriminatory, hate-filled, blood-lusting evil doctrine, far-removed from every decent moral, ethical or social value. It’s only been elevated to the rank of religion because hundreds of millions of unsuspecting foolish naives have been forced to believe in it.

  116. dear Mr Hussein,
    You are totally wrong here. Your sacred book Quran is full of hatred & violence towards Non-muslims(ie Hindus, Buddhists Christians ,Jews & atheists etc..) particularly Jews & Christians .I have read its English translations (all by Muslims). I can give you the references if you want. I do not understand how you say that Islam is a religion of peace when its only Holy book (ie. Quran) openly teaches hate & violence against Non-muslims.I being a Hindu accept that there are absurdities in some of our scriptures .But, I am yet to find a Muslim who ever says or accepts that there are absurdities in Islam.Some how they always try to glorify it & condemn other religions. Is it not a type of Hypocricy………..??????????/

    • Hardly: the Moslems invaded much of Europe in the 7th and 8th-centuries. [Don't forget that Charles Martel defeated the Arab-Moslem invaders in 732!!] Most of the truly-severe anti-Jewish persecutions, despicably EVIL as they were, came AFTER that date. [The only really-bad bout of anti-Semitism was in 133-35 under Hadrian, when he, already sick with the cancer that killed him, took his brutality and frustration out on them after the revolt of Simeon bar Kokheba.]

      That’s unless you’re thinking that the Holocaust demands fresh punishment upon the people who perpetrated these things – or at least stood by and let them happen…

      • Moslems (or “moros” as they are known in Spain) were finally defeated and kicked out from Spain (their last important European bastion) by the 15-th century, not to come back as an important political force for another 500 years. In the meantime for Jews, there was of course the expulsion of all Jews from Spain by the Catholic Kings. The historical distance doesn’t let us grasp the magnitude of it but for the sake of comparison assume that next month obama issues a decree that every American Jew has to either convert to islam or leave the U.S leaving behind everything they own. This catastrophe, huge in itself, was of course followed by the expulsion from Portugal and by the Inquisition. Let’s add up the Ukrainian, Polish and Russian recurrent progroms, the Cossack’s masacres of Jews, the reviling and demonizing of Jews in the Papal states, throughout the various English kingdoms, in the Central-European feudal states, Martin Luther’s personal war against the Jews, the blood libels, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the hijacking of rabbis and prominent Jews from their communities in demands for ransoms…. The list can go on and on, in every part of Europe and in every century since. The Holocaust was only the last in a very long series, of course being the masterpiece of these carreer antisemites.

        Islam is a well deserved punishment for Europeans. Let them enjoy each other.

      • Not quite: the last Moslems (“Moriscos”) were kicked out of Spain in 1605.

        If you think that Islam is well-deserved for Europeans, than what of the Jewish philosopher Karl Marx, whose parents converted to Christianity before he was born?? He for a while was a Christian before he renounced all religion…

        A HUGE portion of the European Jews, sadly (indeed in large measure thanks to the persecutions you mention), became Communists – and it’s the Commies that have brought the Moslems back into Europe!!!!! [For Soviet Commies: Rï'kov, Bukhárin, Kámjeñev, Zinóviev and Kagánovich were all Jewish! Even Ljéñin was ¼-Jewish through one of his grandparents.]

        I don’t – and WON’T – blame the Jews for Communism: they were not less than half-FORCED into it!!! Still, I don’t think that Islam is quite that “well-deserved” a punishment for Europeans either!!!

      • To ADHD:
        Be happy and keep thinking that islam is not such a well-deserved punishment, even “blame it on the Jooooos” subliminaly (what else is new). (If you don’t and won’t, then why mention it?). And I’ll be happy and keep thinking that islam is indeed a mild but well-deserved punishment for Europeans. We both stay happy and we both get to keep our ideas.

        Either way it won’t change a thing about the future reality in Europe. Let the heirs of Goebbels, Heydrich and Kamyenev and Lenin and Catherine Ashton and Fernando e Isabel enjoy the great-great-grandsons of mohammed. Me for one, I wont care about “asian youths” doing what they do best, rioting, killing and destroying in Brussels and Marseille and London and Amsterdam and Malmo.

      • One thing, Mr. Facundo:

        I’m NOT blaming the Jewish people ONE IOTA under ANY circumstances whatsoever, consciously or unconsciously – God FORBID!!!!! On the contrary, real Christians are exhorted to LOVE the Jews as God’s Chosen People, where we Gentiles have been grafted in out of God’s Mercy – and at which acceptance and love of His we need to be in awe and fear…

        However, I find it wrong to rejoice in any ENTIRE people, nation, race or religious group being punished – or to think that they ALL deserve a “well-deserved punishment”. The only exception to this rule of mine is the Moslems BECAUSE of their beliefs and values REQUIRING them to FORCE their things upon the rest of us – and even then, some individuals in that group CAN – and even DO – go as far as to renounce that Satanic religion at GREAT risk to their lives and well-being because they decide to accept to be on an equal footing with non-Moslems!!!

        Would you condemn me as an heir to Kámjeñev or Heydrich (for example) because I’ve European blood in me?? [And I live in North America...]

      • Silvio, you are right in a lot of things. The reason, that number of Jews became communists is that it was the only religion which accepted them as equal.( in theory ). Yes, I call communism religion. They wanted converts, they blindly obeyed the demands of their Bible(Communist Manifesto) and often took part in confession.(self-criticism). I did not believe the ” chosen” status of the Jewish people , but now I think it is true. God have chosen His people as saviour and because He still loves human kind so dearly, and the much loved human kind did not stop sinning ,so He is ready to scarify His son(s) again. But after comes the resurrection.

  117. If everybody Would just realize that there is no god in any shape or form, the world would be a better place. We have scientific evidence that states the theory of evolution. We have to call it a theory as all of you idiots who have devoted your life to somebody who exists as much as the tooth fairy, may fall to pieces over the ugly truth. It is as though religious people are like small children who don’t want to believe that Santa isn’t real. Everybody knows the world is full of stupid people, especially anyone involved in any type of brainwashing religion. All of the worlds problems come from religion and politics and greenhouse gas emissions of course. We should form another religion in the form of fighting famine and climate change, instead of this bullshit over who’s religion is more moral. None of them are, they are all evil. Religion is not productive in this day and age, some have moved forward more than others, but at the end of the day Religion is one big waste of time and energy and leads to extremism, because people are already partially brainwashed by their religion, this then leads to the Dictators/Terrorist leaders to tug on peoples heart strings, manipulating these people with the very thing they love the most, their God. If we saw ourselves as our own free spirit with a soul, heart and life force, freedom in choice and will. This could never happen. I would like to see a world where any type of religion is abolished! Maybe in another 500years LOL.

    • NO!!!!!

      Evolution remains a THEORY because it as yet has NOT been mathematically PROVEN the way a THEOREM needs to be proven in order to be FACT!!!!! Furthermore, there are PLENTY of genuine people who even nowadays undergo religious experiences where they know to recognise God and His Work regardless of what they’re indoctrinated to be!!!

      In any case, science can NEVER explain absolutely everything precisely because it only recognises what it sees, hears, feels, smells and tastes. 150 years ago, it wouldn’t have been able to recognise radiation rays because such things hadn’t been recognised. Even 100 years ago, it wasn’t ready to power and engineer the computers we nowadays all too often take for granted!!

      You, “Athigirl”, are a typical Marxist-Darwinist (and Ljéñinist-Stáljinist) who wants to do even worse than “throw out the baby with the bathwater”: you want to EXTERMINATE religion, just as your Communist and Nazi forefathers have been systematically tried – and, thank God, FAILED!!! – ever since Ljéñin started his infinitely-EVIL Communist rule over Russia as of 1917/11/07!!!!

      We know your kind, and we don’t want to have ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to do with “newfangled” (yet the same) totalitarianism of the kind you and your like propound: whether you call yourselves Moslems, Communists, Nazis or whatever else you try of names: they still won’t change the basics. Plus ça change, plus ça reste le même!!!!

    • Asshole Girl, A belief in Natural Selection isn’t a monopoly held only by atheists. Contrary to what you may think, there are plenty of theists who have no problem with it either. Myself being agnostic, I have no truck with considering ourselves as the top ape in the food chain so to speak. We do share roughly 96% to 98% DNA with the chimpanzee genome after all. What I do have issues with is cowardly people. Especially stupid, cowardly people who claim there is no deity simply thru an act of faith, a most theistic of methods, BTW. This outs you as an out and out hypocrite in my book. There simply isn’t any credible, empirical, observable evidence that scientifically proves God doesn’t exist. Nor is there any proof that all religions are equally bloody and repressive. For example, in a muslim society governed by sharia law, you as an atheist would not be allowed to live. You would be put to death. Quite likely raped first.

      Now, can you name one Christian or other faith country that calls for this penalty? Just to keep you focused, I’m talking about in this day and age, not hundreds of years ago when witches were burned and Tomas de Torqemada’s Inquisition ran rampant in Spain. That misses the point, and people like you conveniently use that tactic to obsfucate. It has absolutely no relevance in this day and age. Well, can you?

      Now, let us suppose we follow your example and become full-fledged atheists, renounce God’s existence. Are you naive enough to believe millions of muslims (or any other faith for that matter) would suddenly have an epiphany and follow our example to be followed by a mega, global group hug? Hell no! They would redouble their efforts to subdue us and/or kill us. The best case scenario would be that they would try to convert us to islam (then kill us if we refuse). Do you honestly believe we should just lay there and passively let them do us in?

      Back to my earlier point concerning cowardice and subjective moral dissonance. I believe your position to be rooted in an unwillingness to die for something greater than your own subjective self since that would mean the complete destruction of your own corporeal existence for all eternity. No afterlife whatsoever. I think many atheists feel this way on some deep level, not all atheists mind you, but from the opinions stated by you above, that is how it sounds to me.

      One more point I would like to remind you of is that theists DO NOT have a monopoly on murder, mayhem and all around evil. Some of the bloodiest attrocities have been committed by your precious fellow atheists, Josef Stalin murdered millions of his own people, often for politico-economic purposes. China’s Chairman Mao did the same. Likewise, so did Cambodia’s Pol Pot. Remember atheism is a major component of Communism’s cherished “Scientific Socialism.” Even Fascist Adolph Hitler was no fine example of Christ’s love and compassion whatever his theological/non-theological persuasion was. There is only one religion that I can think of that rivals these numbers, and that is islam thruout it’s 1,400 years of existence. 270,000,000 deaths attributed to islam’s sword as it spread out into the Middle East, N. Africa, Asia Minor, and Central and South Asia.

      Considering the above-named atheists committed their mass murders within the scope of their own lifespans, I would be inclined to say that is mighty damned impressive if not outright chilling and horrific by comparison.

      I suppose that is a fine example of atheists making their world a better place. Every damned one of them started off as an idealist too. With people like you, it’s all apples and oranges, and the pot calling the kettle black (and no, that’s not a racist comment silly girl!)

    • Athigirl, you’re right. But that is not the point here. God is not being debated. Do I give a shit if the guy who’s coming to kill me believes in a God or not? I don’t believe in God, but that doesn’t stop anyone from killing me. I don’t give a fuck what anyone believes in as long as they keep it outta my face. Muslims don’t.

  118. http://freepressjou rnal.in/conditio n-of-hindus- in-pak-worse- than-partition- study/

    Condition of Hindus in Pak worse than Partition: Study
    December 10, 2012 by admin

    [image: Condition of Hindus in Pak worse than
    Delhi, December 9, 2012: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Saturday
    released a study on Pakistani Hindus forced to flee to India due to
    discrimination, atrocities on women and persecution in almost all walks of
    life and the government of India remaining insensitive to their plight,
    rather shy to take up their cause with Pakistan.

    The study report on УGross Violation of Human Rights of Minorities in
    Pakistan, prepared by Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini ofMumbai, after on-the-spot
    study of the migrants camping in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh will be
    released here on Monday by BJP patriarch Lal Krishna Advani on the occasion
    of the international human rights day. Noting that hundreds of Hindu and
    Sikh citizens of Pakistan have recently fled to India, the study report
    says: УIncidents of abduction and forced marriage or rapes are common
    place, women are afraid of going to schools or colleges due to kidnappings
    and forced marriages on the campuses have increased manifold.Ф

    The report also observed that for Hindus in Pakistan the situation has
    become worse than what it was in 1947, left with only three options: to
    convert, to flee, or to die. On the economic persecution of Hindus, the
    report says, УThere are several instances of a complete violation of
    economic freedom. Hindus owning property cannot sell it at their will. If
    they have other assets, the same are snatched away at gunpoint. Their
    businesses have to pay heavy amounts to radical groups and local gangs for

    Many Hindu traders cannot claim their dues from a Muslim and are often left
    at the latterТs mercy.Ф Observing that Hindus in Pakistan also have to face
    slavery and untouchability, the report says, УThe lower caste Hindus and
    also those who are economically poor are subjected to bonded labour. They
    are treated worse than animals and all international norms of labour
    practices are openly violated.

    • Hey Warrior, google ‘Mughalistan’ – that might wake Indians up a little. But then unfortunately Indians like the RSS and Bajrang Dal are no better. They go around beating up their own people, instead of doing anything about the muslim menace. You know why? The real truth? They’re scared of Muslims. Muslims function as a unit, a holistic tight knit weapon of a gross and primitive religion. Hindus don’t and can’t. It’s just that way, and that’s for the better. I as a non-muslim would hate to be part of a war-machine. I want true freedom, the ability to work and reap the fruits of my labor in peace. Very few muslims want peace. Or they want the peace after they dominate the world with their views and way of life. In most muslim homes, they talk of the day Islam will conquer the world. In your own country, muslim cricket fans support Pakistan and Bangladesh and not India. In your own country, they rape and loot kaffirs and blow people up to shit. Bombay, Hyderabad, Bangalore, no city is safe, and not one place is spared. Need I say Kashmir. The burka next to you could explode. And burkas are rampant. Even the police don’t police the muslims, or they’d be dead. The government is so corrupt it looks the other way to favor the voting population, close to a third of which is fast becoming Muslim. Anyway, google Mughalistan if you can. The ISI is on top of that one for sure.

      • 99999, you are posting in a place that is very old and doesn’t get many visitors today. Please try posting under stories on the Main page if you want responses to your comments.

      • Thanks BNI will do that. Sorry some of my posts get confusing…thanks for your patience. More power to you.

  119. This page is fucking repulsive. People like you are the reason that people like Osama fly planes into your buildings; it has nothing to do with Islam. You’re a fucking disgrace and an embarrassment.

    • Oh look, how cute. Another inbred, muzztarded islamopithecine to toy around with! Woo Hoo!!

      Ooh, and such a pottymouth too! It’ll sure be fun poking a stick in this one’s cage!


    • Your handle ‘GoFuckYourselfYouCunt’…
      What’s the matter? Haven’t gotten poked up the bottom by allah recently despite lifting ass 5 times a day?
      Go shop your Denialist taqqiya somewhere else you limp-witted dhimmi, but before you storm off in Leftist tears because we’re speaking the plain facts about something you plainly have done ZERO personal research into…
      Be a good little kuffar and bark at us on behalf of your muzzie masters…there’s a good boy!

      You’re a bloody laughingstock…the world, even the muzzie-friendly Leftist MSM is awash in islamist atrocities, and here you are claiming that essentially islam is good, clean and peaceful.

      Right…go tell that to my friend’s parents, you sickeningly decerebrate sub-moron.
      Go to Egypt and tell that to the Copts.
      The Buddhists in Myanmar.
      The musicians of Mali.
      14 yr old Malala.

      You are one thickwitted flunkie for your masters aren’t you??
      When the time comes you insipid waste of blood, flesh and bone…stay out of the way or be ploughed under with the muzzies you adore.

    • YOU MONSTER “GoF—Yourself…”:

      YOU go kill yourself, you TRAITOR or TRAITRESS!!!! Whether you’re a Moslem or a Communist (or Nazi or Fascist) is of no importance as ALL totalitarianism and ALL TOTALITARIANS are UNWELCOME wherever civilised people are present!!!!

      Ms. BNI, randy63 and Mrs. Wilkins have otherwise said things right about you and your ilk: I’d however like to add that Islam has been doing all these things and FAR, FAR MORE for over 1,400 years now!!!! Ask some (non-leftist) Greeks, Serbs, Croats, Magyárs (Hungarians), Bulgarians, Christian Albanians, Romanians or Armenians – or even Poles, Austrians, Slovenians, Russians, Ukrainians, Moldovans, Czechs and Slovaks, among LOTS of others who suffered under the yoke of Islam (whether it be the Ottoman-Turks or Arabs, or anybody else Moslem – they ALL did these things in the name of Islam and as really devout and “good” Moslems!!!!)!!!!!

      Go read the Qu’rân, Sira and Hadiths – and check out sites like http://www.answering-islam.org and http://www.thereligionofpeace.com (especially the latter in regards to just how ANTIPODAL Islam is to absolutely EVERYTHING in and of the West!!!!)!!!!

      OTHERWISE – until you learn better – FUCK OFF, you absolute GOOD-FOR-NOTHING!!!!! You and your ilk are just as harmful to non-Moslem peoples (including the Thais, Burmese, Indians, Chinese, Koreans, Taiwanese and Japanese – for Asia) as Moslems truly are!!!

    • Dearest gofyyc! How dare you say people like Osama fly planes into buildings! The Jews did. Didn’t your mad mullah tell you?

  120. Marlene ,,
    Love the way you said it out …..My sugesstion,,, Muslims are all about the more the merrier,,, if i cant fught now and i8 die my future generation since the bloke has 5 wives and too many kids on welfare $$$ from our hard earned cash….. Simply like the E.D.L I firmly suggest that many countries and states start doing that to eradicate any thing MUSLIM in your own land . But after all Since o BAM ahhhhh….. (O BAM A) THAT AINT EVEN AN aMERICAN SOIL BREEDS FROM iNDONESIA AND Kenya…. Wonder why politics let the donkey pay the potter ,, and the henchmen that waits in the back… + the 1000 old whore Hillary clinton…. Only way Mother U.S.A or any other country can survive is learn to break Muslims the way the Turkish OTTMAN Empire Fell.

    • Ty! Mis Piggy! :-)

      I do agree, and I am not kidding around with my stance vs. islam and it’s muzzie hordes that rape, kill, and engage in worse atrocities.
      Hell…look at what muzzies do to non-radical Muslims as an example…I find it very telling that they’re on average MORE brutal with fellow members of the ideology than they are with most others.
      I don’t care what the Leftists have to say anymore–I’m DONE wasting time listening to their drivel and denialism.
      I also wasn’t kidding about the statement of using their own tactics against them, both media-wise and all other forms.
      They and their Leftist judas-goats started this War, and I’m willing to fight in whatever ways and means are necessary to eliminate the threat of islamism here in the Western world.
      Funny thing, I’ve noticed that witht the son of the Hamas leader soming fwd and speaking against islam and islamism…more and more Muslims are finding their spines, and adding their voices too.
      Had to happen sooner or later, Human Conscience is very powerful, and that man is a brave light for Muslims to follow vs. islamism.

      Also, been chatting with a Muslim friend of mine about women, islam and sharia…and he brought some VERY interesting things to light…
      Like how women, in general, even in the most ‘enlightened’ islamic nations are kep quite ignorant–deliberately–about their Rights under sharia law, and how it gets violated and twisted by imams,clerics, etc. by everyone’s classic fave; Sexism.
      He used to work in Corporate Finance, and had to deal with a lot of shairah financing, laws and such so it’s a really detailed inside view of how things really work and how islamists totally defile the ideology they claim to defend and follow.
      EG; ‘A man may divorce his wife at any time and she has no say’ = False.
      What the overwhelming majority of Muslim women are kept from knowing is this…
      ‘The wife MUST agree without reservation to Divorce.’
      We also chatted about how islamic shariah-compliant finance and economics are actually WORSE than Leftist finance/economics (as we’re seeing under Obama).

      He’s NOT a fan of islamists or extremists in any form, and has given me some valuable ‘ammunition’ to use vs. islamists. :-D
      Like above…the kinds of things they cannot defend against when dropped in their laps. :-D
      I don’t know if he’d be willing to fight on the ‘Front Lines’, at least not yet–but it wouldn’t surprise me if he does someday step up and stand with us all vs. islamism.
      In the meantime, he supplies with very useful info to use vs. islamists.

      I will admit, these days, I worry non-stop about my Muslim friends–I know very well how much islamists hate them, and are unafraid to move against them openly, no matter who they are.

  121. I know what i am going to say is going to sound like Alice in Wonderland…….
    1. They Lie.
    2. They kill
    3. They rebuke.
    4. Hurt there god they say HEAD ON A PLATTER …
    5. 1 Small State Israel ( Being Guarded by Jesus ) For its the holy land….
    6. Why is every nation middle eastern ..or fanatics like aka… hitler wants to exterminate Jews.
    7. My fav number …. Mo the fukin Pig Head was Pissed and he after fukin Aisha,, and started banging Jews heds proclaimed himself as the new Prophet …
    8. The portarit of Moh Pig Head In Hell Being tortured ,, all muslims went mad …so the solution….
    10. OBAMA is no different from Hitler, And all that seeks and says GREAT Things. But in the End there are and many have and done thins in throughout history.
    11. Jesus in the bilble already has warned us about the prophet that lies….AND ITS MUSLIM
    12. Why do muslims kill for there religion not to speak off and disguise themselves as saints …IF YOU LOOK AT THE DEVIL YOU WILL SEE IN MANY MUSLIMS WHEN THEY PRAY DOING THERE CHANTS AS THEY AS POSSESSED!!!!!! See For youself ,,,
    13. <—- Bad number Muslims kill goats ,,,,no wonder tehy have horns and traed on many soils to eat green Pastures on your land …… sux right yet you let them in.

      • There’s a problem with them killing us…

        They’re cowards, and more and more of us are more than willing to give in-kind to them as good and better than they dish out.

        muzzie raises a hand to me, my family, friends or my fellow Citizens…
        I’ll put the bastiche down like he was rabid.
        There’s no choice to be made; Lives I know and value vs. an assailant trying to end them?
        …nothing to think about.

    • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

      Islam has killed 275,000,000 people over the course of 1,400 years!!! Only totalitarian atheism has a more sordid record relative to the time it has been around (95 years): Communism = 120,000,000; Nazism = 50,000,000 –> total = 170,000,000.

      Furthermore, Islam’s HATE for non-Moslems, women, animals (especially dogs {Mankind’s VERY BEST FRIEND!!!!} and pigs {a good friend to Man likewise!!!}) and EVERYTHING GOOD (art, music, science, Western medicine) that Mankind has made (why would God Have Given us such talents if He Didn’t Want us to use them, especially for His Glory?!??) is such an absolute BLASPHEMY against God and ALL Mankind as to turn all thinking and rational people into its MORTAL ENEMIES!!!!

      Islam is Satan’s #2 favourite “religion”, if totalitarian-atheism be #1!!! Islam has absolutely NOTHING good in it whatsoever – it idolises a genocide, murderer, rapist, thief, liar (even Mohammed’s best friends couldn’t trust him!!!) and pædophile who actually took SATAN for God (even he thought his visions were demonic until his wife persuaded him otherwise!!) masquerading as “allah”, a pathetic moon-god who has NO miracles or good deeds to its credit!!!!

      Given that Islam is THE SUMMIT of evil and has always so been ever since that MONSTER Mohammed was born: I proudly fling into your death the following:

      DEATH TO ISLAM now, forever and unto ages of ALL AGES!!!!! I say this given the facts summarised above against it!!!!

    • Yes, muslim & proud, you certainly keep proving it with purges, extremism,floggings, warfare, bombings vs. unarmed civilians, rape gangs, invasion, cultural annihilation…

      270 Million people dead under islam, almost half that number in the past 98 Years alone.

      You sickening muzzie sub-primate. islam is NO religion whatsoever. it claims to be one, but in fact is only claiming such to pretend respectability and acceptance, it’s nothing more than a criminal organization and cult founded by a half-wit narcissist, mohammed-the Unclean.

      islam; the religion of false words, deception and murder, slavery and oppression, misogyny, brutality and abomination against all that is Higher, Better and Human.

      Take this back to your imams, clerics and other leash-holders…






      Now, scamper back like a good savage and whinge to your imams, clerics and Leftist sympathizers about how we’re so ‘mean’ in ‘misunderstanding’ the most brutal and inhuman ideology ever to exist in world history.

    • @ muzztard & loud: Are you some kind of “counter-troll” trying to drum up anti-muslim sentiment or are you really that stupid?

      I choose door number two. You’re the poster child for consanguinity.

  122. Thank you for this website. I have sent Tommy Robinson a birthday card. Your site keeps me up to date on his status. Also this is a great site for information I can’t find anywhere else. Keep up good work and yes I will donate.

  123. Well beware of some muslims representing themselves as christians and hindus here..Everyone knows how tired the world is from this pisslam !! Keep the good work BNI !

  124. yes i agree with you for all this
    *hitler was a muslim!
    *we kill the Indians in america!
    *we throw also Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki!
    and these just for “EXAMPLE”!
    so please when you want to Distortion islam
    THEY HOLD VERY WRONG idea and islam caution from them !
    and if you REALLY want to know the “CORRECT idea” go to islamic organizations in your country and they help you!
    Asalamu alaykum..

    • Take your taqiyya and your kitman ELSEWHERE!!!!

      We don’t need to cut the Most UNHOLY and MURDEROUS Qu’rân into pieces: for example, Chapter (Sura) 9 is one great big message of anti-”infidel” HATRED against everybody not a Moslem!!!!

      By ALL rights, given how your Qu’rân dictates you to lie and do EVIL to everybody who’s not a Moslem (that’s the first GOOD thing for a human being – NOT to be a Moslem!!!), we ought to not just cut it into toilet paper or fire-kindling but to destroy everything and everybody “Islamic” so that your “allah” and your Mohammed may be PURGED from the collective memory of ALL Mankind once and forever!!!!!

      FUCK your “peace”, because Islamic peace is only the “peace” of the GRAVE!!!! And yes, it was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who made Hitler become ultimately genocidal with the Jews!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM, now and forever and unto ages of ALL ages!!!! MARG BAR ISLAM!!!! BAG MAH ISLAM!!!!

    • Wrong Mostafa. We do not “cut” your stinking book in order to “make it connect” to any alledged “wrong” ideas. We DO however place it in it’s proper chronological context, which is the only way to make any sense out of the damned, cursed book. From front to back, this sorry excuse for a theological foundation has it’s ayats and suras organized from shortest to longest verse, front to back, with little regard for chronological order, and it is quite repetative to the point of redundancy too. When one reads it in depth, one realises it’s initial duality. There is a Meccan book with relatively benign verses in it, who’s threats are rather oriented to the punishments in the afterlife. At this point, muhammad (piss be upon him) was in a weak position, with few followers. After being exiled from Mecca, he moves on to Medina where he gains more followers, and more importantly, political power. As a result, these Medinan “verses of the sword” take on a more political and less theological role. Muhammad (piss be upon him) exercises political power over the umma, he murders people, plunders caravans, participates in the Arabian slave trade, and metes out his revenge upon those whom he believes wronged him.

      Muhammad (piss be upon him) has already shown his propensity towards meglomania and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, after all, he founded a cult centering upon his self-professed prophethood, and here we have the root of islamic Jew hatred. It is simply subjective on muhammad’s part (piss be upon him). He couldn’t convince the Jews of Arabia of his self-professed prophethood, and rightly so. He was enraged by this colossal failure on his part, so he kills or forces submission upon all who reject him, never mind that they may have been right. Islamic dualism in a nutshell. The muslim believer (umma) and the non-muslim outsider (kafir). Hence ever after, a code of conduct upon how one treats his fellow muslim, and a code for how one treats the non-muslim other in his midst (quite badly) The institutionalization of dhimmitude, the second class status of the non-muslim kafir. The tangible results of islamic supremacism.

      You need to understand one thing Mostapha, we can read. Accurate English translations of the quran do exist and so do translations of the authorative hadiths of al-Bukhari and al-Muslim, and a plethora of other islamic source texts. It matters not that our ready sources are not in Classical Arabic, very few native Arab speakers today even understand it and a majority of contemporary muslims don’t even speak a single modern dialect of Arabic. It matters not that we aren’t madrassa educated, for that only confirms our objectivity in our work since we cannot be brainwashed by the imams thru rote repetition and memorization with little to no explanation of the meanings of said text.

      Mostapha, we understand the ad hoc nature of the quran, how it came to be what it is, written on the spot, by muhammad (piss be upon him) piece by piece according to his whims at the moment, what was convenient for him and served his purposes at the time. If something came up that contradicted muhammad’s (piss be upon him) words from earlier, no problem, muhammad (piss be upon him) had that covered too. The grand theological concept of Abrogation. Just go with the stronger or later quranic verse and cast that troublesome, pesky old verse aside as null and void.

      BTW Mostapha, your attempts at moral equivallance above are rather weak, puny, and ineffective. Adolph Hitler hated Christianity and Judaism, and tried to destroy both. Funny though that he admired islam’s supremacist tendancies and was friends with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. My sons and their mother are American Indians (and still quite alive and thriving), and those bombs dropped upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved more lives, both Japanese and American, in the long run had we have had to invade the Japanese home islands and slog our way thru to victory one town at a time. But remember you this Mostapha, 270 million deaths have been attributed to islam since the 7th Century Arabs broke out of the Arabian Penninsula and onto the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, and parts of Europe, to impose islam on those region’s indigenous peoples and non-muslims faiths. 80 million of those were Hindus in India. Religion of Peace, my ass!

      Asalamu Alakum, mofo!

    • Then…


      If you remain silent, how are we supposed to tell friend from foe??
      Most stay quiet, and then when people like us stand up and speak out, FORCED to make generalizations because of the Silence among u…well…what the hell else do you expect??
      It’s YOUR faith, you should be far more aggressive in defending it vs. the stereitype that the islamists are creating for it.

      Speak Up and help Us sort Things Out.

      Or remain Silent And Accept The Consequences.

      We cannot and will not do it for you.

  125. Stop insulting Islam, you say Islam has a dark side, and is a brutal religion that is not peace loving, and it’s people are certainly not, well looks like your religion isn’t that good either is it? Does it teach you to do all this, well I’ll certainly tell my friends and family about your religion and what it teaches.

    • Those of us who are Christians ARE commanded to denounce the LIES, HATRED, DECEIT and everything else that all too many people spout forth and commit – of which Moslems are especially guilty!!!

      Besides, if you Moslems truly respected other religions, you wouldn’t be destroying statues of the Buddha, threatening to destroy Christian churches, calling for the complete GENOCIDE of the entire Jewish race (past the point that you pushed Hitler into aiming for as much – before he came to know your “Grand Mufti of Jerusalem”, he would have been content with merely expelling them from Germany) and defaming Our Lord on Weblogs the way “Jameela” did right here. [Her avatar showed a dog urinating upon a crucifix!!!!]

      It’s both because of your taqiyya and kitman on the one hand plus your record on the other (as detailed above) that we know that Moslems NEVER really tell the whole truth to us “infidels”!!!! Given that you actually are COMMANDED by your IDOL Mohammed to annihilate and extirpate everything and everybody “un-Islamic” (as in Chapter 9 of the Qu’rân!!!), we know better than to trust or have ANYTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH YOU!!!!


      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

    • Do you want to come over here and make me stop insulting “pisslam?” By all means, come on over and get fitted for your “pig carcass” burial shroud, and yes, you WILL be interred into the grave head first with your ass oriented towards Mecca!

      All the better to fart your vile, unclean prayers to allah!

      “!Muerte a todos los musulmanes!”


    • Writer3795…
      The new word for ‘impotent’ is ‘muslim’…so you’be able to understand the following.
      islam ISN’T a religion in any way shape or form. It’s legally and analytically a Criminal Organization, welded to a Fascist socioeconomic system and blended with a cult type approach.
      islam deserves NO respect, and does very much need to be revealed, exposed as the true evil it genuinely is.

      270 Million killed by muslims, in the name of islam, nearly half that just in the past 96 years.

      there’s NO religion on earth that is responsible for the death toll and atrocities that ARE islam.
      in Egypt, they’re pushing to legalize Female Circumcision.
      In Pakistan, the muslims there are engaging in Ethnic Cleasing of Hindus.
      Shall I go on?

      Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Pagans, Hindus…yeas, we ALL have blood on our hands, but NOTHING even approaching this scale were you to combine the death tolls and sins of all those faiths together.

      Also, the biggest difference…islam is the only one still actively slaughtering people in vast numbers.
      I’m Pagan, and islam has NEVER ceased persecuting Jews and Pagans above all others. They hate Pagans especially because we’re totally outside the Abrahamic faiths.
      Thus, I fight islam, muslims and all aspects of both as I KNOW that islam and the vast majority of muslims are dedicated to the death of myself and my family, my friends, my nation, freedoms, liberty, culture…
      I will never stop fighting this insipid criminality called islam.
      There are people here from all faiths, including some Muslims, all united in speaking against the criminality and atrocities of islam. So…which Faith of many are you gonna run to mommy and tell-on about??

      Grow up.

  126. that curiosity guy/gal….is our own worst enemy…either he is an islamist playing innocent and cutsie, or else he/she is an idiot who does’nt even know an enemy and danger staring him in the face. For ex. here in the US , muslims are barely 2% of the population and yet they make the loudest noise are negatively in the news all the time and have already infiltrated all the different institutions of this country all the way to the white house . They even control the narrative of this country…ex. even after major nidal hassan shot up and killed 14 american soldiers, we still classify this as as domestic violence and not religiously inspired terrorism,…and of course the final report claims that it is hinduism or jainism or even buddhism that inspired that kind of murder ( sarcasm !). See : http://www.radicalislam.org

  127. So you’re telling me that you have read the entire Qur’an cover to cover and the only message you got from it was one of hatred and violence?

    • You know who is the REAL IDIOT? That’s YOU, “Curiosity”!!!!

      You claim not to be a Moslem and not to have read the Qu’rân, yet you so viciously attack those who at least HAVE read VERY significant portions of it, the Sira (Mohammed’s biography) and the Hadiths?? Do you realise what SHEER HYPOCRISY that entails???

      You typical Communist “know-it-alls” and “do-gooders” (both things of which are PATENT LIES foisted by you and your kind upon the rest of us Westerners!!!!) have NO RIGHT TO JUDGE US until you study what we’ve been talking about!!! To be opinionated does NOT mean that somebody is anywhere near to being automatically “bad”, “bigoted” or “insane”!!!!

      If being opinionated to you means that we’re “outside the pale”, then at most I can only pity somebody who thinks in other words that knowledge should leave us LIMP, COWARDLY and FECKLESS!!!! That’s a MAJOR fault with all too many Western “intellectuals” – who as one of your actual heroes, Vladímir Iljích Uljanóv-Ljéñin, rightly called “USEFUL IDIOTS”!!!! Not for nothing that he also wrote to his friend Maksjím Górjkiy: The Intelligentsia are not the brains of the nation but the shit!”

      Your next stops should be http://www.thereligionofpeace.com and http://www.answering-islam.org. STUDY those two Websites and their full content, and THEN you can truly study the Moslem ANTI-HOLY books!!! ONLY THEN should you then come back here if you want anything further to do with us – otherwise MARCHE, go away and never return!!!!!

    • You forgot to add intolerance, bigotry, slavery, subjugation of the non-muslim, jizya, dhimmitude, beheadings, genocide, pedophilia, stoning, amputations, supremacism, theological plaugerism, continuous warfare upon the kafir, theological government, drinking camel piss for “medicinal” purposes, polygamy, sex slavery, subjegation of women, sharia law, dualistic ethics, theologically-sanctioned lying and deceit, Shall I continue?

      Not only is the quran the only source of information, but many of the above come from the authorative Hadiths of al-Bukhari, al-Muslim and others, not to mention the Sira, Muhammad’s bio. Quran, Hadith, and Sira form the sources of islam. The trilogy of islam, if you will.

      Now rather than bother us with your intellectual laziness *(or rather, “leftist dawa”), go to a book store and get these sources for yourself and read it with your own eyes, from the muslim’s own sources. All that is needed to condemn islam is the quran, hadiths, and sira itself, not anything we need to make up.

      Now, is your subjectivity up to the task at hand?

      *(Do you even know what dawa is?)

      • BRAVO, Randy63ism!!!!

        Let’s see what that good-for-nothing troll “Curiosity” NOW tries to come up with!!!…

      • Thanks ADHD. This fellow is a few bricks shy of a load. Stupid as stupid can be, just like the typical Obamabot, lol.

  128. I am not in fact a Muslim and I have not read the Qur’an. I highly doubt that you have either because that is not at all what it says. I’m now very curious as to why you are labeling me as a troll. I have been courteous in my questioning for the most part and my questions and inquiries are truthful. I am trying to hold an actual discussion with you on this issue as it seems that you are very passionate about the subject, but are also making vast and judgmental generalizations. I’m just curious as to why.

    • “I am not in fact a Muslim and I have not read the Qur’an. I highly doubt that you have either because that is not at all what it says.” Really? And just how would you know what it says since you haven’t actually read it yourself? Did a little birdie tell you so? Now I am very “curious” about how you make these highly subjective assumptions based upon a failure to research the source materials yourself and your unreasoned judgement that we ourselves haven’t, in fact, done so. Major fail here buddy. Now just how do you expect to be taken seriously with such drivel? Subjective reasoning is not empirically-based discourse, and it only makes you look intellectually weak , puny, and prone to emotionally-based hystronics. Furthermore, it betrays your own leftist-indoctrinated, multiculturalist dogma for what it is, nothing but intellectual flatulence.

      You are just one more Kool-Aid swilling, P/C junkie, hopelessly addicted to lysergic lemmonade to the point that your tongue is stained permenently pink, your belly, yellow, and what’s left of your brains, brown!

      Now scram, libtard!!

      • REALLY!?!?!!!

        You Moslems have ALWAYS been showing your true colours by your abuse of women (half of the human race!!!), dogs (Mankind’s Best Friend!!!), pigs (an important friend of Man scarcely less) and “infidels” – ALL part of God’s Creation and Made Directly by HIM!!!!

        The Judæo-Christian God is OMNIPOTENT and Made EVERYTHING – whereas your “allah” is so impotent that he has NO miracles recorded in his “Qu’rân”!!!! What a COMPLETE CONTRAST with BOTH the Old and New Testaments of the Bible!!!!

        To boot, Moslems, your hatred and desire to destroy art, music, science, medicine and all other traces of ANYTHING and ANYBODY “un-Islamic” shows how much your whole grouping is absolutely SATANIC, with Mohammed being the worst possible sort of Antichrist!!!! No sane and reasoning human being can EVER accept to follow a genocide, murderer, rapist, thief, liar, pædophile (child-abuser) and animal-abuser – ALL OF WHICH Mohammed happened to be!!!!

        That’s why we hate Islam’s guts and look forward to its eventual disappearance when Satan is thrown into the Bottomless Pit for 1,000 years and then eternally in the Lake of Fire after the Last Judgement!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

    • “I am not in fact a Muslim and I have not read the Qur’an. I highly doubt that you have either because that is not at all what it says.”

      So, if you haven’t read it, then how do you know what it does or doesn’t say?

  129. I’ve been scanning the site for a while now and I’m curious; how would you react if I called it a site full of idiots?

      • Okay, next question; regarding your statement that ” jihad – the genocidal slaughter of infidels by the sword, killing by beheading, intolerance of other religions, as well as forcing submission to Islam. The ultimate goal of jihad is the domination of Islam over the entire world”, isn’t that a rather harsh definition of jihad? The word literally means to strive in the way of Allah. While for some radicals this can indeed mean to crush their enemies and kill all in their path, the majority of Muslims view it as trying to strive towards enlightenment and closeness to Allah. So why are you trying so hard to paint it in a bad light?

      • Curiosity, it’s obvious you are a troll. We don’t waste time arguing with idiot lefties and muslims here. Most people here have read your holy books and understand that jihad as expressed 99 out of 100 times in your books calls for violence against non-believers. Now scram or I will ban you.

  130. The Five Principles
    Islam’s Trilogy of three sacred texts is the Koran and two books about the life of Mohammed. When the Trilogy is sorted, categorized, arranged, rewritten and analyzed, it becomes apparent that five principles are the foundation of Islam.

    All of Islam is based upon the Trilogy—Koran, Sira (Mohammed’s biography) and Hadith (his Traditions).
    Most of the Islamic doctrine is political, not religious. Islam is a political ideology.

    Islam divides the world into Muslims and unbelievers, kafirs.

    Political Islam always has two different ways to treat kafirs—dualistic ethics. Kafirs can be abused in the worst ways or they can be treated like a good neighbor.

    Kafirs must submit to Islam in all politics and public life. Every aspect of kafir civilization must submit to political Islam.

    These Five Principles can be put in five words—Trilogy, politics, kafirs, dualism and submission. These five words bring clarity and ease of learning about political Islam.

    Up until now Islam has been hard to understand because it seemed complex and contradictory and did not make sense. But, once you see how the Five Principles work, everything falls into place. Complexity becomes simplicity. Chaos becomes order.

    All CSPI books are based on these Five Principles.

    1. trilogy

    The Trilogy contains three books—

    The Koran is what Mohammed said that the angel Gabriel said that Allah said. But the Koran does not contain enough guidance for one to be a Muslim. The Koran repeatedly says that all of the world should imitate Mohammed in every way. Mohammed’s words and deeds are called the Sunna. The Sunna is found in two different texts—the Sira and Hadith.

    The first source of the Sunna is the Sira which is Mohammed’s biography. The most authoritative version is by Ibn Ishaq.

    The other source of the Sunna is the Hadith, the Traditions of Mohammed. There are several versions of Hadith, but the most commonly used is by Bukhari.
    So the Trilogy is the Koran, Sira and Hadith.

    2. political islam

    Political Islam is the doctrine that relates to the unbeliever, the kafir. Islam’s relationship to the kafir cannot be religious since a Muslim is strictly forbidden to have any religious interaction with them The religion of Islam is what is required for a Muslim to avoid Hell and enter Paradise.

    The Trilogy not only advocates a religious superiority over the kafir—the kafirs go to Hell whereas Muslims go to Paradise—but also its doctrine demands that Muslims dominate the kafir in all politics and culture. This domination is political, not religious.

    As mentioned earlier, the Koran has 61% of its text devoted to the kafir. The Sira (Mohammed’s biography) has about 75% of its text devoted to the kafir and jihad.

    Islam’s success comes primarily from its politics. In thirteen years as a spiritual leader, Mohammed converted 150 people to his religion. When he became a political leader and warrior, Islam exploded in growth, and Mohammed became king of Arabia in ten years.

    Islam has a complete doctrine of how to treat the kafir that is found in the Trilogy.

    3. kafirs

    Non-believers are so important that they have several names. Christians and Jews are called People of the Book or infidels. Other religious names for non-Muslims are atheist, polytheist, and pagan. But the Koran uses one word that includes all of the religious names. That name is kafir, an Arabic word.

    Kafir is usually translated as unbeliever, but that translation is wrong. Unbeliever is a neutral word. The Koran is very clear about the kafir. Indeed, the Koran defines the kafir by how it speaks of them. Kafirs are the lowest and worst form of life. Kafirs can be robbed, murdered, tortured, enslaved, crucified and more. Later in this chapter, more of the Koran’s doctrine of the kafir is given in some detail. But the key point is that a kafir is not only a non-Muslim, but also a person who falls under a different moral code from the Muslim.

    The Koran is devoted to the division between those who believe Mohammed, Muslims, and those who do not, kafirs. This grand division of the Koran means that there are two points of view of the Koran—the view of the Muslim and the view of the kafir.

    4. dualism

    The third principle is duality, and is unique to Islam. As an example, here is a verse from the Koran:

    109:2 I do not worship what you worship, and you do not worship what I worship. I will never worship what you worship, and you will never worship what I worship. You to your religion, me to my religion.

    This sounds very tolerant, but this verse was written later:

    9:5 When the sacred months are passed, kill the kafirs wherever you find them. Take them as captives, besiege them, and lie in wait for them with every kind of ambush. If they submit to Islam, observe prayer, and pay the poor tax, then let them go their way. Allah is gracious and merciful.

    Now we have absolute intolerance. This contradiction is normal for the Koran and is even addressed in the Koran. The solution to contradiction is called abrogation where the later verse is better than the earlier verse.

    The logic here is very important. Since Allah is perfect and the Koran is the exact words of Allah, then both contradictory verses are true, but the later verse is better or stronger. This leads to dualistic logic where two contradictory facts can both be true.

    5. submission

    Islam means submission and Muslim means one who has submitted. It is clearly stated in the Trilogy that all kafirs and their civilizations must be annihilated. Mohammed’s success depended on violence to persuade kafirs that he was the prophet of Allah.

    Submission is political, as well as religious. Islam demands that kafirs submit in every aspect of public life. Every part of kafir culture is an offense to Allah.

    • The website is popular and its doing good. This is a fantastic platform for everyone to know how these so called “M” fanatics are ruining our world.

      The punishment I subscribe for every M terrorist caught.

      Put them in a 20 by 20 glass compartment in the middle of a busy street, so that it turns into a public event. Cover them with alcohol and pig fat and have 3/4 ferocious dogs (2 rottweilers & 2 argentinian dogos) eat them live.

    • Whom are you shilling for: Communist or Islam, you good-for-nothing wretch?!???

      Thank God Almighty for this Website and its people, notably Ms. BNI, who’s sacrificing so much time and energy to keep its contents up to date and so belie such LICK-SPITTLE LACKEYS of COMMUNISM, Islam and Nazism as yourself!!!!

      Begone and REPENT!!!

      • ADHD, you are an imbecile.
        Read and interpret my comments as I want you to do it- I’m supporting the site and views published by the owners out here.

        In my personal view all the ‘M’ terrorists convicted of their crime should be punished in the above way.
        The rationale is effortless to comprehend – they behead and persecute the Kafirs or everybody who are opposing them as a duty, because they would reach heaven or the Promised Land if they wage Jihad.

        Now in a similar token of analysis, they would go to hell if they cosset alcohol, pigs or dogs as these are claimed to be ‘Haram’.
        So the best way to edify these insensate fanatics is by playing their own card on them. They scare us (normal citizens) by beheading and announcing fatwas, in return give the above punishment to the convicted and one would see a gradual decline in their carnage.

      • HOLD IT, “Killing them SOFTLY”!!!

        I was NOT responding to you but to “ASTOUNDED”!!! Didn’t you notice the way the comments stack up relative to the order of nesting?

    • whatsamatter Astounded??
      did we offend your PolCorr programming and you have an upset tummy??
      THIS is a good look into what’s barrelling towards the West and Americas.
      It’s a War, and it’s on, and the muzzies started it, and there’s only one way to finish it unfortunately–it’s literally them, or the rest of us.
      Leftist retards like you, you’d best join your muzzie pals and get your pat on the head, maybe if your lucky, they’ll allow you live as a pet, like a trained monkey.
      Because, that’s the best light they’ll see you in.

      Believe it or don’t.
      But when things really hit the fan and you come running to those of us in Resistance, the doors will be slammed in your face.
      You’re making your ‘bed’ rght now, but I doubt you’ll wanna sleep in it.

  131. you must know that It has been decades that Hindu girls have been abducted and forcibly converted into islamic. Nearly 2,000 women and girls from various minority sects were forcibly converted to Islam through rape, torture and kidnappings, A young Hindu boy converted to Islam on a live television show hosted by a controversial Pakistani anchor, The Hindu youth, who appeared to be a teenager and was identified only as Sunil, was converted by Maulana Mufti Muhammad Aqmal (gay/asslicker-muslim/motherfukka) on a special live Ramzan show on ARY Digital channel that is hosted by Maya Khan. I have seen that on youtube hy might be feeling lost and alone and ashamed of hisself. It’s not looking good, is it? after seeing that I feel like I’ve lost myself.

  132. ‘War babies’ and Bangladesh’s tragedy of abortion and adoption.
    Bangladesh declared its birth on 16 December 1971 – now celebrated as Victory Day, a day of reminiscence for citizens of the new nation. But many memories are troubling, especially those of the ‘war babies’ – children born during or after the War of Liberation, as a result of the often-planned and systematic rape of Bangladeshi women. If we turn back the pages of Bangladesh’s history, we can get some rare glimpses of the marginalised; but there is still complete silence when it comes to the babies of war.

    The nine months of armed conflict that resulted in East Pakistan breaking away to become an independent Bangladesh is a story of blood and tears. Official and unofficial estimates of deaths range widely between 300,000 and three million. In addition to mass killings, a large number of Bangladeshi women were subjected to sexual violence; the official figure is some 200,000. While Pakistan has not been immune from the trauma of war, its government has repeatedly denied the allegations of genocide in East Pakistan/Bangladesh. Some recent sceptics have also questioned the numbers both of people killed and of women raped.

    How do we know that targeting women in this manner was a deliberate strategy on the part of the Pakistan Army? An article in the Dawn published on 22 March 2002 quotes Yahya Khan on the matter. As president, Yahya had directly ordered the army crackdown on East Pakistan in 1971. While talking to a small group of journalists in Jessore, in southwest Bangladesh, he was pointed towards a Bengali crowd that had assembled on the fringes of the airport. According to the article’s account, he said, in Urdu, “Pehle inko Mussalman karo” (First, make them Muslim). This anecdote is significant, for it demonstrates that at the senior-most level of the Pakistan Army there was a perception that Bengalis were not loyal Muslims. These perceptions also fed into two other stereotypes: that Bengalis were not patriotic Pakistanis, and they were too close to Hindu India.

    This complex relationship among the three countries can be traced through the bitter Partition memories of abduction, the rape of thousands of women and children, and the ‘train incidents’ in which passengers of one community or the other were murdered en masse. The tragedy of the mass exodus in 1947 has shaped India’s and Pakistan’s stances towards each other, and East Pakistan became a significant pawn in this rivalry. From the beginning, Pakistan held India responsible for the Bangla national movement; in the process, it overlooked the growing discontent of the people of East Pakistan due to economic and political inequality with West Pakistan, and underestimated the people’s power. The leadership in Islamabad had always considered Bengalis to be not only weak and powerless, but Hinduani – too close to Hindu religious and cultural practices. As such, for Pakistan, Bengalis/East Pakistanis needed to be purged off this Hindu-ness.

  133. every muslim is not a terrorist but every terrorist is a muslim.
    Dear sonia im a hindu also, im freaked out with islam, i consider islam as is-lame,
    i hear many cases about islami people do with hindu people, we can’t tolerate the same. This is shame for the Hindus of india, many of hindu girls raped by muslims (mullahs) i blame to us hindus cause Those bustard need real dick in their ass, I don’t know whats wrong with fucking coward Hindus. Why don’t they use their dick on those haramis mullahs (bastard muslims) . Life for life take a action like that with those son of pigs. They don’t have religion. The follow their Pigs which is pigism. They will be ready to get hit on their ass and it will be soon! the time will when we’l make them suffer more than anyone..

  134. I just want to leave a message to all Jews!!!! I know most of you vote Democratic but for the salvation of Israel could you please vote for Romney. He is the only leader who will not permit Iran to destroy Israel.

      • Presumably this “kol emes” (Now what kind of name is THAT? Hungarian? Turkish? Maybe even Finnish or Estonian? Most certainly it’s NOT Indo-European…) is as much of a Communist stoolie as “Jack” – and thank goodness I know neither of them personally, Hallelujah!!!!

        Again, please keep up the good work, dear Ms. BNI, and Happy Thanksgiving (albeit in the USA it’s later than in Canada) to you!

  135. So many, many LIES on “Jack’s” part!!!

    Virtually ALL (barring a very little relative to optics) those things you credit “Arab” scientists for are in fact taken from the HINDUS (notably algebra including the concept of ‘zero’)!!! Furthermore, paper was invented by the Chinese – so again your argument fails!!

    To boot, the first universities were NOT Moslem but CHRISTIAN!!!!

    You’ve truly sold your soul to the Moslems, just like the Marxist stoolie that you’re proving yourself more and more to be!!! REPENT or go away!!!!…

    • In sum, Islam has contributed PLENTY of MONSTROUS EVIL to this world and next to NOTHING of good!!!!

      Centuries of my Eastern-European ancestors suffered – and suffered DIRELY – under the Arabic and then the Ottoman-Turkish yoke!!! Since you won’t likely believe me, please seek out some real Greeks (NOT Communists or Moslems!!!), Serbs, Croats, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Austrians, Poles, Ukrainians, Russians and other such and see what they have to say about the Ottoman Turks – who committed ALL their crimes in the name of ISLAM!!!! Perhaps THEN you might realise the blasphemies you’ve been spouting here…

    • there’s one ‘scholarly’ contribution muzzies did make…
      the annihilated the Library of Alexandria, a loss still felt even now.

      That’s the sum total ‘scholarly’ contributions of islam and muzzies.

    • Speaking of “Western Supremacy….”

      Where else but in the “Western” cultural ethos can ANYONE from anywhere be free to develop their innate scientific, musical, artistic, philosophical and political abilities?

      Do you really think that George Washington Carver, one of the most brilliant Agricultural Scientists in the history of the world (and a former slave, born in the late 1850s in Kentucky *or was it Tennessee*) could have inspected and experimented with the peanut plant and other plants and come up with so many uses for them and their extracts (peanut butter, by the way, was NOT invented by GW Carver) in a Mohammedan cultural ethos?

      Could Benjamin Franklin done so many experiments, done so much traveling, had so much to do with both the founding of the United States and the Anti-Slavery movement in a Mohammedan cultural ethos? For that matter, would the anti-Slavery movement have even arisen in a Mohammedan cultural ethos?

      Could Picasso and others have done their artwork, borrowing some concepts from traditional African artworks even, in a Mohammedan cultural ethos? Or Beethoven composed his symphonies? The Wright Brothers the heavier-than-air aircraft? Or a host of other inventions, discoveries, philosophies, etc.? Not bloody likely, as some of my British friends may want to say…

      It is in the”Western” cultural ethos and those places that have, to greater or lesser degrees, embraced that ethos has such come about. Other cultural ethoi *plural of ethos?* have come up with many great things for the improvement and betterment of the Human race and its quality of life. In fact, it is only the Mohammedan cultural ethos that stifles growth, inhibits learning, holds peoples back from realizing their full potential as human beings.

      The Mohammedan cultural ethos has a ‘god’ who says, “allah says so, and it is not for you to even try to see how things work…”

      The “Western” (read: Judaeo-Christian) cultural ethos has a God who says, “Seek, and you will find. It is for you to see how I, your Creator, has made the universe. Go ahead and see how things work, and you will marvel that I have done so much. You will not know all, and you cannot know all, but you can know more and more.”

      It has been by following that “Western” ethos that humankind has made as much progress toward knowing the secrets of the Universe. Has Man done it well? Not always. Has Man done right with what he has discovered? Not always. As humans, we do tend to choose badly; however, we HAVE that choice to choose the good or the evil.

      In the Mohammedan ethos, all is predetermined. It is fatalistic, and thus, renders mankind stolid.

      So, yes, “Western” culture IS superior, particularly to Mohammedan culture. Western Culture allows room for the best from other cultural ethoi to be bought in and made its own, though with a view toward such immigrations becoming “westernized” and useful for Western culture and its improvement of the human condition.

      Here endeth the lesson.

  136. I just stumbled across your website today, I plan on supporting you in any way that I can. Keep up the good work. Jay

  137. Please read the whole post or do not respond.

    This website shows how ignorant some people can be. It supports intellectual fallacies and racist stereotypes. It shames me as a human being to see a group of people speak so ignorantly and hatefully towards another group of people. You make accusations based on assumptions that have been force fed to you by outdated western ideologies.

    1. The word Jihad has a meaning that more closely resembles ‘inner struggle’ than war or genocide. It is extremist Muslim groups and western media that has caused this word have such negative connotations.

    2. You blindly look at acts of violence committed by Muslims and attribute it to the group as a whole. There are over a billion Muslims in the world. only a small percentage are radical enough to commit violence in the name of religion. This remains true for Christians as well. There are Christians who commit crimes in the name of Christianity, yet you do not brand the Christian faith as being hateful and evil. This demeans their beliefs and their humanity. Making assumptions like this shows your lack of intelligence and you own ethnocentric arrogance.

    3. Using words like “troglodyte” and other insults to demean the muslim faith is not only wrong, it makes no sense. You claim Muslims are subhuman, yet they are the same species as you. No less evolved culturally or biologically. Their faith in no way makes them less human. You ignorant people simply see them as less evolved because they have different life styles. Instead, maybe you should learn more about Muslim culture in the middle east as well as elsewhere. Muslims live all around the world, and they all have different cultures. Not all are Arabs. This site makes it seem like Arab culture and Islam are one and the same. This makes it once again guilty of ethnocentrism.

    4. Faith is not equal to identity. Jews are not inherently greedy, Muslims are not inherently violent, Christians are not inherently self righteous. These are all fallacies. The faith does not make the individual who they are. There are many cultural and societal factors that play into socialization and beliefs. If you can not see past faith and the ignorantly attributed beliefs, to look at the bigger picture, then i suggest you try to expand you knowledge on the subject. Learn about history, have a conversation with someone different from you, read some scholarly research. There is no reason you have to believe the stereotypes ingrained in your brain. A person is just that, a person. They have beliefs and a background and feelings, that are completely different from anyone elses. You cannot group them together blindly saying the all are evil or subhuman.

    5. Many of you say that islam is inherently violent. This is untrue. The concept of religion is far to complex to put labels on it like this. Islam, like christianity, encourages love, charity, peace, and cooperation. The 5 pillars of islam say this, as do christian texts. There are very hateful and not so nice parts of the Qur’an, but this is true of the Bible as well. No Muslim lives entirely by the Qur’an, just as no Christian adheres to the Bible’s teachings completely. There are very outdated ideologies within both. Both texts encourage misogyny, religious violence, and other things that sensible people don’t support. The fact is, these texts should be used as GUIDELINES, not as operation manuals for life. They are outdated and largely written with a lot of historical context that most people do not understand. I will admit, that there is a more significant emphasis on violence in Islam. TH8is is not becasue it is a hateful religion though. To understand this you need to look at the historical context of it’s creation. The middle east in the 6th and 7th centuries was not a peaceful place. Early followers of Muhammad were persecuted, just as followers of christianity and judism were in the past. Unfortunately, Islams religious wars came when it first began. Christianity’s wars came later in the european dark ages. It is all about historical context. Also, Muhammad preached about the same god that jesus did. Infact, Jesus is mentioned in the Qur’an more times than Muhammad is. Allah=the Christian God.

    These are just a few points that i wanted to address. I could go on for a very long time. This site is racist the beliefs expressed on it are ethnocentric and obviously influenced by the western self-rightous and supremacist ideology that America and many other countries are based. I honestly hope this is supposed to be satirical. Everything i said was based on my opinion which are drawn from everything i have learned both in experience and reading. Know this though, spreading this kind of hate is not what encourages a solution of any kind, peaceful or otherwise. It will simply lead to more violence by ignorant self righteous people on both sides of this debacle.

    There are obviously Muslims who hate Christians. They too are ignorant, but hate on both sides is more complex than just one side is evil. There is a historical and cultural context that must be addressed.

    Thanks for reading. Sorry about the lazy format. I encourage you all to try and open your minds. We are all human after all. Please not that i did not intentionally insult any of you. please pay me the same respect.

    in-case you do try to insult me, and also to know where i come from: I was born in America. I am educated. I was raised Christian. I speak three different languages fluently. This includes Arabic. My penis is of an average size. I have visited a dozen different countries. Lived in Germany for a while. I have visited the middle east and parts of Africa. I have encountered Muslims and befriended muslims from Bosnia, Yemen, Rwanda, Indonesia, Iraq and Palestine. Most were nice people. Some not so much, just as i have met Christians i did not think were nice.

    I in no way am saying the people who post on this site are stupid or bad. The content of this site is, however, racist and ignorant.

    • Jack, how does it feel to be a useful idiot for Islam? Just answer one question, what ‘race’ is Islam?

      I believe you are a Muslim rather than the raving leftist you make yourself out to be. Only a Muslim, known for small penis size, would want to mention his own.

      Not that it matters, both groups hate America.

      • Islam is a religion and not a race. I see your point. Thank you for bringing that up. My misuse of the term in no way dilutes my argument though. The content here is hateful towards a specific group of people who are brought together by religious beliefs and nothing else. Thus, the content here is equal to racism in every way except the title itself.

        It is funny that this was your only response. Instead of refuting my points, you point out my misuse of the word racism. The terminology is of little consequence. What you speak of is hateful and ignorant. You are making judgements about a group based on the actions of a few.

        Also, i only mentioned my penis size as a little joke, as i noticed that a few of the people here who share your views insulted another dissenter (like me) by insulting the size of their genitalia.

        I never said i hated America. It is hard to hate an entity that is socially constructed. I disagree with some American policies, but i also agree with many. Over all though, i am blessed to have been born in this country. I’m sure you feel similarly. If you are bringing America into this, i am guessing you are the brain-washed self-righteous imperialistic type. I’m hoping not.

      • Jack, I know your agenda, the same as the Muslim agenda and all their allies on the Left. There are over 10,000 stores and videos here that refute every point you can make. I have neither the time nor interest in debating you. Perhaps my readers do.

      • Simply put, you are trying to draw a line between politics and religious groups. That is the bottom line. Groups that do violent and hateful things in the name of Islam are doing them for political reasons ONLY. They may say they are doing it to appease their god, but that is not true. We are all evil and corrupt. And we all do bad things and try to spin it a different way. Islam is a peaceful religion, it is when it is mixed with politics where that becomes convoluted.

        The real enemy is corrupt people trying to attain their selfish goals. Then they try to spin it like it is “for their god”

        You will never be free of your brain washed beliefs. You are saying Islam is bad, yet you are just trying to cover up your own petty agenda. You are not willing to have a conversation and because of that, you will never change.

        Your zionistic nature is appalling. Yes, portray Muslims as bad, and then ignore the attrocities that befall them at the hands of the Israelis in Palestine. People are dying on both sides over this nonsense and you can only stoke the flames. You are no human. You are a machine. You will not debate with me because you, in fact, can not logically do so.

        I am terribly sorry that you are mislead.

        No religion is inherently bad. The Israeli political agenda is evil. The Iranian political agenda is evil. But neither of these facts prove that a religion is evil.

        The only proof your website offers is misleading propaganda. Mostly speculative bullshit from nutcases.

        Good day. I hope you live a wonderful life.

      • Jack, apparently, you have not read the quran, the abrogated Messina version, the only one recognized. It’s chock full of calls for violence, torture, and murder of all unbelievers. And it isn’t too kind toward women either.

        As I said, I am not debating you because you are an idiot. Case closed.

    • Hey Jackass, I too have been to Africa, been to the Middle East. I too am American born, raised Christian. I even lived in Germany, my youngest son was born there. But one thing I am not is STUPID! Especially as regards islam, nor am I stupid enough to equate anti-islamism as racism. What race is islam, by the way? Yours is a long-winded, pathetic attempt at moral equivallence and we are not interested in your obsfucating rant. We have heard it all before, and your blatant subjectivity is nothing new under the Sun, just the same worn out arguments we hear time and time again.

      • I actually explicitly said that i was trying not to say you were stupid. That wasn’t my intent and i am not intentionally trying to insult you. I am simply saying that the views expressed on this web site are ignorant, hateful, and uninformed.

        I see your point regarding my use of the term racism and i addressed that in the above post. Antisemitism does not equate racism, but it does show a great deal of ethnocentrism and lack of understanding about history and the world around you. You are judging a group of people based on the actions of a VERY small minority.

        You are just as “blatantly subjective” as you perceive me to be. Your beliefs are based on deep set hatred and perceived western supremacy that was socialized and ingrained into your brain. This is further supported by your exposure to misleading media. I’m not telling you that your thinking is wrong, this is just how i perceive it. I am surprised that you have heard all this before because you most obviously lack any sort of world view. Our culture is not the center of the universe.

        Morality is subjective. What is not subjective is how misinformed the beliefs expressed in this site are. It shows ignorance and ethnocentrism. Btw, Ignorance is not the same as stupidity.

      • Giveaway #1: “deep-set hatred and perceived Western supremacy”;

        Giveaway #2: “Morality is subjective”; (this smacks of saying that it is “relative” – which it is NOT!!!)

        Giveaway #3: “You are judging a group of people based on the actions of a VERY small minority”;

        Giveaway #4: “I am simply saying that the views expressed on this Website are ignorant, hateful and uninformed.”

        These FOUR giveaways prove that you, “Jack” are a Marxist-indoctrinated stool-pigeon!!!!

        YES, we DO celebrate the supremacy of Western culture!!! Nobody else has created anything matching the achievements of William Shakespeare, Michelangelo Buonarrotti, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and SO MANY, MANY OTHERS!!!!

        Furthermore, that “minority” is very much acting with EXPLICIT COMMANDS passed on in Islam via the Qu’rân, the Sunnas and the Hadiths!!! It’s also those pillars in Islam that put the LIE to your giveaway “argument” #4!!!!

        We have NO use for either Moslems or Communists – they both have been doing and ARE doing potentially-IRREPARABLE HARM to every last single one of us of “Homo Sapiens Sapiens” as well as the WHOLE OF CREATION, period!!!

        We want NOTHING whatsoever to do with either Moslems or Communists, EVER!!!!!

      • Also, if you REALLY want more truth about Islam, let me refer you immediately to http://www.thereligionofpeace.com. There you can read everything about how Islam is organized, structured and calculated for the maximum possible EVIL for everybody!!! Yes, and even real leftists like Eric Allen Bell and Orianna Fallaci learned the truth about it and changed into some of Islam’s most implacable opponents!!!!

      • Actually, the Islamic world has done a great deal for the human race. From about 800 AD till the crusades, scholars in the Islamic empire were doing algebra, translating texts from Greek philosophers, and collecting historical manuscripts in the first universities. Without Muslim scholars, the modern world’s knowledge of the distant past would be just a sliver of what it is today. They were even the first people to develop paper, the first cheap media for writing and reading. Also, they were the first people to develop modern antibiotics. All this while the Europeans were illiterate and making no progress technologically.

        You can hate all you want, that is your opinion, but saying Muslims have done nothing for the human race is ethnocentric, arrogant, a blatant lie, and shows how uneducated you are.

        I don’t understand how you say the pillars of Islam rove i am lying. I think you have little understanding of the Muslim faith and religion in general.

        Morality is clearly relative. To a certain degree at least. If you cannot see that then you are stuck in your arrogant ideals. Sorry about that.

        Also, everyone on this site seems to assume they know who i am and what i believe. I in no way am a, “Marxist-indoctrinated stool-pigeon!!!!” I hope one day you can see how ignorant it is for you to say that.

      • Jack, It is the actions of your so-called “VERY small minority” throughout history that informs my opinions and yes, my emotions too. I will not deny that. Yes I do perceive you as highly subjective as you perceive me. I also perceive more than a little revisionism in you as well. Now I have no clue as to your point about antisemitism, I have Jewish ancestry as my last name attests. There was a time when I was quite liberal and favorably disposed towards islam and muslims, I have been around many muslims quite often, and spent considerable time in Egypt, Kuwait, and Iraq, but only an idiot with an agenda can possibly be blind (willingly or not) as to what this so-called “religion of peace” is doing all over the world and to suggest it is only a “VERY small minority” of muslims doing this simply defies simple mathmatics. My “ethnocentric” upbringing has little to do with my views of islam, but my years of studies of this ideology from it’s own sources, both Qu’ran, the Hadiths of Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, the Sira as well as islamic jurisprudence might have something to do with it. An ability to distinguish between the Meccan verses and the Medinan verses of the Qu’ran might have a little to do with it. Seeing it up close and personal might have something to do with it. Seeing leftist obsfucations and the coddling of muslims, giving in to their insane demands along with the excuses they make for muslims may just have a LOT to do with it.

        It is quite obvious that I have a rather Eurocentric outlook on things, as opposed to your anti-exceptionalism, and i’m not the least bit ashamed of it either. If there is one thing in this world that I despise more than muslims, it has to be clueless liberals who cannot see the desert for the sand. Islam is supremacist and people like you are it’s useful fools, only to be discarded after the expiration date of it’s utility has been reached.

        Now, if you are looking for validation, you’ll not find it here. I would suggest PuffHo or the Daily Kos or something.

      • I am ardently against Muslim supremacy. I am ardently against western supremacist ideals too. You can point out all these horrible things done by Muslims, but you ignore the horrible things done by America, Israel, and the rest of the west. Both sides have done horrible things, but that does not make a religion or the culture inherently bad. It is when people twist their religious views into politics and their political goals that it becomes bad. Islamic supremacists use their religion as a vehicle to exert their power on the world, but this does not make the whole group evil or trying to kill everyone. The majority of Muslims do not condone killing and are perfectly content with their religiosity being a secular affair, which is how it should be. You can point out passages in the Qur’an and other texts that do promote violence, but looking at the historical context of when it was written, it makes sense for that time. Times have changed though, and most Muslims don’t follow the Qur’an literally, just as most Christians don’t follow the bible literally.

        Don’t blame the innocent for the wrong doings of others. You should be attacking the supremacists on both sides. The ones who would rather destroy each other than live together. Regardless of what you think, it is not the Islamic religion as a whole that is evil, It is those who twist the message.

        Also, note that I am not meaning to come off as anti Semitic. I simply disagree with Israeli policies in regard the Palestine. I do not mean to offend.

      • The real truth, “Jack”, is that you are anti-Western, period!!!!

        You attack Israel as if she’s a criminal state – yet, what do you think the Arabs (“Palestinians” – a term invented by the Soviet KGB and its fellow Communist LIARS!!!!!) would do to the Jews if the tables were reversed????

        [Compared to what the Arabs and their Iranian brethren would indeed do, Israel has been incredibly restrained, even TOO MUCH SO!!! You just can't truly "love" those true ENEMIES of yours on a collective basis when the whole collective is literally thirsting for your BLOOD - and ALL OF IT!!!!]

        Granted, there are enough “lukewarm” Moslems (as in any other political or other Man-made group) who themselves don’t want to do violence and monstrous deeds as the Qu’rân and Hadith DEMAND – but if they were exposed for who they are and given a choice to either hang on to their OWN beliefs and so APOSTATISE OR go with the monstrosities of the REAL Moslems, what do you think they by and large would really DO????

        We know your Communist lies, half-truths, attempts to slither away from the whole truth, &c. – i.e., it simply boils down to taqiyya and kitman!!!!! We’re only too glad to expose you Marxist STOOL-PIGEONS exactly as you’ve been so shown for who you are here!!! [To boot, my late parents had to flee Communism (and my late father didn't fully get to realise Marxism for the absolute EVIL it was 'in toto', though it was bad enough for him to emigrate to the West). Furthermore, my maternal grandparents fought in the White Army during the Russian Civil War of 1917-20 and finally had to flee Communism not once BUT TWICE!!!!! I thus have at least SOME knowledge of you and your kind...]

  138. And tomorrow night I will be in my shul , in the heart of my community, fasting with people who have known me for decades. Surrounded by the Muslim community who are our neighbours, and who raised money for our fund-raising efforts when the shul was threatened by serious financial problems.
    I know the biggest supporters of Israel in America are Christians -my father was from Chicago. I also know we don’t figure in their future plans for Israel – check out their stuff on Armageddon, and the new covenant. And I know that in Europe we are most under attack from white supremacist groups like your beloved EDL – on the ground they don’t love us so much.
    Please don’t misrepresent yourselves by calling yourself a warrior – you sit at home and write on a computer. That’s a propagandist not a fighter. It doesn’t take courage to “mock and malign” and you delude yourself if you believe it does. It takes courage to face yourself honestly – maybe take your friends to shul instead: it takes even more courage to face your G-d.

    • Rachel, there is a Jewish Division of my “beloved” EDL. And they support Israel. There are always some infiltrators who are Nazis posing as EDL members but they are never welcome and are kicked out as soon as they are found out.

      I trust you intend this as you last post here. You have tried my patience and your comments will no longer be posted here. You are banned.

  139. It’s not according to me, as you know. And there is still time. It’s totally possible to criticise a belief without being vicious about the believers. No-one wants you to love Islam – but you know yourself the hatred is wrong. If you’d been born to Muslim parents in a Muslim country, you’d be a Muslim: you wouldn’t deserve hating for it.

    And you need to think about the company you keep – do you really believe they love you anymore than they love the Muslims? Your Russian grandparents will surely have talked to you of the Pograms – very much Christian affairs. We were hated and persecuted by Christians before Islam even began – and by the Romans before them. What do you believe your “supporters” really think of you? I’ve been called a “useful idiot” on here – have you considered that that’s how they see you too? You certainly provide a useful distraction and shield for the rising Christian and secular anti-Semitism around the world.

    Anyway, you’re nearly free of me. If I can’t persuade you by Kol Nidre to find yourself in a shul. I’ll have no further need to bother you. If I haven’t helped you, you’ve certainly helped me: my lesson this year was to learn not to answer hatred with hatred, and to try to see the fellow-Jew in all of Am Yisroel .
    G’mar Hatimah Tovah

    • Rachel, there are more Christian supporters of Jews and Israel in America than there are Jewish supporters.

      All the hatred coming from this blog is the hatred Muslims have for Jews, Christians, and any other non-Muslim, as well as for Muslims they don’t consider Muslim enough, not to mention, animals, women, children, homosexuals, and more. I don’t have to write a word, the stories and videos that I post do it for me.

      I choose to mock and malign muslims in the headlines and commentary I add, because I enjoy doing it.

      Tomorrow night, I am having dinner with an Italian and a Jew, who are fellow warriors in the anti-Islam movement.

      Buh Bye.

  140. Bonni, surely you know how the community works – it may well be that I know a great deal more about you and your ancestry than you think. Still, let it stand. The main point is that time is ticking away, and you are wasting it. Every year our deeds are written and sealed in one book or the other, and you have less than 48 hours now to choose where you want your deeds to be written.

    • Rachel, well according to you I won’t make it into the Book of Life this year, anyway, considering all the hatred I am spewing with this blog. That’s OK, I’ve had a good run. And who wants to live in a world gradually being overrun by muslims.

      • Truly, Ms. BNI, you’ve been remarkably well-restrained with Ms. Yosef, even past the point where she seems now to be threatening you.

        Given my not being a Jew, I shouldn’t poke my nose into this conversation; however, does that “Chabad” synagogue have any link with the Hasidim? The sheer persistence of Ms. Yosef – particularly given her making her exhortations at least semi-public in this way when she could simply E-mail you instead – makes me wonder about who she really is and what she is truly after…

      • ADHD, if it’s in Manhattan, I doubt that it’s Hassidic. They don’t live in Manhattan. And since they can’t drive after sundown Friday to after sundown Saturday and on Jewish holidays, they wouldn’t be able to attend a synagogue there and drive home after services.